Red Light Green Light (Does it Matter?)



Here we are…again. Justin Loschiavo behind the wheel of a patrol car. At Beardsley and Stratford Avenue. It’s broad daylight of course. While waiting for the light to turn green he suddenly lurches ahead and hits the woman in the car in front of him. Then he lurches across the intersection into four parked cars.

How many accidents in a patrol car driven by Loschiavo is that so far? 3? 4?

Is this the result of your Dad being Deputy Chief and your Mom in HR or maybe even Miron allowing it to go on? Sooner or later he is going to hurt himself as well as an innocent victim or two.


No excuse for delayed report
Updated: 07/14/2009 03:13:14 PM EDT

It’s been 39 days since Stratford Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his cruiser into the rear end of a woman’s car in Stratford.

And still town officials will offer no explanation.

Are the people of Stratford not entitled to know what happened?

Witnesses to the June 6 accident say the officer appeared to be having a seizure when he was unable to control the cruiser.

Circumstances surrounding LoSchiavo’s hiring were suspect: when his medical history and trouble with seizures was discovered, he was understandably dropped as a candidate.

After intervention by his father, then-Lt. Joseph LoSchiavo, the son was back in as a candidate and was subsequently hired.

This troubling method of hiring a gun-carrying, emergency-vehicle-driving police officer aside, is the public not entitled to know the details of any accident involving an on-duty police officer?

If it is true, as Police Chief John Buturla maintains, that a report on the incident is still not complete, perhaps he needs to push the investigator a little harder.

Or Mayor James R. Miron, who, after all, is the top official in the town, needs to push the issue.

Thirty-nine days to figure out what happened in a rear-ender?

If this had involved two civilians, the report would have been ready the next day.


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  1. 1 capece

    I would bet he never drives a town car again. I’ll also bet that he retires on a disability and we’ll be paying him for the next 50 years!

    Daddy set him up good!!

  2. 2 jezebel282

    You mean after the lady he hit sues the Town for letting him drive in the first place?

  3. 3 jezebel282

    How long before a personal injury attorney reads about this and contacts the woman. He’s probably dreaming of the liability claims against the town as this is typed. Maybe he lost a case or two to Berchem Moses & Devlin in the past.

  4. 4 mikereynolds

    I don’t think his last accident ever made the CT Post. It was covered up well. I wonder if this one will be covered up as well.

  5. 5 mikereynolds

    Well this one made the CT Post. The chum is in the water for the sharks. Should be interesting.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    I wonder if they’ll mention the drinking the night before? Alcohol and meds don’t seem like the right protocol does it?

  7. 7 jezebel282

    And now for the documentation:

    Stratford cop crashes into car
    Staff reports
    Updated: 06/07/2009 01:11:10 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — A town police officer was slightly injured Saturday morning when his patrol car crashed into another car.

    Officer Justin Loschiavo was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, where he was treated for minor injuries and later released.

    The driver of the other car was not injured, police said.

    According to police, shortly before 9 a.m. Loschiavo’s police car struck a car being driven by Josephine Cicerale, of Stratford, from the rear at the intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues. The police car then continued on into the parking lot of a used car dealership, where it came to rest, police said. Loschiavo was not responding to an emergency call at the time.

    Police said the cause of the crash is under investigation.

  8. 8 starlooker

    I am sitting here in shock….. how many more times does this have to happen. I just thank God that there were not people walking in the area at the time, sometimes on Stratford Day they will go even before it starts to get a parking place.

  9. 9 1george1

    How long before a personal injury attorney reads about this and contacts the woman. He’s probably dreaming of the liability claims against the town as this is typed. Maybe he lost a case or two to Berchem Moses & Devlin in the past.

    Based on personal experience when trying to find malpractice Trial Lawyers
    related to the case …. I believe it is more likely that Berchem,
    Moses would be able to BUY OFF any Lawyers with Mutually Beneficial case
    swaps, which allow them plausible deniability and a new source for their
    “expertise” and “political connections.”

  10. 10 1george1

    I would bet he never drives a town car again. I’ll also bet that he retires on a disability and we’ll be paying him for the next 50 years!

    Daddy set him up good!!

    By Chris Miron suing the Mayor, Town Attorney, and other allies, what are the
    chances of a 6 or 7 figure “settlement” “under seal?”

    Most likely to happen either after the Mayoral re-election OR in the case of
    loss of Mayor, immediately prior to the swearing in of the new Mayor.
    Unless the NEW MAYOR is owned by …… political donations of …..

  11. 11 1george1

    Stratford cop crashes into car
    Staff reports
    Updated: 06/07/2009 01:11:10 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — A town police officer was slightly injured Saturday morning when his patrol car crashed into another car.

    BLOG QUOTE: “Sooner or later he is going to hurt himself
    as well as an innocent victim or two.”

