A Turn for the Nurse.

Town Attorney Manual

Town Attorney Manual

Every once in a while (for the last 4 years, that means about once a week) we are completely amazed at the total lack of conscience or morals of Mayor Moron and his band of thieves.

Let’s review; Justin Loschiavo (You remember Justin? The cop with the long history of epileptic seizures?) hit the rear of Josie Cicerale, RN car while she was stopped at a traffic light. He went on to hit 4 other cars across the street. Chief Buturla delayed releasing the accident report (which is usually available 2-3 days after an accident) for over a month. He also placed Justin Loschiavo on Injured on Duty leave. June 6th until present (65 days…so far).

Now, according to Town Attorney Rich Buturla (Yes, that would be Police Chief John Buturla’s brother.) Ms. Cicerale will not receive her check of $811.95 unless she releases the Town from any and all future liability.

Amazing…simply amazing.

Woman hit by cop having seizure just wants her car fixed
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 08/11/2009 12:41:11 AM EDT

STRATFORD — The Town Council had a surprise visitor at its meeting Monday night.

Josie Cicerale, the Stratford woman and former nurse who was in her 2007 Honda Element on June 6 when Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his patrol car into her vehicle while having a seizure, came to the council’s regular meeting in Town Hall to say “after two months, we just want to get our car fixed.”

“All I want is what it will cost to have my rear fender and bumper fixed, which is estimated to be $800,” Cicerale said. “I also want the $11.85 the town charged me for a copy of the accident report. Do you believe that? They (town officials) should feel very lucky nobody was killed or seriously hurt by a police officer who was driving while having a seizure, but they still charged me for the accident report.”

Appearing publicly for the first time, Cicerale, who reiterated Monday that LoSchiavo, 31, “was definitely having a seizure” when he slammed his Ford Crown Victoria into the back of her lime-green Honda Element, made it clear she isn’t looking to sue the town — she just wants to be paid enough money to fix her car and cover the cost of the accident report.

“Nobody from the town called me except when the accident report was finally ready after all those weeks,” Cicerale said. “I talked to the mayor and he said he couldn’t do anything. He advised me to contact the council.”

The council, in a special action, voted unanimously to allocate $811.95 to Cicerale for car repairs and the accident report.

Town Attorney Richard Buturla, however, said the check will be issued, contingent on Josie Cicerale signing an agreement not to file any litigation against the town.


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  1. WTF! You can have your money, that is rightfully owed to you to repair your vehicle which was hit by a police car driven by an officer having a seizure only, and I repeat only, if you sign a release that you won’t sue the Town!!!!! If that’s not extortion and some sort of corruption and strong-arming at its finest, I don’t know what is.

  2. 2 1george1

    I was the first sign up and at the Council an hour early.
    Mrs. Cicerale signed up second.
    She had some questions.

    She was mad at her husband for putting in an insurance claim,
    which would pay her $ 300 and then she wanted $ 500 deductable
    from the town. She was upset she had to pay $ 11 for the police

    I told her that she was the victim and should NOT have her INSURANCE
    GOD FORBID she gets in an accident within 2 – 3 years, the INSURANCE
    COMPANY would use that $ 300 claim against her.

    I told her to ask to be made WHOLE for the ENTIRE $ 800 and for $ 11.
    She was NOT asking for TIME LOST!
    She was NOT SUING for 6 – 7 figures like a certain someone?
    She will not seek a DISABILITY PENSION like a certain person, may do?
    She was not seeking BIG MONEY.

    I am guilty of costing the Town an extra $ 300 by telling her to be made
    WHOLE, which she did.

    She sat innocently at a light.
    She was hit in the rear, by someone who was ill (never should be hired
    for that job).
    She helped the person who victimized her.
    She lost time that day and other days, getting estimates and police
    She lost mental aggrivation of a banged up car and husband who got
    the insurance company to issue $ 300. He was right to involve them,
    but the Insurance Company should have gotten all the money from the
    Town – not a good agent.

