For Rent/Lease

Elected Positions Open

Elected Positions Open

Important dates:

Tuesday, July 21st the RTC endorses their candidates.

Thursday, July 23rd The DTC endorses their candidates. (Suicide ceremony to follow shortly thereafter).

We invite endorsed, non-endorsed and independent candidates to use this space and explain why anyone should consider voting for you. (NOT you, George. You have your own ample space.)

Editors Note: If you choose not utilize this medium, we are sure other bloggers will have plenty of comments about you.


61 Responses to “For Rent/Lease”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Just to get things started, let’s review:

    Mayoral Candidates:

    Jonathon Best:
    “A” for effort. Mr. Best has committed to a full-time salaried Town Attorney. He spoke out against the 6 year exclusive option to buy for the Trust for Public Lands and he has attended council meetings on a fairly regular basis for 4 years. Unfortunately, Mr. Best also carries some fairly heavy baggage. Many people still blame him for Miron’s victory. His friendship with Ben Proto doesn’t help a lot either.

    Dominic Costello:

    “C-” Mr. Costello has disappeared from the scene for the past 4 years. He reappears now as an “independent”. Something he severely criticized Mr. Best for in the last election. He has no discernible position other than “Trust me”. His best hope is to drive the folks in Oronoque to the polls himself and give away as many doughnuts and lawn signs as he can before November.

    John Harkins:

    “Incomplete”. Mr Harkins is certainly the cutest candidate. He put in some hours on the parking garage at the RR station (where IS that garage?). Other than announcing his candidacy in February, we know of no position he has taken or statement that he has uttered.

    James R. Miron:

    “F” (I couldn’t find a lower grade). He actually thinks people like him and will run again. We’d be shocked if he broke into double digits as a percentage of the vote.

    George Mulligan:

    “A” for heart. Please feel free to browse and decide for yourself.

  2. 2 sudds

    Anyone know how I can gain admission to the Dem “convention”? I would LOVE to hear Miron’s rationale for demanding… err, I mean asking for the nomination!!!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    It’s in the main hall of the Baldwin Center at 7PM. Last time I checked, the Taxpayers of Stratford paid for that building. I don’t think it’s a private meeting.

    The location for the RTC meeting, according to their website, is a secret.

  4. 4 sudds

    “It’s in the main hall of the Baldwin Center at 7PM”

    Sweet… I’m bringing popcorn!!!

    “the RTC meeting, according to their website, is a secret”

    They must be following the Dick Cheney model!!!

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Editor’s Announcement:

    We are extremely pleased to announce that Sylvia Guberman is finally out of the hospital and as feisty as ever.

    Welcome back, Sylvia!

    Zei gezunt, bubbe.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    The rumor is that Norm Aldrich is Stratford’s Dick Cheney.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    I have been informed (anonymously, of course) that RTC meeting to endorse candidates will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 7 p.m. at Mill River Country Club. The meeting will be preceded by a debate between mayoral candidates Harkins and Best at 6 p.m.

  8. 8 sudds

    A debate between Harkins and Best??? What a waste of time!!!

  9. 9 sudds

    “The rumor is that Norm Aldrich is Stratford’s Dick Cheney”

    Rumor??? You mean that isn’t a fact???

  10. 10 jezebel282



    We have heard nothing from Harkins and I’d rather listen to Best than read his lengthy platitudes.

    I think it’s a great idea. I will be wearing my disguise tomorrow night.

  11. 11 jezebel282

    “Rumor??? You mean that isn’t a fact???”

    Well, he’s either Dick Cheney or Darth Vader. My source said he could confirm it but then he asked me if I had ever been to Cuba before.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Buh bye, DTC. Miron is at the top of your ticket.

  13. 13 1george1

    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions, which naturally
    I ignored, so as not to worry you ….

    I was working on my website most of the last 2 weeks.

    It is a mixture of things seen before on this blog and new.

    I e-mailed Sylvia a couple weeks ago, as we had not touched
    base in awhile. Sad to read she was in the Hospital.
    Glad to read she is out and feeling better.
    Best Wishes.

    Rumor is that Harkins is adapting the “feather” from
    Doonesbury’s invisible G H W BUSH.

    It would be a shame if only 40 Republicans show up for the
    nomination, since 42 are needed for endorsement.
    I would “LOVE” it IF certain people were to FORGE VOTES
    and then wind up having the ENDORSEMENT INVALIDATED?

    I can not WAIT to FIND OUT who will be dumb enough to
    run for Town Council, Board of Ed, and Zoning.

    Their families, friends, and neighbors will be actively
    questioning their relationships to the B UTTER NUTS
    and the mIRON CURTAIN.

    May each mominating VICTORY be PYRRHIC!


