Stratford’s Voting System

No More Paper Ballots

No More Paper Ballots

Campaign season is upon us. The budget is completed. The grandstanding is over. In six months we will chose a direction for Stratford. We are optimistic that at the end of the process that direction will be forward.

We are dedicating this page to the process. We hope that those who seek our votes take the time to communicate their plans here. So far the announced candidates have remained eerily silent. That silence must end.

If you are a candidate and you want our vote, we are inviting you to post your material here. This includes candidates for Council seats, the BOE, planning & zoning etc.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I’m not posting anything on a blog!”, think again. Your competitor will. It is easy to tell who has a better idea when it is communicated. You may also consider it as free advertising. This site averages 200 independent views per weekday (40 on weekends).

A couple of guidelines:

Please don’t repost material found on your own website. Just paste the url.

If you have relevant documents you would like to link or post simply send me an email and I will do my best.

You will get responses from voters and opponents to your posts. Deal with it.

Special note to George: Editing for relevancy on this page will be tight. If I see Saudi Arabia, the CIA, Trilateral Commission, Exxon…..well, you know what will happen.

32 Responses to “Stratford’s Voting System”

  1. 1 rocki4mayor

    I STILL feel that I am above and beyond the best (probably the smartest, and definitely the most attractive) candidate running for mayor!

    I hope all of you intelligent, funny, and (if I do say so myself) overly-attractive people of Stratford will vote for the best… err make that the CORRECT candidate!!!

  2. 2 jezebel282


    We will need to see certification that you have successfully completed a canine sensitivity class.

  3. 3 1george1

    I really, really, really want to call my political party, the
    “Enema Party”

    The picture would make an appropriate “logo.”

    It even looks a bit like a VOTING BOOTH (not an eric booth)

    Our slogan might be to (noting door lables) “reverse roles?”

    I would encourage paper ballots.
    No one wants “hanging chads.”

  4. 4 1george1

    Yo Rocki,

    May I suggest that you are the PURRRRRfect candidate for the
    Waterfront Commission?

    Just think of all of the democRATS you could mouse?

    And if SUDDS and MIKE R were in politics for the “GREENS FEES”
    maybe they could “step down” from “Short Beach” to
    Mill River Country Club?

    Interesting 4 some
    Norm & his caddy Crudo
    Dom & his (fill in the blank)
    Suddes with Rocki Mascot
    Mike R with his coloring books & golf by numbers.

    Yo Mike – where ya been?
    I miss yer insults.

    Unlike Harkins, I have stones.
    I do not cut deals with financial angels, nor political devils.

    Unlike Jon, I will not be politically correct. I do not talk in Platitudes
    and sound bites, without substance. I do not rely on political devils
    for their support.

    Unlike Dom, I am not able to walk like I am lookig to build a paper
    route, nor do more (sign) planting than Johnny appleseed
    but have attended meetings for 12 years and I know specifics,
    details and personnel. I am not dependant on reading cue cards,
    extremely awkwardly.

    Unlike Miron, I am not a party animal, and I tell the truth.
    The whole truth as I know / believe it.
    I do not care who believes of doesn’t believe it.
    Unlike Miron, I have ORIGINAL thoughts in – ways and means to
    – increase Revenue, reduce & avoid Costs,
    – increase Transparency, which I do NOT FEAR
    – create desire without dictation,
    – appeal to the better nature of people in the CANDID WORLD

    Unlike Gavin – I believe Stratford has forfieted the representative
    government lack of protections in the NEW – not revised CHARTER.
    And unlike GAVIN, I would never have RUBBER STAMPED 5 YEARS of

  5. 5 rocki4mayor

    After George’s posts above… I would like to add “sanest” to my list of qualifications that makes me a better choice than the other candidates!!!

  6. 6 1george1

    Sudds aka Rocki,

    Is there a problem with your logic?

    You posted you agree with my facts, but not my conclusions.
    However, you note that you are the sanest candidate, AFTER
    reading my post.

