Power Failure


Section 2.2.14 states – “Nothing herein shall be construed to deny to the Council or its members the right to make inquiries of the Mayor or his or her subordinates.”

Section 2.2.15 states – “The Council shall have the power to investigate town affairs. In exercising this power, the Council shall have the power to require any town elected or appointed official, officer, director, department head, or employee to furnish the Council or its designee all information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material which is in the possession of the elected or appointed official, officer, director, department head, or employee, and which, in the opinion of the Council is necessary to enable the Council to discharge the duties imposed upon it by this Charter, or to properly and completely investigate town affairs. It is hereby made a duty and obligation of all town elected or appointed officials, officers, directors, department heads, and employees to provide the Council with the requested information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material when so required by the Council. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Charter, the Council shall have the right to appropriate funds, either by way of the budget or by special appropriation, to fund any costs and expenses which may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary, proper and required to conduct the investigation or to procure any information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material.

A little history:

On 14 Dec 2008, Gavin Forrester III, elected Councilman from the 3rd District, requested documents from James R. Miron (that’s the mayor) detailing the bid process concerning several projects that were funded by taxpayers (that’s us). Specifically included in the request was information concerning the contract to B&L Company for the report on the Shakespeare Theater, the contract for the Bunnell High School Athletic Field, the acquisition of Smart Cars, and the acquisition of investigative services by Tolomeo and Laske.

The excuse given by Miron was that this was too much work and he was busy with the 2009-2010 Budget. Never mind that he has a CAO, Purchasing Manager, two mayoral assistants and a clerk typist. Despite repeated requests, no documentation was provided. Not a single page.

On 12 April 2009, Mr. Forrester filed a complaint with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. The complaint was dismissed on 15 May 2009 because he gave Miron too much time to comply (honest!). Wait, it gets stranger. The Town hires the law firm of Sousa, Stone & D’Agosto to defend the Town against…wait for it…Gavin Forrester III. At $350/hour. Why not Rich Buturla at $150/hour? Good question. Why, you may ask, does the Council allow Miron to withhold information? Because, apparently, Rich Buturla says he can.



For some reason, Mayor Moron does not believe that this is a democratic government. He does not believe that it is OUR money, OUR government, OUR elected officials, OUR Charter and OUR town. And why does he continue to believe that? Because Rich Buturla, who serves at his pleasure, tells him he can.

Course of action:

In November we must remind this mayor that it is OUR money, OUR government, OUR elected officials, OUR Charter and OUR town.

Tick, Tock...

Tick, Tock...


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    We will probably be updating this when Mr. Stroomer’s request for information regarding the bidding on the granite curbs is denied as well.

  2. 2 1george1

    I have requested various information over the years.
    The Finance Directors and others have always provided info.

    Late 2007 – info requested from Town Attorneys office hit a wall.
    I was asked by Finance to wait a couple months on certain things.
    About the time of creation ofCRC # 2
    – I put up a fuss, and got the INFO about monies paid to Burturla,
    Kelly, and other Town attorneys s, in time for Town Council Meeting.
    – The Council was STUNNED by the information.
    – I lambasted the Council in the CT. POST, STAR, & BARD.
    – It led to me being appointed to the FAC, where part of the issue
    was (I believe) to make police pensions appear “no wrong doing.”

    I still await some info. Instead of FOI, I asked a few councilors for
    the infor which gets it to me free. I KNEW about others problems,
    which Jeze articulated.

    Since December GAVIN asked for INFORMATION as a Councilor.
    By Charter, the Town has to give him reasonable info, requested.
    Gavin put the request on Councilor Letter Head and repeatedly
    requested by Hard Copy and e-mail.

    Gavin waited 120 Days.
    No information.

    Gavin filed an FOI Complaint.
    Gavin got a reply FOI was backlogged
    At a prior Council Meeting when I asked him, Gavin told me about
    the FOI delay and said he may have to FOI Complain against the FOI
    Commission. He LOL about the IRONY.

    Gavin’s FOI complaint was dismissed.
    The 120 days he waited made his complaint UNTIMELY!
    Here Gavin was being courteous to Mayor / Town Attorney.
    He had to file an FOI.
    His Complaint was dismissed, as untimely
    – No good deed goess unpunished.

