Miron and DTC Are Done

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Can the “leadership” of the DTC be any worse?

Stratford mayor fires back on hiring officer with seizures
Mayor defends hiring of cop with seizure disorder
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 06/22/2009 11:40:45 PM EDT

STRATFORD — Mayor James R. Miron blasted the press and former town officials Monday while triggering a war of words with retired Police Chief Michael Imbro over a published report last week that the mayor hired a seizure-prone candidate in June 2006 against the recommendation of doctors and top town officials.

When Justin LoSchiavo, son of recently retired Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo, crashed his patrol car into another vehicle on June 6, it renewed questions about why an officer with a seizure disorder was hired, contrary to the recommendations of a town-consulted doctor and Imbro.

During a Monday press conference in his Town Hall office, Miron demanded a “retraction and apology” from the Connecticut Post for what he termed its “unfounded and irresponsible article and hard-hitting editorial” that criticized the mayor for hiring LoSchiavo.

“There’s no retraction,” said Post Editor Thomas Baden. “The story was accurate.”

Imbro said Monday that Miron was “trying to cloud the real issue, which is very devious on his part.”

The Post article cited a police report by retired detective Nelson Dinihanian, who conducted a pre-hiring review of LoSchiavo in December 2005. The report recommend against hiring LoSchiavo for medical reasons.

The Dinihanian report includes confirmation by two doctors — one hired by the town and the other LoSchiavo’s personal physician — that the applicant’s 18-year history of seizures could be dangerous to himself and others. LoSchiavo had experienced a seizure months before applying for the job and had been involved in a car accident that occurred while he was having a seizure, according to Dinihanian.

Miron denied Monday he was ever advised by Imbro and then-Chief Administrative Officer Ben Branyan against hiring LoSchiavo. Miron produced what he said were recommendations by the former chief and other police officials to hire him, but both former town officials Monday stood by their previous comments decrying the decision to hire LoSchiavo.

“I still recall the conversation very well, and I did advise the mayor not to hire the applicant based on the police and medical evaluation,” said Branyan, now the chief operating officer for the school district.

Imbro explained Monday that what Miron distributed during the news conference was not a recommendation for hire, but the result of an initial “oral interview” by a panel of police officials that LoSchiavo could go on to the pre-hiring background check process.

“For the mayor to try and say that was a recommendation for him [LoSchiavo] to be hired shows he is lying and trying to cloud the real issue,” Imbro said. “He knows very well that those oral interviews are conducted prior to the background check, which later showed the applicant unfit for duty and that he should not be hired. That’s what I told the mayor.”

Dinihanian, in his December 2005 report, stated that “based on this information (from the doctors) we are not going forward with the background investigation.”

Justin LoSchiavo had applied to at least nine, and possibly 12, police departments for employment, according to Dinihanian’s report. One of those departments, West Haven, had called, “passing along that applicant did have medical issues,” the report states.

Asked about the Dinihanian report Monday, Miron said, “I haven’t seen it.”

“A report from Dr. [Joel] Kunkel [of Med Now in Bridgeport] stated he would not release applicant for medical reasons and that he ‘is not recommended’ for employment,” Dinihanian further states in his report. Dr. Philip Micalizzi, of Bridgeport, whom the report states had been LoSchiavo’s doctor since 2004 “for a medical disorder that began at age 13,” advised LoSchiavo “not to perform any activity which could cause serious injury were unconsciousness to be lost,” the report states.

Despite repeated inquiries from the Connecticut Post the past two weeks to produce any documentation that recommended LoSchiavo be hired, Miron, Buturla, Police Chief Richard Buturla, Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley and Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom declined comment or did not return repeated calls.

On Monday, however, Miron produced a May 19, 2006, document on LoSchiavo by retired Capt. Andrew Knapp that recommended he be hired.

“While there are areas of concern found during this investigation, none are sufficient to eliminate him as a viable candidate,” Knapp states. “The main problems relate to medical issues which are outside the scope of this investigation. The candidate is recommended for employment with reservation for that reason.”

Knapp’s recommendation, according to sources within the Police Department, came after Lt. Joseph LoSchiavo pressured officials to reopen his son’s candidacy when the Dinihanian recommendation had appeared to stall it. The senior LoSchiavo, who shortly afterward became deputy chief, warned of possible lawsuits should Justin LoSchiavo be kept off the force, sources said, and told a new departmental interviewer to forgo a medical background check.

Miron Monday said that Joseph LoSchiavo had not played any role in his son’s hiring.

Miron on Monday also produced two redacted medical forms that he said showed Justin LoSchivao was fit for the force. One was an April 27, 2004, document from the state of Connecticut Police Academy that found LoSchiavo was medically capable of participating in a basic recruit training program. A May 19, 2006, document from the academy reiterates his fitness to participate in the recruit training program.

On June 6, according to Stratford police, LoSchiavo rear-ended a car driven by Josephine Cicerale, of Stratford, at the intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues. After the accident, LoSchiavo drove the cruiser to a nearby car dealership and came to a sudden stop. Cicerale was not hurt, police said. Officials said Monday that LoSchiavo is on injury leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation, while top police sources said his license has been seized pending a medical review.

Miron and Buturla said they could “neither confirm nor deny” that LoSchiavo was having a seizure during the crash.
LoSchiavo timeline Oct. 6, 2005: After an oral interview, former Police Chief Michael Imbro and other officers recommend that Justin LoSchiavo’s candidacy advance to the internal background stage. Dec. 22, 2005: A report issued by Det. Nelson Dinihanian recommends that LoSchiavo be rejected for medical reasons, citing a doctor’s conclusions that his seizure disorder made him a risk. Months later, Imbro and Ben Branyan, the town’s chief administrative officer, advise new Mayor James R. Miron to reject LoSchiavo. May 19, 2006: A background report issued by Capt. Andrew Knapp recommends hiring LoSchiavo, son of a high-ranking town police official, despite concerns related to “medical issues.” June 1, 2006: LoSchiavo sworn-in. June 6, 2009: LoSchiavo’s patrol cruiser crashes into another car. He is on injury leave pending an investigation into the accident.

Note to Emma Brooks and Amy Wanamaker: You should really find a new hobby. Everyone remembers your votes against charter revision and the dozens of others supporting Miron.

Now we will all wait and see how the RTC screws up this chance.


168 Responses to “Miron and DTC Are Done”

  1. 1 sudds

    WOW… talk about a lame attempt at trying to “spin” the issue!!! This is just SAD!!!

    PS… what’s the deal with the 2/3 people getting arrested for this? I missed what’s going on there.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Pay attention.

    While the new DC was being sworn in and Miron was blaming anyone he could possibly think of, arrest warrants were issued for Captain McNeil, Lt. Soto and Shawn Farmer.

    Joe Mcneil is the Local 407 union president.
    Shawn Farmer is the former Local 407 president.
    Lt Soto is head of detectives.

    The allegations (more later) are for computer “hacking”. Mighty hard to prove when they had authorized usernames and passwords.

    Coincidentally, the charges come a couple of weeks after Miron, Buturla et al were named as apportioned defendants in Christian Miron’s suit against McNeil, Farmer and Henrick.

    Can you say v-i-n-d-i-c-t-i-v-e?

  3. 3 1george1

    Emma was a non show again.

    As far as being against Charter Revision, it looks like the 2nd
    Charter Revision benefitted Burturla the most, via Henrick
    and those who appointed the members, especially Florek.

    Fahan proposed blocking BUDGET REFERENDUM.
    C.R.C. went along.

    Unsure how this will play out, except too often, Mirons / Burturla
    had ace up each sleeve and in shirt + jacket pockets.

    Looking at Pensions of “CERTAIN” Police and Consulting jobs ……

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Editors Note: The Editor is a lifelong registered Democratic.

  5. 5 sudds

    Speaking of Pensions… anyone know how the Pension Board played out last night regarding a certain officer’s disability claim???

  6. 6 jezebel282


    Once again…let me look that up for you.

    Let’s see…3rd District…Pension Board….Gavin Forrester III!

  7. 7 sudds

    I’m not liking the “tude”… just get it done already! 😛

  8. 8 jezebel282


    You have an MBA. Are you familiar with the phrase “You get what you pay for”?

  9. 9 jezebel282

    Err…unless you are Gavin Forrester. Then you get nothing for $140.00

  10. 10 1george1

    Editors Note: The Editor is a lifelong registered Democratic.

    I thought Democrats were for freedom of speach ….

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “Speaking of Pensions… anyone know how the Pension Board played out last night regarding a certain officer’s disability claim???”

    It was tabled after heated discussions with Norko and Buturla. Can you guess which side Norko and Buturla were on?

    (Oh, my bill is on it’s way)

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I said “Democrat”, not member of the DTC. The DTC has nothing to do with real Democrats.

  13. 13 1george1


    Nothing at PENSION BOARD related to Justin.

    Tom Moore raised issue about D/C $ 91, k pension,
    which the honorable Mr. Moore believes is $ 3500
    too high because the DIABILITY Settlement may
    NOT be Taxable INCOME,
    ergo NOT to be computed in the PENSION according
    to what Mr. Moore looked up on the IRS website.

    However Esq Burturla was present and referred to a
    case Esq. Florek lost relating to a similar issue in 2002.

    Q?: How come the only cases Stratford Town Attorneys
    seem to lose, relate to certain Police?

    Any patterns developing?
    Any one care to make projections?

  14. 14 jezebel282


    To: Ben Branyan, Judy Heigel, Pat Blumstein, Al Dubois, Rosalyn (Sam) Dupuis, Elaine O’Keefe, Mary Tiernan, Eileen Murphy, Diane Toolan, Pat Naylor, Sue Nicholson, Brian Thomas, John Carroll, Steven Danzer, Ken Kellogg, Beth Stremple, Len Buehler, Kim Correia, Diane Maurice, Maureen Kendrick, Patrice Sulik, Angelo Stavola, Tina Burgett, Shawn Farmer, Jay Cybart, Doug O’Meara.

    From: The taxpayers & voters

    We get it. We understand why you are not employees anymore and what the actual causes were. We weren’t paying attention, but now we know. We will do our best not to let this happen to talented, dedicated and honorable employees again.

  15. 15 gforrester


    “Speaking of Pensions… anyone know how the Pension Board played out last night regarding a certain officer’s disability claim???”

    It was tabled after heated discussions with Norko and Buturla. Can you guess which side Norko and Buturla were on?

    (Oh, my bill is on it’s way)

    Let me help set the record straight, what was tabled last night at the Pension Board meeting was a question that Tom Moore raised about Joseph LoSchiavo’s pension calculation stemming from the inclusion of a Heart and Hypertension claim settlement that was included in his pension calculation. The pension contract with the union, and a legal case that was brought by former police deputy chief Knapp, were sited as the reason that the settlement was included in his payroll. Councilman Moore has some materials from the IRS website that indicated that H & H settlements are not considered taxible income, however, the contrat language is what must be followed.

    There was no disability pension application on the agenda pertaining to Officer Justin LoSchiavo and the board has recieved no such formal request. If a request is forwarded the process would be to refer the application to the disability review board which consists of Mr. Thomas Cotter, Dr’s Scifo and Ralabate, who will review medical documentation and report back to the full pension board for final determination.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    Sorry…wrong Loschiavo. I thought you were asking about Joe Sr.

  17. 17 sudds

    Geesh… it’s so hard to find good help these days!!!

  18. 18 sudds

    PS… thank you Mayor Forrester*!!!

    * a guy can dream, right???

