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Congratulations to our own Patricia Clark-Sperling. This is a wonderful idea! I have reprinted her request here. If you agree, please email or call your Councilman and demand this resolution. from Patricia Sperling to,,,,,,,,, cc date Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:45 AM subject […]

Can the “leadership” of the DTC be any worse? Stratford mayor fires back on hiring officer with seizures Mayor defends hiring of cop with seizure disorder By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 06/22/2009 11:40:45 PM EDT STRATFORD — Mayor James R. Miron blasted the press and former town officials Monday while triggering a war of […]

Upcoming events on Monday: 1. Swearing in of new DC ( Brian Meriviglia sends his regrets) 2. At noon Miron will hold a press conference regarding Justin Loschiavo in his office suite. Didn’t get your invitation? That’s because no one did. No one in the nasty public that is. 3. At 6 PM a meeting […]

Runaway Runway


Here we go again, as we knew we would. The City of Bridgeport and the CT Post are jumping all over the the “crash” of a plane into the blast fence last week. Let us be clear here. It is not about “safety”. If it were, the FAA by law, regulation and just common sense […]

Liar, Liar…


Stratford Police Chief John Buturla refused to release a copy of the report from the accident, citing an “ongoing investigation” and would not say whether LoSchiavo, 31, remains on active duty. Town Attorney Richard Buturla, the chief’s brother, did not return calls seeking comment.

Power Failure


Section 2.2.14 states – “Nothing herein shall be construed to deny to the Council or its members the right to make inquiries of the Mayor or his or her subordinates.” Section 2.2.15 states – “The Council shall have the power to investigate town affairs. In exercising this power, the Council shall have the power to […]

Here we are…again. Justin Loschiavo behind the wheel of a patrol car. At Beardsley and Stratford Avenue. It’s broad daylight of course. While waiting for the light to turn green he suddenly lurches ahead and hits the woman in the car in front of him. Then he lurches across the intersection into four parked cars. […]

We are fairly disappointed in Rich Weizel. We hope his editors had assigned him to write this story and to make sure he found something positive to say (no matter how lame it is). We give credit to Weizel for finding the only two people in Stratford willing to publicly support Mayor Moron. Rich Buturla […]