Who’s Economy Gets “Developed” This Time?


You read it in the Post:

Proposal brings eminent domain fears
By Richard Weizel
Posted: 02/09/2009 11:13:02 PM EST

STRATFORD — Some council leaders fear a proposal presented Monday to establish an economic development corporation could mean the sudden and devastating loss of private property by making it easier for local government and the agency to seize people’s homes and turn them over to private developers.

Town Council Chairman Mike Henrick, R-10, and Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, said such a quasi-governmental agency could impose its will as in the infamous New London case in 2005 when the Supreme Court allowed seizure of seven homes for an office park, resulting in national outrage and a flurry of local laws to protect homeowners.

“That is something I find very scary and disturbing,” Henrick said Monday, in response to the proposal by Neil Sherman, chairman of the town’s Economic Development Commission, who mentioned New London among examples of how such corporations have helped stimulate local development.

“That’s not the example I wanted to hear about,” Henrick said. “I would not want to see anything like that happen in Statford.”

But Sherman told the council the commission’s proposal to create an economic development corporation would not include use of the controversial higher court provision on eminent domain, unless approved in individual instances by the Town Council. Do we want any Town Council to have the power to condemn homes for profit?

“This would be the best way to get long-standing brownfield [contaminated properties] cleaned up and developed and back on the town’s tax roles,” Sherman said. As opposed to the best way being getting the GSA to reopen the bidding on the SAEP?

After heated debate the council voted 8-1 to allow the commission to study and research a proposed ordinance to establish the new corporation, which would combine members of the private sector with local government to help stimulate economic development. And none of those irrelevant elections thingies to interfere with decisions.

“All we are asking tonight is that as a council, you work with us and allow us to continue cultivating our proposal for another 60 days and come back with a plan that could work in Stratford,” Sherman told the council. “We believe economic development corporations have worked in many communities and is worth pursuing here in Stratford.”

But Julian, who cast the lone vote against a resolution for continued study of creating the new corporation made by Councilman Joseph Kubic, R-9, said he doesn’t believe it is needed.

“Under our strong mayoral system it is the job of the mayor to act as the town’s main agent for economic development,” Julian said. “I don’t see what an economic development corporation can do that we can’t already do.”

While Mayor James R. Miron said he favored establishment of an economic development corporation “because it would result in a cooperative effort between private citizens and government to spur economic development,” Julian laced into the mayor for having eliminated key economic staff positions during his three-year tenure. Longtime Community and Economic Director Dianne Toolan was among six key supervisors Miron laid off in 2007. Laid off? Aren’t “lay-offs” temporary? Who do you have in mind to represent this commission, Jimmy? Rich Buturla maybe? You?

“Maybe if the mayor hadn’t eliminated the entire staff that worked on economic development we wouldn’t be talking about creating an economic development corporation now,” Julian said.

Sherman countered, “The way things have been done over the years here just hasn’t been working. Sometimes it’s time to change things and try something new.” Err….have you heard who the mayor is?

Other members of the Economic Development Commission urged the council to approve establishing the corporation. Go figure. I wonder how many of them Miron would appoint to this commission?

“One of the main issues that has been a thorn in our attempts to promote economic development are the brownfield properties that need remediation,” said Economic Development Commissioner Maury Johnson. “Many of these properties are on the town’s tax delinquent rolls, and the town has been unable to collect the sizable back taxes that are owed. An independent corporation could acquire these properties from the delinquent owners and then contract with developers to clean up and develop these properties into tax producing revenue.” Without any of the nasty input from residents and taxpayers who would be effected.

Tsk, tsk Mr. Forrester. You were doing so well too. We expect O’Neal, Brooks and Wannamaker to vote however Jimmy wants. And an attorney like Kubic voting for a corporation that will need counsel. We are not surprised that Stroomer and Moore waited for Henrick’s signal telling them how to vote. Thank you Mr. Julian. It almost makes up for your strange support of Hanney.


20 Responses to “Who’s Economy Gets “Developed” This Time?”

  1. 1 1george1

    Part of what was prepped in advance of public forum and handed to
    Town Council Monday night

    * Dianon Systems – Left Stratford in November with 300 jobs for Shelton

    * Mobil Chemical – Closed May 2007 with 150 jobs, after letting go 200 others
    previously. A casual acquantaince was one of the latter.
    About 2001 – in a B2B – Business prospecting call, I spoke to H. R. Director
    who told me, his Stratford Plant had the HIGHEST PROPERTY TAX of ANY
    Mobil Chemical Facility – “in the WORLD!” … “in the WORLD!”
    – As Bruce Allessie told me last night, it is tough to feel badly for Exxon-Mobil.
    I have to agree with Bruce’s sentiment about anti BIG OIL.
    However – Business reality:
    * 350 good jobs
    * Top 10 tax payer

    Madelyn Neupert’s husband was Raymark H. R. Director.
    Their peak employment after WW II was 1,500.
    Not as high as I was told.

