Hostage Released! Mayor Missing?

Moments before release

Moments before release

Stratford Approves returning car to accident victim, she still threatens legal action.
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 08/25/2009 12:28:40 AM EDT

STRATFORD — Josie Cicerale will drive her repaired car out of Hansen’s Auto Body Shop here Friday morning, 2 1/2 months after Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, while having a seizure, crashed his patrol cruiser into the rear of her 2007 Honda Element.

The Town Council’s Finance and Claims Committee on Monday capitulated to Cicerale’s request, reversing a demand by Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley last week that the accident victim sign a waiver releasing both the town and police officer from any personal injury liability, and voted unanimously to pay the $1,246.50 bill that will allow the SUV to be released from Hansen’s Tuesday morning.

But now Cicerale is threatening possible legal action, and to contact Attorney General Richard Blumenthal over the “town’s long delay in having my car fixed, and then not releasing it when the repairs were completed.”

The vehicle was brought to Hansen’s last Tuesday to be repaired two months after the accident, but only when Cicerale brought the matter to the Town Council two weeks ago after being told by Mayor James R. Miron that “there was nothing he could do to help me.”

Originally, Cicerale said she would have accepted $500 from the town to go with a $300 insurance payment, and as recently as two weeks ago was willing to settle for $811.85 to cover the repair costs and money the town charged her for the accident report, which took six weeks for Police Chief John Buturla to release.

But Cicerale, who for two months pleaded that Stratford pay to “just fix the car” she was driving when Lo-Schiavo crashed his patrol car into her vehicle while having a seizure June 6, said Monday the town’s actions might be “too little, too late.

“This was completely mishandled from the beginning and the town could have saved itself a lot of money had it just been willing to fix my car those first few weeks,” Cicerale told the committee Monday. “This never had to drag out so long, and I never should have had to be put through this kind of emotional hell and torture.”

Cicerale said she now believes the town “tried to coerce me into signing away my right” to take legal action, and only agreed to release her car when officials realized they were “illegally holding my car hostage.”

“The town has made me wait and sweat it out all these weeks, now let them sweat out what I’m going to do,” Cicerale said. “The first thing I will do after picking up the car is to speak with my attorney (Jack Cohane, of Fairfield) to consider whether to take legal action. I am experiencing pain in my left ankle that my doctor said could have been caused by the crash.”

The former nurse, who witnessed LoSchiavo having a seizure when he crashed into her car and three others, told the Town Council two weeks ago she was willing to sign a waiver releasing Stratford from injury liability. But when her ankle started hurting last week she decided she could not sign away her right to sue.

“The town misled me, with McCauley saying I would only have to sign a waiver releasing the town from any further liability concerning the car damages. Then, on Thursday she (McCauley) sent me a waiver agreement that stated I would never take legal action against Justin LoSchiavo or the town. I refused to sign it.”

When asked what changed between last Thursday and Monday that persuaded the town to release Cicerale’s vehicle, Town Attorney Richard Buturla said the accident victim “changed her mind,” and it required the Finance and Claims Committee to meet and approve releasing the car.

Justin LoSchiavo, the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo, was hired by Miron three years ago despite warnings against his hiring by doctors and top town officials, who cited the applicant’s history of seizure disorder that could impact his ability to drive and carry a loaded weapon.

Police Chief John Buturla on Monday said LoSchiavo, 31, who has had his weapon seized and was on injury leave for more than two months, is currently out on sick leave while the department conducts an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding his medical condition, the crash and whether he can continue as an officer.

“She told the council two weeks ago that she was not interested in seeking legal damage for bodily harm, but now that changed and required the council committee to approve it, which they did,” Buturla said.

Oh? She changed her mind? So if she said she would seek legal damage for bodily harm you wouldn’t have asked her to sign the waiver? Instead the Town would have just fixed her car? Rich, you have been hanging around Miron way too long. You sound just like him now.


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  1. 1 phineast

    anyone notice how much the price went up for the hostage release?

  2. 2 jezebel282

    An Auto Body shop billing more than the estimate?

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. There’s gambling going on at Rick’s Cafe?

  3. 3 jezebel282

    “Police Chief John Buturla on Monday said LoSchiavo, 31, who has had his weapon seized and was on injury leave for more than two months, is currently out on sick leave while the department conducts an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding his medical condition, the crash and whether he can continue as an officer.”

    Excuse me? “Sick leave”? Who approved that? His mother, Linda Loschiavo, in HR? A 31 year old officer takes 82 days of “Injured” On Duty and now is out on “Sick” Leave? For a fender bender? WTF?

    Does anyone remember Officer O’Meara who, while covering for (you guessed it) Justin Loschiavo, was injured in a struggle with a suspect? The suspect was later charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest, drug and bomb making material possession.