    Rich Weizel told her they were unable to find her to interview her.
    (What an OPENING … I’ll play nice ….) 😉

    Mrs. Cicerale was worried she would mess up.
    I told her she would be fine.
    She lived the situation. She was telling the truth.
    I told her to use the words “TO BE MADE WHOLE”
    I suggested she ask Henrich for direction.
    I found out before the Meeting, Alvin is her Councilman.
    I advised her to talk to GAVIN, who is FINANCE and CLAIMS.
    GAVIN does EMS.
    GAVIN is intellectually honest and public serving on this type stuff.

    Later Mrs. Cicerale was finished being intervied by Rich.
    She asked if she did OK and what to do next?

    I told her she did very well.
    Straight forward.
    Awkward is good as an unpolished “real person” who was harmed.”

    The council just finished invocation and was doing the pledge.

    I suggested Mrs. Cicerale may want to be available back in the meeting,
    as the councilors were about to address Public Forum issues and may
    want to ask her questions?

    I suggested Mrs. Cicerale may want to be available back in the meeting,
    as the Mayor would be asked questions by the town council and he may
    want to ask her questions?

    I suggested Mrs. Cicerale may want to be available back in the meeting,
    as the Town attorney would make a report and councilors would ask him
    questions and he may want to ask her questions?

    I left a little later, but first spoke to a couple of Ethics Commissioners.

    The Town Council appointed them, the same way the Mayor has his.
    I told them that NO ONE would take them seriously, unless they did
    address the issues that are glossed over and never covered, as well as
    they people that advised them and of course their own ETHICS and

    Having a CONFLICT of INTEREST does not make a person a bad person.
    In this society, most people do not understand ETHICS and how it is
    different than law or morals or humanity.

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including myself, has CONFLICTS of INTEREST
    somewhere along the way.

    Similar to Criminal Charges and free discovery, there are advantages to
    being the defendant in an Ethics Complaint.

    The STAR TREK computer program simulation KOBAYASHI MARU is famed
    for James T. Kirk, being the only Star Fleet Cadet to ever beat the


    He reprogramed the invincible program.

    The programmer cheated by creating an invincible outcome.
    That is what lawyers and courts and politicians try to do.
    If you know you are playing against liars, cheaters, and thieves,
    who mark the cards and deal from the bottom of the deck ….
    if you intend to win ….. you had better have a plan to use the
    game against the cheaters.

    Reprograming the KOBAYASKI MARU was not cheating.
    It was innovative thinking designed to UNRIG a RIGGED CONTEST.

    From “Pirates of the Carribean”
    “You always can count on a dishonest man, to react dishonestly.”

    “It is those honest men, who are unpredictable.”

    However – I (often) tell them in advance what I am going to do …
    then I do it.

    I noted Henrick asked Miron if he was WATCHING PUBLIC FORUM
    about the woman who was hit by the CAR….?

    Miron / Burturla can watch Public Forum from the LIAR’S DEN…
    Oooops, I meant LION’S DEN … but they will not allow LIVE WEB
    CAST … and neither will Henrick, who knows they have a live feed.

    INTERESTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Similar, Fahan wants MONEY from the PUBLIC for his CAMPAIGN, but

    What does that word mean that I have a hard time spelling?

    H Y P O C R A C Y ?????

    It may be the new NAME for STRATFORD, while I rename town hall
    NOT “T'” ING HAM

  3. 3 1george1

    Excellent graphics = appropriate.

    Including the fine print under the book.

    It matched my presentation to the Town Council

    Later I will put it under George’s string “Mulligan for Mayor.”
    It looks an awful like and endorsement for me from JEZE on
    the posting.

    I may get Mrs. Cicerale’s vote for Mayor… 8)

  4. 5 jezebel282


    When a town bullies a little guy…
    Updated: 08/16/2009 12:45:17 AM EDT

    Josie Cicerale’s patience is being tested.

    First an on-duty Stratford cop with a known history of seizures rear-ends her while she is stopped at a red light. The folks who employ him had disregarded medical reports and internal memos that recommended against hiring him. Then the town of Stratford shafts Cicerale by refusing to pay to fix her SUV unless she signs a waiver not to seek a penny more than the repair estimate. How much is this whopper bill? Eight hundred dollars and eight-five cents.

