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The debate last night at St Joseph’s was very well attended. The CT Post estimates about 200 attendees. Unfortunately, there weren’t many “regular” voters. Miron & Costello brought their cheerleaders. Costello’s cheerleaders were easily identified by the black T-shirts with Costello’s name in white (honest to goodness). Miron’s cheering section had Miron buttons (and a […]

Connecticut’s Poverty-Rate Increase Led U.S. States Last Year By Carlos Torres and Pat Wechsler Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) — Connecticut led increases in poverty among eight U.S. states where rates rose in 2008, the first full year of the recession, a government report showed. The proportion of Connecticut residents living in poverty rose by 1.4 […]

You read it in the Post: Two homeowners behind some of the biggest blight problems Inability to find homeowners limits options in fighting back By Keila Torres STAFF WRITER The Natera family is known throughout the region. In March 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the Boston Avenue offices of Hector Natera’s mortgage-company, Invernat, […]

Letter to our readers: Topix has been removed from . It is clear that readers have opinions they like to express, but it has also become clear that some are not capable of having a civilized discussion on the issues. It is unfortunate that the behavior of a few has forced us to take […]

So here we are in the middle of a work week. All the signs that can possibly have Mayor Moron’s name on it have been put up. He sent out his latest robo-calls about broken toilets at Birdseye and paving at Hawley Lane. Let’s see…what to do? Play golf with the Chief of Police, Dick […]

This is one of those head shaking stories that only happens in Stratford. The Democratic Town Committee Deputy Treasurer and James R. Miron’s campaign treasurer, Kent Miller, was stopped by the Stratford PD on 18 September driving an unregistered vehicle. The vehicle expiration was January 09. According to the 1099 provided by the Town, Mr. […]

Tonight (at sunset) marks the beginning of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. It literally means “head of the year”. Also, this weekend we have been given the opportunity to think about the coming year for Stratford. It is time to reflect on those choices that are best for us and our neighbors. For four […]

It appears that the silence has been broken last night. Citizens are no longer satisfied to let corruption and incompetence rule Stratford. But here is the takeaway; a mayor, no matter how well intentioned and good hearted, cannot effect the change we need by himself. We have long considered the options available and it saddens […]

If you had signed up for the Stratford Emergency Notification System sign up here, you received a robo call from James R. Miron, mayor last night. Mostly reminding you that it was HIS idea, HIS system and HIS voice. The problem is that once you hear his voice, you hang up immediately. We wonder how […]

(Yawn) You read it in the Post Town Council Approves New Ethics Code that Includes Tough Nepotism Policy By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 09/15/2009 12:31:47 AM EDT STRATFORD — After months of wrangling, the Town Council on Monday approved a tougher new Ethics Code with a more stringent anti-nepotism policy for elected and town […]