    I previously have multisource confirmation during WW II that
    CHANCE VOUGHT had 12,000 employees at PEAK during WW II – 24/7/365
    That is the site of AVCO – SAEP which closed 1992.
    > Calzone, when Council Chair told me they proved to the ARMY that it
    was more expensive to keep AVCO SAEP closed than to reopen it.
    * Would love to have those $ ### s –

    To put into perspective CHANCE VOUGHT had 12,000 WW II employees
    Electric Boat which RELL – DODD – LIEBERMAN and the CIA Congressman
    “heroically” saved from closing – employs UNDER 11,000.

    DICTAPHONE HQ had 1,100 employees at PEAK
    SIKORSKY took over Building – 400 to 600 Max

    DRESSER had 1,100 employees at PEAK
    Early 2000s it got close to 400.
    Built back up to over 700 as of couple years ago.

    SIKORSKY may have peaked at 14,000 in 1960s – 1970s.
    Definitely over 10,000. Strong probability over 12,000.
    Early 2000s, it approached 5,000, maybe lower.
    Built back up to over 7,000 as of couple years ago.

    Bargain News moved to Trumbull in early 2000s.
    It was the sponsor of Stratford Fireworks.
    Had over 300 jobs at peak.
    Internet is killing the company & it is trying to reinvent itself.

    Coca Cola 150 – 200 jobs out – Pepsi, moved jobs into Stratford,
    if they are still around.

    American Frozen Food moved to Milford. Very downsized to under 50.
    They had over 125 – 150 employees in 1990s.

    Contract Plating? – Jobs? Property Tax?
    Tilo? – Jobs? Property Tax?
    Various Machine Shops – lost Economic Engines …. Jobs? Property Tax?
    > Off Lordship Boulevard
    > Off Surf Avenue & Honeyspot areas

    KB Toys = Chapter 11, like Dictaphone – gone! Jobs? Property Tax?

    Vacant for years
    Bradleys to BJs – Jobs? Property Tax?
    Town Fair to ?? – Jobs? Property Tax?
    Town Fair Lanes to ?? – Jobs? Property Tax?
    Car lots on Ferry Boulevard? – Jobs? Property Tax?

    Shaws will close. Walmart will take over.
    Office Depot took over Shaws old place. It is closing. 😦
    Too close to Town Hall? 🙂 8)
    Home Depot closes early – often looks like ghost store as workers
    sometimes outnumber customers. How long will it last?

    Who have been the people on / leading DTC & RTC

    Mirons (wrong friends)
    *Burturla (wrong / strong friends)
    Schirillo (wrong friends)

    – I like the below, more than the above
    Backer – limited conversations
    *Kent (wrong friends-influence)
    Gavin (Great EMS – SHARP – but)
    Calzone (Great EMS – SHARP – but)
    Fredette (Richie doesn’t reveal what he doesn’t want-but have I not caught a lie, which was the same with RAY V, who spoke a little more than a SPHINX.)
    Angelo (most people love Angelo – a few …)
    Sue Collyer – I like sue – disagree with some political priorities and friends
    Marcone – decent guy – 2nd by *Burturla
    Jason Santi – maybe starting to see bigger picture – Jimbo’s boy past.
    Fahan – Not a bad kid – wrong political priorities.
    Christian – Not a bad kid – wrong political family.


    Norm (done nothing to me that I know of. I just do not like his influence)
    Camillo (did good things for Booth & more – wrong friends / direction?)
    Harkins ($ 60 million ECS shortfall – $ 100 million UNFUNDED MANDATES)
    Dom – (EX-Bridgeport Police – words seem oxymoronic like Stratford Police
    W Cabrol / DeCilio (I love Carol – BUT!!)
    *Proto / Jon (really decent guy – but) (Great EMS – SHARP – but)
    (Proto / Torre / Joy / Weisse – ex RTC Chairs)
    Feehan / *Williams
    Goodrich / *Kelly
    Henrick – Will never fix up PENDERS FIELD – whose condition is a black eye to the Town
    L Hoydic – rented to Jim Miron and Norm – need I write more?
    S Youngquist – in FL & ON PAYROLE.
    T. Moore + Imbro – Like them as people

  2. 2 sudds

    George… Please step away from the keyboard and go ask your doc about “certain” prescription options!!!

    I mean seriously… L Hoydick made the list because she “rented to Miron and Norm”??? Umm… she was the property manager (or something like that)… that was her job!!!

    It’s not like she rented to them just to play politics.

    Again… there are meds out there Georgie… look into them!!! 😆

  3. 3 1george1


    At an Economic Development meeting, Diane Toolan asked Laura about the
    time limit (more than a month away) for the inclusion of the NEW statistics
    for Stratford Demographics into the annual Town Chamber book, whic was
    the face of Stratford before the Internet.

