George Mulligan for Mayor or Whatever?


This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has demonstrated over the years a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens of Stratford. As far as we can tell, he does not lie, he does not seek benefit for himself, he does not make unethical deals and he pretty much says what he means. (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)

We have not seen this in any other candidate to date.

So here you go, George. A whole new page just for you.

Go George!

Mulligan running for offices
Written by John Kovach
Wednesday, May 06, 2009

George Mulligan, known for often speaking at public meetings and frequent letters to newspapers, is seeking political office. Offices, actually.

Mulligan resigned Monday from his position as an alternate member of the Financial Advisory Committee, and Tuesday night, during an Ordinance Committee budget hearing, challenged current leaders.

“I will be running for mayor, and look forward to getting into a debate with you, Mr. Mayor,” Mulligan said to incumbent James R. Miron. “I will also run for Town Council, Board of Education and town Planning & Zoning.


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  1. 1 1george1

    What was it that Redd Foxx used to say on Sanford & son?
    Hint: His character’s deceased wife’s name was Elizabeth.
    The same name as my mom.

    Jeze – Thank you for the page and the compliments. However, now
    you are going to attract crazies who need tin foil hats!! 🙂

    No offense, but I would rather have a page CONSPIRACIES R U.S.!
    (Teasing – 8) )

    Monday night, elderly Veterans shuffled to the podiums, sometimes
    using canes as an aid. 70 YEARS AGO or LESS (some were in mid – late
    80 years of age), these same men CHARGED UP MOUNTAINS, through
    and WAR SHIPS, wearing 60 pound back packs with FIXED BAYONETTES
    in the forward position.

    Henrick – Kubic – Julian – Dempsey – Stroomer would not vote to give
    these men a $ 300 annual break, starting in 2010.
    I am disappointed in Dempsey & JR.
    The other 3 are ideological / illogical morons, at least politically,
    where 24 % of Stratford are 50 or older and 20 % are 18 or younger,
    meaning about 1/3 of all potential Voters are Senior Citizens or are
    getting there. And they ALL APPRECIATE the VETS!

    Considering this Vote and when there are parades and / or ceremonies
    at Academy Hill on Memorial Day / July 4 th / Veterans Day

    This crew made Miron look respectful of Seniors and Vets.
    He may be.
    But politically – it is a strong move on his part.
    Emma, Amy, & Alvin – displayed HEART & SOUL for SENIORS & VETS.
    Gavin voted to the VETS – Gavin is NO FOOL.

    Jim Orlowe pointed out at PUBLIC FORUM PODIUM:
    1) that the BILL was not that well written.
    2) was a little confusing
    3) didn’t give a lot of $$$ help, especially to those lower income

    Miron and his assistant were able to point out they are working
    within constraints of STATE LAW – at least partially true.

    Julian pointed out that there was financial data missing due to a
    change in the proposed format, as his reason to want to table,
    which RUSS – MY favorite present member of the FAC agreed.
    > I thought AMY’S argument about REASONABLE ESTIMATE was
    persuasive, when questioning Mr. Norko & the Mayor’s AID.

    Sorry Jeze – I am off to a bad start – when I appear to lean more
    towards what Miron tried to do, rather than what the Republican
    Town Councilors actually did.
    I know your bloggers do not like AMY, ALVIN, or EMMA.
    However, are your bloggers against VETS and SENIORS?
    > I doubt it!!!!!!!

    If Tom Moore was present (get well Tom), I wonder how he would
    have Voted and the positions he would have taken?
    I think he has far more Heart the Henrick or Kubic, but he can fall
    under the “spell” of the PARTY LINE….

    The GREAT ED “BEEFY” HARGUS died Feb 22, 2006.

    His health was failing his last couple years.
    Because of Henrich, Crudo, (& from reliable sources – NORM)
    ED was broken hearted about being arrested over a STUPID
    PUBLIC FORUM remark.

    The man did MORE for STRATFORD and the SENIORS than all of the
    combined have done.

    In the VETS – We were in the presence of HEROES and GREATNESS.
    Ed Hargus
    Marcia Stewart
    Diane Buda
    Jim Mihaley
    Walter & Mrs. Rimkunus
    Hank Cieucuk
    They are my CIVIC HEROES, among others!

    If I were to run for Mayor – I prefer DIANE or NADER
    and if I became Mayor ….

    The Town Hall would be renamed for ED “BEEFY” HARGUS.

    I may lack style…

    but I have substance ….

    not substance abuse!! 8)

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “However, now you are going to attract crazies who need tin foil hats!! ”

    I am not at all sure that tin foil hats should not be required by ordinance in this town. The kinds of personal associations, business dealings and abuse of power is truly astonishing.

    “Sorry Jeze – I am off to a bad start – when I appear to lean more towards what Miron tried to do”

    Not a problem. I am opposed to this little election year ploy by Miron. Not that I do not think either veterans (all of them, not just retired ones) and seniors deserve some assistance. But this is only token assistance in an election year. So much more could be done with the resources of this town. How many new grants have been obtained in the last three years to help vets and seniors? None?

    “I know your bloggers do not like AMY, ALVIN, or EMMA.”

    I am sure when not sitting on the council they may be fine people. But there appears to be some mindnumbing Miron zone around them when they take their seats at the dais.

  3. 3 1george1

    4th attempt to cut and paste a Letter to the Editor about Monday nite,
    written very early Tuesday. I failed to post it on other page & then here
    2 other times:


    March 10, 2009 –
    496 Word (under the Title) Letter to the Editor
    (Antinomian Political Priorities:)
    George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford CT. 06615
    (203) 378-1888

    Antinomian Political Priorities:

    March 9th & past: Stratford Republican Town Councilors Henrick, Kubic,
    Julian, Dempsey, & Stroomer (Moore is out – recovering from surgery)
    voted against implementing 2010 minor Tax relief for Senior Citizens
    and Veterans.

    Democrats Wannamaker, O’Neal, and Brooks voted for the Senior
    citizens relief. Councilor Forrester joined them voting for a $ 300
    (annual) Tax Break per household, for Veterans. (starting 2010)

    Mayor Miron proposed the initiative and sent letters to
    Veterans to speak at Council Public Forum. (Politically smart)

    I feel the Tax break for each group is shamefully inadequate and
    not structured to effectively help the most needy.
    It’s antinomian: when compared to PENSIONS and CONTRACT FEES
    of the Politically Connected, or to ROLLS ROYCE Health Care provided
    to Management and Workers for the Town of Stratford and
    Board of Education.

    A $ 300 annual Tax Break for VETS
    compared to 50 Town Employees with Retirements from $ 60,000
    to $ 143,000, with 70 % over Base Pay and 94 % over 85 % of Base Pay.

    Add Health Care average cost of $ 16,000 a year per:
    Town and Education – worker and retiree?

    How many people in Stratford’s Health Care coverage cost $ 16,000 a year with nominal premium and low co-pay, with extra-ordinary coverage?
    How many Stratford Residents do NOT have Health Care?

    I wonder where the competition is for low cost, quality Health Care
    and the over-site is and was where 8 retirees in January 2008 averaged
    in excess of $ 89,000 a year PENSION with TENS of THOUSANDS of Dollars
    in CASH OUTS, on $ 71,000 Base Pay, and maintain outrageous Health
    Care benefits?

    Will the MAYOR, Town Council, Department Heads, Town Attorney, past Town Managers, Councils, Department Heads, Labor Consultants, and especially ALL of the past assistant and full Town Attorneys

    Please explain what I consider grand theft to their political friends
    and families in Town and Education?

    I am PRO UNION.

    I favor good pay, good benefits, and good retirements for Workers and Management.

    I question priorities of Mayor/Town Managers, Town Attorneys, Departments Heads, Education, Town Council, and shadow people running Town / State / Nations Democrat / Republican Party Committees.

    (ZAP – POW)
    I believe extravagant Health Care Program benefits the Insurance
    Contractors, similar to 1998 Town Attorney Budget was $ 222,000
    and 2007 Town Attorney Budget was $ 666,000. < > (UP 300% !!)

    Ending June 2008 – just one firm reaped over $ 712,000 Billing.
    Yet, the Town Hall Attorney’s Office has:
    $ 54,000 Secretary;
    $ 10,000 annual Law Library; and
    $ 500 annual Printing and Stationary Budget?

    $ 500 ??

    9/11: Police; Fire; EMS; Military RAN, not WALKED, but RAN towards Danger.

    It cost $ 60,000 annually to Jail someone and $ 11,000 annually to Educate a Stratford Child.

    I cherish Veterans; Senior Citizens; Municipal/Education personnel; children; and citizens who deserve good pay, good benefits, and good pensions/retirements.

    I question PRIORITIES?

    2/2206: Ed “Beefy” Hargus, who was “THE VOICE for Senior Citizens,” passed away.
    Our Veterans and Seniors were once children for the USA’s future and became …. Our “Greatest Generation!”

  4. 4 1george1

    Tried to cut and paste Letter to the Editor about Monday night.
    No success on other page.
    Tried here 3 times.
    Will send attachment to Jezebel.anon

  5. 5 sudds

    “I know your bloggers do not like AMY…”

    Amy is no PCSperling… but I’d give her a shot at the Suddsinator!!! 😎

  6. 6 sudds

    PS… George… I’m still unaffiliated… how about promising me that cushy no-show job at the train station when you win?!?!?

  7. 7 1george1

    I asked for a BLOG page “CONSPIRACIES R U.S.”

    I wonder what you thought about the KING of BEER, being a Europeee Brand?

  8. 8 sudds

    Simply put… I refuse to buy Budweiser products!!!

    FYI… I’m more Guinness or Miller Lite kinda guy (depending upon the situation)… not that either of those are American owned… but at least they don’t call themselves “the great American lager”!!!

  9. 9 1george1

    An anonymous source called this am and asked if I was going to the
    Republican Fund Raiser at Mill River Country Club.
    I laughed.
    Until I was offered the $ 50 dinner cost, whereas my benefactor knew
    I would enjoy myself and also give indigestion to certain “players.”
    I took it under consideration.

    I had to make 500 copies at Staples.

    Chris Sylhavey came to Staples to pick up the Programs for the evening.
    Chris is one of a few remaining Republicans I like and respect.
    We exchanged information about the Fund Raiser and I learned it was
    $ 60. Chris never said it excluded walkins, which my benefactor later
    indicated was allowed, despite the RSVP.

    I visited my benefactor and sold or exchanged (gifted) discounted
    personal property in exchange for the $ 60.

    As soon as I walked into Mill River Country Club, I heard Mrs. Norm
    call for Joe Crudo, as I had to use the mens room.
    Coming out, I surprized Norm as he was about to go into the mens
    room as I was walking out and he took a quick detour to the office.
    Being the friendly, lovable, person I am – I stuck out my hand and
    firmly shook Norm’s, wishin him a happy New Year.

    Joe Crudo was dumb founded in the Hallway, as I said hello and walked
    to the greeeting table, where Mrs. Norm indicated I did not RSVP and
    she is the RSVP.
    I told Mrs Norm I just spoke to Chris Sylhavey who had causally asked
    if I was coming to the Fund Raiser?
    Norm insisted they were SOLD OUT and gave a FIRM HEAD COUNT to
    the Country Club.

    I told Norm that we both knew there are always NO SHOWS and I
    could wait to see if a seat opened up?
    Certainly Norm didn’t want to turn down $ 60 donation.

    Mainly, I wanted to see who showed up and who did not?

    Jon and Ron Monro both came over to say hi. I like both of them.
    I had a chance to extend condolences to JR, who apparently had
    the “neighborhood” MOM (loved and appreciated by friends) and
    despite the pain, he was able to review the fact his mom was there
    for him for so many years. (My mom died when I was 9 years old)
    JR is a nice guy, as are Councilors Moore & Dempsey (didn’t see them).

    I told JR I would like to talk to him some day about a 3 Mil decrease.

    A few others came by to shake hands of give “the nod” or “the
    smile.” Many are real. Some ….

    Once they started serving dinner, the Food Service Director Tom,
    came over to politely kick me out…..

    It was the right way to do it, by letting the Head Person do it,
    since the Fund Raiser is a Private Party ….. or is it?

    Since it was a Buffet, how could there not be room for one more?

    I had already been to McD for 2 Value $ 1 burgers.
    I have eaten at MRCC before, and ALPO looks and tastes better.
    And from looking at many (not all) of the Fund Raiser contributors,
    serves similar clientel….

    So I returned to my benefactor and returned the $ 60.
    That which was exchanged became a gift for the family.

    Then I went to JOHNNY’S and had the RIBS, which including 22 % TIP
    was $20 instead of $ 60, where the food actually tastes good.

    I did hear Mr. Crudo point out the Republicans have controlled the
    Town Council, Board of Ed, and Zoning for most of the last 10 years,
    and raised over $ 10,000. He also referred to the Mayor as a corpse?

    I find it interesting that Mr. Crudo and Mr. Alrdich
    my presence…. 8)

    Rumor has it the strategy is to keep Harkins in a bubble
    and let Miron continue to shoot himself in the foot or
    place it in his mouth.

    However, last week, Miron’s mailers to the VETS on the TAX
    break for VETS and SENIORS made Henrick, Kubic, and Julian

    I am glad Tom was not there.
    I can accept Dempsey claiming to prefer to table than kill the bill.
    JR. is a nice guy and extremely organized / proper, but he is not
    an original thinker and another cool aid drinker. (NOT DUMB) Sad.

    People like JON and Silhavey have brains and ability, but guilt by
    known associates, fairly or unfairly …..

    A few of the others remind me of the former counter culture hippies,
    who sold out and became everything they hated when they were

    A few more started out as real Republicans, and …….

    Some are in it for the Money.

    Some are in it for Turf or Ego.

    Some just think those in charge have the solutions, instead of being
    major parts of the problem, from the local aspect.

    Unforturnate, I give MORE DISCREDIT to OUTSIDE INFLUENCES than any
    of the blog viewers. One told me he/she appreciates my local insight
    because he/she would have NEVER put those pieces together!
    Once I connected the DOTS – he/she was stunned not to see the

    However, in the Military – they love hiding things in plain sight.

    Offbeat analogy: PCS said hello to me at the Library and another
    time at Mr. P’s (how is that for contrast?)
    In both cases it took me a bit to recognize PCS.
    She was where I was not expecting her to be there.

    The blog viewer who appreciates the local insights told me that I
    lose people when I go national / state / international.
    – I can appreciate that because there are FEWER SHARED BASE
    EXPERIENCES, which allow each of us to better identify with or
    against people.

    Whatever happened to Freedom of Speach?

    Same initials as Friend of Sikorski (Airport)

    Same initials as “FULL OFF S–T”
    But while FOS was as insulting to me as I was to him, he had some

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Since you have all that inside FAC information, maybe you can explain this to us.

    Wage and Salary Schedule

    According to this, Mayor Moron is giving everyone he hired a raise. Is this already obsolete? It has only been up for about a week.

  11. 11 1george1

    Tonight from about 7:00 to 9:15 at the Baldwin Center
    about 20 members of the Public / Chamber were
    entertained by our Hartford Delegation:

    Gomes substitute

    I passed on offering anything specific about solving some of the
    economy’s short fall issues.
    I do not believe we got much accomplished about unfunded
    mandates, except some talk about ECS.
    Irene Cornish was given a chance to talk about Education.
    I have to give Harkins props for making the case about
    outrageously inexpension Health Care for State Workers.
    Only one person in the audience could match his plan.
    ….She was a Town Worker 8)

    Mr. Harkins is very, very enthusiastic about the I – 95 exit 33
    on / off Ramps, even stating what I had seen on DOT PLANS
    at the Lovell room a couple years ago, which they are in the
    plans for the Moses Wheeler Bridge.

    Mr. Harkins is very enthusiastic about the parking garage.

    Another issue which is agreed as a problem without solution
    is the issue of drainage and water problems in parts of Stratford.

    I rained on Mr. Harkins political parade, and did him a favor by
    coming out with the realities, instead of him listening to the
    choir and sipping Mill River Kool Aid.

    – Me, I wouldnot mind the ramps, for convenience.
    However, ALL of my NEIGHBOR hate it for reasons I understand
    and have to agree with:

    1 – Walmart is a mess about daily arrests. And Harkins and North End /
    Shelton friends want to make it easier for “get aways” on/off?

    A – I have have patrol cars cruise my neighborhood a few times trying
    to find a perp on foot, runnng through BACK YARDS.
    That does not play well to moms and dads of yound childrem or seniors,
    or really anyone?

    2 – It will increase traffic, which means more air pollution and more
    speeding down side roads trying to get around traffic jams, thus
    endangering KIDS and PEOPLE walking in / around streets, while
    hurting Air Quality

    3 – Flooding will increase, since EVERY I – 95 RAMP and Railroad elevation
    causes huge puddles, streams, and small rivers when the skys let loose.
    It is especially true during / around HIGH TIDE when the ground water
    aquifers are filled to capacity.
    – When Main street by the Stratford Pub / Theater was turned into
    Beach front property a few Augusts ago, wiping out dozens of Business
    owners life savings and work … a couple of my friends, young women
    in their late 20s, almost drowned when their car was stuck in huge
    water on South Avenue.
    – Tonight, Surf Avenue was over 2 feet deep for 90 feet, under I – 95.

    4 – My neighbors nearer I – 95 do not have any Sound Barriers, like they
    have along I -95 in DARIEN or TRUMBULL Rte 25.

    My neighbors on both sides of I – 95 hate the idea because, as mentioned:
    – Fear of increased crime
    – Fear of increased danger to children
    – Fear of increased danger to seniors & general residents
    – Fear of increased traffic
    – Fear of increased speeding**
    – Fear of increased air pollution
    – Fear of increased noise pollution
    – Fear of increased water floods
    – Fear of increased water pollution
    – Fear of decreased quality of life
    – Fear of decreased property values

    ** “A house off east main, past the Frog Pond, where one turns
    to get to Public Works has had, not one, not two, but at least
    three cars jump the curb, crash through shrubs and fences,
    and had 3 separate cars in differnet parts of their side/front
    Some of these back roads / side roads have significant curves and
    winding roads, where there are blind spots and ample chance
    for a speeding kid or adult who is late or in a hurry to smack
    kids riding bikes on the side of a street or people walking dogs,
    or side swipe parked cars, because the street is too narrow to
    accomodate parked cars on BOTH SIDES of the STREET … AND
    CARS surprizing each other from opposite directions, even just
    doing the speed limit.

    I also think the PARKING GARAGE is a waste of MONEY and only
    exists because of certain political relationships where Miron
    and Norm both rented space in a certain location near the
    Train Station. Certain people feel a need to keep the traffic
    of the Train Station nearby, instead of an added one near
    Raymark as Terry Backer suggested.

    There is enough land along the RR Tracks by the Frog Pond to
    the old Ball Field, and behnd Home Depot / Shaws / Walmart
    for commuter parking if Trains would not be allowed to SPEED!

    The movie Theater parking is available weekdays, when commuters
    need parking, while working in NYC / Stamford.

    If Balley’s didn’t exist, it extends the RR Parking and there is paved
    parking for hundreds of vehicles already.

    I heard 3 months ago SHAWS is CLOSING and WALMART will take it over.

    Terry Backer tonight stated HOME DEPOT would close, and since I live
    nearby, I know their traffic is much lower than other HOME DEPOT,
    and they CLOSE EARLY.

    With closed SHAWS & HOME DEPOT, with the BJ at DOCK not doing
    the level of Business they project to need, who will BENEFIT from
    I – 95 entrance / exit rampsfor # 33?

    Say …. wasn’t there an accident killing several people there?

    And again, they want to put ramps where the extra water from
    I – 95 will cascade down the ramps and flood with TOXIN FILLED
    WATER, to endanger my neighbors homes and top soil, in which
    they plant gardens and their children play….

    Does this read like a NOT IN MY BACK YARD?


    Have I set forward some points even people who live in NORTH
    STRATFORD, could appreciate is against normal interests.

    Lastly, my Letter defending Marcia Steward and attackimg airport
    expansion was in Sunday’s CT. POST.
    I do NOT live in LORDSHIP.
    Airport expansion will drive down property values in Lordship,
    Central Stratford and North Stratford, because of the NET
    AFFECT of dramatically increased air traffic

    If we are to build our Tax Base of Business and Residence, do we
    or do we not need to e mindful of the whole picture and not just
    inflict whims of neighbors a bit beyond out back yards?

  12. 12 jezebel282


    KNOW anything about?:

    Superior Court Judge Bruce Hudock
    Assistant State’s Attorney Michael DiJoseph
    Miron and his lawyer John R. Gulash

    I believe Esq. DeJoseph was appointed to the FIRST ETHICS COMMISSION
    by the Schirillo / Decilio Town Council, when Richard Miron was DTC.

    Assistant State’s Attorney Michael DiJoseph had worked in Norwalk.
    1 – he works in Bridgeport.
    2 – he still lives in Stratford.

    Back when Kevin Kelly was Town Attorney, he appointed Richard
    Burturla as Assistant Town Attorney.
    Burturla’s firm defended Mossman against my Civil Lawsuit, whereas
    there had BEEN NO EXIGENT SITUATION or WARRANT causal to my
    being given a misdemeanor summons for DISORDERLY CONDUCT.

    NOT a SINGLE PERSON was willing to SUPPORT MOSSMAN in his
    a Town Council Meeting where NO REPORTER mentioned me in
    stories filed about a raucous Town Council Meeting when Debbie
    Rose became a DEMONcrat and appointed Burturla to replace
    > Stratford Star – Terceno
    > Stratford Bard – DeRoma
    > New Haven Register – Gannon
    > CT, POST – Kate Rumanni
    (Not a bad memory? . . Like Holocaust victims I know terrorists!)

    Back then, Kevin Kelly’s brother in law, Kevin Willian transferred
    from his PUBLIC DEFENDER (oxyomoron title) CT STATE COURTS
    position in New Haven the MILFORD COURTS, only 1 mile from
    BERCHEM CASTLE and 5 – 7 miles from BUNNYVIEW & B UTTER NUT.
    – It was also about the time: Esq Kevin Williams, Esq, Joe Kubek
    (both from 1991 Town Council) and Esq Jim Miron were “appointed”
    to Town Charter Revision # 1.

    – –

    What is my point and how is it relevant?

    Isn’t it convenient how the same old players pop up in the
    mIRONy subplots?

    Isn’t interesting the different forms 30 pieces of silver can take?

    Will we have Prosecutorial errors causing a need to dismiss
    the Criminal charges vs, Dead beat Dick? Ask Senator Stevens….

    Interesting TAG NAME

    Interesting how things keep delaying towards AIRPORT SALE and
    AVCO actions, as if people are being held hostage?

    Interesting how things keep delaying towards MAYOR election,
    as if …………

  13. 13 1george1

    Jeze – Was the above a redirected post?

    Please put up ANY, I mean ANY, new POST.

    The first thing anyone now sees coming to your blog is a picture
    of Dick Miron.

    The camera detail is extraordinary.
    It compounds a reason to change the monitor content.

    No offense to anyone else,
    but I really do not want to see Dick Miron.

    Not even if it had target circles on it for darts
    (NO other reason!)

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “Jeze – Was the above a redirected post? Please put up ANY, I mean ANY, new POST.”

    Yes. You said you didn’t mind if I moved posts to to a more relevant position.

    “No offense to anyone else, but I really do not want to see Dick Miron.”

    I was going to Photoshop some prison bars in the foreground….

    Surprisingly, there are many citizens who have no idea what Dick Miron looks like. They should see what passes for a leader of the Democratic Town Committee.

  15. 15 jezebel282

    Costello qualifies first for Stratford ballot
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 04/08/2009 11:35:26 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — Domenic Costello has been campaigning as an independent candidate for mayor the past two years, walking door-to-door every day with the goal of talking to a voter in every household.

    In the meantime, Costello has achieved another goal by becoming the town’s first official 2009 mayoral candidate….

    …”I’m not a politician, but I know how to run a business and I can communicate with people in all walks of life. I know how to get things gone,” said Costello, who now owns Doughnut Inc in Stratford.”

    Hmmm…a doughnut shop and a Town of 50,000 with a $180 million budget. I can see where running a doughnut shop…ok…that’s just crazy.

    Obviously, Dom is not a reader of this blog or he would know that in our last poll he was beaten by George Mulligan 3 to 1.

  16. 16 1george1


    I was hungry and going to make dinner.

    However, knowing how responsive you are, I figured the
    Miron picture would be replaced by maybe the image of
    the Alien from Schwartzenegger’s “The Predator” or some
    less scary image than what I see.

    Then I read about Costello in “MY BLOG site?”
    Some way to encourage me to post in my own site?
    At least 20 % of his ideas from the last campaign came
    from GUESS WHO?
    I met with a person interested in change, only to find
    he was responsible for 50 % of Costello’s ideas.
    Now I keep him informed, but answer only the questions
    he specifically asks. Yet I find what he asks revealing.
    WHEN it comes to POLITICS, too many people are ONE WAY –
    Their OWN WAY.

    While I blog about MY WAY or MY IDEAS – I am sharing and
    I am informing.

    Hate me or love me – I put up ideas, concepts, information
    which can be used by anyone, to benefit Stratford or to
    benefit their own agenda.

    Besides psychic gratification of doing good for people, I do
    gain insight into the idea trail of who reads what and who
    contacts whom and what ideas fly.

    I know Jeze was on the CT. POST TOPIX.

    One of the MIRON supporters referred to Bridgeport Mayor
    Finch as a DEMONcrat.
    I coined that phrase.
    Due to who likely used it, I am unsure if I should be PROUD 8)
    or UPSET? 😦
    Having a mIRONy support refer to fINCH as a DEMONcrat is
    confusing to me? 😉

    In 2007 the Town Budget shows, $ 666,000 + was spent of Attorney
    And from the 1990 to about 2004, the Town Attorney Monthly
    STIPEND was $ 666 a MONTH.

    Since 666 is the biblical sign of the devil and since the name DEVLIN
    looks sooooo much like the word DEVIL, it was a natural word
    association to look at “The DICKS”* as DEMON-c-RATS!

    * The Dicks refers to Miron & Burturla, not Harry Reams
    * b UTTER NUTS refers to the UNcool AID swallowers of the RTC

  17. 17 jezebel282


    You sound like Stephen Colbert trying to get credit for “truthiness”.

    I did mention that you beat Costello 3 to 1 in the last poll.

  18. 18 1george1

    Belated best wishes for a happy Passover, Good Friday, and Easter.

  19. “I also think the PARKING GARAGE is a waste of MONEY and only exists because of certain political relationships where Miron and Norm both rented space in a certain location near the Train Station. Certain people feel a need to keep the traffic of the Train Station nearby, instead of an added one near Raymark as Terry Backer suggested.”

    WTF? I’m only just reading this comment George, and am speechless! I for one have been fighting for years to get this parking garage. We – other commuters – got Harkins on board. I disagree completely with Backer’s idea and the cost to remediate the property near Raymark would probably be outrageous, far above what the cost of the garage as planned.

    This type of BS is one of the reasons I’ve backed off of posting….. you haven’t a clue!

  20. 20 1george1

    PCS –
    I respect your desire for parking garage, and there is a DEFINITE
    need for more commuerparking.

    However – you get your information from ONE SET of PEOPLE.

    Maybe they are honest and well intentioned?
    Maybe they have a political ax to grind or financial self interest?

    PCS –
    WHILE YOU ARE FLAMING HOT about what I wrote, you also MISSED
    SOME KEY pre-existing situations.

    However, Before there was “Bally’s,” “99,” & the Bank next to
    Home depot, there was existing & paved parking, whereas a
    deal could have been cut with the movie theater for week day
    parking until 6:00 – 6:30 pm in certain commuter areas.
    > Movie attendance weekdays until summer is LOW – not need
    the extra (extended) parking areas

    1) NO REMEDIATION was necessary on existing parking lots.

    2) I am unsure of how much taxes are paid by Ballys, 99, & the Bank
    compared to the benefit of added instant parking.

    3) I attended hearing on the DRAMATIC COST of multi story
    PARKING GARAGE. If that was the ONLY alternative to Remediation,
    than yes it is cheaper.

    4) There are buffer areas on both sides of the RR TRACKS where
    2 rows of cars could park along Frog Pond Lane and behind HOME

    5) The Raybesto Ball field has a CAP that is over due to be replaced.
    An extremely limited amount of fill is acceptable to neighbors and
    ALL of US prefer to take TOXINS out of Stratford – but the cost ….

    6) CONTRACT PLATING would have made for possible parking, and is
    a real REMEDIATION MESS. However Esq. Kevin Kelly “happens to
    represent” some sort of Wood Chip company and he target date
    for opening was supposedly set for before MIRON’S REELECTION?


    PCS – Had you noticed that the PARKING GARAGE was PROPOSED
    for 1 to 3 years OUT?

    Had you noticed the BAN on PARKING along the SIDE STREETS
    was virutally INSTANTANEOUS?

    Could it be the PARKING GARAGE was the COVER STORY as an
    EXCUSE to clear up COMMUTER PARKING taking up space of the
    MERCHANTS, PUBS, RENTING OFFICE SPACE facilities who have a
    legitimate need for extra parking for potential customers?

    PCS – My experience is that the politicians will LIE even when
    the truth is reasonable and a need exist.

    PCS – I was present at the Commuter meeting where HARKINS
    admitted he was UNAWARE the COMMUTER GARAGE was delayed
    YEARS, when he thought it was on track.
    I believe he was telling that to YOU.

    From PCS:
    This type of BS is one of the reasons I’ve backed off of posting
    ….. you haven’t a clue!

    I disagree completely with Backer’s idea and the cost to remediate
    the property near Raymark would probably be outrageous, far above
    what the cost of the garage as planned.

    TO PCS –
    I too disagree with BACKER’S PLAN – which would have used ALL of

    1 – WALMART will take over the space of SHAW’S, which is rumored
    to close.
    2 – HOME DEPOT closes early on Sunday and sale are very poor in
    Stratfords store and chain wide, but especially stratford.

    PCS – I do B2B Business devlopment.
    Your friends do not have a clue!!
    The RTC & DTC
    They woud mess up a wet dream!

    Unfortunately you believe them on things like the Parking Garage
    and rumors about the PENSION being UNFUNDED, when the fact
    is there are many LIARS, THIEVES, and SELF INTERESTED who do
    not TELL the TRUTH and/or rely on information fro political
    appointees and their self interested political bosses.

    It is true in Stratfrod and around the USA

  21. 21 1george1

    Part of my suggestion, e-mailed to Harkins / Backer offices years ago
    as well as CT. DOT and I re-raised at BALDWIN CENTER 2 weeks ago to
    them, DiBicella, Miller, & Gomes rep.

    1. Have RR give land on either side of RR to the Town from East Main Street
    to Main Street.

    2. NO RR TRAIN could go higher than 15 – 20 MPH in that zone.

    3. Have EPA / DEP / TOWN pave those narrow strips of land where ONE or
    TWO rows of Commuter Parking could be PAVED.


    1) RR would get maybe 1,000 added customers, for land it doesn’t use.
    Thye gain 1,000 customers for 250 work days per year = 245,000 annually
    @ $ 10 per commute = $ 2,450,000 annually or $ 50 million = 20 years.

    2) TOWN would gain maybe 1,0000 added parking spots (just here)

    3) TOWN would gain maybe $ 1,000,000 one time CASH.
    A) TOWN would gain property tax.

    4) CT DOT would take 1,000 cars off I – 95, for 250 commuter days per
    year times xx years, saving wear on I – 95

    5) EPA would find reduced emissions for same formula as # 4)

    6) EPA would be able to use SUPERFUND CAP money to reduce risk
    to people, for an area where people are there less than an hour
    per week – WHILE USING that MONEY as SEED MONEY for above TAX

    Now add existing parking spaces for 500 cars around Bally’s / Movie
    99 & where the BANK was place – where there is ZERO COST of

    Maybe Bally’s & 99 would be torn down losing revenue from them,
    but maybe selling that land to a PARKING LOT Company could more
    than off set the COST?

    I challenge you to poke holes in my projection.

    Go ahead one by one – go after these 2 post – YOU and EVERYONE ELSE.


    It would BENEFIT Commuters
    It would BENEFIT Stratford Residents
    It would BENEFIT Stratford Businesses
    It would BENEFIT Stratford Tax Base
    It would BENEFIT Stratford BUDGET
    It would BENEFIT Stratford as a point of Destination.

    My perceived down side:
    Neighbors, back streets, and side streets would not like
    increased traffic of potentially 1,000 to 1,800 commuters

    Oh which is better – 600 car EXPENSIVE MULTI STORY parking garage
    with 1200 on the waiting list and 6 years behind schedule in this
    economic climate?

    Or almost instantly adding 200 – 300 parking spots?

    Or working deals to add 1500 parking spots by paving
    and property exchanges between town & RR to private
    company and paving over areas which need to be capped?
    Due to REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES, I believe this could be
    done within 2 years.

    Lastly – Bridgeport Regional Transit Authority or Town could
    have commuter Bus, similar to Westport, to take people from
    commuter parking areas, to the Train Stations – cost effectively!

  22. George ~

    I do realize that once the parking garage was mentioned many streets were lined with “no parking” signs. I happen to know someone – not in politics – with information about that. At the same time the garage was mentioned, the renovations of Stratford Center was occurring. While perhaps not all of the parking signs were for this reason, many were placed because of the loss of parking during the reconstruction of Stratford Center. Unfortunately, the ball was dropped after completion and the signs were not removed. It is my understanding that the signs were removed on Linden and perhaps even Church in the last 6-8 months.

    The whole deal with the parking garage started being discussed in about 2001. I’ve got the articles which I downloaded from the Stratford Star about the grants in place, etc. Despite the fact promises were made of it’s start ages ago – it’s been a long uphill battle and it wasn’t until we – the commuters – got Harkins and DeBicella involved that things started progressing. Despite your view of John Harkins – I’ve witnessed the role he’s played and have been continuously impressed with his ability to work with the people on the State level to help the commuters identify the station problems and get the State and Town moving.

    And, to correct you – I do not get my information from only ONE set of people. You’re starting to sound like that councilperson wannabe! Despite the fact that she (and it appears now you) think I only talk to commuters that that’s my only life – I do go outside the box and, ohmygosh, what can be learned on the other side of the box!

  23. 23 mikereynolds

    When it comes to the parking garage and Pat Sperling, I think you should remember the addage….

    It is better to be a thought of a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Of course that could be applied to a whole range of topics with you but on this one I think it applies the most.

  24. 24 jezebel282


    There is that other adage too:

    When Momma’s not happy, NOBODY’S happy.

  25. 25 1george1

    Paragraph 1 we concur, pretty much.
    Except, look back who was on the Town Council and Town Committees

    Pattern developing on:
    AVCO BIDDER 1 of 3
    PARKING GARAGE – Who eliminates parking, a MINIMUM of a few
    years prior to the opening of the GARAGE, “UNLESS THE REAL

    Meahwhile – WHO MAKES MONEY in TOWN from DELAYS?
    (At the TOP of BOTH PARTIES) – Goes to Motive and Pattern

  26. 26 1george1

    I like Harkins, Dibicella, Backer, Jon, Gavin, as people.
    DD is super smart and a rising star.
    HARKINS is sincere on TAX issues a certain things.

    However who do they have backing them in Stratford RTC?
    Same reason I can not back JON.
    JON’S closest people are slightly different, until DOTS intersect.

    Same thing is true of BACKER & GAVIN, who is great a getting meetings
    organized and finally got a $ 350,000 earmark for Long Brook.

    BACKER is surprizingly knowledgeable – Howevere I believe his PARTY
    is disingenuous, affecting his positions, especially on OIL.
    He virtually ran away from me at the Baldwin center after the Meeting,
    and Harkins / Danny did not even venture near me.

    I NEVER had a warm and fuzzy toward Miller.
    He comes off as almost as big a jerk as me or Mike Reyolds? 😉

    Gomes had a rep there too. She was stunned mby my questions/points.

    I had Irene Cornish smilin and almost gigglin as she knew where I
    was coming from on the FUNDING JAIL vs. FUNDING EDUCATION
    $ 60,000 Year
    $ 12,000 Year
    2008: CT pays $ 1.2 BILLION to JAIL mostly non violent DOPEY KIDS

    Paragraph 2
    I have NEVER stated we do not need commuter parking.

    I disagree with major parts of Backers Plan and the “Smoke &
    Mirrors” behind the Parking Garage.

    DiBicella and Harkins have done some very good things.
    I like them as people.
    I like much of what they have done for Stratford Shelton.

    I pointed out where i believe HARKINS is politically vulnerable,
    the same way I have pointed out the same about JON.
    (The people who back them)
    If HARKINS frees himself from NORM, LOOOOIE, & B UTTER NUTS –
    I could support HARKINS for MAYOR.

    Gavin is vulnerable because of his silence and being part of the
    Pension problem for 6 years.


    HARKINS is closely tied in to many of the same people who
    created many of Stratford problems and have drawn them out …

    PCS –
    Am I correct or incorrect?

    Not about HARKINS or JON as people or potential good Mayors!!

  27. 27 1george1


    And, to correct you – I do not get my information
    from only ONE set of people.

    To correct you –
    YOU HAVE ONE SET of PEOPLE from whom you have gotten info
    = that is indesputable FACT.