    Do you believe my post was logical and sane?
    And therefore the other candidates are less sane than Rocki?
    Or NOT sane?
    Is Rocki more sane than I, on a “relative” level?

    Wasn’t Galileo considered insane?
    Didn’t those people see the shadow of the earth on the moon,
    and come to similar conclusions as some bloggers?

    RUMOR FLASH: Rocki is rumored to be in REHAB.
    Hittin the CATNIP?

    I do NOT believe this rumor that I just started!

    And I categorically deny any use by the Administration
    or Mill River Country Club BOGEYMEN!

  7. 7 1george1

    softball alert …

    I am sooooo confooosed!

  8. 8 rocki4mayor


    Your facts are fine… it’s your conclusions that are insane!!!

    As for the rest of the candidates… I personally think they all used too many drugs as a youth because their ideas are “far out man”!!!

  9. 9 1george1
  10. 10 rocki4mayor


    I post questioning your sanity… and you reply with a diatribe about GE stock, US oil/cocaine imports, and what you think an attorney’s annual salary is?

    THANK YOU for proving my point!!!

  11. 11 1george1

    Dothe people of a DIA TRIBE come out at night?

    Sudds, you are welcomed for me proving what point you want
    to believe is proven.

    A concept like enlightened self interest is insane,’
    whereas suckering other peoples’ children into
    crime and war, to set up a profit and power set
    has a perverse sanity to it.

    This is meant as an allegory or symbolic form
    to have you assess your perspectives.
    All of your perspectives.

    Do I care that you believe me or my perspectives insane?

    Where have all the other bloggers gone, when one by one
    many of my facts > conclusions (unfortunately) became reality?

    In mythology, Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecsey.

    He also gave it the curse, that no one would believe her?

    Sudds –

  12. 12 sudds


    Good lord almighty… if George goes to see “Angels and Demons” we’re all f*cked!!!

  13. 13 starlooker

    thanks Sudds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I spit out my coffee with the above posting and still laughing. Learned never to drink coffee again at the computer……

  14. 14 sudds

    Good God almighty…


    Your entire rambling above is based upon the Greek meaning of Vatican. Yet the Vatican is in the middle of ITALY… not Greece ya nincompoop!!!

    Why don’t you try again with interpreting Vatican correctly… in Latin??? (and yes, I DID take three years of Latin in high school)

  15. 15 1george1


    Ever notice that we do not use Roman numberals?
    Why not look up the origin of our number system?

    When you look up letters in the English Alphabet,
    you will find it matches the 22 Letters of the Roman
    Alphabet. (4 letters were added)

    When you look up the origin of various letters of the
    individual Roman Alphabet, you will find some come
    from Greek, Hebrew, Arabian, and other alphabets.

    The origin of alphabets come from Sumer/Babylonian
    and Egyptian Cuniform Hieroglyphics.

    Interesting English translation / interpretation:

    Cuniform = c=see / see uniform

    Hieroglyphics = HIRE UGLY PICS

    But then somethings can get lost in the translation,
    couldn’t it?

    I believe the record for mastering multiple languages is 22,
    and held by a former Vatican member.

    Are you aware the Vatican OKed – the cyrillic alphabet?

    Sudds – look up GRIMM’S LAW – there are sounds / letters
    of alphabets that ancient / mideavil interpreter used to
    create the English Language, which is classified as Germanic.

    Am I correct or are you?

    You may be correct.

    But maybe there are things I know that you do not know?

  16. 16 1george1

    The USA Political Justice (septic) System and the one in Stratford,
    still needs a political enema, in my opinion.

  17. 17 1george1


    I worked on the Website several hours Friday – Saturday – Sunday.
    It will be a point of reference, during petition signature collections.

    Saturday I ran out of memory with 281 MB used.
    I adjusted.
    I have been editting.
    More to do.

    Suggestions welcomed.
    You can use the contact page, which can id IP.
    I welcome criticism, such as Sudds the other day.

