One Last Heist Before He Goes


Although the Pension Board has approved the disability pensions of Cheif Cybart and Officer O’meara, Edmund Winterbottom is delaying their payments and seeking to eliminate their accrued vacation time and other entitled hours. We all understand that Atty Winterbottom does nothing without approval or instruction.

We are not surprised after the delay Winterbottom caused to both Sam Dupuis and Mary Tiernan.

However, this is Stratford and there are always surprises.

Deputy Chief Loschiavo (you remember, he’s the one with $75,000 taxpayer-owned teeth?) officially retired on 3 January 2009. Here we are sixty days later (so far) and what do we find? The Deputy Thief is still at his desk and collecting per diem payments instead of a regular paycheck. Of course he is also collecting his retirement pay at the same time.

To review: Two men who have risked their lives for us are still without their disability pensions while another who has made a career out of taking every cent possible from us is laughing all the way to the bank.

We wonder who approved those per diem payments? Suggestions are welcome.


4 Responses to “One Last Heist Before He Goes”

  1. 1 greghousemd

    Well an interesting comparison might be that I am under the impression that Deputy Chief Hostetter of the SFD is still being paid his normal salaray after agreeing to stay on until March 31, while the search for a Fire Chief is conducted. (I.E No Per Diem addition)

    So I must wonder why we are paying a per diem deputy chief of PD when we have Police Chief..

  2. Mr. greghousemd,

    It is called double dipping and getting as much as we can before we depart. I would not be surprised if he stays on indefintely to train the new dc. That is the way it is in Mironville.

  3. 3 nnanerak

    if he actually left and was rehired(God forbid!!!!!!) through a real vetted process that would be different, this is just another type of grab that screws the taxpayers. heave ho-Loschiavo has to go-and the sooner the better. if only he’d take the rest of the family with him…………

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Dr. House,

    “So I must wonder why we are paying a per diem deputy chief of PD when we have Police Chief..”

    Because the Deputy Thief has access to ALL personnel and payroll files (remember who he’s married to?) and all the plotting that went on for the last 3.5 years.

    Silence is truly golden, isn’t it?

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