Harkins Is The One

Picture taken circa 1980

Picture taken circa 1980

You read it in the Star:

Harkins: Governing is different from managing

Written by John Kovach
Thursday, 10 September 2009 10:40

Governing is different from managing, State Rep. John Harkins said, and his 14 years in Hartford give him the knowledge and skills Stratford needs in its next mayor.

“Based on my experience, on thing I know how to do is govern,” Harkins said, “how to listen to people, work with others.”

Endorsed by the Republican Town Committee, Harkins is being challenged in Tuesday’s GOP mayoral primary by Jonathan Best, who stands on his experience managing agencies in and out of town halls.

“There are vast differences between the two of us,” Harkins said. “He’s a bureaucrat.”

Harkins was elected to the Town Council, representing the Ninth District, in 1995. The next November he was elected to the 120th District General Assembly seat, which he has held since.

Even with the race against Best looming, Harkins speaks often about differences between himself and Democratic incumbent Mayor James R. Miron.

“I supported the change in government because I felt Stratford was lacking in accountability, direct leadership,” Harkins said. “What we’ve seen in the past four years is the product of a total lack of communication and lack of governance. I’ve lived in town my entire life and feel I can do better.”

Harkins said he would treat people with respect and give credit to others for their ideas.

“I don’t need credit anymore,” he said.

Long a member of the minority in Hartford, Harkins said there needs to be more cooperation between the mayor and Town Council, regardless of who controls more seats.
That’s currently missing, he said, saying Miron does not let the council know what’s being done.
“You can’t govern effectively if you don’t communicate,” Harkins said.
If mayor, Harkins said he would privately discuss ideas with council leadership from both parties, who would relay information to their respective members to allow educated debate at a council meeting.
“That’s fair and reasonable,” Harkins said.
It’s also the way he’s seen things done in Hartford, he said.
Too often, Harkins said of the current local administration, council members learn of initiatives at public meetings.
“You need to provide information to members before they make a decision,” Harkins said.
Harkins said interacting with both parties and all levels of government has helped land funding for local projects.
He said he was instrumental, at the behest of a local family, at getting epinephrine injectors carried by emergency medical services to treat children with food allergies.
He met with residents to get them a voice in the disposal of Raymark waste, which environmental agencies wanted to dump in neighborhoods.
In one case, he said, he stepped in when a family with a sick child was having an insurance issue.


Harkins has faced questions about his stance on the Shakespeare Theatre, writing in an op-ed to the Star Aug. 27. In it, Harkins wrote that he worked in Hartford to have the theater turned over to Stratford, and accused Miron of allowing the theater to decay.
He also criticized Miron for refusing to sign the contract with developer William Hanney, a contract that was approved by the Town Council.
“I’ve been told it’s legally binding,” Harkins said, adding that the council has authority over contracts.
Asked his opinion of the terms, Harkins said, “I think the town could have done better, but no one else came forward willing to spend the money to improve the property.”
“This is the mayor’s agreement,” Harkins said. “He negotiated it, then turned on it for whatever reason.”
If elected in November, Harkins “absolutely” would attempt to negotiate different terms with Hanney.
He said a lot of people don’t want to see the town committed to major expenditures for the theater.
“We can’t afford it,” Harkins said.
He wondered why some residents were against operating the venue as a for-profit venture, as Hanney would.
“Why would we want the theater to lose money?” he asked.
He also noted that no one from the Arts Commission had visited Hanney’s Theatre by the Sea in Rhode Island.
Critics have said the current contract gives Hanney the right to build housing and a restaurant on the site.
“I don’t believe housing on the site is a good idea,” Harkins said, adding that actors and actresses could rent apartments in town.
However, “the developer would have to be given some flexibility on the site.”
“If the theater can make money, that’s a good thing,” Harkins said.

Harkins also says the Exit 33 project can spur economic development, and said Miron has not weighed in on that.

Jeopardizing Stratford’s economic well-being, Harkins said, is an unsustainable pension plan, which he said was pointed out by a financial review committee.