    However within that SET “to date” of PEOPLE where you get FACTS.
    – PCS you have many SUBSETS of PEOPLE where you get FACTS.
    Potential subsets:
    1 – Family
    2 – Friends
    3 – Neighbors
    4 – Commuters
    5 – Coworkers
    6 – Political group
    7 – Organizations: PTA? – Sterling House? Sports?
    8 – Idiot bloggers like me! 😉
    9 – more

    Don’t you hate semantics?


    A moma/wife, former BIKER, paralegal, and many more…

    It is you who are trying to put words in my mouth or from my
    keyboard about how you project I classify you.

    You are my favorite blogger, because you blog fact and your
    honest opinion.

    We have a difference of opinion on a subject you are passionate
    about and better versed than I in most (not all) areas!
    SO WHAT?

    I still LOVE YA – ADMIRE YA – and PRAISE YOU as my favorite blogger.

    My idea is different than the ORIGINATORS of the PARKING GARAGE,
    because PARKING ALREADY EXISTS as paved and unused spots between:


    ( I dare you to drive by during weekday )

    2 – Behind / around BANK – front far side & back (including & beyond
    paved areas) of HOME DEPOT – SHAW’S – WALMART’

    ( I dare you to drive by during weekday )

    3 – Behind and around FROG POND LANE and the existing CAPPED area,
    which needs recapping according to PAUL ROHALY in Weizel CT. POST
    STORY today about EPA vs. SAVE STRATFORD / RAC.

    ( I dare you to drive by during weekday )

    ANY and ALL you, especially MIKE REYNOLDS


    HOW MUCH of these PROPERTIES are A L R E A D Y – P A V E D ?

    HOW MUCH of these PAVED / flat – paveable PROPERTIES are:

    1) U N U S E D ?

    2) U N D E R U S E D ?

    PCS – would you rather wait for an expensive PARKING GARAGE
    which may be like “WAITING for GODOT?” ( = G-D O. T. )

    Or would you and your fellow commuters like to access existing
    paved parking and have GBTA make swings between commuter
    parking and the Train Station? N O W – or W I T H I N – 2 Y E A R S

    If I run for Mayor 😉

    If I am elected MAYOR – I promise to work to find a way to make
    MY PLAN (a variation from Terry Backer original idea = credit him)
    become COMMUTER PARKING! 8)

  28. 28 1george1

    Of all the Bloggers

    Who is consistently the most original thinker?

    Who is consistently the most combative about arguing FACTS?

    Who is consistently the most willing to give credit and apportion blame?

    Who is consistently the most diverse on issues Town Wide?

    Who is consistently the most on point when it comes to BUDGET information
    and raises Macro Economic / State Issues and relates them to LOCAL.

    Hold on JEZE – before you consider editting me because I link Stratford
    to STATE & FEDERAL GRANTS / FUNDING / MANDATES – isn’t that were
    HARKINS & D. D. get their PROPS and CREDENTIALS?

    You love relevency editting – however I am AGAINST YOU EDITTING
    OUT anything about HARKINS – DEBICELLA – RELL – DODD – LIEberman –
    DeLaure – BACKER – MILLER – Obama drama – Congress – Senate
    PLEASE D O N OT edit
    or anyone else
    I will NOT SIT for it !!!!! 🙂

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “You love relevency editting – however I am AGAINST YOU EDITTING OUT anything about HARKINS – DEBICELLA – RELL – DODD – LIEberman – DeLaure – BACKER – MILLER – Obama drama – Congress – Senate
    PLEASE D O N OT edit”

    As tempting as it was to edit that…..

    I have never edited anything (on purpose) you have posted in the appropriate place.

  30. 30 1george1

    April 17, 2009
    George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford CT. 06615 (203) 378-1888

    Isn’t it time for YOU to run for Stratford:
    Town Council, Board of Ed, TPZ, or Mayor?

    Mostly Republican Town Councilors denied/tabled Tax Breaks to Veterans and Senior Citizens. The Democratic Mayor’s plan offered “maybe $ 300” next year, per recipient?

    Conversely, these Town Councilors voted and approved 9 Pensions in January 2008 averaging over $ 89,000, on Base Pays averaging $ 71,100, or about $ 18,000 more per year in Pensions, than their “highest ever” Base Pay.

    Remarkable overtime in 2006 and 2007 caused the excess pension, under the Democratic Mayor and his Appointees: Police & Fire Chiefs (or ranking oversight); Town Attorney; Human Resources; and the accessories of those Town Councils, who approved versions of Mayor’s proposed Budgets.

    Is your Pension $ 89,000?
    Will your Pension be $ 18,000 over your HIGHEST Base Pay?

    Will YOUR PENSION include in your pension computation, if you work
    until January 2, 2008:
    * 2008 Holiday Pay * 2008 Vacation Pay * 2008 Sick Pay
    * 2008 Uniform Allowance? (Is it Bribery?)
    Single year’s benefits: are added to Pension Computations for the REST of their PENSION YEARS, which could be 20 added years. Nice deal. What negotiated this? Where is oversight?

    You, my Tax Payer friend, pay about 88 % of $ 16,000 to $ 18,000 Health Insurance Plan premiums. Do YOU have that Health Care Plan? Don’t blame the workers!!!!!

    Have YOU heard/read ANY Town Councilor, Mayor/Manager, Attorney, Department Head, or Newspaper account showing Top 20 Pensions and
    Base Pays, or publicly question practices?

    April 5: CT. POST page D-4, Teacher Pension critique, explains simple:
    inequities and non-viabilities!

    Some pensioners collect 401/403, supplementing Pensions and/or Annuities, retiring about 50 years old.

    The ACTUARY was UNAWARE of those pension computations, and added
    over $ 200,000 to 2009 $ 5,450,000 scheduled Pension shortfall deposit, besides the $ 9,150,000 Pension bond repayment.

    they never saw anywhere else?

    YO, 2.5 Mils of Stratford’s 30.5 Mils for just 600 people, with
    “400 more retirees in the same plan!”

    Stratford Police Captain Joe McNeil filed union grievances about highest pensioner’s way of gaining Overtime! I wonder about the “real reason”
    McNeil was demoted for 3 months? (Good COPS?)

    Will a massive Town Settlement happen after Mayoral Election to Captain McNeil and union people who didn’t have (lower pay rate or O. T.) work opportunity?

    Shakespeare Theater (curtained):
    ACT 1: SFT – Shakespeare Festival Theater;
    ACT 2: KKP – Koerner, Kronenfeld, Partners;
    ACT 3: CDG – Cinema Design Group (Hanney);

    AVCO: ACT 1: Team Stratford 1-Hochman;
    ACT 2: Team Stratford 2-Montiposilico;
    ACT 3: Hollywood East/Area 51. (same behind scenes, players?)

    LBW-Long Beach West: Mayor has “Plan B.”
    Even Democratic & Republican Town Councilors were UNAWARE?
    (Involve BUYING the AIRPORT?)

    Why do people donate politically?
    Follow the money: money equals favors / favors equals money.

    If legal problems were solved, could attorneys (double) bill?

    Town Attorney opinions: on his firm’s letter head,
    in his firm’s computer;
    > NOT in those of Town Clerk or Town Attorney Secretary’s

    Does his “billing machine churn to:”

    “If I were a RICH man?”


    I know he above was supposed to be posted in the STAR.

    Sometimes, he changes mind at last minute.

    I am not sure, Sudds, how teasing the bloggers is fascist,
    however, recognizing your blog points of reference, I am
    guessing some of your ability to define is also backarseward?

    Sudds, I conceed your emoticons are superior to mine.
    And you have posted where we could get / use them.
    Thank you.

    I still know some other things ….

    I was “given a message earlier in the week.”
    That was prior to Thursday’s Stratford Star.

    Violence is a waste of time…
    They have an inexhaustible supply of arseholes.

    They are also too stupid to understand that if they were
    less greedy and let the system work close to the way it
    is supposed to work ,,,, They could steal more…

    I respect the wiseguys more than the people at the top of
    the military and political justice system (same people run all)
    As hateful as NAZIs were – they were not hypocrites, like many
    people who are supposed to be the opposite of criminals and
    real fascists….

    Jeze – appreciate you movin a couple of posts instead of editting.
    It makes up for the accidental edit where I properly posted,
    within your rules.

  31. 31 sudds

    last time George…

    1) go the following website:

    2) hold down the Ctrl key and press the D key (this will allow you to bookmark the page for future reference)

  32. 32 1george1

    I like the fact that you have superior emoticons than those on
    this blog. It adds to the charm of your posts … 🙂

    I appreciate your generosity of spirit in sharing information.

    Sudds and other bloggers:

    Stratford Star page 11:
    “Broadway Benefit supports Library”

    In the same story, look at all of the reconizeable last names for
    the same nice cause:

    Berchem Moses Devlin
    Stratford Development Corp (Tried for 630 condos – Lordship Blvd)
    (I wonder if they are the REAL – EVENTUAL DEVELOPER = AVCO?)

    “Lawyers + Developer + Bank” = Bail Money / Campaign contribution?



    MIRON (Mayor)
    ADZIMA (Chamber) (FUNeral)
    BIRGE (family on ETHICS)
    LAW (VIDEO + ARTS Commission)
    PIESTY (FUNeral)

    I am NOT writing ANY THING bad about these people
    or a very, very worthy cause.

    While I believe Burturla + Miron are lying, thieving, political
    fronts, they actually have done some good things for some

    Then again, some people need to BUY their friends, whether

    They especially love using OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY and OTHER

    However by simply noticing who socializes with whom, as Ron Monro
    blogged, sometimes I point out some interesting facts about
    * “how” things piece together,
    * or how people travel in similar circles ,
    * or “ways” to connect DOTS.

    Every once in a while I will hear or read something that makes
    things more clear to me, that should be obvious

    The only way Police successfully solve crimes is a need to:
    1 – Catch people in the Act.
    2 – Have Witnesses
    3 – Get a Confession
    4 – Have the Forensics work.

    If you are a Senator like Stevens from Alaska, who has given
    BILLIONS in appropriations (and knows HUGE), so prosecutors
    (might) willing blow cases (probably under false names…

  33. 33 1george1

    Isn’t it interesting that the forums were more active when the Town
    Charter was in play, and before the Stock Market fell apart September?

    CHARTER REVISION COMMISSION appeared to have turned TAIL and RUN
    from DEBATE.

    They do not come here to deride Mirons or Burturlas, do they?

    Why should they?

    If you were bought and paid for by a certain Milford Law firm and by
    contracts from the Party’s FEEDER COMPANIES…

    I expect decent news about the PENSION PORTFOLIO on APRIL 27 for
    March Month end. It should be back in the $ 80 m range.
    If I remember correctly, the market started to improve in late March.
    If April stays decent, I suspect we might see close to $ 90 m, if we
    are lucky.

    However … as Fredette loved to say…
    “Hey … this IS Stratford!”

    Why is it I am the only one shaking the monkey cage?

  34. 34 sudds

    “Isn’t it interesting that the forums were more active when the Town
    Charter was in play”

    UMMMM… George… did you happen notice that the website address is

    “Why is it I am the only one shaking the monkey cage?”

    My guess would be because you wanna get out!!! 😆

  35. 35 jezebel282

    Moved 1George! Comment

    – NOTE

    I asked ex-Stratford Polce Chief MOSSMAN and former U. S.
    Attorney Chris Droney to investigate a series of Deaths.
    Mossman appointed by OWENS a Republican Appointee.
    Droney appointed to Federal Judge under Clinton and
    LIP LOCK LIEberman the BUSH tongue sucker.

    I asked ex-Stratford Polce Chief IMBRO and former U. S.
    Attorney Kevin O’Connor to investigate a series of Deaths.
    Also reqested Town Attorneys Kevin Kelly & Dick Burturla
    to investigate a series of DEATHS
    Imbro appointed by BARNHART a Republican Appointee.
    O’CONNOR appointed to # 3 in BUSH / CHENEY D.C. House of

    I asked Stratford Polce Chief burturla to investigate a series
    of Deaths. Also requested Mayor Miron, Town Attorneys Kevin
    Kelly, & Dick Burturla to investigate a series of DEATHS
    Burturla appointed by MIRON a Demcratic Appointee.

    To pre-empt the TIN FOIL carp.

    Anyone want to claim the HOLOCAUST never happened?
    Anyone want to claim GENOCIDE of American Indians never happened?
    Anyone want to claim SLAVERY of BLACKS never happened?
    Anyone want to claim SWEAT SHOPS never happened?
    Anyone want to claim in the NE you could not go to certain colleges
    nor apply for certain jobs and that never happened?
    Anyone want to claim CIVIL RIGHTS MURDERS never happened?
    Anyone want to claim POLICE BRUTALITY never happened?
    Anyone want to claim their is a tradition of MURDER within the U. S.
    – 9/11 – Tonkin Gulf – Pearl Harbor – Lusitania – Fort Sumter – etc.

  36. 36 1george1

    I have ZERO problem in being moved, instead of edited.

    Thank you Jeze.

    We have different views on multiple things, like priorities and what
    belongs in what blog stream?

  37. 37 jezebel282


    You’re welcome.

    “what belongs in what blog stream?”

    That is why there are TOPICS, George. It makes it easier for others to follow.

    Not everyone is as…..diverse…as you.

  38. 38 1george1

    Not everyone is as…..diverse…as you.

    What others might consider a knock, I consider a compliment.
    Just from looking at me, one can tell “I am well rounded.”

  39. 39 1george1

    How bad is it?

    CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

    Jewish women are marrying for love.

    Even people who have nothing to do with the Obama administration
    aren’t paying their taxes.

    Hotwheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM.

    Obama met with small businesses to discuss the Stimulus Package: GE,
    Pfizer and Citigroup.

    McDonalds is selling the 1/4 ouncer

    Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their
    children’s names

    A truckload of Americans got caught sneaking into Mexico

    The most highly-paid job is now jury duty

    Dick Cheney took his stockbroker hunting

    People in Africa are donating money to Americans

    Mothers in Ethiopia are telling their kids, “finish your plate, do
    you know how many kids are starving in the US?”

    Motel Six won’t leave the light on

    The Mafia is laying off judges

    And finally…
    Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal.
    Hey, neat…the guy who made $50 billion disappear is being
    investigated by the people who made $750 billion disappear

    Miron’s Grant writer is makin him look good.

  40. 40 1george1

    This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has demonstrated
    over the years a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens
    of Stratford.

    As far as we can tell, he does not lie,
    (best liar always tells the truth = it is easy to remember 1 truth.
    Political Parties use people to lie and then get reported in
    CT. Post as truth by reporter who was not intentionally lying….)

    he does not seek benefit for himself,
    (I could? – actually they backed me into a corner and I believe
    murdered people – then used feds to get local cops to roll over ….)
    (SEE Ralph Nader – GM settlement for spying on him)

    he does not make unethical deals,
    (Define ethical deal?)
    (Define deal?)

    and he pretty much says what he means.
    (Some times my tongue gets in front of my eyeteeth.
    Then I can not see what I am saying….
    This attribute is true of Ed “Beefy” Hargus, Jim Mihaley
    (who has explosive temper), Diane Buda, Hank Ciecuk,
    and many other Public Forum Speaker that HENRICH,
    KUBIC, & NORM want less then MIRONs / BURTURLAs
    to have the PUBLIC know what these people say at
    Public Forum.

    Then there are those people who know a lot about
    specific stuff!
    (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)

    We have not seen this in any other candidate to date.

    So here you go, George. A whole new page just for you.

    Go George!

  41. 41 sudds

    How do I get a “Mulligan for Council” (let us not set the bar too high) sign to throw on my lawn??? There are a LOT walkers out there this time of the year!!!

  42. 42 1george1


    Below was found while innocently looking for information about
    the cryptographic mystery within the CIA logo – story this week
    on MSN / Yahoo home pages – (not a major story – just curious)

    It blames the CIA + MOSSAD for 9/11. I believe it misses the people
    who control all of the World’s Intelligence Communities.

    – Ordinary people can not imagine people (like those who run WAR
    COLLEGES and POLITICAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS) whose world revolves
    around creating WAR and CRIME for political and economic reasons.
    Nor can they concieve COCAINE (CANE CO. – KANE CO. – CAINE CO.)
    is intentionally created not just for money, but to destroy the
    danget MLK Jr. posed to the WAR / CRIME Complex.

    However, considering the fact that the USA is the world’s # 1
    importer of OIL + COCAINE….

    Considering the USA is the # 1 exporter of Weapons & Munitions,
    with the USSR # 2.

    Considering the SAUDI’s backed off OIL EXPORTS, allowing the
    EXPORTER – while OIL / GAS / COAL prices went crazy and put
    the USA and WORLD ECONOMY in the TANK, where those with

    > GODLESS USSR + CHINA are to the NORTH of the ARABS / MOSLEMS.

    > Hindu India vs. Moslem Pakistan now have mutual enemy in TALIBAN,
    whose LEADER – OSAMA BIN LADEN was (like MANUEL NORIEGA) set up
    by the CIA, not dissimilar to RUMSFELD meeting SADDAM HUSSEIN during
    the REAGAN years of IRAN CONTRA selling MISSLE TOE – TOW MISSLES to
    IRAN, who greatly benefitted from HIGH OIL PRICES, like RUSSIA did.

    > IRAN is PERSIAN. They are NOT ARABS.

    > TURKEY was the OTTOMAN EMPIRE. They controlled what became the

    > The USA & USSR were the prime benefactors of WW II, based on the
    WORLD where all of the COLONIES were decoupled from EUROPEAN
    EMPIRES and JAPANESE + CHINESE EMPIRES, and variety of kingdoms of

    > Western & Eastern Europe have CRUSADES HISTORY versus MOSLEMS.
    Placing ISRAEL into the ARAB WORLD and stirring the pot to keep the
    JEWISH and MOSLEMS at each other’s throats,

    > ISRAEL & CHRISTIAN MILITIAs have different agendas than HAMAS & PLO
    who have a different agenda than ordinary jewish + christian + moslem.

    Considering the Geopolitical surrounding and isolation of the
    ARAB STATES’ rebels who lack the Military to be any real threat
    ie CAVE MEN vs. STAR WARS …

    I believe the below to be reasonable about the creatures in the
    WARRIOR CASTE who have a huge different view point than real
    – Jewish – Catholic – Protestant/Christian/Mason – Moslem

    There was a Catholic CHILDREN’s CRUSADE in the Middle Ages.
    There was an ARAB INFATADA about the time of the collapse of
    USSR COMMUNISM during the REAGAN years – 200th ANNIVERSARY
    of the U. S. CONSTITUTION in 1987 – $ 2 Bill commemarated.

    CATHOLIC CHILDREN were used first by the Catholic Church
    vs. MOSLEMS MILITARY – and slaughtered
    then MOSLEM ARAB CHILDREN against ISRAEL and slaughtered
    to POINT at the loss of moral superiority legitimacy of MOSLEMS,
    ISRAEL, and making a HUGE POINT about illegitimacy of WAR and

    9-11 Mystery Solved – Italian president confirms it is
    Mosad and CIA – Cossiga / Italy reports ITALIAN SAYS 9-11 SOLVED

    By the Staff of American Free Press

    Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

    “All the (intelligence services) of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Cossiga was elected president of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide election to become president of the country in 1985, and he remained until 1992.

    Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment, and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio. This was a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 1960s, 1970s and ’80s. Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they termed “false flag” operations—terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

    In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

    Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9-11 in 2001, and is quoted by 9-11 researcher Webster Tarpley saying “The mastermind of the attack must have been a sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.”

    Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga’s assertion that the 9-11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge among global intelligence agencies is illuminating. It is one more eye-opening confirmation that has not been mentioned by America’s propaganda machine in print or on TV. Nevertheless, because of his experience and status in the world, Cossiga cannot be discounted as a crackpot.

  43. 43 jezebel282


    I’m not sure that is going to help with your campaign.

  44. 44 mikereynolds

    By all means add this to your campaign literature. I’m sure all those potential voters who don’t know who you are will flock to the polls with your vote in the their pockets.

  45. 45 1george1

    Mike and Jeze –
    Thank you for the feed back.

    I have zero chance of winning any elections.

    Even if I got 100 % of the votes, the democrats and republicans
    count the vote. I know Dick is gone and replaced by Marcone
    who seems to be a decent guy.
    But WRASSLIN is more honest than elections.

    As far as honesty goes, I trust Dick Miron more than DeCilio.
    And I do NOT TRUST DICK at all!

    I feel the same way about the Republicans and Democrats at the
    National level.

    When Diane Buda ran for office, there were all kinds of irregularities.
    However who oversees the elections?

    I know they are gonna cheat, lie, and steal.
    Do skunks CHANGE their STRIPE?
    Do leopards CHANGE their SPOTS?

    SADDAM HUSSEIN got something like 97 % of the VOTE.

    The Democrats and Republican kept NADER off TV or MAIN STREAM
    MEDIA and off about 15 BALLOTS. They got 97 % of the VOTE.

    If you OWN a RACE TRACK.
    If you OWN all of the DONKEYS and ELEPHANTS
    Do you care which JACKASS or GIANT TURD wins the RACE?

    If they gave everyone 20 ACRES and a MULE…..
    It wouldn’t take long for the smartest and sleaziest to own all of the

    Sometimes I post the outrageous stuff you find not credible, just
    to see who reacts.

    But know this, I pray JERKS like ME can stir the POT enough to ‘
    put COCAINE, WAR, and CRIME back into PAN DO RA’S BOX, so that
    MIKE REYNOLD’S KID has a GREAT LIFE and does NOT become:


    2 – An ALCOHOLIC

    3 – WAR FODDER

    It is damn fools and jerks like me, who want KIDS to have that better
    life they all deserve.

    I think it no accident
    1) COCAINE & DRUGS helped break up the BLACK COMMUNITY after
    they MURDERED MLK jr.

    2) So many MINORITIES (disproportionately) would up in JAIL / PRISON
    / REHAB / PREMATURE DEATHS after they murdered MLK jr.
    – $ 60,000 year to jail someone.
    – $ 12,000 year to educate Stratford child. (it should be $ 8 k

    – would a constructive life, paying taxes from a decent living, with
    healthy community/church/family be better or worse than
    – a destructive life – in/out of jail/rehab – making chump change and
    being a liability to society?

    – with 90 % of black children being born out of wedlock, is that good
    for the kids and for society.

    – it is not like the white and hispanic communities are not similarly


    – MIKE and JEZE may think I have my head up my a–.
    – I may be CRAZY – but am I WRONG / INCORRECT?


    1) However is the USA # 1 in COCAINE & OIL / GAS IMPORTS and in

    2) However is the USA # 1 in the WORLD in
    – PAROLE
    – PRBATION (combined = the system)
    – REHAB
    – ABORTIONS (clinic contribute to lobbys – the aborted don’t
    contribute to political parties, like the poor or middle class)


    What kind of TOWN & COUNTRY to you want for your son?

    Could you describe your vision of what you would like and not like
    in STRATFORD and in the USA, so at least I know if you have a better
    vision (or similar) than I do and what is your political platform when
    you run for TOWN COUNCIL or BOARD or ED?

    (as long as you do not support any Town lawyers who have been
    appointed to anything – I might be able to support you?

  46. 46 citizenkane1

    Oh boy.

  47. 47 1george1

    Today Dick Cheney choose Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell.
    Maybe just normal counterintuitive game.
    Yet what if Powell choose to OUT Cheney / Rumsfeld / Tennant
    and others in the Political Military Intelligence Community?

    Locally, it would be like Gavin oprning the flood gates on certain
    people om both local & state parties.

    Other day I heard Fredette had a Heart Attack and a couple of
    other older people who were in the know, are feeling poorly…

    60 minutes tonight reported a story about Egyptian President
    Basser’s son in law being a KEY INFORMANT for the “ISRAELIS”
    prior to the 1969 YOM KIPPUR WAR, while working for Egyptian
    Intelligence Community.
    – The he conveniently became an ARMS MERCHANT, after a WAR
    depleted Weapons & Munitions for ALL SIDES, making BIG BUCKS
    > then he fed good information in 1973 about SYRIA & JORDAN
    who were supposed to attack simultaneous to EGYPT.
    BUT EGYPT struck 4 hours early – allowing them to retake the
    SUEZ & part of the SINAI. Later ISRAEL gave back all of the SINAI.

    This was on 60 minutes, which you can use your computer to
    confirm or deny……

    Supposedly this guy was a HERO to BOTH the ISRAELI and EGYPTIAN

    I wonder what FAMILIES of all pf the dead soldiers and civilians think
    of a guy who betrays the soldiers of 4 differnt countries, including
    his own?

    For BIG MONEY?

    Who would do that?

    or RUSSIA, who are # 1 & # 2 Weapons and Munitions EXPORTERS,
    + PAKISTAN + INDIA + CHINA would use their own citizens for fodder
    in WAR.

    A congressional hearing about 1947 proved the Military knew aboit
    Pearl Harbor.
    Or you c=iuld read the BIOGRAPHY or see the MOVIE about ARMY
    GENERAL BILLY MITCHELL, who predicted 20 + years before the
    “sneak attach” exactly how & from what direction Japan would
    attack Pearl Harbor.

    – YO – KANE & MIKE

    Where was the AIR COVER around NYC & DC on 9/11?

    Have you read the GULF of TONKIN incident was faked by …
    according to CONGRESS…

    Who is to prove the LUSITANIA wasn’t sunk by the BRITISH
    rather than GERMANY, to get the USA to join them?

    Randolph Hearst was rumored to be part of a conspiracy on
    the mysterious explosion to blow up “The MAINE?”

    Convenient to claim there was an attack at “FORT SUMPTER?”

    Remember the ALAMO?
    At the time it was on sovereign Mexican territory.

    Impressed Seamen to cause the War of 1812?


    ALL OF THE OLDER ONES WERE AT SEA, where who is to prove
    what did or did not happen?

    Convenient G H W BUSH bailed out of a 2 seater airplane on a mission,
    and happened to land very close to an awaiting submarine?

    The Pacific Ocean is pretty big.
    The Pacific Ocean can get very rough.
    Good thing it “happened” to be daylight?
    With NO GPS – NO RADAR on the AIRPLANE – NO RADAR pn the SUB,
    how did G H W BUSH “happen” to chute close to the SUB?
    Don’t SUBS travel UNDER the WATER?

    What happened to the other pilot?

    If a SUB has a crew of only 100, I wonder how many thousands
    would testify they were SUB Crewmen when G H W B parachute.

    – One President gets his PT Boat “RUN OVER” in the PACIFIC?

    – One President gets shot down and luckily lands near a sub?

    – Latest candidate got shot down and was a POW?

    – At least IKE was not a SNAFU.

    I believe it is mostly, but not completely BS.

  48. 48 1george1

    Rudolph Hess supposedly helped Hitler write MEIN KAMPF.

    Rudolph Hess flew to Scotland during WW II.

    Supposedly he was the ONLY PRISONER in SPANDAU.

    I wonder if former CIA assets Manuel Noriega + Osama Bin Laden
    have the Rudolph Hess suite on Fleet Street and in Langley?

    From Wikipedia:
    Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (written Heß in Germany)
    (26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987) was a prominent figure in Nazi
    Germany, acting as Adolf Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi Party.
    Acting as Hitler’s private secretary, he transcribed and partially
    edited Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, and eventually rose to deputy
    party leader and third in leadership of Germany,
    On the eve of war with the Soviet Union, he flew solo to Scotland.
    He was imprisoned remained imprisoned alone at Spandau

    Kim Philby: Spy and traitor. The Soviet intelligence service itself
    (then the OGPU) recruited …
    In 1944, MI6 promoted Philby to head the Russian Espionage section. …

    In 1976, Ford brought George H W Bush back to Washington to
    become Director of Central Intelligence. He served in this role
    for 357 days, from January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977.
    The CIA had been rocked by a series of revelations, including
    those based on investigations by Senator Frank Church’s
    Committee regarding illegal and unauthorized activities by the CIA

    Aldrich Hazen Ames (born May 26, 1941) is a former Central
    Intelligence Agency Head of CIA’s Russian counter-intelligence
    office, who, in 1994, was convicted of spying for the Soviet
    Union and later Russia.

    Robert Philip Hanssen (born April 18, 1944) is a former American
    FBI agent who was in charge of FBI’S Russian counter-intelligence
    office, who spied for Soviet and Russian intelligence services
    against the United States for more than 20 years.

    Who knows what the “TRUE FACT ARE?”
    Who knows if these are for PUBLIC and ACADEMIC consumption.
    However, IF each of these are TRUE …

    One does not have to be an FBI Pattern Analysis expert to see
    cpreponderant lear, plain, and evident patterns, does one?

    Yo SUDDS – TIME to get out of the MARKET.
    MARCH 9 LOW > Up 2,000 points.
    Has NOT tested the LOW.
    Most people have their IRS return money and jumped in recently
    with regrets for missing the big move.
    Pros overwhelmingly feel Market was badly oversold and may NOW
    be overbought.
    Financials balance sheets look good, but not earnings.
    Wells Fargo refinance did great, but GE is Credit Cards and they
    are a huge mess.

    The BOND MARKET Bubble may be closing.
    The surest sign?
    Kubic & the PENSION have repositioned $ 5 million for BOND,
    which FAC ART STENGEL recommended about 5 months ago.
    BACK then – it was a GREAT MOVE, if one bought late FEB /
    early MAY, into BONDS or STOCKS – retrospectives are E Z!

    Real surest signs?
    I paid in the $ 1.70 s about FEB, for gasoline.
    Today was $ 2.35 for gasoline.

    I paid $ 1.80 for 100 gal Heating Oil 6 weeks ago.
    Last week, it was $ 1.90

    If there is a 2,000 point drop until early AUGUST

    1) All MUNICIPAL BUDGETS must pass and PENSIONS must account
    using a JUNE 30 DATE.
    > A mid 7,000 DOW testing the DOW LOW will BLOW UP all ACTUARILY

    2) All STATE BUDGETS must pass by JULY 31.
    > A mid 7,000 DOW testing the DOW LOW will BLOW UP all ACTUARILY

    Once there is a NEW LOW or TEST of LOW, then the BANKS and
    UP the AMERICAN STOCK MARKET to comple the treason by the
    Executive / Judicial / Legislative – Federal – States – Local

    ALL government PENSIONS and Health Care will be repudiated.

    There will be rioting in the streets. I am against violence, but I
    foresee more suicides by and violence against political/financial/
    military leaders.

    Home foreclosure will make last year look like a picnic.

  49. 49 1george1

    BONDS: – LATE FEB – EARLY MARCH (not may)

    Preponderant – clear – plain – evident

  50. 50 jezebel282


    Umm…never mind.

  51. 51 sudds

    So much for voting for George!

    And he was doing so well for so long… did you fall off the wagon Georgie-Boy???

  52. 52 sudds


    “Yo SUDDS – TIME to get out of the MARKET.”

    Are you nuts? (rhetorical question) My portfolio is up 215% since mid-March… I don’t think (or atl east I pray) that Obama-Christ-Superstar’s Socialistic initiatives are enough COMPLETELY (although they’ve already extend our current recession) to kill off the market… so I’m riding this baby out for at least another few months!

    The key will be to get out before the gov’t HAS to jack up interst rates to the teens (can you say Jimmy Carter boys and girls?) in order to stave off massive inflation!!!

    PS… if anyone has an adjustable rate mortgage… refinance NOW!!!

  53. 53 jezebel282


    And where is your portfolio compared to last May?

  54. 54 sudds

    How do I create an infinity key on this thing???

    I was wise/got lucky (ok, so it’s more of the latter) in that (1) I moved all of my stock to oil companies early last spring when gas prices started to sky rocket, (2) I wasn’t greedy and cashed everything out when prices were at highs, and (3) the market started to slide before I ever invested again… I didn’t earn much interest with my cash sitting at e*trade… but I didn’t lose anything either!!! (I got killed in taxes this year, but I’ll shell out 25% of my capital gains versus 30+% of my entire portfolio ANY day!!!)

    Oh yeah, and I moved our 401k’s to fixed returns as soon as the market started to slide… so I only lost like 5% there!!!

  55. 55 jezebel282

    I’m sure that will get a lot of sympathy from all those retired folk who have lost 2/3 of their value.

  56. 56 sudds

    Retired folks should NOT have been that heavily invested in the market???

    Your percentage in fixed income funds should be (at a minimum) equal to your age. So I 60 y/o person should have had 60% of their funds “safe”. So anyone 60+ who lost more than 20% of their value (100% x 60% x 2/3 lost) was just foolish and GREEDY!!!

  57. 57 sudds

    Correction… “lost more than 26.4% of their income”

  58. 58 jezebel282


    Unfortunately, most people listened to their “advisors” and left their retirement fund where it was. Most people have no idea how to trade. Even given that, you cannot short sell with a 401K. It’s illegal.

    So you are left with betting that the market will only go up or actively trading. I am going to take a wild guess and say most people would lose their shirts day trading or swing trading. Today I’m not sure even the best software can apply either fundamental or technical trades with any degree of accuracy.

    But I’m going to give you “Luck”. I doubt anyone saw oil dropping from $145/barrel to a low of $39/barrel. Even at it’s current $52/barrel it is overpriced, but for some reason seems to track the Dow. Hopefully it has taken a permanent hit. There will be no more Expeditions, Escalades or Hummers.

    Similarly I don’t think anyone on the planet foresaw the price of Citi shares dropping below what they charge for an ATM withdrawal.

  59. 59 1george1

    You were not greedy and got out of Oil. You made nice profit.

    Conversely I expected an improvement in the DOW before the elections.

    Sudds 1 – George 0

    I have seen the existing scenario before. People get IRS checks back,
    and they missed the DOW moving up 2,000 points. So they jump in.

    I believe we will get hit badly. One Oil / Drygoods shipping company
    is down 30 % in 2 trading days. It got over $ 10, which is the level the
    Institutions can trade. This am it was at $ 7.00.

    Long haul if you want to wait it out – OK.

    GE made a nice run. I think it will pull back short term. Long term it
    is still a bargain.

    I strongly suspect they will tear up peoples portfolios pointing to the
    November elections, where the problem causes will be the Saviors!

  60. 60 sudds

    “But I’m going to give you “Luck”. I doubt anyone saw oil dropping from $145/barrel to a low of $39/barrel.”

    Then I guess I’m just wired a little differently (have fun with that one kids)… when oil passed the $100 mark I KNEW it was going to come back down (just ask anyone who I talked out of locking in their home heating oil price last year as the price was going up)… there was NO rationale for it being that high!!!

    Granted I probably sold my stocks too early (most still went up about $10-$15 a share after I sold)… but I still made a 400% (or so) profit!!!

  61. 61 1george1

    CONSTITUTION – They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don’t we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it’s worked for over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.
    TEN COMMANDMENTS – The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse: You cannot post “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” and “Thou Shalt Not Lie” in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians! It creates a hostile work environment!

    Will Rogers observations are timeless:
    I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.

    There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.

    Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate; now what’s going to happen to us with both a Senate and a House?
    – I wonder what he would say about Stratford Politics?

    I don’t make jokes. Â I just watch the government and report the facts.

    The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that’s out always looks the best.

    The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.
    (ATTN: MIKE R) 🙂

    On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does.

    The man with the best job in the country is the Vice President. All he has to do is get up every morning and say, “How’s the President?”

    An economist’s guess is liable to be as good as anybody else’s.
    (Same with Sudds & me?)

    Alexander Hamilton started the U.S. Treasury with nothing — and that was the closest our country has ever been to being even.

    If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?

    Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.

    Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated.

    Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice doggie” until you can find a rock.

    A fool and his money are soon elected.

    About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation.

    Our Constitution protects aliens, drunks, and U.S. Senators.

    Anything important is never left to the vote of the people.
    Â We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.

    Politics is applesauce.

    Diplomats are just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it.
    You take diplomacy out of war, and the thing would fall flat in a week.

    I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him “father.”

    There ought to be one day, “just one” when there is open season on senators. (NOTE: Dick Cheney shot his lawyer, and the Lawyer apologized. I wonder what that cost? I wonder who paid?)

    The country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.

    If I studied all my life, I couldn’t think up half the number of funny things passed in one session of Congress. (Or by Mayor Miron / Town Council

    If you ever injected truth into politics – you’d have no politics.
    (What if Ralph Nader’s Consumer protection laws applied to politics?)

    Things in our country run in spite of government, not by aid of it.

    We don’t seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it
    and then tax it out of business?

    Everything is changing.
    Â People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.

    Liberty doesn’t work as well in practice as it does in speeches.

    Ohio claims they are due a president as they haven’t had one since Taft.
    Â Look at the United States; they have not had one since Lincoln.

    The 1928 Republican Convention opened with a prayer.
    Â If the Lord can see His way clear to bless the Republican Party the way it’s been carrying on, then the rest of us ought to get it without even asking.

    There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail.

    All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.
    – All of the above was from = Will Rogers

    Charles De Gaulle I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

    George Bernard Shaw Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

    E. B. White Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time.

    Mogens Jallbert In democracy it’s your vote that counts; in feudalism it’s your count that votes.

    Groucho Marx Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.

    Sir Winston Churchill Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

    Eugene McCarthy Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.

    Ronald Reagan Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.