    Gavin recently got a bill for $ 140.50 for 281 pages FOI.
    Gavin PUBLICLY presented the check for $ 140.50 to the Mayor
    last night and requested TIMELY INFORMATION to be provided.

    The Town Councilors were stunned and put up a fuss.
    Gavin waived off the $ 140.50 and wanted the info.

    A little later Gavin specifically asked BURTURLA
    “Under the Town Charter, what recourse does the Town Council
    have to compell the Mayor / Town Attorney to comply?”
    BURTURLA replied “NONE.”

    BURTURLA made the mistake of SMILING.
    GAVIN lit into BURTURLA.
    It dropped for now.

    Later on arguments about Beach Concession and Pihala Farms,
    Kubic presented the LEASE RFB document which had the word
    LEASE all over it and tore up the arguements of Burturla & Miron
    about their semantic “opinions.”
    – It is exactly the argument I state as related to CHARTER “REVISION”
    over BURTURLA’S legal opinion on “NEW” CHARTER.
    > LEASE & REVISION = Publicly branded, advertised, and awarded
    as LEASE & REVISION /\ Burturla opinions “not a lease & NEW charter”
    > Under the technicalities of CT. State LAW – Charter may be “NEW”
    > I am 100 % sure Burturla + Florek + certain others knew that in the
    creation of Charter Revision and believe they “SET UP” GAVIN & others.

    Until then BURTURLA and MIRON were giving a CLINIC and had
    tore up the Council about a STRONG MAYOR and how creation
    > Julian recognized the interpretation of the Purchasing Agent
    position was another circumvention of the Town Council Rights
    and Powers by Burturla and Miron, who stated he depended on
    Burturla’s Historical and legal expertise on 3 Charters and Law.

    After awhile GAVIN had enough.
    (approximating his statement(

    “GAVIN state “I headed the first CRC, as CHAIRMAN.”
    “I know what the INTEND was related to the CRC.”
    “There are supposed to be CHECKS and BALANCES.”

    “A short time ago, you (Burturla) told me that under the
    Town Charter, the Town Council has NO recourse to
    compel the Mayor and Town Attorney to do certain
    “And now we are being told the Purchasing Agent
    has taken away some of the Town Council’s Powers?”

    “This Town Charter s—s!”
    “It is NOT WORKING.”
    “It is lacking CHECKS and BALANCES, as was intended!”
    (Town Council check balance Mayor)

    (MY POINTS about the Grandfather Rights are the Public’s
    Checks and Balances to the Mayor / Town Attorney / Police
    / Board of Ed & the big one coming ZONING)

    Jim Miron was contrite after Amy pointed out the differences
    between the positions stated by BURTURLA, GAVIN, & MIRON.
    Amy also agreed with Julian & Kubic.

    Jim Miron saw me nodding agreement with Amy’s statement and
    he went out of his way to defer to her / Julian / Gavin / Kubic
    as far as this was NEVER his INTENT. I believe him. (Burturla – NO?)

    Esq. Burturla with Esq. LeClerc were SILENT about yeilding their
    position / opinion.

    GAVIN realized he was PLAYED.

    I realized the MIRONS were PLAYED.
    It appeared JULIAN – KUBIC – PROTO (from the audience gave info
    to Kubic) were PLAYED.

    JR Stroomer / Dempsey were mostly silent during the night, except
    when GAVIN deferred to Stroomer on Something.

    I believe Tom Moore is an honest guy and can not project the
    way other people are devious, because that isn’t him.
    I strongly suspect people have set up Tom Moore to be PLAYED
    NOW and in the FUTURE, based on certain information I have.

    If (?) BURTURLA or FLOREK or other people, like Dick Miron, had a
    plan in place related to Charter Revision and the $ 2 Billion AVCO
    development, and PLAYED Police and others ……..

    Then there may be mitigational evidence for some ….
    There may be factual and circumstancial evidence against others ….

    Interesting what a FORENSIC AUDIT or INVESTIGATION can reveal?
    – But it depends if the INVESTIGATIONS is FULL, INTENSVE, and
    – Or political?

