Gentlemen, Take Your Positions!

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We were delighted that upon our return, the list of November candidates had become a bit clearer. (We are still waiting for the DTC to update their website). We were a little disappointed, but not surprised, in the DTC’s decision. But we suppose they are following the Viking tradition of sailing off to Valhalla in a burning ship.

It would be nice if personal attacks were non-existent, but with Mayor Moron in the race, we know that is not possible. We noticed that Mr. Harkins was able to state the obvious about the past four years, but the voters would truly appreciate to know what his plans are to move the Town forward.

Strange but true: We had just spent a week in a Town of 45,000 where the average property tax was $892 a YEAR. The garbage was picked up 3 times a week, the high school graduation rate was over 88%, the police force had 2 officers per 1,000 residents AND nobody hated the mayor.

It can happen. HONEST!

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  1. 1 phineast

    Time to schedule some debates wouldn’t you say, gentlemen? Obviously the use of the word gentlemen leaves Miron out, as there will be no f-bombs allowed.
    After the primary is when the true offensive will be launched by the people-the objective-to elect intelligent life into the mayor’s office, since we have yet to see any.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    I was hoping to hear some positions before September. The only candidate that has taken any position right now is Jon Best, which puts him way out in front.

    Other than being a “nice guy”, we have no idea at all what Harkins plans do to in the mayor’s office. It reminds me of Miron’s campaign four years ago.

  3. 3 1george1

    PYE DEBATE SEPT 29 – I believe

    HARKINS stated he raised $ 40,000 with $ 40,000 more targeted.
    I believe MIRON is about $ 45,000

    DON no mention of money, but his signs look like they were bought
    from ADLAI STEVENSON and that other guy who ran several times
    for President. Interesting to see BOTH DOM & DEMPSEY signs together
    in the 3rd District.

    Heck both are REPUBLICANS, despite DOM’S claims.
    Afterall, DOM’S FUND RAISER was at NORM’S MILL RIVER Country Club.

    JON might be the most articulate and qualified of the crew.
    But despite being nominated by Goodrich – Jon still has Proto
    as his Tire around his neck.

    HARKINS is the prettiest candidate, who has already help local
    economy bt bringing $ 25,000 from upstate money to Stratford
    via his campaign…. 😉

    MIRON loved pointing out that his people expanded the Rail
    Road Station for 2 more cars and created some sort of shelter
    for the NY Boud, while his friend in Hartford DELIVERED NOTHING
    in 12 YEARS.

    PCS – don’t get mad at me….
    HARKINS got NOTHING done.
    MIRONS friends made sure of that.
    MIRON got some stuff done, that i there was NO ELECTION …

    Pineast – Intelligent life in politics does exist.
    However – it is the self serving kind… 😦

  4. 4 sudds

    Anyone know ANYTHING about Matt Catalano???

  5. 5 jezebel282


    My neighbor is related to him somehow. (Maybe that explains why so many politicians in this Town are a little “off”. Everyone seems to be related.)

    According to the neighbor it is his first experience with politics and he is running on a platform of “Enough is enough”.

  6. 6 sudds

    “and he is running on a platform of “Enough is enough””

    That is actually ENOUGH (get it… enough? LOL) to earn him my vote!!!

    Although… that probably will just make him a rubber-stamp for Mayor Harkins… so I guess Mulligan still has my vote at this point.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Did you promise Sudds the no-show job at the RR station?

  8. 8 1george1

    Jeze –
    As Irkel would say – “did I do that?”

    In my case no.
    Only definite promises I made as Mayor
    1 – Find way to rename Town Hall for Ed Hargus
    2 – Install Web Audio Video in council chambers + 217
    or what ever they renamed it
    – Post virtually everything on the web, presently being hidden
    3 – Anybody but past Town Attorneys and try to get fix rate.
    I will lure them by using the term “fix.”
    4 – Referendumb on Grandfather Rights / Budget issues / other
    5 – see my website

    Besides I think with Sudd’s anal cavity fixation I am not sure I want
    him near Rail Road. And Sudds has 1 track mind.

    Catalano was the choice of District # 3, who backed Best.
    Maybe 40s? Quiet. Stocky / Solid about 5’10’? Clean shaven.

    Best wrote nice piece about his parents who both died about
    same time few months ago. Father was long time R. Father was
    in Germany U. S. Military Intelligence.

    BACK THEN Biebel was instrumental in Goodrich becoming R.
    Biebel headed CT R for REAGAN, who is beloved by many and
    hated by many, for what his policies did.
    Goodrich headed CT R for Pat Buchanon.

    There was a time I believed Reagan and Buchanon.
    At least they were not directly part of OIL MAFIA like Bush –
    Cheney – Rockefeller – Schultz


    Supposedly Communist USSR fell 1987 – 1988.
    Cheney – Rumsfeldt – GHW Bush WERE part of Nixon + Reagan
    W + Cheney + Rumsfeld took apart CAPITALISM with bipartisan

  9. 9 sudds

    “Besides I think with Sudd’s anal cavity fixation”

    WHAT??? :Shock:

  10. 10 sudds

    Oops… that should be 😯

  11. 11 jezebel282

    Uh oh…..


    Is there something you’re not telling us? Maybe a craving to shop for drapes or china?

  12. 12 1george1

    Jeze and Sudds are another

    Burns and Allen.

    They get me to LOL.

    Folks let’s take up a collection for their comedy road trip.
    They oughted to be on the next bus outta town..
    or maybe under it? Yuk Yuk Yuk

  13. 13 matpcat

    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Matt Catalano and I am running for 3rd district councilman. This is not my first foray into politics as your neighbor suggests. I am a lifelong Stratford resident educated in the Stratford school system. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and a life member of VFW Post 9460 for service in the Persian Gulf, where I received a letter of commendation from Commander Middle East Force. I have been a Town Comittee member, Jury commitee member, Arts Commission member, elected in 1997 to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Anyone who knows me knows that I hold the interests of the town above all else.
    The reason I am back in is because I can no longer stand by and let the town I love continue on this downward slide. This election is not about D’s and R’s. It is about putting reasonable people in place to conduct the business of the town and try to turn our image problem around.
    I look forward to getting my message out as I walk the district and answering any questions people may have here. Thanks Matt.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Welcome to the blog!

    As we get further into the campaign we will provide you the opportunity to express your views at your pleasure. Umm…and then there is George. What can I say? That is up to you.

    As for town government experience, my neighbor’s wife will confirm that not many of his statements are, shall we say, accurate. But it could be that in this election, less is really more.

  15. 15 ronmoreau

    To all,
    Matt Catalano Has been a friend for over 20 years, since the days of the Young Republicans organization . A fine man and I was proud (as one of the elected members of the 3rd district RTC) to endorse him to represent the 3rd district on the town council in this Novembers election. I wish more people like him would ‘step up to the plate’ and get involved in local politics. Welcome back Matt.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Both the RTC and DTC outreach programs are doing an excellent job of keeping potential members away. Almost like a membership prevention program.

    In the meantime we await George’s accusations that Matt is somehow connected to the CIA, Dick Cheney, the Trilateral Commission or NSA.

  17. 17 sudds

    Misters Catalano, Fahan & (*gulp*) Mulligan,

    As a voting member of the 3rd district I would be VERY interested in learning your position on various issues around town.

    Shakespeare theater? The Army Plant? Longbeach West? Longbrook Park? Etc?

    And most importantly… no-show jobs at the train station???

  18. 18 1george1

    I suspect Mr. Catalano and I have similar objectives.

    He was endorsed by the Republican3rd District, which
    supported Jon Best, with the exception of Mr. Monro
    (did not vote for Mr. Best)

    While I have nothing personal against most of the people
    in either political party, I have strong differences with
    the people who lead the majorities of the town committees.

    Mr. Best had the backing at the Town Committee people of
    people whose political positions are closer to mine, although
    we have some healthy ideological differences.

    I have made no secret that I do not think Esq. Proto and some
    of the people he represented / and – or worked with, who
    also have relationships with Berchem firm – are good politically
    for Stratford. Esq. Proto is Mr. Best’s campaign manager and was
    on the Charter Revision Commission.

    Politics makes strange bed fellows.

    Because of certain past association of Mr. Best – I can not support
    him, any more than any of the other Mayor Candidates.
    Wittingly or unwittingly Mr. Best can be a TROJAN HORSE, as we ALL
    know how HOBBSON CHOICES, are manuevered in Stratford.
    I do believe JON is likely one of the better candidates for Mayor and
    I believe he honestly wants the to improve Stratford.
    I believe he would be the toughest debate.
    All of us have weaknesses.
    In a debate, he and I could debate our respective strengths and weakness
    while pointing out or respective beliefs about others in a debate or who
    feared either or both of us, would expose them.
    I would expect an honest, ethical and hard debate, if I am allowed.

    People I like and respect, like and respect Mr. Catalano.
    Thank you you your service to our Country.

    I do NOT want Mr. Fahan to represent the 3rd District.
    I am against his work on the Town Charter.
    I believe he is a political opportunist, who state what he believes
    is politically viable. (not necessarily lying ….)

    I believe it is important to draw people into stating political positions,
    to benefit an informed choice and what is best for the Voters.
    I would expect an honest, ethical and hard debate, if I am allowed.

