4 More Years of This?

"Did I forget to fire someone?"

We are fairly disappointed in Rich Weizel. We hope his editors had assigned him to write this story and to make sure he found something positive to say (no matter how lame it is). We give credit to Weizel for finding the only two people in Stratford willing to publicly support Mayor Moron. Rich Buturla who has to be paid over $1 million/year to say something nice and Walter Rimkunas who shows up at every council meeting to ramble on about something or other.

But, please, feel free to post your own positive things to say:

Stratford residents split on Miron’s turbulent term as mayor
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 05/30/2009 11:51:34 PM EDT

STRATFORD — Love him or hate him, Democrat James R. Miron certainly has packed plenty of heat into his term as the town’s first mayor.

He made national headlines for purportedly wearing a concealed gun during Town Council meetings. He replaced a popular town manager with an administrator who quit amid allegations of past sexual harassment. He fought with town union leaders and council opponents, one of whom called him “a nut.”

Miron’s family has engendered its own controversies, with his father, brother and sister all embroiled in highly publicized legal encounters in the last two years.

Miron, 43, and his supporters say his accomplishments have been overlooked. He wrung concessions from municipal unions to balance the budget, upgraded the town’s bond rating, persuaded voters to approve the sale of Long Beach West and pushed for resolutions to long-stalled economic development projects at the former Army engine plant and the Shakespeare Theater.

Seems like the surest way to start an argument in Stratford is to ask a resident for an opinion about their mayor.

30 Responses to “4 More Years of This?”

  1. 1 sudds

    Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid… Tastes Great!!!

    Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid… Can’t Wait!!!

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Do they make sh*t-flavored Kool-Aid?

  3. 3 sudds

    Why YES they do… it even comes in two different packages for easy consumption!!!

    http://www.stratforddemocrats.com and http://www.stratfordrepublicans.com

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Is it on sale in October/November?

  5. 5 1george1

    Walt Rimcunis has also been a critic of Miron.
    Weizel took a specific quote about a specific topic.

    Miron has implemented:

    1 – DeFIBulators – Probably idea from Gavin / Best / Calzone.
    He may have been attracked to the word FIB?

    2 – New Grants – exceeding $ 6 million
    A) My idea to council / workshop time frames for at least 3 years
    and part of my former Mayoral campaign.
    B) Now if he can only find another $ 11 Million to offset Pensions
    Obligations for 2009 – 2010.

    3 – Weekly meetings for 10 minutes any given day = superior to the
    amount of time for Town Council per month – Public Forum.
    A) allows him to pick brains and get ideas from Public.
    B) I have heard some people actually got things done due to these.
    C) I have heard some view as time wasted!

    4 – Has gotten National Attention.

  6. 6 1george1

    I am happy for Weizel that he has a full time job with benefits, as he has
    wife and children who are sickly. He has political pressure on him.

    The coverage of the CT. POST and what is NOT COVERED is horrendous.
    If a local reporter does NOT report it, it can NOT be EDITORIAL OPINION
    fodder by their RULES.

    Ex Stfd Town Atty Judge GILARDI’S former partner has a relative in CT. POST

    Ex-Post Publisher Laska was on same Boards of Directors as Berchem.

    CT. Post Editorial head Daly involved with Fairfield & Bridgeport politicians,
    Judges, Police, FBI, etc as was Winters.

    CT. Post has major problems with revenue from Car Dealers, who are Major

    CT. Post is a Herst (Remember the Maine – Citizen Kane model) publication
    and has 2 NEW PEOPLE at the TOP!
    > Who knows if the paper will have to fold?
    > all the employees looking sideways about their jobs.

  7. 7 1george1

    Hey Jeze,
    In the background of the James Miron picture, is that one of the missing tombstones?

    I went on topix. Someone claimed Dick Miron was sent CURBING by error,
    instead of Tombstones.

    I wondered if that “apparent” Miron supporter recognized the improbability
    and irony?

    1 – How many years does it take to exchange an erronious delivery?

    2 – Have the Tombstone delivery exchange taken place?
    If so when?
    If so have the Tombstones been installed?
    If not, why not?

    3 – Was the curbing used for the Green across street from ST. JAMES?
    Whole different set of questions…..

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “In the background of the James Miron picture, is that one of the missing tombstones?”

    I have no idea. But I thought that this headshot was slightly less embarrassing than the ones of all those people ignoring him during the parade.

  9. 9 1george1

    Since when have you turned down a chance to embarass Jimbo?

    I looked at Weizel’s article in the newspaper.
    He probably has to present a “balanced view?
    By quoting Burturla, who is a miron appointee …. it is obvious to readers …
    Walter quote is over the top ……

    Gavin’s quote is absolutely devastating.
    Rich Fredette’s quote is hardly an enthusiatic endorsement.

    Weizel touched upon those issues he covered.
    What he has not covered … is the real meat!

  10. 10 mikereynolds

    That was an absolute puff piece.

    Very disappointed in Rich. There’s so much negative information out there its easy picking. He couldn’t come up with anything other than Gavin calling him a nut in a council meeting? That’s it?

    Terrible job of reporting. Rich stole his paycheck last week.

  11. 11 sudds

    Clearly our Town needs to start drug testing our employees/officials…

    “When the voters made it known they wanted a mayor, I looked at the field of candidates and thought I was the most qualified person. I still do.”

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “Since when have you turned down a chance to embarass Jimbo?”


    J’énonce simplement des faits. Je suis un observateur innocent. Vous m’accusez injustement, monsieur!

  13. 13 jezebel282


    The employees are already drug tested. We need to start testing the candidates.

    Speaking of candidates…where are they? Did somebody kidnap them?