  19. 19 jezebel282


    Who can keep these Loschiavo’s and their pensions straight?

  20. 20 gforrester


    That’s one of the few things our government can’t take away from it’s citizens, the right to dream the impossible dream.

  21. 21 sudds

    Psst… Mr. Forrester…

    Quoting “Man of La Mancha” is NOT the way to prove you’re the tough guy we need in office!!! 😆

  22. 22 sudds

    PS… hey PCS… is my theatrical knowledge doin anything for ya??? 😉

  23. 23 genericscreename

    I really dont thing that anything will actually happen, there will be no investigations, only rumor, speculation and hope. All we can do is pray for Harkins to win in November

  24. 24 jezebel282


    “All we can do is pray for Harkins to win in November”

    Do you have any idea what we’re praying for? I’d be glad to join you, but does Harkins actually have positions?

    Town Attorney?
    Access to Public documents?
    Hiring criteria?
    Private consultants?
    Mayoral “aides”?
    Education funding?
    Restoring morale?

    I’m getting to the point where I do not believe Stratford will do well with any mayor. “Strong mayor” proponents have had TWO cracks at the Charter and we are far worse off than we’ve ever been.

  25. 25 genericscreename


    My bet is that Mr. Harkins is refraining from any comment until such time as he receives the RTC nomination. Up till then, which is only one month away, I would hope that everyone can understand his silence. Once John has secured his nomination, I am confident he will have a considerable amount to say.

  26. 26 mikereynolds

    Generic is very much correct.

  27. 27 phineast

    Gavin-did you notice anything askew in the mayor’s “presentation” to the press that was on tv? I STRONGLY suggest that you and the rest of the council demand an investigation into that hiring issue–there is a clear problem with what he presented. You guys need your own attorney for this one-what you will discover is big enough to get some probable cause “fraud” warants signed……it is yours for the taking guys-step up and do it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We taxpayers need a break from all the bs–for cripe sakes help us…Best and Harkins where are you on this one-you should be all over it!!!!

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “My bet is that Mr. Harkins is refraining from any comment until such time as he receives the RTC nomination.”

    Perhaps. However, there is that little matter of the OTHER candidate; Jon Best.

    So far, Mr. Best is the only candidate to have spoken out. He remains the only candidate who has definitively stated he would end the pillaging of Town Attorneys and hire a full time, salaried Town Attorney. That puts him WAY ahead of anyone else.

    I don’t think we can wait until September and a primary to hear a position. Not with less than 5 months till election day.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “it is yours for the taking guys-step up and do it already!”

    Forget it. This Council just doesn’t have the…umm…err…fortitude (Yeah! That’s it! “Fortitude”!) to do anything.

    They can’t even get paperwork out of Miron.

    ( I hope Forrester stopped payment on that $140 check.)

  30. “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” A quote by our own Shakespeare!

    I was thrilled to see this morning’s editorial – finally! Not that we all haven’t been saying that James R. Miron is not fit to be mayor of Stratford for the last almost 4 years! I would certainly hope that someone other than the taxpayers and citizens of Stratford would take notice – someone like the Attorney General’s Office, the FBI, DOJ, someone! The taxpayers and citizens need divine intervention!

    The above quote by Shakespeare reads like it should be the mantra of the Miron family (and other’s who have abused the system for their own successes). They have used their political power and influence to stomp all over the honest citizens of our Town. I’ve stood firm by my belief that Jim Miron was doing harm to this Town and there have been members of the DTC (I won’t name them – they know who they are and read this blog) that tried their darndest to prove us (and me) wrong. There are so many honest people that have started speaking against what Miron is and has done -let’s just hope we have our day and that Miron finally pays!

    The writing’s been on the wall for a while – now the proof is out there – front and center!

  31. 31 jezebel282


    “someone like the Attorney General’s Office, the FBI, DOJ, someone! The taxpayers and citizens need divine intervention!”

    When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you If your heart is in your dream No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star As dreamers do

    –Jiminy Cricket

  32. I have a dream which consists of….. Jim Miron, handcuffs (don’t even go there Sudds)…..a 6 x 6 room…..3 squares….and a roommate named “bubba.”

    If I click my heals can I make it happen…..maybe it will return us to the former Stratford….you know, PM (pre-Miron).

  33. 33 sudds

    “I have a dream which consists of….. Jim Miron, handcuffs (don’t even go there Sudds)…..”


  34. 34 sudds

    “All we can do is pray for Harkins to win in November”

    Harkins? Harkins? Hmm… initially sounded good… but shouldn’t a REAL leader (look out for the tidalwave when the Mulligan floodgates open) speak out on issues like these? I mean how many issues are going to pass in this town with our supposed LEADERS sitting on the sidelines???

    For me anyway… Harkins rating has fallen dramatically since he decided to start an exploratory committee!!!

    (note to Mr. Harkins… there is always the promise of that no-show job that will help skyrocket your Q-rating!!!)

  35. 35 1george1

    Harkins is backed by Norm Aldrich, who was involved in the 1998 award
    for preferred developer for AVCO SAEP.

    Is Mr Aldrich the same person found when Goggle: Norm Aldrich SEC?:

    FindLaw | Cases and CodesIn re David J. Checkosky & Norman A. Aldrich,
    50 S.E.C. 1180 (1992). The Commission stated that “a mental awareness
    greater than negligence is not required” …
    caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/cgi-bin/getcase.pl?court=dc… – Cached – Similar –

    3/ David J. Checkosky and Norman A. Aldrich, 50 S.E.C. 1180 (1992).
    4/ Respondents, who did not seek a stay, completed serving their

    I saw Harkins and Danny D last night
    I suggested to Danny D that he check out ANY POSSIBLITY that these
    the SEC person and our beloved local leader were one and the same?
    I do not know?
    I am trying to find out, more facts?
    I am trying to find out if the Town RTC which is trying to change the
    BUY (by) LAWS, because they can not get a quaorum, because those
    Republican people with SELF RESPECT do not admire the present

    As people, I like gavin, pearly whites, jon, dom, harkins, danny d
    and many others.

    As political people stealing grandfathered rights for local
    1st amendment process and possibly bribing oversight on huge
    multi billion dollar development wilfully stalled since 1992 and
    other since before and after …. to post would be redundant.

  36. 36 jezebel282


  37. 37 1george1

    For the benefit of Gavin and Sudds, “I can identify” with the LYRICS:
    I added: …. () ! “”

    To dream … the impossible dream
    To fight … the unbeatable foe
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the (only fools dare) brave dare not go
    To right … the unrightable wrong
    To love pure and chaste from afar
    To try … when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star

    This is my quest
    To follow that star
    “No matter how hopeless!”
    No matter how far

    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause
    “To be willing to march into … HELL!
    … For a heavenly cause!”

    And I know if I’ll only be true
    To this glorious quest
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
    …. “When I’m laid to my rest”

    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage (or damn foolery)
    … To reach … the .. unreachable star

    Not much longer, I might be able to put away my TIN FOIL HAT?

  38. 38 jezebel282

    Thank God there is no audio on this site.

  39. 39 1george1

    If the RTC and DTC are repopulated with people like Joy / Silhavey
    and others who prefer not to be mentioned, then I achieved my local
    objectives – and the locals will cease to be obstacles at getting at
    those in the area / state, and area around D. C.
    – I will do ANYTHING Legal, Moral, and Ethical to protect innocent
    victims and people who “unwittingly” aided and abetted ….

    If GAVIN does completely and honestly “MAN UP”

    I may not have to run for Mayor.

    Town Council District # 3 holds a special interest against carpet
    bagger who I BELIEVE, place power to the legislature above the
    RIGHTS of the PUBLIC and who I BELIEVE, are like DOM, and the
    people behind Harkins / Best / Miron, care only about POLITICAL
    and/or FINANCIAL GAIN and NOTHING about the

    I am against the EPA intransigent plans for TOXIC DUMP INLAND
    consolidation, causal to 250 acres of Ground Water pollutants,
    causal to a serious VOC issue on Housatonic Avenue.

    It was my ignorant questions about TOXIC FOG, to the Town Council
    Public Forum for 2 months PRIOR to and the MEETING after the
    EPA to discover VOCs = Volitile Organic Compounds….

    Thanks to my stupidity and ignorance …. the RAC of Charlie Perez,
    Ron Mazzey, and the GREAT PAUL ROHALY, about 110 of my neighbors
    and I had AIR EVACUATORS / Basement ALARMS installed for FREE!!

    Last night oe of the main EPA presenters claimed the VOC issue on
    Housatonic Avenue has become very serious.
    I believe the RAYMARK IMPERMEABLE CAP changed the flow of water
    filled with toxins and may the matter worse, since I had 8 trees start
    losing branches that died, since the late 1990s and hato be taken down!

    The EPA wants to consolidate INLAND on the BALL FIELD – the SOURCE
    BEYOND RAYMARK, for contaminating 250 ACRES of GROUND WATER
    that includes GAVIN’S property and maybe SUDD’S
    – At the very least it affect ALL of the LOCAL PROPERTY TAX, PROPERTY

    I did learn that AVCO SAEP, while not called a SUPERFUND SITE does have
    similar status, but somehow different. To be continued.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    This is YOUR fault!

  41. 41 sudds


  42. 42 sudds

    Hey George… ever see “The Producers”… I thought you might like the musical bit entitled “Springtime for Hitler”!!!

  43. 43 genericscreename

    I think the reason I stopped posting for almost a year was due to the insanity of Georges logic, paranoia and perspective.

    The old saying that having a battle of wit with an unarmed person is difficult if not impossible applies here.

    For gods sake George, Please stop with the associations, assumptions and presumptions. If you read the entire SEC article, which I did after reading your post you will find that there was no crime, and the IRS had to close a loophole in the tax laws as a result of the interpretation by C & L .

    Harkins is also backed by at least 98% of the RTC, and at least 50% of the DTC, and I would suspect in the end he will also get at least 80% of the votes from the general electorate in this town in November.

    Please focus your efforts on productive conversation that does not include CIA, FBI, dead family members, puppies etc. ( also George, I think you might need to increase your medication levels)

  44. 44 jezebel282


    “For gods sake George, Please stop with the associations, assumptions and presumptions.”

    Good luck with that, Generic.

    “Harkins is also backed by at least 98% of the RTC, and at least 50% of the DTC,”

    That may be the worst thing I’ve ever heard about Harkins. Neither the RTC nor DTC have done this Town any favors.

    But, I will be patient and let you explain why anyone should vote for Harkins. Right now, I don’t have a clue.

  45. 45 sudds


    ““Harkins is also backed by at least 98% of the RTC, and at least 50% of the DTC,””

    If he is such a shoe-in… then why has he remained so silent about the multiple issues facing out town right now???

    I’ll now (at least I’ll try to) wait quietly with Jez while I await an answer.

  46. 46 jezebel282


    I’ll bring the popcorn, you bring the beer. I think it’s going to be a long wait.

