Hell Freezes Over


I’ve tried and tried to talk myself out of it, but I find that today is the day I actually agree with Miron. Which means Hell has frozen over.

New problem in engine plant dispute
By Bill Cummings and Richard Weizel
Staff writers
Posted: 04/01/2009 06:00:08 PM EDT

A new eruption in the long-simmering dispute between Bridgeport and Stratford over Sikorsky Memorial Airport threatens to further delay the sale of the 78-acre former Army engine plant property in Stratford to a developer who wants to establish a multi-media production complex there.
Like THAT would ever happen..

Bridgeport officials are demanding that before the Main Street engine plant is sold to developer Hollywood East Inc., a 1.07-acre slice of the property be transferred to the city for a safety zone at the end of an existing runway. The airport, owned by the city of Bridgeport, is located entirely within Stratford.
Demanding? Oh well, since you are demanding, here let’s give you some more of our land. Are you guys on drugs?

Stratford officials, including Mayor James R. Miron, have accused Bridgeport of trying to block the multi-million-dollar redevelopment effort by using the issue to bargain for concessions from Stratford that will help the city expand the airport, but exclude the town from any control of what happens there.

The sale of the plant was supposed to be finalized last Friday, but was put on hold after Bridgeport Air Services, also known as Air Atlantic, filed an 11th-hour lawsuit to block the sale, claiming it would cut off access to a water line from the plant used for its fire-suppression systems at the airport.

That lawsuit, however, is apparently the first volley in a larger battle between Stratford and Bridgeport over the future of Sikorsky Airport.
It’s always nice to have thoughtful neighbors isn’t it?

The city contends it needs the sliver of land both for an immediate safety zone at the end of the runway
and to incorporate it into future plans to expand the airport’s main runway. That also requires relocating a stretch of Main Street in Stratford. Those plans have long been opposed by Lordship residents who do not want the airport to grow any bigger.

Err…did you say “expand”? We thought it wasn’t an expansion. Are you lying now, or have you been lying all along?

Bridgeport officials believe that Stratford, by blocking transfer of the land to the city, is hindering any future extension of runway safety zones. Stratford officials, in turn, accuse the city of holding hostage what the town considers its key redevelopment project.

“Mayor Finch is clearly holding the town of Stratford hostage and has no interest in cooperating with me or the town on finding a way to make the airport a regional asset,” Miron said Wednesday. “Mayor Finch may like to talk about regionalism and working with his neighbors, but what he says and does are two very different things.”
And Miron should know!

Miron further accused Finch of “looking to hold up transfer of the Army engine plant in exchange for getting land to expand the runway, and the water-suppression system lawsuit is obviously connected. But it is Bridgeport’s obligation to supply that water. This is all a ruse by the city because they can simply hook up the water-suppression system to another water main and they know it.”

City officials see the dispute differently.

“This is a public safety issue,” said Bridgeport City Attorney Mark Anastasi, who is threatening to sue Stratford if the land is not transferred to the city. “There is an effort to relocate Main Street and expand the safety zone. This strip is critical to that effort and the safe functioning of the airport. It’s in the best interest of the region.”

If the “region” is Bridgeport. And I thought you said “Expand the runway”.

Anastasi and Associate City Attorney Arthur Laske said Air Atlantic’s lawsuit “raises legitimate concerns. It’s our obligation as landlord to see it’s resolved.”
How much did Laske bill Stratford for “investigating” Jay Cybart?

Asked if Bridgeport would have sued to block the sale had Air Atlantic not pursued legal action, Laske said the city is “taking advantage of the window” provided by the Air Atlantic to negotiate with Stratford.
Negotiate? Some would say “extort”.

“Everyone is talking and we have been working on this for sometime. We share [Air Atlantic’s] concern,” Laske said.
And your hourly billing rate for your concern is how much?

Finch, in a statement released Wednesday afternoon, disputed Miron’s contention that Bridgeport is holding the Army engine plant’s sale hostage.