    PYE Sept 29
    League of Women Voters mid late – Oct.
    Christ Church likely that time frame – if they get involved.

  19. 19 1george1

    Shakespeare theater? Shakespeare theater? Shakespeare theater?
    One big act.
    Bad Contract.
    I do not believe we have seen the real developer.
    I want 24/7/364 open Theater privately run, paying taxes
    and sharing licensing.
    Fall and Spring month of 2 Shakespeare 2 week Productions
    in each season. Morning + Afternoon wekday matinees for
    all HS / Colleges / ARTSIES, with long Weekend evening shows.

    Summer: Shakespeare Festival or anything else – No preference!
    > Christmas Festival – Nutcracker – Carols – Shows
    > Broadway Road Shows
    > Off Broadway
    > Local Productions
    > Music / Comedy concerts
    > Public speaking
    > Cable / Dish / TV / Radio / Web = CASTING available
    > Licensing “Stratford item” web and local distribution, supporting
    fundraising of non profits – PROFITABLY
    > TICKET SURCHARGE as low percent of cost.
    > access for Community use – low cost
    > Supplemental revenue opportunities, related to parking and more.

    The Army Plant? The Army Plant? The Army Plant?
    I believe there will be development starting in 2010.
    I do not believe we have seen the real developer.
    If AVCO is $ 1 Billion or $ 1.5 Billion developed or $ 2 / $ 3 Billion
    with the AIRPORT bought and developed.

    What does that do to the GRAND LIST which was $ 4.5 Billion?
    If the GRAND LIST will be $ 5 Billion in 2011, without including
    potential $ 2.5 Billion in new development accross, Stratford,
    adding 50 % to the GRAND LIST, should drop the MIL RATE by
    33 % – providing the Budget was static.

    What SUDDS over looked is the estimated 25 % in the Town Budget
    that may be available to be eliminated….

    SUDDS you are the MBA.
    What is the NET effect if the Town Budget can be cut 25 % by 2012,
    With the GRAND LIST increasing 50 % by 2012,
    and if Federal and State Grants and Stimulus money can grow from
    the 15- 20 % of the present BUDGET PIE, by increasing those by 50 %?
    Those number can be found on the Website.

    Longbeach West? Longbeach West? Longbeach West?
    I believe there will be an intentional failure and a plan in place
    to trade LBW for the AIRPORT.
    (I am against moving the road!!)
    LBW belonged to the people.
    The people never (realistically) used it.
    If the F & W does raise the Funds and pays Stratford $ 5 million,
    that is only 1 Mil if used for Tax Relief.
    Or used for Environmental purposes.
    I would like LBW to be an ENVIRONMENTAL JEWEL.
    However, “this IS Stratford.”

    Longbrook Park? Longbrook Park? Longbrook Park?
    > Where’s that?
    > Actually Gavin and Paul Joy know a lot more about it than the
    one meeting I atttended.
    > Mr. Fahan was Gavin’s campaign manager
    > Paul apparently supports Mr. Catalano
    However Penders Field was once considered the Gold Standard,
    according to Bob Baird – SHS Athletic Director + Brakettes.

    What was can be again.
    I have restoration ideas that are cost effective.

    I have ideas about using goose poo and miron hot air to heat all
    Town Buildings.

    Actually there are technological tradeoffs within powering NEW
    LIGHTS needed for the field and for powering and engine to move
    the pond water, which supposedly would solve or lower geese

    There are Stimulus Grant money opportunites for wall, bridges,
    building at Long Brook upgrades, but not maintenance.

    Miron and Gavin are well aware of same.

    Miron’s grant writers wrote $ 61,000,000 in competative applications
    for GRANTS or STIMULUS EARMARKS, of which the $ 909,000 was ONE,
    as of MAY 2009.
    At that time over $ 6,000,000 of NEW MONEY was approved to Stratford
    due to the GRANTS / STIMULUS – grant writer.

    etc. etc. etc. etc.
    My other positions can be found at

    Sudds – did I answer your questions in a timely manner?

    Critical and constructive criticism welcomed.

  20. 20 jezebel282

    Now we can wait to hear how John Fahan will work with his selection for mayor, Jim Miron.

    What’s your plan, John?

  21. 21 1george1

    Wasn’t Mr. Fahan banned from this Website?

    Or was it the Play right website?

    Jeze, would you clarify?

    Somebody asked me that question fairly recently?

    If you banned him, unless he views the site, how would he
    know about your offer?

    It looks like I have to concede the better resume to Mr. Catalano.
    I think I was the only one – so far – to respond to Sudds’ question.
    Does That put us at R – 1? – U – 1? – D – 0?

    Imagine a candidate who gives credit to opposition?
    In Stratford?
    I praised & criticized:
    Mr. Harkins
    Mr. Fahan
    Mr. Catalano
    Mr. Devan
    Mr. Goodrich

    I may have even said nice things about Proto & Burturla Brothers?

    I can not remember writing nice things about Norm or Berchem?
    Maybe somethin will come?

  22. 22 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    No one has been banned from this site. A user using multiple screen names from the same IP was blocked several months ago. The user was strongly suspected to be Mayor Moron.

    The only one who has ever come close to being banned is, well, George Mulligan.

    “Anyone with an opinion is entitled and invited to post here. Rules: Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the same IP address. Irrelevant or profane posts may be edited for content. If you wish to contact the editor privately you may do so at:

  23. 23 1george1

    I got the prize!

    Oh Boy – Oh Boy – Oh Boy!

    What was it that Groucho said about organizations?

  24. 24 phineast

    Geeze George, haven’t you burned out your keyboard yet?? Or do you have like 10 in a row and just keep on going? my hand hurts just scrolling by!

    Jez, what’s up with the notation? Can’t fellow bloggers read your simple rules? Or does someone feel they are above the rules…..hmmmmmmmmmmm who could that be??? again.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Please feel free to have that discussion with George about netiquette and remaining on topic.

  26. 26 1george1

    # 23 was an 18 word post.

    I feel badly for phineast, whose hand hurts, just by scrolling?

  27. 27 jezebel282

    First Campaign question to Council Candidates:

    What is your position on the disclosure form proposed by the Ethics Commission?

    (We expect Matt Catalano to answer first since he looks like the likely winner in the 3rd.)

  28. 28 mikereynolds

    Rumor has it that a lobbyist for Bercham, Moses, and Devlin and former elected statehouse Democrat is calling Stratford lawyers and asking them to pony up $1,000 for the Miron campaign.

    I guess BMD really wants to keep billing Stratford for Rich Buturla’s time.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    He did that 4 years ago too. Miron sent a fax to every lawyer within 20 miles asking for donations. It didn’t work then either. Most of them laughed at it.

    If he’s out of money already, you have to wonder how much Heather Habelka got for “consulting”.

  30. 30 mikereynolds

    Its not Miron doing this…its someone associated with BMD.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    Well, you can’t really blame them. For a million dollars a year in billing that they get, they sure don’t want to be cut off in December.

    I’m sure some Republican or Independent campaign chairman will provide the list of contributors to Miron so we can see which lawyers/lawfirms and companies want a piece of Stratford’s pie.

    I’m sure Burns Construction will be on there next time.

  32. Town Council
    District 1: Susan Collier, former Councilwoman
    District 2: Stephanie Philips, Board of Zoning Appeals Commissioner
    District 3: John Fahan
    District 4: Jason Santi
    District 5: Olivia Gombar
    District 6: Councilwoman Amy Wanamaker
    District 7: Janice Andersen, Board of Education Member
    District 8: Bonnie Reynolds
    District 9: Tony Ross, former Councilman
    District 10: Vincent Faggella

    So, the above is the endorsed DTC candidates for Town Council. Not lots of surprises, eh?

    All I’ve got to say is WOW! Most of the names read like a who’s who of Miron cronies, of course.

  33. Here’s the endorsements for the rest of the seats:

    Board of Education
    Janice Daponte
    Eric Lazaro, former Board of Education member
    Rick Marcone

    Planning Commission
    District II: Planning Commissioner Ann-Alice Baker
    District III: Planning Commissioner Scott Potter
    District IV: Laura Dobosz
    District V: Tara Wexler

    Zoning Commission
    District III: Zoning Commissioner Jim Sheridan
    District IV: Robert Bradley
    District V: Zoning Alternate Ron Hojdich

    Board of Zoning Appeals
    District I: Mary Young
    District II: Board of Zoning Appeals Alternate Rich Fredette
    District III: Mary Ray

  34. 34 jezebel282


    Are you endorsing your friend Laura Dobosz?

  35. 35 1george1

    Stratford Star print my letter of harmless and innoculous generic
    quotes, the same week Miron TC # 5 wrote disparagingly about
    prople who use quotes of well regarded people.

    I wove the quoe be be reflective about National, State, Local
    politics, without naming anyone specific.

    However I went from Orwell to Judge Brandeis and Boss Tweed,
    as I was reflecting what I saw at Republican and Democratic Town
    Committee nominations. 😦 8)

    Maybe it is time to move from poetry to PRO SE?

  36. Jeze ~

    Now hell would freeze over on that one. I wish Tom Moore ran again too! Disappointed on that one.

  37. 37 1george1

    I like Tom Moore, as a person … a lot.

