Red Light Green Light


It's RED, Justin!

For a while it was our belief that Mayor Moron was the greatest danger to Stratford. We hadn’t considered the danger at street level.

Last night I received this account:

I was on my way to St. Joes and I was at the red light on Main waiting to turn on Barnum. I was the 3rd car in… The light changed for me to move to turn and wham a car accident. I went OMG! A cop went through the light and it hit a black Cavalier. By time we got into the other lane to go up Main there were 2 EMS, fire engine and many police cars. The Stratford officer had his head down on the air bag. I said to my daughter, “My gut feeling is that it is Justin Loschiavo”. My daughter told me I was crazy.

It was Justin Loschiavo.

We do not believe this incident will reported in a normal way.

55 Responses to “Red Light Green Light”

  1. 1 greghousemd

    Differential Diagnosis!:

    Possible he had a Seizure?

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Really? How could he get that past the Stratford PD when he first applied?

  3. 3 mikereynolds

    No mention of this in the Ct Post? I would have expected something.

  4. 4 greghousemd

    I dont know if he did last night,but I remember reading on here from someone that there might be some sort of history here.(unconfirmed)

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “No mention of this in the Ct Post? I would have expected something.”

    Really? With John Buturla and Joe Loschiavo in charge of the Police Department?

  6. 6 mikereynolds

    Well let’s hope Mr. Wiezel reads this blog. I don’t think there’s any love lost between him and the Stratford Police Department. I would expect him to be all over something like this.

  7. 7 greghousemd

    Disclaimer:(this is unconfirmed i cant verify where I heard about the seizure history)

    “Really? How could he get that past the Stratford PD when he first applied?”

    If it were me? Simply don’t disclose it, its a matter of medical history and protected under healthcare privacy laws. Further, if it is true I would probobly imagine it was something easily sidestepped, like failing to pass a certain types of physicals.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “I remember reading on here from someone that there might be some sort of history here.”

    You mean like that time he ran the police car off River Road?

    Don’t flashing lights have something to do with seizures? Ask Forman or Cameron.

  9. 9 greghousemd

    Flashing lights can prompt an with Epileptic Seizure, which is a one type of seizure. Flashing lights and computer applications, and certain types of Animations can prompt this typ, but thats only one type.

    Otherwise there are a vast number of other types of seizures that are unrelated to flashing lights. I.E. (a traumatic brain injury can lead to a life of seizures that are not epileptic)

    No way to know.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    I guess the cure in this case is for Deputy Chief Loschiavo to apply about 750ML of White Out to the incident report?

  11. 11 greghousemd

    “I guess the cure in this case is for Deputy Chief Loschiavo to apply about 750ML of White Out to the incident report?”

    Weirder things could happen I suppose, would go right along with the 1000ML of BS the PD has had to put up with already. Thankfully, his white out runs dry at the end of March!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “Well let’s hope Mr. Wiezel reads this blog.”

    Sometimes my sources are just better than his. He may catch up eventually.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. However, Justin Loschiavo is out (again) on IOD*.

    *IOD = Injured On Duty (As opposed to Doug O’Meara who was on sick time when he was injured after covering for…wait for it….Justin Loschiavo.)

  14. 14 greghousemd

    No Whiteout needed on that report!

    Makes you wonder, if no one was injured, why is someone out on I.O.D.?

  15. 15 jezebel282

    Emotional trauma?

    And I’m sure any name starting with “L” will be whited out.

  16. 16 greghousemd

    Intresting…..does anyone know if these I.O.D’s match up with a 3-6 month timeframe?

    “The laws in all 50 states restrict driver’s licenses for persons with active seizures that are not controlled by medication and establish rules regarding when and how a license may be acquired. The usual requirements necessitate that a person be seizure-free for a specified period of time, commonly six months, but increasingly three months or more, and have a physician’s statement confirming that the individual’s seizures are controlled and that if the person is licensed to drive, he or she will not present an unreasonable risk to public safety.”

    Taken from CT DMV……..

    “Epilepsy § 391.41(b)(8)
    Epilepsy is a chronic functional disease characterized by seizures or episodes that occur without warning, resulting in loss of voluntary control which may lead to loss of consciousness and/or seizures. Therefore, the following drivers cannot be qualified: (1)
    a driver who has a medical history of epilepsy; (2) a driver who has a current clinical diagnosis of epilepsy; or (3) a driver who is taking antiseizure medication.
    If an individual has had a sudden episode of a nonepileptic seizure or loss of consciousness of unknown cause which did not require antiseizure medication, the decision as to whether that person’s condition will likely cause loss of consciousness or loss of ability to control a motor vehicle is made on an individual basis by the medical examiner in consultation with the treating physician. Before certification is considered, it is suggested that a 6 month waiting period elapse from the time of the episode.” -CT DMV

  17. 17 jezebel282

    You left out part of it, House.