    It would be VERY INTERESTING if NO ONE would stay in

    Surprizes are sure to appear …
    With the usual suspects I fear?

    I suspect that when Dick Cheney dies, he will get a bigger
    turnout than Michael Jackson and Elvis …..

  14. 14 sudds



    The State is facing a budget deficit, the Governor is vetoing the Senate’s bills, the Senate is overriding the Governor’s vetoes, people are losing their jobs, city-run airports are trying to take over land in other cities, our train station STILL hasn’t been updated… and our State Representative is working hard to get things done and make sure that what is being done is in the best interest of the State and Stratford, right?


    Apparently Representative Harkins’ team thought their time would be better spent developing an over-sized postcard praising the efforts of said Representative.

    And said postcard just coincidentally happens to be delivered the day before said Representative seeks to gain the Republican backing as a candidate for Mayor!

    Way to work for the people Representative!!!

  15. 15 1george1

    Hi Sudds,

    I have worked hard on the website.
    I know I will have to reorganize it.
    I request your “constructive criticism” thru contact page.

    Yes it addresses International – National – Region – State – Area – Town
    issues, not dissimilar to your above post.

    Intelligencia and Rich people are called GESTALTISTS when they look
    at the whole picture.

    Blue collar and average people are called conspiracy nuts ,, etc.
    when they look at the whole picture = context.

    Welcome to my world.

    Late last night C-SPAN had Governor’s conference of speakers.

    However JOBS are being lost at record pace and President of NUCOR
    STEEL employs 22,000 people = never laid off SINGLE ONE, but they
    are all working equivalent of 1/2 shift = much lower income.

    Underemployment like that and people who stopped looking for jobs,
    the real unemployment rate may be 16 %, with 150,000 NEW people a
    month coming to JOB MARKET.

    NUCOR STEEL is the largest consumer of electricity in USA and Pres
    is on Board Directors of Duke Energy.
    Of $ 800 BILLION Trade Deficit = Bush – Cheney OIL PRICE = $ 390 BILLION

    While HEALTH CARE is missing for 50 % of USA.
    Without addressing ENERGY + GOOD JOBS there will be NO ONE to PAY

    Will Republican Meeting tonight be open to Public or JUST RICH and

    Incidently – I knew IRAQ contained over 10 % of World’s OIL and most
    fields are still untouched. On my Website I post on last page that in
    MAY 2003 Brookings Institute indicate IRAQ may have 25 % of World OIL.

    Both Democrats and Republicans have taken IRAQ OIL off the MARKET.
    Last night it was mentioned the LARGEST IRAQ OIL FIELD went to BP
    and CHINESE – with possibility that that OIL FIELD ALONE could DOUBLE
    IRAQ’S 2.5 Million production.

    Overall they stated IRAQ could replace SAUDI or RUSSIA for the percent
    and amount of OIL produced daily = 10 MILLION BARRELS a DAY.

    They stated the money could be used to rebuild IRAQ to be a leader in
    the area with sole Democracy.
    Both IRAQ and IRAN are majority SHIA Muslim
    Rest of Moslem world are majority SUNNI.
    However IRAN is NOT ARAB – they are PERSIANS.

    ARAB world is surrounded by Communist (or ex) to the North.

    ARMS traders love explointing those differences in Mid east,
    Black Africa, Central & South America.
    Now China has joined USA + USSR + EUROPE in ARMS TRADE

  16. 16 sudds

    Note to Rep Harkins…

    The way I see it is that either: (1) you thought we the people were too dumb to figure out the correlation between this Representative postcard and your wanting to run for mayor, (2) you’re too dumb to realize the correlation yourself, or (3) you have the nomination wrapped-up anyway and you just don’t care what we think.

    Hint: it’s NOT #1!!!

    Ps… is this B/S keeps up… it’s going to be a FUN campaign season (at least for me it will be)!!!

  17. 17 sudds


    1) the link to your website is incorrect… it should be .org, not -org!


    2) you asked! The webpage is a mess! Can you develop subpages for things like your political platform (the stuff at the bottom)? Font is too small (89.6% of Stratford is Senior Citizens, how do you expect them to read that?). And the color scheme is hideous (background colors don’t work well with text)

  18. 18 mikereynolds

    See, I like that. Its a great political move.

    Every Representative and Senator has a budget for mailings. Why not send out a mailing right before the nomination? Maybe one more before the election?

    Its totally legal and clever. If you don’t like it then lobby for campaign reform.

    Are you a Costello guy Sudds? You can’t be for Miron, nobody is that dumb.

  19. 19 sudds

    “Are you a Costello guy Sudds? You can’t be for Miron, nobody is that dumb.”