  14. 14 sudds

    Avez-vous jamais vu le drapeau français de la bataille? C’est blanc plein ! 😛

    Ok… back to English please!!!

  15. 15 jezebel282


    Yes, but they make great cheese and wine.

    (No “h” in “wine”)

    And they did give us wive’s favorite words: “Restaurant” and “menu”.

  16. 16 mikereynolds

    What happened to all the talk a couple of weeks ago about certain municipal leaders getting served? Any new developments?

  17. 18 jezebel282


    I believe they were indeed served. However they have, I think, 30 days to respond. I will try to verify.

  18. 19 sudds

    SERVED??? 😯

  19. 20 jezebel282


    You know…”Served”. When the marshal shows up at your door or place of business and hands you the papers.

    For example: When Mrs. Sudds has finally had enough, the marshal will show up with the papers and you will be served.

  20. 21 sudds

    I know what it means (I did my research as I’ve been expecting the Mrs. Sudds scenario any day now since the day after we got married 8+ years ago)…

    I just don’t know what they got served FOR!!!

  21. 22 jezebel282



    It is related to the defamation suit brought by Christian Miron.

    (8 YEARS? It seems to qualify as cruel and unusual pun…never mind.)

  22. 23 1george1

    Who was served?
    What were the specifically served for?

    At least I give more than enough information for issue clarity?
    Some consider my information confusing due to multiple issues?

    If there were CRIMINAL CHARGES, versus City decision makers or
    Contractors or BIDDERS, that is more explosive than CIVIL complaint.

    Either way, it can be major NEWS, worthy of appropriate publicity!

    I do recognize several bloggers travel in similar circle (jerk?)
    While other more responsive bloggers have their respective circles.

    Others complain about my “code,” “shorthand,” “issues,” “relevance,”
    etc. This is a minor role refersal, in that your crews are being obtuse.

  23. 24 jezebel282


    It is not public record yet. Even I have my limitations, you know.

  24. 25 jezebel282


    The action by the defendants in Christian Miron’s lawsuit against McNeil, Farmer & Henrick is called a claim for apportionment of liability:

    Sec. 52-102b. Addition of person as defendant for apportionment of liability purposes. (a) A defendant in any civil action to which section 52-572h applies may serve a writ, summons and complaint upon a person not a party to the action who is or may be liable pursuant to said section for a proportionate share of the plaintiff’s damages in which case the demand for relief shall seek an apportionment of liability. Any such writ, summons and complaint, hereinafter called the apportionment complaint, shall be served within one hundred twenty days of the return date specified in the plaintiff’s original complaint. The defendant filing an apportionment complaint shall serve a copy of such apportionment complaint on all parties to the original action in accordance with the rules of practice of the Superior Court on or before the return date specified in the apportionment complaint. The person upon whom the apportionment complaint is served, hereinafter called the apportionment defendant, shall be a party for all purposes, including all purposes under section 52-572h.

    Among those served were Popik, Loschiavo, Cratty, Buturla and…wait for it…James R. Miron.

    If allowed, Christian will be suing Rich Buturla’s brother AND his own brother.

    If nothing else, cops have a sense of humor don’t they?

  25. 26 1george1

    Among those served were Popik, Loschiavo, Cratty, Buturla and
    …wait for it…James R. Miron.

    If allowed, Christian will be suing Rich Buturla’s brother AND
    his own brother.


    And since this was all done as part of Mayoral / Town Attorney /
    police duty – Does Berchem’s firm get to defend certain people
    on the Public Treausry ?

    And if they lose the case ?

    Who will pay damages, if everything is in official capacity ?

    And since this will probably happen after the election,
    and since the public does not have term limits or right of
    recall, and probably does not have RIGHTS of

    BURTURLA / MIRONS and allies, can go around getting
    away with MURDER.

    Guess which (R) ‘s daughter is now a bartender at a
    tavern know to be a (D) hideaway?

  26. 27 jezebel282


    “Does Berchem’s firm get to defend certain people on the Public Treausry ?”

    It would be astounding if a judge permitted that. Rich Buturla’s law firm defending his brother and his employer against his employer’s brother? With John Florek already representing Mike Henrick?

    “Who will pay damages, if everything is in official capacity ?”

    Interesting question since it has been decided that the defendants were not acting in their “official” capacity.

  27. 28 1george1

    Jeze –

    Are you and blog viewers / contributors ready to see “astounding Judge”
    and “interesting Question?”

    “Hey! This IS Stratford!”

    I told my lawyer to sue Mossman and Mossman alone on a personal
    and not “official” capacity.

    But then again to some people, depending on their culture I am
    goy / golem / scapegoat / martyr fodder / “job” reification for
    job comforters / tin foil magnet / code (message) letter carrier /
    pest / gadfly / darn fool / upright man / g-d fearing / responsible /\
    loose canon / protector / whistle blower / civic minded / jerk /
    all of the above and more.

  28. 29 1george1

    Word to the wise …

    He/she who controls ….
    Judge Selection
    Jury Pool
    Issue Framing
    Admissable evidence
    Evidence sought to be admitted
    Investigational Bias
    Witness selected
    Witness allowed
    Questions and cross
    Foundational evidence
    Impeachment evidence

    A Trial of FACT is often anything but ….
    Not GUILTY is different than INNOCENT.

    Then there are DAMAGES and/or lack thereof….

    investigators and advocates have DISCRETION
    and ability to “appear” to be doing enough to

    Everyone plays the fool.

    Everyone is P. A. I. D. – O. F. F.
    One way or another!
    I mean E V E R Y O N E !!

  29. 30 1george1

    I suspect Jeze has changed opinion of weizel & post.

    I still have concerns about changing from one set of tyrants…

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