    “Unless your dad is Deputy Police Chief and your mother is in Human Resources.”

  18. 18 greghousemd

    and, “only in Stratford”

  19. OK, so if I’m reading this correctly, you can’t get a driver’s license if you have epilepsy and ARE on antiseizure medication? If that’s the case, than there appears to be a problem.

  20. 20 1george1



    “HEY! This IS Stratford!”

    Post # 6
    Well let’s hope Mr. Wiezel reads this blog. I don’t think there’s any love lost between him and the Stratford Police Department. I would expect him to be all over something like this.

    Why not write a letter to the editor signed by a bunch of people?
    Then more than 20 or 40 people would read about the misadventures
    of the keystone kops’ kids…

  21. 21 nnanerak

    Post#1–it is absolutely possible, the question is…did he?????? Clearly that is a public safety issue.
    #2–It appears he got that past the pd kindness of BOTH parents abusing their positions as well as a threat of a discrimination lawsuit…
    #3–The post can’t mention it unless they can get a release of the medical records for verification–otherwise it would be a big lawsuit. Though if Rich decided to foi the original background check from Det. Dinihanian, since retired, it listed right on it the reasons that the bacground check was terminated. I’d just about guarantee one of those issues was the town doc wouldn’t clear him.
    #4–with regard to his history–he almost killed himself just before he got on the dept in a single car accident on I believe it was I-95, there is no cause as to why he lost control of the vehicle… but what to you think happens to a non compliant epilectic….driving at night…at a high rate of speed….
    #5—Exactly, Jez, the daddy used his position to force a completion of reference checks and the rest of the stuff was ignored…when you are a subordinate you do what you are told or you are penalized—
    #13–no injuries don’t mean there isn’t a lawsuit coming down the pike…there absolutely will be. Even if it is settled the person that was hit gets a windfall.
    #16–the daddy will NOT allow that type of complaint to be filed, you can bet the bank on that.

    So what is it that the citizens of Stratford can do to protect themselves from him?? One thing is someone should put a tail on this joker while he is out on IOD, last time he was seen out partying…yep that is what our tax dollars get to pay for.

  22. 22 mikereynolds

    I wasn’t talking about his medical records. I was referring to the accident. There was nothing in Friday’s CT Post about the accident.

  23. 23 bollicks

    The operator of the black cavalier was issued numerous infractions, if there was any witnesses to this accident they should make a statement to the police dept as to what occured and if the officers lights and sirens were on. Also, depending on what cruiser Justin was driving, if its a newer one, when strobe lights are activated the camera automatically goes on, did this car have one? is there a recording of the accident? Also its a police/state law, even though you come lights and siren at an intersection the officer must stop to make sure its safe to enter the intersection, did Justin?

    Its so funny also, a LT Doyle was involved in a similiar incident but he was suspended 3 days, this is the LT who questioned DC Loschiavio about Captain Delieto working all this overtime when he was passed 16 hours in a row, the deputy reponded via telephone to LT. Doyle asking this question, he stated if i wasnt so sick, id come down there and rip that badge off your uniform, hes a captain………Will Justin get the same treatment??????

  24. 24 mikereynolds

    Nor is there anything in Saturday’s CT Post about this alleged accident.

  25. 25 1george1

    From Mike R.
    I wasn’t talking about his medical records. I was referring to the accident.

    Oooooo pppppp sssssssss!

  26. 26 bollicks

    Not suprising its not in the paper……..What a JOKE…….. Guess who was at the scene barking orders and telling cops to write the driver of the cavalier numerous infractions………Yours Truly. DEPUTY THIEF LOSCHIAVO……

  27. 27 bollicks

    I wonder if Justins workmans compensation claims have all been approved? Well I guess that would yes if your mom works in filing all workmans comp claims and daddy is the Deputy Chief…….