“The city has been working hand in hand with the [Federal Aviation Administration] and the rest of the interested parties to resolve this issue regarding Sikorsky Airport,” Finch said. “While Mayor Miron and I may differ on some of the smaller issues, I know he shares my larger concern that we never have a tragedy such as the one that occurred in 1994 where eight lives were lost because the airport lacked the property safety zones.
Excellent. Man the Tower 24/7 and stop landing in the fog. Problem solved.

“It’s in all of our best interests to ensure that we have a safe and viable airport structure for the citizens of Bridgeport and the surrounding area, as well as sound economic development for the town of Stratford and the entire region, which will occur if we work together to allow for these needed and long-overdue safety improvements,” Finch said.

Wow, this guy lies way better than Miron.

37 Responses to “Hell Freezes Over”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    A sure sign the Apocalypse is coming.

  2. 2 1george1

    If the Berchem website still indicates they represent both Bridgeport
    and Stratford, if Dickie Burturla represents both parties at the same
    time, it may be the first time his double billing was ever kinda legit? 😦

  3. 3 jezebel282

    There is never a dull moment around here. It has to be in the water.

    1. Bridgeport has been getting free water and sewage for decades from the Army.
    2. The Army is selling the property and can’t guarantee the free service.
    3. A tenant sues Bridgeport to honor it’s lease.


    Take the land from Stratford and expand the airport!

  4. 4 sudds

    So if we let Bridgeport reroute Main Street we get:

    1) NO more legal fees
    2) the Army project continues
    3) lower taxes (theoretically, as a result of #2)
    4) a better/expanded airport

    Can someone please tell me again why I should be against this??? (other than the extra 2 minutes it’ll take me to ge to the golf course)

  5. 5 jezebel282


    It will be hard for you to understand because it doesn’t absolutely effect you immediately.

    1) NO more legal fees

    Until Bridgeport sues to get LBW

    2) the Army project continues

    Ya think? All we get are the Nateras. The lawsuits will just be beginning.

    3) lower taxes (theoretically, as a result of #2)


    This may actually effect you. You think Bridgeport will give us a dime? And when people start moving out of Lordship and the ATM closes, guess who’s taxes will go up?

    4) a better/expanded airport

    That will sit just as empty as it is now. The only difference will be that Bridgeport gets all of those improvements for free. There are nine (count ’em, 9!) competing airports within 75 miles. On a clear day you can SEE Tweed.

    And Stratford…wait. What am I doing? Arguing with Sudds?

    Sudds, I hear that Bridgeport will also seek to acquire all the blondes and beer in Stratford for their own use.

  6. 6 sudds

    “Sudds, I hear that Bridgeport will also seek to acquire all the blondes and beer in Stratford for their own use.”


    * although he’s welcome to have my wife who is blonde!!!

  7. 7 1george1

    The expanded airport will mean a few more corporate jets.
    National Airlines can not make money in NY, LA, CHICAGO, ATLANTA.

    Southwest and certain regionals do OK, however Western USA is far
    more spread out and less populated than the NE.

    So you favor making life convenient for NEUTRON JACK and the GE
    BUCKanEARS, who cut everyone’s credit limits while charging USURY
    RATES of LOAN SHARKS, by bribing CONGRESS.

    Net likely result of out of control airport is to decrease PROPERTY
    VALUES of LORDSHIP and most of Stratford.

    There has NEVER been anything stopping the ARMY PROJECT except
    the ARMY and the POLITICIANS.
    The longer AVCO and RAYMARK drag on, the more TOXINS float away
    through the aquifers into the Housatonic River….

    NO more legal FEES?
    – Sudds, if they solved the top 15 issues in Stratford, there would
    be nominal legal FEES.
    However a certain Law Firm represents BOTH Stratford and Bridgeport.
    If it isn’t the Airport, it’s AVCO.
    If it isn’t those, it’s LBW / Pleasure Beach
    If it isn’t those, it is Shakespeare –
    – Burturla negotiated 9 months for the 90 day KKP agreement where it
    took them 100 days to come up with the money.
    – Burturla & Knott both worked on the Raymark deal.
    If it isn’t those, it is Union negotiations… Pensions …. contracts ….
    Town Charter

    That certain law firm has / had 23 CT. Boards of ED.
    It had 15 Municipalities – It might be 10 now.
    It had Housing Authorities and Parking Authorities.

