Can We Take Our Town Back?


Congratulations to our own Patricia Clark-Sperling.

This is a wonderful idea! I have reprinted her request here. If you agree, please email or call your Councilman and demand this resolution.

from Patricia Sperling
date Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:45 AM
subject Please make Stratford beautiful again!

Ladies and Gentlemen ~

I cannot believe how bad it has gotten in Stratford. Our beautiful Town is once again being dragged through the mud because of the games played by Jim Miron. The writing has been on the wall for over 3.5 years!

Two current members of our police department and one former member are being thrown under the bus by Jim Miron in order to take the heat off of him. Timing is everything – he was ripped apart in the Connecticut Post this week because of his part in the hiring of Justin LoSchiavo, and the warrants happen to come down at the same time. Something just doesn’t smell right in Stratford, and it not coming from our shore! The stench is coming right out of Town Hall!

As a voter and a taxpaying citizen, I am extremely outraged that charges have been leveled against Sgt. McNeil, Lt. Soto and Shawn Farmer! The Town Council should be talking to and supporting the people who voted them in to office. I can’t tell you how many want Miron to resign immediately and the Town Council should be taking all of this very seriously!

I have received numerous calls from fellow residents – all in disbelief at the games being played, all saying without a doubt that James Miron should resign from office immediately and all saying that an investigation into the goings on in Town Hall should occur immediately, if it’s not already happening.

As elected members of the Town Council, please, please, please, look into the drafting and passing of a resolution calling for an investigation of the events which have occurred at the strong-arming of Jim Miron and his administration! We need an outside investigatory agency, such as the FBI. There are too many within our Town connected to other branches of the law.

Thank you for your time and please – work for the citizens of the Town of Stratford. Work for the people who put you in the seats your sitting in!

Please, make Stratford a Town it’s citizens can be proud to say the live in once again. Three and a half years of embarrassment is three and a half years too much!

Patricia Clark Sperling
186 Holmes Street
Stratford, CT 06615

I guess we can’t.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Please feel free to copy and paste it into your email to the Council.

  2. Members of the Town Council – take notice:

    Section 2.2.15 of the Stratford Town Charter:

    The Council shall have the power to investigate town affairs. In exercising this power, the Council shall have the power to require any town elected or appointed official, officer, director, department head, or employee to furnish the Council or its designee all information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material which is in the possession of the elected or appointed official, officer, director, department head, or employee, and which, in the opinion of the Council is necessary to enable the Council to discharge the duties imposed upon it by this Charter, or to properly and completely investigate town affairs. It is hereby made a duty and obligation of all town elected or appointed officials, officers, directors, department heads, and employees to provide the Council with the requested information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material when so required by the Council. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Charter, the Council shall have the right to appropriate funds, either by way of the budget or by special appropriation, to fund any costs and expenses which may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary, proper and required to conduct the investigation or to procure any information, contracts, reports, papers, documents, records, or other material.

  3. 3 1george1

    There are blog viewers, including PCS who think I am being sarcastic
    when I have blogged that PCS is my favorite blogger.

    Between the e-mail and the quote from the Town Charter, PCS has
    verified why have have blogged about her research and positions.

    PCS and I have differences about the PARKING GARAGE.
    I think it should never have been delayed and will never happen, OR
    at least want to have an interim solution, even if it is a partial one.

    PCS and I have differences about HARKINS.
    Personally I like Mr. Harkins and others.
    Politically we have differences on Positions.

    1) Mr Harkins wants I – 95 added # 33. People in the closest districts,
    are disproportiately against the idea because:
    A) Crime at Walmart / Shopping area, spills over to neighborhood police
    chases, which bloggers can verify with police Friends.
    B) When there is a Detour, all side streets become a speedway.
    C) Noise pollution will affect the area for years.
    DOT – DEP have not only not inspired confidence – Neighbors trust
    them less than they trust Miron and like them less.
    E) Air pollution is an issue.

    2) Jon Best pointed out ADDITIONAL PEOPLE who I would worry about,
    as I do not admire some of the people who back Mr. Harkins and/or
    who he has dealings with. But then the entire political community
    has slept with devils ….
    I do not like or Trust Norm or his bUTTER NUTS.

    3) I have unconfirmed knowledge from friends I trust about a couple
    of Business deals related to Mr. Harkins, that are uncomplimentary.
    To be 100 % fair to Mr. Harkins, these are ONE SIDED and UNCONFIRMED!
    If true, then it can be exceptionally damaging if it becomes PUBLIC.

    4) Stratford has NOT done well with ECS, during Mr. Harkins time.
    However, Terry Backer and Miller are also there.
    Backer contends that what is lost in ECS is substituted elsewhere
    which is the screwy way politics works, and yet
    If Berchem Moses can get 23 Boards of Ed as clients, why is Stratford
    Shorted in ECS, especially with Amman out of Milford/
    > But then they do not do much for Bridgeport either.
    > 1998, Norm got Team Stratford for AVCO preferred Vender, while
    1998 Burturlas buddies BONDED $ 98 Million for Stratford Pensions
    1999 Burturlas buddies BONDED $ 360 Million for Bridgeport Pensions
    1999 Pensions renegotiated toward people hired proximate to Burturla’s
    dad being Stratford Police Captain, and now 1975 – 1985 hired date
    now retirees account for over 90 % of the highest pensions.

    Harkins involved in RTC since ???

    Whooops ? What is that smell?

    PCS – We agree about Miron / Burturla.
    You may be correct about Mr. Harkins, as the best existing choice,
    which I might not disagree with, but I already posted why I do not
    think any of those choices are good for Stratford!

    ZERO PERSONAL ATTACK – all of my points are about politically
    related stuff.

    My websites are up with 2007 one having a lot of old news still valid.
    The 2009 website is a work in progress.

    PCS for MAYOR = MOMS know BEST (and don’t like Jon? ) ๐Ÿ˜‰ 8)
    SUDDS for MAYOR = KEG PARTY! ๐Ÿ™‚ hick*
    JEZE for MAYOR = She will LAY it on the Line ๐Ÿ˜‰
    MIKE R for MAYOR = Hittin the GREEN

    PIG on the SPIT
    SPIT on the political Pork

  4. 4 jezebel282

    And now a reality check…

    For those councilmen who think they have the slightest hope of getting re-elected, this resolution may be your last chance to actually represent your district and do something that benefits the people who voted for you.

    To those candidates that think they can unseat an incumbent on the Council, please print this page. It may come in handy towards the end of October.

    To those readers who think someone else will handle this, if you don’t contact your councilman and express your outrage nothing will happen and the insanity will continue.

  5. Did anyone happen to catch Charles Walsh’s column in today’s CT Post? OUTSTANDING!

    The biggest problem everywhere, not just in our Town, is that many wait for someone else to open their mouth and speak for them. I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me for blogging, writing letters, and being vocal about my (and everyone else’s) discontent with the happenings in Stratford – especially that which has occurred during Miron’s term! While I appreciate all the gratitude, the silent majority needs to start stepping up to the plate too. It’s always a small group speaking for a substantially larger.

    What is happening in Stratford isn’t just happening to the few who do voice their opinions or discontent – it’s happening to ALL of us! For far too long we’ve allowed our voices to be drowned out by the good ole’ boys of Stratford. These cronies don’t have the best interests of Stratford in mind – all their thinking about is how their back is going to be scratched and where it’s going to get them.

    To the many who read this blog and stay silent, thinking that you’ll let someone else do the talking for you: START CALLING OR EMAILING YOUR COUNCILPERSON. These people represents YOU, they need to know how YOU feel about all of this!