An operator of Harkins Appraisals on Main Street, Harkins said he knows how to run a company and the difficulties small businesses face in this economy.


In response to Town Council candidate Matt Catalano’s endorsement of Best, Louis DeCilio, campaign manager for Harkins, said Tuesday 25 Republican elected officials and candidates for town office endorse his candidate.
“We share a common goal, to see our town succeed,” council candidate and former Board of Education Chairman Tom Malloy said in a press release.
“John Harkins offers the voter a real choice with real solutions our town. Through 14 years of service to Stratford, John has worked tirelessly for our community and delivered results time and again by bringing people together. He’s stood tall against tax and spending increases, preserved open space at Boothe Park, Sterling House, and DeLuca Field, and got economic development projects like Exit 33 and the train station moving. Stratford needs John Harkins as its next mayor.”

Council candidates backing Harkins, DeCilio said, are Chris Barnaby, Dave Loconte, Ed Ward, JR Stroomer, James Conner, Paul Hoydick and Malloy. Well, that’s very nice, but it’s the Republican voters that will make the real endorsement in the primary.

Psst, John….Obama is president now. Way to attract Democrats. Sheesh.


53 Responses to “Harkins Is The One”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Jez you are such a complainer….lol

    If he had a picture of Obama on the wall you’d complain it wasn’t big enough.

    You’ve been complaining for months that Harkins hasn’t said anything. So here you go, he voices his opinions and you kill him over a picture on the wall.

  2. 2 jezebel282



    It’s a big planet. He could have stood anywhere.

    It’s hard enough voting for a (gulp) Republican.

    (I suppose it could have been worse; Bush/Cheney or McCain/Palin)

  3. 3 1george1

    1 – When Mike is right … Mike is right.

    I will leave it, so far. 😉

    2) Interesting that Harkins favors debate among the Town Council,
    but ducked a real one on one with Best, besides the very well
    done intervew by Channel # 12, in a controlled format.

    3) Harkins states he “was told the Hanney contract was binding.”
    By whom?

    The Town Attorney is the SOLE LEGAL AUTHORITY to speak on
    behalf of the Town of Stratford and to Negotiate Contracts.

    Protests by the Mayor and Town Attorney appear pretextual at
    best. However, publicly, they claim the contact is illegal?

    4) Interesting timing?
    1996 John Harkins elected to State House
    1996 Rich Burturla first year as Stratford Town Attorney.

    1998 $ 95,000,000 PENSION BOND
    1998 AVCO SAEP – Preferred Vender > Team Stratford # 1

    5) Danny D was Doc’s campaign manager and successor.
    Doc was involved in Shakespeare.
    Now John Harkins claimed that he alone transferred Shakespeare
    to the Town.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Although I will spend the weekend thinking about it, based upon actual positions, it appears to me that Jon Best (as much as he’s been kidded here) has better positions for Stratford.

  5. 5 1george1


    I agree that Harkins’s actual positions are inferior to Best’s positions.

    I intend to vote for myself, at least on the mayoral ballot.

    Someone teased me that they should elect me Mayor and blame me
    for everything.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Editor’s Opinion:

    After careful consideration of the mayoral candidates, it is our conclusion that John Harkins is the candidate that will move Stratford forward.

    We are under no illusion that it will be an easy job. There is much damage that has been done and it must be repaired. Credibility takes time to build. It is our hope that Mr. Harkins can transform municipal government into an organization that the citizens can have faith in. But you have to start somewhere. That somewhere will be the voting booth on Tuesday.

    We urge Stratford’s registered Republicans to provide Harkins with the mandate he needs to defeat James R. Miron in November.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    Wait….you said a few days ago that Jon Best had the best positions. Now you’re urging people to vote for John Harkins? Is flip flopping a genetic thing for Democrats?

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Actually, what I said was that I would spend the weekend thinking about it.

    “Although I will spend the weekend thinking about it, based upon actual positions, it appears to me that Jon Best (as much as he’s been kidded here) has better positions for Stratford.”

    “Is flip flopping a genetic thing for Democrats?”

