Pay for Play in Stratford

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Your Donation Here

Many times our readers wonder why anyone in their right mind would want Mayor Moron re-elected. The answer is that $180+ MILLION is a big pile of money that you just can’t ignore.


Of the $32,665 collected, $1,000 was from an ad book, which we know is illegal due to the finance laws applied to exploratory committees. Approximately $8,800 is from Town Employees and their relatives. Attorneys from the law firm of Berchem, Moses and Devlin contributed $1,530.

Hmmm…it makes you wonder about the $10,000 bond that Richard Miron put on up Saturday after being arrested for First Degree Larceny. Where would an unemployed 72 year old man whom the People of the State of Connecticut are suing come up with that kind of money so rapidly?

Almost every Town employee that has contributed is scheduled for a raise in Miron’s 2010 proposed budget. Must be a coincidence. We wonder if Miron also has a secret decoder ring from the Rod Blagojevich Fan Club.


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  1. 1 nomoreyears

    What about the $$$ Tricky Dick donated to jim miron’s campaign prior to his election?

    Did jim miron accept campaign contributions from his father and his father’s company while knowing his father’s financial situation? Did the mayor knowingly take stolen money to fund his campaign?

    Jezebel? Do you happen to know the dates and amounts Dick made to Jim’s campaign? Is there a (time line) as to when people were ripped off and to the timeliness of the donations? Or is this all coincidental?

  2. 2 1george1

    There is a bigger PILE of money than the $ 180 million Budget.

    It is the $ 225 million PENSION OBLIGATION.
    Last month there was $ 82 million in the Pension Fund, or
    about the same number as the prio month.
    Good Right?


    by over $ 200,000 from $ 5.45 Million, to be put in Jan 2009.

    The ACTUARY did NOT know about:
    1 – CASH OUTS to 9 POLICE / FIRE Jan 2008
    2 – CASH OUTS are included in PENSION COMPUTATIONS.

    — $ 5.66 Million was added Jan 2009.

    $ 1.4 Million PENSION OBLIGATION Monthly paid
    $ 4.26 Million PENSION PORTFOLIO LOST.


    ADDED PENSIONS will mean FEB will be $ 1.5 Million from
    $ 82. 4 Million that was in the FUND = about $ 81.


    FEB STOCK MARKET hit new LOW – 1996
    $ 81 Million may become $ 77 to $ 79 Million.


    Finance Director Norko projects 2018, there will be extra money
    available from NOT paying off PENSION BOND, which certain union
    and POLITICAL people believe they are entitled to unlimited $$$.


    FAC Math Thomas Angelo projects the PENSION FUND could be
    empty in 3 to 5 years.


    The TOP 100 PENSIONERS would have been wise to pay $ 1,000
    a plate dinner for Dick Miron, to enable him to pay off DICK


    * A source keeps claiming AARON HOCHMAN (Hock man) has sung
    like a BIRDIE.

    * A source told me that FBI was not after FABRISI. Who then?

    * Now with DICK MIRON facing CRIMINAL CHARGES about the time
    SHAKESPEARE is supposed to sign and AVCO is supposed to sign…


    FDR = “In politics, there are NO coincidences.”

    – >

    For years, I tried to warn people, but they all think they are insulated.


    Last thing:


    You can do a F.O.I. to find out how much the $ 134,000 PENSIONER
    contributed to his PENSION over his 20 + years.

    While his final Base was in excess of $ 84,000 and he contributed 8 %
    of close to $ 200,000 in each of his last 2 years = that is less than
    $ 30,000 in his last 2 years.

    Maybe he averaged $ 50,000 for 20 years and gave 8 % each year.
    $ 4,000 deducted per year x 20 years = $ 80,000
    Then add $ 30,000 for the last 2 years = $ 110,000 total contribution.

    In exchange, he gets $ 134,000 a years for LIFE (20 years)
    Plus he got CASH OUT.

    NOW every reader understands why I would rather be me than
    others, who in my opinion have something to worry about
    Berchump / Moses / Devilin
    K Kelly
    K Williams – 1991
    J Florek – 1991
    J Kubek – 1991
    Proto – August – Foreman / T-berry – Blando – Cotter – Bishop
    Norm / Camillo
    Cabrol / DeCilio
    Harkins / Danny D.
    Jon – Truely sorry

    and certain other people, like past management
    Branyan – truely sorry
    Ulatowski – truely sorry
    & many more = silence is concent


    The worse the ECONOMY gets, the more EXPOSED these people
    become, unlike their plans.