    Now is the time to take back our Town!

  6. George: “PCS for MAYOR = MOMS know BEST (and donโ€™t like Jon? )”

    Yes, I do like Jon, if your talking about Jon Best. I think that both John Harkins and Jon Best are two outstanding Republican gentlemen and I think Gavin Forrester is the only outstanding and respectable Democratic on the DTC.

    P.S. ~ I never thought you were being sarcastic…..

  7. 7 1george1

    PCS – Never sarcastic in my praise for you.

    Confess I was sarcastic about you not liking Jon.
    I actually like Jon more than Gavin, due to personalities.
    I rate Gavin as the best possible Mayor.

    As people I do NOT dislike Jon, John, Gavin or most of others.

    But I do NOT HATE them. I just dislike politically who the front
    and do NOT respect many of the political decisions of the local
    political BRAIN (dis) Trust.

    Diane Buda has more B***s than most of the men in this town.
    Although she is to the RIGHT of LIMBAUGH, who I really dislike,
    I have 100 % belief in Diane’s INTEGRITY for the PEOPLE.

    It is NOT thatJon, John, Gavin or most of others lack INTEGRITY.
    It is that their POLITICAL DECISION seem COLORED by PEOPLE
    who are INVIDIUS and GREEDY. = NOT good for the Public Interest.

    PCS – What did you think about my Letter to Editor in the Star?

    There is NO PROBLEM that can not be solved, once t is honestly
    identified. I await Jon, John, Gavin or most of others to MAN UP
    and honestly identify ….

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “PCS โ€“ What did you think about my Letter to Editor in the Star?

    I don’t get the Star. I canceled my subscription back in the Fred Musante days. It hasn’t gotten much better. If I want to read PR from Miron I can go on the Town website. It’s all over the place there.

  9. 9 1george1

    Because Jeze, does not get the Star delivered, I put my
    letter to the editor in this slot.

    Knowing Jeze and editting button, I also moved it to
    George Mulligan for mayor or whatever.

    Why was it relevent for here?
    1 – Direct response to Jexe’s above post.
    2 – Almost duplicate sentiment about “the people” taking back
    our town, as PCS e-mailed = GREAT MINDS (often) THINK ALIKE!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Reason PCS is my favorite blogger! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry Sudds & Rocki ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Just want to thank Amy Wanamaker for responding to my e-mail! She was one of the people I didn’t think would respond or take it seriously, but she’s the only one I heard from.

    Thank you Amy! Now, let’s hope the Town Council does their job.

    I spoke to someone over the weekend in Mike Henrick’s district – she said she’s guilty of being angry and upset about what’s going on, wanting something to be done, but dropping the ball and not nudging her councilperson (in this case, Henrick) about it. I urged her to send him an e-mail, but who knows if she followed through. In any event – Mr. Henrick – there’s another voter in your district very unhappy with all of this too! Please take notice!

  11. 11 1george1

    I posted replies # 3 + # 7 + # 9 on the blog …
    AND elsewhere, where on many issues we agree!

    SOB! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ SOB! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I guess I don’t count?
    Or maybe you don’t LUB me anymore?

    SOB! ;( SOB ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    PCS, regarless if it was a simple oversight, you are still my favorite
    blogger! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess ROCKI is the only one MAN ENOUGH to run for office in town,
    who (to my knowledge) is not in a lawyer’s pocket! 8) Go ROCKI!

    Yo Jeze, would I get your endorsement if I gave you the exclusive

    You can use the Office of REGISTRAR of VOTERS, due to past practices
    and recently past (& a certain present) occuPANT(s).

    Or Town Attorney orafice …

    Or H. R.

    Or Republican and Democratic Town Committee HQs…
    Ooops. I forgot one is in Milford and the other is a Country Club!

  12. 12 1george1


    I believe AMY has her heart in the right place regarding Stratford.
    We have legitimate political differences and similarities.

    I believe most of the Town Council WANT to do good for Stratford,
    despite drinking Country Club and BMD KOOL AID, with brown paper
    bag incentives to run for office or get business from …

    I understand competition for Town Council District 3 will be
    (R) CATALANO (murderous intelligence community candidate?)
    (D) FAHAN (carpetbagger?)
    (P.I.E.) Mulligan
    and a possible dark horse.

    I am stocked up with MUD from dug up Town Skeletons.

  13. George ~

    Sorry, I thought I did respond, but for the letter to the editor which I still have not had time to go over.

    To all ~

    I noticed a slew of American flags going down Main Street. I don’t think this has ever been done before. Not that I’m unpatriotic, but what did this set us back?

  14. 14 sudds

    I haven’t seen them yet… but PLEASE tell me that the flags replace those HIDEOUS string lights “decorating” trees along Main Street!!!!!!

  15. Sudds ~

    I’m not saying it doesn’t look great for the 4th of July and I’m not being unpatriotic, but I don’t recall it ever being done before and at a time where everyone’s looking to save money, it’s still spend, spend, spend with Miron!

    There’s 2 flags on each side of the gas-lantern style street lights going down the center esplanade on Main Street starting at Stratford Avenue and going all the way down through Stratford Center.

  16. 16 1george1

    PCS – I was teasing you about the ONLY person to respond to your e-mail
    was AMY. Maybe you were just referring to Town Councilors?

    Whew! Ya do LUB me, after all?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a thought ….

    Maybe a certain Tombstone company had a few hundred Flags in storage
    and gave Stratford a GREAT DEAL, like 100 times the RETAIL COST? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I suggest someone count the number of Stars on the FLAG?
    Someone might be making a killing on 48 Star Flags?
    Or Norm and Burturla might take the 5 STARS POLITICAL DISCOUNT? 8)

  17. 17 sudds

    PCS… don’t get me wrong… I am NOT making a statement on your patriotism…

    I AM making a statement about how AWFUL I think those string lights look on our trees!!! They were awful at Christmas… they’re worse than awful in June!!!

  18. 18 phineast

    Gotta agree with sudds on this one.Those light are awful-the intention was good the choice was bad. A slight change in the music we have heard in the last almost 4 years-usually it is bad intention, bad choice.
    Curious, anyone know who paid for the flags? Were they subject to the bidding process? Just wondering.

  19. 19 1george1

    Tonight @ Town Hall
    Although I want Shakespeare open and run privately 24/7,
    paying property taxes, I am not sure that I agree with the
    Council vs, Amy + Miron, with Gavin voting on technicallity.

    Miron threatened to with hold Town Money based on the
    Definitions and CT GENERAL STATUTES.
    By Town Charter and from e-mail from Blumenthal’s office,
    the Town Attorney is the SOLE TOWN LEGAL AUTHORITY
    > There is a LEGAL ISSUE of what does the Town Council
    do if the MAYOR refuses to do the WILL of the Council?
    Expect it to be a lead story by Weizel.
    John Kovach had to leave to make deadline

    They tabled the vote until Wed July 1 on Mayor’s pay raise.
    By Town Charter, the deadline should be June 30? TBC

    They talked about pay raise to $ 98 k
    I favor a cut.
    Last year, Miron – Henrich – Dom – Jon make phony issue
    about Mayor pay raise, while the C.R.C. was debating.
    Part of the changes voted, was to create a mechanism
    against BUDGET REFERENDUM, with Town Attorney opined
    the GRANDFATHERED RIGHTS (Initiative/Petition/Referendum)
    may be “declared inviolate” if challenged in court.

    Ironic is that I feel about that issue that Miron felt in his
    comparing the 40 YEAR SHAKESPEARE agreement to the
    2 year Pihala Farms, bruhaha….