    To be continued … “As Stratford Turns”
    “as the Public is being burned”

  3. 3 jezebel282


    While a little disjointed, you are essentially accurate in your account.

  4. 4 1george1


    This means either you were present or your source acknowledged.

    Only surprizing thing, is that you did NOT jump all over my conclusions
    from my perspectives.

    I believe your real problem is Burturla, who I believe may be setting up
    Jim / Dick / LoSchiavo to be scape goat and I believe revels in the ART
    of the Double Cross.

    If my hunch is correct, intent would be using Tom Moore as Town Council
    Chair and Dom as Mayor.
    Then they would be front men and the next to be set up for Double Cross.

    With a $ 2 Billion AVCO Cash Pile sitting there and mentalies found in
    “the Ring of the Niebelring,” it would be interesting to watch each
    group be PLAYED and DISCARDED.

    Something like Aesop’s ANTS and the GRASS HOPPERS.


    Natural feeding differences between Bees and Wasps.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “If my hunch is correct, intent would be using Tom Moore as Town Council Chair and Dom as Mayor.”

    Sorry, it took me a few minutes to stop gagging.

    “Only surprizing thing, is that you did NOT jump all over my conclusions from my perspectives.”

    There is only so much time in the day, George.

  6. 6 1george1

    Feed back I get is certain people wonder if I have thier phones
    tapped or offices bugged, because every one in a while it blows
    them away that I read past the smoke and mirrors, hitting on the
    story behind the cover story.

    Tom is a decent guy. Certain things would never occur to him, due
    to him trusting some people. Tom also has seen many of the games
    played within government, and can not believe it. We have differences.

    Dom being set up to become Mayor makes too much sense from the
    “plausible deniability / outsider” game that is standard fare.
    His main thrust and party line, along with confluent situations make
    it appear far less implausible as in past.

    Good News Jeze
    With summer coming, days are getting longer.
    Better act soon! 😉

  7. 7 sudds

    “government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, shall not perish from the earth”

    ‘nuf said!

  8. 8 jezebel282

    “government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, shall not perish from the earth*”

    *not valid in Stratford, CT

  9. 9 sudds

    Speaking of this @#$%%$*@….

    Where are all of our supposed “leaders” who want to run for office???

    So far Misters Forrester and (god help us) Mulligan are the ONLY individuals in our ENTIRE town who thus far actually DESERVE a vote!!!!

  10. 10 sudds

    “government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, shall not perish from the earth*”

    *not valid in Stratford, CT

    Well then I honestly hope that our government perishes.. because right now nothing would be better than the bull$hit that we get served up for our tax dollars!!!

  11. 11 jezebel282


    I’ve rarely seen such emotion from you…when there are no blondes or beer involved.

  12. 12 sudds

    Shhh… I’m just trying to get PCS to start blogging again… grrrrr-rowl!!! 😛

  13. 13 sudds


    (can one of the lurkers out there please make certain that Mr. Fahan is aware of this site?)

    You now have a yard sign on my street declaring your candidacy!

    Yet you I have NEVER heard two peeps from you.

    As such, I thought I should let you know that as of right now you are WAY behind Mr. Mulligan in the Sudds-poll!!!

    PS… thank you for and welcome to running for Council in the 3rd… now you just gotta prove yourself!! 😀

  14. 14 1george1

    John Fahan
    Maybe 30s? Slender. Maybe 6′?
    Wife had baby boy within the Year.
    Worked for Gavin’s election.

    Member of Dem party – from Stamford, as a Stamford Transplant,
    he moved here in the last couple of years.

    He was on the Charter Revision Commission.
    – They took him over me and others. I only lived here since 1978.

    He was the CRC sponsor against BUDGET REFERENDUMS.
    – In other words, sudds, he is against you having a petition right or
    vote right on how much money is spent.

    I suspect he has a job waiting for him after he helps Burturla ruin
    the Town, as a Town Councilor.

    While GAVIN threw some verbal high hard ones under Burturla’s
    chin Monday night, in a convincing fashion, I find sometimes
    things are an ACT or the party members KISS and MAKE UP, for
    the good of the PARTY (ever the Town?)

    GAVINS parting words Monday night was that he was going to
    become UNAFFILIATED.

    GAVIN is the ONLY person I can not figure out?