    Who will they turn to – Senate / Congress?
    By the end of this year, I predict at least a couple will suicide
    and or be fragged….

    Jim Jubac has joined Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, John Crudel,
    Geraldo, Reese, who are all sounding like RALPH NADER and
    EISENHOWER’S 1961 Farewell….

    PENSION is a FAR BIGGER and more concentrated PILE of MONEY
    to 882 or 982 Defined Benefit Plan people.

    2005 – 425 Town Employees (Library reference section)
    or just chack with BEN BRANYAN 🙂 8)

    3/2009 – Mayor Miron stated 600 Town Employees.

  3. 3 1george1

    If PENSION OBLIGATION (acording to ACTUARY) is $ 225,000,000
    which it is…

    If there is at the end of MARCH in Portfolio is $ 75,000,000

    Then the SHORTFALL is $ 150,000,000
    and fully funded is 33 %.

    Then subtract $ 7,000,000 to pay PENSION OBLIGATION until JULY
    leaving $ 68,000,000

    IF the PORTFOLIO does NOT continue to LOSE INVESTMENTS…

    Oh what a TANGLED WEB ….

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “What about the $$$ Tricky Dick donated to jim miron’s campaign prior to his election?”

    In the ’05 campaign, Lakeview Monument was the single largest contributor to Jimmy’s campaign. So large that it was over the legal limit. Unfortunately, neither Best nor Costello filed a complaint.

    But now Lakeview Monument has been replaced by Berchem Moses and Devlin, their employees and their employees spouses. Your tax dollars at work.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Oh…I almost forgot. In ’05 there was a nice contribution from Brooke Miron who listed her employer as “Outback Steakhouse”. Do the math.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    It is also interesting to note who did not contribute to Miron’s campaign…yet. Amy Wanamaker, Emma Brookes and Gavin Forrester III. They must not have gotten the memo about required extortion money donations.

  7. 7 1george1

    Amy Wanamaker, Emma Brookes and Gavin Forrester III did not attend
    Mayor Miron’s State of the Town. No Town Councilor did, if I recall.

    In # 1 of Winners and Losers, Ron Moreau asked how many people
    Mayor Miron hired?

    In the State of the Town Mayor Miron stated there were 600 Town
    Employees. The Proposed Budget should have actual count.

    If you go to Library Reference Section for past Town Budgets, which
    included Proposed Budgets of Town and Board of Ed, as well as the
    FIRST EVER Board of Ed approved printed BUDGET done by BRANYAN
    thanks to George Mulligan pointing it out to GAVIN III and BUDGET

    Anyway .. Look at pre Mayor BUDGETS…
    I BELIEVE you will find TOWN EMPLOYEES at 425 to 450, with summer
    part time help (no benefits) inflating the number by 50 +


    I am 98 % sure that Mr. Norko had told me for years there were 882
    people in the Defined Benefit Plan.
    It may have been last year, whereas Mr. Norko stated there were 982
    people in the Defined Benefit Plan.

    I do know that if there was 100 people ADDED to 882 = 11 % INCREASE

    I have already BLOGGED that the 25 – 30 year costs of DBP & HEALTH
    INSURANCE will cost Stratford Tax Payers an estimated
    2 to 4 BILLION DOLLARS just to under 1000 Town Retirees and BoE

    I am not concerned.
    I will be long since dead.

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Interesting to note that the raises given to Miron’s administrators and the donations they made to his campaign did not rate a mention in the Star or the Bard. They were made aware of the connections and raises days ago by…wait for it…George Mulligan!

    Apparently we still cannot depend upon these “newspapers” to publish any negative comments about Mayor Moron. No matter what outrageous thing he does.

  9. 9 1george1

    Jeze –

    Thank you for the props about me e-mailing your blog posted pay raise
    information to the Star & Post, with a copy to your bloghost e-mail.

    The guy at the STAR, John Kovach may get to it yet, if you keep him
    apprized and if you can direct him to places to verify information.

    Because of variety of controversies caused by the parties and the
    necessity to cover certain things, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks.