    Perhaps thinking is something Republicans aren’t used to?

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    A ha…nice zing there.

    So, pray tell, what brought you over to the Harkins side?

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Mr. Harkins attended the Police Benefit last night and clearly stated his positions for anyone to hear. (maybe it’s hard to lie when everyone in the room has tazers and guns). His positions were clear and simply stated. What more can you ask of a candidate?

    Now…if only he wasn’t a Republican.

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    Well I’m glad you’ve come around.

    So what does that say about all the complaining and criticizing you’ve done of him about not knowing what his positions are? All you had to do was go and ask him or go listen to him public.

    I agree he may not be as accessible electronically as Mr. Best but he clearly is our “best” candidate for Mayor.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “So what does that say about all the complaining and criticizing you’ve done of him about not knowing what his positions are?”

    It is a problem. If it was a mystery to me, it is a mystery to other voters. That won’t do when running against an incumbent. Mr. Harkins needs to find a way to make his positions clear and known.

  13. 13 greghousemd

    JMO but Mr. Best probably did not attend the police benefit dinner due to his strong ties to The Former Deputy Thief, he was a Campaign Manager and is a very good friend of Jonathan Best. They are both corrupt.

  14. 14 1george1

    I saw the NEWS 12 Best/Harkins interview in Best campaign office.

    Supporters of Best & Harkins, who I talked to prior and after each
    gave slight nod to their person.

    It was a very fast paced conversation with Mr. Appleby

    I barely know Mr. Harkins, and have discussed things with Best on more
    occasions, because we attended more Town Council stuff.
    We do know each other only politically.

    I have posted my frustrations with some supporters of each of them.
    Actually with all of the candidates.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    There is no doubt that Harkins has to do a better job of putting clear, definitive positions out there.

    After 4 years of spin, deals, terminations and persecutions voters are starving for actual substance.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “The Former Deputy Thief, he was a Campaign Manager and is a very good friend of Jonathan Best.”


    If this is true, that is AWFUL!

  17. 17 justanotherreader

    Jez, it is true – not only was the DC the campaign manager but the entire Loschavo family campaigned heavily for Jon Best during the last election. Makes you wonder about some things, doesn’t it?

  18. 18 greghousemd



    If this is true, that is AWFUL!”

    Not only is it true, Saw it with my own eyes Jez,, They are very good friends. I wish i had the picture of the LT1 Police Car that was parked in front of his campaign HQ almost every day on the green in 2005. He was one of the managers in 05′ Check the campaign records, The Deputy Thief also paid a pretty penny to his friend Mr. Best as did Linda.

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “Paid a pretty penny”?

    What does that mean?

  20. 20 greghousemd


    Money and personal favors are all I am referring to.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “Money and personal favors are all I am referring to.”

    This is just disgusting.

    The good news, I suppose, is that after watching 4 years of this we can still be disgusted.

  22. 22 1george1

    As I posted many times – I am bothered by some of the people
    who are supporters of:

    Jon Best
    John Harkins
    Jim Miron
    Dom Costello

    I believe all paper trails lead back to Norm + Burturla, who were the TWO
    people Camillo thanked in his last Town Council Meeting.

    I believe those paper trails lead back to BERCHEM + MARIO TESTA, which lead
    (I believe) to the people behind Big Government caused Big Business bankruptcies
    which were caused by OIL / WAR / DRUG / CRIME causers.

    There is a bipartisan culture of corruption and you morons actually
    think one of these (politically writing) clowns is an answer?

    Short term they benefit some of you.

    Long term, the USA & stratford is in trouble.

  23. 23 ronmoreau


    ‘”As I posted many times – I am bothered by some of the people
    who are supporters of:”

    I’m sure you are bothered by ALL of the people who are supporters of……

    Rest assured you have , and hope you will continue to, make us think twice about anything any of us do in the Town of Stratford.

    You have helped ME ‘connect the dots’.

    You are an asset to this town and I hope you will find it in your heart to continue what you do.

