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After 3.5 years of Town employees being slapped around, suspended, banished, demoted, laid off, persecuted, investigated, cheated, threatened and fired it seems like they have finally had enough. On Friday 24 April Town union members will gather at Town Hall in an expression of solidarity between 3:30 and 5PM (15:30 -17:00 for the cops) It […]

Mr. Mayor;

Had you bothered to attend any Longbrook Park Commission Meeting, or send any individual or organization to attend a Commission Meeting, to raise any issues or concerns regarding the conditions of the playing fields and or explain your proposal to the commission or Town Council you might have received a more favorable response.

In addition to the $64,356 Miller was paid in 2008 there is another $22,403 he was paid as a RR supervisor of a $30,325 clerk. That is a grand total $86,759 for Treasurer of the Democratic Town Committee.

Miron gravestone fraud case continued By Daniel Tepfer Staff writer Updated: 04/07/2009 12:21:28 AM EDT BRIDGEPORT — The case against Richard Miron, the 72-year-old father of Stratford’s mayor accused of defrauding dozens of grieving people who purchased headstones from him that he did not deliver, was continued Monday. Dressed in a tan windbreaker, Miron, Stratford’s […]

I’ve tried and tried to talk myself out of it, but I find that today is the day I actually agree with Miron. Which means Hell has frozen over. New problem in engine plant dispute By Bill Cummings and Richard Weizel Staff writers Posted: 04/01/2009 06:00:08 PM EDT A new eruption in the long-simmering dispute […]