    I have no doubt about his public service.
    I loved his calling Miron a NUT months ago.
    I loved his publicly stating he chaired the CRC # 1 and there
    were INTENDED to be CHECKS and BALANCES, but the Charter
    s—s and does NOT WORK.

    If GAVIN ran for MAYOR – he would either win or slice 30 to 70 %
    of Miron’s vote and open door for COSTELLO
    (Bridgeport control of Town Hall & another POLICE suspect)

    HARKINS and BEST might cancel each other out.
    Under NORM, I mean CRUDO, the Republicans are trying to change
    the BUY LAWS, I mean the BY LAWS, because they can not get a
    QUARUM, since they (& Kelly/williams) backstabbed Paul Joy.

    Very few people went to BEST Fund Raiser at Mulberry Street east,
    I mean Harborside.
    Harkins had 140 people at Johnny’s with about 1/2 his Funding from
    outta town…. (Lotta $ 100 bills, which most have Cocaine on them)
    Rumor is Miron had $ 35,000 funneled thru flunkies from Berchem as
    of a couple months ago.
    Dom’s fund raiser is at NORM’S Fun house – Mill River C C.

    Back in 1998, I first started going to Town Council Meetings.
    I wondered how the USA became over run by Cocaine?

    After seeing the type of SOME of the people involved in Politics,
    Law Enforcement, Legal Profession, and Business and their ethical,
    moral, human, legal boundries and actions …… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  15. 15 sudds

    He was the CRC sponsor against BUDGET REFERENDUMS.
    – In other words, sudds, he is against you having a petition right or vote right on how much money is spent.

    George… we have this vote now… every time we chose our Council members!!!

  16. 16 jezebel282


    I hear Fahan is willing to give you a no-show Town job……

  17. 17 sudds

    1) only the emporer… err, i mean Mayor can do that!


    2) after reading asinine statements like this (which Mr. Fahan posted on Mr. Forrester’s blog)… it’s going to take a LOT more than a no-show job to EARN my vote:

    The most recent dispute between Stratford and Bridgeport over the Airport makes it all the more important for Stratford to seriously consider eventually purchasing the Airport in order to determine its own destiny going forward. Short of that I agree then there should be a Regional Airport Authority of key representatives of the Airport and each community to adjudicate such disputes.

    Seriously… you want to spend my tax dollars on what??? And a regional airport??? Mr. Fahan… how well is Tweed New Haven REGIONAL airport doing? Oh that’s right… they were SUED by East Haven!!!


  18. 18 jezebel282


    Are you starting to actually care what goes on, or not, beyond your street and Longbrook Park?

  19. 19 sudds

    I’ve ALWAYS cared what goes on!

    It’s just that my “target of caring” (with the bullseye being worth the most) centers on Brightwood Avenue and branches out from there!!!

    Additionally… the 3rd District Councilmember is the only one which I get to vote for… so candidates for said position will suffer the majority of my wrath (along with Mayoral Candidates).

  20. 20 jezebel282


    I think Mrs. Sudds halo just shrunk a bit. You actually care.

    Umm…don’t forget BOE candidates. Half your money goes there, you know.

  21. 21 sudds

    Oh no… she’s CLEARLY a Saint!!!

    Don’t even get me started the BOE… my blood pressure can’t handle it!!! 😛

  22. 22 1george1

    Of the$ 87 million BoE Budget – 25 % comes from the CT. & Feds.

    Of the $ 89 million BoE Budget – about 8 % came from CT.
    (Maybe $ 6 million)
    However, Jimbo has a major surprize coming for his critics in
    (As of Budget Workshop, they Jimbo’s people had $ 6 million in
    Grants and Stimulus Money, with a crazy $ 50 million potential
    in grants applications writen and pending.

    I do not know the existing numbers, however, it is very likely
    to exceed the BoE, which got about $ 22 – 23 million in election
    year when CT. grants jumped $ 5 million.
    LAST YEAR it pulled back about 1 M.
    It is mostly CT.
    FEDS are a couple hundred G above $ 1 M overall, between both
    Town & Ed

    2008, the BoE CT. ECS was a over $ 4 million higher at $ 25 M.