    Politically, I believe he means well.
    However PHINEAST, who is NOT a fan of mine, although he
    has agreed with a couple of my POST was 100 % correct
    about the TOWN COUNCIL and the 2008 PENSIONS.

    There was a definite agenda on the creation of the FAC,
    which Tom may or may not have been aware?
    I believe he was – and prefer to believe he was not …
    > There was no legit reason to investigate just the police,
    when a couple fire pensions were also off the charters.
    > There should have been comparisons to prior year computations.
    > There were other issues.

    The FAC has done some good things.
    However – PHINEAST nailed the FAC Police Pension cover up
    the same way Jeze nailed ETHICS


    I agree with Town councilors that the DISCLOSURE stuff is over
    the TOP, on the relatives full finances.

    However in their questioning it was pretty obvious they HONESTLY
    do not have a CLUE about ETHICS & hiring.

    Private sector networking is not much different than public sector
    networking, except nepotism, graft, and patronage become more
    obvious, when dealing with public money – and it is political enemies
    that are controlling the SPOILS system

  38. 38 phineast

    George what makes you think I’m not a fan? There are times you have very valid points and other times if you do I miss them because your posts are soooooo long and scattered I get a hand cramp scrolling by them. Doesn’t mean that when you are on topic and to the point i scroll. By the way, what pension reference did I nail in your opinion?

    Pat the DTC list of nominees or I should say the “fools list” gave me a good laugh. It is the patron saint of genuflection list of St. Mayor of the moment. I agree with Jez that these people have a very slim chance of getting elected with the exception of one or two. I agree with you that Tom Moore should have run again because with an unknown, that is a district RTC could lose. But i have to say at least he finished out this term, though he could have done far more if he ran again.

    It would seem to me that the Ethics commission making council fill out the full disclosures yearly is a bit redundant, BUT to have a full disclosure become part of the RFP/RFQ process as well as part of the hiring application would be the most beneficial and up to date way of keeping on top of the nepotism issues. Full disclosure to the umteenth degree, on the incoming to be viewed by ethics and council. At least it would be part of public record then and not some hidden secret.

  39. 39 1george1

    In another set you made reference to the 7 police pensions
    of 2008 investigated by Town Council Finance Advisory Commission
    to be set up to COVER UP wrong doing.

    I am intentionally all over the place.’

    Part of it is to educate.
    Part is to obscure what I was / am doing on paper trail
    Part is sheer frustration.
    Part is throwing stuff against the wall?

    Salls and Birge are the easiest to connect to local goinds on.
    The other Commissioners have less obvious connection to the
    players. But you can be sure Burturla vetted / prepped all of them.

  40. 40 sudds

    “I am intentionally all over the place”

    And this, my friend, is why you will never win an election!!!

    PS… Roger Salls is EASILY one of the best people I have ever met… any shots at him for his VOLUNTEER work will NOT be tolerated!!!

  41. 41 phineast

    George, while I appreciate getting credit-I don’t think I referenced 7 pensions-maybe 3 one from almost 3 years ago, one from almost 2 years ago and now the former d/c. I’m not sure where you got 7 from, but it wasn’t me.
    I agree with sudds’ assessment-being all over the place deliberately not only won’t win you an election but it won’t win you readers either. We stay focused(most of the time) even when we are doing exactly what you listed….
    The people involved in town affairs are less than one percent of the voting population. Most of these people are volunteers, and are bound to have at the very least met each other. It doesn’t mean that they are “corrupt”-it is the people that receive compensation and can influence how and where money is spent are the focus of alleged corruption-such as the mayor’s office, HR, Purchasing, the PD, the FD, PW–at the managerial level. When those individuals engage in actions and behaviors that create a financial benefit to family and friends is when I have an issue. It creates liabilities for the taxpayers that are unwelcome, casts shadows on the said department’s professionalism, and discourages quality people from doing business in town. What we currently have administratively in town smacks of those things, which is why we have the problems we currently have. But most of all when you lack intelligence and leadership at the top is what creates all of the senarios we are dealing with-it begins and ends in the mayor’s office.
    Right now it sucks for Stratford, but in November it’s going to suck for the former mayor.

  42. 42 1george1

    I like Susan Collyer and Tony Ross as people.
    I like Susan Birge and Roger Salls as people.

    Does that mean they may have “conflicts of interest?”

    The various Committees and Commissions in town are reflections
    of the people who control the political parties.
    Same as the Town Committees.

    I was appointed to the Financial Advisory Commission.
    I was told at one meeting, “It does not matter what I want.
    they have the majority of votes to control decisions.”

    No matter who huffs or puffs …..

  43. 43 1george1

    Does that mean GOOD PEOPLE – NEVER have “conflicts of interest?”

  44. 44 phineast

    Define conflict of interest, acknowleging someone isn’t the dame as a conflict in my opinion.

  45. 45 phineast


  46. 46 jezebel282

    It is interesting to note that not a single candidate for anything, with the exception of Matt Catalano, has posted a position here or even an explanation of why anyone in the world should vote for him/her.

    We should mention that Jon Best has posted here and has stated some important positions (congratulations, Mr. Best). That puts Jon Best way out in front.

    Although it is painfully obvious that Gavin Forrester III is far more qualified than any other candidate for the BOE, we would still like to hear from him concerning No Child Left with a Dime, ECS funding, Union contracts, overcrowding in the classrooms, stimulus grants, etc.

    So far as we can discern, the DTC candidates (including our favorite mayor) are running on a platform of 4 more years of tax increases, incompetence, retribution, and unlimited legal fees.

    Note to “campaign managers”: this site averages 400+ (way more if you count how many times George logs in) individual views per day and it’s free.

  47. 47 1george1

    How many teachers are there?
    How many classes are there?
    How many student are there?

    Please note Public Schools – Private Schools – Parochial Schools

    Someone please define to me what constitutes overcrowded classes
    and their relationship towards learning?

    Out of 400 viewers, there has to be some teacher with time off for
    the summer, willing to justify their existance?

    While many parents of children work 2 – 3 jobs and 350 days a year.
    Teachers work 186 days a year, minus vacation & sick days.

    What are school hours?
    8:30 am to 2:30 pm = 6 hour day, with over 1 hour lunch and a couple
    of study halls?

    What about FREE PARKING where PLAY GROUNDS are paved over, so
    teachers can park near school, unlike the RR Commuter Parking garage?
    The more parking area, the less area for kids to Re-create?

    What about Health Care, where many parents have NONE?
    – Premium 13 %, while many Private Industry START at 40 % – go to 100%?
    – Low Co-pay?
    – Zero Deductible
    – FREE $ 1,100 to INDIVIDUALS for 2 YEAR or
    FREE $ 2,200 to FAMILY for 2 YEARS where the IRS
    ALLOWS self insuring TAX DEDUCTIBLE – but this is Stratford,
    where FRIENDS of the PARTY gouge themselves, caring nothing
    about Veterans and Senior Citizens or Children and families.

    I had to SHAME the BoE and Town Council about the ALL DAY KINDER
    GARTEN, when O’Connell was SI. It seems some donators / F.O.P.
    owned DAY CARE CENTERS, and ……..

    During BUDGET WORKSHOP – Irene Cornish stated over 50 % of Stratford
    Teachers are at TOP PAY GRADE $ 85,000 – $ 91,000
    Plus Benefits, which are usually 40 % in the Private Sector, when they exist.
    However this IS Stratford.

    CIVIL SERVICE and MUNICIPAL SERVICE has come a long way since MLK Jr.
    gave his own eulogy in Birmingham’s Masonic Hall, the night before he
    was murdered, leaving a wife and young children.

    His dastardly / communistic crime? MLK wanted pay for GARBAGEMEN (
    Sanitation workers) to be above the Poverty LEVEL

    While I like Irene and Ben – Most Stratford residents do not like their PAY.

    The above is to STIR the POT, and dare people to think about their USA
    brothers and sisters who LOST

    CAREERS – not just JOBS

    HOMES – not just HOUSES

    RETIREMENTS – not just hording for the sake of hording

    HEALTH CARE protection from proverty – NOT inflated gimmees, so kickbacks
    can go to certain people YOU ALL KNOW and ALLOW

    On 9/11 – Police + Fire + EMS + Port Authority + Military ran TOWARD not
    away from but TOWARD DANGER!

    I want PROFESSSIONALS in Stratford Police, Fire, dedicated EMS. AND NOT
    Auxiliaries or Volunteers.

    I want Teachers, Police, Fire, PW, and others to be well paid and benefits
    consistent with excellent Private Sector pay – benefits.

    I want YOU to THINK

    about what we owe each other, as a matter of human decency?

    Hurricane Katrina was a complete disgrace, except those GREAT KIDS in
    those SIKORSKY HELICOPTERS, saving thousands of people….

    Next time we have a HURRICANE GLORIA, it might be one of those children
    who were saved, who will save the life of your spouse or son or daughter
    or grandchild, or your beloved dog or cat!

    While the Town Council gives away EXTRA MILLIONS to PENSIONS, just
    imagine if that were invested in SCHOOLS or PUBLIC SAFETY or VEHICLES

    If / when your spouse or you have a heart attack, or someone you love
    dies because it took firemen / EMS extra seconds to respond due to the
    LAYOUT of the FIREHOUSE – how will you feel about YOUR GAMES?

    George is a pain in the BUTT.