    Mike… have you not been paying attention??? I’m a “Sudds guy”!!!

    And as for the mailing being “totally legal and clever” and “Maybe one more before the election?”… call me crazy, but… shouldn’t our STATE Rep use his TAXPAYER ALLOTTED FUNDS for… oh I don’t know… STUFF RELATED TO THE STATE???

    Instead of a mailing… how about using his time, effort and money to lobby for some cachola for things like train station improvements? Getting Bridgeport to stop trying to take our property? Heck, I’d settle for the money being spent instead on painting fire hydrants!!! This is NOT what that money was apportioned for… REP HARKINS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS BLATANT ABUSE OF POWER!!!

    Heck, at least Miron waited until he was sworn in before he started to “stretch the meaning” of budget allocations!!!

  20. 20 sudds

    PS… until someone EARNS my vote (or promises me the no-show job at the train station… or until Mr. Forrester announces his intention to run, but he’s not going to do that as he’s going to wait for Miron to get spanked in November thereby freeing-up the Dem ticket in 2013, but I digress)…

    I’m a (god help me) MULLIGAN MAN!!!

  21. 21 1george1

    1) the link to your website is incorrect… it should be .org, not -org!


    Sudds – I do not understand comment 1 )
    .org, not-org!

    Did I typo incorrectly on the blog

    Sudds – I agree 100 % with your criticisms:

    2) you asked! The webpage is a mess! Can you develop subpages for things like your political platform (the stuff at the bottom)? Font is too small (89.6% of Stratford is Senior Citizens, how do you expect them to read that?). And the color scheme is hideous (background colors don’t work well with text)


    Breaking down each point:

    The webpage is a mess!

    1 – I had to get content I desired, onto the Website.
    2 – I had to put background color in each square to define area
    to see how it looks and to be able to separate blocks of ideas.
    3 – I had to add pictures.

    Can you develop subpages for things like your political platform
    (the stuff at the bottom)?

    YES – It is more work and I have to limited time to get signatures
    However it is / was my intent to transform basic ideas into a
    Platform, that almost looks normal.
    I do NOT WANT to be the same as the NORMALS.

    Font is too small (89.6% of Stratford is Senior Citizens,
    how do you expect them to read that?).

    I have 3 COLOR MONITORS all 21 inches
    I was going to make FONT SMALLER on PAGE 1.
    BASE FONT is 14.
    I had to go to 12 for PAGE BUTTONS to make them FIT.
    I moved some FONT from 14 TO 12 and some TO 10.


    IS 14 BIG enough?

    And the color scheme is hideous
    (background colors don’t work well with text)

    The website is work in progress.
    I needed STARK deliniation IN this INITIAL PHASE,
    as I have JUST FINISHED the BASE DATA.

    rather than Templates
    IT has ability to color 3 separate entities
    1 – Entire Background
    2 – Background within an area (rectangle)
    3 – Color of the letters

    IT has ability to INSERT Pictures as
    1 – Background – (I stayed away)
    2 – Adjustable in own areas, comparable to TEXT boxes.



    Sudds – thank you for FEED BACK.


    What do you think about CONTENT?

    What needs to be moved to ADDED PAGES?
    Are there better ways to LINK concepts?
    Are there HOLES in hypothesis?

    Based on information – how would you organize platform
    or ideas, to be more reader / viewer friendly?


    Surprized I invite criticism?

    I want what is best for people.

    My time. My money. My effort.

    All I ask is for people to sign petitions and honestly tell me
    about their political priorities.

    I know it is a lot to ask you to be serious …..
    But Sudds, besides your wife, beer, and the Broncos – what are
    your priorities?
    And was that you in Mr. P’s the other day?

  22. 22 1george1


    24 % of Stratford are over 50.
    A lot of them are not computer literate.
    MANY are extremely computer literate.

    Your point about FONT SIZE is CRUCIAL,
    despite your kidding.

    FYI – on extreme lower right side of my monitor
    is the BAR with the TIME and some ICONS.

    Just above that is + 100 %

    If you want to instantly increase or decrease
    your ENTIRE SCREEN, there is a DROP UP / DROP
    DOWN / CUSTOM ability by clicking that area.

    I accidently HIT is a couple months ago.
    I called the RESEARCH LIBRARIAN who knew exactly
    what had happened and instantly solve problem.

    It is a GOOD FYI

  23. 23 mikereynolds

    He is doing he job as a State Rep, he’s informing his constituents. If he wasn’t running for mayor nobody would say a word. Its clever in that he’s doing what he’s always done, communicating with his constiutents, and also getting his name out there. Its a nice move.