    Laura looked Diane in the eye and told her the Book had gone to Print.
    Diane became pale.
    Diane put work into updating demographics towards accuracy.
    Diane worked in good faith, towards a deadline given to her.
    Laura backstabbed and dealt from the bottom of the deck to Diane, whose information would look and be older than it should have been.
    Diane did her best towards Economic Development, when the KEY PLAYERS
    were consistently sabotaging anything good for Stratford.

    – I could not honestly say if Diane was competent or incompetent, since
    being the head of the Stratford Economic Development Department is like
    being the Head Coach of the Washington Generals, against the Harlem
    Globetrotters …..


    – Interesting that EVERYONE in Stratford Center lost EVERYTHING they
    had, because they did NOT have FLOOD INSURANCE, except …. ??


    Sudds – was it Laura’s husband or cousin on Charter Revision Commission?

    Hey Sudds, you remember the Charter Revision Commission # 1?
    It created the Mayoral position?
    The same position Mayor Miron was supposedly against?

    The same Charter Revision Commission of mostly Republicans,
    appointed by a mostly Republican Town Council?

    The EXACT SAME mostly Republican Town Council who voted to PAY
    $ 26,000 OR $ 28,000 a YEAR + BENEIFTS to the office of REGISTRAR of

    – I can still remember the CAUSTIC OUTRAGE of Town Councilor Lou
    – Oh wait, didn’t he …
    – I guess might just as well join em?
    – Yet Registrars were seen at boys night out BOWLING…..
    – I remember when I used to BOWL …. 🙂 GOOOOD memories….

    – In my 20s I was watching the ladies league. A friend asked who I was
    watching? I told him. He said she only averaged a score of about 120.
    My friend behind the control desk and I just looked at him dumbfounded.
    —- Now you know how I first became dumbfounded …. 🙂
    .. It is the truth!


    Sudds – what is Stratford Economic growth under Laura’s leadership
    on the Chamber?


    Sudds – generally I thought highly of Laura, who is attractive and
    has a pleasant personality, and done a LOT, I mean a LOT of GOOD
    THINGS within the COMMUNITY.

    My assessment of politics of her and others for political decisions…..



    I do not do meds, except aspirin and a topical skin necessity,
    unless I have a cold or flu.

    This may read as unAmerican, but I do not even drink alcohol,
    dispelling the Irish myth ….

    But Sudds, thank you for past support.

    On this one, NO OFFENSE to LAURA, but I disagree with some of
    her political actions, friends, decisions, and beliefs.

    Sudds, maybe you could arrange for her to BUG JIM’S & NORM’S
    I heard room 217 and certain other rooms in Town Hall and other
    buildings in Town —- but that is unsubstanciate rumors …. 🙂

  4. 4 turbospeed440

    So the latest news at spd is that the god son, justin loschiavo got into a fight. Whats wrong with that u might ask he a police officer. Well. Let me tell you. He was out at a local bar yesterday when he became intoxicated. What else is new. He began mouthing off. This isnt the first time he did this. He was in milford over the summer when he was drunk and interfered with Milford officers at South Port Bewery. He was on the verge of being arrested there. Well yesterday he was drunk when he began to mouth off to the wrong person. After the both of them decided to walk away justin tried to get a cheap shot in. Well the person was a little faster and a little more in shape. What happen nexted you might ask. Justin took a right hook to the face then fell back. The other person landed on top excuting a few more blows to the face.

    Now Ask your self do you want this person as a police officer in your town. I no i dont.

  5. 5 nnanerak

    Is he still out IOD???????

  6. 6 sudds

    “This may read as unAmerican, but I do not even drink alcohol,
    dispelling the Irish myth …”

    Don’t worry George… I’m handling this part for ya!!!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    This must be one of those other “coincidences”.

    It seems that 11 of the 18 members of the Economic Development Commission are Democratic Town Committee members. Gee….

  8. 8 sudds

    Don’t worry… that’ll change shortly after swearing-in day!!!

  9. 9 jezebel282


    Forget it. It’s a non-paying job (legally).

  10. 10 sudds

    PS… anyone hear from George??? It’s Wednesday and he hasn’t commented since late last week!!! This is NOT like him… should we dispatch an officer to make sure he answers his door???

    (PS… I AM being serious here… not like him to disappear for almost a full week!!!)

  11. 11 sudds

    Not for me… I’ve still got my eye on the no-show job at the train station!!!

    PS… but you’re probably right overall though… what Republican would want a non-paying job???

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I checked with George today. He is fine. He is busy with a client.

    I’m sure he misses you too.

    “I’ve still got my eye on the no-show job at the train station!!!”

    Let us know which candidate offers you the job first. Never mind, we’ll know by which one you’re supporting.