  47. 47 jezebel282

    Reprinted with permission:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: BESTEMS@aol.com
    To: LRHSTFD@aol.com, lins@butsch.com, twmoore@optonline.net, RONRonald6@aol.com, MTSN613@aol.com, kck@bjklaw.us, KSECSKAS@aol.com, PJoy47@aol.com, mjulian@adamllc.net, Patsson41@aol.com, Johndmiranda@aol.com, jlopez@snet.net, joevex@sbcglobal.net, jak@quidproquo.com, jason.stark@ymail.com, mh001@sbcglobal.net, vitzy@optonline.net, info@harkinsappraisal.com, jmfhillgenesq@ndscontrol.com, U1mech@aol.com, fdhyatt@snet.net, jaflorek@sbcglobal.net, ryan.erenhouse@edelman.com, ward-edward@sbcglobal.net, edscinto@yahoo.com, edwardgoodrich@yahoo.com, deciliogop10@optonline.net, lisa.donnelly@ubs.com, john.j.dempsey@uconn.edu, ldemp222@yahoo.com, james_demp@yahoo.com, Jodime2@aol.com, davidsom8323@sbcglobal.net, DMSALIK@aol.com, dlocon197@netzero.net, dlocon197@att.net, davidrken@gmail.com, dan.debicella@pepsi.com, mandmdoughtery@sbcglobal.net, tgc@thomascotterlaw.com, RCamillo@aol.com, cgdevan@yahoo.com, SILHAVEY@aol.com, casimirmizera@netscape.net, ebooth@scottinsurance.com, billc36114@sbcglobal.net, bproto@optonline.net, buckpi@snet.net, Naldrichcpa@aol.com
    Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:11:07 EDT
    Subject: Re: From Jonathan Best


    Thank you for your email regarding John’s inability to be at the last Town Committee meeting prior to the nomination. It is unfortunate that John has chosen to schedule a fundraiser with Hartford political insiders on the same night as the last Town Committee meeting and, what is more disconcerting is John’s willingness to accept funds from a group of people who are prohibited by law from contributing to him as a State Representative candidate. Further, the level of concern raises to even greater heights knowing that the people who are contributing to John at this event (people who have no real interest in Stratford), will be asking him to support or oppose certain aspects of the state budget that he will be voting on in the very near future. This is the very reason these people are prohibited from contributing to him as a state representative. I understand the loophole, but simply because something is legal does not make it right.

    If John wanted to debate another time he should have contacted me directly. He and I have spoken on previous occasions and he has my phone number and my email address. The fact the he didn’t and left it to you begs so many questions, most notably, why are you speaking for him? Is John running for Mayor or is he simply hoping to place his name on the ballot and have others doing the job, of candidate and, if he should win, Mayor?

    I don’t recall John attending a single Republican Town Committee meeting since he announced his candidacy. He must believe the endorsement is locked up and he does not need to spend time with the Town Committee members who will be called upon to endorse a candidate and, more importantly, to work hard this coming November to ensure a victory.

    When he announced his run for Mayor John spoke about spirited debates on the issues with me and I gave him some slack understanding the time constraints imposed upon him as a State Representative. Attending a fundraiser in Hartford with Hartford political insiders and lobbyists does not fall into the job description of State Representative. The date of the June meeting was well known to all, including you and John, long before he announced his candidacy yet, of all the days in June that he could have scheduled an event, he chose the only day the Town Committee would be meeting in June. This of course continues to beg the question of WHY. Why did he choose to have an event in Hartford, with Hartford political insiders who don’t give a rat’s behind about Stratford, rather than sit with me, and the other Town Committee members, and discuss the Mayor’s race? Why has he chosen to be silent on so many issues affecting our town over the past few months? Why has he failed to provide any comments, suggestions, or vision for our Town during the budget discussions, the hiring fiascos, or any other issue, large or small, that Stratford has been through, not only in the past few months, but over the past 3 plus years?

    Although the need to raise money is important, how, where and from whom, you raise that money is equally important. I also understand the need to allow Town Committee members to make an informed decision. John’s actions in scheduling this Hartford insider fundraising event on the night of the last Town Committee meeting prior to the committee meeting to endorse a Candidate is an indication of just how little regard he has for the Town Committee and the endorsement process.

    One speech, one letter does not make a good candidate. While we can agree that John is a good legislator, we have seen over the years that legislators do not make good mayors. A good candidate (and a good mayor) is attentive and responsive to the people he represents, particularly those he is seeking support from to make him the party’s candidate. He makes himself available to party members to discuss issues.

    Our town has seen far too much closed door politics over the past four years. By having you respond to my letter about having and open discussion at a long scheduled Town Committee meeting, rather than John himself; by suggesting that we ask the Chairman to schedule what amounts to a “special town committee meeting” in the 3 weeks prior to the endorsement, John has proven he is either afraid to address the issues in an open and public forum where members can see and hear the candidates together, or, he is like Jim Miron, having others explain his positions and offer up excuses as to why something did or did not happen.

    I spoke with Chairman Crudo and he indicated to me that he would allow me to address the Town Committee on June 25th and to answer any questions they may have at that time. It is unfortunate that John will not be there this evening, but I am sure there will be people attending who will be more than happy to continue the process of answering questions for John.

    Although I am disappointed at this response and who was selected to respond, I am not surprised. If John Harkins is truly interested in openly and discussing the issues facing Stratford, please have him contact me directly, and I will be happy to talk with him.

    Jonathan Best

  48. 48 jezebel282

    I think the question was how will the RTC screw this election up?

  49. 49 sudds


    I actually feel bad for Mr. Best… seems like a good man, qualified candidate, etc, etc, etc… and he has a VERY valid arguement here!!! However, I feel that he has ZERO chance of getting the nomination.

    All he’s doing now is making it more difficult for the Republican nomination (Harkins) to get elected.

    Hmm… why does this sound familiar???

  50. 50 jezebel282


    I don’t know about you, but I think nominations and elections should be, you know, fair?

    It seems like a debate is a fair way to decide who has a better position.

  51. 51 sudds

    “I don’t know about you, but I think nominations and elections should be, you know, fair?”

    Really? So, what town are you moving to???

  52. 52 jezebel282


    I hear Monroe is nice. The have a great Democratic Town Committee with an honest and hard working chairperson.

  53. 53 1george1

    Yo Sudds,
    I guess you missed my stratford star parody letter to the editor
    comparing stratford’s failed Shakespeare Theater, AVCO, and
    other things to the fictional plot of “the Producers.”

    Incidently, the movie and play made tons of money…

    Kinda a prelude to Bernie Madoff…. ?

    Let me get this straight,
    You have not posted for 1 year, because of my posts?

    SOB! 😦

    I am soooo sorry that the world has been denied your wit
    and wisdom.


    If or when you ever debate Mr. Harkins…..
    I have not seen him at Town Council Meetings.
    I have seen you there and Dom less frequently.
    Although I attend more than both of you combined.
    Gavin beats all of us, as does Miron.

    It might be something worth raising in debate?
    How do you qualify for Mayor when you are unfamiliar
    with the monthly “acts?”

    If or when you ever debate Mr. Harkins…..
    I have not seen him at Town Council Charter Revision Meetings.
    I have seen you there, probably more than me
    (but your boy proto, was part of what I believe theft of Grandfather)
    Dom NEVER showed up or any interest in …. the Town Charter?

    How do you qualify for Mayor when you are unfamiliar
    with the Town Charter overview and purview?
    Although, considering the results ….

    You and Gavin had your boys there, as did Miron…
    (At least through Burturla, if Burturla really reps Miron …?) 😉

    While I like you as a person, and YOU MAKE GREAT POINTS about
    Mr. Harkins donators and guilt by ASSOCIATION
    (sorry Jeze & Generic – by read Jon’s posting) 🙂 8)
    (OK – I confess, I am NOT SORRY!) 8) 🙂

    Jon you have taken umberage about my posts about your
    supporters, donators, and guilt by ASSOCIATION.
    (Not simply to RUB IT IN – but you can expect return in kind –
    KNOW anyone at HARBORSIDE to give you ODDS / ACTION?
    HARBORSIDE is where you had YOUR FUNDRAISER –
    Kinda like DOM having his FUND RAISER at Mill River CC,
    where a certain person may have steered the RTC from
    BOOTH Park? – Sudds, Not Eric or John Wilkes)

  54. 54 1george1

    If I qualify for MAYOR, will you accept my CHALLENGE to a 1 to 1 Debate?

    As in the past, I will state you and Gavin are the most capable of the
    potential candidates.

    You and Gavin appear to have issues.

    Gavin accepted my offer for 1 to 1 debate.
    Time and circumstances changed it to a 3 way DEBATE with CHUCK DEVAN
    and myself.
    We were all part of the heavily edited ST. Joseph Debate with 23 Town
    Councilor candidates scheduled.

    Jon, debate me, and it forces Miron, Dom, and Harkins to include me in
    debates, if I qualify. While I will be ATTACKING ALL of you, JON who do
    YOU BELIEVE has the LEAST or among the LEAST BAGAGE?

    Harkins is backed by Norm. 🙂
    Miron is supported by Burturla. 🙂
    You and Dom have roots back to Paoletta. 🙂

    Will JON BEST accept a challenge to DEBATE what Generic and others
    describe as a CRAZY PERSON?

    Who wouldn’t want to debate a CRAZY PERSON? 🙂 8)

    Who wouldn’t want to debate a CRAZY PERSON? 🙂 8)

    Who wouldn’t want to debate a CRAZY PERSON? 🙂 8)

    Lets bring out the strawberries …

    I am going to have F U N !!

    All I ask is that everyone who debates me, to promise NOT to
    hurt yourselves.

    I am waiting for GAVIN to MAN UP.

    I am waiting for JON to MAN UP.

    I am waiting for OTHERS to MAN UP.

    Yo – GodOT?

  55. 55 jezebel282

    Some problems for the DTC platform in November:

    We are now in Fiscal 2009-2010

    1. There is NO labor agreement with the Fire Department Union.
    2. Local 407 of the Police Department’s contract expired on June 30th 2009. Our police officers are working without a contract.
    3. What happened to Veteran’s Tax Relief?
    4. How are Eric Castater and Devron Wilson (mayoral assistants) getting paid. One of them was cut by the Council.
    5. 3.5 years of these pages listing every blunder and psychotic episode.

    Good Luck, DTC!

  56. 56 1george1


    I consider myself a liberal conservative.

    I believe the Democrats and Republicans no longer represent Public Interests.
    I believe thay scramble to stuff their own pockets.

    You and some of the bloggers appear ONLY concerned with FIRE UNION
    – POLICE UNION – VETS > which is fine, yet there is a huge group of people
    who enable those decsions.

    Realistically, how do police, fire, teacher, and government workers PAY &
    BENEFITS compare with other BLUE COLLAR WORKERS?

    While teachers like to considerr themselves as professionals, are they
    or are they not in the trenches working with the public, like the fire
    and police do?

    Do the fire and police deserve recognition for putting their lives on the
    line for the public. CERTAINLY.

    However, which is more Dangerous?
    Doing that or ROOFING?

    Or many other phsycial jobs.

    ZERO disrespect to police, fire, other government workers.
    However, unless and until they RELATE to the people they protect
    and serve – not the Burturlas / Norms – – – –


    Request for honest answer from any blogger …..

    How are Stratford prioities different ?

  57. 57 jezebel282


    “I consider myself a liberal conservative.”

    That makes perfect sense coming from you.

    It’s not about the unions, by the way. It’s about the employees of the Town that are supposed to work for US. As “shareholders” we should be outraged at the labor practices of our management. The idea is to have town employees working efficiently and effectively for us, not for someone else’s crazy agenda.

