Politics on Stage


Hearings set on Stratford budget
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 05/03/2009 11:35:30 PM EDT

STRATFORD — Town residents will have the chance during a two-part public hearing this week to tell the Town Council what they think of Mayor James R. Miron’s recommended $177.5 million budget for fiscal year 2009-10, which proposes no tax increase.

The public hearing is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Bunnell High School and at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Stratford High School.

This is a rare chance for Stratford taxpayers to go out and see a show for free (OK, not free. But we paid for it already.) We will have heroes, villains, townsfolk and, of course, a slew of stagehands in the back manipulating the scene.

It will be a complex mystery that the audience will have to solve. Who are the villains? According to Mayor Moron, it’s the nasty lazy union workers who won’t listen to reason. According to everyone else it is Mayor Moron who has squandered our tax money hither and yon (or was that Heather and Ashley?). There will be suspense as well. Will anyone ask Moron why he gave raises to those department heads that wrote a check to his campaign? Will anyone question why our legal bills have skyrocketed? Will anyone wonder why he promised a zero tax increase without have any agreements in his hand?

After 3 years of raiding raising our taxes by 25+% the plot is going to be very interesting.

It will be much more interesting if any contenders (Best/Costello/Harkins) show up as well and have anything at all to contribute. We know Gavin will be there. As will Miron’s two new campaign workers. We hope the unions will be there as well. Somebody has to boo….


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  1. 1 sudds

    Why bother???

    Our spineless Council has historically just grabbed their ankles whenever Miron tries to… we’ll just say… railroad an item through on taxpayers!!!

    What could possibly make you think that anything that anyone says/does is going to change that now???

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Why bother???”

    Well…a few reasons.

    First, you have already paid for your ticket.

    Second, it will be fun to see. It’s not often you get to meet a thief live and in person.

    Third, you never know. Maybe some testosterone might seep up from the audience and infect 7 councilmen. Sperling has plenty to spare.

    Fourth, instead of booing Miron with your keyboard, you can do it live and in 3D.

    And Fifth, it is YOUR money. The least you can do is bitch about it for real.

  3. 3 sudds

    “First, you have already paid for your ticket.”

    I try not to think about it!

    “Second, it will be fun to see. It’s not often you get to meet a thief live and in person.”

    I was right next to the Mayor on Saturday morning… I never realized how short he is.

    “Third, you never know. Maybe some testosterone might seep up from the audience and infect 7 councilmen. Sperling has plenty to spare.”

    And maybe not… guess which way I would bet on?

    “Fourth, instead of booing Miron with your keyboard, you can do it live and in 3D.”

    I’m starting to think that he actually thrives on it… why else would he make such stupid decisions?

    “And Fifth, it is YOUR money. The least you can do is bitch about it for real.”

    Correction… it WAS my money! Why spike my blood pressure when NOTHING is going to change anyway?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “I never realized how short he is.”

    Maybe he was lying down? He’s put on a lot of pork lately…in lots of ways.

    “Correction… it WAS my money!”

    No, no, my friend. That money has been already spent. This is money you haven’t earned yet.

  5. 5 sudds

    I think long-term… that money is already spent Babe!!!

  6. 6 jezebel282



    Did you hear the rumor that taxes will go up in the 3rd district only?

  7. 7 sudds

    I doubt it… Mr. Forrester seems to be one of the only COuncil members with a decent set of cajones!!!

    Note: I mean this completely in the figurative sense ONLY. For the record I have NEVER been within two feet of Mr. Forrester’s cajones!!!

  8. 8 jezebel282


    I also heard that you would be escorted to your seat by Showgirls and given free beer if you are one of the first 300 people.

  9. 9 sudds


    Can individuals attend BOTH sessions???

  10. 10 jezebel282


  11. 11 1george1

    Individuals can attend both sessions of the BUDGET HEARINGS.
    However they limit Public Forum Speakers to one speaking turn
    – in toto.

    Last week’s Budget Workshop, Julian finally asked some pressing
    questions to Esq. Burturla.
    – There are 235 OPEN CASES.
    – There are about 100 CLOSED CASES
    – CLOSED CASES are sent to TOWN HALL.
    – Julian wanted TOP 5 – TOP 20 CASES money was spent.
    – Julian should have asked about histoic Spending on cases.
    expedited situations were costs which should not exist in 2010.
    > Esq. BURUTRLA stated if AVCO is successful (means he knows it
    shall finally take place) then it should increase cost in 2010.
    > Esq. BURUTRLA stated there were 14 Shakespeare – Knott/Hanney
    negotiations sessions so far. More to come.
    Funny he never mentioned his 9 monthnegotiations with KKP which
    only wanted 90 day window to raise $ 1 million.
    They FAILED. Found an Angel 2 months later. Shakespeare started all over.