    HAN NEY’s groups acronyms are AIC & CDG.
    Those familiar with Hebrew or Masonry “G” is called “PE”
    Hence reading right to left we have

    AIC > C. I. A.

    CDG > “PE” D.C.

    Then again who did “TEAM STRATFORD” represent.
    In 1998, the public never realized it was a TAG TEAM…. # 1/2/3
    set by a PEN TAG ON?
    Decended from Uthor PEN DRAG ON….

    ex – KAL – (T) iber

  20. 20 jonbest

    I never made a phony issue about the cut. I understand you intent is to get me to respond so here it is. The position of Mayor is public service. The salary is $90,000. That is it. I am against the raise based on the people in this town who cannot make ends meet. I would accept the current salary. The proposed salaray increase is not only inappropriate but also a slap in the face to taxpayers. It is also an incentive for some of my opponents to run because they were looking for $125,000. I stood up and spoke at the CRC about this and at the Council and stated this view publicly. I further believe the Mayor should have no other employment than being Mayor. I will close my consulting practice when I am elected. I presently make more than that with my company but have decided that because of where I am in life I can afford to contribute to my community as Mayor. I find your broad based challenges to elicit response sometimes require just that. While sometimes you have good facts your opinion seems to color your writting and in some cases the facts. Please verify your facts by checking them before publishing inaccurate information. I like the blog want to discuss facts not constantly correct inaccurate information and rumor. My feelings on the issue of Mayoral salary are clear, No Raise. If the salary is not sufficient for some then perhaps they should not seek the public office. A person should not be or plan to be enriched by public service. They should serve because they believe they can make a difference. I am a person that truly believes that and will continue to have faith in our ability to overcome adversity financial or otherwise.
    Jonathan Best

  21. 21 jezebel282

    I have to agree with Mr. Best on this one.

    I think a better compensation plan would be salary plus commission for the mayor. For every tax dollar the mayor cuts from the previous budget that he can get through the Council, there should be a 10% commission.

    Our taxes will drop immediately and the mayor will be properly compensated.

  22. 22 sudds

    Are you insane???

    Miron would IMMEDIATELY halt trash pick-up, schools would be shuttered, public works would all be laid off, the fire department would become a volunteer unit, and senior tax relief… hahahahahahaha!!! He’d pocket a couple of mill overnight, and wouldn’t care about getting re-elected!!!

    And before you start with focusing on the “get through the Council” part just ask yourself… what have they actually stopped him from doing thus far???

  23. 23 jezebel282

    Well they did stop him from giving raises to his campaign contributors.

    I suppose you won’t like my other tax saving idea:

    To make the Postal Service profitable they should eliminate mail carriers and replace them with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They come to your door anyway for free.

  24. 24 sudds

    But mail carriers… much like Miron is going to be doing after the election… LEAVE!!!

  25. 25 1george1

    I never made a phony issue about the cut.
    I understand you intent is to get me to respond so here it is.

    To Jon,
    I knew, Miron knew, Henrick, Dom, and you should have known
    that there WAS Z E R O > M E C H A N I S M > I N > P L A C E >
    within the E X I S T I N G TOWN CHARTER, when HENRICK / MIRON
    created what I believe was a PHONY ISSUE on the $ 125,000 Pay.

    At the time it was a MOOT (Phony) ISSUE!

    At the time it could NOT be done!

    Last night, Mayor Miron postured against taking a raise and promised
    to VETO a PAY RAISE, the same way you and DOM have postured.

    With Mayor Miron, I would expect a FLIP FLOP – like being on the
    CRC # 1 and being against the MAYOR

    ANOTHER SPOT I will address the rest of your post!

    If I ever get the separate Mayoral petition from the Secretary of State
    office, and if I get more than enough signatures,
    and if I get all the paper work done to qualify for the Mayor office,
    unlike HARKINS, JON I would be glad to debate you face to face!

    I believe you and GAVIN are the most formidable to MAYORAL DEBATE!

    Harkins rarely attends Town Council Meetings.

    While you and Dom attend Town Council Meetings, you have more
    inside information from BOTH PARTIES and from EMS than DOM or I.

    Your boy Proto voted on the BAD STAR NEW TOWN CHARTER which the
    ENTIRE PUBLIC believes is a REVISION.

    GAVIN is a REPUBLICAN, registered as a DEMOCRAT and knows where
    most of the DEATAILS and DEVIL ATTORNEY sit.

    Fredette and Fahan have worked with GAVIN, and are right there with
    your boy Proto.

    Yo JON, how many BILLIONS $$ will the AVCO SITE be worth
    1) Without Helicopter Museum / Greenway
    2) Adding in the planned purchase of the AIRPORT.

    Yo JON any information as to how an to whom the swag is divided
    DC / STATE Party Bosses / Surrogates
    PENSION PAYOFFS to mostly Bpt/Stfd Town Management ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did I miss any of the declared and undeclared MAYOR CANDIDATES,

  26. 26 jonbest


  27. 27 1george1


    I am against the raise based on the people in this town who
    cannot make ends meet. I would accept the current salary.
    The proposed salaray increase is not only inappropriate but
    also a slap in the face to taxpayers.


    It is also an incentive for some of my opponents to run because
    they were looking for $125,000.


    I stood up and spoke at the CRC about this and at the Council
    and stated this view publicly.


    I further believe the Mayor should have no other employment
    than being Mayor.

    SENATE / CONGRESS / EXECS put stocks in a TRUST.
    SENATE / CONGRESS / EXECS get outrageous BOOK advances,
    and HONORIUMS.
    to INVEST and STOCK OPTIONS – Gore was worth $ 2 million
    Gore is now worth $ 100 + Million
    NADER was GORE, before GORE STOLE NADER’S key platforms.

    I will close my consulting practice when I am elected.
    I presently make more than that with my company
    but have decided that because of where I am in life
    I can afford to contribute to my community as Mayor.

    KNOWN to more often than not have POLITICAL GENESIS?

    I find your broad based challenges to elicit response some
    times require just that.


    While sometimes you have good facts


    your opinion seems to color your writting and in some cases
    the facts.

    I do NOT 100 % DISAGREE, nor completely AGREE.
    JON, doesn’t it depend on whose OX is GORED?
    JON, I believe you would HONESTLY ADMIT that YOUR WRITING
    is COLOURED by your perception, wouldn’t you?

    Please verify your facts by checking them before publishing
    inaccurate information.

    or HAVING PERSONALLY WITNESSED, often is a taped setting.
    JON, Please NOTE how often the STAR PUBLISHED, because he was
    present at most of the events and I send documentation.
    AGENDA, and WINTERS would EDIT significantly / keep out my
    POLITICALLY, critical issues – I was published when he vacationed
    – WEIZEL never MENTIONS me, except the TIRE
    – DALY and I have HISTORY from Fairfield and he had same info O’Conner
    was given as was Mark Davis and other NEWS MEDIA, who don’t truth tell?

    I do PUBLISH OPINION, which you NOTED.
    and defer to SUPERIOR POSITION and WHEN I have ERRORED!

    I like the blog want to discuss facts not constantly correct inaccurate
    information and rumor.

    That reminds me, where is GAVIN AND HIS BLOGS?
    JON, let’s do a recount on the numbers of POST I MADE and YOU MADE.
    JON, let’s count how often YOU discussed FACTS
    JON, let’s count how often YOU correct inaccurate information and rumor.
    > RUMOR
    I will give you credit for this opportunity to debate YOUR PERCEPTION
    I have given GAVIN credit for the opportunities to debate HIS PERCEPTION
    and MY PERCEPTION, along with CHUCK DEVAN.
    – I GIVE CREDIT to PEOPLE LIKE JON & GAVIN, who I LIKE more than the
    DICKS and NORM
    – I TRY better than ANYONE ELSE, to keep it POLITICAL & NOT PERSONAL.
    – I credit JON as doing many of the same things!