  28. 28 turbospeed440

    The Alleged Wrath & Corruption of Deputy Chief Loschiavo
    When Joe Loschiavo became D/C he instituted a policy via Memo stating all police officers involved in a car accident with a police vehicle will be investigated by the Accident Reconstruction Team.
    A Lieutenant responds lights and siren to back up a fellow officer on a traffic stop and was involved in an accident.
    The D/C ordered the Accident reconstruction Team to investigate the accident.
    The D/C ordered photographs be taken.
    The Lieutenant was suspended 3 days no pay per order of the D/C.
    Officer Fressola was involved in an accident off duty in Stratford in his personal vehicle.
    The D/C arrives on scene before the beat car that was assigned to handle the call.
    The accident was clearly not the Officer’s fault.
    The D/C orders photographs be taken.
    The D/C attempts to influence the officer handling the accident to find officer Fressola at fault.
    Justin Loschiavo was involved in accident on the River Rd. allegedly due to a medical condition.
    Officer Sarris responded to complete the report.
    The D/C made the accident report vanish.
    The D/C had Jack Cratty erase the case # in the in house police computer system.
    Retired Detective Dinihanian allegedly found problems with Justin’s background. (Medical records, drug use, drug sales in New Haven)
    The D/C fired the Detective from continuing the background.
    The D/C removed a 10 question sheet from the background of questions he wanted Justin to answer.
    The D/C ordered another Detective to interview 3 family friends to complete Justin’s background.
    Justin was involved in an accident at Barnum Ave. and Main Street.
    The D/C ordered not to have Accident Reconstruction Team investigate.
    The D/C ordered that no pictures be taken.
    The D/C told the traffic Lieutenant to have the officer issue a ticket to the other driver.
    Irene Murphy & Ben Branyan told the Mayor that Justin should not be hired. They were both fired.
    The Town doctor recommended that Justin not be hired.
    The D/C threatened to personally sue Ret. Chief Imbo if he didn’t hire Justin.
    The D/C was caught by the CT State Police for traveling 92 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. (Abuse of Power.)
    The D/C was caught driving his unregistered personal vehicle
    (Abuse of Power.)

    All in the family
    Linda Loschiavo (Human Resources) doesn’t cover officers on their insurance.
    Linda Loschiavo doesn’t file workers comp claims for injured officers.
    Linda Loschiavo denies all workers comp claims by officers.
    Linda Loschiavo doesn’t notify officers of benefit changes.
    Linda Loschiavo doesn’t put kids on insurance benefits.
    Irene Murphy’s nephew applies to become a cop. He is qualified. He is dismissed by the Loschiavo’s because she recommended that Justin not be hired.

  29. 29 jezebel282 was Eileen Murphy’s nephew. But that wasn’t enough punishment, so Miron fired Eileen too.

  30. 30 1george1

    Sgt. Joe LoSchiavo handed me misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct Summons,
    with Evans and Cappozzi. All nice. Alllow key.
    Dec 14, 1998, with Dec 22, 1998 court date.
    > I point out Dec 22 was anniversary of my Dad’s 1976 Death.
    > Sgt. Joe LoSchiavo was nice enough to changed court date to Dec 23, 1998

    LoSchiavo / Evans/ Capozzi did NO counter investigation into incident or about
    a SERIES of DEATHS I asked them for help with …..were natural DEATHS really ???

    Police report was with held 74 days.
    Stratford Citizen Complaint had 60 day regulation.

    That night I spoke to LT. Mark DeLieto, and our conversation was on TAPE,
    where I tearfully recounted situation and PLEA, PLEA, PLEA to investigate
    to protect INNOCENT LIVES, in case “NATURAL DEATHS … were really …”

    Feb 17, 1999 – Mark Barnhart mailed a letter apologizing for delay on the
    police report, suggesting Court Clerk could help and he would pass along
    my resume to try to be on the WW II MEMORIAL COMMISSION.


    Whatever happened to:
    Sgt. LoSciavo?
    Town Manager Barnhart?
    Lt. DiLieto?
    Corporal Evans?
    Private Capozzi?

    My lawyer John William sued arresting officers and Chief Mossman,
    whereas I instructed him to sue Chief Mossman personally.
    – Legally, I contractually signed over control of the Civil Suit due to
    the conditional nature of compensation.

    Anybody read anything in the newspapers a from John Williams about
    my case or any other “Stratford related cases?”

    Perhaps I have reasons for thinking Jeze and friends have legit cause,
    while not always agreeing 100 %

    What do YOU THINK?

  31. 31 1george1

    I forgot to mention.

    In my Sept 2004 Mossman civil trial – Joe Merly, new to my firm
    allowed NO WITNESSES on my behalf and refused to introduce evidence
    and documents I had available /and/or provided to the firm.