    Gavin added some pointy stuff.
    WHY has Town Attorney BUDGET been BELOW or even NEAR $ 450,000
    the Town Council allocated for the last 6 years, reached $ 1.3 m?
    > Esq. BURTURLA stated $ 540,000 spent in his office since June,
    $ 156,000 of that is for Avallone Bay (K Kelly) – (as of last night $ 165 k.)
    > C.A.O. McCauley has billing from Esq. Burturla – closest thing to their
    oversight – > He BILLS – > finance office pays.
    > Esq. BURTURLA stated he would provide Council Clerk Cabrol with the
    list of 235 OPEN CASES.

    Tom Moore had his own questions, but at my request asked about:
    2 – OPEN CASES

    * Esq. BURTURLA stated he has worked as Town Attorney since 1996
    (without interruption as assistant or lead, despite Republican Control
    of Stratford Town Council. Anyone else see smoke from the gun?)

    * He has always done his work on computers at Berchem Moses.

    * 1996 – he did not think Town even owned a computer.


    Hmmmmm? That raises questions, which should be asked:

    What if Rosemary Woods worked for BERCHEM?

    What if Berchem computers crashed or had a VIRUS?

    What if there was documentary proof within records of double billing
    or of over billing?

    OFFICE in TOWN HALL – since all of the Town Attorney bills are promptly
    paid, and shouldn’t the Tax Payers have access or at least SAFELY BACKED
    UP RECORDS which might be apporpriately and legally accessed, INCLUDING
    for TOWN AUDIT?

    Should there be OTHER AUDITS, like for the PENSIONS?

    Sorry I do not have many 1 word posts.

    However, I believe the TOWN ATTORNEY RECORDS already PAID by YOU, the
    TAX PAYER is an appropriate BUDGET ISSUE.

    I believe entirely relevant in this blog or in another group?
    Jeze – Please do not erase.
    OK if you choose to move it.
    Thank you!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    School supporters slam Miron’s cuts
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 05/05/2009 10:50:13 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Education supporters blasted Mayor James R. Miron’s $177.5 million budget proposal that would reduce the school board’s $89.6 million request by $1.3 million during a public hearing Tuesday night at Bunnell High School….

    …Miron was critical of Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, chairman of the Ordinance Committee for not allowing him to make a budget presentation at the start of the hearing. That forced the mayor to do so outside the auditorium.

    “I believe people have a right to see details of the budget proposal,” Miron said. Forrester countered that “the mayor has taken his budget road show just about everywhere in town. He has certainly gotten his message out, and we don’t need any more political posturing by the mayor during an election year.”

    Thank you, Mr. Forrester!

    Schedule of campaign/budget speech

    April 20 02:00PM Robert Kennedy Apts.
    April 21 02:00PM Elm Terrace Gardens
    April 21 06:00PM Stonybrook Co-op *
    April 22 02:00PM Shiloh Gardens
    April 23 06:00PM Town Hall (Chambers)
    April 24 12:30PM Lucas Gardens
    April 26 10:45AM Knights of Columbus
    April 26 01:00PM Stratford Library
    April 27 06:00PM Oronoque Village *
    April 28 06:00PM Birdseye Complex
    April 30 10:00AM Baldwin Center
    April 30 05:30PM Stratford Library
    May 1 02:00PM Ray Baldwin Apts.
    May 6 10:00AM Baldwin Center

    Apparently Miron thinks his campaign/budget speech gets better with repetition. Maybe he should schmear it all over the Town website. Oh wait, he did. Or use our tax money to produce a mailing. Oh wait, he did that too.

    Maybe he just wanted to know how Dr. Cornish felt when 500 or so people applauded her….like THAT would ever happen to Mayor Moron.

    There will probably be more people at Stratford High tonight. Maybe Mayor Moron can sell T-shirts outside.

  13. I’m definitely planning on going to tonight’s public forum and who knows, I might even have to get up there and raise some hell! No promises though!

  14. 14 jezebel282

    Uh oh….

    Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy.