    That’s chutzpah. And there’s more. The Stratford Police Department took more than six weeks to furnish Cicerale with the accident report. And they charged her $11.

    “All I want is my car fixed already,” Cicerale says. “It’s more than two months, and I’m starting to worry that my car will rust back there.”

    Stratford’s hard-line approach to Cicerale should alarm taxpayers. The only thing the former nurse has sought payment for all along from Stratford is the damage to her lime-green Honda Element. She’s not trying to rook anybody. Stratford’s demands are stupid, short-sighted and a prescription for encouraging litigation rather than averting it. They’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get fed up with being jerked around and file a lawsuit for negligent supervision of an officer who was a known risk to the public.

    And as for the bill, anybody who’s ever had a car accident knows that often mechanics get under the hood (or in this case the rear bumper) and find damage they didn’t see when they prepared their estimate.

    “My whole life I’ve never caused a car accident,” Cicerale says. “I’ve never been in one before this.”

    Cicerale asked Mayor James R. Miron to release money from the town’s piggy bank. But he declined, saying his “hands were tied,” Cicerale says. “That this is a matter that has to go through the Town Council for approval. Otherwise, he says it will look like he was doing me a favor, that I was getting special treatment.” You would think that a mayor might have the power to fast-track payment, either by some authority to approve such small appropriations or through the gumption to convene a special council meeting to approve the repair work.

    So Cicerale took her repair estimate and her plea directly to the Stratford Town Council last week, which agreed to pay what she was asking — subject to her giving up her rights to seek any more money from Stratford. Cicerale declined. And for four days, both sides were locked in a stalemate.

    “I offered to promise not to seek any money for any bodily injuries,” Cicerale says. She didn’t suffer any physical harm when Stratford Officer Justin LoSchiavo’s cruiser slammed into her car. Town Attorney Richard Burtula informed her that was not good enough if she ever wanted to get her hands on the money to fix her car.

    Friday came and still no check in the mail. Cicerale called the town and got the run-around from various offices until someone (light bulb, please) suggested that she bring her car to a mechanic who does a lot of work for the town and have him bill the town of Stratford.

    “The mechanic promises me that he will send the invoice to the town for payment,” Cicerale says. None of this is in writing. “I have an appointment to bring my car in Tuesday, and it’s supposed to take about three days to fix.”

    In the meantime, the mechanic, Hansen’s Auto Body, informed her that it would arrange a loaner for her to use while the car is in the shop. That’s good. Let him put that on Stratford’s tab, too.

    Editor’s note: George, please stay on topic or…..

  5. 6 starlooker

    It is to bad she did not contact Channel 8 news who have a Problem Solving Piece that they interview all parties and put on TV…. This is a nice honest women that the Administration is treating horribly. I can’t even imagine what this Administration will do next. To wait this long for an accident report and this long to get her car repaired? How much lower can they go? This has to be a rock bottom if you ask me. I am glad she is bringing the car to Hanson and the Town to get billed. It is about time she gets her car repaired. I wonder what is being done at the car place where he barreled into those cars and if Alex is having the same problem. Those were cars that he sells. Has anyone heard about what is going on with that??????

  6. 7 1george1

    Channel # 8 may cover.
    Mark Davis and Eric Cox do not cover me, nor does CT. POST.
    WICC Buchanon got an earful, from letting me on 2 years ago.
    Managment in channels # 12 & 3 79 also politically pliable.

    If the story makes their respective political allies look good or
    enemies look bad – it may get coverage.

    Otherwise many in the press, are as big of losers and cowards as SOME
    in the Town / State / Fed Political Committees.

    What truly amazed me is how many things are accepted as SOP and so
    many pillars of the community contribute to the problems.

    Jeze would be surprized at some of the people who expessed FEAR to me.

    As noted, I tried to help Mrs. Cicerali.
    Among my posted advise was Letter to Editor and contact Media.

  7. 8 1george1

    It appears PLATO, HOBBS, BISMARK, and MACHIAVELLI still live on,
    in political science.

  8. 9 jezebel282

    Let’s also keep in mind that Justin Loschiavo is still out on IOD (since June 6th) and Captain McNeil and Lt Soto are still suspended without pay and benefits (since June 24th).