    When my Tire was Slashed, my primary concern was that IF it
    burst while I was on I – 95 or a main road, a burst tire could
    have caused me to lose control of my van and crash into some
    one else?

    Moved to

  12. 12 mikereynolds

    George, why is it always about you?

  13. 15 jezebel282

    Back to the topic for a moment.

    Why is this incident so upsetting to citizens and police officers? My opinion is that it goes to the core of why there are police at all.

    A police officer/fire fighter/EMT is a different sort of person. They do what they do for the benefit of others. They had decided early on that serving the community at the risk of personal safety was a calling they must answer. All of them are aware at a very early age what it means to serve. Working graveyard shifts, weekends, holidays and exposing themselves to the worst society has to offer. Why? Because they believe that they can make it right and safe.

    When we were children and we looked up at firemen with their uniforms and huge firetrucks or police officers with their belts equipped with guns, radios, handcuffs and batons we might has well have been looking at the Batmobile and Batman. All that was missing was the cape.

    So some of us grew up wanting to be that hero. Society insists on order and safety. We hire and train people to provide that. What does it take to rush into a flaming building burning at 1,000 degrees to make sure no one is in there? Or walk into a house at 3 am where the domestic partners are using each other as speed bags? A lot. And a belief that because of what you are about to do, things will turn out better.

    This, understandably, leads to a certain amount of pride. It is not quite the same pride as closing the sale, finishing the report, calculating payroll or sending the bill to the client. It is the pride of knowing that everyone in that house is safe.

    It is reasonable to assume that the police especially will develop, over time, a sense of fair play. Every day they enforce the rules society has made. They provide each other with the reinforcement to enforce these rules. That is why you see contributions to widows, benefits for the less fortunate and a high degree of comradeship.

    But what happens when their own do not play by the rules? What happens when their own are granted special rewards in return for favors? Or good work is not rewarded? Or obvious wrongs are not corrected by those that are supposed to correct wrongs. Or doing the right thing is punished? Even worse, what happens when those that are supposed to lead them are the ones causing this?

    Justin Loschiavo is merely a symbol of what is wrong in the Stratford PD. When you read the responses of good cops you become aware of the anger that has built up over the last 3.5 years.

    And who has caused this deterioration of morale and spirit? Who has allowed favoritism, vengeance, favors and outright violations to continue unabated?

    Any guesses?

  14. 16 sudds

    “A police officer/fire fighter is a different sort of person. They do what they do for the benefit of others. They had decided early on that serving the community at the risk of personal safety was a calling they must answer.”

    We OBVIOUSLY know different police/fire men!!!

  15. 17 jezebel282


    “We OBVIOUSLY know different police/fire men!!!”

    Somehow, I am not surprised at all.

    Perhaps if you stopped playing with matches and beating Mrs. Sudds?

  16. 18 1george1

    Based on what you posted about police and fire, you look at them
    as an ideal, and not as real.

    I believe the vast majority woud respond the way those heroes did
    on 9/11 when they RAN, not WALKED towards DANGER.

    However, Police and Fire have been Tammany Hall’s reward for loyal
    members of the parties for 2 centuries.

    Police and Fire are exactly reflective of general society. Like most
    people they tend to be good to those they love and bad to those
    they consider enemies.
    There is a majority who take their oath of office seriously.
    However, the Knapp Commission, Church Commission and all kinds
    of Historic documentation show that Historically there are good
    and bad in every profession, such as we see in Wall Street this week.
    Knapp Commission noted, many many instances of
    These are completely inconsistent with your ideal police and far, far
    worse than some you gripe about. (Not that I endorse those people
    and not that I completely disagree on some)

    While Mironazis or Mironistas are the current highest pensioners, they
    are far, far, far from alone as abusers in Stratford and nationwide!

    On June 6, CT. POST had an article by the man who draws Beatle
    Bailey who compared his WW II experiences to the good and bad
    conduct we see presently in the Military / Intelligence / Police.
    – He witnessed US WW II attrocities and misconduct.

    – My dad was a WW II combat vet. He witnessed US WW II attrocities
    and misconduct.

    – I spoke at length to other VETS at VFW, CWV, and others. They
    witnessed US WW II attrocities and misconduct.

    ZERO DISRESPECT to most of the POLICE and FIRE, who I prefer
    to Volunteers because they are trained professionals.

    But, if you are Black, you would laugh at Jeze post.
    Some Blacks compare Police experiences to Nazi v Jewish.

    NO GROUP is completely good or completely bad.

    The Stratford Police KNOW a lot more about things than are out
    in the open, as is true across the USA.

    However CRIME and WAR pay, and it pays to BE GENEROUS to BUY
    OFF people from protecting the PUBLIC INTEREST!