    George embarasses ranking people, and he is low class with dirty shirts
    and sweats, and is a fat f…

    But guess what boys and girls??

    NO MAN (woman) is an ISLAND …..


  48. 48 jezebel282


    While there may be >400 individual views of this site per day, I am going to say that the number of people that read beyond your first sentence or two is <400. I am also going to say that <400 are not effected by how much you use upper case characters.

  49. 49 1george1

    Does that mean I should always use UPPER CASE?

    Or are you calling me a character?

    If they are coming to this site on a daily basis
    and I am the only one stirring the pot on a daily basis …

    Are they coming here to read about your Skiing, Mike R’s golfing,
    or Dump diving fly fishing?

    You have your core of people who read this blog.

    Several people have identified themselves to me as readers of the blog.
    I could not tell you people sw privately or behind my back, but those
    who talk to me about the blog tell me they like that I do not back down
    from all comers and get a kick out of me stirring the pot.

    Of all of the bloggers, Jeze is the second most stubborn.

    Thou we come from different perspectives, I believe Jeze cares for her
    priorities of people in Stratford, with passion equal to mine. maybe more?

    It appears Sudds is not really a Republican, when you read his blogs.

    With all of those FLIP





    Anyone know where there is intelligent life within the Republican
    OR Democratic parties?

    Or if any of them actually understand and believe in their OATHS
    of OFFICE and CODES of ETHICS?

    The last GOVERNMENT LAWYER with an ounce of INTEGRITY may have
    been ELLI o. t. RICHardson.

    But he was FIRED by BORK from ORK.

    Sudds, I will be gald to splain them to youse!

  50. 50 jezebel282




    “It appears Sudds is not really a Republican, when you read his blogs.”

    Sudds has been extremely consistent. He will sell his vote to the first candidate who promises him a no show job. Oh…and his fixation about Pat Sperling.

  51. 51 1george1

    PCS does have a lovely …. avatar.

    PCS is my favorite blogger, due to research and consistent quality content.

    I admire independent thinking.

    Beauty and Brains and independence!

    Sudds does show good taste.

    Yet, Mr. PCS might be bothered?
    Mrs. Sudds might be bothered?
    And it is not how the game is supposed to be played.

  52. George ~

    Down for a spell…… LOL

    I’m not mad. I’m PO’d that Miron is trying to use the railroad station against Harkins. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was John Harkins and Dan Debicella that started the ball rolling. There were many commuters who were getting extremely frustrated at the promises that were made dating back SEVERAL years.

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that John Harkins kept the ball rolling and the lines of communication with C-DOT open. Before Harkins’ involvement, no one – not the Town nor C-DOT wanted to accept responsibility for the railroad station. Each would pass the buck of responsibility when asked who was responsible for whatever was asked for, be it snow removal, platform maintenance, etc.

    It was John Harkins who assembled the volunteer group of commuters, local business owners, and Chamber of Commerce members. An invitation was extended, for each meeting, to Miron or the CAO to attend – instead, he’d send Bruce Alessie. Nice guy, but not lots of answers. And then, when it was time to meet with C-DOT to choose a garage design, he comes in with more demands. He should have been there at the meetings or at least had Suzanne MacAuley there.

    P.S. What am I bothered about?

    Only a few months to go – those Miron lawn signs popping up mean absolutely nothing to the majority of the voters. Something tells me that there will be a record turnout to vote him out in November!

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    Unfortunately I think the Mayor is going to use the lack of progress at the train station against John like a hammer.

    John is a super nice guy. I think he’s going to have to toughen up and not be afraid to mix it up with the Mayor. He’s going to need to say publicly just what you said Pat.

  54. 54 1george1

    Hi PCS.

    Good to read your post.

    “Down for a spell…… LOL” < I know what sudds may be tempter to type. 😉

    For months I have talked on / off with Tom Smith of save stratford.
    We could not get people to run for office. Tom has 2 young children,
    commutes, and started new job.
    He told me Miron had been completely uninvolved with the dumpsite
    issue and told him it was a "done deal."
    That went over like a lead balloon.

    At the Democratic nomination, Schirillo made Fahan eat … dirt.
    He had to get up in front of everyone and claim to be a good democrat
    and loyal to Jimmy. Very luke warm reception.

    Miron gave a pretty good acceptance speach running off a pretty good
    list of accomplishments. Later I told him that I would have been impressed
    if I didn't know the reality….
    Jimmy was able to tease my about my grasp on reality….
    I was able to tease Jimmy about looking forward to a debate of facts and
    issues, not speculative and specious claims.

    Jimmy had praised Fahan and TOGETHER they would continue to LEAD
    the FIGHT against the EPA on the TOXIC DUMPSITES….
    All Tom Smith could do was shake his head …

    Mike R was correct when he wrote Jimmy will use the Train Station
    improvements vs. Harkins.
    Regardless of work Harkins did, he was in Legislation and appropriations.
    Only an Executive Branch can do implementation….
    Want Harkins to steal back Jimmy's thunder …?
    Have Rell get off her butt and get things done at Train Stations.
    RR Stations are State Facilities who work with Municipalities.

    I almost puked when I saw the Ethics Commission proselytization.
    More phased in con by Burturla / Miron, who talk the talk and get
    their allies to strike the right poses and say / write the right words.

    It is too bad the CT. POST is run by government directives.

    I created a guest editorial that would chop up the ethics posturing
    – it it was printable

  55. 55 1george1

    Mike R is right about Miron taking credit for train station
    and mocking Harkins efforts.

    If Rell actually did something, the RR Stations are State property
    and they work with the towns. Otherwise Harkins loses this part
    of the debate, regardless of the truth….

    Miron also claimed he and Fahan would lead the fight vs. EPA on the
    Raymark Dumpsite.

    Schirillo made Fahan eat carp to protest loyalty to Miron & party.
    VERY lukewarm reaction. Even democrats don’t believe Fahan.
    How long before he rejoins Gavin?

    Tom Smith of Save Stratford told me Miron ignored the issue and told
    him the EPA at Raybestos field was a “DONE DEAL.”
    You can imagine his reaction to Mron leading the fight?
    Fahan showed up to 1 meeting…..

    It looks like Burturla / Miron are doing more posturing with the Stratford
    Ethics Commission.
    Pretty words.
    Knowing the problems.
    Claiming to want to take action….
    Meanwhile looked the other way for many years …
    OR caused the problems they not claim to be against…

  56. Mike ~

    I do have lots of faith that John is going to come out strong when he comes out. He’s an extremely intelligent man, I think he knows what he’s doing and what to expect – especially from Miron.

  57. 57 1george1

    I spent part of today at the Town Party behind Johnson House.

    I was called UNITY DAY.

    There was the Stratford Trailer.
    Live entertainment played from about 2:00 pm >
    There were 2 very larger tents.
    One tent had about 40 round tables with 8 seats per table.

    The other tent had about 10 tables with information about racial
    unity and town involvement.
    Nice renderings (drawings) about the NEW EMS Station and Animal
    Shelter. Plus a bunch on information about C.A.R.E.

    Citizens Aware Racial Equality – Lou DeCilio believes racism doesn’t exist.
    I guess those signs “italians need not apply” never existed either?

    I counted over 20 Stratford workers, plus 7 count em 7 police,
    plus Police Chief and Deputy Chief there for couple hours.

    About 1:00 pm there were about 1 paid person per 3 citizens.

    Some of the Town Hall Staff was present:
    Mr. Mayor and Kent (not employee nor member of Berchem)
    Economic Development: Bruce – Duncan – Ms. K (Grant Writer)
    Police Chief & Deputy
    Councilman O’Neill + Stephany Phillips & Tiny workin Food
    Dave from PW – my favorite Pension Union Rep
    Then there were people I recognize but don’t know names.
    Then there were people with Town Stratford / Staff shirts.
    Then there were others without official shirts
    Then there were 5 or 6 police explorers.

    I asked Bruce Allessie if “NORM,” “RICH BURTURLA” and “POLICE
    CAPTAINS” knew their (booty – swag) was being spent on BLACK
    PEOPLE? 🙂

    Actually – I only asked about NORM & RICH … 😉

    Imagine, money was spent to fix up the BIRDSEYE + the ball fields +
    adding new Basketball courts at Birdseye and Johnson House?

    They also painted basket ball courts by woodend homes.

    I don’t think NORM ever approved this!!!
    I suspect Jimbo never told NORM!!!
    I wonder if JIMBO slipped this past Dick?

    NORM will be ticked!!!
    ANY of these contracts going to HIS CLIENTS?
    I don’t think any of his clients work, near where BLACK PEOPLE live?
    I don’t think any BLACKS work in MILL RIVER COUNTRY CLUB –
    NOT EVEN the KITCHEN? 8)

    DeCilio and Norm don’t even run a Republican in District # 2 for
    Town Council… what was the phrase??? Let sleeping dogs lie …

    This coming from lying dogs …..

    This isn’t Bunnell Field!!!!

    HOW MANY times will Bunnell Field be resurfaced before PENDERS = once?

    I think BOOMER asked that of HENRICKS about 15 minutes before getting sucker punched – then the gimpy run down and punchin bag practice?

    HOW much QUICKER BUNNELL heating / furnaces got repaired before SHS?

    This isn’t the Annual Flood POOL Slush Fund!!!!!!