  9. 10 phineast

    Since when doe Stratford have a “preferred” shop for body work???? Does he have a contrat with the town? Or is this just more of the mayor’s office giving the bank away to friends? Does council know about this? Scratch that last question. Even insurance companies can’t steer business to their “preferred” shop, it’s illegal. Can’t wait for someone on council(Gavin is the only one with enough balls) to foi a copy of the final bill. How much you want to bet the cost is much higher than the $800. Isn’t there supposed to be a bidding process in town in order to be a “preferred” supplier? Or do you just have to drop something$$$ in the “official” trunk or should I say hatch, for the business?
    I’d like a clear explanation of this process to be made public.

  10. 11 1george1

    I would hate to see the invoice for the bill for brown paper bags? 😉

  11. 12 phineast

    what makes you think that they bother with a bag?

  12. 13 jezebel282

    Paper or plastic?

  13. 14 1george1


    what makes you think that they bother with a bag?


    Stratford is becoming know for “ground hog day” situations.
    If nothing else changes, why should old habits, related to
    brown paper bags?


    Paper or plastic?


    C’mon Jeze … PAY ATTENTION! 8)

    Besides corruption has to be politically correct like all else,
    among the DEMONcrats.
    Paper is biodegradeable.
    Plastic has a dump life longer the “dickies court delays.” 😉

  14. 15 genuinephyllis

    Take a peek at this interesting link…amazing someone who allegedly had been hosed by local and state police paying mind to our goings on…Hmmm


  15. 16 jezebel282


    Where’s my royalty check?

  16. 17 1george1

    I went to the link and saw a blog quoting story by Rich Weizel.

    Then I see Jeze asking for Royalty check?

    Jeze are you outing yourself as Rich Weizel, which is ONLY WAY
    you are entitled to a ROYALTY CHECK, per the story / b;ogger? 🙂

  17. 18 jezebel282


    The editorial part is mine. The link is to here.

    And by the way, I have more hair than Rich Weizel.

  18. 19 1george1

    Sorry Jeze.

    Too good an opening to pass up.
    My fans love it when I tease you. 8)

    They get kick outta you n Sudds doing Burns n Allen, too!

    Good to enjoy senses of humor –
    Reminds me –
    Mike R – how’s the Golf Game?
    Cyclops – See anything NEW – Not hear from a while
    Kane – Able to kill a little time with Miron f***-up factoids
    Sudds – Did I read ROCKI got a DUI / DWI ?
    OnTarget – Screw up any other towns recently?
    FOS – What is your legal take on GAVIN’S FOI?
    GAVIN – Was $ 140.50 check cashed – get you $$ worth?
    What happened with the information worth $ 140.50?
    Was it all SHOW & NO TELL?
    JON – GREAT IDEA of sticky on CT POST! When’s debate?
    Has Harkins grown b***s?


    Oh look at the above blog post.
    I must be in a STAPLES TV COMMERCIAL

    My “fat finger” (Tom Moore term) post made Jeze’s blog say b;ooger! 8)

  19. 20 1george1

    Jeze posted while I was composing.

    No need to get “catty” about Mr. Weizel’s physical attributes.
    let us keep it issue oriented…. 😉

  20. 21 jezebel282


    With all the people accusing Rich Weizel of being arrested for comb theft, I am only offering a defense for Mr. Weizel. What would he do with a comb?

  21. 22 sudds

    “Sudds – Did I read ROCKI got a DUI / DWI ?”

    George, Rocki doesn’t drink alcohol… but she devore a good sized portion of sesame chicken and fried rice!!!

  22. 23 1george1

    With all the people accusing Rich Weizel of being arrested
    for comb theft, I am only offering a defense for Mr. Weizel.
    What would he do with a comb?

    I have see grooming tools for mustaches, beards, and other areas. 😉
    Some people have hairy back or chest …. 8)

    To my knowledge. not that many people NOT in police circles, were
    aware of a certain incident, where Mr. Weizel has never tried to hide
    a dumb mistake.

    There have been times well in the past, I went shopping, and grabbed
    more stuff than I could carry and put stuff in my pocket.
    or whatever …. stuck out prominently and was easy for me to remember
    being able to carry more than two hands could carry. 😦

    I can’t remember the last time I had Twinkies?
    I suddenly got da munchies!