  58. 58 1george1


    While your concern appears to concentrate on the “shareholders”
    workers, what about the “sharehoders” whose ASSETS have been

    While I address the disproportionate PAY and BENEFITS of those workers
    of the SHAREHOLDERS, I concentrae the blame on the SYSTEMIC lack of
    OVERSIGHT, whereas the LOCAL PARTIES, the STATE PARTIES, and the
    FEDERAL PARTIES and allowed to loot the assets of others, but the REAL

    While certain people are THIEVES, they are NOT INTENTIONAL TRAITORS!
    However, by allowing themselves to be COMPROMISED and ENTRAPPED,

    PEER PRESSURE of OMERTA and the BLUE WALL cause closing of ranks.
    They can INSULT and FIGHT among themselves (like any family) but G-D
    forbid that outsiders RAIN on their PARADE.

    As MLK Jr wrote and spoke the night before his death … Pharoah
    loves to have the SLAVES FIGHT among themselves.

    I keep my eye on the real trouble makers who lover turning GREMLINS loose
    on the general public.

    The SYSTEM was set up a certain way.
    People are taught certain things.
    There is a natural dynamics of competition.
    However when people WITHIN the system seize CHECKS and BALANCES…

    The POLICE / FIRE / other need to recognize they are being used.
    They will also be tossed away, when usefulness is over.

    I can mitigate…

  59. 59 jezebel282


    I would love to continue this discussion if I had any idea what you were talking about. There seems to be a lot of slapping going on somewhere.

  60. 60 jezebel282

    More problems for the DTC:

    The DTC have no viable candidates to put up for election in November with the possible exception of John Fahan (how DID he get in?).

    With the Miron-packed DTC there is simply not a reasonable expectation that any Democratic candidate can survive a campaign based on the record of the last four years. The only shot would be for a Council or BOE candidate to speak out against Miron. That would be clearly impossible if Miron were at the top of the ticket.

    The way it is shaping up looks like the real mayoral election will be the primary between Best and Harkins.

    The Insanity Vote will be split by Miron, Costello and Mulligan.

    The Council will be mostly RTC selections (maybe completely if the RTC can field a candidate in the 2nd District). The DTC will spend the next two years wandering in the wilderness wondering how it got so out of control.

    Editor’s Note: As a registered Democrat, this is extremely depressing news to us.

  61. 61 1george1

    Mulligan hopes to expose relationships behind
    Miron – Costello – Harkins – Best – ???

    I hope NO SELF RESPECTING PERSON will allow themselves to be
    identified with either Stratford Political Party’s Lawyers / Bosses!

    Whoever wins should have a pyrrhic victory and be vulnerable
    IF, IF, IF, they continue operation Rube Goldberg Ponzi.

  62. 62 sudds

    I’m going to go out on a limb (ok… a very short and sturdy limb… but it’s still a limb)and guess that there is NO relationship behind Best and Harkins… at least not anymore!!!

  63. 63 1george1

    If rumors are true, it has possibility of being very nasty.

    Rumors are a Democrat will run as independent, offsetting …

    If rumors are true, door is opened for Dom….

    Where was his FUND RAISER?
    Where does his Pension come from?
    Are there political relationships, behind scenes?

  64. 64 jezebel282


    “Rumors are a Democrat will run as independent, offsetting …”

    I doubt it.

  65. 65 sudds

    “Rumors are a Democrat will run as independent, offsetting ”

    Hmmm… I wonder if this explains why Mr. Fahan’s signs say NOTHING about him being a Democrat?!?!?!?

  66. 66 jezebel282


    Wrong again. His mailing (you didn’t get one?) clearly says “DEMOCRAT”.

    You stink at the rumor business.

  67. 67 jezebel282


    I can’t wait until the 3rd District councilman debate between the tall thin immaculately dressed (including power tie) Mr Fahan and George Mulligan wearing his cleanest dirty sweatsuit…….

  68. 68 sudds

    “Wrong again. His mailing (you didn’t get one?) clearly says “DEMOCRAT””

    I was talking about the lawn signs popping-up all over my neighborhood…


  69. 69 sudds

    WAIT… how did YOU get a mailing for Mr. Fahan, but I didn’t!!!

  70. 70 jezebel282


    “WAIT… how did YOU get a mailing for Mr. Fahan, but I didn’t!!!”


    I guess only the important people got it.

    BUT, you can show up on Sunday August 2 at 1PM at Johnny’s Restaurant, 130 Honeyspot Road and ask him.

    Oh….bring $30 with you.

  71. 71 sudds

    I’m an Independent in the 3rd District… I AM his target market, no???

    “you can show up on Sunday August 2 at…”

    Umm, no! I only support (god help me with George) Independent candidates, mayoral candidates who are ahead in the polls and promise me the no-show (10-3… LOL!) job at the train station, and Booth (but we’re all safe as he’ll be moving to Trumbull soon).

  72. 72 jezebel282


    “I’m an Independent in the 3rd District… I AM his target market, no???”

    Maybe Fahan remembers how much your support helped Booth against Wanamaker?

  73. 73 sudds

    GOOD point!!!

  74. 74 1george1

    I can’t wait until the 3rd District councilman debate between the
    tall thin immaculately dressed (including power tie) Mr Fahan
    and George Mulligan wearing his cleanest dirty sweatsuit…….

    Gotta SMILE – Nailed me legitimately. 😦 😉

    counter points? 8)

    Some people place style over substance…. 😦
    Some people place substance over style…. 🙂

    My cleanest dirty sweatsuit
    isn’t as dirty as the cleanest Stratford political
    lawyers’ sweatless Law Suits … 😉

    Since before my mom died when I was 9 years old,
    I ceased to have that Shakespean “lean and hungry” look.

    POWER TIES are nice.
    Yet I seek no power, nor ties to same ….

    I view a TIE as a YOKE and sign of slavish servitude.

    How many machinists wear a tie, which could catch in their tool?

    If I wore a TIE, I might use it as a SNOT RAG.
    It certainly would not stay clean long, as I am a crumby eater ….

    I believe I am as tall or taller than the angular Mr. Fahan, who is
    far more pretty than I. 😦
    I prefer to consider myself more “well rounded.” 😉


    Have you even noticed

    “tall thin immaculately dressed (including power tie)”

    describes many:
    Drug Traffickers

    – 🙂

    Jeze – I am curious if you are

    tall thin immaculately dressed

    (including power tie or garish queenly tiara) 8)

    Jeze – How do you position yourself on ELIMINATING
    Plebiscite causal Ordinaces?

    Under politically Fascist Fahan
    By projection – – that means NO RIGHT to REFERENDUMS

    Didn’t you and friends get petitions for REFERENDUM 😉
    and further screw up the TOWN CHARTER 😦
    per Dicks BURTURLA’S / MIRON’S plan?

  75. 75 1george1

    Up to the CHALLENGE – my sweetie sweatie or sweaty sweety? 🙂

  76. 76 jezebel282


    I would only suggest that Fahan position himself either in front of you or on the side, but definitely NOT behind you.

  77. 77 sudds

    3 minutes in the penalty box for unsportsmanlike conduct penatly on Jez!!!!

  78. 78 jezebel282


  79. 79 1george1


    Why limit NOT standing behind me to just Mr. Fahan?
    I have an idea I feel is sillily giddy and giggly grand.

    I suspect, that you could ADD: Sudds + Mike R + thee,
    to Mr. Fahan, and not be seen standing behind me.

    When could we assemble this noble band?
    Pray tell when this would occur, so I could eat BEANS beforehand.

    Because beans, beans, beans, is the musical fruit ….
    The more you eat…the more you toot!

    Worse than the sounds of the induced cacophonous flatulence,
    will be an overwhelming need for a pleasingly fragrant incense.

    However, I impart this silly poem to mock Jezebel’s retort,
    as a whimsical projection, to which I would not deem to resort.

    Perception of physical appearance is political and social fair game,
    especially when attackers’ issues articulation is consistently lame.

    Judging books by their cover and people by sartorial attire,
    may deny you content and character, which you might really desire.

    Yet with passage of time, surface imperfections tent to accrew.
    Experience and empirics may be more valuable than the new?

    On political priorities, I suspect we do not always agree.
    I believe in protecting differences, helps us stay free!

    So now I end my rhyming ramblings to blog mistress Jezebel
    and to other viewers, for now, I bid you fareWELL.

    …. 8) . 😉 . 🙂 . 😉 . 8)

  80. 80 sudds

    “Because beans, beans, beans, is the musical fruit ….
    The more you eat…the more you toot!”

    YES boys and girls… THIS is my candidate!!! (uggh)

  81. 81 1george1

    sorry sudds –

    I guess all of our choices …. stink ?

  82. 82 jezebel282


    It just gets worser and worser:

    CT Post

    No excuse for delayed report
    Updated: 07/14/2009 03:13:14 PM EDT

    It’s been 39 days since Stratford Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his cruiser into the rear end of a woman’s car in Stratford.

    And still town officials will offer no explanation.

    Are the people of Stratford not entitled to know what happened?

    Witnesses to the June 6 accident say the officer appeared to be having a seizure when he was unable to control the cruiser.

    Circumstances surrounding LoSchiavo’s hiring were suspect: when his medical history and trouble with seizures was discovered, he was understandably dropped as a candidate.

    After intervention by his father, then-Lt. Joseph LoSchiavo, the son was back in as a candidate and was subsequently hired.

    This troubling method of hiring a gun-carrying, emergency-vehicle-driving police officer aside, is the public not entitled to know the details of any accident involving an on-duty police officer?

    If it is true, as Police Chief John Buturla maintains, that a report on the incident is still not complete, perhaps he needs to push the investigator a little harder.

    Or Mayor James R. Miron, who, after all, is the top official in the town, needs to push the issue.

    Thirty-nine days to figure out what happened in a rear-ender?

    If this had involved two civilians, the report would have been ready the next day.

  83. 83 1george1

    Isn’t this the same Police Department that withheld my police
    report about Police Chief Mossman’s unsubstanciated claim of
    disorderly conduct for 74 days?

    60 days is the Regulatory limit for filing a Citizen’s complaint.
    Maybe they want to discourage that from Happening?
    Maybe someone should contact the victims to file a complaint
    about the delay?

    Isn’t this the same Police Department that refuses to investigate a
    SERIES of DEATHS, to see IF a CRIME was or was NOT committed?

  84. 84 sudds

    Anyone happen to know when Baby-LoSchiavo was hired?

    And how about how long before a Stratford Police Officer is vested in the pension program?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  85. 85 jezebel282

    June 06.

    As for vesting, someone here will know:


  86. 86 sudds

    Why would I bother with that when George is probably already working on his FOI request??? 😛

  87. 87 jezebel282


    Well, first of all it would be from George and be filed with the other ones.

    Second of all….it was YOUR question.

  88. 88 sudds

    But I know (at least I heard the rumor) that he is less than 90 days from being fully vested!

    And that THIS is why Miron & Co. are (allegedly) sitting on the accident report!!!

  89. 89 jezebel282

    Well at least you know when the report will be released now.

  90. 90 phineast

    What you heard is correct, sudds.
    Disgusting isn’t it?
    I do believe that sitting on the report is considered an obstruction and grounds for legal action–I assume this is another windfall for bmd

  91. 91 jezebel282

    They must be including his stint at Public Works.

  92. 92 sudds

    “What you heard is correct, sudds”

    Dammmmmmn I’m good (and humble)!!! 😀

  93. 93 1george1

    Good pick up on the Vesting.
    Was that a guess … or were you leaked?

    Gavin can not get FOI.
    Neither can I.
    Anyone care to guess WHY?

  94. 94 sudds

    Umm George… how the @#$% could I guess at something like that???

  95. 95 jezebel282


    Do you know any councilman, say in your district, that serves on the pension review board and is unaffiliated with the RTC or DTC?