    Don’t forget that Mr. Harkins is not the sole legislator representing Stratford. We have Mr. Miller, Mr. Backer, Mr. Debicella, and Mr. Gomes…they all represent Stratford. I think its only fair that if criticize what he has or hasn’t done for Stratford you also criticize the rest of them.

    For instance, Maybe Mr. Backer would be more effective for Stratford if he paid as much attention to Stratford as he does Long Island Sound and running a garden.

  24. 24 1george1


    I have little issue with Harkins himself.

    My issue is who Harkins is being backed by, and who he associates with,
    very similar to Jon.

    I think Danny D is the sharpest, followed by Backer, then Harkins, then
    Miller, with no experienc on Gomes.

    I am not much impressed with Miller.
    The rest seem OK.
    Everyone has priorities.
    No one will please everyone!

    — I find the locations of the FUND RAISERS to be VERY VERY
    INTERESTING, since NORM moved RTC monthly meetings from

    DOM had his FUND RAISER at M R C C
    (Please see above)

    Owner Angelo is well like D. Long time friend of DeCilio, who is
    both Registrar and HARKINS Campaign Manager
    > Anyone suggest Ethics Complaint = appearances?

    JON had his FUND RAISER at FAGIN’S aka Harborside
    PROTO is / was Campaign Manager of BEST
    PROTO former RTC Chair
    PROTO worked with (D – power) Esq. Anthony Avallone
    Avallone leases space at ….. Berchem Moses
    …. MIKE – even you would be hard pressed not to connect
    the dots about how some people work behind scenes….

    MIRON had past FUND RAISER at STELLA’S, whose OWNERS
    had owned LUIGI’S Fairfield, 200 years from where I grew
    up. They, like Harborside are Mulberry Street East. 😉
    Kinda like Arthur Avenue – venue
    – Police Trailer during SIKORSKI STRIKE was in STELLA’S

    I actually respect the MAFIA more than I respect the FBI,

    A number of years ago I spoke with Bail Bondsman Curcio,
    who is an informed citizen. We just compared notes about
    how the state had taken over all the MAFIA CASH COWS.

    1) numbers = lottery / lotto / power ball
    2) bookmaking = OTB / Jai Alai / Dog Track
    3) drugs = controlled substances DEA + FDA
    4) prohibition = licensed ATF & E
    5) casino = Indian BAG MEN
    6) protection = insurance
    7) assault = boxing – rasslin – MMA / UFC
    8) Prostitution = strip clubs = state liquor commision
    9) Proistituion = massage parlors = zoning
    10) Prostitution = BAR association – Congress = Legislative / Judical / Executive

    The Mafia were people who were not allowed in the “real
    economy” and while no saints, were probably less deadly
    than what Executive / Legislative / Judicial approve?

    At least the Mafia, were no hypocrits.
    Unlike …

    I am writing about the old Mafia, where family was respected
    and people who were not involved, were mostlly kept out of
    the games.

    Like the real people in the REAL MILITARY – CODES of CONDUCT
    existed and were respected.

    Same with the REAL POLICE, who PROTECT and SERVE the PUBLIC
    and not just their own interests, LIKE as certain D/C?

    Oh that D/C was hired in 1980 by Straford PD.

    L I S T E N – – UP!

    Guess who else was hired in 1980?

    A certain BRIDGEPORT FBI Co-head, whose daddy just retired from
    Fairfield Police as a Captain. The Captain wo was promoted to his
    slot, was his son (FBI-guy) Eagle Scout Master.

    MIKE – dumb question … for those in LAW ENFORCEMENT

    How do you tell the good guys from the BAD GUYS.

    Yo Phin – in case you missed it –
    I looked Joe McNiel in the eye and I believe him.
    And I criticize Miron / Burturlas almost as often as JEZE.
    But I also praise them when they do good.

    I also praise and criticize others.

    I admit I am not perfect…. 😦
    Close, but … 🙂

  25. 25 1george1

    I missed the exchange between Sudds and Mike R.

    Sudds may get a chance to vote for Gavin on BoE,
    if what I heard a couple weeks ago is correct?
    As an Independent, he may get an endorsement,
    but not from Democrats ….

    I thought he was on BoE in past and I though he asked
    Burturla, if term limits was still in effect? It was.

    It didn’t stop Feehan from 6 years + less than 1 years
    for Jamison Scott, and then 2 more years to give away
    tons of money to his fellow Municiple employees.
    I do not begrudge honest pay for honest work.
    However, when people have to cheat ….

    Using MAIL FRANKING priviledges for political purposes is nothing new,
    nor extraordinarily clever, nor unethical (but does not appear good).

    Even when the politicians send out information that is strictly informative,
    it still has a HEY LOOK AT ME picture or name on it. After all you would
    want to know who is doing all these great things for you… right?