    My feelings on the issue of Mayoral salary are clear, No Raise.
    If the salary is not sufficient for some then perhaps they should
    not seek the public office.


    A person should not be or plan to be enriched by public service.

    JON – ARE YOU AN ANARCHIST? 8) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PEOPLE were motivated by people like ME, RALPH NADER,
    and I want to believe you and GAVIN and others are MOTIVATED?

    They should serve because they believe they can make a difference.
    I am a person that truly believes that and will continue to have faith
    in our ability to overcome adversity financial or otherwise.
    Jonathan Best

    WAYS, and MEANS.

    to POLITICAL FACTS and OPINIONS and away from personal stuff.

  28. 28 1george1

    I was posting my response while JON posted “no.”

    As people, I can like them, similar to Will Rogers.
    As political positions, we can honestly disagree.
    Everyone act from perceived self interest.

    I believe Jon and I act from a closer position of enlightened
    self interest than some others, who might act in financial,
    political, personal self interest?

  29. 29 jonbest

    Most of my contracts are private organizations and healthcare organizations. I do work for consulting practices that have government contracts as a subcontractor but do not directly contract with governments as often as I used to. The private sector is more profitable. I have held and continue to hold some government postions on a part time basis or per diem basis. This campaign should be about issues and what we bring to the table to effect positive change in Stratford. Nothing is served by politics of personal destruction. Perceptions are something that we all develop. I am not sure I can change your perception but I might change your impression. Just as I am sure you probably would not change my perceptions.

  30. 30 sudds

    Mr. Best,

    Do you plan on having any fundraisers in HARTFORD? If so, exactly who would be contributing to your compaign? And what would they be expecting in return?

  31. 31 jonbest


  32. 32 sudds

    WOW! I float a softball like that and all I get is a “No”?!?!? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    VERY disappointing Mr. Best!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. 33 1george1


    My questions and positions were directly related to your post.
    I am comfortable with you response.

    Below and above, I would be curious how you address to the Public
    and IF, IF, IF I would get credit for my out of the box perceptions
    causal for you to STAND UP for the PUBLIC INTEREST?


    BUDGET must be passed by JUNE 30 and the last couple weeks of JUNE
    are the KEY WEEKS for TOWN BUSINESS.

    However the Town Attorney was not PRESENT JUNE 29 to opine on
    > Mayor salary
    > 40 year Shakespeare Theater contract he negotiated and was
    intimately knowledgeble in the CONTRACTUAL DETAILS
    > Not being present to ADVISE the MAYOR or TOWN COUNCIL on
    the 40 year lease – who has PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY?

    Does Mayor Miron has PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY since he is against the

    Does the Town Council have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY since they
    are for the CONTRACT for OPERATIONS and/or CONTRACTION,
    but NOT HAVING the TOWN ATTORNEY PRESENT who negotiated

    being present to advise the Mayor / Town Council?

    Does GAVIN have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY for voting NO and for
    favoring this being sent to Committee to possibly be OPERATOR
    the Mayor and Council created with the Pihale Farms situation?

    = Timing

    MANGER RICCIO resigns with a 6 month settlement for $ 59,000,
    after 13 years there.
    Will he retire January 2010?
    Will he be hired as Stratford’s Airport Manager sometime after
    July 1, 2010 or in some similar capacity?

    There goes George, using what NIXON called LINKAGE, to post
    a CONSPIRACY THEORY, which has interesting trapping on the
    CT. POST.

    The same paper, virtually indicted Miron, again coincidentally,
    the same day they published about the COURT RULING on the
    FAA – ARMY LAND for AIRPORT EXPANSION, which is not really
    EXPANSION, like the TOWN CHARTER is NEW and not revised?

    CONSPIRACY or well planned DICTATORSHIP?


  34. 34 sudds

    Umm George… if you’re going to attack every other candidate who posts on this blog… you’re going to be the only candidate posting on this blog!!!

    How about if we give someone else a chance on that soapbox of yours??? ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. 35 1george1

    Did you pay attention to treatment Amy, Fahan, Miron, got on this blog?

    Please reread Jon’s post. By saying that I had factual errors, Jon called
    me a LIAR. Yet you contend I attacked JON (I did) in a way that makes it
    looked that I was picking on him – Note who else I NAILED?

    Sudds, Jon is a big boy and he picked up the challenge.

    Have I ever tried to TELL YOU what to write, how you HAVE to think,
    or what to do?

    Or have I posted information in a consistently aggressive manner taking on
    Miron bashers / Miron backers / Pro Harkins – Jon – Gavin – Dom and the
    ANTI as well?


    We give a chance on the soap bax of yours (George)

    Reagan was applauded for stating he PAID for his MICROPHONE.

    Jeze is unequivocable in her use of subjective relevance and has
    been worn down to allow for moving posts – I forget sometimes or
    we disagree on irrelvant?

    Mirons (& allies) are the only ones to get more abuse at them than I
    have gotten, yet I still stay to political issues and attack what I see
    as political abuses.

    I suspect you are teasing me and stirring my pot, the way I do with
    others, which is fine… Best regards to Rocki!

  36. 36 1george1

    Sudds, Jon, Gavin, Jeze, anyone

    Care to respomd to the wealth of political issues I raise?

    Is it political or personal distruction simply to ask people to comment
    on EXISTING PUBLIC ASSETS that have NOT been ADDING to the TAX BASE,
    yet have potential for some people to make a lot of MONEY?

    Had these PUBLIC ASSETS been developed and well run, would they be
    a POLITICAL ISSUE, except to those who deserve praise?

    Is the reverse fair and reasonable?

  37. 37 jezebel282


    I’m sure there is a political issue in there somewhere. If only I could find the real one….

    (NO, NO, George. Don’t tell me. Let me look.)


    If you want that cushy no-show job, it might be better if you didn’t ask the candidates on an open blog. Just a little marketing advice.

    Mr. Best,

    So far you are way ahead of the other candidates. You have spoken out and presented specific proposals.

  38. 38 sudds

    Oh come on Jez… that question was tee’d up nicely for Mr. Best to knock out of the park!!! Talk about an open window to through his competition through.

    He could have (and should have) creamed Mr. (let’s just call this hypothetical person) “sHarkin” with that softball I tossed him!!!

  39. 39 jezebel282

    Sometimes your best swing is when there is no ball on the tee. (I know mine is)

  40. 40 jonbest

    I did not call you a liar..I stated you had some factual errors. If I thought you were delibretely lying I would have said so. I am a very direct person. I just wanted the facts to be accurate to portray my positions on issues. I did not percieve that you were attacking me. We were having a discussion. Without discussioun or debate how do you know where people stand on the issues.

    I am not looking to slam anyone. I would like to be the Mayor. we had enough fighting and charactor assasination to go aound without me piling on. I am intersted in results and the worst thing would be to get distracted by personal attacks. It serves non of us. We should be talking about Stratford and how we can “turn the ship from the path it is on presently’

    I have developed an agenda for change and will be submitting it soon. It is specific and directly addresses some of the issues facing our Town.

    Jonathan Best

  41. 41 1george1


    I meant to use the words “effectual” liar, instead of writing what I did.