    Maybe you can inform him?

  96. 96 1george1

    Umm George… how the @#$% could I guess at something like that???

    Dah Sudds …. Maybe you have ESP n?

    From Jeze >
    Sudds, Do you know any councilman, say in your district, that serves on
    the pension review board and is unaffiliated with the RTC or DTC?

    From Geo …. You mean the same person who for 5 3/4 years has passed
    extravagnt Pensions, along with others, and never made it a PRESS ISSUE?


    Jeze & sudds ,, how do you feel about
    % 134,000 pension on $ 84,000 base pay McNiel grievanced
    $ 91, pension on $ 8?,000 base pay for a certain D/C?

    TOWN PENSIONS over $ 30,000?
    Do you favor
    Are you against

    NONE of this NEGOTIATION carp.
    Burturla is legally responsible for full or partial oversight, since 1996!

  97. 97 jezebel282

    Anyone surprised? Anyone at all?

    Miron to run again in Stratford
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 07/20/2009 05:44:35 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — James R. Miron, the Democrat elected to be the town’s first mayor four years ago, announced Monday he will seek his party’s nomination for re-election in November.

    Miron had refused to divulge his political plans until he made the announcement, three days before the Democratic Town Committee meets at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Baldwin Senior Center to nominate its slate of candidates for November.

    Meanwhile, as many as six of the Republican-controlled council’s 10 members are not seeking re-election — including three leaders — Chairman Mike Henrick R-10; Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, and Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2. Henrick, O’Neal and Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, all of whom are completing their third two-year terms, cannot run because of charter-imposed term limits completing three two-year terms. Julian has decided not to seek a third term.

    Under the charter, council members can serve only three consecutive terms, but can run again after sitting out at least one term.

    Miron said Monday he doesn’t believe he has “completed the job” he set out to do during his first four-year term.

    “I am seeking my party’s nomination to run for a second term as mayor,” he said during a weekly news briefing in his Town Hall office. “I’m not getting into specifics right now, but I have decided to run and expect to gain the nomination. I’ll have more to say at the caucus.”

    As a member of the Charter Revision Commission that restructured town government to include a mayor as the chief elected official, Miron led the opposition to the change.

    But when the measure was approved by voters in a referendum, Miron jumped in the race and won the job in a crowded field of candidates.

    Some of those candidates are also running again, and said Monday they are not surprised Miron is seeking re-election.

    “I just don’t understand why [Miron] he waited so long to make it official,” said Domenic Costello, an independent candidate who lost to Miron four years ago when he ran as the GOP standard-bearer. “Between the Democratic mayor and Republican-run council, there has been political paralysis in Stratford the past four years. Only an independent mayor can put an end to that and get something done for our citizens.”

    Jonathan Best, who split the vote with Costello four years ago running as an independent, said he expected Miron to run all along and plans to beat him by securing the Republican nomination. The GOP will select its candidates at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Mill River Country Club. “I believed I was the most qualified candidate in 2005 and believe I am again now,” Best said.

    State Rep. John Harkins, R-Stratford, however, is the favorite to win the GOP nomination for mayor.

    Miron, said Harkins, “is going to have to run on his record … I look forward to the race, and believe it will be very competitive. Perhaps it took the mayor this long to determine how much support he had in his own party. The public will have to judge the mayor on his performance, which I think speaks for itself. I’m looking to moving the town forward and not looking back at past mistakes.
    Major changes coming to Stratford Town Council: Town Council Chairman Mike Henrick, R-10; Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, and Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, cannot seek re-election under the town charter, having served the maximum three consecutive terms. Town Council Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, is not seeking re-election to a third term, citing business and family concerns. Councilwoman Emma Brooks, D-4, is not seeking re-election to a second term, citing health, family and career conflicts, as well as “petty politics” on both sides of the aisle. Councilman William Stroomer, R-7, will seek a third term. Council Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9; Councilman John Dempsey, R-5, and Councilwoman Amy Wanamaker, D-6, are all seeking second terms, Councilman Tom Moore, R-8, is undecided about whether he will seek a second term, but several council members said Moore has indicated he will not run. The council, controlled by the GOP the past two years by a 6-4 majority, is up for grabs in November, according to leaders and council members in both parties. They say the volatility of the mayor’s race, combined with at least half the council members not running again, make it tough to predict which party, if any, will gain a majority.

  98. 98 jezebel282


    Incredible but true. These are the DTC’s cnadidates in November:

    Susan Collier,assistant finance director, District 1;
    Stephanie Philips, District 2;
    John Fahan, District 3;
    Jason Santi, District 4;
    Olivia Gombar, District 5;
    Janice Andersen, District 7;
    Bonnie Reynolds, District 8;
    Tony Ross, District 9,
    Vincent Faggella, District 10

    With the exception of John Fahan (How DID he get in there?) these are tested and certified Mironistas. It will be interesting to see how many Council votes Ms. Collier must abstain from when it comes time to pass a budget based upon her own numbers. Sorry, 1st District, you don’t get a vote on the budget.

  99. 99 1george1

    Yo Jeze,

    Are you sure Susan Collyer would not be able to vote on the Budget,
    just because she is the heiress apparent to Finance Director and
    her husband (i believe) is a fireman?

    Susan lived on Victoria Lawn, didn’t they?
    Susan Birge
    Susan Collyer

    As people – I like them both.

    What about chairman apparent, Tony Ross, who is a pensioned
    retired Fireman and son is a Fireman?

    Will the firey new Ethics Commission, stop him from being Town
    Council Chair and head of the Pension Commission.
    My sources indicate A deal was cut a long time ago that existing
    firemen stay in Defined Benefit plan and new firemen get 401 a.
    About the same thing as the Police, which I believe still has 30
    people on DBP.

    You see Miron / Burturla / Norm and friends believe they can sell
    this deal to the people of Stratford that those stealing are really
    the heroes. Maybe if someone clued in weizel to report stories the
    Administration is not creating, and do just a little investigation, there
    is a ton of gold bricks, right on the surface…

  100. 100 jezebel282


    It would certainly be considered a conflict of interest if she were to vote on a budget based upon numbers she generated. At least to normal people.

    As for Tony Ross…I’m not sure I follow you (no surprise there). First you would have to be in the majority (I really doubt any DTC candidate, except Fahan, would win). How do they possibly justify the top of their ticket? Secondly, you would need some seniority. The only DTC candidate with any is Sudds’ girlfriend, Amy Wanamaker. Can you imagine?

  101. 101 sudds

    “Sudds’ girlfriend, Amy Wanamaker”


    How exactly have you missed my out-right (let’s be nice any say) “interest” in PCS??? How could someone “interested” in PCS even contemplate Wanamaker???

  102. 102 sudds

    PS… does anyone know if Wanamaker will be able this election cycle to present proof of residency that’s better than the post-it note on the back of her driver’s license that she presented to Daddy-Miron last go-around???

  103. 103 jezebel282


    PCS is way too hot for you.

    Besides…Amy has an MBA, just like you. I think her address is printed on the back of her MBA.

  104. 104 1george1

    Tony Ross is a former Town Councilor according to Dick Burturla
    in his nomination speach.
    Ergo he has seniority, where Amy only has one term.
    Besides, AMY is honest.

    Want proof?
    She nominated her dad – Greg for ZONING (NOT LOOKING GOOD, so far)
    JIMBO jumped in and nominated the GUY who filled in for ANGELO, who
    NEVER had ANY intention of running, but they knew he could win.
    ANGELO hated the last couple months on the Town Council.

    So Jimbo nominated the opponent of Greg Wanamaker (lost)
    Dickie Burturla nominated Tony Ross.

    ONLY people they NOMINATED.
    Who out there wants to wager they would nominate someone
    who they couldn’t control, or is not of the same mind set?

    Tony Ross told me that DICK MIRON was a GOOD FRIEND of his.
    Tony is the ONLY person to ever say that to me.

    In defense of TONY – He did a GREAT JOB building the WW II Monument
    and doing Maintenance, besides being involved in the fund raising.

    I am unsure why they delayed the building of it for about 1 year?
    Except maybe political election coming.

    Somehow Fairfield Police Chief Sambrook was a speaker at dedication,
    aS the Scott rite Masons took over the EVENT BOOK leaving any mention
    of me off the EVENT BOOK as an ex official letter writing and my helping
    raise funds.
    Feehan was the original sponsor and probably only thing he did good in
    Town in 9 years on Town Council, was praised in the book.
    Dickie Miron sold the MEMORIAL BRICKS and the STONE for the Memorial
    and was supposedly the low BIDDER, but one knows how BIDS can be
    They never showed for any meetings, nor did any work, but got praise,
    same way Sambrook was speaker.
    At least they had a GOOD IDEA and it was the BEST THING Stratford did
    as a town in at least 20 years – I do not care if they MADE MONEY OFF
    the deal. But it is a shame how two faced political stuff shames the work
    of people and they put their SLIME on 100 Memorialized Stratford dead
    and thousands of our Great Veterans, including my dad.
    Bob Mastroni developed cancer at the time and he was apologetic about
    me being left off.
    I don’t care about being slighted, but it shows the mentality and character
    of some people, who need to steal everything and take credit they do not
    deserve. NO REFLECTION on MOST MASONS Scott rite or other wise.
    Those OLD TIMERS, including Tony Ross, Bob Roberts, the VFW head,
    Bob M, the guy who owns Standard Oil and the other active helper did
    – While I think O’Connell is a blatherskite and have no idea why his hot air
    hasn’t had him float away, I gotta give him PROPS, for the help he turned
    out to support the WW II Memorial. Multiple Teachers and kids got involved
    and Mr. Roberts put together a really fine Memorial Book .
    > That BOOK included the WW II Newspaper article my dad wrote, with G-2 Proctoring that was in the Bridgeport Herald in 1944 – 7 years before I was born.

    Naturally Blue Menthal was there too.
    He is a complete disgrace, IN MY EYES for the things he did & didn’t do
    related to Cigarettes among other things!

    This Memorial Day he had to send someone over to drive his car, which he
    drove there, because he saw me waiting for him, with bumper sticker
    and handout for him and his boyfriend LIP LOCK LIEBERMAN.

    Maybe he thought I would be violent?
    None of those clowns are worth it.
    More likely he couldn’t look me in the eye, because despite the
    fact he was in the Marines, and Jimbo was in the ARMY – I can not
    believe NO ONE in BOOT CAMP indoctrinated them in the UCOMJ?

  105. 105 jezebel282


    A former councilor? Does that count?

    Tony Ross is one of the most rabid Mironistas in this town. Lord help us.

  106. 106 1george1


    They town council makes its own rules at the beginning of the term.
    Each party elects their leader.
    The party with the most town councilors picks the chair.

    When you get a chance, I suspect you will do a District by District
    competition for Town Council, BoE, Zoning, Planning, Board appeals,

    Gavin – Alvin – Henrick gone – can’t run for T C
    Julian – Moore – Kubick not running – too easy for interest conflicts

    Amy – JR – Dempsey running
    Emma dropped out months ago – Angelo did it too.
    Maybe no one told them it was a 2 year gig.
    Actually Emma was a ball of fire until she learned the truth.
    The real irony is Jimbo did some excellent stuff in her area, as I think
    Birdseye and Johnson may be her district?

    Rumor is the Susan Collyer may not run.
    They did not have anyone.
    Same story in the 6th for the R
    The district head accepted the nomination – no one wanted.