  26. 26 sudds

    “communicating with his constiutents”

    And when was the last time that he communicated with his constituents???

    Face it Mike… this was a TOTAL fluff/PR piece for his campaign! Only this time he used OUR tax dollars!!!

    But don’t sweat it… unless Costello @#$%s it up for him (I have seen a LOT of Costello signs around)… your guy (Harkins) is going to win!!!

  27. 27 mikereynolds

    Of course it was! This is politics. Not tea with the queen. .

    “And when was the last time that he communicated with his constituents???’

    You’ve never gotten mailings from Harkins or Debicella? I get a few every year. I think I got one from Backer too but I’m not sure.

    The signs don’t worry me. Signs don’t vote.

  28. 28 sudds

    So then you agree that Representative Harkins used OUR tax dollars for his own political purpose?!?!?

    Again… at least Miron was sworn in before he had us grabbing our ankles!!!

  29. 29 mikereynolds

    I don’t think you’re allowed to have farm animals on lots your size. Get off your high horse.

    He used his franking privlege to send out a mailer. There’s nothing wrong with that. It also happened to be right before he gets officially nominated. Good timing. I’d do the same thing. If he wasn’t running for mayor no one would say a peep. You don’t like it, tough. Enjoy your tea.

    Full disclosure…I’m voting for Harkins. However if another candidate was a state rep and did the same thing I wouldn’t kill him for it.

  30. 30 phineast

    Jez, I like your grading system ;). I thought the “F” was because he was not only a total failure but because he is F’d come election time!
    Yo George-I believe McNeil too. Can’t look Miron in the “eye” he just won’t do it when he is answering questions-something that is psychologically indicitive of liars according to some well known studies. Do I believe Miron? Hell no. Do I criticize him? Yes. Do I tell him when he does a good job? He hasn’t yet but I will let you know if he does and I will let him know too. Honestly I don’t see it happening in the future at all, based on history of course.
    Sudds- Not too long ago I got a mailing from Larry Miller, Harkins followed Miller’s. and Debicella’s was before Miller’s-I have never recieved anything from Backer-maybe he only sends to the gardeners….I have no problem with Harkins mailing because he only discussed his work as a state legislator. I have to admire his timing it was brilliant, and he was going to send out anyway so why not?

  31. 31 sudds

    “Full disclosure…I’m voting for Harkins.”

    What’s your next big disclosure… that CNN is controlled by the Democratic Party???

  32. 32 sudds

    PS… Mike, let’s see how you feel when Miron starts sending out “information” about the town with his face plastered on it?!?!?!

  33. 33 mikereynolds

    The Obama News Network is controlled by the Demotractic Party? I had no idea.

    Sudds, its politics. This is what politicians, or in the Mayor’s case, wannabe politicians do. Its business, not personal. This is how the game is played. I don’t understand why you’re so worked up over this.

  34. 34 1george1

    Body Language:

    Some liars can not look you in the eye.

    Some other liars are very practiced and will overplay
    their hand.

    One thing I admire and look for are those people
    who have a sense of shame and look down and away.

    Difficult to briefly explain.
    I am not professionally trained.


    The RTC had winners and losers.

    The RTC will concentrate on BoE and ZONING.
    It appears they have chosen patsies for the Town
    Council, who will be thrown under the bus.

    Same will be true Thursday about patsies.
    However, they may find / field a stronger field
    for the Town Council “players.”
    However, all I have seen so far are Fahan & Santi,
    with Amy as the only probable returning Councilor
    and possible next Town Council Chair.

    Those uninitiated with politics would wonder why
    such a week an inexperienced field, with such

    Initially the town and people will be the real losers.

    The foundations are laid for various traps and
    Trojan Horses as the usual suspect move their
    chosen people on the stage, while they work
    behind and with the tormenters.

    (A tormenter is a theater term for stage area
    just out of view of the audience)

    However L. STRAUSS and FORRESTAL are watching
    the tapestry of the artisans, for the big picture of
    all the (subplot) plays within the play…..

    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? 😉

    They who watch the sunshine patriots.

  35. 35 sudds

    I’m worked up because those are MY tax dollars designated for X, but being used to basically find a political campaign!!!

    PS… I will be just as worked up when my town flyer with Miron on it shows up sometime after Thursday!!!

  36. 36 1george1

    Phin –

    I have many, many, and huge issues with the Mayor.
    I am no fan.
    However he has done some good things.
    Even if they are for cynical political purposes.