    The other day I was collecting Signatures outside Town Hall to run
    for Mayor. (I am on the ballot with 239 signatures, needing 156)

    Jimbo walked by and suggested I set up a Lemonade stand. 😦 🙂
    I told Jimbo, we already had a Lemon for a Mayor. 😉 8)

    Today I complimented Jimbo that is was a nice turnout
    (by 3:00 pm there were over 300 people and growing)

    I had to tease Jimbo that for 2 years I have been defending him to
    the bloggers, to the respect he was NOT a COMPLETE SCREW UP!! 🙂

    Jimbo seemed hurt? 😦
    He replied he didn’t think he was a SCREW UP at ALL!!

    Aw Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy … You can tease me but I can’t tease back?

    I noticed a decent turn out of certain Town Hall people and a few
    Democratic Town Committee people.

    I notice NONE of the Democratic Town election candidate were at
    the event, except Stephany Phillips & Alvin O’Neil – especially Jason
    Santi (# 4), John Fahan (# 3), Susan (# 1), Amy (# 6), Tony (# 9),
    Vince (# 10). Bonnie (# 8), Janice (# 7).
    I would not reconize the dip from District # 5

    So much for workin for da Mayor or proving you care about BLACK
    people, claimed by the Democratic party ….

    The Hot Dogs, Hamburgs, Potato Salad, and other servings were free
    as well as flavored water, which ran out about 3:30, as the crowd was
    growing, especially young kids.

    Bruce Alessie told me Alvin O’Neil raised money for the function.
    I strongly suspect the food and beverages.

    However, I stongly suspect the cost of the Tents, Tables, and Chairs
    may have been rentals – although the Tables and Chairs may be Town
    Assets like the Trailer, where the band played.

    I suspect much of the senior staff was on Salary.
    There may have been volunteers like the police explorers.

    I wonder how much the cost of non salary staff, including 7 police,
    besides the D/C & Chief?

    But ya know what –

    Dick Miron – Dick Burturla – Norm and his B UTTER NUT – DeCilio
    sheiskopt have done NOTHING for minorities for 20 years.

    Alvin has stepped up, and set up a nice day for the District.
    So what if it cost a few grand??? !!!!

    Top PENSIONER gets paid more per month for STEALIN TIME – ehr ..
    I mean doing life threatening duty asleep at home after writin in
    his time, if my interpretation of Captain McNiel’s grievance was
    conveyed properly to me, by a union member.

    A few months ago ALVIN stood in front of a couple hundred HS
    Athletes who made ALL STATE – ALL CONFERENCE – ALL TEAM and

    The MAYOR was too busy to be bothered coming out of the BUNKER.
    None of the other TOWN COUNCILORS attended.
    Tom Moore told me he didn’t know about it.
    (I believe Tom is honest in his beliefs.)

    The certificates themselves were not elaborate.
    They were OK. Nice sentiments!

    The BIG DEAL is that a TOWN COUNCILOR recognized KIDS for their

    Some of these KIDS will give them to parents (some attended) who
    will proudly post them on the Wall.

    Some of these KIDS will keep the certificates for their entire LIFE.
    I have some certificates for charity or social work or work awards.
    Believe it or not, I was on a Fairfield Little League All Star team.
    I was also playground checker champ.
    Recognition, at a younger age, means far more than later years.

    Between Alvin’s work today and with / for HS ATHLETES and other
    things, Alvin deserves an at-a-boy!

    Alvin has also worked for years with kids.

    I heard Crudo and Norm worked with Little League, so Norm can’t be
    all bad (might be only compliment I ever gave him)
    (Joe is a good guy, but Norm makes Joe look like a fool to everyone
    who knows them, from numerous people who tell me.)

    To my knowledge, Norm never did anything against me.
    However, I believe Norm and Burturla, along with Louie/Bill and the
    various Attorneys, and ranking Police / Fire are the worse people in
    Stratford to have adversely impacted Stratford.

    At this time, I still won’t release key anti-Harkins / anti-Dom stuff.

    I did notice Harkins sign in front of “Johnny’s” owned by DeCilio’s
    good friend Angelo, former Democrat Town Councilor who ran for
    the Planning or zoning seat (to win it) and the quit so Burturla /
    Miron could fill the seat… Amy’s dad is primarying the seat.

    Hey primaries are Stimulus package programs.
    They help pad the income of party members …. 🙂 😦

    I hope Mike Singh and Jon do get their signatures to primary.

    What a mess it would cause if either or both actually WON?

    Everybody should unregister as Republicans and Register as
    Democrats to vote for SINGH!!!!

    1 – It would KNOCK MIRON out of the RACE
    Miron can’t register as Independent. TOOOOOO LATE BABY Aug 5!!!

    2 – it would affect the HARKINS / DOM VOTE.

    3 – Mike Singh has the most outgoing personality and best sense of
    humor of any, I repeat any of the Candidates….. especially when he
    is B S – ing about himself …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Yo Mike I am teasing.

    Great Singh lines:
    Called Steve Duncan a LAWN JOCKEY
    Called Stratford Police KEYSTONE KOPS
    Can’t repeat his lines about MIRONS / BURTURLAS / REPUBLICANS

    Mike Singh was the 3rd most intelligent candidate among the 23 Town
    Council Candidates at ST. JOSEPH’S debate 2 years ago …
    Gavin and modesty …… 😉

    I will be able to hear Kubic stomach churn, when he reads this.
    Amy will laugh …

    Just imagine if JON beat HARKINS?

    I will be able to hear PCS stomach churn, when she reads this.
    I will be able to hear NORM’S stomach churn, when he reads this.

    Imagine IF JON actually would farm out Town Attorney and not
    give it to PROTO / BURTURLA / KELLY / FLOREK?

    Just imagine IF an Stratford had an HONEST TOWN ATTORNEY?

    If CRIMINAL and CIVIL R. I. C. O. Class Action Law suits were filed,
    I wonder what would happen to PROTO / BURTURLA / KELLY /

    But then we had scum bags like BUSH(s), CLINTON(s), Rockefeller(s)
    bribing POLICE / JUDGES / ELECTED / entire Political Justice system
    with OPIATED MASSES and intentionally flawed FOREIGN POLICIES to
    perpetuate WARS and CRIME.

  58. 58 1george1

    I forgot about Blando – Ahlberg – Kurmay – Rodie and a bunch more.

    About the only thing Government lawyers, judges and party official
    are good for is ….. compost.

    Although many of those noted are not that bad as people …
    for lawyers. Some I actually like, despite my teasing.

  59. 59 starlooker


    First off Teachers do NOT work a 6 hour day…. It ends up being 37 1/2 to 40 hours a week. Not all teachers get a break time. when they do they use it as prep time or to start correcting papers. when teachers come home from work its not their free time all the time. There are more papers to correct, log their grades in, Prepare tests. Any free time between classes, HS & MS those grades have to also be placed in a computer. I personally have had to eat lunch with a class. Teachers also have to attend classes to get their CEU’s into the state each year. So sometimes on Columbus Day you will find a teacher not having a fun time at home but in a classroom. They need to do this each year in order to keep their teaching license and to Teach each year. Yes they have the Summers off but depending which school district it is some do not get paid through the Summer so they do get a summer job. Now say a student had homework in 3 sunjects, well the next day (say a classroom of 20 students) that is 60 papers you have to check and make sure they did it correctly. They do not get over-time when they have reportcard meetings with parents at night. Same with special functions in the evening. If you feel they are overpaid for for teaching children 184 days a year I would love for you to shadow a teacher for a week, give him/her a break and correct the papers etc and then you can make a fair enough judgement.

    KD Murphy

  60. 60 1george1

    Hi Star,
    It cost $ 60,000 a year to jail someone.
    and $ 10,000 a year for Public Education per student.

    The former is a waste of a life.
    The latter should lead to a full life, and benefit society.

    My attack on teachers is mostly tongue in cheek,
    with a touch of laying out counter points to much of the nonsense
    set foreward during the Budget Season.

    I am very aware of the extra education and advanced degrees
    needed for certification.

    Further I am aware that there is time for MOST GRADE to have to
    grade tests and homework.

    Further, there is prep time.

    You made a good point about meeting parents and special

    However – teachers are scheduled for 186 days a year, having
    vacation and sick leave.

    Top pay is upper $ 80s – low $ 90s.

    The benefits, especially Health Benefits are superior to most
    workers in the USA. This brings per cost to $ 150,000 range.

    Many people feel the Management is now top heavy / expensive.
    And I like Ben + Irene.

    I respect the Teaching PROFESSION.

    However, they are handicapped by politics.

    I feel the Democratic and Republican parties intentionally
    cause problems and limit resources / curriculum as well as
    make DRUGS too available (FDA Quality) because they want
    kids to be FODDER for their WARS and POLITICAL JUSTICE

    Looking at the last 9 years ….
    The entire economy was attacked and taken over by the
    allies of whoever runs the 3 branches, with money steered
    from the PRIVATE SECTOR WORKERS who have lost total
    equity, careers, portfolios, homes, pay, benefits….

    Star … I appreciate your passion and position.
    You have always been among the kindest … nicest … and
    most honest of all of the bloggers. You revealed your id to
    me many months ago, which I did not betray.

    I rarely regret a post.

