Waiving Goodbye

The drain for Christian and Justin's claims

The drain for Christian and Justin's claims

This is a document that all applicants to the Stratford Police Department must sign. The operative phrase here is “full and complete disclosure”. The other phrase that works is “I hereby release you, your organization or others….from any liability or damage…”

Now, one more time, can anybody explain why Christian Miron is suing half the Town, Justin Loschiavo is still collecting full pay or why Captain McNeil was demoted, suspended, arrested and suspended again along with Lt. Soto?


21 Responses to “Waiving Goodbye”

  1. 1 phineast

    First a question-How long has this document been in effect?(in otherwords was it in place when these 2 rectums applied for their jobs?)
    Second-About time it was publicized!!!! Will be interesting to see what Weizel does with this document.
    Third- This document not only reinforces that McNeil and Soto should be reinistated with full pay and bene’s retroactively-but the lawsuit that this will result in will bankrupt the town and these 2 guys will be laughing at Miron all the way to the bank. Way to go Jimbo-one more whack at the taxpayers. You better start unloading your assets quick and take a page from your daddy(ie: bury the money) because these guys are gonna slap leans on what ever you own if they haven’t already. Seems to me that your lawyer status puts you in an arena that you should have known better-so maybe they will strip you of your bar rights and the only bar you’ll be sliding up to is at the VFW if they still let you in…they may just toss you out–if the PBA can do it to Loschiavo don’t be shocked if it happens to you. Even veterans have their limits.

  2. 2 1george1

    Posted excellent points:
    1 – Get it to Star + Post

    2 – Use it to help McNeil, Soto, & Farmer.
    CT. Practice Book prohibits following up trivial charges.
    There is room to cross file and bring charges vs. prosecutors?

    3 – Use it to crush Chris Miron suit, which they will “settle”
    under seal, just after election.

    4 – Use it vs. Miron + D/C + H. R. + Town Attorney on “justin hire.”
    > Know any attorneys / police who could shop Criminal Negligence
    > A few years ago a Federal Judge found L. A. Police were
    in violations of the R. I. C. O. ACT.
    > Harkins should be all over this.
    > Two weeks ago Star had letters from myself, Best, Danny D.,
    Fahan, Santi, Miron, and 5 or 6 others, with all but one of those
    being pro-Miron.
    – You (especially Kane & Cyclops) have specific verifiable facts
    you waste here, but can really hurt them to the Public via the
    Post & Star.

    5 – If McNeil + Soto + Farmer are Vets = use the Veteran Affairs as
    an Advocate, for Free.
    > Soto should have access to Latino Police Association.
    > As President, Farmer should use the National Labor Relations Board,
    FOR SPECIFIC PURVIEW Unfair Labor Practice.
    > All 3 should access the CT. DEPT of LABOR – WITH a well connected
    Lawyer to offset the connections of BERCHEM. Violate due process.
    > ACLU are radical lawyers, who will defend police vs. police if there
    is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ISSUES – which this permission form MAY

    6 – Constitutional 9 th Amendment is an underused catchall.
    Properly used it can force a PRIVATIZED CRIMINAL PROSECUTION,
    which means FREE DISCOVERY and CONTROL of the PROCESS.
    This takes POWER from the politically connected.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “How long has this document been in effect?”

    Since anyone can remember. You can’t do a background check without it. No one would talk to you (employers, doctors, military, schools) without it. Police and Fire dept are required to sign it.

    “Will be interesting to see what Weizel does with this document.”

    Probably not much. I am sure McNeil, Soto, Farmer and Henrick (OK maybe not Henrick. He has a former Town Attorney defending him) attorneys have subpoenaed the originals.

    “Third- This document not only reinforces that McNeil and Soto should be reinistated with full pay and bene’s retroactively-but the lawsuit that this will result in will bankrupt the town and these 2 guys will be laughing at Miron all the way to the bank.”

    Oh it will cost more than that. Once this case of revenge is dismissed and Buturla/Miron has made the State Attorney look like a fool, McNeil will take the judgment directly to arbitration and seek reinstatement (with pay) to the rank of Captain. As he should. Then the wrongful arrests suit will be filed. To be followed up with perjury charges against Joe Loschiavo and Popick.
    Of course with a new mayor, the PD will actually have someplace to complain about John Buturla. It seems you CAN fire a Police Chief for cause.

    P.S. It’s not like Rich Weizel doesn’t check this site everyday for stories.

  4. 4 phineast

    Malfeasance/nonfeasance is it not? It seems we have both in this case.
    To anyone that was at the golf outing-was the chief, chief or pw director in any type of town uniform or wearing any type of town ID? Has anyone checked if they were on payroll that day?

  5. 5 1george1


    I suspect the people golfing could claim, with some legitimacy,
    that they were “working” while playing golf.

    Before you go ballistic (justifibly), I have read many times that
    many business deals and relationships were formed over golf
    and other recreation activities and/or charity events.

    I am not a fan of the Miron crew, although many of his hires
    are capable. (then there are some ….)