    Officer O’Meara was denied Injured on Duty leave, denied medical coverage and forced to take sick leave. Eventually, Officer O’Meara was forced into disability retirement, thus ending his career.

  4. 4 sudds

    a) I hope Mrs. Cicerale sues the pants off of the town and wins!!!

    b) didn’t I tell you that Junior is just holding on long enough for momma-bear to rubber stamp his pension request???

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I hope Ms. Cicerale sues the Town and forces Miron, Buturla (both of them), Popik, Loschiavo (all of them), McCauley, Branyan, Imbro, Murphy and Dinhanian to testify under oath.

    Sadly, it will be too late. Miron will be out of office chasing ambulances again by that time. However, the few headlines that will come out of it should do wonders for his business and getting new municipal clients for Berchem Moses & Devlin may be a tad harder. Or impossible. I wonder how many Town Councils and Boards of Education members read the CT Post?

  6. 6 1george1


    Why not have officer O’Meara write a Letter to the Editor to compare
    his ill-treatment to the “preferred vender” type treatment of J. L.

    You can relate to the TERM: “preferred vender” LIKE TEAM STRATFORD,
    who has held STRATFORD HOSTAGE related to AVCO SAEP.

    Oooops – TEAM STRATFORD backs HARKINS.

    Mrs. Cicerale’s lawyer Jack Cohane is a former Prosecutor and friend
    of mine for 45 years.
    Knew Jack in grammar school, couple years younger.
    He has been my real estate lawyer.
    Aw…. just a coincidence?

    Mrs. Cicerale did not get it from me.

    Hmmmm. My real estate records are in Town Hall – Town Clerk’s
    office which notes certain facts….

    Police data base are able to identify all relatives, neighbors, all
    finance records, debt and a variety of other information.

    Big Brother meets Ethical Infants … ?

    Part of FBI Training in QUANTICO has lock picking and bugging
    available for POST GRADUATE C.R.E.E.P.
    Would Stratford have C.R.E.E.M. (Mayor?)

    Ron – Jeze – Mike > you have enforcement back ground & friends
    based on your POSTS.

    Why not list possible abuses innocent people might expect, which
    can include abuse of forensic pathology, by people who have NO
    THING to LOSE, if they have MURDERED in the PAST and do
    NOT WANT to be EXPOSED…..?

    CAR ACCIDENTS such as happened to …
    FIRE = HOMES & CARS such as happened to …
    VANDALISM such as happened to …
    HEART ATTACKS = BIO TOXINS such as may have happened to …
    KIDNEY FAILURE = BIO TOXINS such as may have happened to …
    CANCER = CARCINOGENS such as may have happened to …
    BRAIN attacks – leading to death – such as may have happened to …

    Wait … rather than attack me, AM I INCORRECT about ABILITY of
    BAD POLICE to COMMITT CRIME and best position to COVER IT UP?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “Why not have officer O’Meara write a Letter to the Editor to compare his ill-treatment to the “preferred vender” type treatment of J. L.”

    Officer O’Meara has brought his case to everyone who would listen. Remember the Disability Review Committee? He and Jay Cybart (former Fire Chief) had their hearings at the same time.

    He also brought his case to the “Ethics” Commission. Insufficient evidence. They did nothing. This is but one glaring example of what the Ethics Commission can’t or won’t do. On the one hand you have a cop denied leave and rehabilitation and on the other you have a cop who is given 83 days of leave at full pay for having no injuries.

    No offense to Ms. Birge, but WTF?

    Of course, the IA department in the PD is kept busy investigating serious “Crimes Against Miron”. There are two (count ’em, 2!) investigations going on at the direction of Chief Buturla. They are investigating a cop who went the wrong way in the PD parking lot to find a space. It should be noted in this case that the subject’s car was legally registered and parked legally. The second case is even more severe. A personal friend of John Buturla’s complained that the neighbor’s sprinkler was getting the fence wet! Why the cop didn’t immediately arrest the perpetrator is beyond belief! The neighbor is still at large and free to get other fences in Town wet!

    THIS is what concerns Miron/Buturla. Oh…I almost forgot. Regular crime? Exactly ONE search warrant has been issued in the last 19 months for suspicion of drug use. Obviously, for security reasons, it is important to apprehend illegal parkers and fence-wetters first.

  8. 8 1george1

    Has Officer O’Meara writen a letter to the Editor of the CT. POST
    and to the STRATFORD STAR, listing everything you wrote as to
    what his situation was, and how he tried to use the system’s process
    which are SUPPOSED to PREVENT the very ABUSES they SUPPORT?

    My USPS appeals were 22 redundant.