    1) At Town Council Meetings for years I suggested giving extra
    money to the Library.
    who could help cover personnel needs, but also to find GRANTS
    for LIBRARY + TOWN + BoE. GRANT is FREE MONEY or money that
    does not directly come for Town Business/Personal Property Tax.
    > Town Council ignored me
    > Miron’s GRANT WRITERS bought in OVER $ 6 MILLION
    so far in GRANTS + STIMULUS – > “NEW” MONEY
    > They wrote potential $ 61,000,000 grants = competative.
    > I expect at least $ 10,000,000 more over next 2 years, which
    has to be spent as directed, but “helps” cut growth of Taxes
    and/or need for Town Taxes.

    2) Take a ride by Birdseye field & behind Johnson academy for
    Softball fields / basketball courts and the Birdeye Center.
    Nice to see some improvements other than BUNNELL fields.?
    > Will Penders improve?

    3) While $ 400 k to spruce up the green prior to Stratford Day
    is obviously political – then add FLAGS on either side of lights
    in the center of Main street – then add paving under I – 95
    > From Hard’s corner to the RR underpass on Main Street &
    # 32 – actually looks good.
    > Like colors of walls in Town Hall – Miron appears to have
    someone with a flair for “decorations.”

    4) I stopped going to MEET the MAYOR after 6 months, when
    he admitted he was allowing PENSIONS and OT to be built up
    during the SIKORSKI strike.
    However – Town Council allows 5 to 3 minutes to address them
    and rarely do they reply.
    Miron allows for up to 10 minutes a day for 3 to 5 days a week
    for access to him.
    Of course he will use it to his advantage.
    However, when a political ally brings up a PW concern – many
    have been fixed!
    Yes – he is partisan and could care less about helping critics.

    5) Defibulators are a great idea.
    I sure it was not originated by Miron.
    But he implemented.

    6) Some plays and some “culture” has started to “c.r.e.e.p.”
    back into Stratford, despite the 2 party 2 step.
    At least some stuff is happening.
    Yes I always believed everything is on a time table!

    7) There are more


    I have far, far, far more criticisms than I have praise for the
    Democrats / Mirons-Burturlas and the Republicans / Norm-DeCilios-
    Harkins (who I like as a person)

    I do not hate anyone as a person.

    I believe Burturlas / Norm crews are bad for Stratford.
    I believe Voccola / other crews had draw backs.
    At least with Voccola he would look you in the eye – and
    while not saying much – what he said would be true.
    (not necessarily the whole truth – but Ray was an old time D)

  37. 37 1george1


    Worried about how your tax dollars are spent?

    I could make a list of over 100 places both the R + D
    prioritize that should get you in a lather.

  38. 38 sudds


    I know that my tax dollars are being wasted!

    But Rep. Harkins should have at least wined me and dined me before he raped me!!!

  39. 39 mikereynolds

    OMG! Would you please stop with this phony moral outrage. Give me a break!

    He sent out a mailing as a State Rep talking about State Rep business. Its not like he said, “Hi I’m John Harkins, I’m your State Rep and I voted for this, this, and this and oh by the way I’m running for Mayor.”

    Please come over and clean up the mess your high horse made on my lawn.

  40. 40 1george1

    I’m sittin this one out.

    A blog fued where I am neither the target nor antagonist … 😉

  41. 41 1george1

    For those who thought I was in the Miron camp –

    You may want to read the Stratford Star Letters to the Editor.
    I do not favor any of the existing candidates, for mostly who
    are behind all of them – directly or indirectly – or associated

  42. 42 sudds


    I’ll get off my high horse, but the first time in this campaign season that Rep. Harkins mentions ethics…

    I’m going over your house to shove my “State Rep mailer” straight up your ….

  43. 43 sudds

    W… T… F???


    Presenting our 2009 slate…

    Board of Education

    Joe Crudo

    Gavin Forrester ❓ ❓ ❓

    Chuck Lindberg

    So much for my thoughts on his moral beliefs! At least he was smart enough to know that he’d have to change teams to win, as Miron is like an anchor to the Democratic ticket this year!!!

  44. 44 sudds

    PS… at least there is one candidate who I KNOW will be a good Councilmember!!!

    Councilman – District 10

    Paul Hoydick

    Good Luck Paul!!!

    (if you’re reading this, and you know who I am, feel free to let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help your campaign!!!)

  45. 45 1george1

    Paul Hoydic was on Charter Revision Commission # 1.
    Never said squat.

    Decent guy / bartender for Rudy Weise.
    Otherwise I do not know anything about him, except he + Laura.

    Forrester is the only one intelligent enough to distance
    himself from the existing interpretation of Town Charter.

    And that I have reason to believe was both highly self serving
    and highly intelligent.

    Sudds I blogged to you you that Gavin would have a surprize
    endorsement for Board of Ed.

    If I could trust him – he could be great for the Town.

    However with Crudo, who is a decent guy, but Norm’s hand
    puppet on the BoE – one can be sure Insurance cost will
    not be going down.

