It Just Gets Nurse

Found at accident scene

Found at accident scene

Woman says Stratford holding her car ‘hostage’
Repairs are done, but vehicle still not released

By Richard Weizel
Updated: 08/22/2009 05:34:56 PM EDT

STRATFORD — For two months Josie Cicerale pleaded for the town of Stratford to pay to fix the car she was driving when Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo crashed his patrol car into the rear of her vehicle while he was having a seizure.

LoSchiavo, the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchaivo, was hired by Mayor James. R. Miron three years ago despite warnings against his hiring by doctors and top town officials, who cited the applicant’s history of seizure disorder that could impact his ability to drive and carry a loaded weapon.

At first, right after the June 6 crash at the intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues, Cicerale said she would have settled for $500 to go along with the $300 from her own insurance company to pay the estimated $800 repair bill.

Even after the town stalled, Cicerale says, as recently as two weeks ago she still would have been willing to accept $811.85 to cover the repair costs money the town charged her for the accident report, which took six weeks for Police Chief John Buturla to release.

She even told the Town Council two weeks ago she would not seek monetary damages for bodily harm if it just agreed to pay for her car repairs.

But there’s some new twists that may change that.

Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley on Friday refused to release the car, a 2007 Ford Element, from a local auto body shop where the town agreed to have the car fixed, unless Cicerale signs a waiver not to
take any legal action against the town or the police officer.

Cicerale, a former nurse and Stratford resident, said she was also advised by a doctor last week that the pain she’s starting to feel when she walks on her left ankle could be related to the accident.

“I can’t believe what’s happening, but after everything they [the town] have put me through, now they’re holding my car hostage too,” Cicerale said Saturday.

She says the town also misled her.

“Last week I was told all I had to do was sign a release involving the car repairs, and they would give me my car back,” Cicerale said.

Instead, she says, on Thursday McCauley faxed her a copy of a waiver agreement she and her husband, Ken, agreed she would not sign that “essentially says I can’t ever file any legal action, even against the officer. I’m not willing to sign that [right] away.”

McCauley then called the body shop (Hanson’s Auto Body) and advised the owner, Brian Hanson, “not to release the car to me,” Cicerale said.

Cicerale said she plans on having her Fairfield attorney review the waiver agreement Monday, and expects to attend a special Town Council meeting later that night in Town Hall to demand her car back.

“I have never seen anything handled so badly in my life,” Cicerale said. “It’s been one delay and stalling tactic after another. This accident was not my fault, and it wasn’t my fault the mayor hired a police officer who never should have been behind the wheel of a patrol car in the first place.”

Town Council Chairman Mike Henrick, R-10, said Saturday that while he believes the mayor “did handle this very poorly from the start,” he agrees the town cannot pay for the repair work unless Cicerale signs the waiver.

“That’s just standard procedure involving all accidents,” Henrick said. “I do feel badly for this woman, and her car should have been fixed right away. It was ridiculous for it to take six weeks to release the accident report, and then charge her for it.

“But two weeks ago she [Cicerale] told the council she just wanted her car fixed. If that has changed then she’s going to have to pay for the repair work,” Henrick said. “She can’t have it both ways.” Miron and McCauley could not be reached for comment.

Ummm….Mike? How about learning that you actually don’t have to say something stupid just because your name is going in the paper? Geeze, what a dumb thing to say!

30 Responses to “It Just Gets Nurse”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Shouldn’t Mrs. Cicerale pay the deductible and let her insurance company go after the town? I know my insurance company will refund me the deductible once they collect from the other party. Or am I just lucky that I have a good insurance company?

    Also, if anyone in the RTC reads this and has any power, (Norm/Joe/Lou?) you have got to get Mike Henrick to shut the hell up. He’s not doing anybody any favors when he makes stupid comments to the press. He doesn’t help Stratford, the Town Council, the Republican party in Stratford, or either Republican candidate for Mayor.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Well, now she has to deal with her insurance company AND Hanson’s Auto Body. And then she will see her insurance rate go up because she was stopped at a light minding her own business.

    You are absolutely correct about Henrick, though. Maybe he couldn’t think of anything dumber to say.