    In my Sept 2004 Mossman civil trial
    Sgt. LoSchiavo testified
    Former Town Manager Barnhart testified.
    Former Dem Town Chairman Committee Dick Miron was scheduled to testify
    – He did not
    Dem Town Chairman Committee Schirillo was scheduled to testify
    – He did not

    In my Sept 2004 Mossman civil trial,
    the UNTRUE VERDICT was entered on
    SEPT 23, 2004.
    That was the 7th Anniversary of the Death of my uncle/godfather/
    best friend/role model – cause for Dec 13, 1998 Mossman conversation
    – Any significance to 7 years and Statute of limitations.

    In my Sept 2004 Mossman civil trial
    Federal Judge Christopher Droney was in the next hartford court chamber.

    April 1995 – I first contacted Mossman and U. S. Attorney Christopher Droney
    with whom I PLEAD, PLEAD, PLEAD to investigate to protect INNOCENT LIVES, in case “NATURAL DEATHS … were really …”

    Perhaps I have reasons for thinking Jeze and friends have legit cause,
    while not always agreeing 100 %

    What do YOU THINK?

  32. 32 1george1


    The above 2 posts are completely relevant as to why there may be
    legitimate RED LIGHT / GREEN LIGHT issues … which might be causal
    to REPRISAL and FEAR of REPRISAL and
    ABUSES under the COLOR of the LAW

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “The above 2 posts are completely relevant”

    My finger hasn’t hit the “delete” key yet.

    It is awful close though…

  34. 34 ronmoreau

    Much better Mr Mulligan.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    Don’t encourage him.

  36. 36 1george1


    Thank you for the acknowledgement that I improved, compared
    to posts you felt were less related to Stratford.

    Whereas you wrote, and other people tell me in person and by
    phone or e-mail that while I wander, much helps them put the
    pieces of the puzzle together as to how the system works and
    how it has been broken, and by whom.

    Jeze has her beliefs and supporters.

    You and others have your beliefs.

    People have come back to me, from both parties and unaffiliated,
    and told me that X or Y had NOT made sense to them.
    My info put a different perspective on X.
    A battle of Y caused them to look at it differently.
    Suddenly X and Y now made sense to them, because NOT they saw
    MODUS OPERENDI and MOTIVE not from how they would look at it,
    but from how other people could and do gain from doing things in
    a way that appears diametric to what they construe as logical.

    In Marxist terms, the HIGH CAPITALISTS were REACTIONARY.

    In contemporay political science fiction, the INNER PARTY are
    PROACTIONARY and COUNTER INTUITIVE, which Jeze could never
    agree with, as Jeze and certain others have been “played.”

    I wish I could write that I had not “been played” ……
    However, I have seen the effects of calloused professionals …

  37. 37 1george1


    What are your opinions of people who were supposed to
    testify or did testify in my trial vs. Mossman?

    Sgt. Joe LoSchiavo
    ex-Town Manager Barnhart
    ex-DTC Chair Dick Miron
    DTC Chair Schirillo

    Does Barnhart now work for a Republican or Democrat in Fairfield?



    “The above 2 posts are completely relevant”

    My finger hasn’t hit the “delete” key yet.

    It is awful close though…



    Are you such a blinded control freak that you do not comprehend
    that there is a need to piece together various support personnel
    to be able to actually and effectively separate them from targets
    of your anger, which in some cases MAY BE slightly MISPLACED or
    YOU MAY SIMPLY be LASHING OUT at the PUPPET and not at the

    Fredette has other sayings … besides
    “Hey…this IS Stratford.”

    “They are all puppets.”
    When talking about politicians selected by the powers …

    When talking about lawyers
    “They are all W – – – – s.”
    “They know it!”
    “They even joke about it.”

  38. 38 1george1


    I also appreciate your complete
    lack of empathy
    and outrage
    about a rigged civil trial.

    Maybe if I wore a uniform, for your apparent fetish?

    I forgot, you favor the POLICE STATE and no rights for civilians,
    unless they are YOUR friends and/or family?

  39. 39 jezebel282


    “you such a blinded control freak”, “I also appreciate your complete lack of empathy
    and outrage”, “you favor the POLICE STATE and no rights for civilians”.

    Flattery will get you nowhere, George.

  40. 40 ronmoreau

    You have helped me put X and Y together as well. Thanks.

  41. 41 1george1


    Thank you for the compliments and about X & Y.
    Good to see you last night.

    Long before I met you, Diane and Eleanor spoke of you and certain other people.

    I also had feed back on certain “firey” situations on back to back nights from other

    Unfortunately it is hearsay and the sources limited the information
    and I can not give particulars or names.
    It would be speculative to give to the police and in this town and
    based on my own experience about “cops and robbers….”
    Certain sleeping dogs are better left to sleep…perchance to dream?