    Mark Twain Suppose you were an idiot? ¦And suppose you were a member of Congress? But I repeat myself.

    Henry A. Kissinger Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.

    How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
    Answer #1: Fifty four. Eight to argue, one to get a continuance, one to object, one to demur, two to research precedents, one to dictate a letter, one to stipulate, five to turn in their time sheets, two to depose, one to write interrogatories, two to settle, one to order a secretary to change the bulb, and twenty-eight to bill for professional services.

    Answer #2: It only takes one lawyer to change your light bulb… to his.
    Answer #3: How many can you afford?
    Answer #4: Heck, you need 250 just to apply for the research grant.

    Why don’t lawyers play hide-and-seek?
    Nobody will look for them.

    Why is it that many lawyers have broken noses?
    A. From chasing parked ambulances.

    What do lawyers do after they die? They lie still.

    Why is it dangerous for a lawyer to walk onto a construction site when plumbers are working? Because they might connect the drain line to the wrong sue-er.

    Why is it that if you give a child an encyclopedia, “lawyer” is always the third thing they look up? Because the first thing a child looks up is “dog.” The second is “snake.” And under snake, the encyclopedia says “See Lawyer.”

    Where is the best place to hide a lawyer? In a brief case.

    At a convention of biological scientists, one researcher remarks to another: “Did you know that in our lab we have switched from mice to lawyers for our experiments?” “Really?” the other replied, “Why did you switch?”
    “Well, for four very good reasons.
    First we found that lawyers are far more plentiful,
    second, the lab assistants don’t get so attached to them,
    third there are some things even a rat wont do, and
    fourth sometimes it very hard to extrapolate our test results to human beings.”

    Did you hear about the new sushi bar that caters exclusively to lawyers?
    It’s called, Sosumi.

    Did you hear about the terrorists who took a whole courtroom full of lawyers hostage?
    They threatened to release one every hour until their demands where met.

    Did you hear that the Post Office just recalled their latest stamps?
    They had pictures of lawyers on them … and people couldn’t figure out which side to spit on.

    How are an apple and a lawyer alike?
    They both look good hanging from a tree.

    How can a pregnant woman tell that she’s carrying a future lawyer?
    She has an uncontrollable craving for baloney.

    How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?
    His lips are moving.

    How does an attorney sleep?
    First he lies on one side, then he lies on the other.

    How many lawyer jokes are there?
    Only three. The rest are true stories.

    How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
    How many can you afford?

    How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
    It only takes one lawyer to change your light bulb to his light bulb.

    How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
    You won’t find a lawyer who can change a light bulb.
    Now, if you’re looking for a lawyer to screw a light bulb . . .

    How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Three. One to climb the ladder. One to shake it.
    And one to sue the ladder company.

    If a lawyer and an IRS agent were both drowning,
    and you could only save one of them, would you
    go to lunch or read the paper?

    What are lawyers good for?
    They make used car salesmen look good.
    (My idea: COMPOST)

    What did the lawyer name his daughter?

    What did the terrorist that hijacked a jumbo-jet full of lawyers do?
    He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren’t met.

    What do dinosaurs and decent lawyers have in common?
    They’re both extinct.

    What do lawyers and sperm have in common?
    It takes 300,000 of them to make one human being.

    What do you call 25 attorneys buried up to their chins in cement?
    Not enough cement.

    What do you call 25 skydiving lawyers?

    What do you call 5000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start!

    What do you call a lawyer gone bad?

    What do you do if you run over a lawyer?
    Back over him to make sure.
    Then, make another notch on the steering wheel.

    What happens to a lawyer who jumps out of a plane
    at 35,000 feet without a parachute?
    Who cares?
    – 5 STAR
    What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra?
    He gets taller.

    What happens when you cross a pig with a lawyer?
    Nothing. There are some things a pig won’t do.

    What should you do if you find a lawyer buried up to his neck in cement?
    Get more cement.

    What type of apparel is the most popular with lawyers?

    What’s the difference between a dead dog in the road
    and a dead lawyer in the road?
    There are skid marks in front of the dog.

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of dirt?
    The bucket. (DIRT = PG version)

    What’s brown and looks really good on a lawyer?
    A doberman.

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a liar?
    The pronunciation.

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and an onion?
    You cry when you cut up an onion.

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?
    The lawyer gets frequent flyer miles.

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?
    Removable wingtips.

    What’s the difference between a mosquito and a lawyer?
    One is a blood-sucking parasite, the other is an insect.

    What’s the difference between God and a lawyer?
    God doesn’t think he’s a lawyer.

    Where can you find a good lawyer?
    The nearest cemetery.

    Why did God make snakes just before lawyers?
    To practice.

    Why does California have the most lawyers in the country,
    and New Jersey have the most toxic waste sites?
    New Jersey got first choice.

    Why don’t lawyers go to the beach?
    Cats keep trying to bury them in the sand.

    Why won’t sharks attack lawyers?
    Professional courtesy.

    You’re trapped in a room with a tiger, a rattlesnake and a lawyer.
    You have a gun with two bullets. What should you do?
    Shoot the lawyer. Twice.

    What do you get when you cross a lawyer with a demon from hell?
    Another lawyer.

    What do you throw to a drowning lawyer?
    His partners.

    What does a lawyer use for birth-control?
    His personality.

    What happened to the lawyer who was thrown out of a saloon?
    He was disbarred.
    – 5 STAR
    What does a laywer get when you give him Viagra?

    What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 50?
    Your Honor.

    JEZE did use the term “whatever” in the blog topic – 🙂

    What would you call

    Supply your own puch line…..
    DOPE RING is insulting to DOPE,
    and what they did appeared wilfull?

  62. 62 sudds

    (smacking myself in the head)

    Looks like I’m back to having no one to vote for in November again!!!

  63. 63 1george1


    I can be wrong on the Stock Market, but today’s headlines on the
    internet relate to expected losses in the Credit Card arena, as the
    increased bankrupcies and non payment are expected to impact
    them, regardless of the law passed by Legislative thru Lobbies.

    GE AAA rating allowed them to borrow NEAR 2 % years past and the
    LOBBIED LAW CHANGES allowed them to charge 22 % on DEBT.

    GE is a vulnerable stock, if there is an expected meltdown in the
    prices of financial industry stock prices.



    Unless you are a lawyer or politician, the post immediately
    above should tickle you.

    I used some of the above, especially the Will Rogers + How Bad
    + Constitution + 10 Commandments + phony press release to
    make FUN of the Mayor + Town Attorney + Town Council in
    my handout / prepared Public Forum remarks.

    > Mike Singh said > You really got in their face tonight.
    Actually I was polite, gave credit to Gavin / T. Moore / Julian /
    Amy for the questions about Town Attorney / Mayor holding
    back information + keeping Town records @ Berchem + lack
    of Transparency.

    > As I was leaving, I teased Carol Cabrol that all of the 1st 4
    Town Councilors walked behind the Mayor’s desk to her office
    for them to get to executive session.
    (Normally they walk along the front aisle = easier – I sat there –
    so I moved to sit on Table by the door of her office as they
    had to file past me to get to the Meeting Room.) 😉

    I told Carol – I am a BAD BOY. I keep asking embarassing questions.
    Carol’s reply > IT WAS SO BAD …. IT WAS GOOD!

    (I am off the BURTURLAS /MIRONS christmas card list.
    I compared not having Towns current Town Attorney records any
    place in Town Hall, despite having PAID for them, like PAYING FOR
    TOMBSTONES and NOT GETTING THEM!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Is that MEAN to SAY?

    In FAC MEETINGS last year TOM MOORE and I discussed POLICE CHIEF
    & every blogger’s favorite topic – D/C LoSchiavo.
    Those are the ONLY 2 PEOPLE in the entire POLICE DEPT who can NOT
    get O. T.
    Last year TOM predicted D/C retirement could not exceed $ 56 – 58 k.

    TOM was stunned earlier in year, because of computations THOMAS
    ANGELO articulated in the FAC that D/C retirement would be $ 87 k,

    TOM shook his head, shrugged his shoulders, and told me he can
    not BELIEVE stuff going on in TOWN or in the STATE.

    > I and the FAC have difference on the “NO WRONG DOING” and the
    fact it is a political group. However, they have done some outstanding
    stuff and they are in shock about accepted practices and the NON

    In my remarks I got all over them very quietly and slowly about their
    might cause them to be SUED or other things …
    (Hence comments of Mike Singh & Carol Cabrol)

    I used the WILL ROGRS and other COMMENTS to put overall politics
    on the table, that the carp they do and the National / State does
    is the Same Old Stuff, from MORE than a CENTURY AGO.
    – I teased them
    – I mocked them
    – I made fun of them
    – I also praised them
    – I tried to shame them to see their est self interest
    – I WAS TRYING TO HELP THEM (do right thing + onw best interests)


    During a break, I spoke to Gavin about his FOI complaints.
    The same way Burturla has not provided information he promised
    (at the Budget Workshops) to JULIAN, GAVIN, & T. MOORE –
    GAVIN has yet to see information from the CT. FOI.
    They are BACK LOGGED.

    GAVIN said “I may have to FILE an FOI complaint
    aginst the CT. FOI Commission.”
    GAVIN started LOL and LOVED the IRONY.

    They moved the Town Attorney & Mayor Q & A to late in the meeting.
    Weizel was gone. I think he left before they passed the VETERAN’S
    TAX BREAK 9 – 0 (Emma was out, again)

    GAVIN did to BURTURLA and MIRON what I had done to all of them
    earlier, except he had the advance of being INTERACTIVE!! 😉

    – Issue was about Lease / Concessions, but really about the MAYOR
    USURPING Town Council Town Charter (Gavin chaired CRC # 1) purview

    – GAVIN was GAVIN at his best.
    – GAVIN is NOT an ATTORNEY – but he knows FINANCE and CHARTER.
    – GAVIN was SARCASTIC. (I know it is hard to believe)
    – After I start GIGGLIN – It only encouraged GAVIN to get MORE
    an embarassed SMILE (Henrick still had the dumb look on his face)

    – FINALLY GAVIN states he doesn’t care if he gets information on
    JUST 3 SITES and only 3 sites, so he would have details, which
    dumped it back to BURTURLA’S arguement on NO DETAILS in
    front of him (either)
    GAVIN states he doesn’t care if he gets information on NAPKINS
    (and TOILET PAPER? I forget)
    GAVIN states he just wants to get information before his TERM
    is OVER!! I BURST OUT LAUGHING and almost fell out of my seat!

    MOORE, KUBIC, and JULIAN were LOL. 8) 🙂
    Even Henrick caught on. 😉 🙂


    Create a TOWN ORDINANCE to FINE the
    – MAYOR
    – C. A. O.
    $ 1,000 a DAY – PERSONAL FINE – NOT paid by the TOWN

    – IF they FAIL to provide requested information or do as the TOWN
    and PURVIEW of the TOWN COUNCIL.

    – Create a reasonable 30 days for compliance, where no fine would
    be assessed, unless the INSUBORDINATION PASSED 90 DAYS and then
    could be ADDED to the OVER ALL FINE.

    – The Ordinance must be FAIR, REASONABLE, and SUSTAINABLE!

    – Town Ordinances do not have custodial (police arrest) rights
    However Town Ordinances do have right to charge FINES.
    Town Council has the Town Charter RIGHT to create Town Law
    and FINES for Violating Town Law.

    Henrich, Julian, & Moore questioned the Police Chief on $ 44,000
    Police O. T. on a Town Sewer project where the Construction
    cost were $ 124,000?
    POLICE O. T. increased cost of connection of SEWERS to ONLY
    4 Houses by 35 %?

    In my HANDOUT, I connected the DOTS of the late 1990s ISSUES
    1) PENSION BOND $ 95 M in 1998
    2) PENSION COMPUTATION changes in 1999
    5) TOWN ATTORNEYS COSTS since late 1990s


    In Henrick’s questioning of Police Chief BURTURLA, he repeatedly
    used the term “WHERE is the OVERSITE?”

    I wonder what INSPIRED to use that TERM?

    I also asked is ANYBODY HIDING ANYTHING related to:
    (It would have solved last year C.A.O /FINANCE Director spanking
    by the Town Council about closing YEAR END books and Transfers
    the Town Council felt is their Jurisdiction!)

    The people on the Town Council accept too much direction from
    the Party leaders like Burturla / Miron + Aldrich & B UTTER NUTS.

    However at the end of the DAY, it is their reputations and their
    self image and their fiduciary obligation that is on the LINE.
    And even their LIABILITY.

    For years, I pound at Town and Board of Ed.
    But I see results and know I made a difference.

    Mayor Miron’s GRANT WRITER is OVER $ 6 million in new GRANTS
    and Stimulus money. It is an ISSUE I pounded to the Council for
    the last few YEARS.
    Mayor Miron was smart enough to USE my ideas for his advantage.
    Teasingly, at the Town Council ST. Joseph debates –
    I said to everyone to pick up my ideas for Economic improvements,
    (in the lobby) so you will know the origin of Mayor Miron’s ideas! 😉

    I pounded the all day Kindergarten / lottery and embarrassed people
    into making it available.

    I made Irene Cornish aware that Tax payers were unaware that 25 %
    of BoE Budget came from State / Fed Grants.
    She created Power Point.

    I made Irene Cornish aware of Strategic Partnerships and Apprentice
    programs. She would have probably figured it out anyway. Implemented

    I made Irene Cornish aware of NUTRICIONAL ISSUES related to CONDUCT,
    Irene had PROGRAM in PLACE for better than I could imagine!! 🙂
    Could they help SENIORS / LOW INCOME / BALDWIN?

    I made Ben Branyan and GAVIN aware that when I researched the TOWN
    & BoE BUDGETS at the LIBRARY, when I asked for a PRINTED FINAL BoE
    BUDGET, they told me: “when you get one – please send it to us!”
    > POINT? – Until I made BEN & GAVIN aware – there NEVER was a PRINTED

    This post is not about patting my self on the back (a little) or to help
    earn Sudds vote (less), it is about the subtle ways being a squeaky
    wheel can INFLUENCE PEOPLE to do the RIGHT THING and the BEST

    There are also suggestions I made that people like the DICKS saw to
    use for their best advantage, by changing and perverting my ideas.
    However, every tool can be a weapon – every weapon can be a tool!
    Every fool can be a hero – every hero can be a fool!

  64. 64 1george1

    In a handout to the FAC present and NEW members, Tom Moore,
    and Amy – I gave them an updated list of retirees of 2008 + 2009
    as of April 2009.

    I included the Top 50 Pensioners as of Feb 2008.
    They include 47 Base Pays.

    I asked Finance for those 3 Base Pays and the Base Pay of 9 newer
    Pensioners who are over $ 60,000 a year pension since Feb 2008.

    Norko can’t send them to me.

    Tom Moore sent me an e-mail that I had LoSchiavo’s Pension
    ABOUT $ 5,000 too high (actually $ 3,900).

    I forwarded various requests including Tom Moore’s e-mail
    to Mr. Norko asking which was correct and could I get it
    before Monday night’s meeting.

    Mr. Norko sent me an e-mail 2:56 pm Monday about the D/C.
    I forwarded to Tom Moore without looking at it.

    When I spoke to Gavin, he told me the INFORMATION I gave
    to TOM, AMY, and the FAC was correct.

    The information TOM had was incorrect.

    TOM MOORE raised questions to the Town Attorney and did
    something rarely done by Town Councilors, but within Tom’s
    style – he gave me CREDIT for getting the information! 😉
    (don’t left anyone know – but I like the guy, despite a
    few + political differences, I believe he means well)

    You can review the above chapter which touches upon
    Tom Moore’s frustrated questioning of Esq. Burturla and
    D/C PENSION of $ 91,000+ forever.
    > Doesn’t he get consulting money / gig too?
    > sorry Tom, but you bro-in-law Imbro has a PENSION with
    annual C.O.L.A. – 5 years 401 – and $ 35,000 a year pt gig
    with the B.O.E. for 20 hours a week.
    (He may be worth it, but appearances / similar paterns?)

  65. 65 jezebel282



    I NEVER thought I would see GE sell below $ 30, in my lifetime.
    The past year in Finance is sane?

    The past 20 years since the fall of USSR is sane?

    The past 13 years since Esq. Burturla started raking in $ 100,000 + a year
    and maybe $ 7 million personally with Berchem getting maybe $ 12 m
    between all of the different municiple / education fees is sane?

    Stratford paid an average of $ 2 1/2 million in Pensions for 5 years in the
    late 1990s, and will PAY $ 17 Million in 2009, while going up?
    That is SANE?

    They have 23 Board of Ed as customers, while Stratford lost $ 60 m ECS?
    That is SANE?

    USA # 1 & USSR # 2 in ARMS – Weapons / Munitions Sales
    Both are supposedly PEOPLES’ REPUBLICS.
    That is SANE?

    USA # 1 in COCAINE – OIL – GAS imports – USSR # 1 exporter OIL – GAS
    No coincidence – what are conclusions?
    That is SANE?
    USA # 1 in prisoned / probation / rehav / parole – in the world.

    IRAQ sits on 10 % of the WORLD’S OIL – GAS
    IRAQ has 500 % OIL – GAS as USA
    excluding the phony run up 2004 – 2008
    That is SANE?

    JEZE – Direct response to SUDDS.

    Not going with that excuse anymore, George.

  66. 66 1george1

    Aw Jeze,
    If I wasn’t postin:
    1 – you would have no one to move and very little to type about.

    2 – Sudds, Mike, Nnan, Cyclops, Kane, would have no one to insult
    and therefore never post, because they only post bits of tidbits,

    3 – While people can criticize my opinions or agree with facts,
    at least I have ideas and I throw stuff against the wall – don’t I?

    One conclusion I got right.
    About 5 weeks ago I posted my believe that American Idol
    would be won by Kris Allen. And I posted my reasons.

    One conclusion I fear I may get right?
    I am expecting a HUGE DROP in the STOCK MARKET:

    Maybe 2 months ago Gasoline was $ 1.70 range.
    Today it is in $ 2.46 – $ 2.50 range.

    Credit Card hoopla omit the fact of TIME LAG til implement.

    300,000 homes foreclosed last couple months. Worse expected.

    GM will close 9 weeks.
    GM to cut 1100 dealers in a NEUTRON JACK plan.
    CHRYSLER to merge with FIAT and cut almost 800 dealer.

    BIG AUTO Unions and even PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS see there
    No one will conceed they were all SET UP to FAIL!

    With my impending petition to be on the BALLOT, I expect to

    My mind’s eye sees the tears and fears of MLK jr. in the
    Birmingham Masonic Hall, when he gave his speach about
    having been to the Mountain top … “a long life has its’ place…”

    The quinticential Christian and American, MLKs minds eye saw
    Christ at GETHSEMANE, who knew he would join BA-RABBIs
    and another on a CROSS, and Christ shed tears of fears in
    a field where OLIVES grew.

    The die is soon cast.

    A figurative Rubi-con awaits.

    Walking alone towards the evil empire, like SPARTACUS who
    sought slaves looking to be free men, I shall waddle forward
    welcoming free men and women to “fight city hall” and turn
    Stratford town hall into something symbolic like the Bastille?

  67. 67 1george1

    A couple of good things about this blog and being called crazy.

    I have a chance to
    1 – vent
    2 – see what does not fly – stick against wall
    3 – find ways to organize my thoughts
    4 – practice for letters to editor
    5 – practice for public forum
    6 – inform the certain Town Council – certain Police – certain Admin
    – certain Pensioners – certain Town Workers – – and family members
    of a “DIFFERENT” point of view > They travel in narrow circles with
    limited and re-inforcing view points, like the ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE
    IMPORTANT are POLICE – FIRE – EDUCATION (Note most blog subjects)
    7 – get people to THINK – to justify their own views.
    8 – FORCE me to THINK to justify my positions.

    So going back and forth with people who are intelligent and open
    minded like Nnan and to a slightly lesser degree PCS and to a lesser
    degree both Jeze & Sudds is good practice for me.

    When Mike R or Kane or Cyclops want to swap insults, rather than
    debate facts or conclusions – it gives me a chance to vent and nail
    them back in a manner I would not normally do.

    I appreciate the gentleness of STAR and some of the others who are
    more concerned than argumentative or abusive or mean like some of
    the others like FOS – who fell off the edge of the world.

    BULLIES tend to be COWARDS.
    Those who like to INSULT tend to tuck their tail between their legs
    and suck their thumb when confronted with someone who will NOT
    back down and dishes right back.

    And I try to give credit where credit is due.

    I appreciate that PCS has a different view point on the commuter
    train station.
    > I simply do not believe that her trust is well placed.
    > I would rather see PARKING NOW than wait for a GARAGE.
    > There is existing parking “NEAR” the present RR Station that a local
    shuttle could assist and improve the situation.
    > At least PCS finally gave her reasoning. I believe she thinks I am NOT
    for her and her issue. I simply and to solve the problem IMMEDIATELY,
    but slightly differently. If the PARKING GARAGE ever happens – at least
    there was relief in the meanwhile….

  68. 68 sudds

    “So going back and forth with people who are intelligent and open
    minded like Nnan and to a slightly lesser degree PCS and to a lesser
    degree both Jeze & Sudds is good practice for me.”

    WOW… you think you were edited before? You just put Jez in the same “intelligence” bucket as me…. you’re in trouble now Georgie-boy!!!

  69. 69 jezebel282

    Editor’s note:

    George will be completely unedited if he posts in the proper place.

    Once again, the reason being numerous complaints from readers.

    Note to George: This is a blog, not a maid service. It you cannot book mark your pages, I cannot guarantee they will be moved instead of deleted. Might I suggest “AOL for Dummies”?,M1

  70. 70 jezebel282


    As for the “intelligence bucket”…At least you show sympathy for the disabled. Booth is still your friend.

  71. 71 sudds

    I actually have a lot of sympathy for a lot of causes… I just have NONE for STUPIDITY!!!

    Which brings us back to Booth! 😛

  72. 72 sudds

    “It you cannot book mark your pages…”

    Ctrl + D (to bookmark this page)

  73. 73 1george1

    giggle – giggle – giggle – giggle

    oy – kvetching?

    giggle – giggle – giggle – giggle

    I got da booth a you agoin ! 🙂

    It made my night.

    giggle – giggle – giggle – giggle

  74. 74 1george1

    I gotta move a post FOR my buddy.

  75. 75 1george1


    Actually Kent has a younger sister who is HOT.

    Met her at Mr. P’s 1 – 2 years ago. She did not mention who
    her brother was – not that it made any difference. She, Kent,
    and a couple Miron boosters were there together a couple
    months ago, and Kent introduced me to here.
    I believe he had NO IDEA that we knew each other….

    Several years ago I met Alvin’s sister, Annie.
    Facially, she looks just like Alvin.
    That was back when was alive.
    I met a lot of Stratford’s finest and members of the Democratic,
    United Democratic, and Republican parties back then.

    It was actually pretty funny. I had to go to court about 12 times
    over the disorderly conduct canard Dec 1998. On a couple of the
    court dates, some people who knew me from local hangout saw me
    at court. They know I do not drink / not smoke / not “party.”
    They would come up to me and discreetly point out the various
    undercover cops with their “hooker” dates.

    We also had the dummy who owned the D.A.R.E. Car for a week,
    before he was busted and became an informer. He was not well
    liked. Nor was he trusted.
    He openly tried to sell drugs or “pimp” his dates. I wouldn’t say
    they were skanky, but even the flies fled….
    Oct 1998 – I contacted Justice Dept Bob Appleton – one of a few
    I was trying to get to investigate a series of deaths….
    I told him I was going to the Rowland – Kinnelly Marriott Luncheon
    on Oct 24, 1998.
    The next week, days before the Luncheon they had a Warrant for
    their informer and busted him and a few others mid afternoon on
    a Thursday.
    At the Luncheon, Rowland gave his speech and then asked for any
    questions. I raised my hand. Governor Rowland called on me, saying
    “You sir, about the Drug issues.”

    Rowland NEVER met me before, but as long as he asked.
    Not only did I ask about the USA being a COCAINE REPUBLIC, I also
    asked about all of the MAFIA CASH COWS the STATE now RAN and

    CASINO = CASINO – Gamble / Gample (pavilion)
    Strip Joint / Massage = PROSTITUTION
    Political Parties + Bar Association = PROSTITUTION
    CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE = Prohibition quality contraband
    POLITICAL DONATIONS = BRIBES / Kick backs (advances)

    Sandra Zalik was present.
    While he was speaking, I started passing out handouts to tables.
    He asked me to stop. I did. But several tables got educated!

    Rowland kept his composure and tap danced.
    He had 2 other questions and left.

    Congresswoman Barbara Kinnelly came in a short time later.
    She was BOSS Democratic National Committee Leader 1961-1968
    (unprecented 7 years, besides controlling CT. and tapping the
    INSURANCE INDUSTRY CASH COW – See Joe Lieberman Biography
    of John Moran Bailey –
    Barbie was coming off being on the Congress Intelligence Community.
    Barbie did her schtick.
    She had not heard my question to Rowland and I stunned her.
    She tapped danced, but was clearly blown away.
    NO ONE else asked he a single question.
    She came to me with her nephew BUSHROD.
    Who names their kid BUSHROD?
    I go to hand her a package for her brother JACK BAILEY, the CT.
    CHIEF STATES CRIMINAL ATTORNEY – and she asked me to hand it
    to BUSHROD. So I did. It was Oct 24, 1998.

    Dec 13, 1998 Steve Clearly at Public Forum podium pointed out
    that Police Chief was in the audience. I was dumb
    enought to introduce myself to him and tell him if he did his
    job …. my uncle and many other people might still be alive….
    you know some of the rest.

    That was the night Debbie Rose became a DEMONcrat, and
    GIlardI was pulled from (R) Town Attorney, replaced by Esq.
    Rich Burturla, who was given and kept my case, but gave it to
    Warren Holcomb.

    The newly elected Town Council has CT. STATE TRROPER
    Anthony Schirillo again on District 6.
    Zalik and Kronenberg spoiled Schirillo’s attempt to make
    Kevin Kelly as Town Attorney, which happened after a recess.
    That was same time Donna Best lost her assistant at EMS,
    and they increased the REGISTER of VOTER pay to $ 27,000 +
    Health / other benefits, for under 20 hours a week.

    Less than 1 year ago, I finally found out Kevin Kelly’s mommy
    was’s Secretary and I knew Joe Burturla retired
    as Stratford Police Captain in 1985.

    The paper trail on the PENSION and other things shout volumes.

    When FBI Don Comers was appointed Bridgeport cohead, the CT.
    POST pointed Comers daddy is a Fairfield Police Captain (just retired)
    and got his start in Stratford Police in 1980.

    The CT. Assistant State Prosecutor who first went to
    was former Stratford Police JOE HARRY.

    1995 – I spoke telephonically to about a series of DEATHS
    and I have 1995 & 1996 documents signed by US Attorney Chris Droney
    about me request to investigate those deaths.
    My 2004 civil trial vs – Droney was supposed to be my Judge
    in the mO.S.Sman case, in which an ex-Bpt City Attorney’ Merly’s nephew
    Joe was slipped onto my firm & repped me.
    Uncle Larry was /is well known to Berchem / Burturla, who have 23
    Boards of Education, since 1999 – wheh Stratford Paid them at least
    $ 7 million – while Stratford was shorted $ 60 million in ECS and while
    PENSION OBLIGATION transferrred to Tax Payers since 2002 has cost
    Tax Payers $ 64 million paying bond, so far and $ 26 million SHORT FALL.

    That is right.
    Tax Payers were suppose to avoid obligation via BOND.
    The PORTFOLIO has $ 78 Million
    Tax Payers spent $ 90 Million
    There is a minimum of $ 78 million to further pay off the bond
    and an estimated $ 110 million more, just to 2017.

    I am glad I am not Burturla or Norm.
    They set up a program for police and fire political friends, who will
    be made the scapegoats, and the unions will get crushed.

    I tried to warn everyone.
    Ain’t my fault the economy was sabotaged and the police having been
    bribed have no way to protect themselves from being double crossed.

  76. 76 1george1

    pre-emptive move Jeze

    Sudds / Star – et al

    TRIVIA – CODE deconstruction alert

    I read the DAN BROWN Books
    Da Vinci Code
    Angels & Demon
    forget the other hot one.

    People started quoting the “who guards the guardians” quote from
    one of the movies.
    However he lifted it from Plato’s Republic.
    Sudds – Cliffe Notes would suffice or even googling or Wikipedia.

    Any one read Stratford Star 2 weeks ago about Latin / Greek / English:
    PRO – for
    ME – my
    THEOS – god

    VATIC – poet
    CANUS – dog

    DEUS – god
    GENES – tribe or clan or people of ….

    DIOGENES carried a lamp during the day, in Greece, looking for
    a single honest man. He was a cynic. He saw deeds / not words.

    DIOGENES was supposely followed around by packs of Dogs due
    to hygene or lack there of. He was called the “DOG POET.”

    Interesting movie rental = DEAD POETS SOCIETY aka JE SU ITS

    ESQ. BERCHEM + LARRY MERLY are JE (i) SUE IT – Fairfield UN alum.

    Is that better than JE KYLL & HYDE (or I KILL & HIDE)

    FRANKenSTEIN is an allegory about a GOLEM who turned on creator
    F – rank in stone

    WERE WOLF refers to ROMAN romulus and remus, who were suckled
    by a wolf. Rome also claimed to be decended from Troy.
    WERE WOLF returns to a beastly nature in the shadows
    also known as full moon.

    A VAMPIRE can NOT see itself in a mirror.
    To see oneself, truly see oneself – one needs to have a SOUL.
    Is that why the palace at Versailles had so many mirrors?
    – Versailles spelled back wards = SELL I AS REV
    aka Babylonian Papal Captivity at Avignon -> Medici
    ME – “I”

    Buckingham palace was originally owned by
    georgE VILliers Buckingham – within his name are words “EVIL LIERS”

    THomas IEFferson has the word T H I E F among first letters of his name.
    Latin Alphabet did NOT have a LETTER “J”

    In old ENGLISH the Letters S + F look much alike.
    Is is a co-incidence the some people see
    F E D E R alism
    S E D E R ali m

    Which does you subliminal mind’s eye see
    J E R U S A L E M or
    J E S U S a l e M

    N A P O L E O N or
    N A P O L E A N S

    B O U R B O N or
    B o u r B O N

    N E V I L L E – C H A M B E R L A I N or amagram
    an E V I L – L E C H am B E R L I N

    C H U R C H I L L or
    c H U R c h i l l – or
    C H U R C H i l l

    H I T ler
    h i r o H I T o

    F R A N C is co F R A N C O

    DeGAULLE or
    de G A U L le > (Leed GAUL)

    S T A L I N – amagram
    L A T I N S

    FRANCE = sold USA the louisiana purchase = Indians never sold it to them.
    DuPont de NeMours were LAND AGENTS
    NeMours near Versaille was home of the LAST “MALE” ME DICI

    DuPonts moved to DELaware.
    BuilT gun powder factory.
    Sold gun powder to all sides of NAPOLEON WARS
    Gun powder came in handy against Indians – Civil War – various wars

    Rothchilds sold mercy naries from German Landgraves.
    Han over Germans, were English Kings from before U. S. Revolution
    until WW I Cousins / grandchildren of Queen Victoria
    England King Edward
    Germany Kaiser Wilhelm
    Russia Czar Nicholas.

    US President Teddy Roosevelt was cousins to
    Woodrow Wilson
    Franklyn Roosevelt

    it goes on & on

  77. 77 1george1

    Deadicated to Sudds, B utter Nuts & “FRIENDS of da DICKS”

    Sheriff Michael O’Toole: I have, in my time, visited three
    political conventions, four sessions of congress, and two
    homes for the criminally insane.

    I have known army generals, steam doctors, vegetarians,
    prohibitionists, and a female suffragette.

    But never, even in an Orangeman’s Day parade, have I seen
    such pure and stainless brainlessness as I now behold in you.

    The Almighty, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, has given the
    worm enough sense to turn with, and the barnacle can grasp
    whatever happens to be standing by.

    But you are equipped with a mental capacity smaller than you
    were born with.

    Here we are, benighted in the middle of a nowhere named
    Molly-Be-Damn – a dreary little rookery, Timothy, a squalid sty,
    a festering pustule on the face of the slippery slick Sound.

    Bless the town and bless the people!

    Look at them – the rabble of this cantankerous community!

    Knaves and fools, louts and lardheads, the least of all God’s
    creatures, without enough push to pick the fleas off each other,
    abiding in putrefaction and inertia, curled up comfy in it like
    hogs in a mud hole!

    And while I, of all people, fret and sweat for a way to pull
    these Simple Simons out of the bog, you stand around making
    flatulent noises for the titillation of the vulgar mob.

    And while he’s bubbling himself, what are you doing, you
    pusillanimous pack of popcorn pickers?

    You clattered clutch of clucks?

    The town dilapidating around you, coasting downhill in a
    handcart to Hell while you stand about gaping for flies and
    going patty-cake with your hands!

    Mayor: There now! Now just one minute you!

    Michael O’Toole: All right, all right, all right! Fine!
    Keep it, and treasure it the way it is!
    For when all this trash has collapsed into one pile,
    and the howling wilderness has claimed its own again,
    I want you hicks to be happy, belching and spitting,
    laughing and singing, swinging from tree to tree,
    with your friend Soapy Sam here, the Uriah Heep of
    the hookworm belt, standing around below waiting
    to steal anything that falls to the ground.

    If a nut should drop and fall – leave it lying there.
    It’s probably my little brother Timmy.

    Sheriff: Is that all?
    [O’Toole throws up his hands]

    Sheriff: [Crowd applauds]

    Sheriff: By acclamation – the winner of the cussin’ contest
    – Michael O’Toole!


    Preacher: I have kings with an ace!
    Evil Roy Slade: I have threes with a gun.
    Preacher: You win!

    Evil Roy Slade: Take that big fiddle out from between your legs.
    There are ladies present.
    cello player: But sir…
    Evil Roy Slade: I don’t want no trouble, you just tuck it up
    under your chin like a fiddle’s ‘sposed to be played… now!
    [pulls gun]
    cello player: Yes sir. Right now sir.
    [trying to play cello like a giant violin & smiling]
    Evil Roy Slade: That’s good.

    Evil Roy Slade: I learned a valuable lesson today.
    Never trust a pretty girl, or a lonely midget.

    Burturla / Norm Pension Plan:

    Evil Roy Slade: [after making a deposit] Uh, I changed my mind.
    Give me my money back. In fact…
    [pulls out a gun]
    Evil Roy Slade: Give me *everybody’s* money back!

    Flossie: [Roy is breaking up the gang] Roy, you aren’t going
    to leave me alone are you? I love you.
    Evil Roy Slade: [pause] Alright, who wants Flossie?

    Evil Roy Slade: You know what nice is?
    Suppose there was a whole herd of dead cattle,
    dropped dead on the field, just for you. That’s what nice is.’

    Doctor Delp: It’s part of a science called “phrenology”.
    Evil Roy Slade: What’s “science”?

    Evil Roy Slade: I ain’t giving up. I’ve worked hard,
    it took me years to work my way to the bottom.
    Nelson Stool: I learned two valuble lessons today: never trust a dumb nephew or a… slobbering bulldog.

    Doctor Delp: Try harder Roy, try to cry. If you can release
    one tear, it’ll help you
    Evil Roy Slade: I don’t know how to cry.
    Doctor Delp: Think. Think harder. Think about your lonely youth:
    no friends, no home, no warmth, no affection… cactus in your diaper
    [Slade starts sobbing]
    Doctor Delp: Yes! Yes, there’s a tear! We’re curing you!

    Nelson Stool: Marshall Bing Bell.
    Clifford Stool: Who is it?
    Nelson Stool: That’s his name, you idiot!

    Doctor Delp: This is the ultimate test! I want you to shed your weapons… & walk across the room!
    Evil Roy Slade: I cain’t! I don’t goin’ nowhere without my guns! I even take a bath with my guns!
    Doctor Delp: You don’t NEED them, Roy! Take them off & walk! Oh Roy, try! Take off your weapons!
    [Roy removes holster]
    Doctor Delp: Good!… Is that everything?
    [Roy reaches up his sleeve for a knife]
    Doctor Delp: Whew! Anyting else?
    [Roy removes gun from his sock]
    Doctor Delp: Oh, a little one, huh? Ok. Is that all?
    [Roy removes a bomb from behind his back]
    Doctor Delp: Oh my goodness!
    Evil Roy Slade: [wobbly & sounding retarded] Ahhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee! I got… no… weapons!
    Doctor Delp: [moves across the room] Walk. Here, walk to me. WALK TO ME, ROY! WALK TO ME, ROY!
    [Roy staggers & falls]
    Doctor Delp: ROY!
    Evil Roy Slade: I cain’t! I cain’t! I cain’t do it! Cain’t!
    Doctor Delp: You CAN do it! Try again! Try again, Roy! Come on, Roy! Come on. Come on.
    [staggers & falls again]
    Doctor Delp: Ohhhhhh!
    Evil Roy Slade: [sobbing!] I cain’t do it!
    Doctor Delp: You CAN do it!
    Evil Roy Slade: I cain’t!
    Doctor Delp: Ack! Walk to me! Ohhh, Roy walk to me you sniveling little coward! Walk!
    [Roy gets angry]
    Doctor Delp: Oooh!
    Evil Roy Slade: Who you callin’… A COWARD? Yeeeeeaahhh!
    [gets up, lunges at Delp & strangles him]
    Doctor Delp: [strangled voice] Roy! Roy, you did it. You walked without your gun!
    Evil Roy Slade: Ahh… I did! A-Ha-Ha. I walked without my gun!
    Doctor Delp: Oh Roy!
    [hugs him mumbling ‘I knew you could do it’ as Roy looks awkward]
    Evil Roy Slade: I KNEW he was one of them funny boys!