    Multiple, federal, state, and local agencies, departments, elected,
    and subcommittees, including several trips to D.C. – NYC – Hartford.
    Appeals included State & Federal ACLU, BAR Associations, & Press.
    Inquiries were sent to Non profits, foundations, & universities.

    What Officer O’Meara endured for 2 years, I have lived since 1984.

    Send e-mails to Rich Weizel, Michael Daly, & Hugh Bailey of CT. POST
    & John Kovach as Star and follow them up withj Letters to Editor,
    phone calls, and requests to meet.

    Call channel 12 and channel 8 and ask to be interviewed.
    Call WICC for Jim Buchanon and contact T-BERRY, who was once
    Burturla’s best friend, and has or had a WICC RADIO SHOW.

    See if T-BERRY will have him on every other week, to build ratings
    for T-BERRY’S Show, among your anti-miron knights?

    Have O’Meara at the debates, giving handouts about situation and
    have him and friends asking questions and posting debates on UTUBE!

    They drew first blood.

    Nixon loved the ST. BART’S prayer:

    “Though I am wounded, I AM NOT SLAIN.”

    “For I shall RISE, to FIGHT AGAIN and AGAIN.”

    Then there is the POEM – INVICTUS:

    OUT of the night that covers me,
    > Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    > For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    > I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    …..[ MANY times I cried FOR others ]
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    > My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    > Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    > Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    > How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    > I am the captain of my soul.

    Like the PHOENIX – Omeara, McNeil, Mulligan, and others
    can be the
    NEW “BEEFY” Hargus
    the NEW “KILROY”
    the NEW “Diane Buda”

    Politics needs an enema or an exorcism,
    to flush the flotsam and jetsam of the zombies, ghouls,
    and vampires.

    Town Hall has become NOT-T-ING-HAM CAST-LE.
    Some want to make it a Berchem complex annex. It may be?
    Others want it to be Golden Hill West.
    Some desire to make it another Mulberry Street?
    Yet others want it to be part of Arthur Avenue?

    Look up the definitions of:
    zombies, ghouls, and vampires.

    The definitions apply to some B UTTER NUTS – mIRON CURTAIN
    and across the USA.

  9. 9 1george1

    There are things that Omeara and McNeil could do, to become
    PUBLIC ISSUES to benefit the TOWN and THEMSELVES.

    However, because everything stays underground and NONE of the
    PUBLIC is aware of the EXTENT of
    1 – ABUSES
    2 – BLOCKING APPEALS – Suborning / sabotage
    3 – Dangerous REPRISALS
    4 – Political connections

    and I MEAN absolutely FEAR, is to be EXPOSED PRIOR to ELECTIONS.

    That is why they throw some people under the BUS before elections,
    because the NEED to make it appear they are doing something and

    ROLAND – very well paid after short prison – kept mouth shut
    GANIM & friends
    GIARDANO – sicko
    TED STEVENS – once they got him out of office, they didn’t dare throw
    him in jail – he KNOWS FAR TOO MUCH on TOO MANY others.

    My info, is they needed old man Miron out of the way, prior to the
    elections, for certain reasons and impacted certain other people,
    for similar reasons.

    First one to go State’s evidence gets outta jail free card.
    Ask a certain CT. “boss” who remained untouched WHILE ….

    Then use reduced sentences for those who entrapped the
    upper boss and cover them with others to build a case vs.
    the “name” and “title.”

    They also had to go after Hartford’s Perez, because it was gettin
    to obvious that other parts of the state were gettin scape goated.

    Sooner or later, everyone in the party “eats the RAT” and has
    to bend over…..

    It is NO WAY for people to live.

    People in different departments “run scared…”

    People on Town Committees and Commissions “run scared …”

    LAND of the FREE
    HOME of the BRAVE

    in this town and in this country, it is becoming an oxymoron.

    In politics …. they “dance with the devil.”
    Whose book title?
    Who spoke the line repeatedly, in a block buster movie?

  10. 10 1george1

    DANCE WITH THE DEVIL brings together the stories….

    …moved by Jezebel to:

  11. 11 phineast

    George- enema 1st, exorcism 2nd.
    see how easy it is to be short and to the point?

  12. 12 omeara128

    Yes, Jez,,,,,
    Feb25,07 I was injured on duty covering a call for Ofc.Justin Loschavio regarding a domestic violence subject. Unfortunatly I was injured but the town totally abandoned me and I will never forget my experience with them. I could go on and on about what they have done but it would cover 3 full pages. I did in fact go to the Ethics Commission two times and they said I had insufficient evidence but they didnt even bother to look into any of my complaints even though I provided the facts and gave names of other who could state the same.

  13. 13 mikereynolds

    How much more freaking evidence do they need since Ofc. O’Meara was directly involved?

