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We were delighted that upon our return, the list of November candidates had become a bit clearer. (We are still waiting for the DTC to update their website). We were a little disappointed, but not surprised, in the DTC’s decision. But we suppose they are following the Viking tradition of sailing off to Valhalla in […]

For Rent/Lease


We invite endorsed, non-endorsed and independent candidates to use this space and explain why anyone should consider voting for you.

Chief: Report finds Stratford officer in crash had seizure By STAFF REPORTS Updated: 07/17/2009 02:23:20 PM EDT Justin Loschiavo has been on fully paid Injured On Duty leave for 45 days (so far). He was placed on IOD after the accident in which no injuries were reported. This bumper sticker is Police Chief John Buturla’s […]

□ Complete the enclosed form and have it notarized □ Attach relevant documentation as described on the form □ Provide seven (7) copies (please keep one copy to put under your pillow) □ Present to the Town Clerk That way we may fire you if you are a Town employee, a member of your family, […]

BRIDGEPORT — More than two dozen police officers from around the state packed a Golden Hill Street courtroom this morning to support two Stratford officers accused of illegally accessing the town’s computer system and releasing personnel data for Mayor James Miron’s brother, who had applied to be a police officer.

Ethics Commission? What ethics commission? Stratford ethics panel pushes anti-nepotism rule By Richard Weizel Staff writer Updated: 07/07/2009 05:49:21 PM EDT STRATFORD — The Ethics Commission will recommend a sweeping new anti-nepotism policy to the Town Council that would prohibit hiring “immediate family members” of top town, education and elected officials, despite a negative recommendation […]

Stratford council recommends mayoral raise; Miron says no By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 07/01/2009 01:21:58 AM EDT STRATFORD — For the second consecutive year, the Town Council wants to give the mayor a raise. And for a second year, Mayor James R. Miron vows he will veto the measure. The council voted 8-1 Monday […]