    Marshal Bing Bell: [laughs] Slade, you’ve given me trouble for the last time, the reward says dead OR alive. How you wanna go?
    [plucks guitar]
    Marshal Bing Bell: E Sharp?
    [plucks again]
    Marshal Bing Bell: or B Flat? Hmm?

    Evil Roy Slade: I ain’t gonna kill him, I’m gonna do something a lot meaner. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!
    Marshal Bing Bell: [smug] What’s that?
    Evil Roy Slade: I’m gonna shoot this guitar full of lead.
    Marshal Bing Bell: [panicking] No! No, Slade, no! No, n-n-n-not my guitar, Slade! No, it’s the only thing I ever LOVED, Slade!
    [runs in front of guitar & takes bullet]
    Marshal Bing Bell: … ‘cept ME!
    Evil Roy Slade: Whoops!

    Betsy Potter: I’m sad that there’s so much evil in your heart.
    Evil Roy Slade: It’s in my heart and in my hands, in my eyes – and a lot in my feet, I love kicking!

    Betsy Potter: I love you, Roy.
    Evil Roy Slade: Nobody’s ever said that to me before.
    Aggie Potter: Move, buzzard breath!
    Evil Roy Slade: THAT’S been said to me before.

    Evil Roy Slade: [addressing his men] Boys, as we stand here,
    ready to rob our last stage (town), I want you to remember
    the five most important things that I taught you.
    [Slade squats and writes the first letter of each word in the
    dirt with his hand]

    Evil Roy Slade: Sneaking, Lying, Arrogance, Dirtiness and Evil.
    Put them all together and they spell “Slade!”
    (or fill in da blanks:)
    M. I. R. O. N.
    B. U. R. T. U. R. L. A.
    A. L. D. R. I. C. H.
    K. E. L. L. Y.
    F. L. O. R. E. K.
    P. R. O . T. O.
    K. U. B. I. C.
    A. U. G. U. S. T.
    W. I. L. L. I. A. M. S.
    C. H. E. N. E. Y.
    sleeze slick)
    [Slade raises his hand to stop the cheers of his men]
    Evil Roy Slade: Enough warmth.

    Betsy Potter: Let’s try some arithmetic. If you had six apples and
    your neighbor took three apples. What would you have?
    Evil Roy Slade: A dead neighbor and all six apples.

    Evil Roy Slade: Darn girl. Makes me do a lotta thinkin’.
    Lemme see, a brand new name… Evil Jim Miron.
    [shakes head]
    Evil Roy Slade: Nah. Evil Fred Noland.
    [shakes head]
    Evil Roy Slade: Nah. Evil Norm Aldrich.
    [grins and then shakes head]
    Evil Roy Slade: Nah.

    [to his horse]
    Evil Roy Slade: What d’you think?
    [horse snorts]
    Evil Roy Slade: Yer too dumb.

    Michael O’Toole: Not a friend in the world.
    And that’s the only thing I’ve got to be thankful for.


  78. 78 1george1

    > Last week Cheney came out of his Darth Vader closet to
    talk about “enhanced interogation,” after Obama spoke on
    subject of NOT prosecuting “predecessors and intelligence
    communities leaders.”
    > Cheney and fellow gangsters “fear” NUREMBERG type TRIAL
    > They are all the deviant decendants of the same crew as
    the Frank Church Committee’s “COINTEL and FAMILY JEWELS”
    > They and Russians and dictators trade WEAPONS and
    and other Predatory Merchants of Deaths CASH COWS.
    – USA # 1 OIL + GAS + COCAINE imports
    – RUSSIA # 1 OIL + GAS exports
    – USA conquered & occupies IRAN: has 10 % of Worlds OIL
    RESERVES or 500 % of USA, which produces 500 % more OIL
    and NATURAL GAS.

    – USA # 1 WEAPONS + MUNITIONS exports
    – RUSSIA # 2 WEAPONS + MUNITIONS exports
    – OPEC + 3rd world are IMPORTERS of WEAPONS + MUNITIONS

    – USA # 1 in world in JAILED + PAROLE + PROBATION using
    CRIME as an excuse to use POLICE + COURTS + PRISONS
    + REHAB + ABORTION, to protect Military – Industrial –
    Congressional Complex, of WAR, CRIME, & DRUG profiteers.

    > 9/11 > POLICE – FIRE – EMS – MILITARY RAN, not walked, RAN
    towards DANGER.
    >> Where were the FIGHTER JET AIR COVER around NYC + DC?
    >> What happened to the SALES, PROFITS, and STOCK PRICES
    of WEAPONS + MUNNITIONS + OIL + GAS producers? up! Up! UP!
    >> What happened to the MEDICAL NEEDS of the MILITARY in
    IRAN + AFGHANISTAN (no armor – poor protections) and the
    PATHOGEN ILLNESS of the 9/11 rescue Volunteers?
    >> How do our SOLDIERS + POLICE + FIRE + EMS compare to
    the PAY and EQUIPMENT of Cheney’s mercy naries from

    > It allowed them to CRASH the STOCK MARKET and BUY UP
    the INVENTORY, so far.

    > They will sell into the BUYERS, CRASH it at least one more
    time, and place every USA cirizen into being their slaves.
    This includes throwing local, state, and federal pensions, pay,
    and benefits under the BUS.
    > The assassin and betrayer is always betrayed, because they
    proved the will do to anyone what they were paid to do to
    the hired targets, including betraying Public Trust!

    > A maternal cousin’s wife died today at 56 years old.

    > Terrorists like Cheney & friends are cowards and bullies.
    When Play Write first posted … … Play Write or (PLAY RIGHT)
    called the Democrats Communists and Republicans Terrorists.

    < Let Sudds and Jeze call the Play Write a conspiracy nut…

  79. 79 1george1


    Do Aliens have that kinda raw material?

    Oh I forgot Stratford is home to an unusual museum off
    Lordship Boulevard?

    Hey everyone, see the CT POST headlines about Stratford State
    Delegation standing up against Berchem’s other client Bridgeport?

    I guess they finally got a copy of the e-mail I sent to Blumenthal,
    CT. Criminal Attorney, Civil Liberties, Bar association Nader’s and
    the press the day before Labor Day weekend and after my last
    letter about “uninvestigated deaths” was published.

    Blumenthal parked yards from me at the Memorial Day ceremony.
    I did not recognize him until he was 1/2 way to the ceremony.

    So I moved over to wait for him to come back to his gas guzzler
    at the end of the ceremony.
    I guess he recognized me and my red WW II Memorial Shirt.
    I was waiting to hand him 2 of my prized bumper stickers.
    The other for his boy friend LIP LOCK LIEBERMAN.

    He sent someone to get his car as he ran away, in the other
    direction. The guy looked like a State Trooper?

    What is yellow in front and brown in back?

    The underwear of lawyers and politicians when there is a
    situation which they con not completely control.

    I laughed when I saw the latest canard about pensions and the
    airport. Their cover stories and games don’t make any sense, and
    more and more people see it for what it is.

    I know many cops and other governement workers. They are
    caught between the sleezy politics, bribes, and benefits and
    what is coming down against their families and friends.

    I strongly suspect a new revolution is coming.
    Especially after they double cross the police and military, once
    they no longer need them.

    No one believed me in the past. I am AGAINST VIOLENCE!!!
    But I foresee suicides and fragging, big time.

    When Dick Blumenthal lacks the chatzputz to walk back to
    his car, because I was sitting peacefully and wanting to give
    him my bumperstickers (he didn’t know that, but – I would
    even autograph them for him and LIP LOCK…

    But they sent me another message.

    Wake Tuesday
    Wake Wednesday

    I can not stop what they will do anyway, just like the NEW
    SUPPRESS RIGHTS, that even Burturlas and accessories (?)
    ” may ” understand ?

    All I can do is document these to the Press, Mayor, Police
    Chief, and certain other people. I try to tell the truth…
    (Shades of Martin Neimuller ….)

    Let G-d be their Judge.

    However, those in power do not believe in Angels or Demons,
    yet can be the “Great pretenders.”

    Those who can imitate Devils, can also quote scripture, create
    “Rite” illusions and pretend to be one of each of the groups they
    deceive, use, and intend to betray….

  80. 80 jezebel282


  81. 81 1george1

    Jeze –
    Did I misspell the translated Hebrew or Yiddish word for gall?

    Sometimes I check spelling. (Most of the time I don’t.)
    Often it is what a friend calls fat fingers or simple haste.

  82. 82 jezebel282

    C-h-u-t-z-p-a-h (n.) Nerve; insolence; presumption and arrogance; having large baitsim.

    As opposed to

    Cockamamie (adj.) Not credible; foolishly complicated; ridiculous; implausible; muddled.

  83. 83 1george1

    But Jeze …

    I never called you …. cock a mam ie!

    What thought process went into your choice of words?
    I thought I heard moaning when I logged on to this string?
    Maybe it was groaning?

  84. 84 jezebel282


    “What thought process went into your choice of words?”

    I dunno…it just seemed appropriate.

  85. 85 1george1



  86. 86 jezebel282


    A friend told me an area was police markered off and he
    asked what happened?

    He was told a police officer killed someone early stratford
    day, crashing a police car near the old Lavery’s / Keating.

    This appears to be a different incident.

    A close relative was elected and served a couple terms as Fire
    Chief of a very capable and successful Volunteer Fire Dept.

    I prefer full time professional and trained Fire and Police.

    Time is crucial in a Fire.
    Time can be crucial in a Police Emergency.

    I prefer to pay them well with good benefits, training, and
    pensioned out.
    I have issues with ABUSES, that even Police and Fire recognize
    as issues.
    We have many great people in municiple offices and in political
    parties who ALL KNOW the SYSTEM is subverted.

    Many recognize they themselves were over compensated, but
    are caught in webs of self interest and peer pressure.

    I am fine with POLICE making as much as they legitimately can
    make when they work. I mean honestly work.
    – Pragmatically – It helps keep cops clean.
    I am fine with POLICE doing FLAG work.

    Conversely, I believe PENSIONS probably should have been capped
    and indexed were they are competative to private industry and
    NOT a victim to inflation.
    Thus the PENSION PORTFOLIO would not be in the present situation
    and the need for “outrageous” SHORTFALL FUNDING would not exist.
    > However, some people are greedy and can be trapped in other
    peoples plans to enrich themselves, which is where Burturla has
    placed himself beyond his wildest dreams.
    > Burturla, Norm and others are also where the paper trail converges.
    > Unfortunately they bribed police, fire, and others who either want
    a face saving way out OR others who are outright thieves….

    Many of my best sources are past / present elected officials – town
    committee members / workers.
    Each knows part of the puzzle……
    Each knows people in the other party or other factions of their party
    who they feel are very wrong…..
    Many know they made choices in the past that compromise or trap
    them as being at least partly responsible…

  87. 87 jezebel282


    Hi Mike,

    I liked your post about YOUR SON and YOU GOLF outing.
    Maybe we should have water & ice stations at every hole?

    Mike we are all ego centric.
    I write from a personal perspective.
    Mike you write from a personal perspective.

    I think it is great that you and your son do things together.
    Absolutely NOTHING bad about your son – best wishes!

    But I have to tease you about YOUR ice and water stations….
    WITNESSED this:
    Some guy at Restaurant sent back his meal, because they
    had not cut up the meat and veggies ..
    Too spoiled or prissy to cut his veggies and meat? … amazing

    However, Mike. the Loschiavo kid’s situation is about public
    endangerment, as was the tire incident.

    Mike it is about the INNOCENT PEOPLE and the PEOPLE
    who do NOT CARE about endangering INNOCENTS…

    Can’t even please you when knocking people you do not like
    and agreeing with Jeze’s humane concern about innocents…

    I praise most of the police and fire as professionals
    and state some my preferences.

    However, because I do not claim to speak or write
    for other people, you interpret this as all about me?


    – OK – Straight up facts you can check in Library!

    late 1990s – each year Stratford was paying $ 2 – $ 3 million
    in Pension Obligations.

    2009 pension obligation actual cost in Miron Proposed
    Budget $ 16.7 million


    Mike since you play Golf at Short Beach,
    you may be a Town Resident.
    If so, your Mil rate is about 30.5
    A single Mil is $ 4.5 Million

    – divide $ 4.5 M into $ 16.7 M = 3.71 Mils

    – divide 3.71 Mils into 30.5 Mils = 12.16 %
    of YOUR TAXES go to just 630 retired people.

    – Then add $ 16 K Health Insurance, which is
    about 1/2 the cost of the AVERAGE PENSION.
    This mean 18 % of YOUR TAXES goes just to the
    PENSIONS and HEALTH INSURANCE of 630 reetired
    people, who no longer provide ANY SERVICES to
    the Town of Stratford.

    – Please correct my math, Mike
    – Is it possible that almost 20 % of taxes collected
    from the Town Tax Payers go JUST to Retirements
    and Health Benefits of 630 people?

    Back in the late 1990s
    Pension cost were $ 2 – $ 3 Million

    Total Town Attorney Fees were $ 222,000 +


    Now in 2009, direct from the Website Proposed Budget.
    Pension cost in 2009 =16,726,494

    Town Attorney Budget:

    YEAR+ACTUAL DOLLARS…FY 2006 ….FY 2007 ….FY 2008
    Payroll – Regular ………..35,447 ……53,896 …….58,933 …….
    Printing & Stationery ……..614 ……… 423 ………..634
    Law Library ……………….9,927 ……11,414 ……..16,132
    Legal Salaries & Fees …613,203 …..666,965 ….. 775,361
    Court Costs ……………149,654 …….121,012….. 228,851
    Liability …………………450,231 …… 333,565 … 528,194 … 1,217,217*

    * PROJECTED under Seal for a certain police applicant
    1,259,076 1,187,275 1,608,104

    I wonder if LEGAL work was done by $ 59,000 secretary
    then there would be higher cost for
    Printing & Stationery
    and lower cost for
    Legal Salaries & Fees

    But then I wonder about
    1998 >> $ 222,000
    2006 >> $ 613,203 ($ 666 was monthly stipend)*
    2007 >> $ 666,965 > $ 775,361

    But then it is all about me, where you get simple
    fact put on your plate ….
    I even cut up the
    cut the cheese cake
    and shook the martini

    Mike – glad to serve you!

  88. 88 jezebel282


    The numbers under the line PROJECTED
    are the TOTALS actually spent in the
    Town Attorney office in 2006 – 2007 – 2008

  89. 89 1george1

    I completely believe the below belongs on red light/green light
    or power failure …. however based on Jeze past actions ….

    John Fahan
    Maybe 30s? Slender. Maybe 6′?
    Wife had baby boy within the Year.
    Worked for Gavin’s election.

    Member of Dem party – from Stamford, as a Stamford Transplant,
    he moved here in the last couple of years.

    He was on the Charter Revision Commission.
    – They took him over me and others. I only lived here since 1978.

    He was the CRC sponsor against BUDGET REFERENDUMS.
    – In other words, sudds, he is against you having a petition right or
    vote right on how much money is spent.

    I suspect he has a job waiting for him after he helps Burturla ruin
    the Town, as a Town Councilor.

    While GAVIN threw some verbal high hard ones under Burturla’s
    chin Monday night, in a convincing fashion, I find sometimes
    things are an ACT or the party members KISS and MAKE UP, for
    the good of the PARTY (ever the Town?)

    GAVINS parting words Monday night was that he was going to
    become UNAFFILIATED.

    GAVIN is the ONLY person I can not figure out?

    I have no doubt about his public service.
    I loved his calling Miron a NUT months ago.
    I loved his publicly stating he chaired the CRC # 1 and there
    were INTENDED to be CHECKS and BALANCES, but the Charter
    s—s and does NOT WORK.

    If GAVIN ran for MAYOR – he would either win or slice 30 to 70 %
    of Miron’s vote and open door for COSTELLO
    (Bridgeport control of Town Hall & another POLICE suspect)

    HARKINS and BEST might cancel each other out.
    Under NORM, I mean CRUDO, the Republicans are trying to change
    the BUY LAWS, I mean the BY LAWS, because they can not get a
    QUARUM, since they (& Kelly/williams) backstabbed Paul Joy.

    Very few people went to BEST Fund Raiser at Mulberry Street east,
    I mean Harborside.
    Harkins had 140 people at Johnny’s with about 1/2 his Funding from
    outta town…. (Lotta $ 100 bills, which most have Cocaine on them)
    Rumor is Miron had $ 35,000 funneled thru flunkies from Berchem as
    of a couple months ago.
    Dom’s fund raiser is at NORM’S Fun house – Mill River C C.

    Back in 1998, I first started going to Town Council Meetings.
    I wondered how the USA became over run by Cocaine?

    After seeing the type of SOME of the people involved in Politics,
    Law Enforcement, Legal Profession, and Business and their ethical,
    moral, human, legal boundries and actions …… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  90. 90 1george1

    I believe this belongs in Power Failure.
    But to save Jeze time & effort ….

    Good news / Bad news.

    I believe the plan all along has been to delay things until the Town
    Charter, Town Attorney, Police, Congress and President were all
    from the same Tammany Columbian Crime Family.

    Sell Long Beach West – Bridgeport will some how wind up with it.
    Pleasure Beach + Steal (steel) Point + East Side to Boston Av GE
    will finally be developed along with AVCO + whatever the airport
    will become. I believe we will see SEVERAL THOUSAND CLUSTER
    CONDOS, flooding our school system.

    Berchem syndicate becomes even richer and more powerful as
    the exclusive sales agents for
    1 – thousands of condos, which all need 2 lawyers to close
    Real Estate Transactions. (Kelly – Jackson – Bishop prospered on
    the Stratford residential exodus, specializing in R. E. …)

    2 – real estate appraisal (know any Mayoral candidates?)

    3 – insurance companies with water line expertise (know any
    Mayoral candidates/existing Town Councilor?)

    4 – Basement waterproofing to Construction Companies (know
    any elected Town officials?)

    5 – Street and Major Construction (know any Town Councilor?)

    6 – Building and Remodeling (know any past/present Town Councilor?)

    7 – Building needs for expanding the school system and need for
    teachers (Know any law firms with 23 Board of Ed as clients, and
    whose un-named partner has avaraged over $ 350,000 since 1996,
    while his wife is a each and brother is top cop & former top cop
    in homeland (or is it FATHER LAND) security.

    Good news: Tax Base increases

    Bad news: Tax Rate go much higher due to needs, to build schools
    add new teachers, add more police for younger demographics, add
    more firemen and equipment for the new 20 story cluster condos.

    Can’t happen?

    “Hey this is Stratford!”

    Know any police who protect and serve … people other than patrons
    and their own interest?

    I do. But they can’t rock the boat.

    At least in the song, the USA is the LAND of the FREE
    and the HOME of the BRAVE.

    Kinda like those empty, meaningless words in the unkept PLEDGE .. ..


    A L L !!!

  91. 91 jezebel282


    “But to save Jeze time & effort ….”

    Thank you so much!


  92. 92 1george1

    In politics, there are no such things as “co-incidents.”

    Makes me wonder about “purview” of CRC # 1 + # 2,
    AND Gavin & Kubic posturing with Burturla.

  93. 93 jezebel282


    “Makes me wonder…”

    I suppose that’s fair. We wonder about you too.


  94. 94 1george1

    “If only we could get an independent canditate who is sane
    enough to actually ger elected!!! ”

    I make no claims about sanity clause.
    I do make claims about honesty & good government (oxymoron)

    Who else is not taking anyone elses money for donations?
    Who else challenges people with things they do not want to believe?
    > Being dishonest or less than fully honest could build my credibility
    couldn’t it, Suddsie boy?

    Can I ask you one small favor?

    Please rent the 1974 movie “3 Days of the Condor.”

    Does it or does it not suggest:

    1 – Secret CIA operations in Mid East, Africa, & South America?

    2 – A war gamed War in the Mid – East

    3 – Finding secret codes and messages in Books, Magazines,
    Newspapers, various media – etc.

    Several years ago, after 9/11, Admiral Poindexter from Iran Contra
    fame made headlines about using Hollywood writers and technology
    in the study of war game situations.

    You can find it all on the internet.

    Last point
    While all the other candidates have their brand of insanity,
    I will stand by what I have found, learned, and written.
    Even if I am insane, does that mean I am INCORRECT?

  95. Mayor, council tangle over Stratford gardens
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 06/16/2009 11:08:00 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — The Town Council has approved a resolution to kill a recent agreement signed by Mayor James R. Miron and state Rep. Terry Backer, D-Stratford, to lease parcels for the town’s first community gardens on the former Pirhala Farm near Bunnell High School.

    The council’s action, passed unanimously despite a contrary legal opinion by Town Attorney Richard Buturla, raises questions about whether, under the town’s charter, the legislative or executive branch of government has the ultimate authority to approve lease and operating agreements.

    Miron and Buturla contend the mayor and Backer, who is also the Long Island Soundkeeper, signed an “operating agreement” rather than lease, and that the charter allows the mayor to sign such pacts without council approval.

    But council leaders countered that whatever the agreement is called, it is a lease that must be approved by the council — and only after bids are reviewed.

    The resolution allows the 53 vegetable and flower parcels already leased to residents for a $20 fee this summer to stay in place, but calls for rebidding use of the former farmland next year. Council members said they also want to include an agricultural curriculum in local schools the mayor last year vowed would be part of the project.

    “This is an operating agreement, not a lease agreement, and it is my opinion the mayor acted within the parameters of the town charter in taking action for establishment of community gardens



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    to be run through the state Soundkeeper’s office,” Buturla said.

    But Council Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, and Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9, disagree.

    “I don’t care what you call this, it’s a lease agreement and the mayor should not have entered into it without council approval,” Kubic said.

    Julian said the mayor is “trying to justify” signing the agreement without council approval by calling it an operating agreement. The resolution states “the rights granted to residents to raise vegetables on the Pirhala Farm property are hereby ratified and approved by the Town Council for the year of 2009 only and that a report be provided on a monthly basis by [Mayor] James Miron, to the council as to the status of the project.”

    The mayor “does not have the authority to grant interests set forth in the town charter and any such attempt is void and invalid by the charter,” the resolution asserts.

    The action also includes voiding a contract awarded by Miron for a new concessionaire lease at Short Beach to Salce Construction. “The sale, leasing, management, improvement and control of town-owned property must be reviewed by the council,” the resolution states.

    “You have very eloquently made a great case for charter revision,” Councilman Gavin Forrester D-3, told Buturla. Forrester, chairman of the former charter panel that recommended a change from a town manager to mayoral form of government, added, “This just shows there are no checks and balances.”

    Backer, angered by the council resolution, called the action “just another example of Stratford politics 101. Every time you try to do something positive in this town, somebody is hell bent on killing it.”

  96. 96 sudds


    How dare you post this without giving us all of the information???

    For cripes’ sake woman… what’s the rule…

    “New York Mom Lost 47 lbs Following 1 rule!” 😛

  97. 97 1george1

    If there was concern about SAFETY, the FAA would demand to have
    RADAR on site.

    If radar was a cost issue it would only cost a couple thousand $$
    for a couple of cable runs and a table top RADAR CONSOLE /

    As of now, a couple of Air Traffic controllers monitor the sky
    with …. binoculars. So what good is it in FOG?

    The Air Traffic controllers are subcontractors, NOT government
    employees. Almost all of them are ex-military and GREAT GUYS.
    I have been friends with several for many years, as they rotate in
    and rotate out to better gigs.

    If there were RADAR, the subcontract company would lose the gig.
    I am told if RADAR is on site, then must be government people.

    I was friends witht the Airport Security people, which is why I know
    of a window of 8 to 10 hours a night, when there is NO SECURITY.
    > Convenient for COCAINE SMUGGLING to pay for AIRPLANES and COSTS
    related to a hobby that is NOT inexpensive?
    >Convenient for TERRORIST like AL QAEDA, if there really ever was a
    threat to the USA, not caused by OIL + WEAPONS + MUNITIONS +
    SECURITY INDUSTRIES whose BUDGETS all expand due to willful
    failures like WAR on TERROR – WAR on DRUGS – POVERTY – CRIME!

    like those who RAN, not WALKED, but RAN towards DANGER on 9/11!

    The Town Council Meeting, an old timer (apparently charles blitzer)
    came up to me with one of those looks on his face (I know something
    you don’t know) and told me he would have letter to editor in the
    paper about the Airport and Safety.
    Sure enough it was in that THURSDAY’S STAR.
    FRIDAY was the “accident”
    Then the letter was printed in the CT. POST.

    Marcia and someone else responded.

    Wednesday TOP of the FRONT PAGE was Police: Miron / LoSchiavo /
    Burturla mess, with sources lined up as if by competent prosecutors.

    Wednesday SIDE of the FRONT PAGE was ARTICLE about BRIDGEPORT
    winning a COURT JUDGEMENT about LAND from the ARMY.
    Stratford was NOT party to the COURT CASE.
    However the LAND in question is part of the ARMY LAND that could
    come to Stratford and bolster economic development.
    Where was the Stratford Town Attorney filing on this?
    Oh, I forgot – according to the BERCHEM Website – they LIST BOTH
    Stratford and Bridgeport as clients. And Airport issues cause billing!
    – One of the few times they should be actively involved in something?
    BOTH stories continued on page 10. TOO CO-INCIDENTAL?

    Weizel quoted Morgan, whose pictures appear in the CT. POST
    newspaper and is naturally an Airport advocate.

    WEDNESDAY on Letters to the Editor were 3 VERY, VERY, VERY WELL
    writen Letters by Friends of the Airport.
    > Actually, because these Letters were so VERY well writen and
    complimented each other, with ZERO redundancy, and read like
    a 3 part LONG LETTER / EDITORIAL, I wonder who proctored them?

    I wonder why the CT. POST Editorial Staff has NEVER been willing
    to meet openly with Stratford Reisdents?

    related to the AIRPORT?

    I wonder why the CT POST – NEVER writes about COCAINE traffic?
    Actually they cover Murder Trials and mention FABRIZI’S HABIT.
    I wonder if the politicians get their COCAINE from the AIRPORT?

    NEVER COCAINE traffick at the Airport?
    Not according to members of the Flying Club and various owners
    of Aircraft, and various workers at the Airport.
    Many of them live in Stratford and have first and second hand
    knowledge. However, what I post is only HEARSAY, but I HEARD
    what these MEN and WOMEN SAY about 30 + years of COCAINE

    FAA – Wasn’t that the organization that ALLOWED the 9/11 crashes
    and could not get the military to have JETS scrambled and intercept
    the second and third JETS on 9/11 – or intercept the first?
    – However crashing the WORLD TRADE CENTER was a preluded to
    crashing CAPITALISM in September 2007.
    – However crashing into the PEN TAG ON was a necessary preluded to
    MILITARY SUPPLIES – building their PROFITS so they could BUY up the
    Businesses they didn’t own, by crashing CAPITALISM in September 2007.
    – We have at least one more HUGE DROP in the DOW, which will be the

    The FEDS and BRIDGEPORT / HARTFORD will do what it pleases in the
    AIRPORT + BRIDGEPORT / STRATFORD / VALLEY – bringing long over due
    economic development – but wholly owned,
    > And your children will be their perpetual slaves….

  98. 98 1george1

    I expect to get tin foil hat comments and welcome every constructive
    and destructive comment and observation.

    I post information and opinions.

    I get attacked.

    I see feed back and different points of views.

    Readers can separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Some of those readers are Town councilors and family.
    That causes them to have some basis for thoughts & deeds.

    Some of the readers are police, fire, pw, town hall – on both
    or several sides of issues. They get educated into a view that
    is not SELF REINFORCING, by their peer groups’ vested interest.

    While most of the readers are anti-miron and a few pro miron
    The Mirons / Burturlas / LoSchiavos are simply greedy fools,
    not dissimilar to “some” of their critics.

    There are real enemies and they have INTERESTS from DC, NYC,
    HARTFORD, BRIDGEPORT, and surrounding Towns.

    Regardless about your feeling on CONSPIRACY THEORIES ….
    No one can blog, Ihaven’t been trying to warn you.
    My enemies ….. are YOUR REAL ENEMIES!

  99. 99 jezebel282


    Have you ever thought about contacting Reynolds Aluminum or Alcoa as a Business Development Manager for Fairfield County?

  100. 100 1george1


    I just want to say THANK YOU, again, for:

    This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has demonstrated
    over the years a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens
    of Stratford.
    As far as we can tell, he does not lie, he does not seek benefit
    for himself, he does not make unethical deals and he pretty much
    says what he means.

    (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)
    Rich People and Intellectuals are called GESTALTISTS
    Poor People and undeGREED smacks are called PARANOID

    View the 1970s movie “3 Days of the Condor.”

    Condor is Robert Redford’s fictional character CIA Code name.
    > No, I am at the other end of the looks spectrum …

    Condor’s job is to read anything and everything for the CIA.
    They are called analysts.
    > I am not on CIA payrole. My reading is diverse. I have been called ..

    Condor’s job is to look for hidden codes within reading material.
    > If you have read some of my Letters to the Editor and blogs,
    you would see I find things within writing that are cross culture
    and cross lingual coded thing and in number / letter codes –
    nomclature and numerologic confluences.

    Condor found a CIA within the CIA.
    > I found many worker bees in the Intelligence Community / Military
    / Government / Private Sector, may be working against “their own”
    and “our own” interest.

    Condor found a CIA COVERT operation was dealing in OIL, because
    the CODES he found were in ARABIC, SPANISH, DUTCH, & ENGLISH.
    > If you GOOGLE members of OPEC, you would find their members

    In this 1970s fictional movie, Condor finds a CIA COVERT PLAN to
    create a WAR in the MID-EAST over OIL.
    Israeli v Arab (egypt – syria – lebanon – ??)
    Iran v Iraq
    PLO v Israel
    HAMAS v Israel
    SADDAM v Kuwait
    SADDAM v USA 1 & 2
    AL QAEDA v Israel – USA

    USA sitting on IRAQ with 10 % of the World’s OIL RESERVES.
    RUSSIA # 1 in WORLD OIL + GAS EXPORTS reversing 1998
    economic problems.
    RUSSIA # 2 in WORLD Weapons + Munnitions Exports
    USA # 1 in WORLD Weapons + Munnitions Exports

    USA # 1 in WORLD imports: COCAINE – OPIUM – GAS – OIL – COAL

    Can buy a lot of DJIA + NASDAQ stocks with money from DRUG and

    – Is the Trilateral Commission a modern version of colonial Triangle trade?
    > SLAVES > for RAW MATERIALS and precious Metals > for Finished Goods
    and colonial rulers / soldiers
    > OIL / GAS / DRUGS / OIL / GAS > CASH

    – someone explain Macro economics and VOO DOO economics and
    FUZZY MATH and FAGIN-omics ..

  101. 101 jezebel282


    You’re welcome.

    By the way, you do know that 3 Days of the Condor was a movie not a documentary don’t you?

  102. 102 sudds

    Jez, i want to thank you forthis page too… because I know that I can just skip right over George’s postings on it!!! 😛

  103. 103 jezebel282


    Did they suspend play? Are you sending from under a tent at the Open? Hopefully you are wet and cold…..

  104. 104 1george1

    I posted this elsewhere.

    I will e-mail copies to GAVIN, JEZE, KOVACH, and WEIZEL

    What was it that Joe Louis said about Max Schmelling?

    Sudds wrote:
    in case anyone wants to contact the members of the
    Pension Board prior to their meeting on Monday…

    Geo FYI:
    I do not think I missed more than 2 Pension Board Meetings
    in 2 years. I even showed up last month on tuesday, the
    day after the Holidaym where a meeting is normally moved,
    when there is a Holiday, such as Memorial Day in May.

    If any bloggers (other the Jeze / Gavin / Jon) bothered to attend
    these meetings you might learn about which you blog?

    I expressed an opinion about a certain potential pension?

    A member of the pension board apparently contacted Jeze,
    with clarification, which looked like Gavin’s type of info.

    Fahan worked on Gavin’s campaign.
    Fahan was on the C.R.C. # 2
    Fahan proposed NO BUDGET REFERENDUM.
    To some of the bloggers, some of them who are parasites
    similar to Soviet Communist Party insiders who believe some
    are more equal than others, NO REFERENDUM ranks as an
    endorsement as a license to STEAL.

    I consider many on the CRCs, party committees, and the
    lawyers, little better than fascist theives.

    In their non political lives they are often respectable as
    good family people, pillars of the community, and do many
    good things.

    I consider many Democrats, Republicans, Town / Government
    Workers to be decent, honest, and patriotic, who even are
    willing to act againt their own interest, if they believed it
    would make a difference?

    My hero, Ed Hargus, annually would shuffle to the Public Forum
    Initially, I would shudder.

    As the years passed …..

    Jon & Gavin have worked for years as volunteers saving lives in
    EMS, beyond their Public Service.
    Yet with Property taxes about 30 % higher than they should be,
    due to the delays in economic Development in AVCO / SAEP,
    SHAKESPEARE, and the General Exodus ….
    Yet with their COMPLETE SILENCE on pension from under $ 3
    million a year in the 1990s to $ 16.7 million now
    Yet with unfunded mandates, poor investing, poor revenues,
    lack of movement on council approved grant solicitation.
    Yet with steered Benefits, contracts, change orders
    Yet with silence on nuances of the law, especially the Town
    Charter real dangers, except for perhaps posturing for plausible
    deniability ….

    Jon and Gavin I directly challenge each of you to issue press
    releases explaining specifics and details of behind the scenes
    probles caused by the political parties….

    Since the 1990s, how many of the GREATEST GENERATION got
    sick and died, because of the financial strain on fixed income
    or low income, while pensions which should be a good $ 24,000
    have 300 people above that with 200 over $ 30,000 and many over
    $ 40,000

    GAVIN and JON – How many times have you gone on an EMS call
    where someone died, because of your POLITICAL COWARDICE?

    YOU have to LOOK your selves in the MIRROR!

    YOU have to SLEEP at NIGHT!

    My political opinions is BURTURLA – KELLY – FLOREK – WILLIAMS
    – NORM – ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATES – OTHERS are simply greedy,
    ignorant, self absorbed, uncaring sluts…..

    But you see people DIED, whose deaths were indirectly caused

    I will be at the PENSION BOARD MEETING, Sudds, as will Gavin,
    who should hit the ceiling when he reads this ….

    I believe GAVIN and JON, despite their differences care about
    people and care about STRATFORD.


  105. 105 1george1

    I e-mailed to those noted above to MAN UP.

    Tonight, will I see the OUT RAGED temper of GAVIN or the PUPPY DOG
    with his TAIL between his LEGS, because he is ashamed of real agenda?

    If I see and hear the OUTRAGED, will it be real, or staged? 😉

    I wonder what Generic considers an out rageous sum of money.
    Two months ago, I was told Miron had $ 35,000 in his Treasury
    and a different source claimed Harkins had under $ 15,000.

    At, the Mill River Country Club Fund Raiser Crudo claimed they
    raised over $ 12,000 between tickets and program and Sales.
    > I wonder if that was NET or GROSS?
    > Reason I mention, is I wonder if Crudo knows difference?
    > Afterall, look who he is good friends with?

    I am flattered Crudo’s daughter is working as a Bartender at a
    certain Bar, where rumor is that she was hired by the owner,
    as a favor related to an allleged gambling debt? Who knows?
    Owner is a former Bridgeport HS Teacher.
    (whose Lawyer is a Bridgeport politician whose name happens
    to be the same name as my father = remarkable coincidence!?)

    I am flattered to see certain Miron supporters there too.
    Amazing the coincidence of the Timing after I announced I would
    pull out of the FAC, to run for political office.

    Generic and others:
    NOTICE: Neither the D nor the R, ever dare dispute FACTS in my Letters
    to the Editor?
    NOTICE: The D & R placed me on the FAC and the ONLY issue the Town
    Council assigned for over 1 year was to IDENTIFY the JAN 2008 POLICE
    PENSIONS ABUSES and to claim NONE of the POLICE had WRONG DOING?

    SPECULATION: If I was part of the TIER Police and FIRE UNION, does it
    appear that certain people were SET UP for MAXIMUM benefit and the
    others would be STIFFED and SCAPE GOATED? (Guilt by Association)

  106. 106 1george1

    I attended the PENSION MEETING, a little late.

    PENSION INVESTMENTS had OVER a 14 % return the last 3 months.
    Unfortunately the portfolio only got back to November levels of
    $ 83 Million, due to over $ 1.4 million a month obligations.

    Mr. Lee believes in the long term strategy and not market timing.
    I got killed last year, as I NEVER expected the FEDS to pull the plug
    on the economy BEFORE a PRESIDENTIAL election.
    Unfortunately Democrats being Democrats and Republicans being
    Republicans ….

