Got Nitrogen?


From the Stratford Police Union Website:
The headline read “Education paying off in Stratford”. So what does the Mayor say? It’s the police overtime that is the problem. His solution to the problem is to hire four new officers at a total cost of $400,000 of pay and benefits to save $500,000. Now you have to factor in the actuarial costs of four new officers on an unfunded pension. Mr. Mayor you increased our budget and ended up costing the taxpayer a lot more.
Officers work road jobs to supplement their income. In Stratford the Town makes $5.25 an hour for every road job. Last year the Town of Stratford took in over $100,000 from these jobs. Officers are not doubling their income from callback or overtime.

The real issue is the multiple Mayoral assistants, $1,000,000 Town attorney fees, $350,000 in Mayor Office renovations, $1,100,000 for unbudgeted nitrogen credits and $50,000 for the Mayor’s art festival.

Joseph McNeil
Stratford Police Union
Local 407

While we weren’t surprised by most of this, we wondered about those nitrogen credits. What were they?

We received this answer:

Mambo King

Why yes professor I do. A nitrogen credit is what a polluter must buy because they are dumping tons of pollution into our precious atmosphere. The Stratford water pollution facility is a case in point of an enviromental smoke stack. A change order was put in by the contractor to make it even better- of course the contractor made more money. This change was supposed to save the Town money. But instead it caused more pollution to be spilled into Stratfordites lungs. Now the Feds mandate that the Town must buy credits – a defacto penalty. What the Town put aside for the credits was $183,000. The true cost is $1.1 million. But the real issue is the Town making $146,000 form officers sweating at road jobs! I am sure if Christian was on the force the road job ordinance would have been a non issue.

We invite Mayor Moron or any Councilman to defend this $1.1 Million dollar mistake.

3 Responses to “Got Nitrogen?”

  1. 1 1george1

    Why hasn’t President McNiel forwarded the letter to CT. POST,
    N. H. Resistrar, and Stratford Star?

    Could it be that the blogger don’t really want an educated consumer?

  2. 2 jezebel282


    It has been on the Union website for weeks. It’s not 407’s responsibility to do the newspapers’ job for them. Rich Weizel hardly ever helps out on bar fight calls for the cops.

  3. 3 1george1

    9 / 11 – Police, Fire, EMS, & Military RAN, not walked, RAN TOWARDS

    Those that fight the wars and work on the front lines are NOT the
    POLITICAL APPOINTEES, about whom I have written.

    When Burturla and Guggliotti spoke about FLAGMAN duty during the
    PUBLIC FORU as, I support the extra or higher pay for line police to
    be able to earn good money while they are working.
    I prefer professional police, fire, etc to Volunteer. amd I so stated!

    However, the PENSION are completely out of line as are the whole
    benefit package, where all the “goodies” actually benefit the sellers,
    far more than the workers and certainly more than tax payers!

    There are also times and situations which invite trouble, and they
    become evident before the actual manifestations.

    Also they are unnecessary to endanger line police or genneral public.

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