    As far as the CT. POST goes, they also co-ordinated a few letters about
    the Airport. My defense of Marcia Stewart and list of airport “issues”
    took about 10 days to become published from when I sent it.

    I am told by an ardent supported of Jeze, who thinks Weizel is the
    best reporter in the History of the CT. POST, that Weizel has many
    restraints on what he can get printed.
    I suspect he could have mentioned my name at Town Council Public
    Forum issues, more than the 3 times I have been mentioned by Rich.
    1 – The TIRE
    2 – GADFLY ran for 3rd District coverage
    3 – A “friend” asked Rich W. to mention me related to a certain issue
    the friend wanted concurrance on.

    I guess I have to be less shy and become more issues oriented?

    I also challenge anyone to prove me wrong, so I can correct myself.

    I strongly suggest NO ONE take MY WORD or ANY ONE ELSE’S
    WORD on ANYTHING….. Trust but VERIFY!

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “Thank you for the props ”

    You earned ’em. When you do good, you do very good.

  11. 11 1george1

    Jeze to George:
    You earned ‘em. When you do good, you do very good.

    George to Jeze:
    If you liked that, you gotta love the question of when did
    each of these people get hired, ESPECIALLY Winterbottom,
    when according to the CAO the Town Council authorized
    these “MERIT” raises, when they passed the 2009 Budget.

    What if the Town Council passed a 2009 Budget on June 31,
    2008 and it supposedly included a “MERIT” raise for someone
    hired July or August 2008?

    What if people were hired April 1, 2008 or LATER, and then
    got 6%, 8%, or 10 % “MERIT” raises, even before their 90 DAY
    PROBATION Period was OVER?

    So Jeze, your homework assignment is the hiring DATES of:
    John Burturla – March 2007
    Sue Collier
    Suzanne McCauley
    Edwarp Winterbottom
    forget lookin at Norko – he earns/earned his keep
    Was Jason Santi one of the 12 % ers? 8)
    who else?

    What was that Senior Citizen offer PER SENIOR CITIZEN?

    What was that Veteran offer PER VETERAN?

    9 RETIREES in Jan 2008 averaged over $ 89,000 Penion
    on BASE PAYS of $ 71,000 – raising the question ….

    For 2006 and 2007, when they were accumulating all of
    this OVER TIME, who were the:
    1 – MAYOR (and rank oversite)
    2 – POLICE CHIEF(s) (and rank)
    3 – FIRE CHIEF(s) (and rank)
    4 – Town Attorney(s) (and Assistants)

    How OLD were each of the people in those positions and how old
    were the retirees in 2007 and 2008 and 2009?
    > insinuation: contemporaries with possible interest conflicts and
    possible positions for QUID PRO QUO …. which may be at least
    against the BAR ASSOCIATION Code of ETHICS and may be against
    * Town Ordinances
    * CT. General Statutes
    * U. S. Code

    Last prime time FOLLOW THE MONEY question ….
    Which company (FIRM) and/or individual has averaged OVER $ 200,000
    for SERVICES (no significant Materials) since


    1 9 9 7 ?

    I’d chip in $ 250 for a class action R.I.C.O. CIVIL SUIT, depending on
    the LAWYER!!
    If Jeze could get the 40 people who were ousted to ante up $ 250
    then that is $ 10,000 retainer plus the Lawyer can keep 40 %, with
    40 plaintiffs….. or a minimum of 40 plaintiffs.

    If we could get $ 1/2 a Billion from the Malpractice Insurance of a
    certain LAW FIRM …, we could each pocket $ 1 million after taxes,
    clean up Stratford’s Town Debt, lowering MIL RATES, and contribute
    $ 25 million to the PENSION FUND, but conditioned or a 25 % CAP of
    what ever the present average pay for Town / Education workers is
    at any given time – thus making it fair to EVERY UNION MEMBER and
    WHILE making the PORTFOLIO close to FULLY FUNDED!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “So Jeze, your homework assignment is the hiring DATES of:”

    Answer: Not a single one of them has made it to their two year anniversary yet.

  13. 13 1george1

    Answer: Not a single one of them has made it
    to their two year anniversary yet.

    Jeze – I think NORKO has been around LONGER?

