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To: News Media cc: Department Heads Supervisors Members, Stratford Town Council From: James R. Miron, Mayor Date: March 30, 2009 RE: Mayor Miron Announces Hiring of Assistants to the Mayor ________________________________________ Stratford, Connecticut (March 30, 2009) – Mayor James R. Miron today announced the hiring of Eric Castater and Devron Wilson as Assistants to the […]

Guess what? The deal to transfer the SAEP to Hollywood East has been delayed! Link to Court Case Bridgeport Air has utilities, mainly sewer and water supply, that is supplied by the US Army from the engine plant. The city of Bridgeport is responsible to provide them to Bridgeport air as a tenant. The army […]

Correction: According to a letter posted yesterday by our beloved Chief of Police, the raises listed below were issued in OCTOBER of ’08. (Editor’s Note: It was extremely difficult to ascertain whether the raises were merely proposed or already given. Until the Chief of Police, John Buturla posted this confirmation. Thanks, Chief.) To: All Personnel […]

In addition to the use of private detectives, John Buturla has used his influence and acquaintance with Colonel Davoren of the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crimes Unit to ferret out the identity of the citizen who took the picture of Deputy Thief Loschiavo’s unregistered illegally parked car.

Many times our readers wonder why anyone in their right mind would want Mayor Moron re-elected. The answer is that $180+ MILLION is a big pile of money that you just can’t ignore. jim-miron-2008 Of the $32,665 collected, $1,000 was from an ad book, which we know is illegal due to the finance laws applied […]

Fire tore through the island on Long Beach in Stratford. Four cottages were a blaze with giant flames leaping into the air. The call came in around 4:30 Sunday afternooon; both Bridgeport and Stratford fire departments responded. Bridgeport was able to get 18 fire fighters onto the island on boats. But, they were only armed with shovels and hoes. There is no water on the island.

Step 1. Do NOT do this: From: Jim Miron [] Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 11:24 AM To: POIRIER MARIANNE; All Cc:; ‘David Kennedy’;; ‘Janice Andersen’;;;;; ‘John Buturla (E-mail)’; ‘John Norko (E-mail)’; ‘Lisa Pippa (E-mail)’; ‘Maurice McCarthy Jr. (E-mail)’; ‘Ned Winterbottom’; ‘Susan Pawluk (E-mail)’; ‘Suzanne Ryan McCauley’ Subject: RE: […]

We have been begging Mayor Moron and the Mironistas for a list of accomplishments after 3.5 years in office. Well, as requested, here it is: In the meantime – we – the people – the taxpayers – are more interested in a Mayor who “gets” it. A Mayor that has brought a managment team […]

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“It is such a high priority for the FAA,” Cottrell said, stressing that the 4,800 foot runway, which has to be cleaned several times a day to prevent debris from getting into jet engines, has “out-aged its usefulness.” And because there is no safety zone, the airport has missed out on tens of millions of dollars in FAA support, some of which could have already repaved the airstrip.