    I look forward to your agenda, but if you put it out before Jimbo, he
    may claim it as his own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If it can’t fit on a Lawn sign or if it is specific and not a platitude,
    Dom won’t know how to parrot it, never mind explain it?

    If I hadn’t seen Harkins last week, I would have wondered if he was
    still alive? Jon, have you got people to monitor DeCilio & Dickie?

    I would welcome it , if you want to ENDORSE some of my Agenda:
    1) Transparent Websites,
    3) ADDING Librarians for GRANT RESEARCH and adding Grant Writers
    4) Rename Town Hall for Ed Hargus
    5) INCREASING REVENUES with actual Business Development and recovery
    of certain assets…
    6) Better BUYING, stronger BIDDING, Live Web Cast Awards and change
    Orders, Pension reform,
    7) Annual Referendums on Town Budget – Education Budget – Capital
    Bonding – Pension Bonding
    8) Full time Town Attorney with pt assistants, paralegals, & sec pool.
    Much more….

    To all,
    Just as I suggested other movies, to understand Stratford politics and
    the cover stories, you might rent the movie “Evil Roy Slade.”

    The entire U. S. Management system appears to be similar to “Gremlins.”

  42. 42 genericscreename


    Does Mr. Best care to comment on his appearance the day after the mayoral election in esquire Willingers office, with the developer from Boston, wherein Mr. Best said to Mr. Willinger, that they intend to take over the project?

    Ok, Mr. Best, as the time grows near, more will come out. Please feel free, any blogger to confirm this with Mr. Willinger.

  43. 43 jonbest

    “Does Mr. Best care to comment on his appearance the day after the mayoral election in esquire Willingers office, with the developer from Boston, wherein Mr. Best said to Mr. Willinger, that they intend to take over the project?”

    “Ok, Mr. Best, as the time grows near, more will come out. ”

    Wow there it is character assassination, Just when you thought the campaign could be at a higher level. I am not comfortable responding to anonymous sources. So Generic if you have another question please identify yourself. Since this business meeting was confidential in nature I can quess who you are but I will resist. Anyone wonder why some factions of the party do not want me to prevail? I did not think it would raise its head so soon. You state there is more to come I will not respond unless the person asking is identified because I could spend a great amount of time chasing windmills when my concentration should be on helping Stratford.

    So here is the answer to your question.
    After the Mayoral election which I lost I was back to business as a consultant. I have many business contacts across the country. I am not sure the meeting was the day after the election. There was a meeting in Willingers office. There was never any discussion of taking anything over. There was an offer to buy out Team Stratford and others to move the project forward. The offer was a good one and I was asked by the group that had interest in purchasing the contract to assist in the process of moving this forward. I did receive a letter from Tom Bucci (Willingerโ€™s Partner and my former boss) threatening to sue me for interference regarding Team Stratfordโ€™s role in the Army Engine Plant.

    I am committed to transparency and believe the truth will prevail.

    Jonathan Best

  44. 44 mikereynolds

    Mr. Best,

    Whether fairly or unfairly I think Republicans see you as the reason for Jim Miron being elected Mayor in 2005 hence the reason for any animosity directed at you from party members.

    My impression is that a majority of the RTC is going to back John Harkins and you are seen as a hindrance to their carefully laid plans. Your performance in 2005 gives them cause for concern if you decide to run as an Independent after failing to win their nomination.

    In 2008 I can be quoted from this blog as pledging my support for you based on some of your entries. However, since John Harkins announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination I have shifted my support to him. I believe my decision is being repeated my many in Stratford.

    As a new member of the Republican party it is my deepest hope that if you are unsuccessful in garnering the Republican nomination that you will not run as an Independent and help the Republican party win the mayoral race this year.

  45. 45 1george1

    Mike R, here are my opinions, beliefs, and observations,
    by George Mulligan July 1, 2009 about 12:45 am on the blog

    Would you care to ask Mr. Harkins if he was directly asked by
    Mr. Best if Mr. Harkins intended to run for Stratford Mayor?

    My information is “this conversation took place, and Mr. Harkins
    assured Mr. Best that Mr. Harkins would NOT run for Mayor.”

    A short time later, Mr. Best announced an exploratory committee
    to run for Mayor.

    I am NOT comfortable with the Crudo / Aldrich crew which now
    controls the Republican party, which apparently can not have
    enough attendees to have a QUORUM and are trying to change
    the BUY LAWS, from what numerous sources expressed.
    The press and members of both Town Committee are sources.

    Has Mr. Aldrich been involved in Team Stratford # 1 (Hochman)
    # 2 (Monty Posillico) & # 3 Area 51?

    Has Esquire Willinger been involved with those 3 same entities
    and Steel Point?

    Since Mr. Harkins is backed by the powerful minority and Mr.
    Best has a relationship with Mr. Willinger, it make me NOT
    comfortable with either person.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about Mr Harkins and
    Mr. Best’s relationships within Stratford and Bridgeport
    political Parties.

    On the Berchem website, they have list as clients, Bridgeport
    AND Stratford.

    To Mr. Best’s credit, he has never hidden his relationships.

    I believe both Mr. Best and Mr. Costello both worked in very
    separate and diverse capacities during Mayor Paoletta’s time.

    While there is nothing wrong in them working for the City of
    Bridgeport, anyone who knows politics and especially police
    and other hiring, awards, pensions, and other situations knows
    political relationship develop, often with quid pro quo.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about both Mr Costello and
    Mr. Best’s relationships with Bridgeport politics.

    Incidently, during the CT. POST Editorial about the LoSchiavo
    mess, they went out of their way to mention D/C LoSchiavo
    worked in Bridgeport and was a Republican.
    There is a HUGE PERCEPTION ISSUE about Mr Costello, Mr. Best
    and D/C LoSchiavo’s relationships with Bridgeport politics.

    On the Berchem website, they have list as clients, Bridgeport
    AND Stratford.

    Further, the biographies and other information yield interesting
    information about political relationships.

    Mr Costello blamed Mr. Best for losing his Mayoral bid.
    Rumors were both Mr. Best and Bill O’Brien ran only to take
    votes from Costello or Goodrich, had he won, to get Miron
    to win, because a certain number of the party faithful were
    most likely to give Miron a floor of votes.

    Mr. Best also has a legitimate argument that if Mr. Costello
    were not in the race, and / or if Mr. O’Brien didn’t run that
    Mr. Best would have been the first Mayor.
    Others note that Mayor Miron purged certain people, which
    included many award winning Managers. However Jon’s wife
    Donna, who is also an asset to Stratford and an awrd winning
    person, has not been purged from Miron’s Management staff,
    and certain people claim there was quid pro quo.
    MRS. BEST, nor on the Character or Contributions of anyone!

    Jon has responded to me very well on this issue. However as
    Jon noted one can not do anything about perceptions and
    appearances. However IT IS A POLITICAL ISSUE!

    Many people in Stratford know pieces of the puzzle.

    Many people have real animousity toward other people.

    That does not stop party leaders locally and interested
    parties outside the local entities from pitting one person
    or one group against another or others.

    With the front page problems of the Mirons, with the well
    know huge Harkins Fund Raising, all about the next Mayor
    issues, a rumor is for …..

    TERRY BACKER to PRIMARY Jim Miron for Mayor, or to be in
    place, just in case.

    Gavin is a former Republican and has most often sided with
    the Majority Republicans against Miron.
    Fahan & new FAC Member Ben B????
    are MALLOY Stamford Democrats, whereas Lieberman had
    his origin. Lieberman has ties with Blumenthal, CHENEY,
    Bush, and Bysewicz…

    Supposedly Backer is also from that area, but reputedly has strong
    long term ties to the KENNEDY – BAILEY faction of the Democrats.