    Further Chuck Lindberg has NEVER said a negative thing
    about Education spending in 12 years of Budget Hearings.
    Doesn’t he work for them?
    Would that be an Interest Conflict?

  46. 46 mikereynolds

    “Miron said his GOP opponent, state Rep. John Harkins, R-Stratford “has an abysmal record on the environment,”

    Are you freaking kidding me??

    Miron has done NOTHING to support removing Raymark waste from this town. NOTHING!

    He has not supported Save Stratford’s efforts in anyway.

    Harkins and Debicella went the distance and fought the EPA’s terrible ideas and got legislation passed to stop the EPA from dumping toxic waste in a residential neighborhood.

    If you’re going to criticize your opponent at least know what you’re talking about.

    Holy crap!

  47. 47 1george1

    Hey PCS / Mike

    Miron claimed to have done more for the rr commuters than Harkins,
    like extending the platform 2 train car lengths and putting a cover or
    some sort of canopy over the NY bound side.

    Miron said he and Fahan will lead the fight against the EPA, which is
    will be news to Save Stratford.

    He noted:
    – increased access via him open door.
    – Birdseye school field improvements
    – increased grant money
    – a few other things

    After the hugs and kisses I congratulated him.
    I told him that I would have been impressed, if I didn’t know
    what was really going on.

    He came back with a wise crack about my lack of reality
    about knowing what is happening.

    I told him I looked forward to debating him.

    I told Terry Backer that in a Debate, I would eat Miron’s lunch.

    (Same would be true of Dom & Harkins)
    (Jon is the most capable debater and probably most knowledgeable)

    It looks like a deal has been cut:

    R = keeps the Board of Ed – 1/2 Budget = Jobs – Insurance
    D = will win control of Town Council. Amy should be Chair,
    however, I now see it will be Tony Ross, if he wins.

    Miron and Dom have the lead for Mayor and I strongly think
    a deal has been cut for Dom.

  48. 48 sudds


    I seriously hope that Harkins is paying you for all of this P-R!!!

    WAIT A MINUTE… he didn’t promise you MY no-show job at tthe train station, did he???

  49. 49 sudds

    HELLO SATAN… is it getting cold down there??


    Apologies to Mr. Forrester!!!

    That’s right… I said I’m sorry!!! (can someone please print this so my wife can frame it and hang it in our living room?)

    Upon further thought and discussion with others, it has dawned on me that:

    1) By not bending over upon the command of Lord Miron, Mr. Forrester has basically black-balled himself with the Dem party. So, should he be eleceted as one he would pretty much be useless.

    2) Rumor has it that Mr. Forrester WAS going to run as an Independent, but since the Repubs offered him a slot on their ticket (along with their financial backing for his campaign)… only a fool would have turned this down.

    3) Mr. Forrester has a history of NOT drinking the political party Kool-Aid… so I have no fair that he will continue to do what it right for Stratford!

    And I now return you back to my normal bashing of assinine sayings/actions of our political wanna-be’s!!! 😀

  50. 50 mikereynolds


    No pay, no no show job.

    I know a winner when I see one.

  51. 51 1george1

    GAVIN is a huge disappointment in that he has the ability
    but he chooses to stay with the wolf packs.

    It is not like he needs the money.

    It is not like he needs anyone’s approval.

    It is not like he does not care about Stratford.

    It is not like he is moving anywhere soon…. or ….
    He is C. F. O. of a local SPECIALTY insurance company.

    Huge, huge, huge disappointment in that Gavin chooses
    not to be the man he believes himself to be, in my opinion.

    Sudds and Mike make a great pair
    One’s opinions are irreverent.
    The other’s opinion are irrelevant, except in blog circles.

  52. 52 mikereynolds

    Who the F are you to decide who is a man and who isn’t?

    The measure of a man is not his girth big boy.

    You should pipe down and engage your addled brain before engaging your big mouth.

  53. 53 1george1


    Have I ever tried to tell you what to say or what to think,
    like you do to me?

    Notice I did not write who was which – but simply inferred
    about “opinions.”

    You sure are hot headed.

    Where did I write about
    “who is a man and who isn’t?”

    Haven’t I complimented you about your love of your son
    and your golfing game?

    Haven’t I comlimented you on improved postings.

    Incidently Mikey – I had to LOOK UP the word ADDLED.
    It is a sad word.
    I truly hope none of your loved ones were so afflicted.

    However Mikey …
    At least I put my name next to my opinions….

    My address is in the phone book ….

    It is well known where I can be found ….

    I also limit my postings to political opinions,
    and I am unsure if I ever made any comments
    about your physical nature, which may be perfect
    like your opinion about your own opinion and view
    being the only one worthy considering.