    This Ethics Commission has no credibility. Hear that Ms. Birge? That commission that you chair is a paper tiger.

  14. 14 omeara128

    Ethics Commission basically told me that none of my complaints where in the Ethics Codes they had…..that i needed more evidence……

  15. 15 1george1

    Officer Omeara,
    You can copy and paste what you posted onto MS Word
    and e-mail to CT. POST and STRATFORD STAR.

    Send to STAR by monday noon and to post Tuesday late in day,
    and either might be published as is.

    You may want to write that you were Stratford Police from x date to ….
    I answered a call, covering for …
    I was injured on the job, verified by …
    This is what happened to my compensation, forcing me into disability …
    This is what happened to my sick leave … vacation … worker’s comp …
    unemployment insurance …
    These are the appeals I utilized and results …

    This is why I can relate to the illtreatment of Mrs, Cicerale, by the
    very same people, who “appear” very generous to friends and to people
    who are not among their friends = ill treatment.

    Please compare treatment I received to …
    If this happened to you, your spouse, son / daughter, how would you feel?

    Lastly, with 40 (?) pokice out of 112 force appointed by Miron / Burturla,
    if you “happen” to get involved in an incident with a “connected” person,
    HOW do you believe you will be TREATED.



    1) EVERY one of my APPEALS TO POLICE / INVESTIGATORY = not sufficient
    evidence a crime was committed.

    2) Appeal for help to State Ethics Commission (vs. Town Ethics Comm or
    whomever); Bar Association; and FOPGRANDLODGE others …..

    Make each document their denial – then put it on UTUBE – write book

  16. 16 omeara128

    Sounds good George. I really dont know what the big deal is with the Christian Miron release of documents and all this fuss of his personnel records.

  17. 17 omeara128

    Dear Susan N.Birge,

    I received your correspondence letter a few months back dated January 6, 2009 regarding my Ethics complaints against HR Director Edmund Winterbottom and retired Deputy Police Chief Joseph Loschiavo. I read your response to my complaint and quite frankly I didn’t know how to respond or what to say when I read the words “SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE”.

    As a now retired member of the Stratford Police Dept with 15 years of law enforcement experience Ive handled thousands complaints based on the complainants own words. No matter how small of a complaint I was entitled to investigated it. When I read the words no sufficient evidence from your letter it baffled me. In my original complaint I outlined as to what occurred. I left a medical note in a sealed envelope addressed to Captain Kenneth Bakalar in his mail slot. This was opended by Deputy Chief Loschiavo and left un opened to where anyone could have read the contained note. This was not a sick note but a personal medical note from my physician in response to inquiry made by HR Dept Director at the time, Mrs.Flores. It was intended for the Captain and the Hr Director. I have recently seen and read numerous complaints that personal medical documents have been leaked with lawsuits pending by the mayors brother. I have also watched a video that mayor Miron emphasizes that he and the town are strongly committed to securing employees personal and medical information. So this really baffles me as to when your response letter contained the words no “SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE”. I gave the complaint to you for the sole purpose as to what the Ethics Board means. I could not go to anyone in the police dept with this complaint and after I saw the Town of Stratford had an Ethics Commission I thought this was the best place to start. Could you please explain to me as why no one was talked to and why my personal medical information was ok to look at. I look forward to a prompt response to further understand the Ethics Board reasoning on this matter.

    Douglas J O’Meara

  18. 18 omeara128

    RESPONSE FROM ETHICS COMMISSION========does not fall under our guidelines

  19. 19 omeara128

    Ethics Commission also stated to me that DC Loschiavo was no longer employed by the town so they could not do anything. But I said when he looked at my medical he was employed by the town and my first complaint I made back in Dec 08 he was employed by the town………answer, SORRY………

  20. 20 omeara128

    And MR>WINTERBOTTOM……..Mr.Winterbottom stated to Local#407 union attorney RICH GUDIS about me via a phone conversation on Friday, Oct 17th. approx 1500hrs Attorney Gudis called Winterbottom and asked why are you cancelling all the disability review board meeting concerning OFc.O’Meara disability, Winterbottoms response from an HR director and I quote ” WHY ARE YOU GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP AN EMPLOYEE LIKE THIS”. Attorney Gudis called me and told me what was said to him. I asked myself, why would this guy WINTERBOTTOM say this, Ive never met the man but I had my thoughts why.

    Made an Ethics complaint against him, SORRY, doesnt fall under our ETHICS code guidelines.

  21. 21 mikereynolds

    Officer O’Meara, it sounds like you have a civil case against the town. Are you pursuing this?

  22. 22 jezebel282


    I’m not Officer O’Meara and I can’t speak for him, but let’s remember he is disabled and survives on a 50% disability pension.