    I dare YOU to claim anyone deserves more than 50 % of BASE PAY
    as a RETIREMENT, in the way the PENSION was funded …. I DARE YOU.

    Some people are NOTHING MORE than THIEVES!

  17. 19 1george1

    I am curious about the position of SUDDS & Nnan on
    Pension over 50 % of Base Pay, when compared with
    the way things were funded and with Private Industry
    Pensions of workers and with Social Security

    The real thieves are Congress / Senate / Lawyers /
    Presidents who get
    7 figure book deals;
    6 figure speaking fees;
    9 figure stock options;

    all because of the favors they gave while in office.

    Ranking Police let it all happen.

    I think the term is ACCESSORY.

    But then most Ranking Police are political appointees
    and MANY related to someone in the party, not dissimilar
    to the KGB

  18. 20 jezebel282


    My friend, I believe you have missed the point. Or it was blocked by your own point of view.

    There are lots and lots of angry, disheartened and disgusted officers in the Stratford PD. They are angry about Loschiavo (all of them), Buturla (both of them) Miron (all of them), Popick, Cratty, et al.

    This is nothing but a good thing and speaks well of the cops who have the balls to speak out. Their anger gives me hope that beyond it’s administration that this is a good and honorable police force.

  19. 21 nnanerak

    Jez-Your post #15 and #20 are very well written.
    There are lots of angry, disheartened and disgusted members of the public at large that are sickened by the problems that now plague this town since we have a mayoral form of government and all the “political” bs that has multiplied 10 fold since the coronation.
    I encourage all those people that feel disgusted to rally behind one candidate that will not be the manical embarrassment that we have experienced over the last 4 years. Someone with some integrity and vision is not a lot to ask. It is unfortunate for the Dem’s that they are washed up because of the current regime’s failures, but that is what happens when there is tooooooooooo much ego involved and not any integrity.

  20. 22 1george1

    I often state too many people are all ego and no self respect
    when it comes to certain people.

    I understand your point and you understand my point. I have
    been like the whipped dog … difficult to trust the similar
    looking people, especially the ones who do nothing and allow
    the others to continue.
    I have experiences, even with those you admire, where the results
    are not what you would expect of them…..

    If you had my experiences……
    If I had your experiences …..

    As Martin Luther wrote…It depends whose ox is gored.

  21. 23 1george1


    In the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Old Testament), Jezebel is the Phoenician queen of ancient Israel. Her story is told in 1st and 2nd Kings. [1]
    She is introduced as a Phoenician princess, the daughter of King Ithobaal I of Tyre. Her father was the king of the entirety of the Phoenician empire. Jezebel marries King Ahab of the Northern Kingdom during the time the nation of Israel was divided into Northern (Israel) and Southern (Judah) kingdoms. She turns Ahab away from the God of the Israelites (being the inhabitants of Judah in this context) and toward the worship of Phoenician god, Baal. [2]

    Ahab and Jezebel let temples of Baal operate in Israel, and the pagan religion receives royal patronage. Furthermore, the queen uses her control over Ahab to lead the Hebrews into idolatry, “sexual immorality” and subjects them to tyranny.


    Sudds, now we know what attracts you to Jezebel.
    Had I known ….. ? 😉

  22. 24 jezebel282


    You have no idea what a real bitch Jezebel was.

  23. 25 sudds

    “Sudds, now we know what attracts you to Jezebel’


    George… I am a one woman kinda guy!!! So, can you Wiki PCS for me??? 😀

  24. 26 1george1

    I suspect PCS husband might not appreciate your interest.

    However, I believe PCS is in the phone book and face book?

    Yet she might deserve a WIKI page?

  25. LOL George, yes, you are correct, listed and yes, I do have a Facebook page. Not very hard to find for anyone looking for me. As for my husband…. he knows, I’m a one-guy kinda woman….. ;>D

  26. 28 1george1

    PCS, while showing all appropriate respect, your avatar is attractive.

    And, while sudds is often crude, he does like the opposite sex.
    Being crude has the advantage of making intention obvious.

  27. 29 jezebel282


    “Being crude has the advantage of making intention obvious.”

    Actually, what it means is that Mrs. Sudds has no idea who “Sudds” is. Otherwise he would be easily identified as being the only voter in the 3rd district in a full body cast.

  28. 30 1george1

    Jeze & Sudds:

    Showing my age – you two are the Burns and Allen of this blog.

    Gracie Allen’s malaprops were like Yogi Berra’s, except of stage and screen.

  29. 31 sudds

    1) get in line Georgie

    2) She knows… I have the bruises to prove it!!!

  30. 32 1george1

    I think your post to me, was actually responding to Jeze’s post?

    Living up to your nom du blog?