    Hitler’s police state had people who decided to
    oppress other peoples’ opinions.

    If I ever tell you what to say – write – or think –
    instead of teasing you about your comments,
    THEN I would be deeply upse with myself.

    There have been times where you have contributed
    legitimate positions to the debate.
    Not often.

    Usually you prefer to insult and try to bully.
    I guess that floats your boat …

    In this venue I insult back.
    Mikey if you need to vent … please be my guest.

    However … please underrstand this …

    I NEVER – EVER mean anyone physical harm, nor UNFAIR
    Financial / Career situations.
    We can debate what each considers fair or priorities.

    I believe that many people abuse their positions of trust
    and profit.

    Also what many people consider as acceptable in their
    political / governmental conduct, may be entirely
    inconsistent with what would be acceptable in business,
    in church, and in general social conduct.

    Lastly – my big mouth was completely silent during this posting,
    so I am unsure how I can pipe down?

    You are correct that my girth is larger than most.
    I would be currious of how YOU measure a MAN?
    Would you LIST those QUALITIES you deem ADMIRABLE?

    I suspect we have more in common than you would like
    to admit… 😉 Have a nice weekend … Mikey

  54. 54 sudds

    Hey Mike R…

    Remember our “debate” over your guy’s (Harkins) mailing right before the Republican nominations? You know… the one where you said “He is doing he job as a State Rep, he’s informing his constituents. If he wasn’t running for mayor nobody would say a word. Its clever in that he’s doing what he’s always done, communicating with his constiutents, and also getting his name out there. Its a nice move.”

    Well sicne then I have got no further communication from Representative Harkins (in fact… is Harkins still alive? I honestly wouldn’t know), but I have gotten a whole slew of items from Mayor Miron (including a GREAT update today about what he’s doing in Paradise Green… yes, I know that I am narsasistic)! Still think it’s a great think to allow this propaganda at our expense???

    PS… I wonder who gets paid the marketing fee for creating the e-mails?!?!?

  55. 55 jezebel282


    “in fact… is Harkins still alive? I honestly wouldn’t know”

    I heard there was a sighting in Hartford on Friday.

    “I wonder who gets paid the marketing fee for creating the e-mails?!?!?”

    Heather Habelka, HBH Marketing.

  56. 56 mikereynolds

    Well Suddsy…the franking privilege isn’t a bottomless pit. State legislators usually only send stuff out quarterly. So I wouldn’t expect to see anything from Rep. Harkins for a few months.

    As for the Mayor, I saw the mailing. I don’t recall if it stated it was paid for by his campaign or the DTC. If anyone still has the mailing let us know.

    If he sent it as the Mayor and letting people know what he’s done without specifically stating he’s running for re-election then there’s not much to complain about. Its how the game is played. Just like when Rep. Harkins sends out a mailing touting what he’s done in Hartford without saying he’s running for mayor.

    And yes Mr. Harkins is alive. Come to Hurd and Elliott St on Sunday at 3pm for a meet and greet with him. SaveStratford is holding a block party starting around 2pm. There will be a bounce house for kids, food and drinks provided. Come on down. This isn’t his first meet and greet and I know he’s been walking house to house in Lordship and making his way north.

  57. 57 jezebel282


    “I know he’s been walking house to house in Lordship and making his way north.”

    He totally missed my house. But maybe that’s a good thing. I have a few questions I’d like to ask him……

    But since your at it, may I suggest Harkins appear at the Local 407 Benefit on SEPTEMBER 12th at 7PM on 150 GARFIELD AVE? Oh…and tell him to bring his checkbook.

  58. 58 mikereynolds


    I’m guessing he’s only hitting homes of registered Republicans since he has a primary to win first.

    I’m sure he’ll be there…I’d be shocked if he wasn’t.

  59. 59 jezebel282


    “I’m sure he’ll be there”

    Sigh, he never calls, he never writes…. 😦

  60. 60 sudds

    “Its how the game is played.”

    EXACTLY… it’s a GAME!!! a GAME that you and I are paying for!!! And I think it @#$%ing suc@* nasty monkey a*#!!!

  61. 61 1george1

    Mike, thanks for the invitation.

    However, it confuses me that Save Stratford support Harkins.

    Who controlled the EPA & DEP from 2000, when Raymark was in
    process of have phased finished, yet stopped on DUMP SITES?

    REPUBLICANS control the Departments / Agencies
    GUNTHER / DeBicella – State Senator

    DEMOCRATS controlled State Houses & SENATE – local Congress
    DeLauro +Lieberman + Dodd

    They affect purse / spending.
    Have no direct or official control over EPA + DEP politically
    appointed leaders decisions.

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