Getting Out While the Getting’s Good


To: News Media
cc: Department Heads
Supervisors Members, Stratford Town Council

From: James R. Miron, Mayor
Date: March 30, 2009
RE: Mayor Miron Announces Hiring of Assistants to the Mayor
Stratford, Connecticut (March 30, 2009) – Mayor James R. Miron today announced the hiring of Eric Castater and Devron Wilson as Assistants to the Mayor.

Eric and Devron will take over the duties for Heather Habelka, who left her position earlier this month to return to the private sector, and Ashley Haydu who is leaving town employment on April 3rd.

“Heather returned to her communications firm, HBH Marketing Communications, LLC, earlier this month,” said Mayor Jim Miron. “I am grateful to Heather for her three years of service to the Town and to my Administration. Shortly after my election, I asked Heather to work with me in establishing the Office of the Mayor. Heather is to be commended for doing that and for her leadership in executing the Town’s community relations efforts including the Town’s new website, e-newsletter and the web-based Citizen’s & Business Service Center; the Town’s marketing efforts including the new logo and tagline; improvements to Channel 79; and the newly created Economic Development Guide. Frankly, the successes that we have enjoyed in the last three years were made possible, in part, by Heather’s efforts.”

“Ashley has been a steady member of the Office of the Mayor for the past three years and during that time has admirably been paying her way and attending night school. She has decided to pursue her studies full time in order to complete her nursing degree,” said Mayor Miron. “I am grateful to Ashley for her service to both the Town and the Office of the Mayor and I commend her for choosing nursing as a profession that will allow her to continue to serve the community.”

In their roles as Assistant to the Mayor, Eric Castater and Devron Wilson will be responsible for organizing and executing all facets and operations of the Mayor’s Office. Their duties will include constituent casework to help resolve citizens and businesses with issues and concerns; assisting the Mayor in community initiatives; managing phone, e-mail and correspondence received by the Mayor; acting as a liaison of the Mayor with Town administration and members of the public and handling a host of other administrative duties related to day-to-day Office operations.

9 Responses to “Getting Out While the Getting’s Good”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    They grow up and leave so fast. Let’s see if we can keep track:

    Since Dec 05:

    CAO’s: Three
    Fire Chiefs: Three
    HR Directors: Three
    Treasurers: Two (Looking for a third)
    Secretaries: God knows.
    Police Chiefs: Two
    Town Clerks: Two
    Assistants: on the fourth and fifth (until Dec 09)
    Public Works Directors: two

    Have I missed any?

  2. 2 1george1

    Barnhart, Feeney, Branyan, Miron

    Mossman, Imbro, U R BRUTAL

    names of fire chiefs – 4 ?

    Gomeau, Dean Moore, Acting finance Married Woman, Norko

    Hudzak and 3 others

    HR – Obernesser – cast of dozens

    Patty U. – Haddad, Black lady, one before Pawluk – Pawluk

  3. 3 jezebel282


    Since 2005. If you don’t read the questions how can you expect to do well on your SAT’s?

    On the other hand, some people keep coming back.

    Kent Miller is the $20,000/year part time supervisor of the RailRoad Clerk. Just follow the trail of coins and dollar bills falling out of Kent’s pockets in the hallways.

    You always want a lawyer who’s been disciplined by the Bar for inappropriate accounting practices in charge of cash receipts.

  4. 4 1george1

    I intentionally disregarded the since 2005.

    You keep missing the bigger picture of following the money.
    Since 1996, who has averaged in excess of $ 200,000 a year
    from the Town / Board of Ed?

    Since about 2001, why has there been such a huge turnover
    of the Town decision making personnel?

    Why is 1991 so crucial related to the people involved with
    Charter Revision?

    Relationship between 1996 plan B;
    1998 Pension Bond;
    1999 Pension renegotiations;
    2002 change in Pension repayment;
    200? Year of non contribution
    200? Golden Parachute

    It all trickles back to Mirons / Burturlas / B utter nuts, who could
    use Town Treasury to create account receiveables from conections
    and “influence.” (as in R. “I.” C. O. Act)

  5. George ~

    I’m noting your post above – specifically 200?, the year of non-contribution. I have heard from several reliable people that the Town has failed to contribute for more than just one year and that the money that was supposed to be contributed was placed in an interest-bearing from which the Town withdrew the interest which was gained.

    If this is true, it is complete mismanagement and the administration that allowed this to happen should be held accountable.

    Can you provide any insight – sticking to the failure to contribute? I have a hard time sometimes reading through and isolating the answers I’m looking for.

  6. 6 nnanerak

    Jez- you forgot the Health Dept and Community Services off the top of my head, I’ll let you know if I think of any others….

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Health Director: Two
    Economic Development Director: 0

    I’m not sure about how many have changed in Community Services.

  8. 9 1george1

    In fairness to the pensioner and people in the past,
    who were greedy, but not as bad as mironmaniacs..

    Before Y2K a blind monkey with a DART could pick a
    stock and get 10 % return.

    People got greedy for that 10 % of 110 % fully funded.
    They changes the rules – %%%

    The stock Market went south.
    The powers that are figured it had to turn around,
    and used the problems to sneak in all their buddies.

    The problems just keep compuanding.

    It is documented that the Stratford Republicans and
    Democrats are not the ONLY LYING THIEFS and CRIMINALS
    in the USA for PENSION ABUSE.

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