    # 2 Stephany Phillips vs NO ONE
    # 4 Jason Santi, I can not believe I am writing this, is the favorite
    # 6 Amy – Her opponent really doesn’t want it
    # 7 Janet (is it Anderson – no dummy) – GOOD RACE VS. JR Stroomer

    # 6 Dempsey appears to be friends with Dom, since their signs are
    together all over town.

    # 1 Susan Collyer ?? vs. ???
    # 3 Fahan
    # 8 Bonnie Reynolds vs
    # 9 Tony Ross vs Tom Malloy – great question if Malloy tries
    # 10 Vince Fragganella

  107. 107 jezebel282


    “When you get a chance, I suspect you will do a District by District
    competition for Town Council, BoE, Zoning, Planning, Board appeals,

    Oh definitely.

    But each of the DTC candidates start in a hole with Miron at the top of the ticket. How they justify supporting his re-election (since they all voted to endorse him) will be fascinating. Even for Janice Andersen who is certainly the most intelligent among them.

  108. 108 1george1

    # 1 Christian Barnaby ……….v ……… Susan Collyer (May be holding spot)
    # 2 NO BODY ………………… v …….. Stephany Phillips (winner)
    # 3 Catalano …………………..v …….. John Fahan …….v … Geo Mulligan
    # 4 Dave LoConte Jr (father Boe) v .. Jason Santi (likely winner)
    # 5 John Dempsey (winner) …v …….. Ms. Dabari
    # 6 Ed Ward (Dist leader) ……v ……… Amy Wanamaker (winner)
    # 7 JR Stroomer ………………v ……… Janet or Janice Anderson – (Strong contest)
    # 8 Jim Connor ………………. v ……… Bonnie Reynolds (Mrs. Dave Mooney)
    # 9 Tom Malloy (Harkins) …… v ……… Tony Ross
    # 10 Paul Hoydick ……………. v …….. Vince Fagganiello

    Very few Miron Democrats like Fahan, who outted Brook Miron
    and was Gavin’s campaign manager. Schirillo made him eat dirt
    in front of everyone to swear he is a democrat to lukewarm
    reception. He was humiliated. completely & totally humiliated.
    Fredette went over after awhile. Besides fahan’s wife and baby
    Fredette may have been the only one in the place who liked or
    respected Fahan.
    I do not like or respect him politically.
    But I felt sorry for the kid, who is not a bad guy, but he has an
    idea he has a future in politics.
    Based on what is going in in NJ, NY, CT, IL – he may be a good fit
    for a chosen profession, if he is willing to be humiliated to be part
    of a ticket.
    Dick Miron was not there.
    However the Democrats who were there were mostly pro Dick
    and they saw right through Mr. Fahan.
    It was so bad, Jason Santi looked like a statesman.
    Both Bob Wannagot and Kent Miller had glowing things to say about
    Jason, who is actually a pretty good kid, but he seems to believe
    the Miron stuff.

    Bored of edukation:

    Gavin Forester
    Joe Crudo
    Chuck Lindberg

    Rick Marcone

  109. 109 jezebel282


    “Very few Miron Democrats like Fahan,”

    That’s what makes DTC members such swell people.

    I still disagree with your calls. I don’t think the DTC candidates have a chance except in the 2nd district. They were all hand picked by the Miron/Buturla dominated DTC. Even Fahan had to show he could genuflect on command.

    Unless the RTC turns the machine gun on themselves, they can easily shoot down any DTC candidate.

  110. 110 1george1

    I still disagree with your calls. I don’t think the DTC candidates have a chance except in the 2nd district. They were all hand picked by the Miron/Buturla dominated DTC. Even Fahan had to show he could genuflect on command.

    I am surprized you don’t think the Democrats can blow the 2nd District?
    The Republicans put up a very, very weak card for Town Council.

    Dom made a few huge mistakes. Will advise late next week.

  111. 111 jezebel282


    I admit it is still possible for the DTC to lose the 2nd district if there is a choice for “None”.

  112. 112 jezebel282


    You can read press releases from Mayor Moron every week in the Star:

    Town posts third consecutive surplus

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 29 July 2009 15:21

    Mayor James R. Miron Wednesday announced Stratford’s third consecutive budget surplus.

    The town finished fiscal 2008-09 $207,000 in the black, with total revenues of $176.06 million and total expenses of $175.85 million.

    Miron, during a press conference Wednesday morning in Council Chambers, said the surpluses reflect the fiscal management skills of his administration, and have resulted in better bond ratings for the town.

    Prior to his election, Miron said, previous town councils used the rainy day fund to balance budgets. He said he worked with the current council to pass an ordinance prohibiting that practice, which resulted in the removal of negative information from Stratford’s bond rating by Moody’s.

    His fiscal policies also resulted in a reduced mill rate, Miron said.

    Let’s remember than the “surplus” is a little less than 0.12% of the budget. And we only had to lay off 10 teachers……

  113. 113 jezebel282

    It is just looking worser and worser for Miron and the DTC. They may have finally lost it to a retired nurse. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets.

    Justin Loschiavo is still out on “Injured on Duty” for 71 days. At this rate he could have recovered from open heart surgery, not a fender bender.

    Ms. Cicerale’s car is still damaged due to Buturla’s little road block.

    Two of the finest officers in the PD are still suspended without pay and benefits. (60 days now). All for Miron’s revenge for not getting his little brother on the PD.

    Just for good measure, Miron terminated the Town’s contract with Med Now (for not lying to the CT Post).

    How does any DTC candidate for Council (or any other position) justify any of this especially since each and every one of them (yes, you too, Mr. Fahan) endorsed Mayor Moron for another 4 year term?

  114. 114 1george1

    Why are there NOT a stream of Letters to the Editor citing “patterns”
    of “INequal protection of the LAW?”

    Justin on Medical Leave = potential disability (pre-existing condition should vacate)
    Chris Miron Law Suit
    Any more “suit-able” examples?

    How many Police Officers have been hired under Miron/Dickie B?
    > Understaffed by 20 to build “O. T. for Buddies.”
    > Maybe 20 retirees needed replacement in 3 3/4 years
    > Plus quits / transfers

    Out of a Staff of 110 police, are 40 – 50 hired as Mironistas.
    Will McNeil be only one looking over shoulder for back stabbers
    and ladder climbers?


    Good News / Bad News:
    Mike Singh going against Jason Santi in TC # 4. (Interesting)
    Mike Singh not going against Miron, who like DOM has free ride.

    Anyone smell a deal? Sorry Mike.. If it looks like a duck ….
    Jason was nominated by Kent Miller and seconded by Bob Wannagot.
    Did “someone” throw Jason under the bus, for the “good of the party animals?”

    I believe Jason is well intentioned, but gullible.
    Singh is more likely to win the 4th than Jason, and more likely than to
    win the Mayoral. Singh can attract Minority voters in the 4th + 2nd.
    Miron needs all the Votes he can BUY.

    Singh & Greg Wannamaker primarying against the Miron DEMONcrat ticket
    and JON Primarying against the Burturla/Norm Proxy, just happens to
    justify the Town Council allocation of Budget Funding for bipartisan Primary.

    Great move by JON with stickies on the CT. POST “Friendly Media.”
    (to Lawyers)

  115. 115 jezebel282

    Democratic Primary Picks:

    You read it in the Star:

    Two Democratic primaries will be held Tuesday, with voting limited to registered Democrats in the applicable districts.

    In the 4th Town Council District, DTC-endorsed candidate Jason Santi is being challenged by Michael Singh.

    Singh originally set out to primary Mayor James R. Miron, but opted to face Santi.

    Even if Singh loses, he’ll still be on the November ballot as a petitioning unaffiliated candidate in the 4th District.

    Democrats in the 4th District can vote at Johnson House or Franklin School.

    In Zoning District III, DTC-endorsed incumbent James Sheridan is being challenged by Greg Wanamaker.

    Democratic voters in Zoning District III, made up of the 5th and 6th Town Council districts, may cast ballots at Nichols School or Wooster Junior High.

    We have no primary picks in the Democratic Primary. It is irrelevant. The DTC burned whatever chance they have at elected office by unanimously endorsing Miron.

  116. 116 jezebel282

    More evidence of toast burning:

    As we have learned, Sue Collier made a “surprise” announcement that she is withdrawing from the race for the 1st District Council seat. One can only imagine her replacement’s response to his nomination: “Who me? But I’ve never…..”

    Now we have Amy Wanamaker’s withdrawal. Scott Potter (him again?) must have been equally surprised. At least we know that he has taken the Miron pledge just like the last time he ran. We wonder if he will try to win a seat as planning commissioner as well. (Stop smiling, Ron. It’s not polite). The only thing the DTC can do to win this Council seat is to hope for Ed Ward to remain comatose.

    It is unusual to see a political town committee crumble before our eyes. But, when the DTC loses every campaign, maybe then real Democrats can finally break the grip of the Mirons and Buturlas.

  117. 117 1george1

    I was glad Sue Collyer dropped out.
    I like Sue, a lot, as a person.
    She is definitely a good friend to Jimmy & visa versa.

    When I read Amy dropped out, I suspected it was to let Anthony Schirillo
    back in as a Candidate.
    If Amy’s stand in is Potter, then he is a nice lookin young guy who seemed
    to know less about issues than Bill O’Brien. (great guy for Sterling House,
    but even Tom Carroll knew more about various Stratford issues than Bill.)

  118. 118 ronmoreau

    “It is unusual to see a political town committee crumble before our eyes. But, when the DTC loses every campaign, maybe then real Democrats can finally break the grip of the Mirons and Buturlas.”

    There are alot of good Democrats in town. Even on the DTC. Their chance to break that grip will be this January(2010), At town committee elections.

    Since DTC elections are town wide, it will be difficult for good Dems to put a townwide slate to oppose the Miron/Burturla slate.

    I wish them well though.

  119. 119 jezebel282


    It is just another example of the deterioration of the Democratic Town Committee.

    Every candidate they have put forward from Tony Ross and Bonnie Reynolds to Laura Dobosz and Jancee Pust-Marcone are tried and true loyal Miron supporters.

  120. 120 1george1

    I agree 100 % with RON.

    There are alot of good Democrats in town.

    Even on the DTC.

    I wish them well.

  121. 121 1george1

    I like Tony, Bonnie, and Laura as people.
    If Jancee is Mr. Marcone? I like Rick.

    Tony Ross did great things for the WW II Memorial.

    I do not like what Tony Ross, Dick Burturla, and Dick Miron, among others
    did with the Pensions.

    I could care less if the Stock Market went straight up, and the Pension
    Bond was paying for the pensions and paying for itself.

    However sticking the tax payers for 17 YEARS of paying off the BOND
    of about $ 9.12 million per year
    (Will total about $ 181 million over the 17 YEARS)

    ( $ 32 Million 2002 – 2009. Estimated $ 7+ million in 2010, and will exceed
    very likely $25 Million in “just” 2017, with incremental step increases)

    and then AFTER 2017, even without the $ 9.12 million to PENSION BOND….

    Tony Ross, Ray V, Dick Miron, and the others are not MATH MAJORS.

    I am sure the first two, if they ever looked at reality would be ashamed
    of what the Pension Ponzi scheme has done to Stratford (if Ray was alive)
    Ray V, was not greedy.

    This stuff is happening all over the USA.

    It is handing the ANTI UNION PEOPLE a HUGE STICK.

    GOOD UNIONS helped make this Country GREAT and helped people
    get a decent life …..

    If there was no graft in stratford health insurance and if workers paid
    a little more in premium percent, I believe 2 Mils a year could be saved,
    with GREAT COVERAGE and modest COST increases of Premiums.