  13. 13 mikereynolds

    Busy with a client?

    What exactly does George do?

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Conspiracies R’ Us, Inc.

  15. 15 1george1

    Your comments about mocking murders of my family, friends, support
    among other ticked me off to the degree that I wanted to kick your ….’

    Know what?
    Do violence is inappropriate and more importantly I am not about hurting
    others, including those who harm me and others.

    I try to keep my remarks to be mostly political and not personal.
    Even my conspiratorial remarks.

    What do I do for a living?
    B U S I N E S S D E V E L O P M E N T.

    I concentrated on companies with 50 + employees in the Tristate and
    New England areas, since 1993, and have conversed with an excess of
    100,000 business decision makers with Departmental 5 figure Budgets
    to Fortune 5 company’s Division Decision makers, with higher Budgets.

    My forte is introducing products for concideration to be used, thus

    I have run schedules of owners / Sales Directors / Sales Forces.
    I have run Out bound call centers and In bound customer service centers.
    I have:
    * improved Buying;
    * shown Cost avoidance;
    * caused Cost savings;
    * improved Q L
    * implemented R. O. I. for employers and clientel
    * projected and delivered problem solutions, need fulfillment, and
    desire satisfaction.
    * created Data Bases for Marketing to:
    – increase client base;
    – follow up with prospects as necessary;
    – customer service satisfaction / cross sales / upsales
    – increase Top Line / Bottom Line – short term and long term enhancements
    blah, blah, blah

    In 1999 I spoke to Vince Summa, CFO of Stew Leonard’s about
    the Stratford Town Fair property.
    Vince wanted a stand alone property (check)
    However Vince wanted the Orange location, because a Stratford
    site would take customers from the Norwalk location.

    Late 2008 I spoke to Dianon Systems Patrick Carpenter, Operations
    Manager Shelton about their move to Shelton, with 300 Employees.

    In 2002, I spoke to HR for Mobil Chemical, another top 10 Tax Payer
    and Employer of 300, back then. His Mobil Chem plant was paying the
    HIGHEST PROPERTY TAXES of any Mobil site in the W O R L D !!
    – I mention to Brice Allessie. Bruce does not have sympathy with Mobil
    and neither do I. Yet, 300 jobs and good property taxes …

    In the late 1990s, the BARGAIN NEWS was a dynamic company and was
    a great corporate citizen, including paying for the fireworks.
    They were a top 10 employer and tax payer, outgrowing their US 1
    Site. They moved to Trumbull. They got killed by the internet.

    American Frozen Food had almost 140 employees.
    They moved to Milford and in 2007 they were under 50 employees.

    With the Mirons / Burturlas dominating the nominally Democratic party
    and the Be UTTER NUTS backing HARKINS / DANNY, our town has been
    DISASTER BY DESIGN (sorry JON) to force the changes they desire.

    somewhere far down the totempole, steering money to their whores,
    hacks, parasites, vampires, invisiblemen, were-wolves, f-rank-in-steins,
    ghouls, hide park / je-kill & hide, warlords, mensa morons, & pond
    scum,where the USA needs a new political party for a political enema.
    Fiduciary Obligation?
    Position of Trust or/and Profit?

    Whose economy gets developed?

    The June 2007 Movie DIE HARD featured a former NSC CODE person
    creating a “FIRE SALE” which now exists in the STOCK MARKET with
    GE under $ 5?

    DEMONcrats and RepubliCONNartists are the SCUM of the EARTH –

  16. 16 jezebel282


    I’m not going to delete this one. But usually I do not allow advertising on this site. First warning.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    Oh…welcome back.

  18. 18 1george1

    Thank you for the welcome and the exception.

    However, I have ZERO interest in any conflicts of interest, dealing
    with Stratford businesses, directly.
    My contact with Businesses is as Employee, Statutory Employee, Rep
    or other contract situation.

    I sell nothing except buying opportunity, as the people I contact pay
    other people for goods and services.

    I do not advertise on this blog, although people know where I live and
    where I can often be found. Sadly Town Hall now outranks most places.
    I should get a life… 😦

    I had 4,000 bumper stickers, which I give away, rather than sell,
    which I could and I may, in the future?

  19. Sudds ~

    There’s a no-show job available at the train station???? Who do I talk to!

  20. 20 1george1

    Major Redevelopment likely to commence 2013:

    Moses Wheeler Bridge – # 33 to be done?

    AVCO finally signed & started, without BID.

    SHAKESPEARE movement = major activity on schedule

    RAYMARK – Brownfield Foreclosures

    RAIL ROAD Development Center

    AIRPORT expanded

    LORDSHIP under assault

    Stoney Brook forclosure

    Keating becoming Housing Project

    Appartment & affordable housing complexes in West Stratford

    Proliferate North End Condos & Appartments

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