  3. 3 phineast

    It is time for Ms. Ciserale to hand the claim over to her insurance company. She was hit from behind and it is more than clear that she is not at fault. Her insurance company will sue the town for the money and the legal fees-which will be about 20 times the amount of the claim. As usual the town administration is being just absurd-this is a situation that will rock the town for a long time and will ultimately blow the lid off the hiring scandal that took place with Justin Loschiavo. Mr. Hendrick as usual has put 10 pairs of feet in his mouth-one day he will learn to just shut up and not make things worse. Council voted to pay for the repair. That is where it should end. Instead, we are going to be hit with a bazillion dollar lawsuit for administrative stupidity. There is a reason that there is 18 months – 2years to file injury lawsuits-not everything is cut and dry the way that Miron, Buturla and Mccauley would like it. She should not be able to make any other claims with regard to the repairs-but it is now time to sue the pants off the officer driving the car and everyone involved in the hiring of him, willful negligence etc.
    Ms. Ciserale-you are absolutely correct-the mayor should never have hired him, and he should be accountable for his actions. Since he feels that he is as untouchable as the Loschiavo family it is time to prove to him that they are all touchable and accountable for their actions. When the mayor refused to acknowledge the original background report and continued to allow the process to continue I believe he was acting outside the scope of his duties as mayor and willfully and deliberately put the public in danger, and would have done it again in the hiring of his own brother if he hadn’t gotten caught. This is one lawsuit that NEEDS to be filed. Go ahead, Ms. Ciserale-tell them all to go scew and get your papers of intent filed. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4 1george1

    Don’t faint.
    I agree with you 100 %.

    In earlier posts I advised Mrs. Cicerale to ask for the $ 300
    deductable + $ 11 + the deductable.

    I also posted her insurance agent has not served her well
    and the adjuster / agent should have gone after town.

    Years ago, I saw a kid looking at a home and turning into the
    driveway without paying attention to me coming down the road.
    I stopped.
    It didn’t make a difference.
    It hit me.
    I went to my MD for a check up.
    He would not even check up.

    About 1 year later my back problems started…..

    Maybe Kevin Kelly can call his former boss, Dick Blumenthal?

    But then John Burturla. formed head of CT TROOPER HOME LAND
    SECURITY could call Lieberman, chairman of Senate HOME LAND
    SECURITY Committee, who could over rule / call in favor with his
    protoge Dick Blumenthal?

    – Pin to long? focused enough? appropriate?

  5. 5 ronmoreau

    Atta boy George.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    Don’t encourage him!

    Once again, we are shown that basic fairness and morality do not exist in Town Hall.

    Here we have Justin Loschiavo out on “Injured on Duty” leave at full pay and benefits for 76 days so far. (Hope you had a nice summer vacation, Justin).

    In the meantime, Ms. Cicerale’s car is still damaged and now not even in her possession!

    We also have two outstanding officers that have been arrested and suspended without pay for 60 days (so far). Simply because they…I’m not really sure what it is anymore that they are supposed to have done. The arrest was for “computer crimes” but each of them had complete AND authorized access.

    And why is this? Or better yet, the question is “Who’s the f*****g mayor”? Can’t he “do whatever the f**k he wants?”

    McCauley, Buturla (both of them) never ever take action on their own. Just like good little Mironazis, they only follow orders.

    My guess is that there are plenty of personal injury attorneys in Fairfield county that are simply drooling over this case. Ms. Cicerale will eventually be made whole. Who will profit the most? Berchem, Moses & Devlin @$325/hour.

  7. 7 ronmoreau

    Jez, I guess you’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? What’s with the explatives? ……Ya,I know,’Comeing from a former MARINE.
    Seriously, Ms. Ciserale had 2 choices. 1-get a lawyer. 2-Do it herself. My recomendation would have been get a lawyer. Considering all the incidents leading up to this one you would think the Mayor would handle her situation with a little discretion. But then he would have been accused of sweeping it under the rug. The big loosers here will be the taxpayers.

  8. 8 ronmoreau

    Oh, by the way. George was very focused. I give credit where credit is due.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    That was actually a Miron quote. I was standing in the hallway with a couple of Town employees when we all heard Miron screaming, “I’m the f*****g Mayor! I can do whatever the f**k I want!”