    Instead it is “I GOT MINE.”

  122. 122 jezebel282


    You like anyone who shakes your hand and says “Hi, George.”

  123. 123 1george1


    There are certain hands I do NOT and would NEVER SHAKE.

    Here is an story from Weizel, to illustrate:

    Miron’s people claim he turned down WEIZEL for a job early in
    MIRON’S term and WEIZEL was not working.

    I believe WEIZEL’S version, where MIRON offered WEIZEL a job.
    I can still visualize WEIZEL telling the story that he was about to
    shake hands with JIM MIRON and he had a “MR. POTTER moment!”

    (Scene from movie “It’s a wonderful life” Mr. Potter offering Jimmy
    Stewart a job.”)

    Unlike WEIZEL and others, I do not hate Jimmy and most of the
    local politicos. There are very dangerous people behind them,
    that are far worse than any of them will ever be.

    That is not to write that I am not actively trying to raise issues
    about each of them, and tying them to those bad guys,

    Those bad people make the OLD MAFIA look like choir boys.

  124. 124 jezebel282

    Once again we hear from Denise Nelson, a member of the Democratic Town Committee. What possible motive could she have?

    You read it in the Post:

    “John Harkins has rather a sweet face and smile; and he comes across as a calm, quiet man.

    And yet, there may be problems.

    When Harkins ran against Beth Daponte for the 120th district General Assembly in 2004, Harkins never openly engaged in mud-slinging against this Stratford-raised resident, then employed as a senior research scholar at Yale University. And yet, other people associated with his campaign told voters that Beth was “a baby-killer’ — this respected woman scholar who has lived happily for years in Stratford’s Historic District with her long-time husband and their three, thriving children — this woman who is now employed by the United Nations as policy analyst.

    When Harkins ran against Dave Mooney for the 120th district General Assembly in 2006, Harkins never openly engaged in mud-slinging against this young computer engineer and property owner in Stratford, now chairman of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee. And yet, somehow the Family Institute of Connecticut became involved in the campaign; and, again, other people began whispering that Dave, happily married to lifelong Stratford resident Bonnie Reynolds, was anti-family and supportive of same-sex marriage. Dave Mooney did not and does not believe that same-sex marriage threatens his marriage. And, incidentally, Connecticut law now allows same-sex marriage.

    Is there a pattern in these campaigns that we may expect to see in Harkins’ campaign against Jim Miron for Stratford mayor? Does this pattern suggest anything about how John Harkins might govern?

    Denise Nelson


    We should remind Ms. Nelson that Miron’s worst opponent is James R. Miron.

  125. 125 mikereynolds

    She’s questioning how John Harkins may govern this town?

    Where has she been for the last 4 years? Before these Moronites start casting aspersions they better look at the guy that they are supporting. When Moronites start making comments like this it makes me question their integrity.

    Which brings up the next question…what the hell are these people doing supporting such a vindictive, egotistic, arrogant, and incompetent Mayor? Have they no shame? No decency? No common sense?

  126. 126 phineast

    Isn’t Ms. Nelson doing EXACTLY what she has accused past Harkins supporters of doing?
    If she likes the mayor she should come out and say “I like the mayor and this is why…..”obviously she has been the recipient of something from the mayor-whether it has $value or not-I’d be willing to bet she has gotten something from him(maybe an appointment or one of Sudd’s coveted no show jobs maybe?).
    Mind you she is entitled to her opinion, no matter how many thousands of people disagree with her. It is HER opinion after all. I happen to abbhor incompetence, and liars which is why it is my firm belief that this guy has to go. We have millions dollars in lawsuits from his incompetent management style- he has blatantly lied to the public (you all remember the Justin Loschiavo hiring TV debacle) and that is completely unacceptable. He has humiliated the people in this town so many times it is hard to keep track of it all-but we are absolutely keeping track! People like this are predators on society-no wonder he used to chase ambulances….I have no respect for people who can’t own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for them and even try to correct them-it takes character strength and integrity to admit you are wrong. Obviously this mayor is missing this completely. Ms. Nelson may need to be reminded of the old saying “if you lie down with the dogs you get fleas”-well she is part of an infestation-no matter how well intended.

  127. 127 jezebel282

    Well at least Jason Santi isn’t posting these silly letters lately.

  128. 128 mikereynolds

    Considering he’s running for the 4th district I’m surprised he’s been so quiet.

    Maybe he finally realized that announcing his blind loyalty to Jim Miron wasn’t the smartest course of action to get elected.

  129. 130 jezebel282

    More pandering:

    Men’s Club — meeting Friday, Oct. 16, 9 a.m. with guest speaker James R. Miron, current mayor and candidate for second term. All gentlemen over 55 welcome.

    Hmmm…we wonder what Miron will promise them this time.

  130. 131 1george1

    Men’s club?

    Is it a bath house or something like Westport’s Brook Cafe? 😉

    Actually if it is a legit forum, where is it and can anyone join it?

    Ms. Nelson is correct about Harkin’s people and mudslingers, but
    wasn’t that the roles of Pedoto & Brill in Stratford Star vs. me?

    I keep tabs on Websites and missed the Men’s club. But I note the
    OSNA is having event on OCT 20.
    Even though I am on MAYOR + 3RD DISTRICT BALLOT – I have heard

    I believe Dom, Jim, John H, John F, & Matt have been invited?

    I guess they are afraid of me?

    I was told 2 months ago I was not going to be invited.
    That was before the Mayor negotiated a deal with CHRIST CHURCH
    to lease “commuter parking” and OSNA president Ann Jackson is
    ex-wife of JACKSON of JACKSON, KELLY, & BISHOP.

    You know the LAW FIRM the was paid $ 154,000 in 2008-2009
    from Miron + Burturla Special Assistant Town Attorneys?

    And Blog favorite John Florek, (like John FAHAN, a member of
    Town Charter Revision Commission # 2) was paid $ 44,000 08-09

    This is an on going pattern where the political parties support
    each other and give away money and jobs to each other at the
    expense of Tax Payers.

    All the KEY PLAYERS know the difference between

    Some raise a “fairness issue” about planning you future based on “A”
    Yet if all of the participants make plans based on “A,” knowing it is
    a PONZI SCAM and knowing that “B” is affordable and realistic and
    can be competitative to everyone else’s plan ….

    Then are certain people ducking their personal, professional, and
    civic responsiblity behind SELF INTEREST?

    I know this will be read and thought about, without naming names.

    Having writen that, the UNION have to be GIVEN from
    TOWN MANAGEMENT – Managers / Mayor – fiduciary responsibility
    LABOR CONSULTANTS – fiduciary responsibility
    HUMAN RESOURCES – fiduciary responsibility
    FINANCE – fiduciary responsibility
    TOWN ATTORNEYS & Assistant TOWN ATTORNEYS – fiduciary responsibility
    TOWN COUNCIL – fiduciary responsibility
    TOWN COMMITTEES (Leaders) – Behind sceens candidate selectors

    STATE OVERSIGHT – fiduciary responsibility
    FEDERAL OVERSIGHT – fiduciary responsibility

    STATE POLITICAL COMMITTEES (Leaders) – Behind sceens candidate selectors
    FEDERAL POLITICAL COMMITTEES (Leaders) – Behind sceens candidate selectors

    Donators, Lobbyists, Leaders, Business, Bureaucratic, Corporate
    and other donators and participants to POLITICAL PARTIES
    COMMITTEES and work group.

    As I have written and said and has been published.
    The Democratic and Republican parties are more dangerous than Mafia,
    which is also involved (Google: CT. Mafia – KNAPP Commission – Genovese
    – Columbo – Gambino – Luchese – Bonono – Reckefeller – Grand Sachem)

    Anyone really think there is no connection between the KNAPP
    (names) selection of the Commission & a local family?

    I do not know when the other shoe will drop ….

    However, the FBI has held back on

    FABRIZI indictment

    RUSSIAN brothel in Stratford

    LAURETTI developers

    NATERA Boston Avenue records

    GANIM “sudden” reduced sentence (I helped create)

    ROWLAND minor sentence & $ 100,000 annual Waterbury job,
    analygous to Mark Barnhart in Fairfield

    MIRON Town Hall parking space July 31 with NY license plate cars –
    – local police inform me NO INFORMATION on PLATES and
    that would be a normal situation for FBI which uses NY plates
    and NEVER has INFORMATION available – (not conclusive proof …)

    Does there appear to be a SWORD of DAMOCLES looming over
    “some people?”

    Please relay to certain people who are related to certain present
    and past Town Councilors and other Committee people, that they
    may have a problem.

  131. 133 ronmoreau


    Denise Nelsons letter looks more like a ‘cheap plug ‘ for Beth Daponte and Dave Mooney. They must be running for something.

    ‘Whisper campaign’ – Un true rumors whispered to neighbors and friends to sour someones opinion of a candidate. Usually beginning with, ( Don’t tell anybody I said this but’ so and so’ ……..) Taking advantage of someone impressionable.

    People who practice this sort of campaign are shallow.

    John Harkins is a true leader, and brings with him the skills necessary to move Stratford forward. However it will be an uphill battle for him to repair the damage that has been done by the current administration. John also brings with him a full slate of dedicated Stratford residents. With their help and the help of the many other voluteers, that dedicate a portion of their busy schedule for the betterment of Stratford , we will all prosper.

  132. 134 jezebel282


    “Denise Nelsons letter looks more like a ‘cheap plug ‘ for Beth Daponte and Dave Mooney. They must be running for something.”

    Well, Janice Daponte is running for the BOE and Bonnie Reynolds (Dave Mooney’s wife) is running for 8th District Councilperson.

    It really doesn’t speak well of either candidate, does it?

  133. 135 sudds

    “John Harkins is a true leader…”

    back off Ronny-Boy… I got first dibs on the no-show job at the train station!!!! :raz:

  134. 136 jezebel282

    Berchem Moses & Devlin signs new client. Maybe they know they’ll need one in December.

    You read it in the Post:

    Council hire law firm for Steelpointe review
    By Keila Torres
    Updated: 10/07/2009 10:56:04 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — After poring over the land-disposition agreement for the Steelpointe Harbor development in four sessions over the last few weeks, the City Council has hired an outside law firm to do a separate review of the lengthy document.

    Robert Curwen, D-138, co-chair of the council’s Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee, announced the council’s decision to hire the law offices of Berchem, Moses and Devlin after Wednesday night’s committee meeting.

    The $350-an-hour charge is being funded through the council’s legislative office budget.

    Good luck, Bridgeport!

  135. 137 1george1

    Haven’t Berchem Moses been billing both Stratford and Bridgeport
    for the Airport, LBW, and other things anyway?

    Bridgeport pays $ 350 per hour.
    Stratford pays $ 150 per hour
    Before Kevin Kelly July 2001 Stratford Town attorney fees were $ 60 hour.

    Town Council, Zoning, Educationand others are supposedly unpaid.

    However, who would concur they are ALL OVER PAID?

    (Sorry Ron – Ron I need your e-mail address. I have something to fwd)

  136. 138 jezebel282


    You are wrong.

    “Bridgeport pays $ 350 per hour.
    Stratford pays $ 150 per hour”

    Stratford pays Rich Buturla $150/hour. For the “work” he refers to Berchem Moses & Devlin we pay $350/hour

  137. 139 ronmoreau

    “Robert Curwen, D-138, co-chair of the council’s Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee, announced the council’s decision to hire the law offices of Berchem, Moses and Devlin after Wednesday night’s committee meeting.”