    However, the post I set was to stir the pot for others.
    Yet, you choose to POST your passionate position and your
    integrity of placing your name.
    **** (tsk, tsk, George. No names. You know better.), If everyone on this blog and this town had your qualities,
    we would be better off.
    Yet …. you posted an excellent example of a quality blog and
    quality person. Stay well.

    Also my best wishes and thanks to your son … a Veteran!

  61. 61 starlooker


    Yep you like to get people going. Thats what makes me laugh. I am now a preschool teacher and I work 51 weeks out of the year. I have to have 20 hours of workshop credit per year….So even outside the BOE we all have to do this. Many do not realize it is all who educate have to do this.

    Thank you about my son, Thank God he is back on US soil.

    My next question to you and see if you know this, Why does Dom have his signs on the Post Road in Devon?????

  62. 62 jezebel282


    It is a fact that there are people in the United States that earn more money than you and have better benefits. You will spend a lot of useless energy complaining about that. Some earned it and others not so much.

    I have met many Wharton MBA’s that couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to see 500 employees from Stratford with Master’s degrees flooding the market right now. You can also rest assured that there are many people that would not invest $100,000+ and 6 years of effort in return for an $80,000/year job where almost everybody gets to tell them what to do and when to do it.

  63. 63 1george1

    I spend minimal amount of time complaining about what people earn.
    I simply stated facts about Teachers and Administrators.
    If you note, I noted to voters the later is an Issues I heard about.

    I do complain about Pensions, which I do NOT believe were earned.
    Replace or superimpose a Defined Contribution Plan against the
    Defined Benefit Plan – The Pensions become more evidently inequitable!

    I pretty much agree with the rest of your post.
    Except I am unsure about the reference to 6 years @ $ 80 k?

    Town Council can get elected 3 times = NO PAY = OVER PAID
    CONGRESSMAN / WOMAN get elected 3 times or MORE – over $ 100 k
    MAYOR is 4 year TERM = PAY a bit highter than $ 80 k – I think?
    Senator is 6 years but about $ 140 k?
    Superintendent is about $ 175 k? That is the Market. But what do
    private and parochial schools / systems pay?

  64. 64 jezebel282


    That was your number: “Top pay is upper $ 80s – low $ 90s.”

  65. 65 sudds

    W… T… F???

    I’m glad to see that our mayoral candidate supports businesses in… MILFORD???

  66. 66 jezebel282


    You were hoping for Hooters?

  67. 67 sudds

    No, but now that you mention it!!! 😆

    But seriously… How about Copper Tavern? It’s a small restaurant that is owned by someone who (a) was born and raised in Stratford, (b) is a veteran, (c) I’d be willing to bet could use the business, and (d) PAYS TAXES TO STRATFORD!!!

    What kind of tax bill does the town send restaurants in Milford???

  68. 68 ronmoreau

    Sudds, That bar in Milford is owned by a Stratford policeman.

  69. 69 sudds

    Mr. “I want to be on the planning commission for the 3rd and 4th Districts” Moreau…

    Can you please inform everyone how much said policeman pays in taxes for that business to the Town of Stratford?!?!?

  70. 70 sudds

    PS… didn’t you just admit that Mr. Harkins prefers to support his personal friends/supporters over what is best for the Town of Stratford???

    Mr. Best… your thoughts on this???

  71. 71 jezebel282

    This should teach that Harkins guy. Next time….Hooters.

  72. 72 ronmoreau

    Sudds, My comment was just a point of information. Obviously the buisness in Milford does not pay taxes in Stratford. Perhaps the buisness owner,a Stratford Policeman, is showing his support for John Harkins by offering his place of buisness for a fund raiser. Personally, I prefer to spend my money in my neighborhood, my voting district and my town of Stratford. In that order. If what I want is not available in Stratford I go elsewhere. By the way, thanks for the plug. I hope you and yours vote for me.

  73. 73 jezebel282


    Don’t worry, some candidate is bound to offer Sudds a cushy no-show job.

    (Which reminds me. I have to pick up a Lotto ticket tomorrow.)

  74. 74 ronmoreau

    Jez, I’m not a gambler but on a whim I will buy a lotto ticket. Ya never know. I only buy one ticket. If it’s my destiny to win I will win with the one ticket.Is their a big payoff in tomorrows drawing?

  75. 75 mikereynolds

    Has anyone driven through Paradise Green lately?

    All the trees along the storefronts are gone. I did not see the required signs posted notifying the public that the trees were going to be removed.

    In addition, the trees were taken down on a Saturday by our Public Works department. I’m sure they were paid overtime. I wonder what the reason is for not performing the work during regular business hours.

  76. 76 ronmoreau

    sudds, Incedently, that Milford buisness owner, the Stratford policeman, is a resident,taxpayer and voter in the town of Stratford. Unlike many town employees.

  77. 77 1george1

    It MAY BE in the best interest of a working Stratford Police Officer
    to own a bar or business in another town, as he / she might be
    accused of “benefitting” from “political connections?”
    – Especially with incidents with happen at BARS, more than Restaurants?

    Not that “political connections” have boundries.

    I am NOT advocating for people to have Businesses elsewhere and NOT

    Having a Fund Raiser is good business.

    Normally there is a charge for the FOOD.
    Probably $ 15 for food of the $ 40 Ticket = $ 25 for candidate.
    The people BUY DRINKS. Not that police, lawyers, business people
    ever DRINK alcohol ….
    Once they walk through the door once, there is a tendency to
    come back at least a few times …..

    It will be interesting to ……

  78. 78 ronmoreau

    Sudds, I forgot one of the most important things. That police officer is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.
    P.S. The Copper Tavern is a very nice Restaurant. I frequent the place occasionally. They’ve got excellent chicken wings. Although I prefer the ones at the Frog Pond.

  79. 79 1george1

    You were Marine too, right?

    My dad was WW II Combat Vet.
    I spent 6 years from age 12 to 18 in USNR Sea Cadets, including
    Great Lakes.
    Meetings were Friday nights.
    It kept me & cousin out of the usual trouble.
    At 280, I was not military material, at age 18.
    I had been normal weight, when my mom died when I was 9.
    As Freshman, I was 200 lbs.

    I appreciate service of all of our troops.

    However, Bush – Cheney and their appointees help explain how
    KOReAN WAR & SO. VIETnam could …. “happen.”

    Does the government treat “OUR VETS” the way they deserve?

    Is there a difference between front line & real soldiers and
    “political appointees,” in military, civil service, municipal/state,
    and private sector?

    Love our country and respect the institutions.
    I feel differently about leaders of political parties and lackies…

  80. 80 sudds

    Candidate Moreau…

    Let’s review where we’re at, ok?

    Kings Court (KC) vs Copper Tavern (CT)

    KC – smallish bar/resturant that has the room for a fundraiser
    CT – smallish bar/resturant that has the room for a fundraiser

    KC – Owned by a former Marine
    CT – Owned by a former Marine (at least I THINK he was a Marine… definitely military)

    KC – Owner politically connected to Mr. Harkins
    CT – Owner not overly involved with politics

    KC – pays taxes to another town
    CT – pays taxes to Stratford

    Hmmm… what was my original question again? Oh that’s right…

    “didn’t you just admit that Mr. Harkins prefers to support his personal friends/supporters over what is best for the Town of Stratford???”

    Again, your thoughts on this Mr. Best? (Hint: If Mr. Harkins is afraid to debate you… I would recommend “calling him out” at every opportunity you are given!!!

  81. 81 sudds

    PS… “Incedently, that Milford buisness owner, the Stratford policeman, is a resident,taxpayer and voter in the town of Stratford”

    FYI… Kris from Copper Tavern also lives and votes in Stratford. He also pays taxes for himself and HIS BUSINESS to Stratford!!!

  82. 82 sudds

    Lastly… “I hope you and yours vote for me.”

    Are there an no-show jobs on teh planning Commission???

  83. 83 jezebel282


    KC – smallish bar/resturant that has the room for a fundraiser
    CT – smallish bar/resturant that has the room for a fundraiser

    I think before we get too deep into “Bar-Gate”, you should find out if there is a charge for the use of the room for a fund raiser. If the one in Stratford does and the one in Milford doesn’t (or the fee was waived), that pretty much answers the question.

  84. 84 1george1

    No offense Ron,
    But Sudds makes a good argument. Very good.

    Sudds is usually content to wise crack OR sexual innuendo.

    Occasionally we see how he earned his MBA….

  85. 85 sudds

    George – WOW! Thanks!

    Jez – I’ve actually held an event at Copper Tavern (cheap plug: the event went off perfect without a hitch… and the service was OUTSTANDING), and there was NO charge other than paying for food/drinks! Plus… if KC is waiving their fee than (1) haven’t we had enough of a mayor who has been bought~and~paid~for, and (2) how did receiving free stuff work out for Mayor Ganim???

  86. 86 jezebel282


    If that’s the case, then it is a poor decision.

    However, Harkins has yet to produce a position on anything. I doubt this will incent him either. At least we know there will be a Harkins sighting on Sept. 20th.

  87. 87 ronmoreau

    Sudds, “FYI… Kris from Copper Tavern also lives and votes in Stratford. He also pays taxes for himself and HIS BUSINESS to Stratford!!!”
    No argument, from me, there. George , however does bring up a good point.