    Under the C. R.C. # 1 & # 2 – The Town Attorney’s clients are:
    Town Administration
    Bored of Edukation
    TeePee & Zee
    Housing Authority

    The Town Attorney is the sole interpreter of the Town Charter
    according to Blue Menthol’s offive, via Harkin’s assistant.

    The Town Attorney’s Brother is the Police Chief and final arbiter
    of what cases are investigated and not investigated, and also the
    person to who the FBI (Feds) and STATE POLICE get requests for
    help or to whom they address local police venues and issues.

    You people concentrate on Jimbo and Bimbo
    Follow the MONEY.
    Follow the POWER.

  8. 8 sudds

    “So you favor making life convenient for NEUTRON JACK and the GE

    I bought 1,000 shares of GE at under $8 a share a couple weeks ago… so HELLS YES I am for GE to do whatever the @#$% they want to/need to right now!!! (once the stock gets back over $25 (and I sell for a Saaaaaa-WEET profit) I’ll think about joining your team!!!

  9. 9 jezebel282


    There are lot’s of blondes, plenty of beer and free rounds of golf on our team.

  10. 10 sudds


    That’s it… I’m going right now to go chain myself to the runway!!!

  11. 11 jezebel282

    Note to George: It’s all a matter of understanding the client’s priorities.

  12. 13 jezebel282

    Best outcomes:

    The City of Bridgeport and Bridgeport Air duke it out in court until 2011 (the lease expires and the case becomes moot)

    Mayor Moron claims credit for absolutely nothing being accomplished in 4 years and doesn’t break into double digits in November. He is tied with George Mulligan.

    The Nateras sue the Army for breach of contract (failure to transfer title) and win. They get their $ 1million dollars back and go away to be someone else’s problem.

    The Army finally admits responsibility for the toxic waste and a newly restaffed and funded EPA cleans it up.

    The GSA reopens bidding to anyone NOT being investigated by the FBI.

  13. 14 sudds

    Ut oh… I think Jez may have had a stroke!!!

  14. 15 jezebel282


    Not to worry. It happens this time of year when it’s too hot to ski and too cold to play golf.

    I get these bouts of delirium and…

  15. 16 1george1

    Jeze – I have ZERO problem with you moving something from one
    blog section to another, instead of editting.

    We have different criteria about what is relevant or duplicated.

    Some of the duplicate issues relate to recent posts.
    Some relate to long past, and may have been missed.


    I do NOT believe ANYTHING related to the MIRON / FITCH /
    ARMY / AIRPORT issues as anything other than BUILDING
    JUSTIFICATION to BUY the AIRPORT, which has been on the
    Town Council Agenda for 2 years.

    I raised the issue about 2000.

    Dick Miron went to Public Forum a few months later.
    Dick rarely spoke in Public Forum.

    In short – this has been in the Master Plan and is a done deal.

    However, the politicians need to create cover stories and
    justifications for spending peoples’ money.

    Even Amy and Emma, were stunned 1 – 2 months ago when Jimbo
    mentioned “PLAN B” related to LBW?

    All along I have stated their plan was to get $ 10,000,000 from
    LBW to pay $ 10,000,000 to Bridgeport for the AIRPORT.

    All along I have stated the AIRPORT will be part of AVCO deal.

    All along I have stated there will be HIGH RISE, LUXURY CONDOs
    in AVCO in a kinda of Mixed Use situation similar to what Rich
    Fredette suggested when he was on the Council.
    > Esq Anthony avallone stated he believed it would happen with
    whoever got AVCO, since that was highest and best use for LAND
    according to Council on Cities. (Avallone rents from Berchem)
    > Unrelated, Jim Miron went to the same Seminar and stated in the
    STAR a similar idea, pointing out that Stratford needed to grow from
    a stagnant 50,000 population.
    > Every CONDO = 2 LAWYERS
    > CONDO DEVELOPER is likely to give exclusive sales, appraisal, title
    search, and closing opportunities, which can mean serious money
    if there are 1,000 high rise luxury condos for $ 1,000,000 +
    Top floors will be able to see Long Island with great views of the
    Sound, the River/Milford, the marsh/Bridgeport Harbor, upper

    With toxins migrating to the River, with AVCO closed since 1992 and
    RAYMARK closed since 1980s, the EPA / DEP and government are letting
    nature do the bulk of the remediation, over time.
    Plus the cost effectiveness and technology related to Brownfields and
    recovering land for building tax bases, are a legitimate opportunity in
    economic stimulus.
    It is all planned – all time tabled.
    Do I have proof? NO.
    Is it logical that politicians and lawyers will do what they do best and
    for their own best interest?