    This year, the Town / BoE Capital Improvement interest is
    conveniently $ 4 million lower that the last 2 years.
    They over bonded and many of the project have lingered
    for a couple years, despite having money sitting in the various

    Borrow at 5 %
    Get 2 % interest on overborrowed and unused bonded $$.

    Give away pensions to political family friends over base pay?

    Delay Shakespeare and AVCO for10 years with 2 unqualified
    or poorly qualified failure BIDDERS, which increased Attorney
    Fees, KEEPING REAL ISSUES off the Front pages?

  23. 23 sudds

    Paging Mister Fahan… Mister John Fahan…

  24. 24 1george1

    Unfortunately Sudds,

    FACTS are FACTS.

    They can be verified:

    1 – The 2 years prior to election, the Mayor / Council over bonded
    compared to the completed work, with money unspent.
    Benefit to Mayor – election year they could under bond / pay off
    less in Debt on the Budget.

    2 – The Town Council and Town Managers controlled the BID process
    which created and allowed

    A) AVCO > Team Stratford 1, 2, & 3
    .. Hochman .. MontiPosillico .. Area 51

    .. SFT Shakespeare Festival Theater
    .. KKP Kerner Kravis Partners(??)
    .. Hanney

    3 – For YEARS I suggested using GRANTS (FREE MONEY) to increase

    A) BoE Budget is 25 % from State = over $ 22 million

    B) Town Budget was about 7 % from State = over $ 6 million
    As of MAY – Miron’s Grant writer and stimulus FUNDS will
    bring in an EXTRA $ 6 million in FREE MONEY
    – Credit Miron using my idea to more than double OUTSIDE
    REVENUE = Less money from Town residence & business.


    Vote for Fahan and your choice of
    Miron – Dom – Jon = all have history related to Bridgeport political
    bosses and State / area party bosses.
    Harkins, who is backed by Norm who is working with Willinger, who
    is partners to Bucci, who was a past Jon boss.

    The towns people will get what they deserve by sitting back and
    not running these politcal actors out of office.

  25. 25 sudds

    as seen in #13 above:

    “As such, I thought I should let you know that as of right now you are WAY behind Mr. Mulligan in the Sudds-poll!!!”

    Now George… WAKE THE @#$% UP!!! Please stop being so vindictive or else you will have NO shot at winning anything!!!

  26. 26 1george1

    You are welcome to your opinion.

    With Henrick not present Monday night, Tom Moore was Council
    Interesting night that Gavin and Kubic postured to distance themselves
    from the Town charter about their “intent.”
    Intent of legislators is crucial in Law for Judges interpretation.

    New Town Charter Revision Commission can have entirely new “intent”
    which gives plausible deniability to CRC # 1 on legal liability.

    CRC # 2 had Mr. Fahan.
    Run by Esq. Florek, who is on Mayor and Town Attorney payroll as the
    Housing Authority Attorney.
    CRC # 2 appintment makers were
    Gavin for Democrats
    Kubic (?) for Republicans?
    ?? for Independents?

    Gavin, Miron, & Kubic were on CRC # 1
    Esq Williams, Esq. Miron, & Esq. Williams were the 3 atty on CRC #1
    Esq. Florek, Esq. proto, & Esq August were the 3 atty on CRC #2

    Esq. Kelly was Town Attorney on # 1
    Esq. Burturla was assistant Town Attorney on # 1
    Esq. Burturla is Town Attorney on # 2
    Esq. Kelly is assistant Town Attorney on # 2

    My opinion: The towns people will get what they deserve by
    sitting back and not running these politcal actors out of office.

    Actor defined:
    1 – In policy debate, an actor is an entity that enacts a certain
    policy action. If a plan were to have the U.S. send humanitarian
    aid to (Stratford or give proper legal oversight), then the actor
    would be the United States federal government. 😉

    2 – In sociology, AI and programming language theory, actants
    are the principal concern of the actor-network theory, the a
    ctivity of which is described as “mediation” or “translation”.

    3 – In the parlance of criminal justice, a suspect is a known
    person suspected of committing a crime. 😉

    4 – a person who performs in a theatrical play or film; one who acts;
    a doer; one who takes part in a situation; An advocate or proctor
    in civil … 🙂

    5 – acting – the performance of a part or role in a drama 😦

  27. 27 sudds


    Submitting a write-in vote for Darth Vadar in the 3rd is sounding better by the day!!!