    Berchem Moses and Devlin?

    The same firm that our town attny. works for?

    The same town attny. that’s on top of the AVCO/airport situation?

    Now hired by Bridgeport?

    Say it isn’t so.

    Does ‘conflict of interest’ or ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours ring a bell?

  138. 140 ronmoreau



    Ron, please. No phone numbers. This is the Internet. Lord knows who will….

    (I have forwarded it to George for you).

  139. 141 ronmoreau


    “John Harkins is a true leader…”

    back off Ronny-Boy… I got first dibs on the no-show job at the train station!!!! :raz:

    LMAO….Good luck with that.

  140. 142 jezebel282


    Interesting isn’t it how close Steele Point, Pleasure Beach and Long Beach West are to each other?

    Let’s see, now who was the attorney that Miron had that dealt with the TPL?

  141. 143 ronmoreau


    I’m an elected official. I’ve had the same phone # for 25 years and it is published. But thanks. I didn’t want to put my e-mail address out there though.

  142. 144 ronmoreau

    …And there are NO CONSPIRACIES by otherwise competent business people and officials?

  143. 145 jezebel282


    At this point, I would just call it larceny.

  144. 146 1george1

    I never expected ron to post his e-mail address or phone #
    on the blog. I was just using the blog as a convenience.

    The blog is finally good for something.
    Drum roll, brrrrrrrch ching!

    Jeze where is there proof that Burturla refers work to Berchem
    for $ 350 per hour?

    Did the Town Council Approve that?

    Is that Ethical?

    Would that be a potential Ethics Complai ….. oh I forgot… 😦

  145. 147 jezebel282


    The Council has no authority (gotta love that “revised” Charter) to negotiate rates with “outside” law firms. Why do you think FOI requests, labor issues, leases, rental agreements, contracts, lawsuits and negotiations are referred to Berchem Moses & Devlin? $350/hour is BMD’s standard rate.

    Do you think they could get to $667,000 in 2008 alone without it?

    It must be just a coincidence that Rich Buturla is a partner in Berchem, Moses & Devlin. Ya think?

    And who appointed Rich Buturla as Town Attorney and approves all invoices from Berchem Moses & Devlin?

    Say it with me:


  146. 148 1george1

    Please read the post by Ron Moreau,
    whise posting I endorsed.
    And then connect dots on how this came to be?

    Jeze – thanks for phone #.
    I spoke to Ron, who already posted same.

  147. 149 jezebel282


    You read it in the Post:

    Cop union endorses Republican in Stratford
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 10/09/2009 01:27:35 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — The local police union, at odds with Mayor James R. Miron over the course of his term, has endorsed Miron’s Republican opponent, state Rep. John Harkins, in this year’s mayoral election….

    …Miron responded to Harkins’ comments, calling them “outlandish and outrageous. Shame on John Harkins for making statements like these to score political points. No one has been hired in this town under my tenure without the proper medical clearance.”

    And how many doctors did you have to look for, Jimmy, before you found one willing to exclude Loschiavo’s epilepsy? Is that why MedNow no longer has a contract with the Town? The lies won’t save you this time. Dinhanian’s report, which Ben Branyan handed to you in December ’05 contained enough medical history to disqualify Loschiavo. Oh, that’s right. You fired Branyan. How about when Eileen Murphy told you about it? Right again. You fired her. And Mike Imbro? Never mind…we get it.

    It only cost the taxpayers three qualified, dedicated employees, a threatened lawsuit, 83 days of Injured on Duty pay and now 45 days of light duty (while John Buturla “considers” his position). What is so special about Justin Loschiavo, Jimmy? Why is he critical to your office? It’s not like you don’t persecute other cops. Maybe it’s something Joe or Linda Loschiavo know?

    I’m thinking Harkins will get more than 60% of the vote. Maybe higher.

  148. 150 phineast

    Jez, I’m thinking you are absolutely correct on this. If not there are some mighty stupid people in town.

  149. 151 1george1

    Follow the money – I believe:

    Miron / Burturla / Schirillo / Berchem + lackeys =

    Harkins / Kelly-Florek / Willinger / Norm + friends =

    Costello + Bpt + Stfd + backers

  150. 152 jezebel282


    “If not there are some mighty stupid people in town.”

    The biggest strategic problem Harkins will face is getting people out of their house and into the polling place on November 3rd.

    You can rest assured, Miron will continue to pander to Seniors right up until 8PM on the 3rd. He’ll probably pick them up and drive them to the voting booth (Better make sure you have a ride back. Once Miron has used you, considered yourself dumped.)

    Non-general elections have abysmally low turnouts which favors Miron since everyone that depends on him for a paycheck (or whatever) will be voting.

  151. 153 phineast

    If he doesn’t pick them up he’ll probably have them suppoened………

  152. 154 jezebel282

    Only if they are blind, disabled or elderly…..Miron is all heart, you know.

  153. 155 1george1

    I replied, in part to your request about my positions for Town Council
    and Mayor to Ron – putting on George’s page.

    THAT is where THAT ANSWER belongs!

  154. 156 jezebel282


    “THAT is where THAT ANSWER belongs!”

    VERY good! I am so proud of you!

  155. 157 1george1


    Every once in a while I gotta throw you a bone. 🙂
    It confuses you and keeps you off balance! 😉

    Actually, I consider (believe) that it could go either place:
    1 – More appropriate where I put it
    2 – It is appropriate for readers’ continuity to see a response
    DIRECTLY AFTER or within a couple of BLOGS after a posting.

    Happy columbus day.

  156. 158 jezebel282

    Here’s a key strategy for the Harkins campaign:

    Have John Harkins (Lou Decilio might be just as good) walk up to each DTC candidate in public and give each one a hug, a handshake and an audible “thank you”.

    Word will get back to Miron and every single DTC candidate will be declared “dead to the party”.

    The DTC doesn’t stand a chance with Mayor Moron in charge.

    Let Miron’s paranoia work for you…..

    (Jimmy? Can you hear the laughter?)

  157. 159 1george1

    When Matt Catalano called me to ask for my endorsement,
    because he had the endorsement of the RTC 3rd District
    and supposedly the whole RTC, but no one seems sure,
    Matt told me Miron backed him, and disowned Mr Fahan.

    As Weizel partially correctly quoted me about a union endorsement,
    “some endorsements can be a liability & not an asset.”

    Jimmy may not be happy with me, but Jimmy understands, that I
    understand politics and the Stratford Shell game and ponzi scheme.

    One might write, Jimmy and his dad, have gotten and perverted some
    very interesting actions from my suggestions.

    However, just as Dom copycat many of my ideas, I know them better
    and he is at a disadvantage playing my game.
    The same is true of Jimmy.

    Harkins is smoother, and not as involved locally, so he has a little
    advantage, and I have limited time.

    It is a good thing I understand Louie, Bill, Norm, and fiends, who are
    pretty predictable.

    However, there are other players I see that they don’t see.

    But they know players out of my vision too,

    The ironic thing is that if I was the mayor and if I was able to pull off
    what I would like to do, some people would have to take a couple
    steps back, but would be far better off over a longer period of time.

    However, bad things will happen.

    The math just does not work.

    There are already too many disaffected people

  158. 160 jezebel282


    We understand that this is your busy season.

    But, these political games of who supports who is really tedious.

    Kim Muese, John Fahan and Matt Catalano are free to post here if they wish and set whatever record they want straight.

    The clear differences are that the Republican Town Committee is willing to have candidates who speak their minds. Take Dempsey for example. He has been and is a very strong Costello supporter. Yet there he is with RTC signs and money campaigning for re-election.

    As a Democrat, it is extremely disappointing to watch Miron destroy whatever free thought might exist in a political party.

  159. 161 jezebel282


    We anticipate an announcement from the Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, Rick Marcone, that the membership list does not included convicted felons.

    I am not sure that the current slate of Democratic candidates, including Blumenthal and Bysiewicz, wouldn’t go within 10 miles of the Stratford DTC for any reason whatsoever. (Unless, of course, they are really STUPID).

    Sooner or later (maybe another 2 or 3 more elections) the Stratford Democratic Town Committee will realize that their leadership sux.

  160. 162 ronmoreau


  161. 163 ronmoreau

    Ya….. Right.

  162. 164 ronmoreau


    Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto are still hanging out there.

    How sad is that?

    Another product of the D.T.C. .

  163. 165 ronmoreau

    Another MESS our Mayor has to deal with.

  164. 166 jezebel282

    The Democratic Town Committee (You know, the Committee that accepts felons?) is hosting a forum tomorrow night.

    Expected to attend are: Susan Bysiewicz, seeking A.G., Merrick Alpert seeking U.S. Senate and Mary Glassman, exploring run for Governor.

    You wouldn’t know this because the DTC website, aside from having never published it’s 2010 membership list, is currently down.

    We hope someone has the courage to ask each candidate if they will accept checks and endorsements from active member Richard Miron.

    Apparently, these candidates ARE that stupid.

  165. 167 jezebel282

    As a public service to the Democratic Town Committee the following individuals are current members according to the Town Clerk of Stratford:

    Democratic Town Committee Members
    Bruce Alessie*
    Janice Andersen*
    Meg Bachtel
    Terry Backer*
    Ann Baker*
    Ben Barnes
    Peggy Barnish
    Frank Bevecqua
    Ken Bishop
    Robert Bradley*
    Adam Brill*
    Emma Brooks*
    Richard Brown*
    Edward Buckmir*
    Richard Buturla*
    Frank Chipman*
    Susan Collier*
    Jean Collier*
    James Connolly*
    Ann Coonley*
    Fred Cotter*
    Janice Daponte
    Beth Daponte*
    Robert David*
    Sonja Devitt
    Laura Dobosz*
    Vincent Faggella*
    Maria Ferrera*
    David Fuller*
    Robert Galello*
    Ilivia Gombar*
    Laurie Goodsell*
    Robyn Greenspan*
    Heather Habelka*
    Judy Hampel*
    Danielle Hawthorne*
    Ronald Hojdich*
    Alicia Huggins
    Howard Johnson*
    Lloyd Johnson*
    Ralph Jowers*
    Richard Kennedy
    Irene Kostzeswki*
    Aubrey Kyburz*
    Flo Langdon*
    Ron Langdon*
    John Sib Law*
    Maryann Manera*
    Rick Marcone*
    Kim Muese*
    Dan Milewski*
    Kent Miller*
    Richard Miron*
    Edward Monroe*
    David Mooney*
    Denise Nelson*
    Mary Northcott*
    Gerald O’Leary*
    Marjean O’Malley
    Alvin O’Neal*
    Stephanie Philips*
    Scott Potter*
    Barry Powell
    Joan Pruzinsky*
    Ariana Rawls*
    Mary Ray*
    Bonnie Reynolds*
    Anthony Ross*
    Betsy Ross*
    Kirsten Rostedt
    Peggy Russ*
    Kathy Santi
    Jason Santi*
    Anna Scala*
    Judy Scala*
    Anthony Schirillo III*
    Julianne Shelby
    Jim Sheridan
    J. Roger Shull*
    Patricia Slauson*
    John Sober*
    Pat Sorrentino-Galello*
    Helen Tashjian*
    Paul Tavaras
    Laura Vigliotti*
    Robert Wannagot*
    Kevin Weiss
    Tara Wexler*
    Eileen Wilson*
    Mary Young*

    It is my pleasure to help you guys out.

  166. 168 1george1


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