    Hey Sudds.
    What if DICK MIRON and BERCHEM bought 1,000,000 shares of GE @ $ 5?

    Isn’t that the real reason the BUSH / CHENEY crashed the market?
    Ever wonder where all the money went related to:
    North sea
    British Empire / Common wealth
    COCAINE financiers
    WEAPONS Manufacturers / Finanaciers
    MUNITIONS Manufacturers / Finanaciers

    SUDDS – The NEXT down turn in stock prices will be off a cliff.

  16. 17 jezebel282


    “I have ZERO problem with you moving something from one blog section to another, instead of editting.”

    It IS possible that you post them in one of the THREE pages I’ve given you by yourself.

    “All along I have stated there will be HIGH RISE, LUXURY CONDOs in AVCO in a kinda of Mixed Use situation similar to what Rich Fredette suggested when he was on the Council.”

    That is the best idea I’ve heard in decades. A nice 18 hole golf course across the street would boost property values even more.

    Too bad asbestos, lead paint and God-knows-what doesn’t migrate away by itself.

  17. 18 ronmoreau

    I worked in the R&D labs at Avco in the 80’s. They used mercury monometers to measure differential pressures. If an air line blew, the mercury would shoot out of the monometer, hit the ceiling in the test cell and splash all over the room. Their solution for clean up was to sweep the mercury down the drain. I witnessed one of these incidents. The company used to cool ‘slip rings’ with freon pumped out of 55 gallon barrels. When the freon passed thru the slipring it would flow to the floor of the test cell. Sometimes the floor would be 1/2 inch thick with liquid freon. Of course it evaperated in an hour or so. This is just 2 examples of the types of contamination. I believe the contamination is must worst then advertized.

  18. 19 ronmoreau

    The Army allowed their tennant to contaminate this property. They should clean it up.

  19. 20 ronmoreau

    I wouldn’t live on that property no matter who cleaned it up.

  20. 21 jezebel282


    Thank you so much.

    I have heard similar stories of 55 gallon drums (of who-knows-what) being dumped in parking lots during the 3rd shift.

  21. 22 1george1

    About Y2K Barnhart and the Town Council was shown a MAP
    of where all of the Toxins were on the AVCO Property which
    is much BIGGER than RAYMARK and had WORSE “STUFF.”

    The need for remediation was significant.

    Maybe a Council later, Fredette want to do a mixed use with shops
    on the bottom and Condos above it. He was told it would be too costly
    to remediate to Residential level.

    Meanwhile AVCO closed in 1992. I believe they had already either
    stopped manufacturing before then or significantly cut back a few
    years before.

    AVCO would dump things down the drain like in Raymark or would
    dump stuff offshore, like Raymark would dump in the POND, Even
    the EPA dumped in Raymark’s pond, according to Charlie Perez of
    RAC. Raymark closed in the early 1980s I believe.

    There is Tide water that goes under Raymark and under AVCO.

    Now IF it is true that Tide water goes into and under RAYMARK
    and AVCO, then Tide water must come out of same.

    Some of the solvents and liquid toxins must have been leeching
    into the Housatonic River and then into Long Island Sound in that
    time frame – A reason I will swim or wade in Long Beach, but NOT

    Perhaps a reason Eleaine O’Keefe …….
    Elaine did tell me there was NO DANGER to people fishing off the
    Bridge at the base of Housatonic Avenue (behind Ron Mazzey’s
    & near the Restaurant and Marina / Yacht Club) I can not believe
    FISH in that FERRY CREKK direct line from RAYMARK under FERRY
    BOULEVARD or BONDS DOCK is safe to eat, but….

    I also understand the level of toxins in parts per million or billion
    or whatever are supposedly safe to residents.