  31. 33 mikereynolds

    Well its out!!!! Things are going to get interesting!

  32. 34 1george1

    (Does it matter?)
    It appears to matter?

    At least in certain specific and so far, limited situations.

    It appears that Mike Reynolds is on a roll….

  33. 35 jezebel282


    The accident report on Justin Loschiavo’s “incident” was completed June 22 and submitted to Chief Buturla who continues to sit on it very quietly.

    What’s going on John? Something in the report that makes Miron look bad? Like maybe Justin had a SEIZURE?

  34. 36 sudds

    Perhaps Mr. Forrester can pony-up another $140 for a FOI request on it?!?!?!?

  35. 37 jezebel282

    If he does, he should use a credit card.

  36. 38 phineast

    More interesting bathroom reading…Yeah!

  37. 39 1george1

    Has Mr. Forester gotten his $ 140.50 worth? 😉

    And, did he get the FOI? 8)

  38. 40 phineast

    One again, Stratford is in the headlines…the longer the chief sits on the report the worse it makes the mayor look…..the mayor should just lay the blame on those that “didn’t” inform him of the meidcal issue and get it over with, what ever it is they have on the mayor will be out soon enough anyway-spare us the expense and get it over with.

  39. 41 jezebel282


    Driver, witness say Stratford cop had seizure in crash
    By MariAn Gail Brown and Richard Weizel
    Updated: 07/05/2009 12:51:08 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — Nothing appeared out of the ordinary as Officer Justin LoSchiavo pulled his police cruiser to a stop behind Josie Cicerale’s car for a red light. The intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues was getting busy that Saturday morning. Seconds later, LoSchiavo’s Ford Crown Victoria slammed into the back of Cicerale’s lime-green Honda Element.

    The light was still red.

    What had happened? Cicerale, a former nurse with 16 years experience, said LoSchiavo was in the throes of a seizure, convulsing, with saliva dripping from his mouth. His eyes were rolled back in his head, said John Valentino, a garage owner and the first person to aid the Stratford officer after his cruiser went on to hit several other vehicles.

    What began as a minor traffic accident at 9 a.m. June 6 now embroils Mayor James R. Miron and the Stratford Police Department in controversy: How did LoSchiavo, a man with a history of seizure disorders, get hired in 2006? After all, the then-police chief and top brass expressed misgivings, as did two physicians and another town police department, which warned Stratford that job candidate LoSchiavo had “medical issues.”

    Miron and other Stratford officials say the accident remains under investigation. Miron has defended the hiring of LoSchiavo, whose father was then a lieutenant in the department and would shortly become the town’s deputy chief. Miron and other officials also have declined to comment on whether Justin LoSchiavo had a seizure during the accident.

    But Cicerale is convinced LoSchiavo had a seizure because she’s seen other people lose control of their bodies, go rigid and become paralyzed — sometimes for a few seconds, other times longer. She said her conclusion is based on her background as a registered hospital nurse.

    In the weeks since the accident, Cicerale had not responded to several requests for an interview about the accident. She broke her silence Friday after being approached at her home by the Connecticut Post.

    LoSchiavo suffered a seizure, Cicerale said, which caused his patrol car to plow into her, cross a busy intersection into a used-car lot and strike several parked cars before running out of momentum. All the while, Cicerale says, LoSchiavo was unable to do anything to stop his patrol car. That’s because he was “in full seizure mode,” Cicerale said, with his body convulsing, “saliva dripping” from his mouth.

    Cicerale saw all of this unfold from a few feet away, first from her side- and rear-view mirrors, then as she turned around in her seat, intending to step out and confront the driver. She stopped short of that, she said, because she feared it would be more dangerous. Even after LoSchiavo’s cruiser struck Cicerale’s car, its engine continued to rev.

    Cicerale, who was alone in her car, pulled up the parking brake on her Honda to keep it from rolling. “I didn’t get out because [his car] was still pushing my car.” To protect herself, Cicerale released her parking brake, put her car in gear and swung a left turn onto Stratford Avenue. With the Honda out of LoSchiavo’s path, his patrol car shot forward into the intersection, where it jumped a curb and struck several used cars at A-1 Getty across the street.

    John Valentino, the owner of Valentino’s Garage and Auto Sales, confirmed Cicerale’s account that LoSchiavo appeared to be having a seizure. He saw the police cruiser go through the intersection, bounce over a curb and into cars at the A-1 Getty lot across the street.

    “His eyes were rolled back in his head and his body was shaking,” said Valentino, who was the first to approach LoSchiavo once the cruiser came to a standstill. “I reached in to where the keys were and I pulled them out” of the ignition, he said. “I was scared that he would see me reaching in for them, and, not knowing what I was doing, think I was reaching for his gun and shoot me.” Valentino removed the keys. And emergency medical services technicians unfastened LoSchiavo’s clothes to help him breathe easier.