    If you go to a 10 year chart, you will see the latest TEST of a BOTTOM
    back in 2003.
    DJIA hits a LOW
    It bounces for a few months
    DJIA drops dramatically.
    DJIA get near past LOW, but does not break the LOW
    DJIA bounces, to a BULL MARKET

    There are a few obvious past similarities.
    They call it technical analysis.

    I have believed DJIA can break 7,000 and TEST the LOW.

    I believe Mr. Lee may have ROSY SCENARIO and KUBIC is right.
    KUBIC stated he is on Board of Directors of SIKORSKY CREDIT
    UNION (whole different SET of ISSUES) and what Businesses
    are seeing and what they are hearing about CREDIT CARDS
    and other ISSUES ….. KUBIC is worried and wondered if the
    PENSION PORTFOLIO would be vulnerable.

    DAVE from Public Works, told me over 1 year ago he trades
    based on MOVING AVERAGES. He BUYS certain times when

    Of course MOVING AVERAGES get broken each way, yet there
    are warning signs and opportunity signs.
    The DJIA is trading in a BAND near HIGHS of MOVING AVERAGES.

    Recently there were people coming out and INVESTING because
    they FEARED missing the 40 % increase from a BOTTOM.
    What many do not realize, is that certain TRADERS are happy to
    TAKE PROFIT and sit on sidelines, when they see the PUBLIC get
    back into the MARKET.

  107. 107 1george1

    I was late to the PENSION MEETING.
    I stay late to talk to Mr. Lee about his thinking.

    The sign up passed and people started speaking.

    Marcia spoke on a Horseshoe Crab resolution.

    Cybart claimed the Fire Truck now listed for $ 670,000 is over priced
    with extra bells and whistles (LITERALLY & FIGURETIVELY)
    Cybart felt a NEW Fire Truck could behad for about $ 450,000 and
    there was a show (in MA?) this week end.

    Most of the speakers were suppporting Bonding money for the
    magnet school

    I believe Miron’s grant writer or office, found there would be
    changes in formula, allowing a savings about $ 1 million.
    – Kubic, Julian, and Henrich of the Council pointed out they
    were working on this project for 1 year and only recently found
    out about the higher %% off, if they Bonded before June 30.

    Generally I supported the issues, except
    1 – I pointed out from $ 450 to $ 670 is $ 220 k increase or about
    a 50 % increase. Could that money be better spent to KIDS?

    2 – I pointed out the FIRE HOUSE as proposed by SILHAVEY was
    under $ 2 million. NOW it COST OVER $ 7 Million and counting.
    Couldn’t that $ 5 – 6 Million be spent on KIDS or SENIORS or saved?

    – Even the one chose, a couple $ 100 k higher, to local Antinozzi,
    was still under $ 2 million. After the elections, DeCilio, before he
    went to the dark side, asked where the huge increase to over
    $ 2.5 Million came from?
    – As Council Chair in 2007, Feehan wonder how is it that the FIRE
    HOUSE which needed replacing, WAS NOW capable of being EMS HQ
    for a couple Million renovation and why did they SPEND over $ 7 million
    and counting.

    3 – I have been told by Finance People over the years that unfunded
    mandates exceed $ 5,000,0000 ($ 5 million) a year on Town AND BoE.
    Over a 14 year period (since Burturla was Town Attorney) that equals
    about $ 140 – $ 150 Million, which could have paid off the TOWN DEBT
    of $ 160 Million (ADD in the COSTS of INTEREST, BONDING, etc)

    4 – Add in $ 60 million in ECS – Education Cost Sharing – shortfall over a
    shorter period of time, yet meanwhile Berchem Moses accumulated
    23 Boards of Education? Who have they been representing/helping?

    5 – Add in the estimated $ 90 million extra PENSION COST since 2002
    Transfer of PENSION OBLIGATION to the PUBLIC, from the 1998 BOND
    of $ 95,000,000.
    In late 1990s, the total PENSION OBLIGATIONS were under $ 3 million
    2009 PENSION OBLIGATIONS are $ 16.7 million or 3.71 Mils on a Mil
    Rate of 30.37 (which I expect to be lowered this week?)

    6 – If the Democratic and Republican parties were honest and responsible,
    I believe the Mil Rate and Budget could be 30 % lower, with more money
    for the kids and services?

    How would that affect the BUSINESS EXODUS, supposedly development?

    7 – If the $ 2 to $ 4 Billion AVCO SAEP Project and the potential to double
    that with AIRPORT acquisition, had transitioned in 1992 and Shakespeare
    was promptly maintained and reopened as a privately run leased operation,

    how would that affected a BUSINESS EXODUS, supposedly development?

    Why was AVCO SAEP NEVER a SUPERFUND SITE and promptly cleaned up,
    on the ARMY’S / EPA’S Federal NICKEL?
    > If it was ARMY cleaned up, would it be more attractive to investors?
    > AVCO SAEP = 78 Acres / RAYMARK = 33 Acres
    > AVCO = Chromium and deadly poisons / RAYMARK PCB + Asbestos?

    Is there STEERING by certain people,
    “who happen” to be ISSUING WARRANTS
    to what many people believe are good cops (or better cops?)?

    I know if I was the attorney for defendant police who claim to ACT for
    the Public Interest, I would be looking to make an anti-corruption
    defense and want to “go to pattern…..”

    Hmmm ….

    If a certain person I know who reads this blog, does not see this post,
    friends of his should direct it to him …. (or her)

  108. 108 1george1

    Gavin showed his class by giving me a chance to speak,
    at Monday Night’s Public Forum, after everyone was
    finished speaking.

    I forgot that I mentioned (and Gavin took note of it)
    1. that the Stratford HS is a mess on HV/AC.
    2. Superintendent Cornish raised idea of moving SHS to Wooster Middle.
    3. Magnet Schools have land / size to replace Wooster Middle School.

    Generally I support the bonding to improve the magnet school, but
    what are the long term plans / benefits about bigger issues.

    I believe this may have triggered Alvin to raise issues about whether
    there was an Emergency related to work on Stratford HS Heating
    and other work.
    I believe Julian, Kubic, Henrich, Dempsey, Amy, and maybe Gavin
    joined in the discussion.
    They even bought Town Engineer John Casey up for questions.
    Dempsey suggested tabling to get more information.

    MY OPINIONS to ignore as you please:
    I find that although I am not liked by the Town Council generally,
    I do raise issues that help them as they do try to honestly do good
    for the Town ON MOST ISSUES.

    I know Mayor Miron did not like my bringing up the above issues,
    especially my supporting of the issue Cybart raised, nor the Fire
    Station issue.

    I know Finance Director Norko and I have diametric views on Pension
    Bond and some other stuff.

    However, people who know many of them have come back to me with
    – “That f***in Mulligan is a pain-in-the-***, but he does his research,
    knows carp from years before our time / or during our time, and the
    carp he brings up, sometimes helps us see something we had not seen.”

    I am unsure of where Gavin’s head is … he frustrates me.

    I 100 % believe he is the best and brightest the town has to offer,
    among potential Mayoral candidates, in no small part due to his
    financial knowledge, public service, love for the town, decency,
    unwillingness to just take carp, intelligence, and detail orientation,
    among other things.

    However, I could not support ANY candidate who is against BUDGET
    REFERENDUMS and/or 1st Amendment Rights process embodied by
    Grandfathered Rights of Initiative, Petition, and Referendum causal
    for mandated Ordinace legislations.

    Further, I could not support people silent on what I believe is
    effectual bribery towards HUGE RIPOFF of AIRPORT / AVCO – SAEP /
    SHAKESPEARE / RAYMARK dumpsites delays / Economic delays /
    STEERED contracts – Change Orders.

    GAVIN is far, far too smart, to NOT know what is happening.
    GAVIN is far, far too pricipled to be HAPPY about same.

    If the GAVIN I believe in MANS UP and if others in both POLITICAL
    things. than STRATFORD can and should be the STAR of CT. and
    FAIRFIELD COUNTY, despite, not because of the clown committees
    at local / state / feds.

    I am not a fan of Henrick or Kubic. But they have their moments where
    I respect what they could do.

    Alvin has learned and worked for 6 years.

    Amy has more b***s than some of the guys, and her heart is in the right
    place, although she is still captive of certain ideology, which is GOOD
    and BAD.

    Emma is a NO SHOW, too often.

    Julian is capable, when it gets his interest. He drank the cool aid.

    Dempsey, knows the ropes. He chooses to sit back.

    Stroomer is exceptionally organized. He guzzled the Kool Aid and has
    no clue of just how bad the people he trusts and backs hurt people.

    As mentioned Henrick has his moments, but he choose to help mix the
    cool aid, as has Kubic, who absolutely should know better on some of
    his decisions.

    Jim Miron is capable in some areas and sometimes eloquent, but he is a
    party hack, and I believe was put out to dry in the wind. His examples
    and role models are people DC Comics could not even create …

    Esq. Burturla is simply greedy and part of a culture my favorite blogger
    PCS, best described the other day.
    The system and culture of what is ACCEPTED is just plain pernicious,
    malevolent, insidious, and invidious, including the abuses within the
    reconstruction and reconstitution of the Ethics Commission!

    I believe Schirillo, William Cabral, Lou DeCilio, among others bought into
    the Burturla / Kelly / Florek / D. Miron mindset and betrayed me and
    themselves related to Mossman and reasons I came to the Town Council
    in 1998, related to a series of deaths. That is the reason I consider many

    Not all … but certain people.

    Conversely Carol Cabral has shown integrity and decency in my years of
    dealing with her, that I wish other had. There are many people like her
    in my Town Dealings. I believe in the CORE integrity of people!

    Until one IDENTIFIES a PROBLEM – One can not create a SOLUTION.
    My postures and positions are designed to probe, fact find, cause
    thought, evince affirmative and beneficial solutions.

    Unfortunately when DICK was more involved, my position would create

    I am not perfect.
    I do not expect perfection of anyone.
    Sometimes party politics, even steering can be in Public Interests.

    There is a legitimate need for diversity of political opinions and acts.
    I truly, truly try to confine my views to political decisions and acts,
    and NOT as personal, DESPITE the FACT that NO ONE has had MORE
    CAUSE than I to QUESTION (in my mind) PERSONAL MOTIVES leading

  109. 109 1george1

    Anticipation … Tin foil hat alert – but it is the real bottom line.

    I did not know I was so multi-lingual. 8)
    Always wanted to be a cunning linguist! 🙂

    You enemy (D. Miron + D Burturla)
    Protects / fronts for Mine Enemy.
    ergo – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Jim + Esq. used exact same tactics vs. your friends as were used
    against my Southport USPS coworker 12/84 – 4/88.
    We were stable with no problems involving OUTSIDE from
    before I was hired 9/1971 to 12/1984.

    Burturlas / Mirons were raised up at that time, by same people
    who were behind those who hurt us = the USA equivalent of KGB,
    within the political / justice / intelligance system.

    When my dad, a WW II Combat Vet was hired by Fairfield USPO
    (NOT USPS, but USPO – Cabinette position when Nixon started
    and part of the US Intelligence Community with ALL MANAGERS
    being POLITICAL APPOINTEES) it was slightly different than after

    When my dad, a WW II Combat Vet was proctored by ARMY G – 2
    Military intelligence into writing article published in Bpt HERALD.

    It had ICONS embedded in it that were well OVER his EDUCATION!!


    These were NOT allies during WW II, which escentially was
    between the anti Holy Roman Empire countries and the NON
    Holy Roman Empire countries…..
    It was ostensibly between Royal Countries and ANTI ROYALTY.

    However, it was really about changing the COLONIAL EMPIRES
    and EMPIRES / KINGDOMS to be supposedly under PEOPLES
    Republics like the USA & USSSR.

    It was all a GAME, for those in power to stay in power pitting
    peoples and hierachy against each other.

    Same thing has happened in Stratford, with those who boosted
    Miron / Burturla also setting up various other people, including
    many of the viewer/readers and ESPECIALLY ME and MINE.

    Will everyone still dance to PUPPET MASTERS?

  110. 110 1george1

    Jeze sometimes surprizes me.
    In case ..

    No offense to Fred, but Kovach is better reporter and more open.
    Almost like having a built in replacement for Tris DeRoma, who also
    had integrity and open mindedness,.
    Tris delicately printed what he saw, reading between the lines:

    I sent this letter to editor early in the week.
    Kovachs did a brilliant job with the LAYOUT.
    indented each of 9 key issues in last 2/3rd
    of letter and gave space between each.

    June 23, 2009 Letter to the Editor:
    George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford, CT. 06615

    Peripeteia Cultural Memetics: and

    In my marketing career, I sell nothing. I simply create buying opportunity and desire to “want to act.”

    My website is 2 years old and can not be adjusted. My website has just started and shall grow in informational progress. In a political gambit, I offer my example, to start a movement, to get YOU to WANT to run for political office.

    The Public Interest Enactor is registered as a Stratford CT. political party ballot line for November for five political offices. All five offices are in my name, alone. It only took a single cosigner and 25 CT. Registered Voters to start a political party, which qualifies for the next election, if a candidate gets
    1% of that vote cast, November 2009.

    By turning in to the Town Clerk, only 15 petition signatures of specific elector positions I qualified for: Town Council District #3; Zoning Board of Appeals; and Planning.

    I withdrew from running for Board or Education, because I wanted a “separate petition” to run for Stratford CT. Mayor, where I shall need over 156 registered votes. Isn’t that easy?

    You have until August 5th for you to get petitions and your signatures run for political office, yourself!

    Yet, why should you want to give up a few nights a month to attempt to create better government?

    * I believe cornucopia can replace zero sum politics. If Stratford and USA built broad based wealth, everyone who have more, more taxes would be paid, and the Democrats and Republicans could steal more! Yet, no one would care, would we?

    * If the Stratford Town Charter was protected from legal semantic subterfuge, wouldn’t it protect YOUR Grandfathered local first Amendment process for Redress of Grievances, via: initiative: petition; and referendum?

    * If meetings were web-cast live and unedited, couldn’t more people participate in our Constitutional Democratic Republic, with checks and balances?

    * If Monthly Departmental expenses, pensions, and other information were web posted, wouldn’t it be an encouragement to prevent abuses and encourage reprioritization?

    * If Cinergy Health Insurance (illegal in Connecticut) is $ 6/day for individuals or $ 10/day for families, and the Town Pays $ 16 k/yearly ($ 50/day), maybe Stratford can cut COSTS?

    * If Pensions averaged under $ 20,000 in 1990 and now are many times that, I believe patriotic and honest union personnel will volunteer negotiated changes?

    * Seed money, prudently used, is good debt! Capitalism based on Character from Adam Smith’s “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” is a touchstone foundation for divisions of labor found in “Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations.”

    (I broke these down to separate issues here – were a runon inparagraph)
    * If we cultivated State/Federal grants;
    enumerated and billed State/Federal unfunded mandates;
    grew our desired Business and Residential Tax Base organically;
    purchased better;
    implemented innovational technology, tools, equipment, and buildings;
    bonded intelligently;
    maximized investment returns;
    viewed the Town Budget as a “Trust,” not a political treasury trough,
    then Stratford’s character and reputation SHALL be RENEWED!.

    Why don’t YOU run for political office, to make Stratford politics into peripeteia “Art of the Possible?”

  111. 111 1george1

    a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of
    circumstances (especially in a literary work);
    “a peripeteia swiftly turns a routine

    a reversal of fortune; a sudden change in circumstances

    (Also spelled peripetea, Greek for “sudden change”):
    The sudden reversal of fortune in a story, play, or any narrative
    in which there is an observable change in direction.
    In tragedy, this is often a change from stability and happiness
    toward the destruction or downfall of the protagonist.

    Aristotelian term for “reversal” in a play, that is, the moment
    when the fortunes of the protagonist are drastically changed.

    In this case, it might be the antagonist?

  112. 112 1george1

    Sent to someone in foreign country

    However since you raised the issues, I want to expose you to things I believe to be true about World
    history, philosophy, governments, politics, societies, economies and that the future can contain what
    is called CORNUCOPIA:


    cor·nu·co·pi·a (kôrn-kp-, -ny-)
    1. A goat’s horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain, signifying prosperity. Also called horn of plenty.
    2. Greek Mythology The horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit.
    In folklore, it became full of whatever its owner desired.
    3. A cone-shaped ornament or receptacle.
    4. An overflowing store; an abundance: a cornucopia of employment opportunities.
    The Cornucopia or “cornu Copiae” is, literally, the horn of plenty’ and was first introduced into the English language in 1508.

    The Cornucopia, which symbolizes abundance, is usually seen as a curved goat’s horn, filled to overflowing with fruit and grain,
    but which could be filled with whatever the owner wished.

    The word ‘cornucopia’ actually dates back to the 5th century BC.
    It derives from two Latin words: “cornu,” meaning horn (as in the name of that one-horned creature, the “unicorn”) and “copia,”
    meaning plenty (a relative of such words as “copious” and “copy”).

    Thus, “cornucopia” literally means horn of plenty, and the names are used interchangeably.

    The Cornucopia has always been associated with Thanksgiving in the United States,

    though it was a symbol long before this holiday existed.

    Man has always been thankful for the abundance provided by Nature.

    The Cornucopia originally came from ancient Greek mythology and the term is carried on today with a similar meaning.

    T to address your e-mail on governments and corruptions within same and society in general.
    All people, including me, are imperfect.
    Our U. S. Constitution contains phrases like:
    “a MORE PERFECT Union…”
    “JUST CONSENT of the Governed….”

    Our Declaration of Independence contains terms like:
    “Long TRAIN of ABUSES”

    Our President Abraham Lincoln is called the “Great Emancipator” used the term
    “GOVERNMENT of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE, shall NOT perish….”


    The 2008 – 2009 USA economy is VERY BAD. I believe it is intentional as the US Military – Congress
    – Industrial Complex only knows how to BREAK DOWN new RECRUITS and then REBUILT them to
    SERVE their purposes.
    and it is their INDOCTRINATED BELIEFS that have unnecessarily caused problems, foreign and domestic

    Unemployment is WAY UP and GROWING. = Plants closing = affects rest of other Business in a Town
    Bankrupcy is WAY UP and GROWING. = People can not pay bills.
    Home Foreclosure is WAY UP and GROWING. = People lose homes.
    Interest rates on Credit Card very HIGH – Companies dropping Credit Limits.

    Gap between VERY RICH & VERY POOR is growing.

    USA Senate + Congress + Military changed rules few years ago.

    USA allowed OIL PRICES to increase 1,400 % from Dec 1998 to June 2008
    Was $ 10.58 Barrel.
    Hit $ 146 Barrel Oil.

    I believe it is all intentional.

    Some want to force changes, and need crisis to cause change, by increasing the
    number of population who feel the pain economically, socially, & politically.

    Capitalism is the BEST form of Socialism.

    I work.
    I get money.
    I build nothing – I grow no food – I create no utilities or auto needs. I buy things..
    I depend on other people in SOCIETY to have things I want to BUY.

    Capitalism explained by Adam Smith “Wealth of Nations.”


    I believe in upholding and defending the United States CONSTITUTION
    I believe USA political parties are run by U. S. – English – French – European and Levant
    MILITARY and ROYAL primogeniture, and have become DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the
    United States CONSTITUTION.

    I believe in a REPRESENTATIVE Government, whereas those people elected to the positions
    of TRUST and PROFIT, work for thos people whose MONEY allows them to become the
    CANDIDATE (first) and the ELECTED (second).
    I believe USA political parties are run by people who control BIG MONEY CASH COWS
    LAWS and REGULATIONS. The USA Mafia, at least were NOT hypocrits.

    I believe in DEMOCRACY. 1 man or 1 woman 1 vote.
    I believe USA political parties are run by people who control our voting choices.

    I believe in a TRUE REPUBLIC. A NATION of LAWS and RULES which give governmental
    guidelines for anyone wanting to work and deal into the system and within the system to
    “play nice.”

    – I was raised in the CATHOLIC Religion, in a coutry founded by PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS
    and anti Religeous MASONS, with a MINORITY of CATHOLICS, JEWISH, and MOSLEMS.
    – The entire USA culture was based on the JEWISH and other Histories of the Mediterrean and
    the Levant, with later influence of Northern Europe and then the rest of the World.
    – Properly practiced, ALL religeons of the WORLD teach people to “play nice!”

    You can GOOGLE > Wikipedia: “10 Commandments”

    GOOGLE > Wikipedia: The Golden Rule:”
    The ethic of reciprocity, also known as the Golden Rule, is an ethical code that states one has a right to just treatment,

    and a responsibility to ensure justice for others. Reciprocity is arguably the most essential basis for the modern concept

    of human rights, though it has its critics.[1]

    A key element of the golden rule is that a person attempting to live by this rule treats all people, not just members of his

    or her in-group, with consideration.

    It exists in both positive (generally structured in the form of “do to others what you would like to be done to you”) and

    negative form (structured in the form of “do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you”).

    While similar those forms are not strictly the same as they differ in what to do with what you would like to be done to you

    but the other party would not like to be done upon it. Negative form does directly not contain that while positive form can

    exclude it indirectly with that you would like from others to check if you really like it, what is an example of using the

    golden rule in a context which makes it self-correcting, as argued in the criticisms section.

    The golden rule has its roots in a wide range of world cultures, and is a standard which different cultures use to

    resolve conflicts[2];

    it was present in the philosophies of ancient India, Greece, and China. Principal philosophers and religious figures have

    stated it in different ways, but its most common English phrasing is attributed to Jesus of Nazareth in the Biblical book

    of Luke: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    The “Do unto others” wording first appeared in English in a Catholic Catechism around 1567, but certainly in the reprint

    of 1583

    It was a concept under which the United States was supposedly created.

    Unfortunately POWER CORRUPTS

    Concepts found in books like PLATO’S “REPUBLIC” – MACHIAVELLI’S “THE PRINCE” –
    SUN TSU’S “ART OF WAR” and even the BIBLES – TORAH – and more attract the PERVERSE
    who choose ZERO SUM politics decried by GEORGE ORWELL “ANIMAL FARM” or “1984”
    over the CORNUCOPIA politics, envisioned in SAINT THOMAS MOORE’S “UTOPIA” and
    JOHN MILTON’S “PARADISE LOST” and his less popular, but more important

    Along with works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, much of BRITAIN’S future colonial
    policies of ROYAL BARONS and WAR COLLEGES, leading to ECONOMIC theories
    implemented and practiced by Britain’s HOME OFFICE became imprinted in RULING
    CLASSES whereas Britain controlled 75 % of the WORLD Land Mass and people by
    1900, excluding the USA and RUSSIA, except for the fact MARRIAGES influenced the
    RULING elites of same!

    GOOGLE > Wikipedia: Adam Smith = 1776 Published – Begining of US Revolutionary War
    Smith is the author of The Theory of Moral Sentiments and
    An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
    The latter, usually abbreviated as The Wealth of Nations, is considered
    his magnum opus and the first modern work of economics.
    Adam Smith is widely cited as the father of modern economics.

    GOOGLE: FEDERALIST PAPERS = 1787 Published – Begining of US Constitution Ratification

    The Federalist Papers are a series of 85 articles advocating the ratification of the United States Constitution.

    Seventy-seven of the essays were published serially in The Independent Journal and The New York Packet

    between October 1787 and August 1788. A compilation of these and eight others, called The Federalist,

    was published in 1788 by J. and A. McLean.[1]

    The Federalist Papers serve as a primary source for interpretation of the Constitution, as they outline the

    philosophy and motivation of the proposed system of government.[2] The authors of the Federalist Papers

    wanted both to influence the vote in favor of ratification and to shape future interpretations of the Constitution.

    According to historian Richard B. Morris, they are an “incomparable exposition of the Constitution, a classic

    in political science unsurpassed in both breadth and depth by the product of any later American writer.”[3]

    The articles were written by:

    Alexander Hamilton (51 articles: nos. 1, 6–9, 11–13, 15–17, 21–36, 59–61, and 65–85)
    James Madison (29 articles: nos. 10, 14, 18–20, 37–58, and 62–63), and
    John Jay (5 articles: 2–5 and 64).[1]

    GOOGLE > Wikipedia: Karl Marx
    Marx summarized his approach to history and politics in the opening line

    of the first chapter of The Communist Manifesto (1848): “

    The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”

    Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, will

    produce internal tensions which will lead to its destruction.[2]

    Just as capitalism replaced feudalism, socialism will in its turn replace capitalism

    and lead to a stateless, classless society called pure communism which will

    emerge after a transitional period, the “dictatorship of the proletariat”,

    a period sometimes referred to as the “workers state” or “workers’ democracy” .[3][4]

    See, for example, Marx’s comments in section one of The Communist Manifesto

    on feudalism, capitalism, and the role internal social contradictions play in the

    historical process:

    “We see then: the means of production and of exchange, on whose foundation the

    bourgeoisie built itself up, were generated in feudal society. At a certain stage in the

    development of these means of production and of exchange, the conditions under

    which feudal society produced and exchanged…the feudal relations of property

    became no longer compatible with the already developed productive forces;

    they became so many fetters.

    They had to be burst asunder; they were burst asunder. Into their place stepped

    free competition, accompanied by a social and political constitution adapted in it,

    and the economic and political sway of the bourgeois class.

    A similar movement is going on before our own eyes….

    The productive forces at the disposal of society no longer tend to further the development

    of the conditions of bourgeois property; on the contrary, they have become too powerful

    for these conditions, by which they are fettered, and so soon as they overcome these fetters,

    they bring disorder into the whole of bourgeois society,

    endanger the existence of bourgeois property.”

    Marx, K. & Engels, F. (1848),The Communist Manifesto

    The British Empire, now calls itself a COMMON WEALTH



    Things change over years and decades.

    GOLD AND SILVER (anagram contains the words = GRAND OLD EVILS)

    were the medium for economic exchange in the past.


    Keynesian economics (also called Keynesianism (pronounced /ˈkeɪnziən/) and Keynesian Theory)

    is a macroeconomic theory based on the ideas of 20th-century British economist John Maynard Keynes.

    Keynesian economics argues that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic

    outcomes and therefore advocates active policy responses by the public sector, including monetary policy

    actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government to stabilize output over the business cycle.[1]

    The theories forming the basis of Keynesian economics were first presented in

    The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, published in 1936.

    In Keynes’s theory, some micro-level actions of individuals and firms can lead to aggregate macroeconomic

    outcomes in which the economy operates below its potential output and growth. Some classical economists

    had believed in Say’s Law, that supply creates its own demand, so that a “general glut” would therefore be


    Keynes contended that aggregate demand for goods might be insufficient during economic downturns, leading

    to unnecessarily high unemployment and losses of potential output. Keynes argued that government policies

    could be used to increase aggregate demand, thus increasing economic activity and reducing unemployment

    and deflation.

    Keynes argued that the solution to depression was to stimulate the economy (“inducement to invest”) through

    some combination of two approaches: a reduction in interest rates and government investment in infrastructure.

    Investment by government injects income, which results in more spending in the general economy, which in turn

    stimulates more production and investment involving still more income and spending and so forth.

    The initial stimulation starts a cascade of events, whose total increase in economic activity is a multiple of the

    original investment.[2]

    A central conclusion of Keynesian economics is that, in some situations, no strong automatic mechanism moves

    output and employment towards full employment levels.

    This conclusion conflicts with economic approaches that assume a general tendency towards an equilibrium.

    In the ‘neoclassical synthesis’, which combines Keynesian macro concepts with a micro foundation, the conditions

    of general equilibrium allow for price adjustment to achieve this goal.

    USA President Nixon took the USA off the GOLD STANDARD.

    Britain’s SOUTH AFRICA

    =============== USA + BRITISH + DUTCH = China Opium War ============

    Wikipedia: Chinese – England Opium War

    The Opium Wars (simplified Chinese: 鸦片战争; traditional Chinese: 鴉片戰爭; pinyin:

    Yāpiàn Zhànzhēng), also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, lasted from 1839 to 1842[1]

    and 1856 to 1860,[2] the climax of a trade dispute between China under the Qing Dynasty

    and the British Empire. British smuggling of opium from British India into China in defiance of

    China’s drug laws erupted into open warfare between Britain and China.

    Then the second opium war came. China was defeated in both wars leaving its government

    having to tolerate the opium trade.

    Britain forced the Chinese government into signing the Treaty of Nanjing and the Treaty of Tianjin,

    also known as the Unequal Treaties, which included provisions for the opening of additional ports

    to foreign trade, for fixed tariffs; for the recognition of both countries as equal in correspondence;

    and for the cession of Hong Kong to Britain. The British also gained extraterritorial rights.

    Several countries followed Britain and sought similar agreements with China.

    Many Chinese found these agreements humiliating and these sentiments are considered to have

    contributed to the Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864), the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901), and the

    downfall of the Qing Dynasty in 1912, putting an end to dynastic China.

    The Opium Wars forcefully and suddenly opened China to the world.[3]

  113. 113 jezebel282

    A little time on your hands, George?

  114. 114 mikereynolds

    Holy crap

  115. 115 sudds

    Should I even bother asking for the Cliff’s Notes version of this???

  116. 116 jezebel282



    Please, not that!

  117. 117 1george1

    I had gotten several favorable comments to the people,
    to whom I e-mailed the above.

    Is it true the childishness invectives related to the Mayor
    has caused the CT. Post to change topixs, to have FACEBOOK
    only to post, thus eliminating anonymous posters?
    Good job boys and girls.

  118. 118 sudds

    “I had gotten several favorable comments to the people,
    to whom I e-mailed the above.”

    George… e-mails from Mr’s Best, Miron, Harkins, Forrester & Fahan asking you to “keep up the good work” are probably NOT a good thing in this case!!!

  119. 119 1george1


    Does that mean ….. SOB …. they were being CZARCASTIC? 😦

    I dunno, Terry Backer and Kevin Kelly had furrowed brows and avoided
    eye contact with me at the Bishop Kopka farewell sunday.

    At the EPA meeting, I asked some foundational questions about Raymark like
    1 – When did it close?
    2 – When was the CAP put on?
    3 – How much was spent on Raymark todate?
    Jim Murphy’s boss said maybe $ 200 Million?
    I came back with, I heard it was about $ 235 Million.
    Murphy’s boss said it is about the same ….
    I came back with, if $ 35 Million is the same, why not just add it to
    the $ 20 million REMAINING in the EPA fund and truck it out of Town?

    I dunno – for some reason he didn’t agree?
    He had the same expression on his face Mike Reynolds and Sudds have
    when addressing my blog posts! 8)

    Another EPA dorkhead was all for consolidation.
    I suggested we consolidate all the TOXIC DUMP Material in his BASEMENT!
    NONE of the EPA people liked that, for some strange reason…?
    One Save Stratford regular did all he could from bursting out laughing.

    I also pointed out that RAYMARK went SUPERFUND in 1995, YEAR before
    Esq Burtula (who was at the meeting) became Town Attorney in 1996.
    I asked WHY isn’t AVCO a SUPERFUND site?

    Jason Santi is running for some political office.
    Jason walked right into my FOUNDATIONAL QUESTIONS (because Jason
    thinks he means well as does the Carpetbagger.) and asked HOW COME
    RAYMARK has taken so long and the DUMP SITES aren’t finished?

    Save Stratford people, RAC people and I, all simply smiled …
    Outta the mouth of babes …..

    One of the EPA people did tell me AVCO is in a different form of Superfund.
    – Interesting.
    – Like the Town Charter, the devil is in the details.
    – As I believe PCS can attest, no one knows details …. like Attorneys! 🙂

    Reminds me that I mentioned in writing that Elain O’Keefe told me that
    fish are safe to eat, but NO BOTTOM DWELLERS like EELS!
    (I added = NO LAWYER JOKES – Please)

    Hey, GAVIN got the BIGGEST KICK out of the possiblity of him having to
    FOI COMPLAINT vs. the FOI … so why can’t I enjoy seeing Town Attorneys
    faces get all twisted up.

    Last Monday Pension Meeting, Esq Brian LeClerc has his son, maybe 4 – 6
    years old at the Meeting. Esq. LeClerc looked at me in embarassment as
    stuff was hitting the paper about his Mayoral patron.

    Warren Holcolm has a couple of youngsters too.

    It is a shame that Lawyers breed …

  120. 120 1george1

    Mike R, here are my opinions, beliefs, and observations,
    by George Mulligan July 1, 2009 about 12:45 am on the blog

    Would you care to ask Mr. Harkins if he was directly asked by
    Mr. Best if Mr. Harkins intended to run for Stratford Mayor?

    My information is “this conversation took place, and Mr. Harkins
    assured Mr. Best that Mr. Harkins would NOT run for Mayor.”

    A short time later, Mr. Best announced an exploratory committee
    to run for Mayor.

    I am NOT comfortable with the Crudo / Aldrich crew which now
    controls the Republican party, which apparently can not have
    enough attendees to have a QUORUM and are trying to change
    the BUY LAWS, from what numerous sources expressed.
    The press and members of both Town Committee are sources.

    Has Mr. Aldrich been involved in Team Stratford # 1 (Hochman)
    # 2 (Monty Posillico) & # 3 Area 51?

    Has Esquire Willinger been involved with those 3 same entities
    and Steel Point?

    Since Mr. Harkins is backed by the powerful minority and Mr.
    Best has a relationship with Mr. Willinger, it make me NOT
    comfortable with either person.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about Mr Harkins and
    Mr. Best’s relationships within Stratford and Bridgeport
    political Parties.

    On the Berchem website, they have list as clients, Bridgeport
    AND Stratford.

    To Mr. Best’s credit, he has never hidden his relationships.

    I believe both Mr. Best and Mr. Costello both worked in very
    separate and diverse capacities during Mayor Paoletta’s time.

    While there is nothing wrong in them working for the City of
    Bridgeport, anyone who knows politics and especially police
    and other hiring, awards, pensions, and other situations knows
    political relationship develop, often with quid pro quo.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about both Mr Costello and
    Mr. Best’s relationships with Bridgeport politics.

    Incidently, during the CT. POST Editorial about the LoSchiavo
    mess, they went out of their way to mention D/C LoSchiavo
    worked in Bridgeport and was a Republican.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about Mr Costello, Mr. Best
    and D/C LoSchiavo’s relationships with Bridgeport politics.

    On the Berchem website, they have list as clients, Bridgeport
    AND Stratford.

    Further, the biographies and other information yield interesting
    information about political relationships.

    Mr Costello blamed Mr. Best for losing his Mayoral bid.
    Rumors were both Mr. Best and Bill O’Brien ran only to take
    votes from Costello or Goodrich, had he won, to get Miron
    to win, because a certain number of the party faithful were
    most likely to give Miron a floor of votes.

    Mr. Best also has a legitimate argument that if Mr. Costello
    were not in the race, and / or if Mr. O’Brien didn’t run that
    Mr. Best would have been the first Mayor.
    Others note that Mayor Miron purged certain people, which
    included many award winning Managers. However Jon’s wife
    Donna, who is also an asset to Stratford and an awrd winning
    person, has not been purged from Miron’s Management staff,
    and certain people claim there was quid pro quo.
    MRS. BEST, nor on the Character or Contributions of anyone!

    Jon has responded to me very well on this issue. However as
    Jon noted one can not do anything about perceptions and
    appearances. However IT IS A POLITICAL ISSUE!

    Many people in Stratford know pieces of the puzzle.

    Many people have real animousity toward other people.

    That does not stop party leaders locally and interested
    parties outside the local entities from pitting one person
    or one group against another or others.

    With the front page problems of the Mirons, with the well
    know huge Harkins Fund Raising, all about the next Mayor
    issues, a rumor is for …..

    TERRY BACKER to PRIMARY Jim Miron for Mayor, or to be in
    place, just in case.

    Gavin is a former Republican and has most often sided with
    the Majority Republicans against Miron.
    Fahan & new FAC Member Ben B????
    are MALLOY Stamford Democrats, whereas Lieberman had
    his origin. Lieberman has ties with Blumenthal, CHENEY,
    Bush, and Bysewicz…

    Supposedly Backer is also from that area, but reputedly has strong
    long term ties to the KENNEDY – BAILEY faction of the Democrats.

    Hartford Democrats have not been kind to Bridgeport, Waterbury
    areas of the GANIM / ROWLAND crew.
    (I suspect both were set up – GANIM actually cleaned up Bridgeport
    reducing it as a COMFORT SPOT CITY and DRUG WAR ZONE, which
    cut into profits of certain people in political justice mafia complex)

    They are well aware of the fact Town Attorney Kevin Kelly worked
    for Blumenthal, who is Lieberman’s protoge.

    They are well aware John Burturla leapfrogged many people to
    become CT. STATE TROOPER Homeland Security Director, while
    former Democratic V. P. Candidate Lieberman was the CHAIR of
    the SENATE COMMITTEE on Homeland Security, before he defected
    to his cousin Dick Cheney’s WAR PROFITEERS and SECURITY HAWKS.

    They are aware of Kevin O’Conner going to # 3 in D.C. Justice
    and know what he knows about U. S. Attorneys DRONEY, DOOLEY,

    They are well aware of former Stratford Police in the local FBI,
    CT. State Prosecutors, and the relatives on the Federal and State
    Judicial Bench.