    Lawsuits cost money. Filing fees, bonds, subpoena service…you are $1,000 in the hole and you haven’t even gotten to legal fees yet.

    He probably does have a (good) case. But Berchem Moses & Devlin have 20+ attorneys and an almost unlimited source of legal fees (that would be us).

  23. 23 mikereynolds

    For a civil case? What lawyer for a civil case doesn’t work on a contingency fee? I had a civil case and the lawyer took a third of what I was awarded.

    From the sound of it this case is a slam dunk. What lawyer, especially if he’s a Republican from Stratford, wouldn’t love to file this one before November?

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Yes…for a civil case.

    And lawyers working on contingency is a rare event these days unless you a claiming an huge amount and your case is a no brainer. Many firms are now charging around $300 just to “evaluate” your case.

    The legal profession is NOT what it used to be.

  25. 25 omeara128

    Mike, lawsuits are big money, I have a 50% disability and the town isnt even giving me that at this time, thanks to HR DEPT…Getting hurt on the job in Stratford in my case(not all cases depending on who you are) they force you to hire an outside attorney to get your injury approved and they fight you and prolong everything and anything to settle the case. I was denied even physical therapy……..Its disgusting, it really is. When I was out I received a call from training LT>FREER who told me that I would be getting a letter from the police academy regarding my certification as an officer. Freer said whatever the letter says just do it, I said I never finished my mandated 60hours because injury.

    I called police academy, they told me that Loschiavo has no love for you and wanted you to go for a hearing regarding your certification. I had to personally bring all my medical notes etc to police academy to show why I was out of work even though Stratford had all my notes. They then put me on medical leave…..THIS IS THE WAY THEY OPERATE

  26. 26 mikereynolds

    So where is the Police Union? They won’t take this up or get you to a lawyer who will take this case.

    On its face it sounds like a slam dunk. There’s money to be made here. Compensatory damages…Punitive damages.

    I can’t believe that a lawyer wouldn’t want this case.

  27. 27 omeara128

    Mike, im trying to rid myself of all the negative things that has happened but I feel its necessary to tell my story

  28. 28 1george1

    Officer Omeara,

    If you BELIEVE LAWS and RIGHTS and been violated

    Please call:
    CT POST Tom Baden and STFD STAR John Kovach between 10 – 2.
    Make appointments with each.

    E-MAIL COVER LETTER include what you posted on blog as attachment,
    following brief 1 paragraph cover letter.

    SEEK ADVICE from each.

    CT. ACLU has limited hours and staffing.
    As an experienced Police officer
    1 – You know how to “FRAME the ISSUES.”
    2 – You know the CONSTITUTIONAL purviews, especially the 9th
    Amendment, which is a catchall.

    As an experienced Police officer
    1 – You know how to “FRAME the ISSUES as it relates to the R.I.C.O.
    ACT, which a Federal Judge found the Los Angelos police dept was
    in violation several years ago.

    2 – You have to know friendly prosecutors, who could anonymously
    set forward a “BILL of PARTICULARS.”

    3 – You have to know fellow police, especially retired police, who can
    testify to support your allegations.

    4 – You have to know fellow police, especially retired police, who can
    provide you with documentation and more importantly “reasonable
    cause.” (Your opposition is likely to have biographic leverage)

    5 – You have to know political people who have been ousted / hurt
    by those who took over. COLLECTIVELY, they are likely to out number
    those in power, who have a BULGING TREASURE CHEST.

    6 Some HOT SHOT LAW FIRM wants to make a name for itself, for its’
    own reasons, would do it for continguency, on a sure WIN – but needs to


    Personal experience is that most appeal alternatives “are controlled.”

    The control is VERTICAL from the TOP down and back up AND also it
    ASSETS in the area / state / region / DC.

    They will scape goat chosen people, who become a liability.
    Because of mutual biographic leverage, the scape goated gets off
    easy, because he/she falls on the sword and keeps mouth shut.

    They use people with ability to retire, as a way to circumvent the
    Administrative appeal process, and they control the Criminal appeal
    process, with huge Assets from FEEDER FIRMS on Civil Cases.

    And they have connections with friendly court clerks, who create
    dockets to arrange for friendly Judges.

    Friendly Judges control issue framing, evidence suppressed and
    admitted, witnesses, and more.

    Jury selection is a demographic computer science when powerful
    firms face each other. When firms and judges work together jury
    rigging is relative simple by steering certain types of jurists.

    I can not provide a simple answer.
    However I can make you aware of situations and let you decide on
    accessing your experience and expertise.

    If you roll over, they can come after you at will.

    When I went Public and ran for political office, they had fewer shadows
    to hide behind, and snakes do not like to come out from under rocks.