    A few minutes later, LoSchiavo’s eyes fluttered open. “He didn’t say a word,” Valentino recalled. “He looked around at us, not knowing where he was” and what had happened.

    health concerns

    The history of LoSchiavo’s hiring by the Stratford Department goes back to late 2005, when his job application was reviewed by then-Detective Nelson Dinihanian, who is now retired. In a pre-hiring report that was finalized in late December of that year, Dinihanian wrote that “we are not going forward with the background investigation” of LoSchiavo.

    “A report from Dr. [Joel] Kunkel [of Med Now in Bridgeport] stated he would not release applicant for medical reasons and that he ‘is not recommended’ for employment,” Dinihanian stated in his report. Dr. Philip Micalizzi, of Bridgeport, whom the report stated had been LoSchiavo’s doctor since 2004, had advised LoSchiavo “not to perform any activity which could cause serious injury were consciousness to be lost.” And the report noted that one police department, West Haven, had advised Stratford that the “applicant did have medical issues.” LoSchiavo had applied to between nine and 12 police departments to become an officer, according to Dinihanian’s report. It was unclear from the report why LoSchiavo’s candidacy had not advanced.

    In an interview last month, Dinihanian said that LoSchiavo had experienced a seizure during a 2004 car accident.

    At the time of LoSchiavo’s application, Police Chief Michael Imbro and Stratford Chief Administrative Officer Ben Branyan advised Miron, who had just become the town’s first mayor, not to hire LoSchiavo out of concerns that his medical condition posed a danger to others, both men said in recent interviews.

    Sources in the police department said that LoSchiavo’s candidacy advanced after his father, Lt. Joseph LoSchiavo, pressured officials, warning that the department otherwise could be sued under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Subsequently, a May 19, 2006, report from now-retired Capt. Andrew Knapp recommended Justin LoSchiavo be hired. “The main problems relate to medical issues which are outside the scope of this investigation,” Knapp wrote. “The candidate is recommended for employment with reservation for that reason.” Justin LoSchiavo was hired. Joseph LoSchiavo became deputy police chief shortly afterward.

    In interviews and during a news conference last month, Miron insisted that Justin LoSchiavo had received appropriate medical clearance prior to the decision to hire him and that his father played no role in his hiring. Miron produced two documents that pronounced LoSchiavo fit to participate in basic recruit training. And he showed a hiring document for LoSchiavo that had been signed by Imbro.

    The former chief vigorously disputed the assertion that he endorsed the hiring. “This was just an accident waiting to happen,” Imbro said of the June 6 crash. “And we can all be thankful nobody was seriously injured or killed.” The investigation into the accident continues, Miron and current Police Chief John Buturla said Friday. Meanwhile, several police sources said a report was completed two weeks ago. That report, they said, states LoSchiavo had a seizure during the accident.

    “You’ve got to ask the chief of police. I don’t know anything about it,” Miron said. “I can’t comment on an accident in which the investigation is still pending. I am not involved in the investigation, nor have I been briefed about it.” Both Miron, who is up for re-election in November, and Buturla declined comment about why the investigation is still open almost a month after the crash. LoSchiavo remains on injury leave from the department. Justin LoSchiavo and Joseph LoSchiavo have not responded to several requests for interviews.


    Cicerale said that rear-ending her car might have been lucky for Justin LoSchiavo that Saturday morning.

    “I think I actually saved his life and other people’s too, because if I had not been there at that moment, he would have gone into oncoming traffic and killed somebody if he hit them the right way,” she said. “I stopped him from getting himself killed.” For a couple of hours after the accident, Cicerale and her husband, Ken, who had driven out to help his wife, watched reconstructionists take photographs, measure distances and diagram the scene. A few days later, the Cicerales brought their car to an insurance adjuster, who gave them a repair estimate: $800. Their deductible is $500. Given that Cicerale’s Honda was not moving and was struck from the back, she expects the accident report will not find her at fault.

    “I wasn’t hurt in this accident,” she said. “All I want is for them to pay for the damage to the car.” The accident seems cut-and-dried to the Cicerales. Yet they still don’t have the incident report.

    “I called yesterday [Thursday]” about where the report was, “and they said they still didn’t have it,” Josie Cicerale said.

    Ken Cicerale can’t understand what the delay is in releasing the report.

    The damage to the couple’s car is minor. It’s a foot-long series of parallel horizontal scratches and black smudges.

    Not once since the couple left the accident scene has any town official, from the mayor to police, contacted them, they said.

    “We’re not looking to do anything to get anything out of them,” said Ken Cicerale of the town of Stratford. “We’re not out to get money out of this. We just want to get our car fixed.”