    Mostly, they see maybe 2,000 acres in Bridgeport and 500 acres
    in Stratford, primed to become perhaps $ 100 BILLION devlopment
    between all thos areas Esq. Willinger, appears to represent.

    They also know about a former ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATE who
    represented MONTIPOSILICO to Feehan Council and the former
    ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATE whose Westport Imperial avenue Law
    Firm merged with Milford’s BERCHEM CASTLE, and the imperial
    designs of certain people backing Milford’s James Amman.

    LIKE the RING of the NIEBELUNG, the GREEDY fight over the
    …………………..GOLD AND SILVER
    (Anagram: GRAND – OLD – EVILS )

    Generally I prefer IMBRO over Burturlas and Mossman
    Easily I prefer BRANYAN over the Mirons/Burturlas/Norms

    But the LoSchiavo mess opens a huge PAN DO RA box.

    Everyone in Stratford knows a piece of the puzzle.
    NO ONE knows 100 %.
    At least NO ONE LOCALLY.
    However there are LOCAL and AREA people who pull



    Hartford passed legislation months ago about forfieting pensions.
    They know all about the
    * 1998 Stratford PENSION BOND $ 95,000,000
    * 1999 Bridgeport PENSION BIND $ 360,000,000
    * 1999 Stratford PENSION recalculation
    * 2000s PENSION abuses, including RELL / SIKORSKY assisted kited

    * Pensions that the FAC proved were NOT causal to highest pensions
    allowed by Mirons / LoSchiavos / Burturlas / Imbro / Fire / PW

    * INSURANCE and PENSION Finder Fees

    * Personnel on CRC # 1 + CRC # 2

    * Parties & Budgets related to Shakespeare / FAA Airport / LBW /
    AVCO / EPA-DEP Raymark DUMP SITES / DOT I – 95 # 33 /
    Bridgeport Steel point > GE Boston ave waste land around Remington

    – Last POINT.

    Expect a very large and very FAST DROP in the DJIA, now that
    the window dressing for JUNE 30 is OVER!

    I believe that is the planned cover story for the great (grate)
    plans, prior to the 11/2009 election.

    Yet, I think back to AESOP FABLES
    “The Ass and His Purchaser”
    “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

    “The Ass and the Grasshopper”
    “Even a fool is wise-when it is too late!”

  121. 121 sudds

    hang on folks… THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!

    Hey GEORGE…

    Any idea why someone painted a stormtrooper underneath Miron’s name on the Longbrook park project signs???

  122. 122 jezebel282


    You simply have no mercy, do you?

  123. 123 1george1

    I got lost the other night and accidently wandered past Longbrook park
    project sign. Jogging away from it with a spray can in his hand was some
    one who looked a lot like YOUR AVATAR?

    Remarkable co-incidence?

    I am KIDDING.
    Don’t want police investigating a crime against Miron, and draggin me into it?

    Until recently, certain police ….. 😉

  124. 124 sudds

    Hold on… George… are you insinuating that there is a new hot female officer on the force???

    If so, where do I sign up for the cavity search??? 😀

  125. 125 jezebel282


    That sounds like it would be a pain in the butt.

  126. 126 1george1

    You have made references to anal cavity several times
    in this blog.
    Are you a caveman?
    Since you are married, you don’t appear be be a “happy boy.”

    I guess Jeze’s bad pun says it all…
    Burns and Allen

  127. 127 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    WW II Operation Overlord began the end of all Empire in the world.

    In 1963, the killing of JFK was a military coup.
    Then MLK and RFK.

    Then the SO.VIETnam and 7 DAYS Wars started the OIL PRICE SKY ROCKET.

    hence POT and COCAINE over ran the USA.

    The plan was to END the operation in 1987 – the 200th anniversary of the
    U. S. Constitution.
    – Iran Contra = August
    – Stock Market plunge = Oct
    – Cold War Ends = Nov

    However only people in the Intelligence Communities like McGovern,
    Gore, and the like, knew what the U. S. Military did not know.

    The Military being of CONQUEST MINDED and cruel people, decided
    they did not want to end the GAME.

    They need to corrupt everyone who can investigate and prosecute

    Notice Robert McNamara died within 24 hours of my website posting
    about him / LBJ / JFK / MLK / RFK + Trialateral Commission.

    There is a difference in that ignorance is not being as versed in a
    subject rather than just being stupid.

    I can not explain what I know to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yet by slapping police / lawyers / politicians / it gets their attention.
    They are NOT Traitors – Criminal maybe.

    However, I can mitigate their criminality as entrappment, because I
    have my eye on the REAL PROBLEM CAUSERS!

  128. 128 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    When I worked for the USPS Southport, we were affiliated with the
    Fairfield USPS NALC as a merged branch.

    The two Stewards and President were more knowledgeable than I.
    One Steward ran scared and cut deals to benefit himself. However
    he knew USPS management. Kinda like you know Mirons / Burturlas.

    He told me the management uses people who are about to retire, to
    do DIRTY WORK…
    Once they are retired, there is NO ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION which can
    be used against them.
    However, IF McNiel and friends are INNOCENT, they could make things
    very interesting by filing a RICO Criminal charge and RICO Civil charge.

    If the Criminal investigation is honest, it ties people together.
    If the Criminal investigation is not honest and attempted to be used
    against the complaintant, Criminally, they still have FREE discovery.

    Or if they bury it, as is most likely, it opens embarassing doors to FBI.

    Bridgeport FBI Cohead Don Comers, started as Stratford Police in 1980.
    His dad just retired as Fairfield Police Captain.
    Joe Burturla retired in 1985 as Stratford Police Captain.
    Assist State Prosecutor Joe Harry started as Stratford Police.

    I believe Judge Robert Chatigny protected Judge Christopher
    Droney, ex-U. S. Attorney, who protected Bridgeport FBI, who
    protected Fairfield, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, Milford, New
    Haven, D.C. area, NYC are and Stratford political puppets.

    Jeze, you and your friends are slowly coming to the realization
    about outside relationships, where I was dunned as conspriacy nut.

    Maybe I am crazy.

    But does that make me wrong?

    Any blogger rented “3 Days of the Condor” or taken it out of the Library?

    How about “Who Killed the American Car?

  129. 129 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Helping were
    Norwalk Assistant State Prosecutor Michael DeJoseph, at a time his
    confederates in Bridgeport worked with Mossman

    Debby Gilbert Taylor, who has worked with Sterling House and a
    variety of quasi political entities.

    Robert Chaloux, ex GE “Fairfield” Corp HQ Manager who properly
    recused himself when a case was filed vs. Rich Burturla, because
    Burturka’s daughter worked for his family daycare. Yet how could
    he even apply?

    State Dept – CIA / War College Grad O’Sullivan was present.

    ex-”Fairfield” head of the Chamber of Commerce Milt McDonald,
    whose son teaches at West Point joined in on the piling on.

    Mrs. DeRose was a former “Fairfield” RTM member and she and Dick
    Miron told me they were lifetime friends and she had been his
    HS Guidance Councilor.

    Sue Birge works at Fairfield Univ, where Robert Berchem was on
    the Board of Directors. The Birge and Goodrich are related.
    Supposedly Sue Birge is good friends with Burturla & Berchem,
    so this appears to be another “act,” in my opinion.

    Sue was NOT present at that Monday meeting.

    A couple years later I made it know that I knew Father Kopka was
    vulnerable to “pressure” because him parish had immigrants and
    people living behind the iron curtain.
    I wrote a letter to the editor in 2007 stating politically appointed
    Commissions favor and/or protect those that appoint them.
    One to one Father Kopka stated my letter to the editor was a
    fine letter and he agreed with it. Three times I asked if he knew
    what he was saying. Three times, he said he did.
    I took it as a confession by a good man in a no win situation, but
    that is only my view.

    Back in December 1984, I recognized what happened to my dad
    was happing to me. I choose to NOT go RAMBO or POSTAL since
    the local and area management were simply political sluts.

    I am sure the bloggers and readers can recognize the type,
    evern thought there are many decnet people trying to do the
    right things, they have peer pressure and limits.

    So I placed a curse on the SOULS of everyone who harmed me,
    my coworkers, family, and support. I recognize there are people
    who are souless and do not believe, however, let G-D judge.
    I pledged to my father and my G-D to hurt no one!

    Anyway, before Father Kopka went away, I gave him a letter
    reinforcing that he was only one of 2 people who I removed
    the curse on his SOUL and that of his family.
    I also gave him a statue of an ANGEL on a CROSS.
    He had NEVER seen one like it.
    I told him it watched over my sleep.
    In giving it to Father Kopka, I told him I named it my ANGEL

    While many people in politics are selfish, liars, and thieves,
    there are also people who mean well. The get caught in
    other peoples games.
    Jim Miron’s critique of Shakespeare is mostly correct and
    that it was his Town Attorney who negotiated it, give Jim
    Miron plausible deniability. Yet Jim’s credibility is shot.

    Tuesday’s CT. Post had a letter to the Editor about trading
    land related to the AIRPORT.

    Soon, the creatures will have to expose their positions,
    but most likely after the election.

    I have done what little I can to let people know what is being
    done to them, and will do what I can …. but …

  130. 130 1george1

    Yo Jeze,
    Thank for moving stuff.

    Last week I posted about JFK + MLK + RFK assassinated
    – They were against SO. VIETnam War / escalation.

    then LBJ and McNamara QUIT the SO. VIETnam War

    Within Days, Robert Strange McNamara died at 93.

    I read his book “In Retrospection”

    I read NIXON’S book: “1999: Victory without WAR”

    Each pointed out how bloody the 20 th Century was, with over
    (minimum) 100,000,000 dying in WARS.

    While I do NOT like Bush / Cheney / Trilateral –
    People in the 4 most populous or/ and Largest nations have
    improved living standards and improved economics:

    AFRICA has some long over due improvements.

  131. 131 jezebel282



    One of these days I’m going to put in a spam filter for “Trilateral Commission”, “CIA” and “USPS”.

  132. 132 1george1


    If you cut off the head of the snake, the snake dies.

    Stratford is not the only place in the USA with corrupt police and
    politicians, and lawyers.

    When I grew up, we mocked corruption of banana republics.
    now they mock us.

    IS THAT or is that NOT TRUE?

  133. 133 jezebel282


    Just idly wondering what would happen to your posts if I created that filter.

  134. 134 1george1


    You can do as you please.

    I used Playwrite and your blog to reach and try to convert local
    inner party, with ZERO CONTROL on my part.

    Tactically, Strategically, and Legally I have benefits for that choice.

    Now I have used this practice and put what I chose on my Website

    Certain things should make some people mad and upset.

    I am also hoping to get some people to giggle, be shocked, be outraged
    and have foundation for Public Interest Political changes.

    However, until a problem can be properly identified, it can not be
    properly solved. Those ideas on my website are my own or rections
    and modifications to others.

  135. 135 1george1


    You can do as you please.

    I used Playwrite and your blog to reach and try to convert local
    inner party, with ZERO CONTROL on my part.

    Tactically, Strategically, and Legally I have benefits for that choice.

    Now I have used this practice and put what I chose on my Website

    Certain things should make some people mad and upset.

    I am also hoping to get some people to giggle, be shocked, be outraged
    and have foundation for Public Interest Political changes.

    However, until a problem can be properly identified, it can not be
    properly solved. Those ideas on my website are my own or rections
    and modifications to others.

  136. 136 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    It had a text book and work book with case studies.

    2nd case study related to the way Congress handled
    an EEOC matter with a large company.

    I REVIEWED the homework subject.
    The professor asked for discussion?
    I raised my hand.

    I told the professor I did NOT believe the Text book was
    realistic in how Congress would react.
    I told him I believed Congress would put legislative and
    financial pressure on the Company rather than the blather
    the work book claimed happened.

    The professor was stunned.

    The professor admitted the Text Book was wrong.
    the scenario I projected, was exactly what happened.
    Everyone in the class spun around to look incredulously
    at me for challenging the Professor and Ethics work book

    ….. and my being correct.

    Here is a Catholic University
    Having a Ethics Class
    Using a work book that was NOT accurate or hones or
    ethical in claims it made about how Congress proceeded.
    And the PROFESSOR KNEW it was a LIE ….. ?????

    I never went back to that class.

    In the late 1980s, I sought a retired Fairfield University Jesuit
    priest and former professor, who lived on campus and relayed
    what had happened to my DAD, myself, my coworkers, and the
    relationships the Fairfield University + the Diocese of Bridgeport
    had with the political figures in the area.

    Former Bishop Curtis is a distant relative of mine.
    Former Judge Robert Testo, grew up next to my dad and was his
    childhood best friend (I spoke to each once in my life)
    Unknown to me until years later, my grandfather and uncle had
    significant long term friendships with prominent local people.

    The retired Jesuit Professor listened intently and cried apologizing
    that he could not tell me what he knew …

    Not that he didn’t want to help …
    Not that he knew nothing ….
    Not that he didn’t believe me …

    The retired Jesuit Professor listened intently and cried apologizing
    that he could not tell me what he knew …

    Many years ago, my dad arranged for me to work with a Mason on
    some summer jobs, which turned out to be at homes of politically
    connected Fairfield People, who wound up dying prematurely.

    The old Mason told me a couple of strange jokes, but one was in
    essence about Priests who are compromised in doing what is right
    to help one person, because they also have to protect the LIVES of
    OTHERS …

    It is a situation that
    I came to LIVE!
    I came to understand!
    I INTEND to try to prevent!

  137. 137 1george1


    The about was a lesson in ETHICS.
    Entirely appropriate for the other string.
    However it is your ball and game …

    At least you spent time to move it,
    rather than spending time to delete it…

    You are getting almost as ez to work with as Sudds.
    However … you are less fickle …

    Since I am on this string, I just realize that FLIP FLOP
    as opposed to STAYING THE COURSE, sometimes happens

    … like when BUSH CHENEY ran into the planned MINE FIELD
    last SEPTEMBER.

    … Who has done more damage to the USA?

    … Everytime ISSUES come up about RESPONSIBILITY and/or
    CRIMINAL ACTIVITY … the CIA / DOD creates allusions to 9/11
    and killing “SPECIAL AGENT” BIN LADEN…..

    Why is it that we might get another 9/11 type attack, if the
    CIA – DOD – NSC – Overiste Committees ever went to trial?

    Thanks for reminding me about my conspiracy theory drought

  138. 138 jezebel282


    “You are getting almost as ez to work with as Sudds.”

    I have a lot of experience cleaning up after people who leave things lying around. Shoes, cleats, balls, dinnerware, conspiracy theories…….

    “Thanks for reminding me about my conspiracy theory drought’

    I’m glad you didn’t say it slipped your mind. Then we would have to argue about sequence.

  139. 139 1george1


  140. 140 1george1

    Here is my bid to get the Vote of Mike Reybolds, with the
    world’s longest GOLF Course

    and to get the vote of Sudds, because everyone of the
    18 holes of this Golf course has a NINETEENTH HOLE!

    MELBOURNE (AFP) – The world’s longest golf course, stretching along 1,365 kilometers (848 miles) of desert highway with holes at 18 towns and service stations, is to open in Australia this year, organizers said Tuesday.

    The Nullarbor Links, which will span two time zones and measure more than the entire length of Britain, is expected to be completed next month and will host its inaugural tournament on October 22.

    “We’re very excited about it. It’s been a long time coming and a lot of effort,” project chairman Don Harrington told AFP.

    “This is the longest golf course in the world. It’s unique terrain, there’s something for everybody.”

    The course, conceived five years ago “over a couple of beers,” is meant to attract tourists to the Eyre Highway which traverses the desolate Nullarbor Plain and hugs part of Australia’s southern coastline.

    Golfers will stop at one roadhouse, play a hole, then drive on to the next tee—100 kilometers down the road in some cases. The par-71 course will take three or four days to complete with each player awarded a certificate.

    Each hole will showcase a local attraction, from whale-watching to ancient fossil beds and a working sheep station, and include sights such as the Big Kangaroo statue at Border Village straddling South and Western Australia.

    “There’s a lot of history and you can see all of that on a golf course,” Harrington said.

    “Both Australian tourists and golfing enthusiasts around the world have shown support for what we’re doing.”

    The course was the brainchild of Bob Bongiorno, who was managing a roadhouse at remote Balladonia when he came up with the idea.

    Bongiorno, now living in Kalgoorlie at the course’s western end, said he tried hitting a few balls when he first moved into the Outback but got sick of encountering spiders when trying to retrieve them.

    There should be no such hazards on the synthetic greens of the Nullarbor Links, although golfers who hit a stray shot into the desert will face a monster sand trap.

    Tee it up with Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf ’09

  141. 141 jezebel282


    It will never fly. Do you have any idea what kind of justifications to your spouse you have to make for only 4 hours of golf (5 if the group ahead have more of a handicap than just their scores)?

    And almost all 18 hole golf courses have a 19th hole. They use coasters instead of greens on that one.

  142. 142 mikereynolds


    Don’t be silly. I would never waste my vote on you.

    I’d rather vote for someone who has a chance of winning and who is not a candidate for CVH.

  143. 143 1george1

    Mike I was being silly and teasing both of you.

    However I thought you, Jeze, and Sudds would find the story interesting.

    Enjoy the summer.

  144. 144 1george1

    Sand bagger trap?

  145. 145 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    The GHW BUSH & CLINTON Administrations basically destroyed the
    following, which was legally mandated to be in EVERY Government
    office, by using Presidential executive orders.

    Both were members of David Rockefeller Trilateral Commission, as well
    as many others following JFK + MLK + RFK + LBJ/McNamara + Nixon,
    where USA had unelected President: Warren Commissioner Ford
    and unelected V. P. Nelson Rockefeller. WW I I + Depression

    O.P.E.C. = plausible deniability for BIG OIL
    So Vietnam WAR + other Wars = Daddy Warbucks
    Pot + Coke = Rise of POLICE state and political/justice/rehab empire
    Education = Destruction of LIBERAL ARTS generalism & philosophy to
    a ME FIRST – SPECialization!

  146. 146 jezebel282

    From 1George!:

    Code of Ethics for U.S. Government Service

    Adopted July 11, 1958

    Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concurring}, That it is the sense of the Congress that the following Code of Ethics should be adhered to by all Government employees, including officeholders.


    Any person in Government service should:

    1. Put loyalty to the highest moral principals and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party, or department.

    2. Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion.

    3. Give a full day’s labor for a full day’s pay; giving to the performance of his duties his earnest effort and best thought.

    4. Seek to find and employ more efficient and economical ways of getting tasks accomplished.

    5. Never discriminate unfairly by the dispensing of special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not; and never accept for himself or his family, favors or benefits under circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance of his governmental duties.

    6. Make no private promises of any kind binding upon the duties of office, since a Government employee has no private word which can be binding on public duty.

    7. Engage in no business with the Government, either directly or indirectly which is inconsistent with the conscientious performance of his governmental duties.

    8. Never use any information coming to him confidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means for making private profit.

    9. Expose corruption wherever discovered.

    10. Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust.

    [Source: U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee]

  147. 147 1george1

    The above 2 and this is reply to Therapist Susan Birge
    employed at jeSUIT Fairfield (Catholic) University:

    Exodus 20 2-17

    I am the LORD your God,
    who brought you out
    of the land of Egypt,
    out of the house of bondage.

    You shall have no other gods before me.
    You shall not make for yourself a graven image,
    or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above,
    or that is in the earth beneath,
    or that is in the water under the earth;
    you shall not bow down to them or serve them;
    for I the LORD your God am a jealous God,
    visiting the iniquity of the fathers
    upon the children to the third and the fourth
    generation of those who hate me,
    but showing steadfast love to thousands of those
    who love me and keep my commandments

    You shall not take
    the name of the LORD your God in vain;
    for the LORD will not hold him guiltless
    who takes his name in vain.

    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    Six days you shall labor, and do all your work;
    but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God;
    in it you shall not do any work, you, or your son,
    or your daughter, your manservant,
    or your maidservant or your cattle,
    or the sojourner who is within your gates;
    for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth,
    the sea, and all that is in them,
    and rested the seventh day;
    therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it.

    Honor your father and your mother,
    that your days may be long in the land
    which the LORD your God gives you.

    You shall not kill.

    You shall not commit adultery

    You shall not steal.

    You shall not bear false witness
    against your neighbor.

    You shall not covet your neighbor’s house;
    you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife,
    or his manservant, or his maidservant,
    or his ox, or his ass,
    or anything that is your neighbor’s.

    The above was an internet look up titled:
    Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    There are subtle but mateial differences in a couple
    books of the Catholic Bible as well as various Protestant
    and Jewish Translations.

    In one version in the 1980s, I found the word SLAVE
    where manservant is, in the above.
    Somehow I can not picture G-d endorsing SLAVERY
    not SERVITUDE?

    Things get lost in Translations..
    especially by men with quills and papyrus..
    And through the ages.

    By posting the Code of Ethics for ALL GOVERNMENT SERVICE
    and the Catholic TEN COMMANDMENTS,
    I am FRAMING the ISSUE,
    in case Ms. Birge is willing to defend the Ethics
    of herself and her Committee.

    Suggested reading / internet look up:

    J. K. Galbraith:


    He was writing about “The Planning System.”
    It controls secular operations.

    I respect the fundamental beliefs of all religions
    and philosophies which encourage “playing nice.”

    I also respect a need for debate:


    A popular name for the advocate of God, the Vatican official
    who is the promoter of the cause in a process of beatification
    and canonization.

    The name arose from the fact that he is required to raise objections
    to a person’s alleged sanctity or reputation for having worked miracles.

    I have been to the mountain top.
    I have surveyed all that could be seen….

  148. 148 1george1

    Neither SLAVERY
    NOR Servitude.

    above was a typo.

  149. 149 1george1

    Sheriff Joe for Stratford CT. Police Chief:

    You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well…SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN!
    Maricopa County was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay.

    The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily.

    He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who’d like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

    The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million.

    Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered, and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him. Cost us $78. The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adopted animals.

    I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system, and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand. He has a pretty good sized hog farm, which provides meat, and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6-$8 for the Holidays, and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the Prison.

    Yup, he was re-elected last year with 83% of the vote. Now he’s in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural, that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn’t doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He’s kind of a ‘Git-R Dun’ kind of Sheriff.

  150. 150 jezebel282

    From 1George1;

    I’m baaaack!

    corruption quotes:

    Orwell; Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the
    restatement of the obvious.
    Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.
    If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.
    Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

    Sam Adams; How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain
    Meaning of Words!

    Caesar; All bad precedents began as justifiable measures.

    Hitler: Without law and order our nation cannot survive.

    Hermann Goering: I am what I have always been: the last Renaissance man

    Richelieu; If you give me six lines written by the most honest man,
    I will find something in them to hang him.

    Montesque: The deterioration of every government begins with the
    decay of the principles on which it was founded.

    John Adams: Remember, democracy never lasts long.
    It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
    There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

    Jon Roland; The test for whether one is living in a police state
    is that those who are charged with enforcing the law are allowed
    to break the laws with impunity

    Lord Acton: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Tacitus; The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

    Oscar Wilde; Society produces rogues, and education makes
    one rogue cleverer than another.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson; Every actual state is corrupt.
    Good men must not obey laws too well.

    Mario Puzo: Lawyers with briefcases, can steal more than a
    hundred men with guns.

    John De ARMOND; You know your country is dying when you
    have to make a distinction
    between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal.

    Jonathan Swift; Laws are like cobwebs catching small flies,
    but let wasps, bees, and hornets through

    PJ O’Rourke: When buying and selling are controlled by legislation,
    the first things bought and sold are legislators.

    Unknown; When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators
    do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty.’

    Joseph Sobran; The difference between a politician and a pickpocket
    is that the pickpocket doesn’t get indignant when you tell him
    to keep his hands to himself.

    Reagan: Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.
    I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to
    the first.

    James Madison: Since the general civilization of mankind,
    I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of
    freedoms of the people by
    gradual and silent encroachment of those in power
    than by violent and sudden usurpations.

    Max Lerner: The Seven Deadly Sins of the Press: –
    Concentrated Power of the Big Press. –
    Passing of competition and the coming of monopoly. –
    Governmental control of the press. –
    Timidity, especially in the face of group and corporate pressures. –
    Big Business mentality. –
    Clannishness among the newspaper publishers that has
    prevented them from criticizing each other. –
    Social blindness.

    Jesus: And Jesus went into the temple of God,
    and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple,
    and overthrew the tables of the money changers,
    and the seats of them that sold doves, and said unto them, ‘
    It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer;
    but ye have made it a den of thieves.’”

    Jesus; Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;
    and a house divided against a house falleth.

    – Bible (Old Testament) For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell;
    neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.
    > (Not the KOSHER NOSTRA)

    Bertrand de Jouvenel: A society of sheep must in time beget a
    government of wolves.

    Daniel Inouye;
    There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force,
    its own Navy,
    its own fundraising mechanism,
    and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest,
    free from all checks and balances,
    and free from the law itself.

    Mike Culbert; There is a de facto “secret government”
    operating nationally and internationally and
    involved in the highest circles of the U.S. government,
    exercising an impact over domestic policies and economics
    ranging between extreme influence to,
    at times, outright control.
    This extreme influence to outright control naturally
    includes the Presidency.
    The de facto “secret government,” much of whose
    intellectual—and financial—muscle are to be found in the
    New York office of the CFR,
    the great tax-free foundations, and
    certain international firms and corporations.

    > GOOGLE: Eisenhower Military – Industrial – (Congressional)
    speech – with UNWARRANTED INFLUENCE into …
    SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGICAL ELITE .. control public opinion..

    Justice Brandeis; Government is the potent omnipresent teacher.
    For good or ill it teaches the whole people by its example.
    Crime is contagious.
    If the government becomes a lawbreaker,
    it breeds contempt for law;
    it invites every man to become a law unto himself;
    it invites anarchy.
    To declare that the end justifies the means —
    to declare that the government may commit crimes —
    would bring terrible retribution.

    Boss Tweed: As long as I count the votes,
    what are you going to do about it?
    I don’t care who does the electing,
    so long as I get to do the nominating.

  151. 151 phineast

    How about we send an invitation to the Arizona sheriff to come and clean up Stratford??? He’d have Miron mucking the fields before he knew what hit him…

  152. 152 1george1

    Yo Phin,

    Why don’t you contact both the Sheriff and Ralph Nader.

    You can find contact information near top of my home page

    If you go to my website and send me an e-mail from my contact
    page – I will find contact information for Sherriff Joe Arpaio
    and post it on this blog site.

    I suspect Sheriff Joe will not have to furnish pink outfits for
    Jimmy who already may hves pink outfits based on the great
    interior decorating colors in Town Hall….

    For Mironistas – do not take offense.
    Men like PINK too… especially …

    I can’t even pronounce some of those colors names…

  153. 153 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    I rewatched “All the president’s men” and “3 days of the condor.”
    Yes they are fiction.
    Yet they hit modus operendi on the nose.

    The importance of Rule of Law, to have unbiased integrity?

    When you are in power … you get away with murder.
    When you are no longer in power … you get prosecuted
    … or lose your percs.

    My grandfather was not politically active. However he knew people.
    He did innocent favors like feeding needy people from his bakery,
    in the hollow during the Depression.
    * His older son had a medical condition and a young family, keeping
    him out of WW II, but worked with the Navy.
    * His younger son was a WW II combat vet and became my dad.

    For decades Fairfield, where my grandfather moved had a strong
    Irish Democratic party, with John Sullivan being in power like 20
    years, until GE was to move to Fairfield, and suddenly some of the
    party town committee member died and young ages, and the bars
    /restaurant owners turned over to new people.

    I had not known my family had some political connections.
    Bigger fish moved in.
    Changes happened.

    Part of the reason for the Play write blog and this blog are

    Some of the treatment they received, I received,
    as did my coworkers.

    The enemy of my enemy … is my ally.

    Just because I have wary allies … does not mean we are friends.

    We have different priorities … at first blush.

    I look for ZERO preferential treatment.

    If I could get survey takers, to take their OWN POSITIONS on their
    OWN ISSUES, instead of being SHEEP and backing whatever others
    put forward ….. who benefits?

    Is it more likely you are going to put YOUR issues forward?
    Or will you be pushing ISSUES YOU PREFER?


    Any ISSUE – nothing PERSONAL – Keep it ISSUE oriented.
    Better equipment for POLICE or FIRE?
    Better equipment for SCHOOLS?
    Better equipment for PW?


    Post in such a way your children / spouse / parents would not
    be ashamed of viewing OR BETTER YET, would make them PROUD.

    During UNITY DAY one of Stratford police had opportunity to take
    LUNCH, while on DUTY with his wife and 4 children, and there were
    4 to 5 other POLICE who took LUNCH at the same table, incrementally.

    Initially, I was bothered. Being truthful.

    However, this gave a chance for him to be seen as a husband and
    father by community members and for his wife and children to be
    exposed to the minority members of the community.

    One police officer was a woman.
    One black police officer.
    One older police officer.
    4 younger to middle age police officer.
    Police Chief and black deputy chief.

    Initially – badly over staffed.
    Even when the crowd grew to over 300, still may have been over
    staffed. If it grew larger … I don’t know.
    However …. it gave the police exposure to people as people in a
    non threatening situation.
    It gave young children to senior citizens opportunity to see and
    identify with police in a non threatening situation.

    BOTTOM LINE: Sometimes money spent on non emergency situations
    is better spent for cause and effect ….

    “To protect and serve ….” should be more than a tag line.

  154. 154 1george1

    moved – but not altered

  155. 155 jezebel282

    From 1George1

    I guess the proper spelly is H Y P O C R I S Y


    1. hypocracy
    What Democracy turns into when all of the politicians in your country are liars.

    When no party/President that wins the election manages to keep its/his own ideology, and instead, keeps changing it every time it/he feels like it, that’s no democracy. That’s hypocracy.

    2. hypocracy
    A democracy governed by hypocrites.
    The British government advocates moral standards to which it does not conform. Britain’s political system is therefore a hypocracy.

    3. hypocracy
    Demanding that others live up to standards that you will not live up to.

    Railing against a law or situation that has brought you many personal benefits.
    Senaturd Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all my guns. Senaturd Kennedy rails against guns, but not cars. That’s hypocracy.

    Senaturd Kennedy inherited a vast fortune that had been shielded from inheritance taxes. Senaturd Kennedy wants high inheritance taxes. That’s hypocracy.

    Senaturd Clinton says she will take things from you in the name of the public good. But she will not yield her money or her possessions in the name of the public good. That’s hypocracy.

    Speaker Nancy Pelousy says unions are good, unions are great, unions are wonderful. But she will not allow union members to work in her restaurant or her winery. That’s hypocracy.

    ex-President W Bush spoke about Tax cuts, but his OIL SUPPORTRS benefitted from prices going from $ 10.58 a Barrel of OIL to $ 148 a Barrel of OIL
    That’s spOILS SYSTEM hypocracy.

    ex-President Cheney, SENATE, & CONGRESS was against terrorists.
    However who did more damage to people of New Orleans, post Katrina?
    Who killed more people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the area?
    Who profits from WAR and HIGH ENERGY PRICES?
    Who gave billions to Oil companies and certain companies like GOLDMAN
    Who destroyed the Real Estate Market?
    Who destroyed Wall Street and the Credit Market?
    Who caused RECORD Foreclosures
    putting people into vicious debt cycles?
    AD NAUSEUM … That’s hypocracy.

    (D) Jay Rockefeller Senate Intelligence Committee.
    read book “the Robber Barons.”
    watch movie “3 days of the condor.”
    That’s hypocracy.

  156. 156 1george1

    C’mon Jeze – admit it.

    I keeps ya on yer toes!

    I had to add a few counterpoints to the above post.
    # 3 was too one sided.

  157. 157 jezebel282


    “I keeps ya on yer toes!”

    I have PLENTY of people doing that job. As soon as there’s an opening, you can send me your resume.

  158. 158 1george1

    🙂 8)

  159. 159 1george1

    Fine Letter to Editor in Aug 12 CT POST, by Sylvia.
    Even if i believe Harkins is not the person portrayed …

    In case bloggers are interested – this was handed out Monday night
    to the Town Council – Mayor – Town Attorney – Ethics Commission –
    Press (despite Weizel non coverage) – Clerk – Public

    August 10, 2009 Stratford Town Council Public Forum
    > Stratford Ethics Commission: walk the walk?
    George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue,
    Stratford, CT. 06615 (203) 378-1888

    Stratford Ethics Commission: walk the walk?

    _Will Stratford’s Ethics Commission practice what it preaches?
    _Their published proselytism obliterated fine lines/gray areas
    between: Ethical or Unethical – Legal or Illegal – where legitimate
    Discretion begins – becomes Abuse of Discretion/Color of the Law?

    _Therefore, I challenge Stratford’s Ethics Commission to publicly
    review their own:

    1. Ethical standards and Ethical conflicts of interests?
    2. Relations to Stratford Town Attorney Burturla’s law firm of
    Berchem, Moses, and Devlin?

    _*Esq. Burturla and/or his Firm was paid more than $5,000,000,
    since 1996, including six figures every year from Stratford Town
    and/or Board of Educations, since 1996, for legal/ethical expertise.

    (I INTENTIONALLY REPEATED 1996 for effect!)

    _*Under Esq. Burturla’s guidance, the Ethics Commission:
    changed qualifications to be Commissioner;
    thrice rewrote Ethics Code;
    found NOTHING unethical in Stratford
    _(paying winner/loser lawyers);

    can’t find ethics violations:
    qualifying Shakespeare or
    AVCO bidders;
    cleanup Raymark dumpsites;
    or runaway pensions and taxes;
    or more?

    _Are there Legal-Ethical over site issues?

    _*HOW could this Democratic Town/State Party Lawyer,
    be extravagantly paid, while Republicans controlled most
    Town Councils and Boards of Educations?
    Those bodies controlled appointments, bids, change orders,
    building needs, hirings, pensions, computations, health benefit,

    _”SHAKESPEARE 3rd Acts’ Bidders=protracted-contract(s) negotiations.

    _*1998 AVCO preferred vender awarded:
    TEAM Stratford #1 Hochman!
    It became TS#2 Montiposillico!
    Montiposillico’s lawyer represents latest 3rd-developer, Area 51?

    _1998 Town Attorney fees totaled over $ 222,000.
    _2005-2008: Mayor Miron’s 3 years, Esq. Burturla’s-Berchem’s
    Town Attorney fees averaged over $ 600,000.

    _* 1998 Stratford Bonded $ 95,000,000 for Pensions.
    1999-2000: It exceeded100 % fully funding.
    _*Berchem Website: Expert Labor Law.
    1990s: Stratford Pension averaged $ 3 Million obligations.
    2009: $ 17 million or 3.77 Mils, of 30.37 Mil Rate.
    > 2009 12.5 % taxes paid to 640 retirees??

    _*1999 Stratford Pension Police calculation changed from
    60% of Hard Cap of Base Pay, to
    70 % Soft Cap of Base Pay
    > Town Council Finance Advisory Commission findings:
    Highest Annual Pension of $ 134,525.28, had Base Pay $ 84,850!
    > That is 240 % of the 70 % Cap of Base Pay?

    _ _ _*What’s Legality=Ethicality of:
    -*those lavish pensions? (Is there, or has there been, any quid pro quo?)
    -*hiring Ranking person son, with epilepsy, in physical job?
    (possibly 40 year Disability Pension?)
    -*hiring Mayor’s brother: suing Mayor and Town Attorney’s brother
    (probable verdict award or settlement under seal, of 6 or 7 figures)?

    _*Most highest Pensions: Police/Fire Captains, Lieutenants, Chiefs,
    and Department Heads hired before Town Attorney’s father,
    Joseph Burturla, retired 1985: Stratford Police Captain?
    ___ Ethical appearances?

    _(D)Town Attorney’s brother, John Burturla: Stratford Police Chief.

    _(R)Town Attorney Kevin Kelly’s mom:
    Secretary to 2 Stratford Police Chiefs.

    _*(R)John Florek, Chaired “Charter Revision” Commission:
    (On payroll) paid Mayor Miron’s-Esq. Burturla’s Housing Authority Attorney.

    *Town Attorney Burturla opined: we have “NEW Town Charter.”
    Grandfather Rights of Initiative/ Petition/Referendum Rights
    can’t exist in “Home Rule Act!” Replacing “Special Act Charter?”

    _*Berchem website listed Bridgeport and Stratford as clients.
    Who do they bill about AIRPORT? … ????

    _*Berchem website listed 23 Boards of Education as clients.
    CT has only 169 Municipalities!
    _Why was Stratford shorted $ 60 MILLION Education Cost Sharing ECS?
    _Why is estimated $ 10 MILLION annually Unfunded Town/Education

    _*Berchem website listed: land use expertise.
    Why do 250 Stratford resident/business acres have
    Raymark ground water toxin issues?
    (Buy a Pirhalla Farm garden plot?)
    EPA is determined to consolidate Toxins inland?

    _*May 09: Why are 235 open Stratford law cases in the
    Berchem-Burturla computer?
    NOT on Town Property, like Town Clerk’s office,
    who protects Stratford’s records?
    We paid for ongoing work!

    _*Is it Ethical to not posting Public Documents and/or assist
    withholding/delaying Councilor/Citizens’
    Freedom Of Information requests?