    My former across the street neighbor, whose home sold about
    2004 for over $ 1 million – Pattie Patrikos, was involved in the
    RAYMARK Project prior to it becoming a SUPERFUND, which her
    GROUP of most ly ladies were dismissed by EPA about need for
    it to be a superfund.
    Pattie told me the land on Housatonic Avenue nearest Ferry
    Creek had a BAN on eating LETTUCE from your garden due to
    Ground Water toxins.

    I moved here in 1978.

    I am on the corner of Housatonic & Homestead. There is an opening
    under I – 95 just before and then goes beyond Homestead, under
    which Ferry Creek flows. I have every reason to believe ground
    water migrates back and forth from the Housatonic River to/from
    Raymark, along Homestead. I KNOW it also does it from beyond
    GAVIN’S HOME and FAGAN’S / HARBORSIDE and it is WORSE down
    Housatonic, starting just one block away (Minor – where huge house
    was built and is for sale for $ 2.4 M and his neighbors hate the guy
    for the disregard for them) to the base of the street by the Yacht
    Club / Marina / Restaurant / Ron Mazzey’s home.

    I had 2 tall trees on Housatonic Avenue and 3 tall trees on Home
    Stead Avenue Planting strips.
    Hurricane Gloria, cause 1 tree to be taken down.
    Over a 25 year period the PUBLIC WORKS Dept took down the
    other 4 trees, incrementally, as DEAD branches would fall on the
    street or in the yard, due to wind.
    A couple smaller Trees in the back yard also had dying branches.
    > I do no use my very nice yard often.
    > I absolutely believe the TOWN / STATE / FEDS are letting TIME
    and NATURE do much of the REMEDIATION

    1) It will cost $ xx,000,000 to remediate to industrial level. Call it “B.”
    The largest part of that cost will be just digging up property to
    get at stuff.

    2) EVERY PROJECT has COST built into in for INFRASTRUCTURE.
    So call that “A.”
    “B” is the cost of “A” with some added cost.

    3) How much extra would it cost to remediate to Commercial level?
    I do not know. But call that “C.”
    “C” is obviously higher than “B,” which is higher than “A.”

    4) How much extra would it cost to remediate to Residential level?
    I do not know. But call that “D.”
    “D” is obviously higher than “C,” which is higher than “A + B.”

    If you were to put homes with land, you could not get the value you
    could get with Businesses and Stores along the base, Commercial
    Condos above it, and Luxury Condo’s above those due to CLUSTTER

    Because they have to remediate to a certain level for Commercial,
    going a little extra to get to this type of Mixed USED, must be LESS
    EXPENSIVE than homes with property where people would LIVE 24/7
    much closer the the GROUND and VOLITILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS –
    (AIR / GAS from underground)

    The AVCO property is about 80 acres.

    The Airport is about 250 acres. I forget how much is marsh (majority)
    and how much us useable (sizeable minority)

    Together they are 330 acres of prime water front / near water property
    that any Real Estate Developer / Law Firm (Berchem) / Appraiser (Harkins)
    specialized Insurance Company (Gavin) / Finance bean counter (Norm)
    would covet?

    Know the name of any local Real Estate Developers?

    Gosh, would there be a need to BUY OFF POLICE CHIEFS and CAPTs?
    to keep the from looking too closely at local issues?
    > O. T.
    > Plump assignments like Shelton Police Chief

    Would there be a need to have your own Health Dept Director, Town
    Attorneys, Police Chief, H. R. Director, Town Clerk, Finance people
    (Collyer in waiting)

    Would there be a need to BUY OFF Bridgeport with a cheap cost to
    obtain LBW of $ 10 M in exchange for cheap cost of UNPROFITABLE
    AIRPORT ($ 10 M)?

    By lowering property Values and LYING about TRUE COST, what does
    that do to the Attractiveness of Profit Margin to a TRUE PREFERRED

    Once the MOSES WHEELER BRIDGE is completed, with the EXTRA LANE
    and the RAMPS on # 33, and other parts of I – 95 are widened, like to
    FAIRFIELD and all through Bridgeport and the project up through Route
    8…. then the traffic of the AVCO PROPERTY which might OPEN about
    the time of the MOSES WHEELER & ROUTE 8 and STEEL (STEAL) POINT.