    UPDATE: CRC is OVER… it is time to move on! No one cares any more about what you WOULD have done (it’s too easy to have 50/50 hindsite)… we care about what you WILL do!!!

    PS… WTF did I mention Darth Vadar to George??? Here we go…

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “PS… WTF did I mention Darth Vadar to George???”

    OMG! What have you done?

    I hereby propose that Mrs. Sudds run for councilman in the 3rd district.


    1. She has to deal with Sudds every single day.
    2. She obviously makes sure he produces.
    3. She tolerates ridiculous proposals.
    4. She does it for free.
    4. We absolutely need a saint on the council

  29. 29 sudds

    1. She has to deal with Sudds every single day.

    True… I have often said that she is a Saint

    2. She obviously makes sure he produces.

    I have NO problems there thank you very much!!!

    3. She tolerates ridiculous proposals.

    You don’t even know the half of it! Heck, I even got her into a metal cage plunked into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii after the water was “chummed” for sharks.

    4. She does it for free.

    Guess again!

    4. We absolutely need a saint on the council

    (good job with the numbering… LOL) But seriously… you’re right about needing a saint!!!

  30. 30 jezebel282


    The accuracy improves as the consumption of caffeine increases.

  31. 31 sudds

    Amen to that!!! 😛

  32. 32 jezebel282

    Oh..I almost forgot:

    6. We are going to suppose that Mrs. Sudds is also better looking than either John Fahan or George Mulligan.

  33. 33 sudds

    Not as attractive as Mrs. Sperling, but I did done good!!! Besides, do you think I would marry an ugly chick??? 😀

  34. 34 1george1

    I have never commented on Mrs. Sudds and I am not going to start
    now except this one sentence.

    The Town Charter is the Town Constitution. All Town Law and powers
    and actions are based on the Town Charter, which must conform with
    State and Federal Constitutions, LEGAL: Laws, Regulations, Codes, Acts.

    If it was so unimportant why did they have 2 CRC?
    Why did Henrick / Gavin / Kubic appoint MIRON’S HOUSING AUTHORITY
    ATTORNEY to head the CRC # 2?

    For someone with a MASTER’S DEGREE ……

    I guess you trust these people despite:
    ad nauseum

    Me vindictive about people stealing from you and everyone else?

    If I saw someone harming you or someone you cared about and
    did and said nothing to prevent further harm, what would you
    think of me?

    I believe they are harming …. you .. many people …
    all unnecessary… there are better ways to improve one’s …

  35. 35 sudds

    Good God George…

    Now you’re developing conspiracy theories about ME!!!

    When did I say that the CRC was not important? I’m just saying that IT’S OVER!!!

    WE (the residents of stratford) LOST!!

    We need to move on now!!!

    Did Germany not move forward after they lost WWII??? Did Hiroshima cease to exist after we dropped a little bomb on their heads? Did PCS stop living after her husband left her? (Ok… I’m dreaming on that last one)

    F*CK…. (slapping my own wrist) that’s twice today… $5 says George now responds with a Nazi reference!!!

  36. 36 sudds

    PS… it’s an MBA… not just a Masters!

    (don’t wanna confuse it with those fruity Masters in Art and cr*p like that) 😛

    Make this mistake again and Ms. Wanamaker may go medival on your a$$!!!

  37. 37 jezebel282

    Amy Wanamaker on George’s ….(shudder).

    Thanks for the image, Sudds.

  38. “Shhh… I’m just trying to get PCS to start blogging again… grrrrr-rowl!!!”

    LOL ~ I’m here, just way too much going on right now for me right now! Nice to know I’m missed though…… ;>D

  39. Sudds:

    “Did PCS stop living after her husband left her? (Ok… I’m dreaming on that last one)” Yes, that’s only a dream….LOL

    I’ve been way busy with so many other things these days – OK, so, we, the residents of the Town of Stratford vote in a town council based on our districts. These individuals are tasked with working for the people (for free, no less) and doing the best that they possibly can for the people who voted them in; however, from what I’m gathering – they are basically powerless. They can’t question anything, can’t get any information – even if done via a FOI request, can’t fight for the people who voted them in – why, because Jim Miron won’t work with/for anyone but Jim Miron.