  29. 29 ronmoreau

    Mr. O’Meara ,
    I think what George is trying to say is.
    If you have nothing to hide, GO FOR IT.

  30. 30 ronmoreau

    BUT…Just be careful.

  31. 31 1george1

    You are correct.

    It helps to have backup “that you can trust!”

    The bigger the group of backup, the harder to ignore.

  32. 32 1george1


    When you have the FACTS…
    Pound the FACTS!

    When you have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS …..

    When you have the CIVIL RIGHTS ….
    Pound the CIVIL RIGHTS

    When you have the LAW …..
    Pound the LAW

    When you have the PUBLIC INTEREST …..

    When you have all of the the above ….
    Pound them them all!

    When you have NONE of the ABOVE ….
    Pound the TABLE!

  33. The handling of the LoSchiavo accident and repairs to Ms. Cicarele’s vehicle is one of the most PUBLICLY unbelievable things that has happened yet. No doubt Miron has sealed his fate as Stratford’s first and worse mayor!

    Ms. Cicarele’s stated over and over that all she wanted was her car fixed. I think she should’ve gotten her insurance company involved – they’d have paid to fix her car and her insurance company would have subrogated against the Town to get the money back since it was clearly not her fault.

    From day one Miron stated he has the ultimate control of ALL departments – hiring, firing, etc. We have seen that this is only true when nothing goes wrong. As soon as something happens that turns a bad light on him or his administration, he has no knowledge or there’s nothing he can do about it. I guess that goes along with he’s the mayor and can do “whatever the F**K he wants.” He obviously can also change the rules of the game to suit his need at that point in time.
    What a crock of BS!

    Also, Doug O’Meara should pursue something and I wish I had a name of a good (plaintiff’s) labor lawyer who deals in these sort of things for him. And he’s right – it costs money and Miron and Buturla, being lawyers themselves know this and they know that the regular blue-collar working people think hard about what they spend their money on and lawsuits which should happen don’t, because they don’t have that money for a retainer. Lawyers want the “whales” – the big fish, the corporations with the big money – the little guy gets and will continue to get screwed by these self-indulgent, ego-inflated buffoons!

    Should Ms. Cicarele pursue a legal action against the Town? She stated over and over that she wasn’t injured and now, because of the BS Miron, et. al. put her through, she’s got an injury to her ankle which MAY have been caused by the accident. I think a personal injury action would be somewhat frivolous, but I think there is something to the stress and aggravation forced upon her.

    Miron and both of the Buturla brothers are perhaps sealing their fate as part of Stratford’s past. There are way too many people who want better for Stratford’s future.

  34. 34 jezebel282

    Sperling for mayor!

  35. 35 sudds

    At least we know* that her fundraisers will be in town!!!

    * unless PCS finally realized that Baja’s in Orange is infinitely better than Alcapolco’s!

  36. 36 1george1

    Find Attorneys in Your Area 888-388-5595

    Foolish question:
    Any CT. FIRM specialize in LEGAL MALPRACTICE?

    — NEXT

    “I think she should’ve gotten her insurance company involved
    – they’d have paid to fix her car and her insurance company
    would have subrogated against the Town to get the money
    back since it was clearly not her fault.”

    I spoke to Mrs. Cicerale.
    I told her the same thing PCS wrote better than I can.
    Mrs. Cicerale told me her agent told her that if the Insurance
    company got involved, it would count against her toward future
    If true, I believe the agent is lazy and incompetent.
    I suggested Mrs. Cicerale call around for new insurance agent.
    I advised her it might be wise to wait 2 years before changing,
    since my agent advised me against joining her, until 2 years after
    I had an accident, where I was better off staying put ….
    > Something about people who are honest, competent, w integrity.

  37. Sudds ~

    I love Baja’s, but, with a 5 year old and being that it’s in Orange, they’ve got incredible burritos but there’s only so many big a** margies one can drink……and I love my margies, although I discovered a couple new tasty libations while in Cape Cod. LOL I love the family atmosphere of Aculpuco’s, and it’s my daughter’s favorite place when we go out – she’s been going there since she was 3 days old!

    Now, to George ~

    I don’t really have a comment on the “whoicansue” website. There’s a great deal of frivolous litigation out there. Slip and fall cases in grocery stores and other public places are money makers for grifters. Sucks, since we end up paying for it in our insurance premiums – health care, etc. I got hit by an 18-wheeler on I-95. I was injured, whiplash, but never thought of suing. There’s others who call their lawyer as soon as they get home.

    I truly think the agent was lazy! She should have contacted the company itself and gotten the straight dope, especially when she started getting a run-around from the Town. Perhaps she should still call the company itself and find out if what the agent said was accurate. If not, the agent should be dealt with by the company.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “I love Baja’s, but, with a 5 year old…”

    Remember, Sunday night is a school night!