    Would the Real Estate Developer be likely to use the TEAM who has


    Above is what I believe is the END GAME nad motive for certain actions
    of certain people we hold near and dear

    By running the town into the ground … changes are needed/justified

    By running the state into the ground … changes are needed/justified

    By running the country into the ground … changes are needed

    Meanwhile certain companies still BILL and get business from the
    PARTY FAITHFUL who have $ 2,000 Health Care and are overpaid by
    50 %, and are over PENSIONED by 200 – 500 %


    And if some kid or people got cancer from Short Beach.

    The military calls it “ACCEPTABLE LOSSES.”

  22. 23 jezebel282


    Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Anyone surprised?

  23. 24 1george1

    The BIDDERS on AVCO were supposed to come up with multuple
    millions of Dollars, per agreements and delays.
    Supposedly it was about $ 12 – $ 14 million by a good source, but
    I have not seen documents – Paperwork.

    Money was not paid. Title was not transferred.
    Delay was supposedly requested, and supposedly denied.

    It was my understanding the Town had a BIDDER who wanted to
    inspect the site. Supposedly that was denied.

    AVCO may start all over.

    There appear to have been the same people involved in certain
    capacities since 1998 and prior, back to the shutdown in 1992.

    I have always maintained we had never seen the real BIDDER.

    As late as the mid 1980s AVCO had 6,000 workers as # 2 Tax Payer.
    As AVCO it peaked around 8,500 employees.
    In WW II as Chance Vought it has a peak of 11.500 – 12,000 employees
    24/7/365 building the Navy Corsair.

    The office building has 2 stories in much of it with a small 3rd story.
    To my knowledge it could have always been reopened and used.

    The rest of the property is highly contaminated where the Buildings
    need to be torn down and grounds remediated to various degrees.

    Some structure rise to 3 – 4 stories, however in the interior, most had
    only 1 floor being used.

    Depending on types of business and parking, this property could easily
    hold 15,000 permanent full time jobs, and pass Sikorsky as top Tax Payer.

    Sikorsky could also double the number of people working there either
    for Sikorsky or subdivided, despite appearing to use all of it’s present
    capacity. (At the max, it employeed 14,000 workers on site during Vietnam)

    Stratford and Bridgeport have always had the capacity for jobs and cut
    the commute to Stamford to virtually zero.

    However …. political decisions and lack of integrity and foresight by the
    powers that are who have their own agenda.

  24. 25 paradisegreen

    What? St. Harkins hasn’t fixed this by now?

  25. 26 phineast

    Parad.-even Saints need time to get the job done, and done correctly. The demon is gone-but he left a very wide path of destruction in his wake. At least we have dramatically reduced the the lawsuits being brought against the town because we have someone who not only thinks before he speaks but thinks before he acts. This is a very refreshing change to be sure!

  26. 27 jezebel282


    “At least we have dramatically reduced the the lawsuits being brought against the town”

    Not so fast there, Phin buddy. the lawsuits to come haven’t even been filed yet. And they are going to be whoppers. Inaction hardly ever results in less lawsuits.

  27. 28 1george1

    There are some things that can be controlled.
    Other things can not be controlled.

    I believe MOST of the ATTORNEY EXPENSES and COSTS were PRETEXT
    and caused by false JUSTIFICATIONS.

    The NEW POLICY allowing the Attorney’s office to settle claims, has had
    only $ 5,000 in settlements in 2 months. Sound great, right?

    What is settlements have been delayed and pushed out until maybe late
    in the year (DEC = Christmas) when no one pays attention?

    Have town attorneys taken vacation time? YES.
    Have plaintiff / claimant attorneys taken vacation time? Likely?

    No offense Phin.
    I vote with Jeze on this topic.

    Handing over Town Council Budget Rights and obligation to Attorneys’ whim?
    Short term, results appear good.

    Maybe they are saving up for Christian Miron and Justin LoSchiavo? 😦
    That would drive Jeze and O’Meara crazy … but “THIS IS STRATFORD!”