    Thank you Jeze.
    If you could find specific dates
    (my Town Hall FoI are as successful as GAVIN III)

    I suspect they might find it in an offering to Letters to the Editor, along with
    Plutocratic Esquirachy
    Dead beat Raiders of the LOST TOMBSTONES

    Let me see…

    According to C. A. O. McCaulley …
    the Town Council authorized these “MERIT” Raises of 6 % to 10 %
    when they VOTED on the BUDGET JUNE 2008, some 9 months ago,
    to people who had been on their jobs, less than 15 months and
    in some cases, just a couple of months.

    They must be FAST LEARNERS…..

    Hey, how many of these people are making MORE than the MAYOR?
    If you were the MAYOR and your subbordinates were making MORE
    than you (because you gave them Merit Raises), would you have the
    CHATZPUTZ (spelling?) to go PUBLIC looking for a RAISE?

    – It seemed to be the LOGIC for O’Connell’s Empire of the SUM with
    NOT ONE – NOT TWO – BUT THREE very highly PAID ASST Superint…

    – Isn’t this the same logic of the kid who KILLED his PARENTS and pleaded
    for the MERCY of the COURT to find him INNOCENT, because he is an

    (NO JEZE, I am NOT suggesting that JIM should want to be an ORPHAN,
    no matter how much you beg me, or desire to TWIST my WORDS!) 🙂 😉

  14. 14 jezebel282


    I’m surprised at you. You haven’t figured it out?

    The revised Charter prohibits arbitrary budget transfers without Council approval, but the new Charter didn’t take effect until November ’08. The raises were given in October ’08. Now they are called “not raises” in the proposed budget.

    Also, do you really think that Miron is only getting $90K for being mayor?

  15. 15 1george1

    Jeze / others:
    Where has Miron staged FUND RAISERS?

    Couple years ago, they had Fund Raisers at:
    1 – Stella’s site of Police HQ for Sikorsky Strike
    2 – ST. Joseph – former head of Ethics Commission

    – Angelo was D – 4 Town Councilor
    – Angelo friend of LOU R Register & Dickie’s Bowling buddy.

    – Proto reps Harborside

    – Grandson of Judge Robert Testo spoke for Harborside at
    Zoning Hearing. I introduced myself. Judge Robert Testo
    grew up next door to my dad. The grandson gestures &
    speaks like he is in Godfather or Wiseguy movie. His dad
    came up from FL with his dad, to help with new baby.
    – At Mr. P’s I saw Fredette & the grandson, who introduced
    me to his dad. Fredette almost fell of his stool about the fact
    that my dad and this family “happened” to once be close.

    THAT was about 5 – 6 weeks ago. Sometime since, I heard
    Fredette had a Heart Attack. I hear he is doin better?
    > About same time certain other well know former party power
    was in Hospital. Coicidence?

    COSTELLO had AD in the STARFORD STAR this week about FUND
    RAISER @ Mill River Country Club, where the Republican Party
    has there Town Committeee meetings (had been at Booth) and
    had a recent Fund Raiser coordinated by Norm & Crudo.

    I wonder how INDEPENDENT COSTELLO really is?

    I wonder if the same DIVIDE the VOTE strategy is in place to get
    MIRON re-elected?

    The last meeting of a Town Councilor’s term, each of them is given
    a period of time to thank people.
    – Angelo and Ray Barker started by thanking RAY VOCCOLA.
    then they got around to family and others.
    – Miranda started with family and graciously mentioned Public
    Forum Speakers, among others.
    – Camillio started with NORM (no surprize) AND Esq, BURTURLA.
    He got around to family and claimed to breakfast every other
    saturday with Ray Voccola. Sources close to the Voccolas were
    outraged at the claim stating it was untrue?

    The same day as the COSTELLO AD, my friend Mr. PEDOTO hit at
    my political announcement and appears to have inside information
    from the Miron Camp, Republicans, and the CT. POST.

    I absolutely LOVED IT, as what they believe is a knock…..
    It is amazing what the letter omits, as well as what it stresses.

    I do not expect any help from viewers, but I do not know anything
    about Pedoto, except he had/has exhibit at the Garbage Museum,
    doe not appear to be listed locally, and may be involved in Bpt +
    Stratford politics and professional Trades.

    Sudds – Any Scot info?
    Kane – Able or willing to help?
    Cyclops – What does your crystal ball say?
    Jeze – One of the finest’s foils or props?
    PCS – Train in on Pedoto?
    Nnan – What do your anonymous sources tell you.