    It just doesn’t make sense – Gavin puts in a request, gets the runaround, files a complaint which is dismissed because he was given a runaround and basically being a “nice guy” and understanding that some things take time (although this shouldn’t have).

    That’s just quite f’d up! I think I should start rethinking some things as far as involvement go….. Time for a change in Stratford!

    I’d like to know as well why we keep getting hires out of Waterbury – isn’t that one of Connecticut’s corruption capitols?

  40. 40 jezebel282

    Are we hearing from the candidate for Council in the First District?

    You have my vote!

  41. 41 nnanerak

    PCS-you go girl!!! The votes will come flying in for you!
    If you read the charter on line you can see that the mayor has clearly violated the charter with regard to so many things that even Al Capone’s lawyers would have trouble keeping up. I went back and read it again and some words that Mr. Butlurla has deliberately overlooked is the mayor has the powers listed as well as some others(magic maybe?) ONLY if they are NOT INCONSISTENT WITH THE CHARTER OR THE PROVISIONS OF THE CT STATE STATUTES. Soooo let’s see the most recent things are the non compliant: the request for information by Mr. Forrester, the property leasing of Pirhala farm without proper council authorization, the hiring of private investigators with regard to the “leak” for starters…I believe that it is time that our council takes this mayor to court–you see by doing those things and allowing those actions he acted outside of his scope of duty which makes him personally liable–anyone want that house on Lenox Ave.? I hear we can re-sell it for about 1/6 of what we have paid in legal fees this year.
    It is time to send a message that no matter who the mayor is this behavior will NOT be tolerated.

  42. 42 1george1

    Nice to see posts by PCS and Nnan with substance.

  43. 43 1george1

    Because “this is Stratford”
    and because Henrick was not around and Tom Moore chaired the TC,
    some of the things by Gavin, Julian, and Kubic gave Gavin & Kubic some
    “plausible deniability” related to intent = purview, since they and Miron
    were on CRC # 1.

    Gavin, Kubic, and I think Tom were the people who named the CRC # 2,
    including putting Miron & Burturla’s Town Housing Authority Attorney
    Florek, as head of CRC # 2, while on Miron payroll.

    I want to believe Gavin is “not the same as Kubic and Henrick.”
    I want to believe Tom Moore would not “let himself be used, nor
    act against the best interest of the Public.”

    I do know that Burturla has put himself where he wanted to be,
    but he also made himself some enemies, including people who
    I suspect can be dangerous (like police bloggers), because of
    what happened to them and those they care about. I have seen
    it all before in prior situations.

    So sad and pitiful

    However, I agree with Fredette’s LONG STATED general assessment
    of politicians in town “They are all puppets.”

    Who are the puppet masters? The local leaders get a certain amount
    of power, but they could NOT maintain it without state and federal
    support and/or allowances. FOOD CHAIN > plants, then
    small – big – Bigger – BIGGEST FISH

    I strongly suspect there are people who choose political people
    and others strictly because of their names and ability to get them
    to act the way they want those people to act.

  44. 44 sudds

    Because “this is Stratford”…

    If only we could get an independent canditate who is sane enough to actually ger elected!!! 😛

  45. 45 jezebel282


    More than a week has past since Gavin Forrester wrote his own personal check for $140 to get the documents he requested in DECEMBER, 08.

    Nothing. Not a single scrap of paper yet. Maybe Miron confused it with a campaign donation?

  46. 46 1george1

    The front door did not work.

    Gavin went back door.

    I suspect Gavinmay have to wait longer for information.
    It seems the mayor may be busy with people coming
    in side doors
    thru the garage
    thru windows
    down the chimney.

    I suspect Gavin does not care about some further delays
    for his $ 140.

    Same way I don’t care about the 6 or 7 figures my
    “impossible dream” cost me….

    trying to protect innocents.
    As I posted I respect people who volunteer in EMS
    as having a special sense of empathy.

    That is why I believe GAVIN will MAN UP
    and others will MAN UP!

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