    I will not be using much graphics, which eat up memory.

  18. 18 1george1

    Before viewing my website, you may want to play
    flight of the bumble bee

    when you move you mouse?

    I will only keep the affect for a couple days…

  19. 19 1george1

    Whisper is having intended effect.

    Political enema, may happen.

    Web Feed Back trickling in.
    If 10 people tell 10 people who tell 10 people….

  20. 20 1george1

    Is that voting booth symbolic of the trickle down theory?

    Workers of the outted political party


  21. 21 jezebel282

    You can beat ‘im, you can cheat ‘im, you can treat ‘im bad.

    Another one bites the dust:

    To: Dave Mooney ; Dave Mooney ; Dave Mooney
    Cc:; McCauley Suzanne (E-mail)
    Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 2:02:26 PM
    Subject: Change of Party Affiliation

    Dear Dave;

    Please remove me from the Town Committee list and remove all content from the Town Committee Website ASAP as I have made the personal decision to leave the Democratic Party and become unaffiliated. I wish to thank you for all past considerations.

    Mr. Mayor please make the affiliation change on the Town of Stratford Website and the Town Council Board outside the Council Chambers at your earliest opportunity,


    Gavin B. Forrester III
    Third District Town Council Member

  22. 22 sudds

    Woot… Forrester (I) for Mayor!!!

    Where do I sign up to vounteer???

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “Where do I sign up to volunteer??? ”

  24. 24 sudds

    DONE (thanks Jez… I sent this to the e-mail address provided):


    Hello Mr. Forrester,

    I just noticed your e-mail to various individuals to change your party affiliation on, and I wanted to reach out to you.

    I am not certain what you’re intentions are at this time, however please know that if you do decide to run for mayor as an Independent candidate that you WILL have my backing, support, and anything I can do to aid in your election!

    I feel that your work as a Councilman has been exemplary, and you would make an EXCELLENT Mayor!!!

    So, please keep me posted if there is ANYTHING I can do to aid your candidacy.


    *** (Sudds) ****
    ** Brightwood Ave
    Stratford, CT 06614

  25. 25 jezebel282


    (Pssst…don’t mention your work for Booth.)

  26. 26 1george1

    Back when Gavin was having problems getting the FOI,
    he told me he intended to change party affiliations.

    I did not tell anyone.

    Last night I blasted the Town Council about many phoney issues.

    I will post them under George for Mayor.
    Gavin was noticeably disconnected.

    When Gavin runs for Mayor, he will be the best candidate.

    Then the front runners may be Independents Dom + Gavin,
    with Harkins / Best as capable Republican competition.

    Because of a series of questions, yet unanswered, he could be

    Those unanswered questions are that serious!

    My issues are more with the people behind ALL of THEM and
    what their REAL AGENDA is, and what the PLAN may have always

    My Website is starting to have the textual substance I want.
    It needs refinement and editting.

    However, since I am not refined ….

  27. 27 sudds

    You mean the fact that I held even at the Par 3/the Frog Pond and raised him $3,500 for his campaign? No, but maybe I should have… that’s not too shabby if you ask me!!!

  28. 28 1george1

    Interesting that I have not been referencing (here) 8) 🙂

    Special note to George: Editing for relevancy on this page will be tight.
    If I see Saudi Arabia, the CIA, Trilateral Commission, Exxon…..
    well, you know what will happen.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    And for Chrissake’s don’t let Gavin talk to Mrs. Sudds about how easy you are to work with.

  30. 30 sudds

    LOL… NO ONE is allowed to talk to Mrs. Sudds!!!

    Perhaps he could talk to the folks at Sterling House who appointed me to their Leadership Council!!!

  31. 31 jezebel282


    “NO ONE is allowed to talk to Mrs. Sudds!!!”

    Are you afraid it would negatively impact medallion and statue sales after she is declared a saint?

  32. 32 sudds

    Nope… I’m afraid that she will chair the lynching party!!!

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