    Hartford Democrats have not been kind to Bridgeport, Waterbury
    areas of the GANIM / ROWLAND crew.
    (I suspect both were set up – GANIM actually cleaned up Bridgeport
    reducing it as a COMFORT SPOT CITY and DRUG WAR ZONE, which
    cut into profits of certain people in political justice mafia complex)

    They are well aware of the fact Town Attorney Kevin Kelly worked
    for Blumenthal, who is Lieberman’s protoge.

    They are well aware John Burturla leapfrogged many people to
    become CT. STATE TROOPER Homeland Security Director, while
    former Democratic V. P. Candidate Lieberman was the CHAIR of
    the SENATE COMMITTEE on Homeland Security, before he defected
    to his cousin Dick Cheney’s WAR PROFITEERS and SECURITY HAWKS.

    They are aware of Kevin O’Conner going to # 3 in D.C. Justice
    and know what he knows about U. S. Attorneys DRONEY, DOOLEY,

    They are well aware of former Stratford Police in the local FBI,
    CT. State Prosecutors, and the relatives on the Federal and State
    Judicial Bench.

    Mostly, they see maybe 2,000 acres in Bridgeport and 500 acres
    in Stratford, primed to become perhaps $ 100 BILLION devlopment
    between all thos areas Esq. Willinger, appears to represent.

    They also know about a former ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATE who
    represented MONTIPOSILICO to Feehan Council and the former
    ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATE whose Westport Imperial avenue Law
    Firm merged with Milford’s BERCHEM CASTLE, and the imperial
    designs of certain people backing Milford’s James Amman.

    LIKE the RING of the NIEBELUNG, the GREEDY fight over the
    …………………..GOLD AND SILVER
    (Anagram: GRAND – OLD – EVILS )

    Generally I prefer IMBRO over Burturlas and Mossman
    Easily I prefer BRANYAN over the Mirons/Burturlas/Norms

    But the LoSchiavo mess opens a huge PAN DO RA box.

    Everyone in Stratford knows a piece of the puzzle.
    NO ONE knows 100 %.
    At least NO ONE LOCALLY.
    However there are LOCAL and AREA people who pull



    Hartford passed legislation months ago about forfieting pensions.
    They know all about the
    * 1998 Stratford PENSION BOND $ 95,000,000
    * 1999 Bridgeport PENSION BIND $ 360,000,000
    * 1999 Stratford PENSION recalculation
    * 2000s PENSION abuses, including RELL / SIKORSKY assisted kited

    * Pensions that the FAC proved were NOT causal to highest pensions
    allowed by Mirons / LoSchiavos / Burturlas / Imbro / Fire / PW

    * INSURANCE and PENSION Finder Fees

    * Personnel on CRC # 1 + CRC # 2

    * Parties & Budgets related to Shakespeare / FAA Airport / LBW /
    AVCO / EPA-DEP Raymark DUMP SITES / DOT I – 95 # 33 /
    Bridgeport Steel point > GE Boston ave waste land around Remington

    – Last POINT.

    Expect a very large and very FAST DROP in the DJIA, now that
    the window dressing for JUNE 30 is OVER!

    I believe that is the planned cover story for the great (grate)
    plans, prior to the 11/2009 election.

    Yet, I think back to AESOP FABLES
    “The Ass and His Purchaser”
    “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

    “The Ass and the Grasshopper”
    “Even a fool is wise-when it is too late!”

  46. 46 jezebel282

    Mr. Best,

    Thank you for your response.

    I am not familiar with the situation described by Generic and yourself.

    However, Generic has no obligation to do anything other than not use multiple screen names from the same IP address.

    Rules: Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the same IP address. Irrelevant or profane posts may be edited for content. If you wish to contact the editor privately you may do so at:

    Anonymity is maintained on this site for obvious reasons.

  47. 47 jonbest

    First of all I am sorry to lose your support. Secondly since I announced my exploratory I stated that I would not run as an idependent if I lost in a primary should one be required. I not only stated that but I sent it out in a letter and reaffirmed that position. I did send a letter to the RTM stating the same. When I did that the same question was posed to Mr. Costello. That is the point at which he left the party to start an independent campaign. I was careful in making the decision to run for Mayor and did talk to many people as George states. My decision to run was based on those conversations. Since that time obviously things have changed. I put myself out there as a reasonable individual and if I had the baggage some people say I do why would I put myself through this process. I believe in the Town. I raised my kids here. Some of them live here and so do my grandkids. Over the years this Town has provided the type of town any person would want to live in. But as you are aware things have changed. I do not believe for the better. I want to give back. If you and other voters feel someone else is more qualified it is your right to vote for them. As I look at the field of candidates I believe I am the most qualified. I have not sat in political office for years without major accomplishments. I have not been silent when I thought something was amiss. I have been vocal and participated in the process. When people talk about the right to run for Mayor I have earned that right. I also feel there is an attempt to marginalize my candidacy. That is unfortunate. I think good discussion comes from multiple candidates and good ideas flourish. I welcome the exchanges.
    Jonathan Best

  48. 48 1george1

    As I blogged many times,

    1) I appreciate the EMS service of Gavin, Calzone, Jon, and Donna.

    2) I admire each OUTSIDE of political decisions and many of the people
    and decisions they support and support them politically.


    A) TOWN CHARTER GRANDFATHERED RIGHTS: – Initiative – Petition – Referendum
    – Term Limits

    B) BUDGET (& other) REFERENDUMS: – Town – Education – Bonding – Pensions
    – ability to direct Mayor / Council / Education / Zoning / other to specific
    action or task

    C) Town Attorney as fulltime, $ 104,000 salary, with on site part time help
    as salaried assistant Attorney, who can practice elsewhere, with secretary
    and paralegal pool, also pt. All records and most work in Town Hall.

    D) Cap All Pensions at 300 % Social Security at / near SIKORSKY, with an
    Index related to existing negotiated pay scale. Raise the lowest and lower
    the highest pensions, via negotiated settlement to be approved by the
    unions and then by the Town Voters.

    E) Improve BUYING and SPENDING everywhere.
    – Benefits are comparable to best in private industry, but not opportunity
    for political FINDER FEES and GOUGING.

    F) GRANTS: Add 2 – 3 Research Librarians, who must find $ 1 million
    minium NEW GRANTS ANNUALLY – to Library / Town / Education.
    – Library BUDGET to INCREASE by 10 % of Ongoing & NEW GRANTS,
    as incentive.

    G) WEBCAST live Town Council Chambers & Education room Meetings
    and all meetings involving Treasury, allowed Public Information by Law.

    H) PDF. all Town Expenditures, monthly updated on WEB SITE, to

    I) Revenue via NAMING RIGHTS – LICENSING – Other Revenues allowed
    by CT & USA Laws and Regulations.

    J) PUBLIC FUNDING for specific MAILING & limited # LAWN SIGNS:
    – Allow MAIL Franking of 2 mailers of EVERY POLITICAL CANDIDATE on
    the BALLOT in Sept & Oct, with NO private MAILING.
    These would be JOINT MAILERS per DISTRICT, with 2 or 4 letter size max.
    – Funding of 100 political Lawn signs for District office and 600 per Town
    Wide offices. – Specific date for ordering same to get volume discount.

    K) Economic Development implemented, to be announce with 80 – 90 foot
    high maximum building Zoning which must be Approved by Town Vote
    and limited to specific Industrial and Commercial areas, with same 60 foot
    max for Residential. More ideas to come

    L) More ideas to post.