    I am guessing that’s why he had his suite soundproofed.

  10. 10 1george1

    “Berchem, Moses & Devlin @$325/hour.”

    Jeze is that $ 325/hour huperbole?

    Before Kelly-Cabral July 4th week, 2001 special meeting Town Attorneys
    $ 60/hour.
    After Kelly-Cabral Town Attorneys
    $ 125/hour
    Fire Truck Feehan-Mayor 1st years
    Town Attorneys $ 125/hour

    “Berchem, Moses & Devlin @$325/hour.”


    After Kelly-Cabral 2001 Budget
    – NO ISSUE about Carol Cabrol being $ 40s – now $50s k Council Clerk
    – Dick Miron got $ 27,500 for 20 hour work week + Health benefits

    ========= RUBE GOLDBERG hypothetically =================

    I have always wonder if ED FENNEL & DeCilio’s best friend ALEX
    were discreetly MURDERED to get the right people in Registrar

    If Rick Marcone runs for and wins a political office, will he have to
    “STEP DOWN?”

    If Rick Marcone “STEPS DOWN” as Registrar, will DICK MIRON be
    reappointed as Registrar, after:
    A) He makes full restitution on DEAB BEAT – TOMBSTONES provided
    and restitution compensation paid, beccause of:
    B) 7 FIGURE SETTLEMENT underseal, approved by Democratic controlled
    Town Council, under recommendation by Dick Burturla?


    the double line indicates transition of one thing leading to another,
    all Hypothetically …… ūüė¶

    Thus – this could have been 3 or 4 separate short posts.
    However my focus was to take past patterns and relationships,
    to project a potential future


    When will Jeze be published in Post / Star so citizens can see?

  11. 11 1george1

    Thank you. Ron.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I’m not sure what a “huperbole” is, but Berchem Moses and Devlin gets $325/hour and they bill in 6 minute increments.

    The Town Attorney currently gets $150/hour. I’m not sure if Rich bills the Town in 6 minute increments. He probably just rounds up to the next hour. Of course, he also has a full time legal secretary that he never uses but we pay for anyway.

  13. 13 ronmoreau

    Jez, It read as if you were asking the question. I stand corrected. In that case I understand the Mayors wanting to sound proof his office.
    If Ms. Ciserale wanted her car fixed quickly she should have went to her own insurance and let them deal with it. Given the circumstances and who we are dealing with getting a lawyer, in my opinion, to handle it would have been the better choice.

  14. 14 ronmoreau

    George, When I was pn the council 20 yrs ago, if my memory serves me correctly the town attny. fees were around $150.00/hr.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    I agree with you.

    Sadly, Ms. Cicerale no doubt expected that the mayor, chief of police or the Council to act in a responsible and ethical matter. She probably had no idea how corrupt it had gotten here. Most people are so busy working and struggling to survive, they just don’t have time to pay attention. They really shouldn’t have to. Nobody wants to think about local petty politics. This is a small town government, it’s not that complex.

    You think about it when your mortgage payment goes up because property taxes have increased. But the bad news comes from your mortgage company, not the Town.

    Apparently Mike Henrick has been involved in it for so long he no longer knows the difference between right and wrong.

    The other candidates are stunningly silent on this whole episode as well. Except for Harkins who seems to have the position of no position at all.

  16. 16 1george1

    The other candidates are stunningly silent on this whole episode as well. Except for Harkins who seems to have the position of no position at all.

    I guess I am chopped liver?


    Apparently Mike Henrick has been involved in it for so long he no longer knows the difference between right and wrong.

    Why should he be different than most people in politics.
    The difference between what is legal and illegal is very gray and narrow.


    George, When I was pn the council 20 yrs ago, if my memory serves me correctly the town attny. fees were around $150.00/hr.

    What years were those?
    Then there were referendums….
    The Town Attorney fees went down to $ 60 / hour

    Burturla needed someone like Kevin Kelly to shell for July 2001
    rate increase from $ 60 to $ 125 because Faye Arlio & Lauren had
    thousands of pages of documents showing the Board of Ed PAID
    Burturla / BMD @ $ 150 / hour, W I T H O U T Town Council approval –

    Ergo = illegal

    Ask a lady former KEY United Democrat who was recently ill….
    Can’t mention name.