    Since Miron controls finance / pay roll, how would you know
    you would get an accurate answer to an FOI, as “adjustments”
    can be made retrospectively, with zero reflection on the
    Finance Department.

    Hate to say it but Managment discretion and abuse is not limited
    to Miron Administration in Stratford’s History or across the USA

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “Has anyone checked if they were on payroll that day?”

    They are salaried exempt.

    It was a THURSDAY in the middle of the day. What do you think? But they all drove their Town provided cars as well. And Miron, of course, insisted that they be allowed to play for free because…well…because…well… because he is MIRON!

  7. 7 sudds


    Didn’t our old Governor got prison for accepting things for free???

    PLEASE… PLEASE… PLEASE tell me that Miron can go to the clink for this!!!

  8. 8 jezebel282


    Who will testify?



    Rich Miron?

  9. 9 1george1

    Did the golf course pass the ….. special inspection?

  10. 10 jezebel282


    You can rest assured that Mill River’s kitchen will have NO problems with the Health Director (until Dec 13th 2009).

    Eat up, members!

  11. 11 1george1

    But, but, but

    Mill River is Norm’s HQ, WHERE he backs HARKINS
    and WHERE DOM held his FUND RAISER.

    Are you suggesting …
    Someone struck a DEAL?
    In Stratford??
    Come on – get serious?

    If a re-election is lost NOV 3 ……
    – why won’t there be reprisal before Dec 13?

    Are you suggesting that IF Harkins wins, his Health Department
    will give Mill River CC – problems after Dec 13th?

    Are you suggesting that IF Dom wins, his Health Department
    will give Mill River CC – problems after Dec 13th?

    Are you suggesting that IF Jon wins, his Health Department
    will give Mill River CC – problems after Dec 13th?

    Are you suggesting that IF Mike wins, his Health Department
    will give Mill River CC – problems after Dec 13th?

    Are you suggesting that IF George wins, his Health Department
    will give Mill River CC – problems after Dec 13th?

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I can’t afford Mill River. I don’t really care.

    Bon Appetit, Members!

  13. 13 1george1

    C’mon, Jeze…
    I hear you have more money than Burturla …..

    A member of RTC gave me $ 60 for me to go to the Lincoln Day Fund Raiser.
    I am not sure why? 😉

    For some reason Norm and Joe would not take my money and claimed all
    of the seats were taken and they paid for a set number of dinners. 😦

    I have run maybe 100 functions, from both sides f the perspective. First time
    I ever came across a BUFFET that could not fit in just one more person? 8)

    Maybe they feared I would eat my weight in steak? 🙂

    I left MRCC with a smirk. 😉
    I dropped off the $ 60. 8)
    I had a couple of McD $ 1 items, with no misgivings. 🙂

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “I hear you have more money than Burturla …..”

    You must be mistaking me for Sudds.

  15. 15 1george1


    I heard Sudds took that moniker because it projects GREAT HEAD?

    Just to clarify, for those with dirty minds ….

    Sudds repeatedly mentions his MBA and Intellectual prowess …..
    yet blogs about anal cavities and loves flirting ….

    While Sudds and Jeze mock AMY’S MBA, she thows stuff against the
    wall that often sticks as potential solutions.
    Whereas Sudds, Jeze, and others post about problems, and except
    for the catchall DUMP MIRON / BURTURLA …..

    Any of YOU 400 EYEBALLER have ANY constructive IDEAS, or are YOUR
    TOO TIMID to anonymously POST ANYTHING to HELP your TOWN?


    Politicians don’t insult voters and don’t challenge them.
    Politicians also want money and accolades.

    I guess I am not much of a politician.
    I am challenging and insulting everyone who is a taker.
    I welcome debate and disagreement.
    I ask for NO ONE’S money – even want to save your Taxes!
    I could care less if you vote for me.
    I apoligize
    I am not much of a politician.

    Can anyone get the Playwrite to POST?
    One endorsement I enjoyed, was from the PLAY RIGHT…
    George Mulligan endorsed to Town Council District # 3
    EVERYBODY IN TOWN HALL H A T E S …. George Mulligan

    A semi-endorsement I appreciated was from Jeze.
    Note her sentiments about my honesty and caring when she
    gave me my own blog string… (another)

    Dominus vobiscum – shalom – bear hugs

  16. 16 sudds


    “Sudds repeatedly mentions his MBA and Intellectual prowess …”

    It’s called sarcasm George… some people actually have a sense of humor!

    “yet blogs about anal cavities”

    No George… I MOCK you by referring to the cavity searches that whack-job conspiracy theorists (hmm… do we know any of those?) always report having done to them!

    “and loves flirting …”

    It’s not my fault that PCS is hot!!!

    “While Sudds and Jeze mock AMY’S MBA”

    Only because she often feels the need to state that she has one (particularly at times when it’s not applicable)!

    …I now return you to George’s whack-job conspiracy theories…

  17. 17 1george1

    did any of you ever see the movies
    1 – All the President’s men

    2 – 3 days of the Condor

    3 – Enemy of the State

    Yes they are “just movies”

    However compare themes and technologies with in each
    movie, to what was happening / has happened / is being
    presently used.