  15. 15 sudds

    “I might even have to get up there and raise some hell!”

    “Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy.”

    I beg to differ!!! Grrrrrrr-rowl!!! 😉

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Keep working on it, Sudds.

  17. What time do I have to be there to put my name in???? I just penned my “speech.”

  18. 18 jezebel282

    It starts at 6:30.

    I’m guessing 6?

  19. 19 sudds

    I suddenly find myself 150,000% in favor of George’s proposal to stream video of these meetings over the internet!!! 😯

  20. Well, Sudds, if you’re interested in meeting me…LOL, you know where I’ll be tonight!

  21. 21 nnanerak

    So how did y’all enjoy the budget hearings? It is very unfortunate that the Mayor’s travelling budget meetings weren’t enough to convey his message….it is actually laughable that anyone would think its ok to use guantanemo tactics to get concessions. My bet is that the remaining unions are not going to make concessions-and in this instance I agree with them. A couple of those unions have repeatedly done give backs over the years. A deal is a deal as long as it is legal. Those raises the mayor doled out were definately not legal.

  22. nnanerak ~

    I heard the police union did a give back and promises were made to them that were not kept. It’s doubtful that they’re going to make the same mistake twice!

    Lots of support for the BOE budget tonight. While Diane Buda doesn’t want to believe that the insurance was a concession last year and did save money, it’s costing the BOE less than the previous medical insurance so….that’s a savings! The HSA is a health savings account and I can tell you from what we are experiencing in our household – I get bills from doctors for what the insurance won’t pay that must be paid out of those funds and I’ve heard that for many, the money went rather quickly! It’s also alot more pratical than one of those use it or lose it plans!

    OMG ~ I thought I was going to go deaf when Jim Mihaly spoke – he was SCREAMING! My poor eardrums!

    In any event ~ I certainly hope that the Town Council does the right thing for the BOE. There’s cuts that can be made on the town side and I stand behind what I said – Miron’s office is top heavy. I doubt very much that there’s an absolute need for two mayoral aides, an administrative assistant, the CAO and another administrative assistants. I think hours should be cut or a furlough for town hall administrative staff – two days a month maybe – which could be done in half day increments so it hurts less! There are other ways to save money.

    Jim Miron is like a robin hood with one exception, he robs from the poor and gives to his friends and family!

  23. 23 nnanerak

    Some of the unions have learned their lesson. When they gave previous concessions it was an act of good faith by the union members and you are absolutely correct-they got shafted by the town. So in all honesty they do NOT TRUST ANYTHING that comes out of Miron’s office or Winterbottom’s office. The administration has violated and disregarded more court orders than anyone can count and that result is in higher legal fees…I personally believe that if they fail to comply that council should NOT authorize any payments for legal fees, as they are acting outside of the scope of their duties. When they have to pay personally watch how quick their tune will change.
    There is only one administrative assistant that is needed between the mayor and CAO-Kaci is the only one who has ever followed through on anything between the two offices. I wouldn’t mind paying her a tad more in order to get rid of the other 3 salaries and bene’s-the same amount of work will get done, and we won’t be paying for any re-election positions out of tax dollars under the guise of “aide” status.
    Does Mihaley scream like that so he can hear himself?
    You likened the mayor to Robin Hood in reverse—here is your corrected spelling of the title/name=” Robbing” the “Hood”(seems to be more accurate don’t you think?).

  24. 24 jezebel282

    Sperling was AWESOME!

    And the girl who criticized Mayor Moron for disrespecting a Knights of Columbus ceremony to honor achievement and using it to promote his budget was excellent.

    What Diane Buda/Eleanor Burke were babbling about I found extremely difficult to follow. Something about there not being 7,600 students in the district? Every single student is tracked/documented/identified every day. Maybe it has been a while since they were in class and have forgotten? As for the HSA/Medical Insurance…the taxpayers didn’t spend an extra $1.5 Million. You can call it a giveback/savings/reduction/efficiency or whatever you like. Without the cooperation between the BOE and the Unions it wouldn’t have happened. That (no matter what you call it) is a good thing. What Buda/Burke did not mention is that the BOE Unions, working with the BOE Administration, agreed not to renegotiate their contract last year and voluntarily extended it until 2010.

    The Council should also pass an ordinance prohibiting Jim Mihaly from speaking indoors.