    “It MAY BE in the best interest of a working Stratford Police Officer
    to own a bar or business in another town, as he / she might be
    accused of “benefitting” from “political connections?”

    If the fund raiser is attended by many of Stratfords Finest, I can understand why the venue for this fund raiser might be out of town.

    As far as I know the KC owner is not involved in politics. Other than offering his place for a fund raiser.

    ” Are there an no-show jobs on the planning Commission???”

    None of the elected positions in town are paid jobs, except the Mayoral position. Let alone ‘high paying ‘no show jobs. If I get elected and you wish to volunteer your time……..

  88. 88 ronmoreau

    Sudds, You do not need me to volunteer your time to Stratford.

  89. 89 sudds

    Candidate Moreau….

    “None of the elected positions in town are paid jobs”

    Who’s talking about an elected position? I was wondering if the planning commission had something similar to the no-show job at the train station! (ok, it’s not officially no-show, but with hours of 10-4 at the train station who will ever know if I show up or not?)

    “Sudds, You do not need me to volunteer your time to Stratford.”

    I already volunteer my time for Stratford! Anyone else here Chair an event that raises over $20k annually for a non-profit in town? Anyone???

  90. 90 sudds


    “At least we know there will be a Harkins sighting on Sept. 20th.”

    True… but it will be in MILFORD!!!

  91. 91 jezebel282


    “True… but it will be in MILFORD!!!”

    Well…it IS closer than Hartford.

  92. 92 ronmoreau

    You have me at a disadvantage. You know who I am , I don’t know who you are. So I can not give you credit for your accomplishments. 20k for a non profit is commendable. Keep up the good work. I wish more Stratford residents ,like youself, sacrificed their time for the betterment of our town.

  93. 93 jezebel282


    “You know who I am , I don’t know who you are. ”

    Just look for a woman with a huge halo over her head. That would be Mrs. Sudds. He can’t be far away.

  94. 94 ronmoreau

    I seem to recall seeing a woman in the longbrook area with a halo over her head. That must be her.

  95. 95 sudds

    “Just look for a woman with a huge halo over her head. That would be Mrs. Sudds. He can’t be far away.”

    Sadly I can’t argue this!

  96. 96 1george1

    None of the elected positions in town are paid jobs, except the Mayoral position.

    100 % of the above are OVERPAID! 😉 8) 🙂

  97. 97 1george1

    Can somebody help me find something in the BUDGET?

    I am pretty good at findin / stuff.

    Maybe this is under a different name?

    But the bill for these has to be purty darn high, ober da years.

    And I don know witch dapertment it is under..

    Hab ya figured out wat I am askin bout?

    How much do we spend on …
    Who is the vender …
    Where do I find it in the Budget ….
    Are they biodegradeable …
    Are they fingerprint proof …
    Da Bridgeport Room special …
    Brown Paper Bags ….

  98. 98 1george1

    “Anyone else here Chair an event that raises over $20k annually
    for a non-profit in town? Anyone???”

    As well connected as everyone claims to be, you do not know
    who Sudds is? I could have added to the total, this year, but
    they would not let me participate….
    I guess it proves some of the board have good taste.

    I am going to help a non-profit organization in Town next year
    that has the potential to BOTH
    * Dwarf the ANNUAL RUND RAISING of Sudds
    * Add to ANNUAL RUND RAISING of all TOWN non-profits as a
    vehicle that is under valued and under utilized.

    Now that I know who Sudds is, we will be talking in Sept / Oct,
    because my proposal to be involved as unpaid volunteer has
    been accepted, however NO DETAILS have been agreed upon
    and directions / operations have to go through boards ….

  99. 99 sudds

    “Now that I know who Sudds is, we will be talking in Sept / Oct,
    because my proposal to be involved as unpaid volunteer has
    been accepted, however NO DETAILS have been agreed upon
    and directions / operations have to go through boards ”

    HUH? I’m sure if I should be excited or scared!!! 😛

  100. 100 1george1


    Would you like a vehicle to be able to increase Fund raising by 10 %
    or maybe 100 % while having fun amd participants enjoy, too?

    Down side?
    No Alcohol allowed.

    Please contact me if interested after mid Sept.
    You can pick up a lawn sign too. 😉

    Please attend each debate, film it, and put on UTUBE.

    If enough people fil, & post it, it might discourage editting…. 8)

    In a debate, I can not wait to raise issues vs Miron + Harkins + Dom.

    SUN TSU – He who defends everything
    Defends nothing.

    Expecting OP ED attack from CT. POST and publish letter that I am
    NOT PENSIONED unlike Miron backer Joseph Pedoto claim.
    I am also hoping STAR published uneditted !!

    How much have democrats and republicans done
    for stratford?
    to stratford?

    Are the USA political parties like RUSSIA Communist party or German
    Nazi party, or Europe / Levant GEMEINSCHAFT, where the connected
    feed off the unconnected?

    – If you were black, how would you feel about government parties who
    perpetuate economic and political dependance?

    – If you were american indian, would you have reservations?

    – If you lost your career, and perhaps your pension, with depleted 401
    or savings, how would you feel about causal personnel and allies / lackies?

    – If your home was foreclosed, due to circumstances a reasonable
    person would agree was not due to your reckless ness or abuse how
    would you feel about causal personnel and allies / lackies?

    – If your credit card debt was increased, due to circumstances a
    reasonable person would agree was not due to your recklessness
    or abuse how would you feel about causal personnel and allies /

    To put a personal face which some bloggers can relate – if Officer
    Omeara and Captain McNeil were facing these situations …..
    > I attended a fund raiser at the VFW. Why have there not been
    others, even at other places?
    > I think sudds could recommend a place?
    I’d spend another $ 20 – $ 25 ticket, though I do not drink.
    I’d buy another $ 5 – $ 10 raffle tickets, like I did then.

    I was asked today supporting about a charity?
    Work + Mayor/Council candidacy + helping a non profit after mid-sept +
    Town council / other meetings – unlike KILROY or BEEFY …..


    Sorry Phin.
    Not short.
    Yet, would you agree r disagree, I tried to be informative & helpful?

    George “BEEFY KILROY” Mulligan

    Who is the only candidate informing the public about issues behind
    the issues, and not costing tax payers anything?

  101. 101 ronmoreau

    When I started paying attention to politics, I put all politicians in one of three catagories.
    1- The’re in it for the money.
    2- They like being the center of attention and love to stand on that soap box.
    3-They just want to give something back to the community.

    As time went on. I started to see a ‘Grey’ area between the three, and came to this conclusion.

    1- There are the ‘ haves’ that want more.
    2-There are the ‘Have Nots’ that try to get what they can.
    3-There are the ones that just want to give something back to their community.

    What’s the moral to this story you ask?

    There are few of the #3’s in politics. Their only “paper bag” is knowing that their family and neightbors will be able to survive in this town. For you to say that “ALL” elected officials in our town of Stratford are “OVER PAID” is absurd.

    I do admire your zeal though. But some just don’t fit in catagory 1 and 2. Many fit in catagory 3. That applies to the elected Representatives on both the RTC and DTC as well.

  102. 102 ronmoreau


    Does the government treat “OUR VETS” the way they deserve?

    A gentleman approach me at Johnnys restaurant several weeks ago and thanked me for some advise I gave him a couple of years earlier.

    He had gotten layed off from his job and lost his health insurance. He had some medical problems and he was worried about treatment. I asked if he was a veteran. He said he was.

    I suggested that he take a trip up to the VA hospital in West Haven. He had not thought of that because he had not been in the military for several decades and didn’t think he had that benefit anymore. He went.

    It was a life saver for him and he wanted to thank me for my advise.

    He had nothing but praise for the way the VA hospital welcomed him and for the treatment he received. He told me that many of the doctors at the VA were for Yale New Haven hospital. What’s better than that? It’s nice to know,(as a Marine Corps veteran) that I have the help available to me if I ever need it. He confirmed that.

    The state of Connecticut recently honored all Connecticut wartime vets.

    The town of Stratford provides tax relief for all military veterans.

    Do I think that our government provides for our veterans? Yes I do. Are we looking for a hand out? NO

  103. 103 ronmoreau


    May I add one more thing?

    When I left the military in 1976 I applied for tax relief wjth the Town of Stratford. At the time I was eligable for a $1,500 exemption. It was applied to my car. I had since bought a home and had been through several cars.

    Since that time the exemption went to $4,600.

    I recently checked on my exemption status in the tax accessors office and found out that I was not getting any at all.

    They were very helpful in correcting the problem and told me that I could then apply my reinstated exemption going back 4 years.

    I would suggest that all Stratford veterans check on their tax exemption status in the tax accessors office periodically.

    There is also a New tax relief program,for veterans,in Stratford with an income requirement. Time is of the essence for this new program and should be applied immediately.

  104. 104 1george1

    The VA kept my dad alive for several years, with his month – two months
    stays. Very often they do excellent things. Could they be better? Yes.
    Are there problems? Yes
    Can they be a LIFE SAVER? Yes

    My dad died in 1976.

    …moved by Jezebel to:

  105. 105 1george1


    I agree with your assessment on why people get into politics.
    A certain Democratic ex-councilman put it about the same:

    1/3 for self
    1/3 for community
    1/3 for somethin to do – can go either way.

    My experience is many get involved, never having attended Council or
    other meetings and have no idea of true costs of things.