    Yo Sudds, even the ancients knew the earth was not flat.
    All they had to do was to see the shadows of the moon.

    But then there is the allegory of the cave ….

    Hey Jeze,
    Is it my over active imagination or did SUDDS seem t o u c h y ?
    If that mocking bird don’t sing ….

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Stratford officer with seizures returns to ‘light’ tasks
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 08/28/2009 07:34:32 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, who crashed his patrol car into four vehicles while suffering a seizure in June, returned to light duty Thursday at police headquarters.

    But LoSchiavo, 31, who had his gun and driver’s license seized following the crash at Stratford and Beardsley avenues, is back in a far different role then when hired in June 2006 by Mayor James R. Miron. The hiring has been controversial because a doctor, as well as the police chief and chief administrative officer at the time, advised against it because of LoSchiavo’s long-standing seizure disorder.

    For now, town and police officials said, LoSchiavo, the son of recently retired Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and town Human Resources Director Linda LoSchiavo, is in civilian clothes, and has been assigned to perform “light work” tasks both in the Records Department and throughout headquarters, Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley and Deputy Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour said Friday.

    “We cleared Justin LoSchiavo to return to work Thursday after reviewing a release from his personal physician that he could perform light tasks that don’t include any police activities outside the building,” McCauley said.

    McCauley said the decision to allow his return to work was made jointly by Police Chief John Buturla, Town Attorney Richard Buturla, Human Resources Director Ned Winterbottom and herself. Yeah right. Like Miron didn’t tell you to do it.

    Ridenhour said the work assigned to LoSchiavo includes a range of tasks that the department needs to have done. So let’s get this straight; Justin is emptying wastebaskets while real cops go out and cover for him? Of course, he is being paid the same as real cops, right?

    “We couldn’t have brought him back in this role if we didn’t have the work available,” Ridenhour said.

    But police union leaders say the town last week at first refused to allow LoSchiavo back until he gained clearance from a town-appointed doctor, as other officers have in the past. They say LoSchiavo is being treated differently than other officers, who first had to gain clearance from a town doctor before returning to work, and in some cases, forced into disability retirement when they didn’t gain that clearance. Hmmm…could that be why Miron terminated the Town contract with Med Now?

    “We are trying to make sure all of our union members are treated fairly and in the same way and we certainly want Justin LoSchiavo to have the chance to return to work,” said Patrolman Jamie Rivera, a member of the union’s executive board. “But there is a double standard going on here. First, the town said they could not bring him back without a town doctor’s clearance, then all of a sudden a few days later they decide they can.” Welcome to Mironville.

    Sgt. Joseph McNeil, the union president, said there are “different rules for different people.”

    Public Service announcement: Be sure to attend the fund raiser for Captian McNeil and Lt. Soto. Once again, it is September 12th at 7PM at 150 Garfield Ave.

  19. 19 phineast

    When an officer returns to light duty it is because he or she is temporarily unable to fulfill their duties, key word temporarily(in Justin’s case it will likely be permanent). They have all the necessary items to perform their job-like a driver’s liscense and their gun, but physically have to get medical clearance. This is where the key difference is with Justin Loschiavo. He does not have his liscense and they have taken his gun away, which are mandatory to the job. This is why the union is absolutely justified in grieving the process that allowed Justin back in the Dept. and back on town liability. When Justin’s liscense was taken he should have by rights been suspended from his job. The medications that epileptics take to control their disorder clearly states that they should not operate heavy machinery….that includes a car. It impairs judgement and physical capabilities, causes drowsiness etc. If you don’t have the liscense you can’t work. If you can’t work because of a condition that was pre-existing-you shouldn’t be on the payroll of the town while you try to find a doctor stupid enough to let you get your liscense back. Not fair to the taxpayers of this town and not fair to the men and women who have all the qualifications to do the job, and not fair to the men and women that this guy may be sent to back up in the future. This guy is a fatality in the making if he is allowed to contiue with the department and that impairs and infringes upon the rights of every single person that lives and works in this town. IT IS TIME that the members of the town council inform the mayors office that they will no longer accept liability for Justin Loschiavo due to the mayor’s negligent hiring, and they can do that because they are the ones that have to appropriate the money to pay him and pay for all the damage he has caused. Now it is time for the council to file papers against the mayor for willful negligience (and numerous other things) as he is the one that hired this guy to begin with.
    It is time town council–unless you are looking to get Dominic elected.
    The public knows that Miron and the machine have destroyed the town in less than 4 years, the public is beginning to believe that the republican group is not much better–you need to take a stand now to prove that who ever is the next mayor-republican, independent or dumocrat these practices will not be tolerated by the electorate. I’d rather pay legal fees once than a lifetime of pension money to this guy, or a wrongful death suit to his next victim that may not be as lucky as Ms. Ciserale was.

    WE ALL KNOW WHO IS NOT GETTING RE-ELECTED IN NOVEMBER. So let’s take a stand and get it over with.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    Well said.

  21. 21 phineast

    Thank you. I mean every word of it.

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