    _*What have Republican and Democratic Town Committees,
    Town Councils/elected/appointed officials
    been overseeing since the 1989 mini-budget and
    1991 Town Referendums (sabotaged/overturned)?

    _*Do Public Officials work for Tax Paying Residents and Business,
    under U. S. and CT. Constitutions
    or for themselves and political friends/families?
    What-where are Ethical-Legal-Political fiduciary duty?

    _*(Local FBI head + State Prosecutor, started as Stratford Police!)

    _*Quo: Mandamus? Warranto? Spiritus?

    _*Are there ongoing Ethical, Legal, or Political violations of
    Stratford Town Attorneys oversight of all Town actions,
    related to Stratford, US. CT., and Bar Association
    Codes of Ethics and Conduct:
    “appearances of Conflicts of Interest?”

    _*Are Town Attorneys, and others, acting consistently within
    Stratford Ethics purview?

    _*Please educate me: who works for whom?

  160. 160 1george1

    To get on Mayor Ballot I needed 156 signatures of Registered voters.
    Town Clerk certified 239 as accepted.
    I turned in almost 300.

    To get on Town Council District # 3 Ballot I needed 21
    signatures of Registered voters.
    Town Clerk certified 21 as accepted.
    I turned in only 25.
    I had already been certified in the past, but had to withdraw
    and do over. So I knew I had at least 15 acceptable signatures,
    when I needed only 8.

  161. 161 jezebel282


    Good luck in your campaign for…..whatever.

  162. 162 1george1

    i qualified to be on the ballot for both



    town council district # 3

    what ballot position did you qualify for?
    that question is for everyone, not just jeze.

    There is ZERO intert to disparage any of the good
    (mensch) people in any noted group.

    I can not compete with $ 100,000 donations from
    all kinds of sources … 😉

    knuckle draggers
    columbo teamsters
    sunshine patriots
    ba steals
    pre tenders – pre dators – prey torians
    knuckle heads
    william’s bad star s
    rock head ancient orders
    justice department honorariums
    luchese lotto
    high bernians
    kosher nostra
    langley mensamorons
    skull n bones
    gambino gambling
    mcclean cryptonazis
    fagin knights
    fleet street
    arlington starmen
    indian bagmen
    tombstone clearinghouse
    devi ants
    pookas and white wolves
    bar assoc – trial lawyers for opiated america
    captains/chiefs pension kick back fund
    municipal application fees
    ethics revision commission pool
    firehouse slush fund
    flood pool dive drive
    contemptible court-iers
    long brook polluters
    b utter nuts
    bad medicine – b.m.d.
    not t ing ham nuts
    devil dogs
    red bull pugs
    ba rabbis – not anti rabbi – anti thief on the cross
    sell i as rev seripmav
    ha milton feder alist
    paradise losers
    plant age net privy councilors Loo sers
    dirty Bath order lies (obe)
    dread scot wrongo
    ignoble peer puppetsex-cathedra sedhedra outs
    witches worlocks and morlocks
    momy dadda warbucks spOILs systemites
    whalin wailen wall street croc tear
    air u c possessed
    war college master race
    per verse partners

    useful idiots

  163. 163 jezebel282


    Campaign advice:

    If you could possibly FOCUS on one issue at a time (and stopping hitting “enter” at every 4th word), you could be a great mayor.

  164. 164 1george1


    What if you look at the entire picture as one inter related issue?


    One allows everyone into the BIG TOP….
    The other … keeps YOU out of the Country Club.


    On my bumper sticker …
    Hey! Can I do ANY worse?


    I called President Mary Dean of the Stratford Chamber of
    Commerce at the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, and
    left a voice mail to ask about ANY MEET the MAYORAL and/or
    – 2 weeks ago I forgot to ask past President Roger Salls of the
    Ethics Commission.
    – However, since I was still collecting signatures to get on the
    Ballots for Mayor and Town Council, my orderly mind did not
    allow me to get a head of my self… 8)

    Let’s see
    Roger went from Chamber to Ethics
    Mary went from Board of Ed to Chamber.

    I did not even hear the Calliope cease the music or stop the


    The other night the Town Council spanked the Ethics Commission
    and directed them to change the wording on a bunch of places.
    Additionally Burturla claimed (but did not articulate ANY) that he
    (which he helped develope) 😉
    (I wonder if he developed those questions before or after I raised
    all of those issues about his guiding the Ethics Commission?) 8)

    I thought I heard Henrich say:
    “we don’t need NO stinkin ETHICS ….” 🙂

    Let’s see …
    The Town Council creates an Independent Ethics Commission.
    When the Ethics Commission showed Independence ….
    The Town Council, Mayor, and Town Attorney got out their erasers…

    Why don’t we just substitute the PIRATES ARTICLES of CONFEDERATION
    CODE for the ETHICS CODE.
    YO HO HO and a BOTTLE of RUM ….
    More and more changes make the Politicians look DUMB!!

    HO HO
    How low will we go?

    16 men on a DEAD MAN’S CHEST
    not even a TOMB STONE to mark his place of REST?

    HO HO
    How low will we go?

  165. 165 jezebel282

    It was a thought…..

  166. 166 1george1

    just a thought?
    or a small series of thoughts,
    connected by punctuation?

    I have focus of one series of thoughts.
    They arc to something I believe is connected.
    THOUGHTS, to someone not knowing what I know
    or having experiened what I experienced.


    the musings of Jeze and I.

    Too timid to post?
    No original thoughts?
    Psychic gratification?

    This blog is often like the concept behind a Shakespeare play:
    “much ado about nothing.”

    This blog is often like the concept behind the the Seinfeld show:
    “a show about nothing.”
    I can’t believe people pay people for the garbage that passes
    for entertainment …
    TV comics are not funny.
    TV shows are copy cats.
    Karoake singers are better than some “supposed talent.” (not all)
    Reality shows are scripted.

    Or “waiting for GODOT” What you do day in / day out …

    Or the fiddler on the room lyrics ….
    “Life is what you do … while you are waiting to …”

  167. 167 jezebel282


    Fine! I’ll accept punctuation. At least then we can separate your thoughts.

    People post and read when they are outraged AND in Stratford. It’s August and vacation time. A lot of readers have left Mironville to get away to somewhere normal.

    Besides, Miron is the only one doing stupid things lately. None of the other candidates have said anything. No press releases, no posts, no letters to the editor. Just lawn signs. Like anyone remembers how many and where they saw them.

    We’ll keep listening. Sooner or later a candidate is bound to say something.

  168. 168 1george1

    I always skip spaces for paragraphs.
    I add a dash or equal sign to spread out paragraphs.
    Often separating thoughts.

    Jeze did you misplace the “e” in M i r o n . v i l l e ?

    Miron may be the only one doing stupid things among the Mayor

    Monday night, I had the ETHICS COMMISSION mad at me.

    Challenge to the ETHICS COMMISSION, and I got them to
    PANIC, because the realize there is a paper trail.

    Naturally they made it into an ISSUE, making it more obvious
    they had issues (i.e. problems)

    They tasked the Ethics Commission to redo specific changes in
    a relatively short window. THAT LOOKS REALLY GOOD!!! 😉

    No matter what the changes are,
    it is not good for Mayor Miron,’
    Town Attorny Burturla, OR the Town Council
    in the eyes of the Public or
    a couple of other very, very, very KEY people. 😉

    Will we have a Solomon Grundy Ethics Code?

    Or even a Salumagrundi Pirate Platter?

  169. 169 1george1

    Interesting how many text messages are now being sent
    and cell phone call are being made RIGHT NOW, as I type.

    My monitors’ monitors lit up like a Christmas tree. 8)

  170. 170 jezebel282


    “My monitors’ monitors lit up like a Christmas tree.”

    Are you sure it’s not the medication?

  171. 171 1george1


    can i have a new post of the stratford star press release on page 3?

    there was one typo.

    i believe we could drop 30 % of our Mil Rate or “9” Mils.
    the press release used “3” instead of “9.”
    (30 % of 30 Mils = 9 Mils.)

    i believe that by 2012, our mil rate “could” be between 25 to 21.
    if it were not for controllers of RTC / DTC – that is what it should
    be and should have been, since 1960s – 1980s.

  172. 172 jezebel282


    Mulligan makes ballot for mayor, Town Council

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 12 August 2009 16:18

    Holding a model of the Statue of Liberty, George Mulligan, unaffiliated candidate for mayor and Third Town Council District, poses with the statue of Puck on the grounds of the Shakespeare Theatre.

    George Mulligan, who frequently addresses the Town Council and writes letters to the editor critical of government and ethics in Stratford, has collected enough signatures to run for office this fall.

    Mulligan will run as an unaffiliated candidate both for mayor and for the Town Council in the third District.

    Petitioning to run for mayor, Mulligan exceeded the 156 signatures needed by collecting 239. He needed eight registered voters in District 3 to sign for the council race, and got 21 signatures.

    Thanking voters, Mulligan immediately challenged the other candidates for mayor and the Town Council to a debate.

    A resident of Housatonic Avenue, Mulligan said his district faces three issues that require council attention: “EPA desires to impose toxic landfill inland/upstream of 250 acres of contaminated ground water,” Mulligan wrote, the state’s “desires to impose years of I-95 construction. It will increase noise/air/ground water pollution to our neighborhoods, while inviting crime and speeding to side street and detours with Exit 33 additions,” and the “afterthought” status of Penders Field, Longbrook Park and Stratford High School.

    As he often does in his speeches, Mulligan attacked the ethics of those in power in setting the stage for his campaign for mayor, saying he can show all of the other candidates “work with the same lawyers, business people and party bosses.”

    “I believe they intentionally delayed economic development, exasperated issues and costs, and kept transparency minimized,” he stated.

    Mulligan listed as his top issue, “ Protect Town Charter grandfather rights: initiative-petition-referendum; add budget referendums; and add town attorneys as salaried, among other ordinance or charter changes.”

    He said he would implement “total transparency” with PDF posting of all monthly municipal department expenses, and live Web casts of all Town Council “education, zoning and committees’ meetings, related to spending.”

    Mulligan said he could decrease municipal taxes by 30%, or 9 mills, to just under 21 mills by 2010 by dropping insurance, pension and “discretionary/negotiable costs” by three mills; increasing educational grants, stimulus “earmarks” and “fund unfunded mandates” by “two to three mills;” increasing “grand list economic development by two mills, spreading taxes to increased tax base;” and “improving” costs, bidding, change orders, purchasing, investment revenue and interest on savings by two mills.

    Mulligan said he backs modernizing town and school buildings and vehicles “to improve education support and to reduce costs related to energy, utility and maintenance repairs.”

    He said he would improve services to seniors, children, businesses, families and individuals “while reducing public employee friction.”

    He promised to attract more federal and state money to low- and fixed-income residents.

  173. 173 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    I doubt I will be chowing down soon to Kishke or Haggis –

    Haggis is a dish containing sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs),
    minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with s
    tock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for
    approximately three hours.

    Haggis somewhat resembles stuffed intestines (pig intestines
    otherwise known as chitterlings), sausages and savoury puddings
    of which it is among the largest types.
    As the 2001 English edition of the Larousse Gastronomique puts it,
    “Although its description is not immediately appealing, haggis has
    an excellent nutty texture and delicious savoury flavour”.

    Most modern commercial haggis is prepared in a casing rather
    than an actual stomach.
    There are also meat-free recipes for vegetarians.

    The haggis is a traditional Scottish (GAVIN?) dish memorialised as the
    national dish of Scotland by Robert Burns’ poem Address to a Haggis
    in 1787. Haggis is traditionally served with “neeps and tatties”

    (Scots: swede, yellow turnip or rutabaga and potatoes, boiled and
    mashed separately) and a “dram” (i.e. a glass of Scotch whisky),
    especially as the main course of a Burns supper.
    However it is also often eaten with other accompaniments, or served
    with a whisky-based sauce.

    I wonder if Sudds is still sulking about ROCKi & the oriental restaurant?

    Question: What’s the best way to cook a cat?
    I was thinking of slow cooking one.

    PWEETA fully supports your right to eat cat (felis domesticus),
    or any other game meat in the privacy of your own home.
    On a “libertarian” medium like the Internet, there is no end
    of sites dedicated to the construction of homemade bombs
    and weapons of mass destruction.
    However, a quick check on any search engine will uncover a
    striking lack of quality cat eating advice available in English.

    I prefer to avoid the details and DO NOT ADVOCATE!!





    It gets worse …

  174. 174 1george1

    At Town Council I asked Gavin if he ever ate Haggis? “YES”

    I asked if he liked it? “NO!”

    The Town Council voted to pay Mrs. Cicerale for the $ 500 deductable,
    $ 300 added cost, $ 11 + for the copies, rental car, and I do not know
    what else?

    If everything is OK, she will release the Town on “property damage.”

    If there is a future law suit, if she developes a medical problem ….
    You can read the story in CT. POST.

  175. 175 jezebel282

    More Free Association from 1George!;

    DANCE WITH THE DEVIL brings together the stories of two survivors
    in a world Kirk Douglas knows well: Hollywood and the motion
    picture industry. Through flashbacks, contrasting characters,
    and a well-constructed plot, the author succeeds in producing
    a story in which, in the end, Danny Dennison’s life really imitates art.


    Watching Batman (’89) just because I wanted to refresh my memory
    and I am half way through it and I figured out I’m not insane.
    Joker did kill Bruce Wayne’s parents in this adaptation.
    The deciding factor is the quote by Joker,
    “Ever dance with the devil by the pail pale moon light?”,
    just before he shoots Bruce Wayne at [what’s her name]’s house.

    Then Bruce has a flash back and remembers the same quote by
    a younger Jack/Joker then after revealing his face to the boy
    Bruce; the grin. As I always remembered
    (now who’s crazy? Jared Nathan).
    I know the comic books are different but for few/some who only
    watched the movies and maybe a little bit of comic book history
    it’s hard to forget the discrepancies that lies in Batman Begins.

    Also at the end of Batman Begins (spoiler?) when Batman was
    handed a joker card and was told to go after this guy, with a
    quote of he has a “double homicide”, my speculation is, t
    he double was the Waynes and with the confirmation of the
    Next BB headlining Joker I strongly think the new movie plot
    will be keep with the old and still have Joker as the murderer
    of Bruce’s parents. Not really that big of a deal to me either
    way but just an observation.

    ================= Musings ================

    Vaudeville was done in BLACK FACE.
    The JOKER is in WHITE FACE.
    > The SMILE is PHONY & FIXED
    > Know anyone like that?

    Tom Febriao, of Tommy’s, Fairfield was a dead ringer for
    Michael Keaton.

    When the Batman movie came out with the Bat Signal,
    many years ago, it was timed with the first release of
    the STEALTH FIGHTER BOMBER = resemblence!

    Recent 2009 Batman movie was a psychopathic killer with a disdain
    for money, equal to the June 2008 villain in DIE HARD “FIRE SALE.”

    USA covert and clandestine actions, often use movies to prep the
    subconsciuous of the masses.

    They helped create the environment for the SEPT 2008 CRASH
    of the WORLD economic system.

    What does that STUFF have to do with KIRK DOUGLAS?

    His son Michael Douglas was in the Movie WALL STREET.

    What was the OCT 1987 release DATE of WALL STREET?

    What were the DATES of the ICT 1987 Stock Market Crash?

    Will there be analogous situation related to SEPT 23, 2009
    release of Michael Morre’s CAPITALISM?

    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man?

  176. 176 1george1

    Thanks jeze.

  177. 177 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    1) 25 % of BOE Budget comes from CT. with a little from FED

    2) CT. held back $ 60 million ECS during HARKINS years.

    3) CT. controlled Shakespeare for certain years.

    4) ARMY controlls AVCO BID process again

    5) Mr. Norko + Mr. Branyan each told me to my questions, they
    believe Stratford (and other communities) are shorted OVER
    $ 5 Million per year, EACH on TOWN and BOE BUDGER of the

    6) FEDS control EPA and CT controls DEP related to:
    a – Raymark site
    b – dumpsites
    c – ground water
    d – I – 95 issues
    e – more

    7) FEDS control DOT and CT controls DOT related to:
    a – I -95 + I – 15 bridges, ramps, and interstates.
    b – Flooding
    c – certain sidewalks and cutting the grass
    d – certain snow plowing and de-icing
    e – State roads
    f – Rail Road canrs/assets/funding and Rail Road station

    8) FEDS control FAA related to:
    a – AIRPORT

    9) FEDS control Congress, Departments and Agencies while CT
    controls Legislative, Departments, and Agencies related to the
    Political Justice Systems:
    a – Funding
    b – Oversight
    d – whole range of ISSUES from U.S. and CT. CONSTITUTIONS

    10) FEDS control COURTS, JUSTICE, FBI, JAILS, REHAB, and variety of
    Departments and Agencies while CT controls COURTS, PROSECUTORS,
    Agencies related to the Political Justice Sytems:

    11) FEDS and CT controls everything related to ELECTIONS:
    a – political parties choose and fund / help fund most candidates
    directly or indirectly (steering business to their business)
    b – political parties candidates get elected and appoint HEADS of
    Departments and Agencies to carry out POLITICAL DECISIONS
    which include hiring and promoting CAREER PERSONNEL who are
    (supposedly) NOT POLITICAL. However …… ???

    In December 1988 TIME MAGAZINE, after the fall of the U.S.S.R.
    Admiral William (Jim) Crowe was quoted:
    1. Quoting CT.’s Walt Kelly’s POGO:
    “We have met the enemy…. and he is US.” (? U. S. ?)

    2. I take comfort in the BOOK of JOB.
    – If the U. S. Miltary Joint Chief of Staff consider themselves as
    JOB’S COMFORTERS … would that suggest they get psychic
    gratification into turning foreigners and eventually ALL Americans,
    into JOB – like people, who lose all their property, see family, and
    friends killed, and are inflicted with health problems and pain?

    – Does this include, things behind decision in Stratford and Bridgeport?

    The above was focused, until I got to the examples, which have direct
    bearing in showing the validity of the point about the control and
    influence on Stratford, by FEDs & State of CT.

    At least Jeze NOW moves some of my stuff rather than deleting it.
    This post was to DIRECTLY respond to JEZE’s contention and I believe
    it is wholly relevant …. but unlike Jeze would agree.

    As long as it is not editted, nor deleted.
    I took the time, thought, and effort to educate readers and help
    them connect DOTS, such as Mr. Moreau has blogged
    1 – I helped him connect dots locally.
    2 – I confuse him with non – local issues. I hope this helps connect
    some of the DOTS.

    I will not get into “family relatives” and “political or business relations”
    of Stratford political people, to area, State, and Fed elected and
    appointed personnel at this time, which is “THE STORY” behind the
    “COVER STORIES,” and Stratford’s *USA’s) political science fiction.

    Sorry mike – gavin – phin = NOT SHORT – but there is no nonsense.
    within the above, as it is the way the system works and has been
    intentionally wrecked.

  178. 178 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    By keeping AVCO and SIKORSKY closed;
    By blowing MANDATE FUNDING
    By blowing RAYMARK cleanup – destroying area and town Property Values

    It killed the TAX BASE, allowing KEY AREAS of BRIDGEPORT and STRATFORD
    to be bought up by the LAWYERS and DEVELOPERS at DISTRESSED PRICES.

    I think the Genovese, Gambino, Luchese, Columbo, Bonano, Patriacha,
    and Rockefeller crims families have more integrity than areas lawyers,
    FBI, certain State Police, and certain local police.

    I think many people got greedy, without having a clue they were being
    manipulated into such a destructive scheme!

    NOT EVEN BURTURLAs nor MIRONS, nor certainly NOT McNeil’s people
    are TRAITORS.

    I know MAFIA and they are PATRIOTIC.

    I know the town, state, and government workers are PATRIOTS.

    I know the business owners are PATRIOTS.

    I know the workers are PATRIOTS.

    However, at the NATIONAL LEVEL ……

    Is it PATRIOTIC to allow:

    WARS without merit
    CRIME on our own people
    COCAINE destroying families and communities
    ALCOHOL ” .. ”
    VARIOUS DRUGS ” .. ”
    BANKRUPCY short selling
    TRILATERAL off shore


    If everyone practiced Mensch Jewery –
    Soulful Catholicism – Christianity
    Masonic Liberty & Fraternaty
    ENLIGHTENED – Liberty & Justuce for ALL.

    There are greatness among concepts like
    95 THESIS

    The trick is getting everyone to play nice.

    Too bad LAWYERS do not believe in the CONSTITUTION,
    but in intellectual and courtesan PROSTITUTION …

  179. 179 1george1

    George Mulligan for Mayor or Whatever?07May09

    This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has

    demonstrated over the years

    a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens of Stratford.

    As far as we can tell, he does not lie,

    he does not seek benefit for himself,

    he does not make unethical deals

    and he pretty much says what he means.

    (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)

    We have not seen this in any other candidate to date.


    drumroll please.
    drrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuummmm….. boooooom … tsching!

    HAS ANYTHING CHANGED about George Mulligan
    or other candidates?

  180. 180 1george1


    I said thnk you in the past.

    Best compliment I got in politics was Ed “Beefy” Hargus calling me “his son.”

    2nd best compliment was the Play write endorsing me (OVER Gavin), as …
    “the most hated man in TOWN HALL!!”

    I just got a couple great compliment from someone who NEVER compliments
    anyone and told me he was truly impressed with my efforts at PYE.

    Jeze’s compliment is probably # 4, because despite my punctuation and
    my punking bloggers, all I ever wanted to be in life was the equivalent
    of a “mensch” ….. a nice guy.
    The above series of attributes are ways I want to be perceived as a
    person in not just politics, but in life.

    So THANK YOU … Jeze
    I was am am touched by your comments, and compliments.
    As to critics, I admit to being touched in the HAID or HEAD…. 😉

  181. 181 jezebel282


    Once again, let me say that I have no doubt whatsoever that you are a good, honest and dedicated person. You have never asked for anything other than attention (and maybe a little praise).

    What makes you a lousy candidate is your inability to focus on an issue without….well, you know. It still doesn’t stop you from being a good person who cares about Stratford residents.

  182. 182 ronmoreau


    I was saddened to read in the post that Madelan Neupert pass away a couple of days ago.

    She and I have had our differences over the years. I respected her. She has been an advocate and voice for town residents for many years. Just like Beefy Hargus. She will be truely missed. God rest her soal.

  183. 183 1george1


    Madelyn was a good person, who did her homework.

    Because she was a good person, she could get fooled by lies and liars.

    When Madelyn picked up an a falsehood, she called them out.

    Not nice wishing death on someone.
    I wish everyone a long, happy, and healthy life.
    Yet, I wish bad people spend eternity in hell.
    Who is bad?
    Matter of perspective.

    If yu were present at PYE,
    Except for the Pedoto / next issue, wasn’t I focused on the
    Note Question of PYE, covered in Stratford Star where I
    addressed PYE’s 4 stated concerns
    3 – NOISE
    And I address their other main concerns:
    1 – raising Main street,
    2 – fixing the flood gate,
    3 – RADAR for the
    4 – BAD WEATHER CRASHES of Pilot Error

    Wasn’t I on point for PENSION / Attorney / financial relationships
    ISSUES and long term effects?
    1 – 500 + % Pension Obligation increase since 1995 Harkin 1996 Burturla
    2 – 500 + % Increase of Town Atorney Fees in similar time frame ( since 1998)
    3 – $ 181 million debt transfer for Bond I + P payment by tax payers
    4 – $ 32 million pension shortfall 2002 – 2008
    5 – 12.5 % of 2008 collected taxes = 3.86 Mils out of 30.37 Mil Rate
    6 – $ 1.2 Billion projected 60 year Tax Payer cost to under 1,000 people on
    the Defined Benfit plan
    7 – Projected $ 3.2 Billion projected Health Benefit 60 year cost

    Wasn’t I on point for the RAYMARK – I – 95 issues?
    Creating relationships to
    1 – Health
    2 – Property value
    3 – Tax Base
    4 – Economic effect on that area & related to entire town

  184. 184 jezebel282


    I was there. Yes, you did good. Better than Dick Kennedy who was clearly unprepared after 24 hours notice of his candidacy. But you aren’t running against Dick.

    But, not everyone reads every word you write and you tend to launch into the details before you give unsuspecting listeners the background.

  185. 185 1george1

    While Dick Keendy was clearly unprepared, he did lay foundation for
    a legitimate cause with last minute situation.

    However he came across as a nice guy and very likeable.

    Chris Barnabee and Matt Catalano also come across as likeable and
    a bit naive, without having depth of detailed knowledge.


    Your criticism about me details and lack of background is excellent,
    especially as it relates to TV viewers.
    I had put out about 130 – 140 two sided, two page, staple bits of info,
    – 1 and 1/2 items published in the Star
    – about the top 20 pensions, with most base pays & dept (no names)
    – 13 items of key “to do” list of priorities

    I took home only 18. And of those, I had kept 6 at my table.

    Over 100 of those went out the door with people and I already know
    some were copied and have made rounds
    A) within MIRON circles
    B) within Republican circles
    C) to Save Stratford and PYE – who both LOVED where I hit
    D) Lordship Residents
    E) other interested parties.

    What I am doing is creating a PAPER and ELECTRONIC VIRUS
    against the political parties

    Jeze – you will love this – I believe generally
    A) the Democrats are more open minded and socially aware,
    especially as it relates for fairness.

    By Miron loading the audience, he gave me the very people
    who will read my message, talk about it to “liberal” friends &
    they will be acutely aware they stacked the audience and
    over applauded and over questioned for Miron –
    This should be NOT FAIR in their OWN MINDS.

    I could care LESS that I am in a hostile audience.
    I believe it works in my favor, because I have to prove things.
    I do not want ANYONE to believe ANY OF US.
    Mr. Pedoto’s letter’s to the Editor and Badgering backfired on them,
    based on what people told me at PYE and later and in the Star

    I believe Republicans are more money oriented and more security-
    military-police oriented.
    I attacked Harkins – Dom as causing (with Burturla/Norm/Dick/Testa)
    as causing Stratford financial problems;
    looking to delay and then steal Stratford assets;
    looking to cheat grandfather rights;
    causal to safety and health problems by not solving problems.

    By putting verifyable facts on paper handouts, I shake up the belief
    in the respective candidates positions – then I pound the issues as
    the questions which were asked.

    I also absolutely believe all of the above.

    However Jeze you hit on a crucial issue in any presentation, which
    I did ok in my close, but not necessarily in my responses.

    I started with a opening of a tale not of 2 cities, but or a vision of
    3 Stratfords like Dicken’s Christmas Carol.
    Stratford as it is.
    Stratford as it is being dengenerated
    Stratford as I believe it could be, what I like it to be, and what I
    have learned Stratford’s old time residents love about Stratford.

    So, I need to take you advise.



    I need to give background and foundation before launching into
    facts, that have to be presented in 2 minutes.

    It is easier to criticize and analyse, than to carry out.

  186. 186 jezebel282


    “A) the Democrats are more open minded and socially aware,
    especially as it relates for fairness.”

    Everyone knows that.

    Last piece of campaign advice. You start off with people who want to listen. Anger and finger pointing turn them off quickly and the listening stops.

    And it wouldn’t kill you to smile once in a while.

  187. 187 1george1


    Pedoto got my anger.
    I apologized and got back on track.

    Harkins and his gang + Miron and his gang causes all local
    problems under direction since about 1980

    I know details NO ONE else in TOWN knows.

    However, Police + Fire + PW are about to get double crossed,
    if I am correct.

    The only good thing, is I set a series of traps to create a
    triple cross and quadruple cross, which I created in case
    the triple cross is part of the “operation.”

    There are people outside of Stratford who know far more than I.

    If they have double crossed the American people,
    why do police, fire, & PW think they will be exempt?

    At one time, my family had political connections. I had no clue.
    Older people, with power, die off.
    New people, rise to power.

    Lieberman – Dodd – Blumenthal – Rell – Amann – Berchem will
    all be swept away, sooner or later?

  188. 188 1george1

    I am thinking about writing in the CT. POST that Joe Ganim
    should be welcomed back into politics or public life with
    open arms.

    It takes a crook to catch a crook? 😉

    What if Joe Ganim and John Rowland ran on the same ticket
    for Governor, under the CORRUPT-icut Ticket?

    Just imagine all the things they could teach average tax payers?

    Just imagine if they blew the whistle on practices alluded to
    under the Blagjovich contentions?

  189. 189 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Ex-Dem Town Committee Chair Schirillo had me listed fo speak Thursday
    at 7:30 for C.A.R.E. Citizens Addressing Racial Equality.

    He is in charge of setting schedules.

    I emailed request for who is scheduled to speak when.
    I asked to 2 separate times since I am on Town Council
    and Mayor Ballot.

    I show up tonight.
    I told them I would be there.

    They bring out a camera, prior to Schirillo speaking.

    He stated they have only 10 responders & will have 5 speakers
    for 10 minutes each this wednesday and next.
    Miron 2 other people, Fahan & Catalano.
    I ask for the 7:50 slot.
    They say no. it is set.

    Then they talk about next week and having flexibility for
    anyone else who wants to respond and join.

    I ask about flexibility for wednesday nite.
    Now remember I am suppose to speak a night they cancelled.

    So I told them they were political and they were forcing me to
    with draw, Mike Sinnott said they are not political.

    Schirillo is ex-Dem Party Chairman
    Sinnott was at Tide Harbo condo handing out Miron stuff.
    A police officer was in uniform there.

    I walk out.

    I get near the elevator & Schirillo comes after me.
    We have words.
    Sinnott trails and butts in where he has no business
    The police officer trails back.

    I handed Schirillo 4 pages of 2 sided stuff including some of the
    deaths he never investigated when he was on the 1998-1999
    Town Council.
    The police officer declines the information I want to give him.

    I sent off an e-mail to Schirillo & Tammy Trojanowski with the
    video camera blasting them for the LYNCHING an partisan set up.

    For those who are new to the blog…
    The reason I got in politics in 1998, is I believe people in politics
    murdered my uncle(s), parents, and other people for political
    reasons, which have a parallel to what the Nazis did to Jews as
    a means to galvanizxe one group.

    Schirillo & Dick Miron were scheduled to testify in Mossman
    Civil Trail.

    Schirillo never investigated or tried to help investigate the
    series of deaths.

    If anyone wants to call me names … fine.
    They can also claim blacks were never lynched
    There was no holocaust.
    Irish & English never abuse each other or themselves.
    Police in the USA have always been perfect?

    I respect the good people.
    I can’t respect people whose every act is a lie.

  190. 190 1george1

    To blog people in Law enforcement

    Friday I changed from DISH.
    Thursday am I heard something outside.
    I saw a Town of Stratford mini car across the street.
    It was directly across the street from my sidewald &
    not where one would park to either neighbors.
    By the time I got downstairs, the car was gone and I
    did not see who drove it?

    What does it take to put something near a phone line to tap
    voice and data?

  191. 191 1george1

    You, on the other hand, are running for Mayor and Councilman.
    Maybe you should post what is is you think a mayor should do?
    After all, Ron is not running for mayor, you are.

    Councilman priorities:

    1) Work with Save Stratford’s objectives to take Toxins out of
    Town where appropriate, cap in place were appropriate and
    export contaminated ground water, thru drilling & out to and
    L I Sound.

    2) Work with the Historic District towards ambiance related to
    traffic and other issues that Shakespeare Theater, Airport, &
    AVCO will cause.

    3) Improve Long Brook Park and restore Penders Field.
    A) Park has issues with geese, pond, & Maintenance.
    B) Field has been Bonded for new infield – outfield – drains

    4) Work to reduce Taxes, by responsible Budget priorities.
    A) Look at and expose alternatives in Insurance plans where
    expensive Roll Royce coverages and be exchanged for good
    coverage at a fraction of costs, instead of padding broker
    B) Pension review and transparent negotiation oversight.
    C) Line item Budget expose for transparency

    5) Work to increase Tax Base by new and desireable businesses
    and not by kiting property values, as Miron has done & is doing.

    6) Improve Grants and Stimulus Funding,

    7) Be involved with responsible Barnum Avenue improvement.

    8) Make Buildings Needs and Finance n Claims more transparent.

    9) Vote to increase Transparency of all public Meetings by live,
    uneditted Webcast, Channel # 79 & # 12 & ??.
    If Jim Miron has a Channel, why can’t Stratford?

    10) More TBA

  192. 192 jezebel282


    Maybe I am the only one that actually reads some of your stuff, but:

    “export contaminated ground water, thru drilling & out to and
    L I Sound.”

    Out to LI Sound? Really? Not enough pollutants in the Sound already?

    “Look at and expose alternatives in Insurance plans where
    expensive Roll Royce coverages and be exchanged for good
    coverage at a fraction of costs, instead of padding broker

    In many cases, the Town is self insured. Although I suspect you are raging at Health coverage again. As a Democrat I am hoping that issue becomes moot if some Senators develop guts. If not, you are making the mistake of thinking everyone that gets a Town paycheck get’s “Rolls Royce” treatment. That is simply not true. Not every Town employee is a Department Head, Principal, CAO or COO. Many employees only receive less than $45,000/year….gross. Many significantly less than that. There are more that are trying to raise families on that much. They simply can’t afford significant increases in health care costs. I suggest instead of using your standard meat-axe, you consider at least a knife….perhaps even a scalpel.

    “Pension review and transparent negotiation oversight.”

    Would you renegotiate existing pension contracts? What of those who have 20, 25 or 30 years of service?

    “C) Line item Budget expose for transparency”

    Almost a good idea. How about zero based budgets?

    “Work to increase Tax Base by new and desireable businesses”

    George…you sound like a candidate with that one.

    More TBA.

  193. 193 1george1

    Health Coverage.

    The prime beneficiaries of a rolls royce coverage are brokers.
    I would not propose anything that is not covered in very good
    private sector coverage.

    Like your hope, I believe the Feds have no choice on this issue.
    I am simply stating an obvious political pork scenario.


    This, like Health Care, is a national time bomb. I would like to ensure
    that Pensions comparable to Sikorsky (twice social security) are to be
    available in a narrow band of retirement, indexed to whatever the exist
    average (non-O. T.) pay schedule is per bargaining unit.

    This is a DEFENSIVE POSITION that I want the Unions to explore. I do not
    want the Pensions to be repudiated.

    There are people who hate unions.
    There are people who will play on the national unemployment, lack of
    Health Care, and the comparative TEACHER’S PET situations of government
    I would MUCH RATHER raise the level of ALL BOATS in a managed way, than
    to see a PENSION TSUNAMI.

    What better way to destroy unions than to “set up” a fraudulent and
    conspired program that even the unions admit a Define Contribution
    Plan is viable and Defined Benefit is a scam?
    They also ask … I spent 20 years planning my retirement based on this
    format, how is it fair to me?

    Well if you particiapated in 20 years of embezzlement in a publicly traded
    company and kept quiet because eventually you would get your share of
    the loot …. is that fair to the Stock (tax payers) Holders?

    I am not going to win election.

    People do not mike my drawing attention to the issue.

    But let me ask this?

    Would you rather lose all of your pension and maybe go to jail, or be in
    a position where you can protect your assets and place blame on the
    people in positions to cause the problems?

    Did or did NOT Hartford Legislation pass a LAW that corruption can cost
    people their PENSIONS, about 1 – 2 years ago?

    Guess what?

    I did not imagine that law.
    Nor did I vote in it.
    Have you read of ANY people it was applied towards?

    Maybe, there will be a COUP, and it will be used as leverage so certain
    political people in other areas can come into Stratford and Bridgeport
    and take all the marbles?

    Next year is a Race for Governor.

    Would Amann, Malloy, or Rell like to have YOUR SCALPS as anti corruption,
    and place their TRUSTEE people to take over Bridgeport, Stratford, Valley,
    & out to Westport-Norwalk, where Burturla / Berchem have people in key
    positions in Derby Police and Westport Imperial Avenue?

    Dick Miron loved to say ….”The Republicans do it to themselves every time!”

    Look at situations:
    Latest Pension Board – All Republicans & Gavin
    Most Town Councils – Republicans control most for 25 years
    Most Boards of Education – Republicans control most for 25 years

    Ganim went to Jail.
    Yet Testa & Fabrizi did not?
    – Nothing happened to Feeney “auto accident?”
    Feds not tip hand on Russian brothel?
    Feds not tip hand on Natera raid?
    Feds not tip hand on Lauretti?
    FBI may have talked to Jim Miron July 31 in Town Hall?
    Bridgeport city council award Berchem something in Stealpointe?

    Ganim & Rowland were small time scalps, compared to what the Feds
    can do to Stratford and Bridgeport, if there is fire, where there is
    “smoke and mirrors?”

    I am pro-union and good pay, good benefits, & good retirements.

    $ 250,000 paid in 1 year to manager with $ 84 k base pay?

    $ 16,000 per year cost of Health Benefits, minus only 13 % premium,
    still costing $ 14,000 per year. Owner of COMPANY on F.A.C. pays
    $ 12,000 per year, minus 40 % ($ 4,800) premium, costing his company
    $ 7,200 per year
    – >>>>>> ALMOST 1/2 of what it cost TAX PAYERS!!!!!!!

    $ 134,300 ANNUAL PENSION on $ 84,700 Base Pay?
    How does a Captain get O. T.?
    Captains and Lieutenants are Management = salary positions.