    I would like JON / GAVIN / HARKINS / MIRON / DOM to comment.

  49. 49 mikereynolds

    Mr. Best,

    Just so I understand you correctly.

    If you do not win the Republican nomination for Mayor you will then turn to running as an Independent?

    It is, of course, your absolute right to run for political office.

    I’m sure you realize that if you cause the Republicans to lose the election to Jim Miron again that in all likelihood you will become a pariah in the Republican party and would be lucky to get elected as dog catcher in Stratford.

  50. 50 jonbest

    I will NOT run as an idependent if I lose the Republican primary. Dog catcher is not an elected position. Maybe it should be. By the way I am interested in the Town of Stratford and what I can do for it. All of the Town of Stratford. So once again to be clear. I will NOT run as an independent should I lose the Republican nomination or primary.

    Jonathan Best

  51. 51 1george1

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, I will be dropping the
    Public-Interest-Enactor party ballot line and run for Mayor
    and Town Council Distrct # 3 as an Independent.

    If I get on the BALLOT prior to the Republican nomination,
    JON will you debate me?

    Just though of a question?

    What if the Republican Party can NOT get a QUORUM, to even stage the

    How does that reflect on the Republican Party leadership and candidates?
    Too bad I can not include Costello, who I believe is still part of them!

  52. 52 mikereynolds

    Now why would any candidate debate someone who doesn’t have chance in hell of being elected?

    That doesn’t sound like time and effort well spent.

  53. 53 1george1

    Why do you blog on this blog?

    Please google: define rhettorical question

  54. 54 mikereynolds


    Please Google: psychiatric hospitals

  55. 55 sudds


  56. 56 1george1

    I googled Psychiatric hospitals

    I saw a picture of you, sudds, and alfred e newman?
    Sudds had Rocki and 2 cases of empty Shafers…

  57. I have noticed that my name (FOLEY) has been left out of any discussion from newspapers to blogs regarding the forth district town council race 2009. Everything in the newspaper is about what the Democratic candidates are arguing about. To be fair I have not heard about the Republican 4th district candidate who is running either. I am an unaffiliated candidate from the 4th district in Stratford, CT. I filed a petition for ballot access and received the necessary signatures prior to the filing deadline. My candidacy is not seeking any money from special interest organizations or fund raisers. I will however attend several organizational group meetings. I am spending my hard earned money on the race. I have been talking to my neighbors in my district and I am campaigning hard I even have a facebook profile. I am simply running a clean campaign against the entrenchment of the two party lock in my town and in other parts of our great society. I would like to be the independent voice for the 42% of Americans who are the fasting growing political community in the USA many of whom are in my district. I believe there are a lot of great Republicans and Democrats, but as a group they large national parties have consolidated too much power in towns and in local governments. This has left a lot of average people out of the political process. If elected I vow to return civility and someone who will actually listen to the district. If elected I plan on being an independent voice who will be willing to work with anyone who wants to get things done for the district and the town. I plan on working within the town budget and improving government efficiency. I am not affraid to speak my mind.

    Respectfully yours,
    Russell Foley

  58. 58 jezebel282

    Welcome Mr. Foley!

    To begin with, perhaps you can speak about the Shakespeare Theater, Airport Expansion or the corruption of the last four years and how you will deal with it.

    The floor is yours:

  59. 59 1george1

    Mr. Foley,

    From what you wrote, you are the type of person I wrote about in the
    Stratford Star Letter to the Editor for people to run for office.

    I am on the Ballot for Mayor and for Town Council # 3 rd District

    I agree there are great democrats and republicans and great people
    in government and private sector.
    I agree mant democrats and republicans leaders walked away from
    the poeple.
    I do not take donations.
    I use my own money.
    I try to not lie.
    I take on unpopular issues.
    I admit when I am wrong.
    The politicians do NOT challenge my FACTS, because I document
    everything and disseminate much to people who know better.
    This website is difficult to maintain civility.
    I look to roll in the mud in meet the candidate forums, contrary to my
    genteel personal persona, outside political venue
    Web misteress Jeze created a blog line a couple months ago praising
    my honesty and no known willingness or proclivity towards graft.
    A former Blogmeister PLAY WRITE endorsed me over Gavin Forrester
    last Town Council election calling me
    Only better political compliment was Ed “Beefy” Hargus called me
    “My Son!”

    Please contact me via my website to see if we can get you
    some exposure and publicity.

    Please be advised – I am wary of Trojan House candidates
    Stratford seems to specialize in counterfitting.

  60. 60 jezebel282

    “I have noticed that my name (FOLEY) has been left out of any discussion from newspapers to blogs regarding the forth district town council race…”

    You just gotta love it when candidates complain about not being heard and then remain silent.

  61. 61 1george1


    Have you checked to see who the petition candidate(s) is (or are)
    in the 4th District?

    Careful about making an assumption that the real candidates made a post.
    Knowing politics in this town, is it possible someone posted under a phony
    name to cause problems for a real petition candidate?


    does not answer my calls.
    FREDETTE is JOHN FAHAN campagn manager, who was
    GAVIN’S campaign manager, when GAVIN was wearing his
    temporary DEMOCRAT colors.

    LONGBOOK PARK COMMISSION apparently had a Meet the
    Candidate event.
    I was not invited, nor did I know about it.
    Apparently, Catalano was not invited, nor did he know about
    it, if I heard correctly from one of his backers at a political
    event the other night.
    The person was upset and asked me if I had attended?

    Not complaining.
    I am just mentioning the parties fear facing me man to man,
    in a venue with limited control.


    United Democrats moved en-mass 4 years ago to help Dom win the (R)
    Dominic won the Primary wearing his new (R) clothes.
    So Dominic naturally quits, turns off his email, stops attending Town
    Council Meetings, doesn’t bother to attend Budget Workshops over
    the years, and doesn’t even show up for Charter Revision meetings.

    Very interesting preparation to be Mayor.
    So now Dom is wearing his unaffiliated clothes.

    At least Dominic showed up to the POLICE UNION and TIDE HARBOR
    MEET the CANDIDATES and is expected to SEPT 29 PYE and OCT 1 Arts
    Commission MEET the CANDIDATES, unlike
    (where’s waldo/peek-a-boo) Mr. Harkins?

    I wonder if the FBI does have LAURETTI and other people in the REAL
    I wonder if anyone did, was doing, or intended to do anything illegal?

  62. 62 jezebel282


    It would be nice if we all knew about scheduled debates before instead of the day after.

  63. 64 1george1

    Sept 18 or before Gavin + Fahan on Long Beach Commission
    had a Meet Candidate. I was not invited.
    Apparently, Catalano did not know eitherm based on questions
    from one of his supporters…

    Sept 22 Tu Police Union Hall – Harkins NO SHOW
    Sept 23 Wd Tide Harbor Condo – Harkins NO SHOW

    Sept 29 Tu PYE – ST. Joseph

    Oct 1 Th ARTS Commission – Town Hall – Harkins NO SHOW

    ?? OSNA @ Christ Church – Miron negotiated commuter parking.
    If there is a forum, I will not be invited to Mayoral or Council

    OCT 7 WD C.A.R.E. Citizens Addressing Racial Equality
    OCT 8 TH C.A.R.E. > 4 nights, 10 minutes per candidate
    7:00 – 9:00 pm for all Town Candidates
    OCT 14 WD C.A.R.E. Open to public.
    OCT 15 TH C.A.R.E. Requested advance writen positions

    NEWS # 12 unsure date of taping all 4 Candidates

    Save Stratford unsure if / or when?
    Stoney Brook unsure if / or when?
    Sterling House unsure if / or when?
    Numbee # 1 unsure if / or when?
    Numbee # 1 unsure if / or when?