    “Sudds – Did I read ROCKI got a DUI / DWI ?”

    George, Rocki doesn’t drink alcohol…
    but she devore a good sized portion
    of sesame chicken and fried rice!!!

    Hey Sudds – I hope that you picked up T O G O !

    If Rocki gets too close ….
    She might become the HOUSE SPECIAL …. 😦

  23. 24 1george1


    I know this would not get past TOPIX SPAM FILTER

    I WONDER if JEZE blog has filter?


    This is just a hypothetical test somewat relevant……
    Well if you look at relationships causal to eventual …

  24. 25 1george1

    How do I find my blog …
    I am sooooo confooosed …. 😉

    Yo folks … Jeze will take me seriously 🙂

  25. 26 phineast

    I think you need to lay off the twinkies George, they made you kinda loopy.

    I wonder how Ms. ciserale’s appointment went at the “preferred shop”, that was today wasn’t it?

  26. 27 1george1

    Yo phin,
    I do not need twinkies to make me loopy.
    I am naturally loppy …

    No comments on my B A D puns, using icons?

    Next to the Twinkie – I used the “W I N K”

    Next to SUNNY doodles – I used the S U N glasses.

    Next to the BROWIES – B I G . S M I L E Y . FACE

    Next to empty handed – F R O W N

    Phin …. when is the last time you had a twinkies?

    It is amazing how much better it tasted when I was a kid…

  27. 28 jezebel282


    “I went shopping, and grabbed more stuff than I could carry and put stuff in my pocket.”

    You have pockets in that sweatsuit?

  28. 29 phineast

    Probably haven’t had one of those since I was a little kid. Didn’t like them then, can’t imagine I would like them now.

    Amazing that George didn’t think to get a shopping cart or one of those little baskets at the door………

    Has anyone heard if Ms. Ciserale had a successful trip to the “preferred repair shop”?

  29. 30 jezebel282

    It’s Cicerale.

    (Ask George, I can be a little OCD sometimes)

  30. 31 1george1


    “I went shopping, and grabbed more stuff than I could carry and put stuff in my pocket.”
    You have pockets in that sweatsuit?


    George reply:
    Sweatpants have pockets.

    They also have elastic waist bands …. 😉
    (for those who went to the Video tape) 🙂

    Honestly … A waist is a terrible thing to mind …..

    Jeze ya gotta shop someplace besides Walmart & K-Mart … 8)
    Also Walmart is only place I can find handkerchiefs.
    That’s why I have no need for neck ties ….

    Ya know what is the BESTEST FUNNEST thin ta dooo?
    Ya gots to try it.

    HEAT the fryin pay, addin LOADS of BUTTER / MARGARINE to melt.
    Break a couple eggs n scamble em, add milk – scramble more

    Cut and Butter the Hard Rolls from “Icing on the Cake” –
    (they have Town Fair cookie, roll and other recipes)

    Squit Catsup on the buttered hard roll …
    pour the milk / egg scambled on the hot fryin pan.
    get em fluffy n don let em burn.

    when nice hot n moist
    (Sudds – I am writtin bout da scambled eggs)
    pour part of da hot, moist, juicy scramble egg on to each of
    the buttered hard rolls …. mmmmmmmmmmmmm



    I will bet ANY of you – RIGHT NOW – Your MOUTH is WATERIN!


    Get nice COLD GLASS / MUG from FREEZER


    Now, carefully….
    Put da scrabbled egg sambwich up to yor mouth an take a bite.

    If ya do it right, while you are enjoyin da hot moist buttery tastin
    egg – from the other side ….
    a combination of moise buttery ketchuppy egg has flopped on to
    your tea shirt….

    The white tea shirt now has red n yellow on it.

    Better yet, after ya finish the sammitches n milk … ya still can
    taste from da tea shirt…

    So now ya all know why Jeze can tease me about stained tea shirts…
    I play wit my food.
    I enjoys mah food.
    Ah wears it well!

    —- phin —-

    Probably haven’t had one of those since I was a little kid.
    Didn’t like them then,
    can’t imagine I would like them now.