    What was extremely disappointing was the absence of Best/Costello/Harkins (again). Maybe none of them care what our property taxes are? Also notably absent were any representatives of the PD, public works or FD.

  25. Thanks Jeze ~ if you didn’t notice, I had a defiberlator placed right next to me after I saw that Miron was sitting directly in front of the podium….. ;>D I was having palpitations from the minute I wrote my name down! It was my first public speaking “performance.” Of course, what I had written was too long (or my nervousness made me speak slower), but in any event, I think I made my point!

    Miron’s aide, Eric Castatler was handing out his budget presentation and they had it running again in the foyer of the high school. What you DID miss was Linda Palermo’s rant on how wonderful Miron is and how wonderful his aides are and how they’ve always gotten the answers for her and basically bashing what Eleanor Burke. I found it appalling! What I got from Eleanor Burke’s “speech” was that Miron has frequently unavailable for his open door sessions and leaves the work to his “aides.” I’m sorry, but I really hope they’re not collecting overtime for that? It’s HIS open door session and HE should be there. The taxpayers should not be paying for the extra hours because he doesn’t care to be present and, if he has another meeting, it shouldn’t have been schedule for that time, or the open door session should be rescheduled.

  26. 26 jezebel282

    You did great!

    I actually left about 1/2 through Mihaly’s sermon. I could still hear him across Parade St. I think he should at least switch to decaf.

    I guess that was a great time to leave if I missed Palermo. Was that a banana in her ear?

    Miron’s “open door” is what it has always been….a PR device.

  27. 27 sudds

    “Well, Sudds, if you’re interested in meeting me…”

    “Sperling was AWESOME!”

    THIS ROTS!!! This is the last time I am blowing out of work early to go golfing!!!

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “THIS ROTS!!! This is the last time I am blowing out of work early to go golfing!!!”

    You mean you missed the part where Sperling took off her blouse and showed the Council “Honor Our Contract!” tattooed across her chest?

    Too bad.

  29. Sudds ~ Since you missed it:

    Lead by example! It’s what our parents taught us, and it’s what we teach our children, but it’s what Jim Miron has not done yet in his term as Stratford’s first mayor. It’s truly been his way or the highway since he was sworn in and we’ve all heard the mantra – he’s the mayor and can do whatever he wants! It truly does not matter that the “merit” raises he gave were in this fiscal year. What does matter is that they were given in a time when we were already in economic turmoil and about eight weeks later, he demanded that all Town and BOE union employees concede to a wage freeze! At the time he foolishly gave those merit raises, the economic landslide had already begun and if he were acting in the taxpayers’ best interests, he would’ve done the most fiscally responsible thing – bypass those raises in order to have a surplus cushion the blow of the increase in the upcoming budget. Now, the most fiscally responsible thing he could do is to rescind those raises – even if it means cutting the salaries of his two new mayoral aides, since they were probably hired at the new, increased salary!

    There are other ways to save money. For instance:

    • Take back town-provided vehicles for those unless absolutely necessary!?
    • Is it really necessary for Jim Miron to have an administrative assistant, two mayoral aides, a CAO and the CAO’s administrative assistant? Our Town was run by a Town Manager who had only one administrative assistant for so many years before him and perhaps the mayor and CAO can share one admin and maybe one of the mayoral aide positions can be eliminated! There would be a cost savings of maybe $125,000 (salary and bennies) when all is said and done.
    • Why is Kent Miller, a former mayoral aide, still on the Town’s payroll as a consultant AND part-time railroad manager?
    • If there is a 40-hour work week for Town employees, cut it to 37.5 or even 35 – which doesn’t have to be a permanent thing (although some may like the extra family time) and can be re-visited once the economy begins stabilizing and growing.

    There are other simple ways to trim the budget and cut some of the fat. No one wants to get laid off and many already have! Jim Miron needs to stop targeting the employees with whom the Town and BOE negotiated and entered into contracts or who have gone without raises because the Town has not negotiated in good faith for their expired contract. My husband is a BOE union employee – a custodian. He’s not raking in the dough, I can tell you that without a doubt! But for once or twice, his raise has never been cost of living and he’s been a BOE employee for 25 years! To praise employees with merit raises of between 6% and 10%, as has been publicized, for their good work, is a slap in the face to these hard-working union employees! These unions negotiated their contracts in good faith, and they must be honored. Concessions WERE made by the BOE unions, including my husband’s, last year when they agreed – during a non-contract year – to change medical insurances and accept a HDHP plan with a HSA. There WAS a savings in last year’s BOE budget, despite some arguments that there was none. Susan Lance made an outstanding point last night – during financial booms, they reaped no rewards, no “just because” raises thrown their way! They agreed to be bound by their contracts! The Town needs to understand and honor those contracts.