    Interesting using a retired NY police to attack me on KNAPP
    COMMISSION and using anonymous pawn to move into the
    “fool’s mate?”

    Mr. Pedoto’s endorsement in the last paragraph is something
    one might expect from a “Job’s comforter.”

    With all of the foreclosures and Portfolio issues, they must
    be having wet dreams….

    I wonder who comforts Job’s comforters, when the tables
    are turned on them and they are double crossed?

  16. 16 1george1

    Mom and Dad of the grandson of Judge Robert Testo came up
    from FL. to help with their new grandson. I mistyped.

  17. 17 sudds

    “COSTELLO had AD in the STARFORD STAR this week about FUND
    RAISER @ Mill River Country Club, where the Republican Party
    has there Town Committeee meetings (had been at Booth) and
    had a recent Fund Raiser coordinated by Norm & Crudo.

    I wonder how INDEPENDENT COSTELLO really is?”

    …Hitler was a vegetarian…

    …George has eaten (or has he? LOL!) vegetables…

    …based upon the logic above…


    Seriously George… you do SO WELL when you focus on rational/logical topics in town…. and SO BAD when you start hypothesizing!!!

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Wasn’t Booth’s fund raiser at Burger King?


  19. 19 1george1

    Sudds –
    I do NOT believe for 1 second that Costello is not in bed
    with certain so called leaders in the Republican party.

    In turn, I have reason to believe they are in bed with
    Berchem, Moses, & Devlin.

    They, in turn, are rumored to have pushed $ 35,000 to
    Jim Miron’s campaign fund, and are responsible for the
    delays for Dickie. THERE MAY BE AN OCTOBER SURPRIZE!

    SUDDS – It appears you do not disagree with my FACTS.
    It appears you disagree with my conclusions.
    That is fine.
    However follow the money.
    Follow the situations.
    Follow the results.

    It also helps to have multiple informants from inside both
    political parties, from all over town.

    Interestingly a few Mironistas have been frequenting the
    former Mr. P’s, watching, listening, and poking around.

    It can get interesting. Last night as I was walking out, one
    of their “ladies” decided to use me as a stripper pole……
    Tough job, but someone has to do it.
    I played along with the cheap thrills, for a bit.

    But some scenarios and not hard to project.

    Especially when I hit a home run this week on the Town
    Attorney opinion being issued from Berchem and none of
    the 235 currently open Stratford Legal Cases NOT in Town
    Hall possession in the
    – Town Clerk’s PC.
    – Town Attorney’s Secretary’s PC.
    – NOT even in HARD COPY, anywhere inside Town Hall.
    – There are about 100 CLOSED CASES, only in HARD COPY.

    SUDDS – Since I am so bad at my CONCLUSIONS – please
    venture one of your pearls of wisdom?

    PCS, as a paralegal, do you believe it is wise for the TOWN
    NOT to have COPIES of OPEN CASES (secured) in TOWN HALL
    to a FIRM that has gotten over $ 1.8 million in the last 3 years?

    What if they got a VIRUS?
    What if their Computers CRASHED?
    What if they do NOT back up?
    What if back up gets a VIRUS along with MAIN information?
    What if they hire ROSE MARY WOODS Grand daughter?
    What if they could NOT justify BILLING HOURS?
    What if the cases contained incrimination evidence?

    SUDDS, although these are questions…..
    They are also a result of my OFF the WALL CONCLUSIONS.

    Nnanerak … What do you think?
    You have been quiet lately……
    Can you check with your contacts?
    Even it this is S. O. P. – just because something is done a
    certain way for years, does that make it right?

    As Esq. Burturla stated: “I have been doing work and keeping
    records on computers since I started as Town Attorney in
    1996. I do not think the Town even had computers back then.”

    My records show 1996 was the ONLY year Esq. Burturla was
    not PAID 6 FIGURES from the TOWN.

    Milford BoE pays BERCHEM a FLAT RATE of $ 180,000 annually.
    I heard rumors O’Connell’s BoE did the same. When I did an FOI
    under Kevin Kelly, the information from the BoE was sent as
    computer PRINT OUTS – NOT 1099s. They showed $ 40- $ 60 k,
    annually. Esq Burturla has always made 6 figures from the Town.
    – It does not include things like Finders Fees, which are reputed
    to exist from various sources like PENSION FUND.