  40. 42 1george1

    It was a well writen article.
    Very carefully crafted to be highly prejudicial and damning ….

    By stating just the facts.

    Last week< i complimented rich Weizel on the research and writing
    of the original story. He was surprized his superiors gave him the
    lattitude to research and report extensively on the issue.

    He was not surprized at the Mayor's reaction.

    He was pleasantly surprized by the very strong support the
    editorial staff gave him and then blasting the Mayor.

    The end of the report is especially damning, since the victims
    were more concerned with the Health and safety of the officer
    and went out of their way to be helpful.
    Yet, the Ranking Police and Ranking administration appear to
    have done NOTHING to make them WHOLE…..

    Maybe Berchem had not thought that this would be a nice way
    to get the Billing Machine working?
    But then that would be helping a honest citizens and NOT …. 😉

  41. 43 1george1

    I do not know why it did not post?

    However it is a well writen report.

  42. 44 jezebel282


    It just goes on and on. 126 days after the accident, Justin Loschiavo has been on injured on duty leave for 83 days and light duty for 43 days.

    We are assuming Miron and Buturla are waiting until after Nov 4th when there is a new Council to slide Loschiavo’s “disability” pension through. We already know that Justin’s mom, Linda Loschiavo in Human Resources, will approve it.

    A note on a related case: Jay Cybart, former Fire Chief, has NOT received his compensation for legal fees authorized by the Council. What he did get was a letter from Buturla demanding that he sign a waiver of liability before he gets his check. Can you believe it?

    Town Council leaders lash out at mayor during Special Meeting on Cop Crash Costs
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 10/26/2009 11:12:04 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Nearly five months after Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his patrol car into five vehicles while having a seizure, Town Attorney Richard Buturla told the Town Council Monday night the mayor was still unable to respond to the panel’s long-standing request to provide the full costs as a result of the accident.

    Ironically, Buturla told the council during a special meeting in Town Hall that the latest delay occurred because Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley was involved in an accident Monday and was unable to attend the meeting, and that Mayor James R. Miron was unavailable.

    “Unfortunately, Ms. McCauley cannot be here tonight and the mayor had prior commitments, being (election) time of year that it is,” Buturla said. “Other than what you have already been sent, I have no further information.”

    Council members said the only figures they have received from McCauley is in a memo dated Oct. 13 that lists the total property damage costs to the police cruiser and five vehicles hit at about $25,000.

    “The police chief will be working with the payroll specialist and are in the process of reviewing the patrol schedule and determining what additional costs, if any, have been incurred by the Police Department due to the patrolman’s absence and/or light-duty status,” McCauley states in the memo.

    Both Republican and Democratic council leaders, however, were not buying that explanation and angrily demanded that the overall figures they say are “far higher” be presented to the council as soon as possible.

    They said the town has had “more than enough time” to respond to the request.

    “You’ve got to be kidding?” said Council Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9. “This information is just a fraction of the total costs. What we have asked for are in the areas of investigation costs, callback and overtime and legal services. I would think this information should be available at the push of a button on the computer.”

    Councilman Tom Moore, R-8, agreed, saying he first made the request months ago.

    “I can’t understand it. I made a simple, straight-forward request for information, but the mayor’s office has just not responded,” Moore said.

    Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, said “this is yet another in a long history of stalling and delay tactics this mayor has engaged in when dealing with the council during his four years in office.”

    Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, said he agreed the mayor has had “ample time to respond to this request by the council. I have no idea what is taking so long, or why someone else couldn’t have just provided this information by now.”

    LoSchiavo, 31, the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Director Linda LoSchiavo, crashed his patrol car into five vehicles on June 6 at Stratford and Beardsley avenues, and had his driver’s license seized following the accident.

    After a lengthy internal investigation that resulted in a six-week delay in releasing the police report, he was placed back on “light duty” in late August. His hiring, by Miron in June 2006, has been controversial because two doctors, as well as the former police chief and chief administrative officer advised against it because of LoSchiavo’s long-standing seizure disorder they warned could be a danger to the public, other officers and even himself.

    Miron did not return calls seeking comment

  43. 45 phineast

    Did you honestly think that Miron would release figures of upward of $250k the week before the election?????????????????????????????????

  44. 46 jezebel282


    The keyword being “honestly”.

    No. I do not expect Miron/Buturla to do anything honestly.

  45. 47 1george1

    I did not see Alvin at the Town Council last night.

    Rich Weizel came in after the Pension Board Meeting.

    Rich Weizel came in after the Gavin had run Ordinance Meeting.

    John Dempsey was teasin me about my nice shirt and tie
    for the Debates.
    I told John not to get used to it. I would rather wear a “neck tire.”
    I have had a tire around my stomach for 49 years.
    A tire around my neck for 15 minute (to protect lives) is not too much.
    A WAIST is a “terrible thing to MIND.”