    Ron, you are not the only one with certain adverse experiences
    related to running for or being involved in civics, if I am correct
    in my “guesses about “X & Y?”

    Whereas Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral
    William Crowe stated Dec 1988 Time Magazine that he took
    comfort in the BOOK of JOB …

    I take comfort that he is at least WORM BAIT – PROBATE and
    probably in HELL.

    The same is true for those who inflicted unfathomable PAIN
    on my DAD in the 1960s and 1970s, when he was a WW II COMBAT
    VET in the Phillipines.

    I take comfort that they are at least WORM BAIT – PROBATE and
    probably in HELL.

    Let GOD JUDGE them, if there is a GOD.

    I swore an oath to my father and my GOD.
    I would NOT intentionally do physical harm to any American.
    I would get at the bottom of who attacked my dad and I.
    Just like changing guards, the powers that are, have an enless
    supply of …. ah … courtesans!

    Hey Jeze –
    Maybe Sudds will not vote for me for Mayor, but maybe Ron will?
    Maybe Nnan will?
    Maybe Star will?

    Maybe instead of something like 43 Votes for District 3 and 5.6%
    (better than DODD or BIDEN – in their primaries) maybe I would
    get 100 Votes.

    I prefer to GET NO VOTES and KEEP the ANIMALS from continuing




    for all.
    For All
    For ALL
    FOR ALL!
    FOR ALL!!!!!!!

    Just imagine if Stratford was UNCHAINED to reach the potential for ALL
    of her Citizens?

    As I try to explain to the Town Committees –
    Give up a little power and control …. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO STEAL MORE!! 🙂

  42. 42 jezebel282


    If you want Sudds to vote for you you’ll have to promise him a cushy no show job.

  43. 43 bollicks

    Just wondering, Has anyone seen the accident of Justin Loschiavio’s accident in the paper? Is he ok?, how the other operator doing? ANYONE??????

  44. 44 1george1


    If you want Sudds to vote for you you’ll have to promise him a cushy no show job.

    > r there any left?
    > only person I would promise a job to is Ralph Nader or designees.
    they show. they deliver. they improve QL for everyone!

    Just wondering, Has anyone seen the accident of Justin Loschiavio’s accident in the paper? Is he ok?, how the other operator doing? ANYONE??????

    > No idea about health of individuals noted.
    > Good to see concern about peoples health.
    > Peoples’ lists show their priorities in life.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    See Post #13

  46. 46 turbospeed440

    So the latest news at spd is that the god son, justin loschiavo got into a fight. Whats wrong with that u might ask he a police officer. Well. Let me tell you. He was out at a local bar yesterday when he became intoxicated. What else is new. He began mouthing off. This isnt the first time he did this. He was in milford over the summer when he was drunk and interfered with Milford officers at South Port Bewery. He was on the verge of being arrested there. Well yesterday he was drunk when he began to mouth off to the wrong person. After the both of them decided to walk away justin tried to get a cheap shot in. Well the person was a little faster and a little more in shape. What happen nexted you might ask. Justin took a right hook to the face then fell back. The other person landed on top excuting a few more blows to the face.

    Now Ask your self do you want this person as a police officer in your town. I no i dont.

  47. 47 nnanerak

    Isn’t conduct unbecoming a suspendable offence??????

  48. 48 mikereynolds

    Well since its conduct unbecoming but my dad is the deputy chief then I think its ok.

  49. 49 jezebel282

    Umm…isn’t Justin Loschiavo supposed to be on IOD (Injured On Duty). I seem to remember a traffic accident he was in last week?

    Is going to a bar and picking a fight a common therapy?

  50. 50 sudds

    Good enough to swing a fist = good enough to work in my book!

    Can you say “FRAUD” boys and girls?!?!?

  51. 51 turbospeed440

    actually his sorry ass went out on IOD for a day then came back to work. but how hes out because his foot hurts do to the fight. lol hes really home milking his black eye

  52. 52 bollicks

    are you kidding, so Justin was on IOD after the car accident and then he came back to work….Now he gets his a$$ kicked and hes out on an old IOD injury, THE ANKLE………THis kid gets hurt if the wind blows too hard….WHAT A JOKE….So all of Justins IOD are covered???

  53. 53 bollicks


  54. 54 1george1

    How is it that none of this makes daylight?

    Does T-BERRY still have the radio show?
    Couldn’t T-berry or friend do interview sith people with disguised voices?

    What about U-Tube?

    New publisher at CT. POST?

    New head of WICC?

  55. 55 jezebel282

    Editors Note:

    You have probably already seen this, but we have decided to give them a home here as well.

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