    Lauren turned in copies to FBI & Kevin Kelly.

    == NEXT ISSUE – directly related

    Subsequently Kevin Kelly proved to partner with Burturla & Florek.

    Latest FBI cohead, D. Comers, started his Police Carreer in 1980 in
    Stratford Police under Joseph Burturla & friends. His father just
    retired as Fairfield Police Captain


    Certain person told me Bill Cabral told “her” that he arranged for
    Town Attorneys to get raise to $ 125 because ….. (alledgedly)
    (Hint: see Town Charter on Councilor being paid by Town, while …)

    However, this person would testify under oath, but not volunteer it.

    Otherwise it is hearsay…


    H Y P E R B O L E



    RON please see my (early) posts in advising Mrs. Cicerale prior to
    Town Council public forum.
    I also wrote her insurance agent had not served her well.

    By Law, her husband had to notify Insurance Company.

    She was ticked at husband, but it was her Insurnance company
    that issued $ 300 check and did not follow up for $ 500 deduct..
    She needs a different agent!!

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “I guess I am chopped liver?”

    No, not at all, my friend.

    I would have gone with stuffed derma.

  18. 18 1george1

    I had to look it up.

    Parable about stuffed derma

    One day there was a state dinner with the Czar of Russia
    and the Kaiser of Austria.

    A state dinner with all the trimmings was served.
    One of the items on the menu was kishke,
    otherwise known as stuffed derma.

    Real kishke is nothing like the “kishke” that is available at your
    local delicatessen. Real kishke is actually the intestines of the a
    nimal stuffed with flour and oil and all sorts of spices.
    I had it only once in my life when I was visiting Israel.
    I think it might even be illegal in the United States.

    Enough of my food review. The bottom line is that kishke was
    served and the Kaiser loved it. He asked the Czar to send his cooks
    the recipe. The Czar graciously promised to do so.
    After the Kaiser’s departure the Russian cooks wrote down the
    recipe and sent it via diplomatic mail to the Kaiser’s chefs.

    The day finally came when the Kaiser was informed that he
    would be served kishke. He sat down hungrily. Out came a tray.
    Phew! Did it stink!
    The Kaiser took off the cover from his plate and took a bite.
    He immediately spat out the piece and ordered the tray removed
    and the kishke thrown away.

    A letter of official protest was immediately dispatched to the Czar.
    How dare he send a recipe for such a vile concoction!
    The Czar received the protest letter and summoned his cooking
    staff for an explanation.

    Initially, the imperial kitchen staff was perplexed.

    They went over the recipe and could not find the problem.

    After quite some time and in a moment of inspiration,
    one of the staff exclaimed incredulously, “Of course!
    We told him how to stuff and spice the kishke,
    but we never realized that we needed to tell him
    to clean it out before he stuffs it!”

    This story is a parable for teshuva, a.k.a. repentance.

    Often times we make firm resolutions for the future especially
    as we near the upcoming Days of Awe.
    As Rosh Hashanah approaches, we begin to think more and more
    about ways to improve.

    The above story teaches us that, indeed, good deeds are important.

    However, resolutions are best when prefaced by an honest
    stocktaking in order to correct any areas in our behavior that
    need fixing.

    Otherwise even with all of the spices (good resolutions) in the world,
    a (Miron/Burturla/Norm) person may remain a stinking kishke…

    I love those type parables / fables. Most of the original star trek tv
    was modernized from OT – NT – SHAKESPEARE.

    – Reminder to Mike R about Shakespeare Theater – much that is good
    and much that is bad in western civ and British history relates to the
    peres troika > Latin – Greek – Hebrew

    Then the Hebrew goes back to Egypt & Babylonia.

    The French SUN KING and the ENGLISH “RA” men try to capture the
    culture which PREDATES the HEBREW …

  19. 19 1george1

    I doubt I will be chowing down soon to Kishke or Haggis –

    Haggis is a dish containing ….

    Moved by Jezebel…..