  24. 24 greghousemd

    This was taken from http://www.topix.net/forum/source/connecticut-post/TMRFU773LS61H2KQG#lastPost

    “On this day of the Republican primary, it is quite ironic that Jonathan Best is challenging John Harkins, considering what happened at Monday night’s council meeting.
    A strong anti-nepostism policy was approved. Best’s wife, Donna, is the EMS chief in Stratford. Best is trying to run for mayor.
    Haven’t we had enough nepostism with King James Miron and his father, former Registrar and Democratic Town Committee Chairman Richard Miron?
    We don’t need Best coming in to be mayor, with his wife already the EMS chief.
    There’s enough reasons not to vote for Best anyway, most of all that he’s in bed with Miron, but here’s yet another one.
    A vote for Best is the Worst thing a voter can do today.”

    On this day of the Republican primary we need to vote for someone who has the morale fortitude to put personal favors aside and put their ego aside, With Mr. Best’s connections to the LoShavio family, as well as his reasoning for announcing his candidacy for Mayor in early 07′ to save his wifes job, one must take a long hard look at his promise for transparent government. After a long and hard thought process this past weekend I find myself 100% in support of John Harkins.

    After speaking with many friends of mine at length this past weekend here is what I have ascertained of Mr. Best in his roles with the town and with EMS. These people combined have over 40-50 years with the EMS Department

    1) He is an excellent public speaker
    2) He promises what he cannot deliver
    3) He is as patrician as James Miron
    4) He is loyal to only those who agree with him
    5) Joe Loschiavo was/is a Campaign manager and contributor
    6) He has intimidates and threatens members of EMS unchecked by his wife.
    7) He abuses his role as Captain of EMS and is protected by his wife as direct supervisor/director of the department
    8) He used his role as Captain of EMS in the 05′ election to make employment promises and promotion promises for members of the department who were underqualified.
    9) If you do not agree with him he pushes aside your opinion or idea
    10) As captain he has supported financial mismanagement by not standing up for ideas that were not his own and proved to be better decisions.
    11) When asked what he would do with his wifes position if elected as Mayor, he strongly supports hiring a Public Safety Director at a Town Charter Approved rate of $90,000+/yr. Can anyone say Joe Loschiavo or another chronie?

    My hope is that anyone who feels Mr. Best is being honest and truthful with his “promises and ideas” take the opportunity vote for who is best, rather than who claims he is “Best” (no pun intended).

  25. 25 1george1

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I owe you an unusual apology:
    For some reason I keep thinking your last name was Monro.
    Someone corrected me that it is Moreau.

    I apologize and admit to an honest error.

    One further compound question to any of the readers?

    Which other political candidate:

    1 – Admits to an error or errors?

    2 – Tries to correct error (s) ASAP ?

    3 – Refuses to seek donations ?

    4 – Tries to tell the whole truth ?

    5 – Willingly takes on unpopular issues and positions ?

    6 – Lays out information so all people can “connect dots” like
    Mr. Ron Moreau has been able to do ?

    7 – Attends almost all Town Council Meetings, Budget Work shops,
    Pension Meetings, multiple Town Charter Revision meetings ?

    8 – Apprizes people via blog or Letters to the Editor what I believe
    are the story behind the cover stories ?


    10 – Made the TOWN COUNCIL + EPA + DEP aware of huge TOXIC
    GROUND WATER ISSUE just before release of ERIN BROCOVICH,
    which is KILLING PROPERTY VALUES of the ENTIRE TOWN, not just
    our area ?

    11 – Made the PUBLIC aware of the TOWN ATTORNEY BILLING Machine
    related to FAILURES of

    A) Team Stratford # 1 + # 2 + # 3


    C) LBW was to a TRUST and NOT directly to F & W

    D) Buying AIRPORT on Town Council Agenda for 4 years, which I suggested
    in 1999 and DICK MIRON in a RARE PUBLIC FORUM move, months later
    suggested Buying the AIRPORT after I did.

    E) EPA + DEP + Senate + Congress + Governor + State legislature + Council

    F) Charter Revision Commissions.

  26. 26 1george1

    Unlike Costello, I sought independents to run for political office.