    McNeil, Soto, & Farmer are premature to filing, IF they get jobs back?
    Several others Jeze champions.
    Several others certain people are dreaming up?

  28. 29 phineast

    Jez and George- exactly how many lawsuits have been filed as a result of action by THIS administration???????? How many lawsuits have been filed or will be filed as a direct result of the PREVIOUS administration?????????
    Jez of course lawsuits to come haven’t been filed yet..be real…we aren’t in back to the future here… 🙂

    Justin Loschiavo has NO grounds for a lawsuit. NONE. Christian Miron’s grounds are extremely shaky because of how previous records had been handled. O’meara while I believe he has grounds, there has been no action-has there?…his grounds are against the former deputy chief and current chief and and former and out on stress hr-maybe. What happened to him was wrong and those that did it to him will receive their karmic payback. With regard to the recent investigation-I don’t know -personally I’d like to see criminal charges against those that conducted an investigation without proper documentation and authorization. Bye bye pension.

    McNeil/Soto- the courts have to clear them (BEFORE they can file anything) and then I’d be willing to bet this Mayor is man enough personally deliver their back pay and reinstatement papers. He has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he disagreed with the handling of this disciplinary action. Is that a lawsuit to come? Probably, if it is not handled properly AFTER the court case concludes-but not until then.
    People can dream up cases all they want like they dream up conspiracy theories, it doesn’t mean they are true or will happen. For now I am willing to keep a vigilant watch on the T.A. office costs and enjoy the fact that for the moment the taxpayers may have a reprieve from fee rape. So far, I have to give some kudos to Mr. Bishop-it appears that we may have a keeper. Only time will tell.

  29. 30 jezebel282


    I am not going divulge who intends to sue anyone until they file their complaints.

    “McNeil/Soto- the courts have to clear them”

    No, not really. If Harkins “disagreed with the handling of this disciplinary action” he could have changed their status to suspended with pay instead of letting them and their families suffer needlessly.

    Buturla/Miron’s decision to suspend them without pay was purely administrative, not by law.

    Personally, if I were either one of them mere reinstatement even with back pay would be my right. The embarrassment of an arrest at the instigation of Loschiavo & Burturla (especially for an officer) and the suffering imposed (14 months now) is not simply back pay. I would want some pay back too.

  30. 31 1george1

    So far, Phin is correct.

    Yet it is convenient to overlook:
    Town Attorney Bishop is Esq. Kelly’s partner
    Town Attorney Burturla threw over $ 500,000 business to Esq. Kelly
    Town Attorney Kelly threw well over $ 500,000 business to Esq. Burturla

    Esq. Kelly is running against Esq. Miron for Dan DiBicella seat.

    It will be fun to NOTE all the things NEITHER BRINGS UP in campaigns! 🙂

    As people, Tim Bishop is aces and Kelly also is personable.
    Burturla and Miron have people who say nice things about them.

    The big issue will be AVCO
    Then Shakespeare
    Then I – 95
    Then Raymark

    Everything is too soon.
    The Stock Market has to crash.
    The problem causers have to wipe off the carp from horses or color them white?

    When the time is right …
    The PO TEM KIN VILLAGE will be recreated for the VOTERS!

    While low Town Attorney fees are nice… the mil rate still went up 9.5 %

    We lost another foreclosed house in my area.
    It is happening all around town and the USA.
    In NJ, Towns and BoE are cutting MILLIONS $$$ from Budgets
    Around CT and elsewhere Towns and BoE are cutting MILLIONS $$$ from Budgets

    In Stratford … the mil rate still went up 9.5 %

  31. 32 phineast

    George, thank you-
    Jez- here is a scenario that( while I disagree with it )could actually happen..say Harkins puts “the boys” on paid administrative leave and reverses the moron’s disciplinary action even though it is being litigated in court. Now we the already over burdened taxpayers are paying for call back AND the admin. leave. With me so far? Let’s just say that by some bizarre fluke they are found guilty. While I don’t believe it will happen, it IS a possibility. The taxpayers are now out the admin. leave money all together, still have to pay the call back and still are open to lawsuits of pain and suffering….please. Believe me I feel for Joe and Orlando-Miron really f’d them over. He is a despicable barely human being. Kelly will have an easy win again Miron the moron–Kelly won’t have to say a word about Miron when he is running-the 90% of the voting population of Stratford will be shouting how much he sucked at being mayor from the roof tops and and their key boards. The good news is the boys can also go after the moron on a personal civil suit because he took it to a personal level-because it was about his brother and he made some very clear statements to the press about it.