    There has been so much wasteful spending over the last 3.5 years and it hasn’t stopped and I hear from many of my fellow residents and taxpayers that they are just sick of the current mayoral administration and can’t wait for it to end. His budget road show is targeting the income-limited – the seniors of our Town – and he’s really hit below the belt with that game.

    President Obama had said over and over during his campaign that our children are our future and that we must invest in our nations education systems, from preschool through career to ensure that our children are given the best that they can be. The education portion of the “issues” section of the White House webpage states has a paragraph which reads: “providing a high-quality education for all children is critical to America’s economic future. Our nation’s economic competitiveness and the path to the American Dream depend on providing every child with an education that will enable them to succeed in a global economy that is predicated on knowledge and innovation.” We should all be committed to ensuring that every child has “access to a complete and competitive education, from cradle through career.” Cutting the education budget, laying off teachers and other Town and BOE union employees, closing schools, isn’t the way that’s done. Thank you!

  30. Jeze ~

    I did have every intention of mentioning the legal fees paid to BMD as well, but I felt my time getting short and decided it wasn’t the right time to pick that battle. Having come out of the box and literally let my voice be heard, I know there will be another time to do that!

  31. 31 1george1

    Thanks Sudds for the props about streaming video.

    Several ideas implemented over the years by Ben & Irene came from
    me and my friend (that jerk) Mihaley.
    A few ideas pushed by Miron, Amy, and Alvin this year also came from me.
    (Grants < Council failed + Unfunded Mandates – ECS How do we get the PRIVATE SECTOR back to PUBLIC SECTOR?

    I had been less than pleased with Diane Buda going after Ben and Irene.
    However, when Dick Brown made his points – it kinda changed things.

    Diane was on target about the semantics used about “the give backs”
    and the Teachers Union.

    When a teacher like Broadbin spoke – one remembers why teaching is
    a noble professional and can inspire greatness.
    In past years, several teachers could speak eloquently on point and
    address issues of ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST.
    The Wooster Principal is about the only other one who almost suceeded.

    Most speakers from Board of Ed / Teachers failed to grasp inequities
    and realities attempted to be portrayed by eleanor, hank, diane, mihaley,
    the man who spoke after Broadnin, the woman Library volunteer + others.

  32. 32 1george1

    A whole bunch was eliminated from my post.
    I went back to the top of the post.
    It cut out the whole middle section.

  33. 33 1george1

    private sector including benefits and pensions are over paid
    especially when compared to MLK day where they were
    badly under paid.

    I refer mostly to rank personnel.

  34. 34 jezebel282


    “A whole bunch was eliminated from my post.”

    It wasn’t me!

    I think the most accurate point was made by Sperling. It is my guess (and it is only a guess) that the BOE unions, PD, FD and Public Works do not have a serious problem with a wage freeze. (Unless you are at the low end of the pay scale and really need the extra $20/week)

    The problem is a failure of leadership. The people of Stratford narrowly voted for a change from a professional government to a political one. They were sold the idea of a “strong mayor”. That is different from a mayor who only uses strong arm tactics. The “leadership” in Stratford has failed. Not once, not twice, but in every conceivable way and at every opportunity. These pages are filled with examples.

    Had this mayor managed in an effective way for the last 3 1/2 years there would be a possibility of a meaningful negotiation. As it is, there is no possibility. The relationship between this mayor and the people who work for the town of Stratford is so poor most employees can’t utter his name without revulsion.

    The other citizens will express their revulsion in November.

  35. 35 sudds

    Yadda… yadda… yadda…

    “You mean you missed the part where Sperling took off her blouse”

    So… someone PLEASE tell me that they have a picture of this!!! 😯

  36. 36 jezebel282


    “So… someone PLEASE tell me that they have a picture of this!!! :shock:”

    Sorry. Your Councilman, Gavin Forrester, made everyone turn off their cellphones at the start.

    I guess you just missed it.

  37. 37 sudds

    That rat-bas^#*!!!