  39. 39 omeara128

    I hear you have to be careful what you write on the blogs, if you write the wrong thing Chief Buturla will have STATE POLICE MAJOR CRIME investigating you.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    Only if you post a picture of an unregistered illegally parked car.

  41. 41 1george1

    Yo PCS,
    Once agin, you proved why you are my favorite blogger.
    N dis time, I agree wit you 100 %! 8)

  42. 42 omeara128

    Jez, thats true, my mistake……..Based on Buturla and the devil statements State Police Major Crime will investigate anything for their buddies. CT TAX DOLLARS AT WORK> niceeeee

  43. 43 1george1


    Does that mean I “may” have a problem? 😦 😉

  44. 44 omeara128

    George I think you are okay, THEY GO AFTER COPS WHO SPEAK THE TRUTH………..they will even lie on sworn statements……….things will come to light soon…………..

  45. 45 1george1


    You and cerain others may have an angel helping you soon, as well.

    I have been well treated by most of the police subsequent to my
    false arrest by mossman 12/1998.

    I was spied on and the guys were stunned I squeek when I waddle,
    since I do not Drink, not do Drugs, not do xyz, when they had the
    DARE dummy try to pimp offers to me.
    I won’t say his friends were skanky, but they had swarms of fruit
    flies trailing them.

    I filed 7 citizens complaints to Capt andy knapp who properly pushed
    them to Barnhart, since they were about Mossman.

    Barnhart took the political option.
    I filed certified to Council Chair Cabral, vs. Barnhart & Burturla.
    That was June 1999

    July 1999 woman friend I worked with rear-ended a stop short
    on I-91 – Harford
    August 1999, I was cut off, and teenager totalled my car.
    I got ticket and concussion.
    Sept 1999 girl I dated was rear ended I – 95 NY
    Oct 1999 my Godson’s mom drove escort. Rearended I-84
    Nov 1999 my # 3 cousin daughter rear-ended State Hwy Easton
    Dec – nothing
    Jan 2000 girl I dated was rear ended I – 95 NY
    Jan 2000 my # 4 cousin father in law died

    FEB 2000 REGISTERED LETTER detailing above and USPS deaths
    sent to CT. Supreme Court chief justice william sullivan,
    head of criminal justice commission (appoints criminal prosecutors)

    FEB 2000 I had documents for Administrative Judge for parking
    ticket. Brideport Assist State Prosecutor ex stratford police
    Joe Harry, who Mossman used to mess me over ….
    Almost fell on his face running to the judge to dismise my case
    just as I was about to be called.

    Esq John Williams told me I had a clear winner vs Mossman.
    His various associates agreed and told me I had a better case vs.
    Barnhart & Burturla.
    They were not blowing smoke until it appears someone got to
    Williams. He accepted nephew of ex-Bpt City Attorney to join
    his firm and rep me, which Burturla abd Berchem knew.

    Force my case to Hartford next to Federal Judge Chris Droney
    who should be codefendant with Mossman for NOT INVESTIGATING
    DEATHS I reported APRIL 1995
    No audio / video
    Had to go to hartford – not local
    Same week my uncle / god father / best friend died 7 years before,
    as causal for me telling off Mossman
    Not allowed foundation evidence for witnesses
    Not allowed witnesses
    Not allowed impeachment witnesses
    Williams sues police against my wishes.
    Williams allowed police to be dropped AFTER they appeared in
    uniform, as defendants – allowed BURTURLA to charge TOWN &
    not MOSSMAN.
    – NOW I had to ask the POLICE NOT be dropped, because their
    appearance poisoned my case, to the selected JUROR in Hartford
    where everyone works for:

    Would you like my JURY POOL? 😦

    Palermo 2 % Budget cap lost same time as my trial
    Buda & Burke summoned & not called?
    Unavailable to my trial – I did not know til later

    My verdict on Mossman Civil Trial was entered by court clerk
    on the 7th anniversary of my Uncle’s death.

    My interpretation?

    Murdering handling agent was sending me message his
    whores protected him and his whores from investigation,
    prosecution, and incarceration.

    7th anniversary of my Uncle’s death.

    – Until he died Mossman could not look me in the eye.

    Watch Rich Burturla in same room with me.

    Hand often in front of his eyes from looking at me.
    He can not look me in the eye, and quickly averts his look.

    Burturla knows what he did

  46. 46 jezebel282


    “things will come to light soon…………..”

    Not that soon. The State Attorney is requiring McNeil, Soto and Farmer to submit DNA samples. It is possible that one of them licked an envelope at some point in their lives. The typical lead time in this state for DNA results is about 6 months, as you know.