    Just imagine how Richard and John Burturla, and Jim and Dick Miron
    will become HEROES going State’s Evidence, where they were OUT OF
    POWER and were unable to legally affect blockage of the “Republicans?”

    Do you think Miron, Burturlas, and FBI are happy that I am trying to warn
    the unions that they are about to be stung?

    If they get the Stratford Police and Fire Department, they also get the
    Sikorski Union….. think about that?

    How do they Break the Unions …. sucker them into Greed and undefendable positions, where the Public and seeing Tax Money they should save and/or
    go to:
    Low Income
    Small Businesses

    I am warning the UNIONS to let go of the COOKIE in the COOKIE JAR,
    as the only way to protect themselves.

    I believe Burturla & Berchem are to blame, as well as other higher
    people outside of Stratford.

    In a couple weeks the election shall be over.


    Who is best positioned to take advantage?

    I say Malloy and the Lieberman / Weicker / Bush (Stamford – Greenwich)

  194. 194 1george1

    John Burturla was CT. STATE TROOPER head Home Land Security

    Who headed Senate Committee on Home Land Security? Lieberman.
    Lieberman – V. P. Candidate
    Lieberman – ProWar – Bush surrogate & “cousin” to Dick Cheney,

    Halliburton owned Dresser / Ashcroft was headed in 2000 by Cheney.

    GHW Bush son Neil Mallon Bush named for former C.E.O. of Dresser,
    as GHW Bush’s first job out of Yale was selling Ashcroft for Dresser.

    Amann in Milford
    Berchem, Moses, & Devlin, in Milford

  195. 195 1george1

    Check the top 25 Business disasters in US History.

    GHW or W Bush were in the White House at the time of the
    100 % of the announced bankruptcies (or within 2 months).

    Creditors and new investors take over the Assets of Bankrupt

    Check higherest OIL – GAS prices.
    GHW or W Bush were in the White House at the time.
    1982 highest ever price about $ 45 a barrel
    2008 highest ever price about $ 145 a barrel

    Big Oil
    Russia (economy was a wreck in 1998 @ $ 10.58 a barrel

    You get the idea.

    Check my website to see relationship chart of OIL PROFITS
    and times of conflict.

    Check the profits of War Companies….

    These people play POKER.

    Only one winner.

    Gues what?
    It ain’t me.
    It ain’t you!

  196. 196 rex525

    I’d personally like to see a “George Mulligan for State Senate” page, at least we’d have someone honest to vote for in the upcoming election.

  197. 197 1george1

    Some issues which go back to May 2009.

  198. 198 1george1


    He possesses a famous Rolodex in his office in Room 5600, (E G O – 0)
    which he started in the 1940s. It is described as a unique, massive
    four-foot-by-five-foot gold wheel contraption, containing up to
    150,000 entries of the most powerful people in the world.[48]

    His net wealth is estimated at 2.2 billion dollars, ranking him among
    the 300 richest people in the world.
    Initially, most of his wealth had come to him via the family Trusts that
    his father had set up, which were administered by Room 5600 and the
    Chase Bank.
    In turn, most of these Trusts were held as shares in the successor
    companies of Standard Oil, as well as diverse real estate investment
    partnerships, such as the expansive Embarcadero Center in San
    Francisco, (GEORGE PRATT SCHULTZ > Condo Rice -> Atanford)
    which he later sold for considerable profit, retaining only an
    indirect stake.
    In addition, he is or has been a partner in various properties such as
    a 4,000-acre (16 km2) resort development in the Virgin Islands and a
    cattle ranch in Argentina, as well as a 15,500-acre (63 km2) sheep
    ranch in Australia.

    Wealth is also tied up in the successor companies to his grandfather’s
    oil empire; as recently as 1998 he and other family members were still
    minority shareholders of the primary Standard Oil offshoot, Exxon Mobil,
    and David was keeping tabs on the company’s progress.



    Positions held/institutions founded during his lifetime Chairman/Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (Chairman: (1970–1985);

    Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank (1969–1981);

    Founder and North American Chairman (1977–1991),
    Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission;

    A U.S. founding member, life member, and member of the
    Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group (1954-);

    Founding Chairman of the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC) (1979–1988);

    Board Director,
    B. F. Goodrich & Co. (1956–64),
    Punta Alegre Sugar Corp.,
    The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (1960–65);
    Chairman/Chairman Emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art
    (1948-, Chairman: 1962-1972, 1987–1993);

    Founder and Chairman/Honorary Chairman of the
    Council of the Americas (1963-);

    Honorary Chairman and Life Trustee of
    The Rockefeller University (Chairman: 1950-1975);

    Trustee/Life Trustee of the University of Chicago (1947–1962, 1966-);
    (GEORGE > Alumni: Robert OPPENHEIMER – OBAMA)

    Director of the Peterson Institute
    (Formerly: The Institute for International Economics);

    President and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the
    Harvard College Board of Overseers (1954–1960, 1962–1968);

    President of the Board of Overseas Study at Harvard University;

    Member, American Friends of the London School of Economics;

    Co-founder and Chairman of the Chase International Advisory Committee’;

    Chairman, Chase International Investment Corporation (1961–1975);

    Class A Director of the “Federal . Reserve . Bank” of New York;

    Leading member of the “Russian-American Bankers” Forum (1992);

    Chairman of the New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

    Director of the New York Clearing House (1971–1978);

    Founder and Chairman of the Center for Inter-American Relations (CIAR)
    (Cultural adjunct of the Council of the Americas, 1965);

    Founder and Chairman/Honorary Chairman of the Americas Society;

    Co-founder of the Chairman’s Latin American Advisory Council;

    Founder of the Forum of the Americas;

    Honorary Chairman of the Japan Society;

    Chairman of the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association;

    Director of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation;

    Co-founder of The Business Committee for the Arts (BAC) (1967);

    Chairman of Morningside Heights, Inc.;

    Board member of the Westchester County Planning Commission;

    Board member of the Commerce Committee for the Alliance for Progress (1961);

    Founder of the Emergency Committee for American Trade;

    Director of the Overseas Development Council;

    Director of American Overseas Finance Corporation;

    Member of Reagan’s President’s Commission on Executive Exchange (1981);

    Director of the “US-USSR” “Trade and Economic” Council;

    Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council for ……. “U.S.-China Trade;”

    Founder of the Emergency Committee on American Trade (ECAT);

    Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council on … “Japan-United States”
    Economic Relations;

    Chairman of the U.S. Advisory Committee on Reform of the …
    “International Monetary System;”

    Founding member/Honorary member of the Commission on
    White House Fellows (1964–1965);

    A Trustee of the John F. Kennedy Library;

    An Honorary Trustee and Chairman of the Executive Committee
    of International House of New York;

    A Trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1947–1960);

    Primary Founder/U.S. Executive Committee, Dartmouth Conference;

    Founder and Chairman of the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) (Chairman: 1964-1968);

    Co-founder of the Synergos affiliated Global Philanthropists Circle;

    Honorary Advisor/International Advisor of Praemium Imperiale;

    Member of the Peace Parks Foundation;

    Trustee of Historic Hudson Valley (1981-);

    Chairman of the Stone Barns Restoration Corporation;

    Chairman of Rockefeller Financial Services;

    Chairman, The Rockefeller Group Inc. (1983–1995);

    Chairman, Rockefeller Center Properties Inc. (1985–1992);

    Co-founder and Advisory Trustee of the
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) (1940) (Chairman: 1981-1987);

    Co-founder and Honorary Trustee of the Rockefeller
    Family Fund (RFF) (1967);

    President of his father’s Sealantic Fund;

    Founder of the David Rockefeller Fund (1989);

    Founded and funded the David Rockefeller Global Development
    Fund (RBF) (2006);

    Founded the David Rockefeller Graduate Program at
    Rockefeller University;

    Co-founded, funded and on the Advisory Committee of the
    David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS)
    at Harvard (1994-).

    Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission

    A lifelong globalist, due to the strong influence of his father,
    he had at an early age further spread his connections when
    he was invited to attend the inaugural elitist Bilderberg Group
    meetings, starting with the Holland gathering in 1954.

    He has been a consistent attendee through the decades and has
    been a member of the “steering committee”, which determines
    the invitation list for the upcoming annual meetings.

    These have frequently included prominent national figures who have
    gone on to be elected as political leaders of their respective countries
    including Bill Clinton who first attended in 1991.

    David Rockefeller joined the Council on Foreign Relations as its
    youngest-ever director in 1949 and subsequently became chairman
    of the board from 1970 to 1985; today he serves as honorary chairman

    It was a dissatisfaction with the failure of this group to include
    Japan that subsequently led to him forming
    the Trilateral Commission (TC) in July 1973,
    influenced by, among others, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the
    National Security Advisor under Carter and the author of
    Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era,
    published in 1970.
    They discussed forming the organization at a Bilderberg Group
    meeting in Belgium in 1972;
    Brzezinski subsequently became the inaugural United States director.
    The Commission also launched its own magazine, the Trialogue.

    It held the founding session of its Executive Committee in Tokyo in
    October, 1973. In May 1975, the first plenary meeting of all of the
    Commission’s regional groups – North America, Europe and Japan,
    comprising some 300 members – took place in Kyoto.

    This Commission was to come under media scrutiny when it was later
    disclosed that Carter appointed 26 former Commission members
    (who must resign before taking up government positions)
    to senior positions in his Administration.

    Moreover, it also came out that Carter himself was a former Trilateral
    member. (The Clinton Administration, by contrast, had close to a dozen Commission members, including Clinton himself; both Gerald Ford and
    George Bush Sr. were also Trilateralists).

    IF ANYONE BOTHERS to read the rest of this WIKIPEDIA, they will learn
    why I have mixed feelings about these CONSPIRACY PEOPLE.

    EVERY TOOL can be abused by a FOOL.

  199. 199 1george1

    George McGovern earned a Ph.D in history from Northwestern
    University in 1953.[1] His 450-page dissertation,
    The Colorado Coal Strike, 1913–1914, was a sympathetic account
    of the miners’ revolt against Rockefeller interests in the Colorado
    Coalfield War.[7][54] His thesis advisor, noted historian Arthur S. Link,
    later said he had not seen a better student than McGovern in 26
    years of teaching.

    A strikebreaker (sometimes derogatorily called a scab) is a person
    who works despite an ongoing strike.
    Strikebreakers are usually individuals who are not employed by the
    company prior to the trade union dispute, but rather hired prior to
    or during the strike to keep production or services going.
    “Strikebreakers” may also refer to workers (union members or not)
    who cross picket lines to work.

    Strikebreakers are a worldwide phenomenon, often occurring
    wherever workers go on strike or engage in related actions.
    However, strikebreakers are used far more frequently in the
    United States than in any other industrialized country.[1]
    The Mohawk Valley formula calls for the use of strikebreakers
    when dealing with striking employees.

    The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, usually shortened to
    the Pinkertons, is a private U.S. security guard and detective a
    gency established by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Pinkerton became
    famous when he “claimed” to have foiled a plot to assassinate
    president-elect Abraham Lincoln, who later hired Pinkerton
    agents for his personal security during the Civil War.

    Pinkerton’s agents performed services ranging from security guarding
    to private military contracting work.

    At its height, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency employed
    more agents than there were members of the standing army of the
    United States of America, causing the state of Ohio to outlaw
    the agency due to fears it could be hired as a private army or militia.

    Pinkerton was the largest private law enforcement organization
    in the world at the height of its power.

    During the labor unrest of the late 19th century, businessmen hired
    Pinkerton agents to infiltrate unions, and as guards to keep strikers
    and suspected unionists out of factories.
    The best known such confrontation was the Homestead Strike of 1892,
    in which Pinkerton agents were called in to enforce the strikebreaking
    measures of Henry Clay Frick, acting on behalf of Andrew Carnegie,
    who was abroad; the ensuing conflicts between Pinkerton agents
    and striking workers led to several deaths on both sides.

    The Pinkertons were also used as guards in coal, iron, and lumber
    disputes in Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania,
    as well as the Great Railroad Strike of 1877.


    Edward Henry Harriman (20 February 1848 – 9 September 1909)
    was an American railroad executive.

    As a young boy, Harriman spent a summer working at the Greenwood
    Iron Furnace in the area owned by the Robert Parker Parrott family
    that would become Harriman State Park. He quit school at age 14 to
    take a job as an errand boy on Wall Street in New York City.
    His uncle Oliver Harriman had earlier established a career there.
    His rise from that humble station was meteoric.
    By age 22, he was a member of the New York Stock Exchange.
    And, by age 33, (1881) he focused his energies on acquiring rail lines.

    The Standard Oil Company Monopoly and the Rockefellers
    are at the Heart of the …
    They also financed the activities of Edward Harriman [railroads] and

    William Averell Harriman (November 15, 1891 – July 26, 1986) was an
    American Democratic Party politician, businessman, and diplomat.
    He was the son of railroad baron E. H. Harriman.

    Using money from his father he established W.A. Harriman & Co
    banking business in 1922.
    In 1927 his brother Roland joined the business and the name was
    changed to Harriman Brothers & Company.
    In 1931, it merged with Brown Bros. & Co. to create the highly
    successful Brown Brothers Harriman & Co..
    Notable employees included George Herbert Walker and his
    son-in-law Prescott Bush.

    Harriman’s main properties included Brown Brothers & Harriman & Co,
    Union Pacific Railroad, Merchant Shipping Corporation, and venture
    capital investments that included the Polaroid Corporation.
    Harriman’s associated properties included the
    Southern Pacific Railroad (including the Central Pacific Railroad),
    Illinois Central Railroad,
    Wells Fargo & Co.,
    the Pacific Mail Steamship Co.,
    American Shipping & Commerce,
    Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actiengesellschaft (HAPAG),
    the American Hawaiian Steamship Co.,
    United American Lines, the Guaranty Trust Company,
    and the Union Banking Corporation.

    Standard Oil was a predominant American integrated oil producing,
    transporting, refining, and marketing company.
    Established in 1870 as a corporation in Ohio,
    it was the largest oil refiner in the world
    and operated as a major company trust
    and was one of the world’s first and largest multinational corporations
    until it was broken up by the United States Supreme Court in 1911.

    John D. Rockefeller was a founder, chairman and major shareholder.
    As it grew exponentially and engaged in business strategies,
    tactics and practices that were lawful
    but drove many smaller businesses under,
    Standard Oil became widely criticized in the public eye,
    even as it made Rockefeller the richest man in modern history.

    Other notable Standard Oil principals include Henry M. Flagler,
    developer of Florida’s Florida East Coast Railway and resort cities,
    and Henry H. Rogers, who built the Virginian Railway (VGN),
    a well-engineered highly efficient line dedicated to shipping
    southern West Virginia’s bituminous coal to port at Hampton Roads.

    The Standard Oil Trust was controlled by a small group of families.
    Rockefeller stated in 1910:
    “I think it is true that the Pratt family, the Payne-Whitney family
    (which were one, as all the stock came from Colonel Payne),
    the Harkness-Flagler family (which came into the Company together)
    and the Rockefeller family controlled a majority of the stock during
    all the history of the Company up to the present time”.

    These families reinvested most of the dividends in other industries,
    especially railroads.
    They also invested heavily in the gas and the electric lighting business
    (including the giant Consolidated Gas Company of New York City).
    They made large purchases of stock in US Steel, Amalgamated Copper,
    and even Corn Products Refining Company.

    Standard Oil In China
    Standard Oil’s production increased so rapidly it soon exceeded
    US demand and the company began viewing export markets.
    In the 1890s, Standard Oil began marketing kerosene to China’s
    large population of close to 400 million as lamp fuel.
    For its Chinese trademark and brand Standard Oil adopted the name
    “Mei Foo”, translating roughly as beautiful and trustworthy or
    beautiful confidence (GAME = con game).


    In 1909, the US Department of Justice sued Standard under federal
    anti-trust law, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, for sustaining a
    monopoly and restraining interstate commerce by:

    “Rebates, preferences, and other discriminatory practices in favor of
    the combination by railroad companies; restraint and monopolization
    by control of pipe lines,
    and unfair practices against competing pipe lines;
    contracts with competitors in restraint of trade;
    unfair methods of competition,
    such as local price cutting at the points where necessary to
    suppress competition;
    [and] espionage of the business of competitors,
    the operation of bogus independent companies,
    and payment of rebates on oil, with the like intent.”

    The lawsuit argued that Standard’s monopolistic practices
    took place in the last four years:

    “The general result of the investigation has been to disclose
    the existence of numerous and flagrant discriminations by the
    railroads in behalf of the Standard Oil Company
    and its affiliated corporations.
    With comparatively few exceptions,
    mainly of other large concerns in California,
    the Standard has been the sole beneficiary of such discriminations.
    In almost every section of the country that company has been found
    to enjoy some unfair advantages over its competitors,
    and some of these discriminations affect enormous areas.”

    The government identified four illegal patterns:
    1) secret and semi-secret railroad rates;
    (2) discriminations in the open arrangement of rates;
    (3) discriminations in classification and rules of shipment;
    (4) discriminations in the treatment of private tank cars.

    The government alleged:

    “Almost everywhere the rates from the shipping points used exclusively,
    or almost exclusively, by the Standard are relatively lower than the rates
    from the shipping points of its competitors.

    Rates have been made low to let the Standard into markets, or they
    have been made high to keep its competitors out of markets.
    Trifling differences in distances are made an excuse for large
    differences in rates favorable to the Standard Oil Company,
    while large differences in distances are ignored
    where they are against the Standard.
    Sometimes connecting roads prorate on oil
    —that is, make through rates which are lower than the
    combination of local rates;
    sometimes they refuse to prorate;
    but in either case the result of their policy is to
    favor the Standard Oil Company.
    Different methods are used in different places and under
    different conditions,
    but the net result is that from Maine to California the
    general arrangement of open rates on petroleum oil
    is such as to give the Standard an unreasonable advantage
    over its competitors

    The government said that Standard raised prices to its
    monopolistic customers but lowered them to hurt competitors,
    often disguising its illegal actions by using bogus
    supposedly independent companies it controlled.

    “The evidence is, in fact, absolutely conclusive that the
    Standard Oil Company charges altogether excessive prices
    where it meets no competition,
    and particularly where there is little likelihood of competitors
    entering the field, and that, on the other hand,
    where competition is active,
    it frequently cuts prices to a point which leaves even the
    Standard little or no profit,
    and which more often leaves no profit to the competitor,
    whose costs are ordinarily somewhat higher.”

    On May 15, 1911, the US Supreme Court upheld the lower court
    judgment and declared the Standard Oil group to be an
    “unreasonable” monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

    It ordered Standard to break up into
    34 independent companies
    with different boards of directors.

    Standard’s president, John Rockefeller, had long since retired from
    any management role.
    But, as he owned a quarter of the shares of the resultant companies,
    and those share values mostly doubled,
    he emerged from the dissolution as the richest man in the world.


    ‘Some even believe we (Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal
    working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing
    my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others
    around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure.
    One World, if you will. If that’s the charge,
    I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.’
    – David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 2002

    John D. Rockefeller and his descendants are part of the global elite
    working toward a One World Government.

    ‘The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society,
    to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.’
    – Nick Rockefeller (from Aaron Russo interview)


    MILITARY and INTELLIGENCE using thes strategies, tactics, personnel, and
    assets, would be exceptionally formidable. I seek their conversion to the

  200. 200 1george1

    AMERICA and also ENSLAVE those people:

    ‘Rockefeller, who was quoted as saying ‘Competition is a sin,’
    ruthlessly eliminated competitors by either mergering or buying
    them out.
    Failing that, he cut prices until his competitors were forced to sell.

    He also managed lucrative railroad rebate agreements, which ensured
    him a near monopoly on the transportation of oil. Standard Oil. the
    direct ancestor of Exxon. prospered enormously,
    and by 1880 Rockefeller owned or controlled 95 percent of all
    oil produced in the United States.’
    . Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (p. 45)


    ‘At judicial inquiries such as the Hepburn Committee, which delivered
    its report on January 22nd 1880, Standard Oil representatives
    and those ‘in harmony’ were tight lipped.
    They often refused to attend court hearings and regularly disputed
    its validity.
    They would give disdainful, condescending replies to the examiners
    which spoke of a seeming immunity to the rule of law.
    The committee decided that ‘Standard Oil violated… social justice’ in its
    monopolistic deals with the railroads.

    Standard Oil had its own intelligence and espionage service.
    Rockefeller saw that a little knowledge can be decisive in the
    business world so he combined this good supply of information
    on his competitors with a total wall of silence he himself presented
    to the outside world.
    ‘No comment’ was all that journalists came to expect from the
    Standard offices.’
    . John D. Rockefeller & Standard Oil. The Nightmare Begins


    ‘In a 1942 deal involving Karl Lindemann, Standard Oil’s Berlin
    representative; SS counterintelligence chief Schellenberg;
    banker Kurt vonSchroeder; and ITT head Behn,
    Hitler’s government entered into partnershipwith ITT.

    Thanks to these interconnected business ties,
    ‘After PearlHarbor, the German army, navy and air force contracted
    with ITT for the manufacture of switchboards, telephones, alarm gongs,
    buoys, air raidwarning devices, radar equipment and 30 thousand fuses
    per month for artillery shells used to kill British and American troops,’
    reported (Charles) Higham.
    (kinda like DUPONT GUN POWDER in Napoleon, CIVIL, and all WARS)

    ‘This was increased to 50 thousand per month by 1944.
    In addition, ITT supplied ingredients for the rocket bombs that fell on
    London, selenium cells for dry rectifiers, high-frequency radio
    equipment and fortification and field communication sets’.’
    – Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (p. 181)


    ‘(Ida) Tarbell’s expose resulted in government and court actions,
    which appeared to break up Standard’s oil monopoly.
    However, as early as 1882 Rockefeller had moved to mask his business
    dealings by creating the first great American corporation.
    Standard Oil Trust.
    ‘The trustembraced a maze of legal structures, making its workings
    virtually impervious to public investigation and understanding,’
    explained The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. ‘
    . Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (p. 45)


    ‘Seven men and a corporate machine have conspired against then
    fellow citizens. For the safety of the Republic we now decree that
    this dangerous conspiracy must be ended by November 15th.’
    . U.S. Supreme Court, May 15, 1911,
    regarding the break-up of Standard Oil


    ‘. the breakup of Standard only increased the wealth of Rockefeller,
    who now owned “one fourth share” of the thirty-three different oil
    companies created by the breakup of Standard.
    Shortly after the turn of the century,
    Rockefeller became America’s first billionaire.’
    . Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (p. 46)


    ‘(In) 1892. the Ohio Supreme Courtordered the (Standard Oil) trust
    Instead, Rockefeller simply moved Standard’s headquarters to
    New York City.
    In 1899 all assets and interests weretransferred to a new creation,
    Standard Oil Company of New Jersey.’
    . Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (pp. 45-46)


    ‘Working through the Wall Street firms of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.,
    and J. P. Morgan Co., the Rothschilds financed John D. Rockefeller
    so that he could create the Standard Oil empire.
    They also financed the activities of Edward Harriman [railroads]
    and Andrew Carnegie [steel].’
    . Author William T. Still


    ‘We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times,
    Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors
    have attended our meetings and respected their promises of
    discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible
    for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject
    to the bright lights of publicity during those years.
    But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to
    march towards a World Government.
    The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and
    world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination
    practiced in past centuries.’
    – David Rockefeller to Trilateral Commission in 1991

    Our goal is to expose as many examples of Globalization as possible.

    The Standard Oil Company Monopoly has played a major role in the
    elite push for complete power and control inside their New World Order.

    Allowing these international bankers and industrialists to control
    our monetary system is at the very heart of current world problems.

    Our money and banking are the keys to the New World Order.

    More education on this is available at Federal Reserve banking
    history and Money Creation.

    Once you understand that the elite cabal funds its Global
    Community programs through illegal taxation and fraudulent
    debt creation, you can begin to see that one solution is to
    go after that funding. By blindly buying into federal taxes
    and a mountain of debt, Americans are unwittingly funding
    the elite and their totalitarian plans.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    If the people are educated on the fraud, the fraud falls apart,
    and these bad effects of Globalization can be stopped.

    We suggest you allow Aaron Russo to educate you on the
    fraudulent tax issue.

    FOR DECADES I and others have been MANIPULATED by pro / anti

  201. 201 jezebel282



    Slow night was it?

  202. 202 1george1

    result of ego surfing, bought out interesting past info

  203. 203 1george1

    CT POST Topix # 1 Tax & Spend – Shelton
    I was at this debate last evening. I went with the goal of making a decision on voting for Harkins or Costello based on thier performance.

    To my surprise, Mayor Miron was by far the best candidate on the stage. Mulligan was second. The CT Post has not done justice in the coverage.

    The Mayor showed vision for the town and directly discussed the problems and offered his solutions to these problems. He was the only candidate on the stage to speak positively about Stratford and directly to the issues, especially the pension problem. He was right when he said the unions do not support him because he is cutting overtime, thus cutting pensions. This has to be done and any candidate who does not support this is not honest about the problem.

    Harkins seemed to start out each question with a negative story about the Mayor. He never said what he would do and danced around if he supported the Theatre contract. Like a good politician, he never directly answered the questions. Costello had no vision.

    Mulligan was also good. If he could get on the town council he would keep any Mayor honest.

    It is too bad that more taxpayers did not show up for this debate and hopefully they will watch it on channel 79. While the Mayor has done some “stupid” things during his term, this debate clearly proved he is the better candidate. Harkins and Costello have no plan.

    I can’t believe I am saying this but the Mayor now has my vote.

    I am sure the responses to this post will be as negative as Harkins jabs at the Mayor.

  204. 204 1george1

    Tax & Spend – again

    Costello by a furlong wrote:

    Please tell me what John Harkins has done with his life?
    My earlier comment was not supportive of Harkins so I do not understand your point. I went to the debate to decide between Harkins and Costello. They both were terrible. Miron and Mulligan far outperformed them.

    Your right, I did not do a full analysis of Costello’s position on his site or any other candidate. That is why I went to the debate. If Costello has all these great plans that he cannot articulate in a debate then how do you expect him to implement them. Anyone can write anything on a site that sounds good.

    The only point of his plan that he could strongly defend was that no one will take a town car home. That action will really balance our budget and lower taxes. It was embarassing.

    I wanted to vote for Harkins or Costello. They gave me no reason to. Miron and Mulligan were far better prepared.

  205. 205 1george1

    Tax & spend

    “Hey my lil bud do you believe anyone would buy that bag o’bull Tax and spend is passing…I am ROTFLMAO what a joke I agree with Mom of three..I’d vote for her dog Sid and I never had the pleasure…teee heee
    You are not being objective. If you watched the debate (were you there?) both Miron and Mulligan destroyed Costello and Harkins in the debate. Costello looked like a babbling fool and Harkins had no plan for Stratford or explanation for his poor peformance in Hartford on Stratford issues such as ecs formula, airport and film tax credit.”

    Tax & spend rebut

    I went with the objective of choosing Harkins or Costello. Sure, Harkins may be a nice guy, but that is not a reason to vote for him.

    Watch it when it runs on channel 79. They were schooled by Miron in the debate. It was not even close.

  206. 206 1george1

    One who knows

    I agree about Mulligan and the tin foil hat.

    He is not wrong about the evil stuff going on in town, but he has absolutely NO chance of winning this election.

    From what I am seeing so far, I think (and hope) that Miron will come in third. Either Harkins or Costello will win, and either will be a vast improvement over Miron. I was scared that Miron would squeak through in a crowded field, but now I think that he won’t do that. Please God. I hope I am right.

  207. 207 1george1

    Dom D Slacker

    We know what Dom has concentrated on; Dom & the donuts.
    His supporters can be found sipping coffee in the back room of the donut shop- planning their takeover of the town- to the victor goes the spoils!

    The other 3 candidates did do something too since the last election;

    Mr. Mulligan has been working hard on his research of facts and figures & then going to council meetings to be a catalyst for change. He may not be as mainstream in his thoughts and theories as most would like- but he tries. He isn’t afraid to name names.

    Mr. Harkins has been working hard in Hartford to make things better for all his constituents which includes all Stratford residents. He is now working to focus his efforts on Stratford as a mayor and town leader.

    Mr. Miron has allegedly been working as the mayor, although many questions have been raised by detractors as to whose interests he serves. He is not afraid of controversy, even if it costs him a second term as mayor. He has several loyal supporters who work for him

  208. 208 1george1

    Tax & spend

    Tax and Lie wrote:
    You are such a farce. Everyone knows your identity. You are on Miron’s payroll. Stop your deceitful lying no one is buying it.Phyllis was at the debate sitting right next to me you idiot.So Shut your trap.
    I have absolutely nothing to do with town politics nor am I employed at the town. I just pay taxes.

    I have never supported Miron, but if you take off your blinders and put aside your distain for the Mayor you will see that he clearly won the debate. It was not even close.

    Mulligan was better than the other two.

    Did you and Phyllis go out afterward?

  209. 209 1george1

    The REAL Toni

    I went to the debates with the intent of hearing my favored candidate show what he can do & run the town like a business.

    The mayor came in with his slick sales pitch – kind of like the snake oil salesman in the days of old. He has been in the job 4 years and I have to ask – are you better off now than you were when he took his oath of office. I can tell you if paying more taxes to hire friends and cronies is a good thing, then I would be better off- but I’m not.

    Mr Mulligan did as I had expected- he kept things interesting.

    Mr. Costello was a disappointment to me. I don’t think he showed that he has what it takes to lead the town. He thinks he can just be in charge because he is the mayor & it almost sounds like what Miron has been accused of- listen to me because I’m the boss. That may work in the setting of a donut shop where you are the boss, but not in today’s political arena- especially in this town. You need a person who can work with everyone to get the job done- not try to bully them into submission.

    Didn’t Dom say something in the first election about he would not take a salary or a reduced salary if taxes did not go down if he was mayor?
    Is that offer still on the table? I don’t recall the details as that was several tax bills ago.

    Mr. Harkins did seem to be the most sincere. He did not always have the snappy comeback lines- but at least for this debate for me- he is more realistic in what can be accomplished by the next mayor. He does not make up things as he goes along or try to give the answer you want to hear – he is honest. And it seems to me he knows he cannot go it alone- he need to work with both parties to be successful.

    Harkins has my support and vote.

  210. 210 1george1

    SPELLING BEE (Too prescient?)

    The real deal wrote:
    Harkins is the real deal.
    Dominic is a good guy but does not have the political juice or knowledge to pull this off.
    Miron is playing politics 101. Has the whole Dem town committee writing letters to the papers. Too bad we recognize the party loyalists.
    Tons of mailings bad mouthing Dominic and Harkins.
    Spending much of the next fiscal year’s money now to enhance his chances.
    Can you spell p-l-a-y-g-r-o-u-n-d-s, t-r-a-f-f-i-c s-i-g-n-s, f-l-o-w-e-r-s??
    He also pulled the oldest trick in the political “get re elected” playbook. Raise taxes alot your first year, a little less the second year, a little less the third year, and ….. you got it, not at all the last year !!
    All while deferring costs into the next year so (you guessed it) he can raise taxes alot the first year…… and so it goes. And if he loses, it’s not his problem. Beautiful isn’t it.
    And alot of folks will fall for it. If you read this, give it a thought it is beautiful isn’t it?
    Vote for John Harkins. He’s honest and will do the right things. Leopards don’t change their spots. John won’t and neither will Jim Miron.
    We cannot afford another four years of his nonsense.”

    SPELLING BEE Rebuttal:

    Can you spell o-n t-h-e t-a-k-e-? He has amassed over 70k in funds to run as mayor. That means he owes a truckload of favors for the next four years.

    List of players:

    Kevin Kelly
    Norm Aldrich
    Bob Connolly
    Joe Crudo
    The Burturlas
    Jon Best

    Yes he made a deal with him, the biggest blowhard in the town.

    Be careful what you wish for……..

  211. 211 1george1

    Time for a change Stfd

    “Spelling bee’ you forgot the Cabrals. What above Kevin Williams his brother-in-law? I’m sure there’s something in it for him, but maybe not because I hear they are on the outs. Plain and simple Harkins never did anything in Hartford and will do less for the town of Stratford. The Republicans blame the Democrats and visa versa, when Dom is mayor the buck stops with him. Taxes have gone up a great deal under both the democrats and republicans neither party is squeaky clean that’s for sure. They all owe political favors. If the people in town blow this election like they did in 1991 when the Stratford Initiative Party ran then they get what they deserve. The same old arguments where used against them. I just wonder if Stratford would not be a better place to live now if they had won. Let give Dom the vote to win November 3

  212. 212 jezebel282


    Is there a point here?

  213. 213 1george1

    Hi Jeze – Not really a point, except that I can put posts in the right
    place, if I know where the blog string is. This was evident.

    I also appreciated these comments and a couple others that when
    I am focused on stratford stuff, where the readers or listeners are
    educated or knowledgeable about the issues, I pinned the ears back
    on John Harkins & Dom in most of the debates.

    Recognizing the readers of this blog hate Jim and wouldn’t give him
    credit for anything, Jim won the debates.
    He was far better prepared & coached with his messages and his
    talking points than any of us.

    However Jim didn’t tell the truth.
    That gives a debater a heck of an advantage.

    On Channel # 79 – I told Jim that if he were Pinnochio, his NOSE
    would be BIGGER than my STOMACH.

    Dom almost fell off his seat laughing – classic ROTFLMAO

    Think about PINNOCHIO
    1 – Puppet
    2 – Wooden Dummy (sorry Jim)
    3 – NOT REAL
    4 – LIES

    My points on many issues kept them alive to anyone who pays
    attention. OK maybe all of 10-12 people in Stratford.

    They couldn’t avoid some issues they want buried.

    I did a very good job keeping Jimmy from rolling over the others.
    Jimmy only challenged me twice. Both times, it was like he served
    me a LOB and I had a forehand smash @ the NET.

    I goaded Dom at either the Police or Fire meeting. He was so
    ticked he stepped on his planned atttack when we next met @
    a condo Meet and Greet.

    Harkins kept low profile saying nothing of substance, although
    he had some Hartford talking points. He dressed nice and had
    the advantage of everyone ganging up on Jimmy.
    – It was very well planned.

    This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has demonstrated
    over the years a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens of

    As far as we can tell, he does not lie, he does not seek benefit for himself,

    he does not make unethical deals and

    he pretty much says what he means.

    (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)

    We have not seen this in any other candidate to date.

    Jeze I hope I lived up to your praise.
    I admit to your umm … focused … critique.

  214. 214 1george1

    Ron + Jeze

    # 61 timeless political and lawyer jokes

  215. 215 1george1

    Town Council Meeting Feb 13, 2012
    I predicted Israel or US (carrier) attack on Iran
    either Feb 23, 2012 or March 22, 2012.

    This is based on a number – letter substitution
    code, where numbers become the matching letter
    of the alphabet and words are created.

    Sometimes the letters are read:
    Left to right
    Right to left

    On 2/13/2012 – I turned in a series of airplane flight
    numbers which spell words.
    Words that are too appropriate.

    The Sullenberger crash flight number spelled the
    word ” I D E A.”
    However I D E A as spelled backwards.
    A = 1
    E = 5
    D = 4
    I = 9

    Is his flight # 9451 or # 1549?


    9/11 = Emergency
    10-0-2 = J O B (2001 Spelled backwards)
    Pentagon = PEN-tag-ON


    2/23/2009 = Death of Ed “Beefy” Hargus = champion of
    Stratford residents and businesses, especially Seniors.

    2/23/2011 = Death of Frank Esposito – a well intended
    public forum speaker, who was as difficult to follow and
    understand as Paula Gabriele and myself ….

    2/23/2012 or 3/22/2012 Attack on Iran?
    Nothing would please me more than to be wrong about
    more deaths, when there are alternatives.


    Stratford Police are for the most part well intended.

    However they are D U N S E L S.

  216. 216 1george1

    “Day of the Dove” is the seventh episode of the
    third season of Star Trek:
    The Original Series, first broadcast November 1,
    1968 and repeated June 17, 1969. It was written
    by Jerome Bixby and directed by Marvin Chomsky.

    Overview: An alien force drives the crew of the
    Enterprise into brutal conflict with the Klingons.


    Spock believes the entity may be feeding off everyone’s
    negative emotions, especially fear and anger.
    He suggests it may have faked the colony distress call
    and set up this battle between the crew and Klingons
    so that it has a convenient source of nourishment.


    ….. The two ship captains begin their swordfight and
    soon the entity appears to …… feed off their anger.

    Despite the presence of the being, Kang continues fighting.

    Kirk, however, struggles to ask Kang if he would like to spend the
    next thousand lifetimes satisfying it.
    Mara asks her husband to lay down his arms.
    Kang now realizes the fight is pointless and agrees to a truce.
    To combat the alien entity, the Klingons and Enterprise crew
    begin to show goodwill and positive emotion toward each other.

    This finally drives the weakened alien from the ship

    Who will be post 2 1 7 ? = 2 G … or .. G2?

  217. 217 jezebel282


    And what would a Stratford election be without George Mulligan running for something?

    Mulligan approved as mayoral candidate
    By Greg Reilly on July 22, 2013

  218. 218 jezebel282


    You can read George Mulligan’s positions and theories at:

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