    Rich Weizel came in after the Julian ran WPA Meeting.
    Julian asked just before any motions to adjourn, if anyone
    else had any NEW business?
    I was in the front row. I raised my hand.
    Julian, caught by surprize started to recognize me
    Julian recovered, and told me I can be recognized next week.

    After that meeting, while Henrich was setting up and Weizel was
    about to bounce in, I went to Gavin, Julian, & Dempsey.
    I told them a cute young blond from News 12 control room came
    in to the waiting room, when I got there.
    I ASKED HER: “Do you have cameras with “extra wide lens?”
    I told her to be able to get ALL of ME in the camera shor and on TV.
    SHE WAS PERPLEXED and did NOT know what to say.
    I told her I was teasing. 🙂
    She broke up, and was relieved.

    Dempsey told me he was laughing out loud when I nailed Jimmy

    Gavin complimented me about my performance.
    Gavin said the camera loved me.
    (Hey – I ain’t good lookin. But I am sincere and I know the facts.
    Dom told me I amazed him by rattling off information. He said his
    son said I was impressive at Oronoque (I went on attack mode to
    debunk Jimmy’s lies and avoided comedy quotes Weizel loves to
    use to mock the serious issue I contribut to the debate.)
    I teased Gavin that he knows even more then me.
    Gavin asked me to STOP sayin that, he was teasing (I think) that
    if someone took that serious, he could have a “final” problem.

    Gavin, John, or Julian asked where I came up with the quote.
    I told them Jimmy won the Stratford HS Debate. (GAVIN AGREED)
    I did good.
    A business man I know and his buddy went to the Debate, expecting
    to back Harkins, but found him evasive and failed to articulate any
    substantive specifics on Business Development.
    The businessman felt Miron had a plan, and rattled off accomplishments
    winning the debate.
    He felt I did very well and came in second.
    He was very disappointed in Harkins (third)
    He felt Dam was poor and forth.

    I told Gavin, John and Julian that I told the businessman that JIMMY was
    unconstrained to tell the WHOLE TRUTH about who caused problems
    and delay, which allowed him to have the list of accomplishments and a
    PLAN. I needed to find a way to CALL JIMMY a LIAR, in such a WAY that I
    never used the word LIAR and was SELF DEPRECIATING, while pointing out
    the TRUTH of the LITANY of LIES and partial truths.

    * I had the PINNOCHIO completely prepared and writen down.
    However every PUNCH LINE needed FOUNDATION & SET UP.

    * My first turn on Channel 12, Tom Appleby mentioned Stratford had a whole
    series of problems and asked us to name the top one.
    I ignored the last part, and listed MOST of the PROBLEMS

    * My second turn, I brought up DICK MIRON for the ONLY TIME in the DEBATE
    as Jim’s father and 10 year head of the DTC. He & Jim’s Town Attorney have
    been in Stratford politics since the 1980s, and ttogether with the (R) Town
    Committee leaders and attorneys have been causing the problems.

    * My third turn, I mentioned our frustration listening to Jimmy’s talking
    points and knowing the were not completely true.
    I hit Jimmy with the PINNOCHIO
    (who was a puppet, but wanted to be a real boy)
    (whose nose grew, when he lied)
    Dom was completely destroyed laughing and Harkins turned away with a
    huge smile and small laugh.

    I came back with the coup d gras, about JIMMY’S “MOLE HILL accomplishments.

    * Dom was shorted a turn early, I was shorted a turn late.
    After Dom finished one turn and Harkins atarted another, Dom told John
    that he respected him and they were friends for several years, reaching
    out to shake hands, which John did. (Both seem good people. I do NOT
    like the people behind John, in his Stratford cabal.)
    That was a HUGE tactical error on their part.
    NOW my claims about both of them (really) being (R) has the appearance
    of both of them being more friendly to each other than to Jim or I.
    While I had attacked Republicans, most of my efforts were debunking
    Jimmy’s positions with some efforts pointing out my vision, which is my
    stongest point of UNIQUE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, seen and heard in
    the week’s DEBATES. I had a poor start at PYE, but did OK the last 1/2with a very strong close, except for one misspeaking.

    Dom and John did far better at PYE than I remembered.
    I thought Jimmy dominated John at OSNA & SHS, and countered Dom’s very
    good points and John’s positions too well.
    John came off as petty in his attacks on Jim, contrary to the image he was
    portraying as the smooth consensus builder. Jim got into his head.
    I created the ECS issue, as one way to attack Harkins. I had plenty of ammo
    on Jimmy. Jimmy took the $ 60 million ECS # I used and boosted it to $ 83 m.