    Well I guess it’s a good thing that he’s a lame-duck then, huh? 😛

  38. 38 nnanerak

    PCS- congrats on stepping up! GRRRRRRRRRRRRReat JOB!
    One of things that I continue to find interesting is that merit raises were given out to people who did NOT desreve them. Why would you give Ms. Mc Cauley a merit raise when she is now going to cost the town millions in a legal settlement for CAPTAIN McNeil? Why would you give a merit raise out to Chief Buturla who also is going to cost the town millions in lawsuits not to mention having the distinction of being the ONLY police chief in the town’s ENTIRE history to have a vote of no confidence. Show me the merit-that was the rationale used for doling out the cash other than campaign contributions….
    The individuals that truly EARNED the merit raises don’t get anything–and yes there are a few that earned what should be a merit raise.
    PCS, you and I should sit down and make a financial list of the wasteful spending in the last 3 + years and give it to the papers—it would have completely paid for the heating system at Stratford High, and the cost overruns at the treatment plant for starters-and I’ll bet it would pay for half the renovations at the Theater.
    Jez- post # 34 is excellent and totally on target.
    I am looking forward to seeing how the council handles all the charter violations by the mayor (and his subordinates)-raises=violation, no matter where the money came from. Pirhala farm lease=violation.
    Without laws there is anarchy-and currently we see a blatant disregard for the laws and rules of the town-and we have anarchy and pseudoleadership in town hall that behaves more like what you would see in Germany in the 1940’s.

  39. nnanerak ~ Certainly, I’m not hard to find!

  40. Oh, and Sudds ~ Jeze is just trying to get your dander up….. Fully clothed at all times! Jeze, stop being naughty!

  41. 41 sudds

    I figured as much.

    But to quote MLK… “I HAVE A DREAM”!!! 😀

  42. 42 jezebel282


    Taxpayers 8, Miron 2

    Council approves Stratford budget and lowers taxes
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 05/07/2009 11:07:44 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Democratic Mayor James R. Miron had been touting his $177.5 million no-tax-increase budget proposal for months, and challenged the Republican-controlled Town Council to “give taxpayers a break” and approve the spending plan.

    On Thursday the council took things a step further.

    In an 8-2 vote, the council approved a $176.8 million fiscal budget for 2009-10, with the spending plan reducing the tax rate from the current year’s 30.51 mills to 30.36 mills, while at the same time restoring $500,000 of the mayor’s $1.1 million budget education reduction…

    …Council members Emma Brooks, D-4, and Amy Wannamaker, D-6, voted against the budget package.”

    Of course they did. Alvin ONeal can’t run again. They are Miron’s last two sock puppets on the Council.

    “It’s not perfect, but we are very grateful to the council for restoring enough funding so we can avoid devastating the school system,” said Supt. of Schools Irene Cornish. “I think now that the council has restored a portion of our funding, the unions might be more amenable to making concessions.”

    Note to Irene: I don’t think the BOE unions will be amenable to many concessions as long as the administration doesn’t agree to a few of their own….like your raises/vacations/benefits.

  43. “Note to Irene: I don’t think the BOE unions will be amenable to many concessions as long as the administration doesn’t agree to a few of their own….like your raises/vacations/benefits.”

    Jeze ~

    I have to agree. The non-union administrators need to make some concessions as well. It would be great if they would agree to forgo their raises, or a portion of them, at least. I like Ben Branyan, I think he’s an asset to the BOE, I like Irene too, but many are outraged by the salaries they, and many of the top school administrators make. I think they need to prove to the people that it is also about the children and not just their bank accounts.

    I think, in the Town side, they should start looking at the health plan that the BOE employees were guinea pigs for last year. It seems to be working. Cost there be a cost savings for them as well in the way of a lower premium?

    The vote was what 6-2, right? Does this mean no veto authority from the mayor?

  44. 44 jezebel282


    The vote was 8-2. Brooks and Wanamaker dissenting.

    Mayor Moron can veto all he wants. He probably will. His ego can’t stand it. The Council pretty much, how shall we say, bitch slapped him around. His “assistant’ got cut, his friends raises got taken away, they restored his cuts to the BOE…I can’t wait to see the approved budget when it is posted to find out what else they cut.

    It should be easy enough for either a democrat or republican to challenge Wanamaker and Brooks in November. Neither one has challenged Mayor Moron during their term.

    As for Irene, let’s hope she doesn’t pull a “miron” and balance her budget on the backs of the unions.