    [ I can NOT think of a POLITICAL comeback. It is all good ]

    Amazing that George didn’t think to get a shopping cart
    or one of those little baskets at the door………

    [ Sometimes I take literary license to enhance a story. }
    { Point of fact – I made the story up as an allegory – for fun. ]
    { It was harmless poking fun at myself ]
    [ I felt readers would figure out I was pullin their legs ] 8)

    Has anyone heard if Ms. Ciserale had a successful trip
    to the “preferred repair shop”?

    [ SHORT ANSWER: no idea, from me ]
    – I met the lady for the only time after I signed up early (1st)
    for the public forum and then she also was early –
    – Mrs. Cicerale was nervous and uncertain. I answered some
    questions about process to help guide her,
    – I explained she should not settle for less than her whole cost
    and for her to ask the council chairman for help and to be made
    “whole” for the $ 800 + $ 11…. whereas she was to ask for just
    $ 500 deductable, but was frustrated at absorbing police report
    cost, and unhappy her husband reported the claim for $ 300 to
    their Insurance company!
    – whoever her Insurance agent / adjusters are did not serve her well.
    – As I suggested – she asked for help being the honest VICTIM who just
    wanted to be made whole and put this behind her.

    I am not crazy about Henrich, but he promised to talk to her after the
    Public Forum, which he did, and the Town Council acted correctly

    While Weizel is normally useless, he did come in a little late, heard
    she had spoke. And I believe his presence got the Town Council’s

    Mrs. Cicerale’s husband acted as the law directed.
    While Esq. Burturla looks like a jerk ( LOB ALERT ) he was acting properly
    ( for a change ? ) in protecting the Tax Payer Treasury ( for a change ? )
    in requested a waiver from law suit…

    I doubt she needs to sign the paper since he fulfilled his fiduciary duty
    and she publicly stated seh would not sue ….
    Unless her back acts up in couple months …
    (it happened to me a year after a kid turned his car into mine)


    (Ask George, I can be a little OCD sometimes)

    I will hate myself for asking …. but … what does O C D mean?

    Or was that a fat finger / typo for

    O D D ?

    I do not know why, yet I suspect Jeze was being sarcastic and
    understating using the adjective “little” ?

  31. 32 genuinephyllis

    George~ Definition: OCD ~Obessesive Compulsive Disorder

  32. 33 genuinephyllis

    . Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by recurrent thoughts, feelings, ideas or sensations (obsessions) or behaviors that makes a person feel driven to perform (compulsions).

  33. 34 genuinephyllis

    As for fat finger???

  34. 35 sudds

    “If Rocki gets too close ….
    She might become the HOUSE SPECIAL”

    How sad is it that the blatant racist is still better than the option we current have as our mayor???

    Yes… I KNOW that I am “hitting the beehive” by calling George a racist… sit back and relax folks… his next post should be a doozy!!!

  35. 36 jezebel282


    Ooops…I was going to agree with George’s position on that. In fact, I had a large plastic bag handy……

  36. 37 jezebel282

    And I think it would be called “specie-ist” . Wouldn’t it?

  37. 38 1george1

    “If Rocki gets too close ….
    She might become the HOUSE SPECIAL”

    How sad is it that the blatant racist is still better than the option we current have as our mayor???

    Yes… I KNOW that I am “hitting the beehive” by calling George a racist… sit back and relax folks… his next post should be a doozy!!!


    L. O. L. =

    On first glance:
    1) I lost the PETA vote.
    2) I lost oriental vote.
    3) I lost the politically correct vote.
    4) I lost the wiseas* vote. 😉

    As for racism, it is a fact that CAT is a delicacy in certain

    While I was teasing I have oriental friends who work at oriental
    restaurants, and came from NYC. It is an open joke among them
    that some of the restaurants they worked, where there are new
    people to the country, who do not have a lot of money and who
    live 10, 12, 14 people to an apartment, are not adverse to ….

    Some people fish.
    Some people hunt, game.
    Some people make do with what is available.


    Let me ask Sudds this question?

    Would you tie Rocki to the back door of an oriental restaurant
    for 2 hours and leave him/her, and then repeat for a week at
    different oriental restaurants?