    I wonder if Fredette’s Heart Attack is related to increased
    questions about the Town Attorney and Pension funds /
    potential fees. Had Fredette and Proto countered in Ethics
    Charges properly after one of Calzone’s/Gavin’s EMS buddies
    filed a complaint against Fredette ….

    PENSION ABUSE “might” have been nipped in the BUD.
    Burturla “might” have seen bars or disbars?
    However, these “conclusions” are just opinion based on some facts? 🙂

  20. 20 1george1

    You, Kane, Cyclops, Star, and a few others have inside dope
    on the inside dopes.

    All of you and Mike R are quick to jump on me about “TIN FOIL HAT”
    issues, yet you are mute on issues like this.

    Fahan – On Target – and FOS (Freedom of Speach or Full Of Sh–?)
    have disappeared from BLOG UNIVERSE now that their dirty work is
    done on CRC # 2.

    Does a single one of you want to throw insults my way on this?

    How about raising ANY QUESTIONS on ANY of the ABOVE? – and I
    did put in a couple of TIN FOIL opportunies! 8)

    Anyone one of you want to contribute any FACTS? ANY FACTS?
    – Only FACTS that seem to be posted by some are wrong doings by
    the mIRON CURTAIN, inside the police / fire / town / Bored of Ed?
    – Oh the mIRONY?

    Any ONE of you want to speculate or offer POLITICAL OPINIONS?

  21. 21 starlooker

    George….I have been a bit out of touch….. Been working 10 1/2 hour days….. Next month I am only working 6 hours a day…. I do get limited time to read things. all I can say is right now UNREAL what has been going on. I got a chance to be here when the man was here to re-evaluate my property. Had me listed as 8 rooms. Ummm only 6 here and had him come in to see for himself. I wonder how many other people do not realize they can look at the outside of a home and give you extra rooms??????? As for the 4 positions you are running for feel free to place a sign on my lawn. My other question is….. with the propane tanks at LBW how many other things in Town can BLOW up without us knowing???????

  22. 22 1george1

    Today I will down load petition forms, got to the Town Clerk and then mail
    to the Secreaty of State, to get the petition forms, for which I will need
    signatures. I still have Lawn signs. I have to buy more.

    I will need signatures for the petition and will give you a lawn sign, soon.
    Thank you.

    Star, they sell propane at Walgreens. Maybe 10-20 % of people have propane
    grills. I think the LBW propane issue is a farce. If the firemen simply turned
    a valve and released the propane into the Atmosphere, whould that solve the
    problem, cost effectively?
    Oh – it will polute the air – right?

    Everyday, more polluntants go into the Housatonic River from
    1 – Raymark,
    2 – dumpsites at Shakespeare of near Airport
    3 – AVCO which should be a SUPERFUND site
    4 – Airport
    5 – Dresser / Ashcroft
    6 – Sikorsky Plant

    What do these all have in common?
    They are all upstream from Short Beach. The town’s Public Beach.
    THAT is EXPLOSIVE – without the BOOM!
    I wonder what the Health Department and Town Attorney have to say?

    I really want to call my political party the enema party.
    Because that is what USA politics really needs, to flush out the elected
    and the Committee Bosses.

  23. 23 1george1


    POLITICIANS say that because it is expected.

    I actually mean it.

  24. 24 sudds


    “SUDDS – It appears you do not disagree with my FACTS.”

    Agreed… you stick to the facts and you have my support, but…

    “It appears you disagree with my conclusions.”

    I wouldn’t call them conclusions… I’d call them far reaching conspiracy theories!!!

    “Interestingly a few Mironistas have been frequenting the
    former Mr. P’s, watching, listening, and poking around.

    It can get interesting. Last night as I was walking out, one
    of their “ladies” decided to use me as a stripper pole……”

    I have GOT to start hanging out at the old Mr. P’s!!!

    “I still have Lawn signs.”

    I told you three weeks ago that you could put one on my lawn!!!

  25. 25 1george1

    “I still have Lawn signs.”

    I told you three weeks ago that you could put one on my lawn!!!

    I shall post when I will have a couple of Lawn signs available on my front porch,
    or on my yard, for those who are anonymous and wish to stay anonymous.
    All I would ask is acknowledgement they were taken.