    (Once is OK George. It is better sometimes to enjoy the sausage than to know how it’s made)

  20. 20 mikereynolds

    Might this sad saga finally be coming to an end? Probably not, after all this is Stratford.

    Stratford officials face deadline on LoSchiavo’s future
    By Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 02:07 p.m., Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    But from reading the article I like the way the Harkins administration is proceeding.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “Might this sad saga finally be coming to an end? Probably not, after all this is Stratford.”

    This is Stratford. In just a few days it will be 9 months since the accident “with no injuries reported” will have happened. Justin Loschiavo remains on “light duty” at full pay.

    We still do not know why he was granted 83 days of “injured on duty” leave and 187 days (so far) of “light duty”. He has yet to miss a single payday.

    Perhaps something Mayor Harkins can reveal?

  22. 22 mikereynolds

    I think the Chief of Police would be better able to answer that as he was in charge at the time that decision was made.

    Although it being a personnel decision I don’t think we’ll ever know why.

    As the article states the official 180 days of light duty expires on Feb 22. That’s the maximum the contract allows. As for the injured on duty status that again could be answered by the Chief but since its a personnel decision I’m not holding my breath for an answer.

    I think we’re just going to have to live with the fact that he got injured on duty status even though there are no documented injuries and that the light duty assignment is allowed by the union contract.

    I noticed that Loschiavo’s doctor did not give a clear determination forcing the town to have him examined. Would you care to bet on the chances of a lawsuit by Loschiavo if the town’s doctor says he’s not able to perform his duties and the town terminates him?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    You are probably correct.

    It remains that morale has been corroding in the PD and that the letter of the law (or contract) receives more respect than justice.

    I’m, of course, thinking of Doug O’Meara who received neither and must live permanently injured because he was covering for Justin Loschiavo. Of course Justin Loschiavo laughs at Officer O’Meara and the taxpayers every single payday.

    Call me crazy (It’s rhetorical, Sudds!) but something is wrong with this whole picture.

  24. 24 omeara128

    I saw my name so I had to respond.

    Light Duty is offered from an injury sustained in the line of duty, it is offered so the officer can recover from his injuries and return to full duty.

  25. 25 omeara128

    Jeze, 180 Light Duty…..

    All I know is when I was injured on the job I intially was out of work on an INJURY ON DUTY status but that changed quick when DC Loschiavo had it changed to “SICK TIME”..

  26. 26 jezebel282


    Question: Could you have performed “light duty”?

  27. 27 omeara128

    Sure I could of, but heres the thing.

    I put in my papers for disability retirement while being out on sick time when it was really an injury on duty=which was all documneted and is proven.

    Since they were charging me sick time and by contract I can stay out 1yr and 1 day, after that I was on my own as far as being paid.

    Now, Knowing I was being charged sick time and Winterbottom kept cancelling the disability review board meetings, I knew that my 1yr and 1 day was coming up, so I said let me come back Light Duty until Winterbottom decides what he wants to do so I wouldnt be without pay, Winterbottom refused to let me do light duty and instead just cut off my pay completly after my 1yr and 1day of sick time was up.

  28. 28 jezebel282

    Thank you Doug.

  29. 29 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    We shall see what happens on Feb 22. Hopefully Mayor Harkins and his staff can correct this injustice.

  30. 30 1george1

    Jeze + Doug,

    Related to the JUSTIN LOSCHIAVO – (Doug Omeara) imbroglio
    Esq. Warren Holcolm of BMD is getting paid.
    Esq. Rich Burturla of BMD is getting paid from Town Attorney Budget
    Esq. Jon August of C.R.C. # 2 is getting paid
    Esq. Tim Bishop is getting paid from Town Attorney Budget

    Still holding cases:
    Esq Kevin Kelly is getting paid from Town Attorney Budget
    Esq. John Florek of C.R.C. # 2 is getting paid from Town Attorney Budget
    Esq. Rich Burturla of BMD is getting paid from Town Attorney Budget

    Hopefully Mayor Harkins and his staff can correct this injustice.

    The check is in the mail.
    The porsche is paid for.
    Honest baby, I can hold it and would never ….

    Who appoints the Town Attorneys and OKs who they can use and not
    use as subcontractor …. at how much per hour Jeze?

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