    I simply advised agaist doing so because

    Vote for me, because I have a sense of humor about realities
    of socio-political-economic truths, and desire to affect change
    that I believe is beneficial!


    “hitting the beehive”

    Sudds are you being anti religious attacking MacA-BEES?
    Certain Jewish, Protestant, Catholic and others relate to MacAbees
    as proud people who refused to forsake their religion under threat
    of the ROMAN SWORD at (Ithink) MASADA?

    Sudds, are you a “blatant racist ” or just blind to self perception
    and desire to twist innocent jocularity into “your window?”



    Friday night is hip hop night at a certain establishment.
    It is heavily black and latino – people of color.
    The music features words that are not politically correct.
    I enjoy the people and socialize with more people of color
    than many readers probably work with and/or socialize with…

    Words used one way … can hurt.
    Words used other ways are accepted.
    Mostly it depends on the prejudice of the hearer…

    Especially one who is unabashedly and shamely a wise “cracker.” 😉

    One of my godsons is adopted from Korea at birth

  38. 39 1george1

    “Fat finger” came from tom moore for typo.

    You simply hit a keyboard letter key next to the one you intended.

    Jeze’s crew loves the term … haven’t seen for a while ROTFLMAS
    Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My As* Off.

    I wise crack to the wise “cracker,” and I am a blatant racist?

    I dare ANYONE – I MEAN ANYONE – to claim they have ZERO PREJUDICE!

    Like anything else, a tool can be a weapon ….
    Meaning of a word or phase to one can have wide differences to others….

  39. 40 jezebel282


    What are you talking about?

    You CANNOT be a racist for dissing cats. They are a different species, not a different race.

    Although cats have many uses: entrees, tennis racquets…..

  40. 41 1george1

    Sudds was referring to Oriental = racism.
    Sudds is correct that someone could twist my post as racist.
    Not my intent.
    I am sure we could get a “PILE” of “politically correct” to correct me.

    I posted my LOVE for CAT-SUP.
    I hope it contains NO CAT.

    I want to thank you for your support of my (& your) humor v Sudds

    Getting support on this blog has happened.
    I even have gotten support from you!!
    (see george’s blog)

    However, getting support on this blog tends to confuse me. 🙂
    But then most bloggers who blog (not the viewers), would contend … 😉

  41. 42 phineast

    I got a good laugh when reading Rich Buturla’s letter to the editor today. He is correct about something-FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS. That is correct-fact-Miron knew about the Dinihanian report, fact-the standard hiring practices in the Lochiavo case were not standard. It was blantant special treatment and abuse of power by the parents. Fact-Miron saw an opportunity to ingratiate himself to the father of the Lochiavo kid and then use him to get rid of Imbro. Disgusting, but true-the mayor’s own admission in a public building hallway-he was “gonna do what ever he had to to get Imbro out” Funny thing about the Mayor-he doesn’t realize that sound travels in the hallway.

  42. 43 1george1

    If you do just a little editting – submit to Stratford Star – your post
    could wind up in Thursday’s paper (star)

    And if you submit to the CT. POST = same.
    From what I read – they would like your points & brevity.

    Your wrting is much briefer than mine and gets to focused points.
    Mine is to inform, and try to connect dots, which are not focused
    by nature. Ya gotta admit …. I am leaving a paper & electronic trail.

  43. 44 phineast

    George, you have my permission to use it in a letter to the papers if you wish. You can make it one long quote.

  44. 45 1george1

    I have my priorities.

    I am willing to help you, but not do your work. 😉

  45. 46 phineast

    George-you are the one who wants a letter written. I am just giving you permission to use the words if you chose to. I choose not to.

  46. 47 1george1

    What is that cackle sound?

    cluck ,,, cluck cluck …

    is it comin from that BIG BIRD with long skinny neck attached
    to the head in the hole in the ground?



    CAREFUL BIG BIRD, somethin is walk in up behind you and
    “eye in” dat BIG OLE round butt, wit a carvin knife …. 🙂

    Oh Nooooooooooooo!

  47. 48 phineast

    take a pill plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssseeee!

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