    If elected Mayor, I will not seek to work with the Town Council but to work
    despite the Town Council, Board of Ed, and Zoning.

    I would have a BID process for a full time Town Attorney and four PTs at
    annual rates per specialty + pt paralegals and use the Town Hall legal
    Secretary to actually do Town Attorny work, expanding supply costs,
    but lowering Attorney billing.

    Unlike Miron, normally what I say, is what I mean.
    I know economic development.

    Unlike Harkins and Miron, I do not take donations.
    Especially from people I consider criminals, including the FBI / Justice.

    Unlike Harkins, Miron, & Costello I would not be cuttting back door deals.
    Nor do I double cross people.
    I actually believe in equal protection of the law and equal opportunity
    and liberty and justice for all.

  27. 27 ronmoreau

    Unofficial results,

    Harkins 1405

    Best 365

  28. 28 mikereynolds

    That’s awesome…nearly 4 to 1! Ok Mr. Best, go away now, you’re done in Stratford politics.

  29. 29 1george1

    With 1770 votes out of over 5,000 Republican registered voters,
    it looks like if Dom or none of the above were ballot choices,
    they would have won.

    What was Dom’s count when he won the Republican primary?

    Miron got over 5,000 general election votes.
    Harkins appears to have a base of 1,405.

  30. 30 mikereynolds

    You’re making a lot of assumptions there big fella.

    You’re assuming that everyone who voted for Dom last time will vote for him again.

    You’re assuming that everyone who voted for Miron will vote for him again.

    You’re assuming the same political environment as 2005.

    You’re also forgetting that its a primary, not a general election. Primaries never get the turnout as a general election.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    You are correct in every point.

    A Republican primary (the minority party in Stratford) in an off-election year would usually render a meager turn out. It is surprising how many did turn out. I heard that independents were registering as Republicans as late as yesterday morning to specifically vote for Mr. Harkins.

    What’s more, it seems that Mr. Best’s vote count is amazingly close to the number of people that signed his primary petition.

  32. 32 mikereynolds

    In addition its whoever gets the unaffiliated/independent vote wins the election.

    With 50,000 people in Stratford, assume 30,000 potential voters?

    5,800 are Republicans. About 10,000 are Democrats? Maybe a little more?

    That’s leaves a HUGE pool of voters. If a candidate can reach out to that pool and get its majority that’s the election.

    Forget what happened in 2005. Things are totally different. There will be a huge anti-Miron vote out there this year.

  33. 33 1george1

    Jeze + Mike,

    Did I make any assumptions or simply list facts and opinion?

    Last I knew, there were under 28,000 registered voters, but Louie
    has been actively recruiting.

  34. Let the games begin…..HARKINS FOR MAYOR!

    I can’t begin to put my excitement into words. I firmly believe John Harkins is the best man for Stratford. Now, let’s hope that the pool of “wannabies” doesn’t increase so as to suck the votes away again in this election so that the the same thing happens again! Miron needs to go……

  35. 35 1george1

    I wish there were a Constitutional Amendment for NONE of the ABOVE!
    I active wrote for people to run for office and contacted Ralph Nader
    to run for Mayor of a perfect situation for him. (Not expected a YES.)

    I believe Harkins (Norm) and Miron (dicks) prime backers caused all
    Stratford problems. I do mean ALL Stratford problems.
    I believe Berchem + Bucci somehow hooked into Costello.

    I believe they are all local puppets for Hartford, NYC, & DC area.

    Classic GIGO + Peter Principal.

    I am the best qualified for the 3rd District.
    Despite lower qualifications for Mayor, I am the best choice, yet
    do not care about vote count.

  36. 36 mikereynolds

    Well its a good thing you don’t care about vote count since you won’t be getting more than a handful.

  37. 37 1george1

    Mike, I guarentee I will get more votes than YOU!