    UNION MEMBERS and PCS honestly believe the BS that the first 3 years
    of PENSION going back to pay off BOND was supposed to be their $$.
    – Stuff Voccola did was penny ante. His gripe with Burturla = GREEDY!
    – Ask any of Ray’s circle. Ray lived modestly and like all politics helped
    friends. While no rocket scientist – he knew enough not to go crazy.
    Compare Pensions early 2000s / late 1990s, much higher than 90 -95 but
    NOTHING like these last few years since 2003 = norm, with attorneys help,
    in my opinion.

    The basis of the BONDING was to pay $ 3 million a year PENSIONS obligated

    However, once the STOCK MARKET did TOO WELL, it was a LICENSE to
    STEAL. Everyone got greedy. Then the ones who use other peoples’
    money to build their various types of practices / businesses did to the

    I suspect he figured he could LIVE GREAT and no one catch him until
    he died, then he would not care – ***** everyone else.

  106. 106 1george1

    Referring to MADOFF
    I suspect he figured he could LIVE GREAT and no one catch him until
    he died, then he would not care – ***** everyone else.

    I have not done conspiracy code stuff in awhile.
    In OLD english the “f” or “F” look like the letter ” S ”

    So M A D O F F becomes: m a d O S S

    Which is an amagram of: M O S S A D

    Former Police Chief Mossman could be read as: m O S S m a n
    Like certain people choose him

    Former Town Attorney: Gilardi = becomes = G. I. LARD I
    in languages, often the last word in a sentence can become first …

    BURTURLA is an amagram: U R brutal

    Imbro + glio = Imbroglio = what does that mean?
    Ever see the G in a Mason Symbol?
    Lio = lion

    mIRON = IRON curtain

    Mulligan – has MANY MANY fun amagrams & meanings

    Lastly: What was the girl’s name at CHAPpaQUIDdick?
    Notice anything in her name, like the 4 letters after the “K?”
    O. P. E. C.

    Next to BERCHEM castle in Milford is a GRAND LODGE.
    Across the street from Glynn’s Cafe Westport is a GRAND LODGE.

    Dredd Scott as in SLAVERY ISSUE & Scot Rite
    What are the supreme court initials? SCOT U. S.
    Supreme Court Of The United States

    Hwever the Federalist # 10 shows how to control the EVIL EYE
    of the PYRAMID, which is NOW neither the ALL SEEING EYE of
    the MASONS, nor the HOLY SEE of the VATICAN.

    Whoever controls the USA Political system has ZERO in common
    with the old CT. MASONIC BLUE LAWS, and more in common with
    the KKK “invisible empire” AND Royal Family DIVINE RIGHTS…

  107. 107 sudds



    (not that I necessarily support Mr. Best, but)

    the cajones/backbone you showed in your letter to the Stratford Star this week have officially earned you my vote!!!

    PS… I would recommend locking your windows at night… Lou DeCilio isn’t a very big guy, so he can probably easily sneak through one!!! 😯

  108. 108 jezebel282


    When do you start your cushy no-show job?

  109. 109 sudds

    Surprisingly… no offer has been made yet!!!

    But then again, Mr. Catalano is not running for Mayor!

  110. 110 jezebel282


    I’m shocked!

    You are voting for someone based on…merit? Not even blonde hair and big…never mind.

  111. 111 1george1

    After the debates, I may vote for Catalano for Town Council
    and NONE of the ABOVE for MAYOR?

    As expected, other people will attack me, while the uncandid ates
    will ignore me.

    It looks like I will have to bring out the BIG PLASTIC RED NOSE..
    my big red nose, isn’t quite big enough.

  112. 112 matpcat

    Thank you Sudds for your support. I have no idea who you are, perhaps you will introduce yourself when I knock on your door. I just think healthy debate is good and the next Mayor should be Republican as we have the two best candidates. Worthy of note is the fact that on the same night the caucus vote went 58 to 11 the RTC amended their by-laws to lower the quorum level to 24. Quorums were impossible to obtain at 32 for the past year. This speaks to the fact that at least 40 of the people that voted at caucus do not take an active part in normal RTC business. The primary should be a true mandate for the candidate slated to unseat Mayor Miron in November. The Republicans can only be stronger because of this. Matt

  113. 113 1george1

    Just gotta tell ya – sudds is fickle. 8)

    He fishes for who ever will give him a no show job,
    like at the Train Station or Regisrar? 😉

    He might even vote for you for catnip for Rocki.

    This Website is mostly Republicans, north enders, police, and family of
    town councilors, past management and union. How do I know? They
    told me directly or indirectly.

    Although Gavin, Jon, & Ron Monro have been here with real names,
    and we believe Fahan & Miron used blognames.

    PCSperling uses real name.
    Dave Mooney and Laura Dobosz made token appearances with
    real names

    I am pretty sure Mr.: Florek, Proto, and Kubic made guest appearances
    in the past, between this and the prior blog.

    Jeze was mad at me when I passed this blog address out at Town
    council meetings, but it increased viewers.

    I spoke to Mr. Harkins at a small rally for him. I asked his issues?
    Mostly limited to Economic Development, starting with AVCO, FERRY
    Boulevard, and few other areas.
    He asked my issues, after I asked him quick range of issues?

    I pointed out GRAND LIST is $ 4.5 Billion and AVCO + AIRPORT should
    be $ 1.5 Billion … what SHOULD happen to TAXES if Grand List Tax
    Base goes up by 33 %.

    John said we agreed on Economic Development. And smiled.
    In poker that type of smile is called a tell.
    It told me, I underestimated what the professional appraiser
    believes that area is worth.

    John also mentioned no Economic Development Director and
    bad rapport with Board of Ed.

    I liked Diane Toolan. I like Ben + Irene. Each very capable.
    But they were/are Republican appointees.

    Years ago, Laura Hoydic, when she was with the Chamber Commerce,
    cited Ferry Boulevard as the ONLY place in town available for economic development. Hmmmmm….
    Interesting it is so near the HANNEY DEAL ….. 8)

    At an Economic Development Committee Meeting I watched and listened
    when Diane Toolan was looking to get Town Demographic information to
    the Chamber for the Annual printing, for the date she was told….
    Laura turned to Diane and told her the Chamber Book already went to
    Press …..


    DIANE was stunned.
    If DIANE was allowed to do her job, she could have done a good job,
    I think. However, as one critics said
    “based on Economic Development performance, she should be fired.”

    I believe a Mal practice Lawyer should sue the Town Attorneys, for
    the same reason ….

  114. 114 jezebel282


    Welcome to the blog. I’m sure there will be questions for you later.


    “Jeze was mad at me when I passed this blog address out at Town
    council meetings, but it increased viewers.”

    That’s not true. I only get annoyed with you after your first sentence or two and you can’t avoid that speeding tangent and try to grab others on your way to NeverNever Land.

  115. 115 sudds

    “Thank you Sudds for your support. I have no idea who you are, perhaps you will introduce yourself when I knock on your door.”

    Don’t worry… we’ve already met!!!

  116. 116 jezebel282


    Sudds was the one standing next to the woman with the huge glowing halo. That’s Mrs. Sudds.

  117. 117 sudds

    Sorry, Mrs. Sudds wasn’t there.

    But if she was then YES she would be the one with the GIANT halo!!!

  118. 118 1george1


    Maybe Sudds was the naked guy who came to the door?

  119. 119 sudds


  120. 120 jezebel282


    “Maybe Sudds was the naked guy who came to the door?”

    Gee, thanks a lot for THAT image!

  121. 121 1george1


    It could have been worse.


    You do NOT know what SUDDS looks like…..

    You know what other people including the pillsbury adonis looks like?

    Modesty forbids me to explain that what appears to be my stomach is
    well …. leave it to your imagination ….. 🙂 8)


  122. 122 jezebel282

    Mr. Catalano,

    “I just think healthy debate is good and the next Mayor should be Republican as we have the two best candidates.”

    Now that you mention it, would you share your positions with us on:

    The current contract with Mr. Hanney to develop the theater.

    The appointment of a full time salaried Town Attorney.

    Approval of budget transfers.

    Note to John Fahan: You are certainly welcome to respond to these questions as well.

  123. 123 matpcat

    Well Jez, my position on the theater was well publicized. The current “hybrid-agreement” with Hanney is garbage. It is a horrible agreement and does nothing for the town at all. Mr. Hanney has no credibility with me. He had a failed season here in 1983 and when he built the Stratford 14 cinemas his actual performance fell far short of the glowing proposal he presented me as a member of of the Board of Zoning Appeals. I will never support Hanney as a developer of The American Shakespeare Theater, period.
    I am all for a full time salaried Town Attorney.
    If you are talking about transfering surplus’ to cover shortfalls, it sounds good but I don’t necessarily think it’s a prudent way to do business.

  124. 124 jezebel282

    Mr. Catalano,

    Actually I was talking about transfers as occurred during the last four years. Such as taking money from Economic Development and transferring it to the Town Attorney, or from Public Works and transferring it to the Town Attorney, or from Recreation and transferring it to the Town Attorney…..

    So far, you seem to be way out in front of your competitor in the third district. You obviously have not taken an oath of allegiance to Mayor Moron either.

    Finally, what is your position on the “safety zone” at the airport desired by the City of Bridgeport?

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