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Taking Part


This is a great chance for citizens, businesses and candidates to: 1. Show support for the Stratford PD 2. Show your disgust with Chief John Buturla 3. Show James R. Miron that you have had enough 4. All of the above. Advertisements

“Walking the beat” has taken on new meaning in Stratford. In this town, cops are beaten when they walk back into the police station. They have more to fear from John Buturla and his little cadre of loyalists than they do from any criminal. The most heinous crime any cop can commit is a negative […]

Stratford Approves returning car to accident victim, she still threatens legal action. By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 08/25/2009 12:28:40 AM EDT STRATFORD — Josie Cicerale will drive her repaired car out of Hansen’s Auto Body Shop here Friday morning, 2 1/2 months after Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, while having a seizure, crashed his patrol […]

Woman says Stratford holding her car ‘hostage’ Repairs are done, but vehicle still not released By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 08/22/2009 05:34:56 PM EDT STRATFORD — For two months Josie Cicerale pleaded for the town of Stratford to pay to fix the car she was driving when Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his patrol […]

You read it in the Star: Three primaries on tap Written by John Kovach Wednesday, 19 August 2009 15:39 Primaries have been confirmed in three races this fall, with Republicans and Democrats both heading to the polls Sept. 15. Jonathan Best will challenge state Rep. John Harkins (R-120th), the Republican Town Committee-endorsed mayoral candidate, after […]

Justin Loschiavo (You remember Justin? The cop with the long history of epileptic seizures?) hit the rear of Josie Cicerale, RN car while she was stopped at a traffic light. He went on to hit 4 other cars across the street. Chief Buturla delayed releasing the accident report (which is usually available 2-3 days after an accident) for over a month. He also placed Justin Loschiavo on Injured on Duty leave. June 6th until present (65 days…so far).

Now, according to Town Attorney Rich Buturla (Yes, that would be Police Chief John Buturla’s brother.) Ms. Cicerale will not receive her check of $811.95 unless she releases the Town from any and all future liability.

It’s that time again! We have lots of candidates (and lawn signs) for the most important local election in the next four years. Please click the link and take the survey. There is no logging in or any ID required. We will publish the results from time to time right here. Click Here to take […]

Waiving Goodbye


This is a document that all applicants to the Stratford Police Department must sign. The operative phrase here is “full and complete disclosure”. The other phrase that works is “I hereby release you, your organization or others….from any liability or damage…” Now, one more time, can anybody explain why Christian Miron is suing half the […]