Now What, Jimmy?


Chief: Report finds Stratford officer in crash had seizure
Updated: 07/17/2009 02:23:20 PM EDT

Never? Really?

Never? Really?

Justin Loschiavo has been on fully paid Injured On Duty leave for 45 days (so far). He was placed on IOD after the accident in which no injuries were reported. This bumper sticker is Police Chief John Buturla’s idea (no kidding, really) and is available for free if you stop by the PD and ask for one. Ummm…while supplies last, of course.

STRATFORD — The long-awaited report on the June 6 traffic accident involving police Officer Justin LoSchiavo has been made public, confirming reports that the officer — who has a history of seizures — suffered another seizure that day, causing him to lose control of his cruiser and strike several vehicles.

In a letter defending the lengthy police investigation into the accident, Chief John Buturla states that “reports completed by the attending physician confirmed that Officer LoSchiavo was treated for a seizure and there was no other medical conditions that existed which would have contributed to the cause of the accident.”

LoSchiavo remains off the job on an “injured on duty” status, but will face an internal accident review by police regarding the cause and responsibility for the accident. He could face discipline from the chief based on the results of that review.

The details of the accident report have been placed in the Police Department’s Records Division.

The circumstance of LoSchiavio’s hiring have touched off weeks of controversy since the accident.

Critics have charged that he was hired with the approval of Mayor James R. Miron, despite warnings during the initial stages of his background check that he would be unfit for a public-safety job because of his history of seizures. His father, Joseph LoSchiavo, was a lieutenant on the town’s police force at time and later was promoted to deputy chief.

The accident took place when Justin LoSchiavo’s Ford Crown Victoria slammed into the back of a car driven by a local woman, Josie Cicerale, which had stopped for a a red traffic at the busy intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues. After that collision, the cruiser continued across the intersection and rammed several cars parked at a garage.

Cicerale, a former nurse with 16 years experience, said LoSchiavo was in the throes of a seizure, convulsing, with saliva dripping from his mouth. His eyes were rolled back in his head, said John Valentino, a garage owner and the first person to aid the Stratford officer after his cruiser struck the other vehicles.


8 Responses to “Now What, Jimmy?”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Before we forget, let us review:

    Two (count ’em, TWO) doctors said that Justin could not be a police officer.

    He had a history of seizures while at Public Works.

    Det Dinhanian (PD) recommended that he not be hired.
    Eileen Murphy ( in HR) recommended that he not be hired.
    Ben Branyan (CAO) recommended that he not be hired.
    Mike Imbro (Police Chief) recommended that he not be hired.

    Lt. Joe Loschiavo screams “lawsuit” and what happens?

    Dinhanian’ report gets “disappeared”.
    Knapp is ordered to exclude any and all medical information.
    Someone picks up the Yellow Pages and finds a walk-in clinic a couple of towns away.

    Justin gets hired.
    Branyan gets fired.
    Murphy gets fired
    Imbro gets a golden parachute (he can’t be fired)
    Dinhanian gets retired
    Lt. Joe Loschiavo doesn’t stop at “captain” and goes straight to Deputy Chief.
    DC Loschiavo spends the next three years covering Justin’s accidents, injuries, bar fights, sick leave….

    Miron thinks, “Wow, look what I can do. That was easy. I’m gonna get my brother in the same way.”

  2. 2 1george1

    Here I agree with Jeze’s concept.

    Imbro has pluses and minuses, from my perspective.

  3. 3 phineast

    Jez, you forgot to mention his previous job history(firings?) with the town-all the medical info was already there–he ha a letter stating he couldn’t ride the back of the garbage truck due to his siezure condition…what in that would make the mayor think it’s ok to drive a batmobile? you don’t need any other info–just his past town history and that alone should have disqualified him.

  4. 4 1george1


    We even create them.

    We not only ARREST civilians,
    we ARREST each other!


    Our INVESTIGATORS are so good,
    we can predict results….
    even before we start the INVESTIGATION.

  5. 5 phineast

    That George, is under the Miron/Buturla regime. See what has happened by having a mayor? Everything he does is a “shot” in the dark. Reason being he forget to do the zipper thing so he can see before he lets his mouth rip… Grandfather was right about politicians-“there are more horse’s a$$es than horses”.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “Jez, you forgot to mention his previous job history(firings?) with the town”

    You mean his accident prone careers at the Rec Department and Public Works?

    Or that he is STILL out on “injured” on duty? Could it be that his driver’s license was seized (no pun intended) and he can’t drive to work? Or are they just waiting another 75 or so days until he becomes vested in the pension plan and his Mom can slide the disability claim right through?

  7. 7 sudds

    I’m going to go with option “C”… all of the above!

  8. 8 1george1

    Sorry Phin

    I priase and criticize both Republicans and Democrats equally.

    Those “shots” I took at the Police Department were at D/C – Miron –
    B Brudders and certain previous Ranking people like Mossman.

    Are politicians and lawyers good for composting?

    Based on what I saw over at Birdseye / Johnson / Main st # 32 –
    Maybe we should have annual elections, because things get
    done, at least cosmetically.

    Hint Phin – That was another shot at people you dun like…

    I may be a “A–” but please do not insult me by calling me a

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