    That puts the actual trial out to sometime in March/April 2010. In other words, the acquittal will not happen before election day in November and McNeil and Soto will continue to go without pay or benefits until March/April. As James R. Miron said about his father & sister, “innocent until proven guilty”.

    All because Christian Miron did not become a cop.

    Did I mention that a benefit will be held for McNeil & Soto on SEPTEMBER 12th @ 7PM at 150 GARFIELD AVE, STRATFORD?

  47. 47 1george1


    Were there ulterior motives for christian miron’s application.

    Follow the results:

    McNeil as Union President, filed embarassing grievance vs. police
    captain with $ 134,000 pension on $ 84,000 base pay, which if bought
    to PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE (like I & few others did) causes certain peoples’
    Loss of PROPERTY and FREEDOM to steal, lie, & cheat

    Chris is in for a BIG PAY DAY, under SEAL.

    Part of the BIG PAY DAY can pay off DEAD BEAT DICKIE’S DEBTS

    Now would’t that be worth bribing HARKINS, DOM, NORM & friends?

    – If it can be proven that PENSIONS were used for BRIBERY, and that
    certain people knowing contributed to being causal, while many others
    but kept SILENT due to self benefit.

    Is there MOTIVE to silence McNeil and use TOWN Treasury for self
    benefit, using politically appointed STATE POLICE & FBI & proscutor
    / U. S. Attorney as assest for QUID pro QUO, HELPING THEM cover up

    Yo PHIN was that short and to the POINT?

  48. 48 omeara128

    DNA tests after you arrest them…….Id love to know the chain of custody on the envelope………….seems really odd to me that you arrest McNeil, Soto and Farmer first and then ask for DNA…mmmmmmmmm………….

  49. 49 1george1

    Yo Doug,

    Is it possible that someone knowing what was going to happen
    would dumpster dive at Police HQ, to get DNA, FINGER PRINTS,
    or WHATEVER?

    Is it possible that a Town Public Works crew could have special
    orders and special places to put certain peoples garbage collected
    at their homes into a special BIG BAG to GET that sort of INFO,
    and including SEMEN or other “STUFF?”

    Is it possible that DIGITAL CAMERAS can take and reconstruct any
    pictures and also use DIGITAL AUDIO for reconstruction.

    People advised me NOT to BLOG.
    My words can be used against me.
    And they could use the blog for their own reasons.

    My feelings are, when they come after me, they come after me.
    I have already been set up a number of times.
    I have nothing to hide.
    I try to always tell the truth.
    I try to keep it political and not personal.

    They published me and a bunch of others in the STAR on page 13.
    I love learning NEW THINGS about my life from Mr. Joe Pedoto,
    who admitted he wrote in error, (strike 1) 🙂
    backs Miron (by inference Burturla/Berchem), (strike 2) 🙂
    and counts on the USPS (integrity) for information…. 8)

  50. 50 1george1

    Please review and comment on post # 45.


    The silence is deafening.
    Like I posted in the past, I know who most of the readers are.
    I wonder how many of them have had family murdered and were
    unaware …

  51. 51 jezebel282


    “And they could use the blog for their own reasons.”

    Sometimes you throw so much…material…on the wall that most of it doesn’t stick.

    Let me assure you that no one (sigh) helps me with this blog. Not once, not ever.

  52. 52 omeara128


    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN STRATFORD, ive seen it first hand, believe me….

  53. 53 1george1


    I have helped you with the blog on a daily basis, by being a counter point.

    Why do you have so many reason.

  54. 54 1george1

    Did our blog mistress fail to see and post Mrs. Cicerale’s
    Letter to the Editor correcting Town Attorney Burturla?

    While I could have done a better job on the letter in the
    CT. POST, I was able to have the word (giggle) next to 3
    specific targets

    Mr. Pedoto admitted error about my life and Pension (giggle)
    Mr Pedoto supports Mayor Miron (&Town Attorney Burturla) (giggle)
    Mr. Pedoto counted on the USPS integrity (giggle) about defining
    “just cause.” (we can get away with it)

    That was Monday.

    Today Mrs. Cicerale corrected the Town Attorney’s partial truths.

    While some readers may have ROTFLMAO.

    I handled it more maturely.
    I simply smiled! Smiled! SMILED!

    I suspect certain people Nottingham Castle (Town Hall) or the
    BA-STEAL (Berchem Castle) or Be UTTER NUTS esquirelles may
    have kicked a puppy or two ….. ?

  55. 55 jezebel282


    “Did our blog mistress fail to see and post Mrs. Cicerale’s Letter to the Editor correcting Town Attorney Burturla?”

    Nope. I saw it. She did a fine job responding. Some Mironista (or maybe Miron) made a slight threat of defamation. But as usual, bullies have a hard time when they try to push the thuth around.

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