    I am not bought, nor do I steal or steer for mutual benefit (quid pro quo),
    unlike certain political people, which I am sure you know. 😉

  38. 38 1george1

    I thought I heard Sudds giggling?
    There was a weird “tremor in the force.” 🙂

    The other day, Sudds stirred the pot to wake Mike R and I up.
    If Mike takes Sudds golfing, sudds can be the BOGEY MAN? 8)

  39. George ~

    With all due respect, it doesn’t matter who the candidate is – I’m 100% certain you’ll find something negative. Each and every candidate in each and every election is going to have a bad guy or two supporting them – fact of life. What really bothers me is that people keep throwing their names in the pot knowing full well they’re not going to be but a few votes – you included. While you are an asset to our Town with the wealth of information you have, I’d hate to see Miron win again because of the dilution of votes by wannabie candidates who don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell! It really bothers me – we need to get rid of Jim Miron – move Stratford forward and all you can do is worry about who the tainted supporters are rather than the few thousand good people who are behind someone. I believe John Harkins is his own man. I don’t think he can be “bought” and I doubt very much that he’d be a puppet, as Miron has, for anyone.

    I’m just really, really tired of the conspiracy theories….. can’t you find something positive?

  40. 40 phineast

    Pat-for the most part I echo your sentiment. On occassion there is a scumbag that is sooooo dirty in a campaign process that it cannot be over looked(prime example-the mayor’s father). Other than that you are totally on target.

  41. 41 1george1

    You have your beliefs.
    I have my beliefs.

    I believe the blog posters are mostly Republicans or United Democrats,
    who became Republicans (like the ones who helped Dom win the
    Republican primary four years ago.

    I believe they need to control government and feel they have a divine
    right to mess over people, as many of the Republicans are every bit
    as bad or worse than the others.

    There are very good among all

    I believe all Stratford trails lead back to the same people, with stealing
    and steering the assets as the motive.

  42. 42 jezebel282


    “I believe the blog posters are mostly Republicans or United Democrats,”

    You left out Confused Democrats, like me.

    It is only in Stratford that you find Republicans supporting unions and Democrats persecuting them.

    Only in Stratford can you find Democrats favoring the few at the expense of many.

    Only in Stratford do you find the Democratic leader supporting ultra-conservative candidates like Joe Lieberman instead of the more liberal Democratic candidate (Ned Lamont).

    It’s crazy, I tell you. Republicans acting like Democrats and Democrats acting like…scum.

  43. 43 sudds

    “It is only in Stratford that you find Republicans supporting unions and Democrats persecuting them.”

    Maybe Stratford Democrats are smarter than I give them credit for!!!

  44. 44 jezebel282


    As soon as you get elected to the Planning Commission we need to take a look at the huge halo worn by Mrs. Sudds. It gets larger every time he posts. It MUST be in violation of something by now.

  45. 45 1george1

    There are good Democrats and Republicans.

    However like city logs floating down a polluted stream,
    one can see (and smell) what has risen to the top of
    the behind the scenes leadership.

    I believe Mr. Moreau, Jeze, & others has expressed
    similar sentiments.

    Careful Jeze about mentioning Senators and Congress
    people as well as state reps….. 8)
    Someone might call you a conspiracy …. 😉 theorist?

  46. 46 ronmoreau

    “As soon as you get elected to the Planning Commission we need to take a look at the huge halo worn by Mrs. Sudds. It gets larger every time he posts. It MUST be in violation of something by now.”

    Jez, If the halo gets to large, it might be mistaken for a large satilite dish. Sudds may have to go before the Zoning Board and apply for a ‘special case’ variance allowing it.

    As long as the neighbors don’t complain I don’t think he will have a problem.

    If the petition is denied he could always appeal it with the B.Z.A.. Of which I am Chairman untill January 1st.

  47. 47 ronmoreau

    If it wasn’t for term limits, I’d have run for B.Z.A. again. I believe term limits favor the powers to be.

  48. 48 1george1

    We disagree on term limits.

    Both positions have plus and minus.

    Same way with Budget Referendums.

    Every tool can become a weapon
    and different people and situations
    affect validity of perceptions of
    Term Limits or Budget Referendums.

  49. 49 1george1

    Since I accept no political donations….