    What conclusion would you draw from the following facts:

    USA # 1 in COCAINE, OIL, & GAS imports.
    USA # 1 in WEAPONS & MUNITTIONS exports.
    Russia # 1 in GAS & OIL exports and Natural Gas RESERVES
    Rusia # 2 in WEAPONS & MUNITTIONS exports # 4 in OIL RESERVES
    SAUDI # 1 in OIL RESERVES & 9/11 Hijackers
    IRAQ # 3 in OIL & Natural GAS reserves. Barely in top 10 in Exports.
    IRAN is top 5 in OIL / GAS / WEAPONS / MUNITIONS – reserves/exports.
    China exports WEAPONS / MUNITTIONS

    Biggest beneficiaries of $ 145 Barrel OIL, almost exactly $ 100 over
    the prior high during early REAGAN administration, when AFGHAN
    was occupied by Russians and made it their SO. VIETnam?

    Where was the FIGHTER AIR PLANE – AIR COVER around NYC & DC
    during 9 / 11?

    Did the AFGHAN & IRAQ war have an affect on WEAPONS &
    BIG OIL / Daddy Warbucks

    – Who will point out a couple of intentional errors.

    – Jeze – this is a DIRECT reply to SUDDS immediately above – for same

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “- Jeze – this is a DIRECT reply to SUDDS immediately above – for same

    I suppose I’ll have to start editing Sudds then.

  27. 27 sudds

    Edit me? What did I do*?

    * I’m actually surprised that I’ve never been…edited by Jezebel

  28. 28 sudds

    “What conclusion would you draw from the following facts:”

    George… did it even dawn on your that maybe there ISN’T a conclussion? Could it possibly be that this is just how countries have chosen to utilize their technology/ natural resources?

    PS… George… the United States is the world’s top exporter of apple juice… do you think this means we are trying to corner the market on scholchildren???

  29. 29 1george1

    Jeze – Fair is fair on Editing.

    Actually moving blog string is fairer.
    You may not agree with my post, but at least you are now respecting
    effort and though (believe it or not – it is there) in posting on blog.

    The USA does a great many good things and has great, good, so-so, and bad
    people in public (includes military) and private sectors.

    While you made a KILLING on OIL STOCKS, a great many people have lost their
    good faith investments in STOCKS, BONDS, HOMES, BUSINESSES and the short

    If you look at the Histories of many of the BIGGEST NAME UNIVERSITIES
    you will find MANY are named for or benefitted from ROBBER BARONS
    and CRIMINALS. (BALZAK: All great FORTUNES come from great CRIMES.)
    STANFORD – Leland
    UNIV CHICAGO – Rockefeller
    VANDERBILD – Cornelius
    BROWN – Slave Trader
    YALE – skull bones – opium / slave clipper ships
    MILITARY ACADEMIES appointments are by criminal class in Congress.

    So I guess you are correct about corning school market, as in the
    Scientific Technological Elite as warned in Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell.

    Again – a direct reply to Sudds!

  30. 30 sudds

    “Again – a direct reply to Sudds!”

    HOW THE @#$% is this jiberish a direct reply to my statement about apple juice exports?

    I swear George… if we could keep you focused you would be an unstoppable force!!!

  31. 31 1george1

    HOW THE @#$% is this jiberish a direct reply to my statement
    about apple juice exports?

    – –

    “What conclusion would you draw from the following facts:”

    George… did it even dawn on your that maybe there ISN’T a
    conclussion? Could it possibly be that this is just how countries
    have chosen to utilize their technology/ natural resources?

    PS… George… the United States is the world’s top exporter of
    apple juice… do you think this means we are trying to corner
    the market on schoolchildren???

    – –

    Edit me? What did I do*?

    * I’m actually surprised that I’ve never been…edited by Jezebel

    – –

    George answer:

    sudds asked about facts / conclusion.
    I simply projected different facts, looking for different conclusion?

  32. 32 sudds

    “sudds asked about facts / conclusion.”

    Actually George… I was mocking you for your assinine conclussions!!!

  33. 33 1george1


    Is assinine a golf term?

    Like “hole” in one? (mirror?)

  34. 34 jezebel282


    “Is assinine a golf term? Like “hole” in one? ”


    Only if you’re playing a par 3.

  35. 35 1george1

    Last week’s Stfd Star – Joe Pedoto accused me of being a “PUN”dit.

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