  45. Jeze ~ yes, before I left this morning I read the Post article and was actually dancing in my kitchen! Not that me speaking had anything to do with it, but I felt like my voice WAS heard, along with all of the others screaming loud and clear!

    As for the assistants – enie, meanie, minie, mo….which one will be picked to go????

    I hope the Town Council looks into the “consultant” situation as well. I needn’t be in conjunction with the budget work, but it certainly should be done!

  46. 46 1george1

    I agree with the limited amount of information about what I have seen
    about the Budget vote – SO FAR.

    I am looking to find out about TAX RELIEF for SENIOR CITIZENS and for
    I have specificideas on how to PAY for BOTH and LOWER the MIL RATE.

    I was pleased Weizel mentioned AMY’S positions and warnings about the
    real problems on the Horizon. Unfortunately limited coverage and bias of
    the bloggers cloud what some of the BIGGER ISSUES are in town!

    1) AMY was presenting the VERY ISSUES I have been trying to get the Public
    to be more aware. I have sought PENSION and TOWN ATTORNEY EXPENSES
    information to better clarify what she portrayed and tried to portray.
    > Gavin told Weizel that AMY votes against BUDGETS, but does NOT OFFER
    SPECIFIC ALTERNATIVES. He is correct. As far as it goes. (Please read on.)

    > Walt Rimkunis asked me last night after the 20 minute BUDGET VOTES,
    how is it that they could have BUDGET PUBLIC HEARING Tuesday and
    Wednesday, and then VOTE in 20 minutes the NEXT NIGHT.
    > WALTER said he thought MINDS were made up in advance.
    > If that is true, why would AMY have alternatives?
    > ALSO, When would AMY have had time to prepare and present
    alternatives, when the facts of Friendly Amendment and Budget Vote
    may or may not have been available to her in advance or for how long
    would she OR OTHERS, have to review proposed changes.

    to the $ 9.2 Million or close to $ 17 MILLION to 640 people, as a MINIMUM
    until 2017.

    2) EMMA was a MIRON puppet. NOW she is thoroughly disillusioned with
    both MIRON and both Parties, to the degree she is physically ILL.

    While AMY & EMMA have gone along with MIRON and AMY + ALVIN seek
    information on Board of Ed that Miron wants – they have shown SOME
    streaks of INDEPENDENCE that is nore toward an FDR Democrat than any
    Town Councilor showing being a LINCOLN Republican

    I like most of the Town Councilors as people.
    Don’t hate any of them as people or as politicians.
    However too many Republican and Democratic decisions are party favors.

    When Miron became Mayor – I believe there were 425 Town employees.
    When Miron spoke at State of the Town – Mayor Miron spoke of 550 Town

    I believe the Public Works gets a Retro Active 3 % Pay Raise.
    However, what they fail to mention are STEP INCREASES, which could be
    3 % to 7 %?
    Who amongs the blog readers would object to 3 % Pay Raise + Step
    increase + Health Insurnace with 13 % Premium, HIGH COVERAGE,
    limited copay, good perscription drug, with 35 or 37 1/2 hour work
    Garbage collection can often be under 30 hours/week=full pay.

    Long way since MLK jr marched to get wages for Birmingham garbage
    men (sanitation engineers) to be paid above poverty level.

    I believe in GOOD PAY + BENEFITS.
    $ 60,000 year to JAIL – $ 12,000 year to TEACH a child. I am proEducation,
    besides the Humanity it is good economic in cost savings / avoidance /
    income tax / property tax benefit / contribution to society.

    In 9/11 Police – Fire – EMS – Military RAN – NOT WALKED – RAN TOWARDS
    I much rather have PROFESSIONAL POLICE + FIRE + EMS + MILITARY with
    good pay / benefits / pensions- than ALL VOLUNTEERS.

    However radical cuts are needed in COSTS of PENSIONS and HEALTHCARE.
    Watch where the NY PENSION SCANDAL winds around….
    It is a http://www.pensiontsunami.com waiting to happen.

    If the Stock Market had gone straight up and town residents and busnesses
    did not have to pay to any pensions like Fairfield – it is a non issue.

    That is not the case.

    Cutting Miron staff excess is like peeing on a brush in a forester fire.

  47. 47 sudds

    A majority of marital stress is due to financial matters…

    PCS’s husband works for the BOE…

    Ergo, I favor massive salary slashing at the BOE!!! 😛

  48. 48 sudds

    “It should be easy enough for either a democrat or republican to challenge Wanamaker and Brooks in November.”