  32. 33 1george1

    Your scenario is plausible.

    However, Jim Miron was MAYOR when he did or said anything,
    and it is unlikely he would be personally responsible and the
    Stratford Tax Payer is likely to be on the hook.
    Rich Burturla might be able to represent the town …. ?

    I doubt Jim Miron cares about winning abainst Kelly, to whom he
    paid over $ 500,000 in 4 years.
    If Jim Miron can raise $ 15,000, he can get $ 75,000 Public funding.
    This is all according to a scenario created by a LONG TERM INSIDER.

    Jim Miron has a legal right to hire Dick Miron as a consultant, for
    whatever is appropriate, like $ 40,000.

    Dick Miron could take that $ 40,00 from mostly PUBLIC MONEY and pay
    off the TOMBSTONE DEBTS.

    Hypothetically, those TOMBSTONES are very likely to set up for
    PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY that the MIRONS are working with a
    TESTA-like and RTC-like and State / Fed political / government people?

    Where is the best place for CRIMINALS to HIDE?
    Within the C.I.A., which is allowed to keep identities anonymous.

  33. 34 1george1

    Politics drives sane people crazy.

    This blog is a good place to vent.

  34. 35 pcsperling

    George, yes, politics drives same people crazy!

    I’ve got to admit – there’s been very little change, if any at all, in Stratford Town Hall. The people might be happier with a more personable mayor; however, very little things get responded to. I sent a few e-mails, which no doubt get intercepted (Sir) Adam Bauer and filtered for importance. If he doesn’t think it’s important, it probably doesn’t make it through. I was a very vocal supporter of John Harkins, but am saddened by the fact that he has allowed someone else to filter what the taxpayers (probably known as “minions” to Adam Bauer) think is important.

    I note the departure of Ben Branyan from the BOE. WOW, on the heels of the insurance controversy. From what I heard, the switch to ConnectiCare was headed by Ben Branyan and he knew full well that the first two years (2008 and 2009) were going to see no increase, and then there would be a jump in year three (2010). Employees under this plan were BLINDSIDED. When the BOE switched to this insurance, it was sold very differently – how wonderful, what a cost savings, etc. When, all along, Mr. Branyan knew that the employees would be f’d in year three!

    The more I hear, the angrier I get. Of course, they’ll continue to such the little guys dry, while padding their own paychecks, retirement accounts, etc. Never have I seen the little guys get anything extra for the hard work they provide to the Town. It’s not the people in power that make our Town look good – it’s the teachers, secretaries, custodians, policemen and women, firemen and women, garbage collectors, and all the “minions” that keep our Town up and running. All the administrators and people in power do is figure out how much more they can squeeze out of the taxpayers and employees they consider beneath them. They’ve got to keep their raises and merit bonuses lining their bank accounts and wallets!

    Has there been a forensic audit of Town Hall and the BOE yet? It better happen. Money gets spent like water, but very little changes to the benefit of the taxpayer. We’re make less, paying more for everything we need to survive, and then sucked dry some more by greedy, lying politicians! WTF!

    Forget Democrats and Republicans ~ each party is f’d up beyond belief! There’s no morals or values, only scratching the backs of those who help them get where they need to be. I laughed when I saw the birthday party footage from that NY Senator at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. OMG, I should be so lucky to have my 50th be celebrated in such style. Assuming there is anything left over after I’m sucked dry, I’ll be lucky if I get a slice of pizza and a cupcake!

    I guess I am lucky though – what I don’t have in my bank, I have in my heart! Screw the rest. I’d rather be poor and loved! Seeing what always swarms around people in power – bottom feeders looking for handouts for their support.

  35. 36 jezebel282

    PCS is BACK!


  36. 37 sudds

    PCS is BACK!

    Look-out Mrs. Sudds!!!

    Ummm… errr… ahhh… I mean… YAY!

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