    Jimmy very rarely attacked me or tried to correct me except for twice in
    5 Debates. When he did, my knowledge of the Pensions and other facts made
    him pay the price and looked like I had superior knowledge, which i have on
    certain KEY ISSUES. Make NO mistake JIMMY had 4 years practice & contacts.

    I posted on this blog about the ECS & other stuff that I told HARKINS and DOM
    both to get them to get feed back from supporters, to be able to offset JIM,
    and because I knew JIM reads the blog.
    JIM was NOT nearly as strong on Channel 12, as he was in the 4 earlier debates.
    My blogging and helping Harkins & Dom, took away his attacking points and some
    of his talking points.
    IT is part of my SECRET PLAN to be ELECTED MAYOR.
    The (D) & (R) know I have the knowledge and limited resources to kick
    their butts. They know I am NOT going away. They know I keep coming.
    I have been told by people in both Town Committees that I am FEARED.
    + Only thing I ever tried to do was tell the truth and help people. Feared?
    + I guess truth is to be feared?
    + I guess helping people be free & independent americans is to be feared?

    * Tom Appleby was masterful as the moderator.

    * I had gone first. I had the closing statement. I told people that if they
    liked what the Democrats and Republicans had done to/for them the last
    20 years, then vote for one of them.
    I asked for your vote.
    I will work to help people and make Stratford a more desireable town for
    businesses and residence to lower taxes, improve our excellent basket of
    (productive – efficient – cost) services, and improve quality of life.
    My voice broke, as I sincerely want to find ways to help people witht their
    utilities, heat, taxes and revenues.

    (You know the things government is supposed to do?)

    This was on Channel 12 this past weekend.
    You can get it on demand on 612.

    Soundview Communication has the PYE (uneditted) on Website.
    Google: Soundview Communication, Bridgeport, CT.
    See archive on lower left.
    Click on stratford.
    Click on 10/2009 debate, the first one = PYE

    They got last weeks 3 debates late Friday.
    President Tom Castelot told me they would be up that day.
    They are not.
    I told Harkins, Dom, Press, and others to check them out to see
    if they were editted, which is a violation of FCC LAW to “materially

    I just spoke to Tom Castelot of Soundview.
    The Debates are presently airing.
    It will take a day to archive them.
    I have NOT seen any of those broadcasts. (to see IF EDITTED)
    I shall tonight.

    Rich Weizel came in after the Henrick meeting started.
    The above story took place.
    Alvin O’Neil was not present.
    Rich must have called Alvin

    Emma, Amy, and Alvin were no shows
    It was Gavin and the 6 official Republicans 😉 present all night

  46. 48 jezebel282


    Justin Loschiavo continues to be on “light duty” and receive full pay. Apparently he can wear a uniform if he wishes or simply come to work in whatever he would like.

    If anyone is counting that is 83 days on “injured on duty” and 80 days on “Light Duty”.

  47. 49 ronmoreau


    ……and how long has it been since Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto have been without a paycheck?

  48. 50 jezebel282


    They were suspended without pay on 24 June.

    145 days without pay.

  49. 51 1george1

    I can relate to those without pay.
    I went 10 months suspended from the USPS. (over 300 days)
    I was able to collect unemployment, which had to be repaid.
    Plus there were associated out of pocket costs.
    > To lawyers and managaement, it is all a game…

    Anyone want to …. (what is that word?)
    the new town attorney and/or his associate town attorneys
    will pay for any / all law suits against department heads, which
    includes the former mayor?

    Any word on “settlement” on Chris & Dick Miron?

  50. 52 1george1

    I have absolute confidence that there is relationship between
    USPS issues and the Stratford disasters.

    Tremendous overlap of modus operendi, nomenclature/numerology,
    personnel, timing, disparate treatment, mens rhea, animus, patterns,
    and more.

  51. 53 jezebel282


    Cops: Drugs, guns found in Bridgeport home with small children
    By Noelle Frampton
    Updated: 11/19/2009 06:25:54 PM EST

    BRIDGEPORT — After an “extensive” probe into marijuana sales in Stratford and Bridgeport, State Police said they seized a large amount of marijuana, guns, ammunition and ecstasy pills from a Rose Street home where four small children had been left alone.

    Did anyone call Pinto and tell him there may be marijuana in Stratford?

  52. 54 1george1

    Where are the cocaine fields in CT. or New England?
    jus curious?

    Normally busting drugs and underage strippers happen before elections?

    Wasn’t there a political fund raiser on Rose Street?
    I thought I read someplace. the fund raiser was “pot luck?”
    Maybe for entertainment or drinks, they could have taken “pot shots?”

    Does stratford have a dog trained to sniff drugs?
    If so, has it even been to town hall or berchem castle or wheeler farm annex?
    I hear the places are full of dopes ….

    I hate it when I get out smarted by morons, don’t you?

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