    OCT 21 WD Chamber Commerce – League of Women Voters @ Stratford HS
    OCT 22 TH Oronoque – League of Women Voters @ Oronoque

  64. 65 1george1

    Any chance the Democratic and Republican Registrars of Voters,
    who are paid with TAX PAYER MONEY, would actively coordinate
    the various debates or meet candidates?

    Fredette was going away and I have to talk to him about Fahan
    facing Catalano and I.

    I believe I am the best prepared candidate for Mayor and Town
    Council District # 3.
    Between Miron + Harkins + Dom – They will spend $ 200,000.

    The Republicans appear to be more enthusiastic than Miron’s
    Democrats in backing Fahan, because I heard they were not
    happy with Catalano’s letter to the Editor?

    Catalano has to be the favorite.
    He went to School in Stratford.
    His parents were active Republicans.
    His parents were active in charities.
    I heard he is walking the District.
    He appears to be politically naive.
    He cares about Stratford and Shakespeare Theater,
    unlike the B utter nuts + Hartford – Mulberry cash
    or the Berchem + Testa donators.
    He has some supporters, including within OSNA, ARTS, RAC,
    Save Stratford, and I hear many people in Long Brook area
    and over by Walgreens’ know him and like him.

    Fahan is a carpet bagger, embarassed by Schirillo when he was
    nominated and seems to lack courage to face me.
    I heard he wanted to meet just Catalno.

    Fahan was on the Charter Revision Commission and was the
    person who voice the position against right to $ referendum.

    Sleezy gerrymandering could benefit Fahan.

  65. 66 jezebel282


    Thanks for the schedule. See you at the PYE debate on the 29th. Is it at 7PM?

    Also it’s hard to criticize Matt Catalano for supporting Best. For months he was the only candidate to have actual positions.

    It wasn’t until Best’s Loschiavo connection became known that Best took a dive.

    John Fahan may be a intelligent and articulate, but he promised to support Miron for re-election. His first decision as a a potential candidate was to cave into party pressure. I’m not sure how much clearer it can be that he will not work independently on the Council. Obviously, his political ambition outweighs his sense of right and wrong. If he loses the election he can thank Tony Schrillo and the rest of the idiots on the DTC.

    Mr. Catalano on the other hand, went out on the proverbial limb and supported the candidate that had better positions.

    As for other council members…we only know that every single DTC candidate supports Miron.

    The Republicans (except for Catalano and Moreau) have remained absolutely silent.

  66. 67 gforrester

    George once again your information is totally incorrect:

    Fredette was never my campaign manager – I manager my own campaigns and funded them as well so I would ask that you get your information correct before posting nonsence.

    The Longbrook Park Commission did not have a meet and greet. Because of several incidents of valdalism at the Park a Crime Watch group is being formed and amoung the several organizers is John Fahan, who has been the point person between Ret. PD Detective Jack Cratty who is local crime watch contact, and Mr. & Mrs Nuttal, who was kind enought to open their house for a meeting on the subject. Flyers were distributed throughout the neighborhood (your house is not in the neighborhood so obviously you did not get one) and Matt was aware of the meeting and showed up but did not stay long.

    I would prefer that you get your facts correct prior to posting false and misleading information just to suit your point of a mass conspiracy.

  67. 68 1george1

    Why not schedule 1 or 2 Long Brook Park Meet and Greet for
    positions from the Mayor and Councilor Candidates, GAVIN?
    – I posted the known dates of known meetings, so conflicts of
    other dates could be avoided.
    – For the reader’s benefit, who appoints the Long Brook park
    – Forthe Commission’s Benefit, would it be a good thing to get
    the Mayoral Candidates and Council Candidates to address your

    In post # 64, I point out that Gavin and Mr. Fahan (who was Gavin’s
    campaign manager according to Gavin’s former website) were both
    on the long brook park commission.
    – If I misread Gavin’s website or if I am incorrect about Mr. Fahan’s
    title, was Mr. Fahan or not involved in your campaign?
    – I can not find phone numbers for Long Brook Park Commissioners
    Sorrentino or Ippolito and got he wrong James McGuire.

    In post # 65 I spoke to Fredette and was trying to get Mr. Fahan
    in a debate / meet candidate forum.
    (Mr. Fredette is Mr. Fahan’s campaign manager, according to a
    conversation I had with Gavin prior to calling Mr. Fredette Sunday)
    – I am pretty sure I never claimed Mr. Fredette was Gavin’s campaign
    manager, so please “show me where I claimed” >
    “Fredette was never my campaign manager โ€“ I manager my own
    campaigns and funded them as well so I would ask that you get
    your information correct before posting nonsence. ” (nonsense)

    Former Stratford Dem Town Committee Chair Schirillo is the event
    coordinator for the C.A.R.E and I believe was trying to steer me to
    a date, where I believe a pending meeting may be scheduled?
    – It may be at Christ Church, which the OSNA wants to exclude me,
    despite being on the Ballot for Town Council and Mayor.
    – Wednesday Miron stated the Administration just negotiated using
    the parking area across from Christ Church for commuter parking.
    It is the area where the parades floats among others line up.

    Interesting who are the Board members of the OSNA and the
    political connections to certain attorneys and client lists.

    Hey, OSNA is a private organization and can invite or not invite who
    it pleases.

    The C.A.R.E. Commission is appointed by the Mayor.

    It is amazing how many of the same people who serve on Commisssions
    appointed by the Mayor or Town Council pop up on other Commissions
    and/or are on Town Committees. Despite the subjective interpretation
    of my inferrence, many do a very fine job for the Community.
    Prime example of good person is Marcia Steward.

  68. 69 jezebel282


    “It is amazing how many of the same people who serve on Commisssions
    appointed by the Mayor or Town Council pop up on other Commissions
    and/or are on Town Committees”

    It is amazing how many Commissions/Committees Bob Connally is on. He has GOT to hold the record.

  69. 70 1george1

    I respected RAY VOCCOLA more than the present powers.
    RAY did not speak much.
    If I asked RAY a question, and if he chose to answer, it would be
    a very short answer, which I never found to be untrue.
    I may not agree or I might agree,

    RAY would always be on Building Needs and Finance and Claims.

    From there RAY could affect Town decisions, which unfortunately
    were sometimes for party allies benefit, but that is politics.
    Ray also did a lot of good and some not so good along the way.
    – BALDWIN CENTER – Ray wished he could name it for BEEFY, but he
    was the one who caused legislation not to be able to rename.
    – Stratford has CT’s BEST BASKET of SERVICES to people, including
    HEALTH and full time POLICE + FIRE (I am against aux + volunteer)
    + full time PUBLIC WORKS (I am against Privatization)

    RAY was not greedy, unlike certain TOWN CLOWNS and certain
    CONNECTicut political justice “CONNECTED.”

    I hate the Mauselium which is FLOOD SCHOOL, which gives NO
    SUNLIGHT (no windows) filled with VITAMIN D to Jr. HS kids.

    RAY, DICK, DICK, and NORM appear to be knee deep in PENSION,
    EXPENSES, and GRANTS issues – where I do not believe they would
    expect the STOCK MARKET several year crash and BAD outside
    influences on the Town, which some of the others I believe have
    intentionally done.
    I believe FEDS level entrapped them, with a long term project..

    I believe RAY hold the record for key Committees.

    I believe others hold the record for BAD influences on the Town.

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