    No one can connect my politics to ….

    Developers from Shelton, Bridgeport, Milford, Stratford, or
    Lawyers from Milford, Bridgeport, Shelton, Stratford or
    Drug Dealers from Bridgeport, Milford, Shelton, Airport, Stratford or

    Wouldn’t it be nice for Town Hall & Council not to be Nottingham
    Castle or a Golden Hill Street annex? (see revised zip codes)

    Would YOU be willing to place a tire around your neck to expose
    the Republican and Democrat Town Council and Mayor

    1 – Ignoring a slashed tire, which could have killed INNOCENT peoplem
    if it blew on I – 95 or public road.

    2 – Trying to ignore Bob Sammis and George Mulligan refusing to sign
    on to the Town Council Financial Advisory Commission adding the term
    “NO DISCERNABLE WRONG DOING” despite voting to take it out.

    3 – Trying to ignore Bob Sammis and George Mulligan pointing out abuse
    of Pensions ($ 89,000 AVERAGE of 7 police + 2 fire) OVER BASE PAY which
    AVERAGED $ 71,000)

  50. 50 jezebel282

    “No one can connect my politics to” reality.

  51. 51 1george1

    The other reality is that the other candidates’s backers are dirty.

    which I posted in the past. That is also the reality.

    I have caused people to look in the mirror, and get some of them to
    ask questions about their priorities and connections.

    Each will make their own choices of their own free will.
    Or they will be coerced by the state or the connected…

  52. 52 1george1

    Harkins’ is candidate to replace “Where’s Waldo?”

    No show Wed @ tide harbor condo.
    No reply to Oct 1 Arts Commission.

    Last night Mayor Miron replied to commuter question.
    Just finished negotiations with christ church for commuter parking.

    From what I understand the OSNA has not decided to have meeting
    or not, for Mayor and Town Council.

    I was told only one person favors including inviting me, despite the
    fact I qualified to be on ballot and several other events.

    when I called to thank the president of tide harbor condos, I learned
    she was on the RAC for 7 years, without missing a meeting.

    We discussed town stuff.

    I asked her for constructive criticism and how did I do?

    She said I did VERY WELL.

    I believe I got the most and loudest applause.

    I had baited Jim and Dom who nailed my rambling and fantasy,
    suggesting I needed a psychiatric evaluation.

    Toward end of meeting I stated.





    At the end of the night DOM spoke to me and asked for a Truce.
    I told him I want a verbal WAR. Political only.

    I corrected many Miron talking points and explanations.
    I corrected some Domn talking points and explanations.
    Some are not logical by either person.

    Both Dom and I address pension issues similar to McNeil position.

    Both Dom and I apportioned blame & credit to Town Council and
    Mayor. I wnt out of my way to name Burturla, Willinger. Aldrich
    and I could undeerstand if HARKINS is rolled up in a BIG BALL,
    after seeing monday’s CT POST HEADLINES.

    I want a down and dirty, name calling, in your facem real stratford
    peoples issues debates instead of polite meet the candidate.

    I can not wait to get Harkins on the channel 12 taping, along with
    the others. I feel like JOE LOUIS and Burturla / Norm / Berchem
    and friend are Max Schmeling.

    If I live ….. there are gonna be some red faces.

    However, I also have knowledg e to keep many of them from going to
    Jail and from completely losing pensions and their life’s assets.

    I believe peoples’ greed entrapped them by “the handler.”

  53. 53 1george1

    From Jeze, a couple months ago, was a very nice set of compliments.
    Thank you Jeze for the endorsement of character, if not for political
    office, in giving my own page.

    I believe people were suckered by their greed.
    If they are ever arrested, I believe I can mitigate for many…


    This page is being put up because Mr. Mulligan has demonstrated
    over the years a true caring, concern and effort for the citizens
    of Stratford.

    As far as we can tell, he does not lie, he does not seek benefit
    for himself, he does not make unethical deals and he pretty much
    says what he means.

    (We only wish he was a bit more…umm…focused.)

    We have not seen this in any other candidate to date.

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