    Unless said candidate is Booth and his old campaign fundraiser!!!

  49. Sudds ~ you’re a bad boy!

  50. 50 sudds

    OK… mark this date and time in your calendar kids…

    I’d like to give proper credit (or “props” as the youngins’ say these days) to our Town Council!!!

    THIS is awesome…

    “The payroll allocation for every municipal department was cut by an amount equal to the raise its manager recently received.” 😆

  51. 51 1george1

    I favor decent wages for the lower paid and lower pay for the higher paid.
    That is how unions pre-empted divide and conquor.

    Having Captains / Lieutenants / Sageants in a union with patrol officers and
    detectives or with firefighted is like an oxymoron in real unionism.
    In Stratford, it is just another excuse for abuse.

    Now one posted anything about.
    MIRON claimed to hav 550 Town Employees and
    I posted there were 425 Town Employees in 2005

    To whom do these added 125 Town Employees owe fealty?
    Could that be his honor?

    425 to 125 – is a RATIO of about 3 1/2 former Employ to 1 new Employ.
    However some of the former retired or left.

    Maybe there are 360 hold overs and 180 new Town Employees,
    with GREAT BENEFITS and a STARTING PAY at, near, or above the
    AVERAGE / MEAN Individual income in Stratford.

    And I thought the 500 acres of RAYMARK GROUND WATER was polluted?

    EEOC LAWSUITS coming?

    Miron’s female assistants move on.
    Miron hired to male assistants.
    1 black – 1 white

    With his record (pattern) with white female managers …
    But then he worked on the pattern ….

    Will all of the Law suit settlements be victories over the
    enemies to cover payola to friends?

    Kinda like MURDERIN peoples FAMILIES and SUPPORT to hurt
    people who actually believe the system is supposed to work!

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “Unless said candidate is Booth and his old campaign fundraiser!!!”

    I think even Booth could win this time. All he has to do is not say that he has an MBA and that he won’t ask irrelevant questions at council meetings.

    Of course, his lame campaign fundraiser would have to go.

  53. 53 sudds

    “I think even Booth could win this time. All he has to do is not say that he has an MBA…”

    But just like Amy’s claim to reside in Stratford… this too would be a lie!!!

    “Of course, his lame campaign fundraiser would have to go.”

    I can’t argue with good advice! ALTHOUGH… I did raise over $3k via a fundraiser at the Short Beach Par 3 and the Frog Pond!!!

  54. 54 sudds


    “Now one posted anything about.
    MIRON claimed to hav 550 Town Employees and
    I posted there were 425 Town Employees in 2005”

    We have GOT to work on your short-term memory (and a decent pair of Dockers) before election season!!!

    You wrote THIS (“Prior to the Mayor election I believe there were 425 – 450 full time and under 100 part timers.”) a week ago…

    450 (full timers) + 100 (part timers) = 550 employees!!!

  55. 55 jezebel282


    “I did raise over $3k via a fundraiser at the Short Beach Par 3 and the Frog Pond!!!”

    You can’t run a successful campaign on what you lose at golf.

  56. 56 1george1

    – I did raise over $3k via a fundraiser at the
    Short Beach Par 3 and the Frog Pond!!!

    Did you have the powder concession in the

    The 550 / 425 repost was intentional – not bad memory…
    I think?

    While others blast Amy, her quote about the PENSIONS
    and the Council pretneding everyting is OK was totally
    devastating to Henrick – Kubic – Norm – Burturlas – Mirons.

    MIHALEY was printed on the PENSION ISSUES.

    The TIRE around my neck reinforces Tom Moore’s FAC
    blasting the Pension Computations.

    Bob Sammis resignation reinforced my Tire issue.

    Amy being published in the CT. POST so CLOSE to my
    running for 47 Stratford Offices, is 3rd party endorse-
    ment of the theme of my letter to the editor.

    The NY PENSION SCANDAL leads everywhere.
    Something HUGE could come out of it and shake up the
    core of belief, pulling the plug on the stock market.
    From a technical position, the pros have to see a TEST
    of the DOW LOW, before they commit.

    My fear, besides the LOW hitting hard fast and BIG,
    is that it will break the prior low.

    I suspect Nnan or Sudds can explain what that means.

    Another week and most of the Tax returns should be cashed
    and much of that money went into buying regret missing the
    run up.

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