Solution by Fire


Multiple cottages up in flames

Updated: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 11:40 PM EDT
Published : Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 5:22 PM EDT

* Story by: Bob Wilson

Stratford (WTNH) – Beach-front cottages on the Stratford-Bridgeport line go up in flames. It’s the same area that has seen other cottages burn just a year ago.

Fire tore through the island on Long Beach in Stratford. Four cottages were a blaze with giant flames leaping into the air. The call came in around 4:30 Sunday afternooon; both Bridgeport and Stratford fire departments responded. Bridgeport was able to get 18 fire fighters onto the island on boats. But, they were only armed with shovels and hoes. There is no water on the island.

“Stratford, from the other side, was able to get some equipment over there and they have a floating pump and they were drafting some water,” said Chief Ismael Pomales, of the Bridgeport Fire Department, said. “By that time we had three cottages going and they were going pretty good.”

I guess Mayor Moron will have to take removal of cottages off his fake “shovel ready” list. It seems the shovels are done.


5 Responses to “Solution by Fire”

  1. 1 1george1

    Where does one turn when the prime suspects for arson are the
    political people behind the Stratford and Bridgeport political scene
    who control the Police and Fire Departments?

    Where does one turn when the prime suspects for MURDER by making
    deaths appear from NATURAL CAUSES like HEART ATTACK, CANCER, and
    KIDNEY FAILURE / DAMAGE are the political people behind the Stratford,
    Bridgeport, Hartford, and D.C. political scene, who also control any

    There are certain TOXINS, known in POLICE PATHOLOY, which are
    CARCIGENS to cause accellorated CANCER.
    BIO – TOXINS to create HEART & KIDNEY conditions.

    The political people have access to all kinds of people who can
    cause arson, for money or because they have some kind of leverage.

    Last time there was a Cottage Fire, it was the DAY AFTER an TOWN
    COUNCIL Public Hearing, run by ALVIN & JULIAN.

    Now that AVCO and the AIRPORT and SHAKESPEARE are all looking like
    they “MAY” happen ….. (finally) another FIRE can be used a PRETEXT
    for getting MONEY to take down the COTTAGES.

    Vacant LAND = LBW is worth $ 10,000,000
    So is the AIRPORT PRICE

    The COTTAGE owners OFFERED $ 45,000,000 for just 1/2 of LBW.
    That was JUST an OFFER.

    Based on BEACH front property of FAIRFIELD BEACH ROAD, I believe
    the COTTAGE OWNERS could have OFFERED 3 times that much, then
    gotten their own Charter to create a Volunteer Police / Fire Dept.

    We could have taken $ 135 million from them and $ 10 – $ 12 million
    from Fish & Wild Life – and virtually paid off most of the TOWN DEBT
    of about $ 160 Million, saving about 2 MILS, out of about 2.3 MIL
    annual cost (it varies – there is an annual range)
    who control the Police and Fire Departments?

  2. 2 sudds

    Speaking of the Mayor’s “shovel ready” list… I heard him on the radio yesterday saying that this is one of the items on his list that would create/retain jobs!


    Create/retain jobs? For what… a month??? MAYBE two months!!!

    I’m honestly at the point where I am not sure if (1) I should be pissed that our Mayor is an idiot… or (2) pissed because he thinks that I am an idiot (which by default gets us back to #1)!?!?!?

  3. 3 1george1

    I may have made an error in my calculations.

    I believed there was 90 cottages on LBW.
    I believed there was an offer at the O’Neal / Julian Public Hearing
    for $ 500,000 per cottage.

    I know former Beach cottages on Fairfield Beach Road sell for over
    $ 1,000,000, and have hit $ 3,000,000 per REMODELED McCASTLEs.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Well, Miron is not alone in #2.

  5. 5 1george1

    Now the Long Beach West is worth $ 7 million and
    not the $ 45 million the cottage owners were willing
    to pay, for less than 1/2 the land?

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