Robo Calls and Primaries

Honey, it's somebody named "Miron".....

If you had signed up for the Stratford Emergency Notification System sign up here, you received a robo call from James R. Miron, mayor last night. Mostly reminding you that it was HIS idea, HIS system and HIS voice.

The problem is that once you hear his voice, you hang up immediately. We wonder how many times before Election Day we will be notified by Mayor Moron.

It must have been a coincidence that the robo calls went out on the eve of the Republican primary.

Today is the Republican Primary. The winner of the primary will, in all likelihood, be our next mayor. If you are a registered Republican stop reading this and go vote!

36 Responses to “Robo Calls and Primaries”

  1. 1 greghousemd

    Yep!, Get out and Vote!

  2. 2 sudds

    “If you had signed up for the Stratford Emergency Notification System ”

    Apparently this is NOT a qualification… neither the Saint I live with nor myself signed up, and we got the call last night!!!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    I don’t know why, but I am simply not surprised.

  4. 4 sudds

    I wonder if I can whack the town for some money since (a) we didn’t sign up and (b) we’re on the do not call registry!?!?!? 😀

  5. 5 1george1

    Dumb Question?

    What was the Emergency which Mayor / Mayoral Candidate Jim Miron
    was Robo-calling everyone for the first time?


    It was a TEST. This system has been in place for at least 6 years, if not
    longer, and to my recolection, it is the first TEST CALL I ever received?

    Has anyone contacted the Hartford Elections Division to see if this was
    a violation of the purview, spirit, or letter of the ELECTIONS LAWS?

    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron is a Demon-crat and the CT. SECRETARY of
    STATE Susan Bysiewicz is a Democrat, and is a Governor Candidate, as
    a Democrat.

    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron is a Demon-crat and had a $ 75 person Fund
    Raiser Sunday Sept 13 with Democratic Congress woman roSADeluaro.

    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron is a Demon-crat and had appeared SEPT 11
    at the VFW with (R) Town Attorney Kevin Kelly’s former boss – the
    honorable (?) Dick Blumenthal, Democrat Attorney General.

    Has anyone contacted the Stratford Ethics Commission?
    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron and Town Attorney are Demon-crats who work
    with LAW FIRM which advised the Stratford Ethics Commission since it was
    reconstituted (a couple times) with revised and re-revised and re-re-revised
    Ethics Codes by the mostly Republican Town Councils who work with the
    Demon-crats, with the same Town Attorneys / Assistants since 1980s then
    mid 1990s, then early 2000s – who all have fiduciary oversight obligation ….

    Has anyone contacted the CT Ethics Commission?
    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron and Town Attorney are Democrats, which control
    the CT. GENERAL ASSEMBLIES, much like Bridgeport & NYC have models of
    ethical governance?

    Has anyone contacted the USA or CT. BAR ASSOCIATION Ethics Commission?
    Oh I forgot, Mayor Miron and Town Attorney are LAWYERS.
    BALLS to represent people who pay TAXES and uphold the CONSTITUTION.

    Yeah, who are the delusional?

    Are Iraq/Iran/aFAGhanistan more likely to have an honest election (?) than
    Stratford, CT., NY, NJ, MA, USA, Illonois
    (home of Obama + Blajovich + Mayor Daley + Al CAPone + Univ of Chicago (ROCKEFELLER UNIV) alma mater to Obama + Manhattan Project.

  6. 6 sudds


    Don’t ask Mike Reynolds this question… he likes the idea of politicans using their budget to campaign to us via “official” business!!!

    Although, this was NOT done by Harkins… so he might have an issue with it!!!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    I am on the Do Not Call list as well.

    Strangely, politicians are exempt from the requirement.

    However, the use of an emergency system to waste everyone’s time is another story. Typical Miron though.

  8. 8 1george1


    Sudds, are you trying to wake up me or my buddy Mike R?

    We cut down insulting each other.

    I guess you miss it.

    People are actually giving me credit for caring about their interests,
    even when it goes against my interest.

    Example: Local 407 should come out against Miron and state why.
    However local 407 would be wise NOT to endorse ANY candidate.

    1 – Harkins was on 1995 Town Council which OK the Balloon of
    LAST TWO YEARS, causing massive Pension abuse.
    NOT in 407 BEST INTEREST to be seen as co-conspirators.

    2 – Dom was BRIDGEPORT POLICE 1960s-1980s and is on PENSION
    BRIDGEPORT POLICE 1960s-1980s
    NOT in 407 BEST INTEREST to be seen as co-conspirators.

    3 – Miron – not have to write any thing else.
    Retired Stratford Police Captain Joe Burturla
    NOT in 407 BEST INTEREST to be seen as co-conspirators.

    4 – Jon – > Connections to DC Loschiavo + Proto (+ clients)
    + Donna EMS
    NOT in 407 BEST INTEREST to be seen as co-conspirators
    OR potential conflicts of interests.

    5 – George – critic of the political machines who may have
    suckered police into too good of a deal that only fools would
    pass up.
    NOT in 407 BEST INTEREST to be seen as co-conspirators.

    I did NOT write the LAW in HARTFORD where people found guilty
    of corruption could lose their PENSIONS.

    If you readers do not believe that HARTFORD politicians want to
    TAKE OVER Stratford and Bridgport when they feel the time is to
    their best interests, then you are less intelligent than I gave you
    credit for having.

    Burturlas allowed Brook Miron, Chris Miron, Dick Miron, and James
    Miron to have horrible reputations.
    Any chance they would think twice about throwing ANYONE under
    the BUS for self benefit?

    The Town Attorneys have sucked Stratford Dry since 1985 and allowed
    the Town to be a laughing stock with high taxes, contaminated water
    and grounds, and economic exodus instead of development and used
    public money in a stock scam, where others made money in 1990s.

    The Town Committee leaders …..


  9. 9 1george1

    I speak to Union Leaders.

    I warned them for years the Unions are being set up.

    Local people can do nothing about BIG OIL or BANKRUPCY
    FRAUD buy outs.

    Local people can identify with what they don’t have as workers
    and small business owners and what the UNIONS have….

    I am PRO UNION.
    They are too dumb to look at the END GAME
    and too dumb & greedy to give back conditionally, to control the appearances.

  10. 10 gforrester

    Here is the deal on the Robo Calls.

    Evidently calls went to several people that did not sign up for the notification system. I was in the conference room last night at Town Hall and several people called the phone number in the conference room saying that the number came up on their caller ID so they called back, no message was left. Instead of the call being routed to an answering machine telling people what was going on the phone just kept ringing until someone picked it up. I answered 5 calls in 15 minutes and people were not happy, many other calls went unanswered. I asked the CAO about it at the meeting and she indicated that the system was “tested” but unfortunately the IT Department didn’t get the automated message set up or the calls routed the right way.

  11. 11 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    “she indicated that the system was “tested” but unfortunately the IT Department didn’t get the automated message set up or the calls routed the right way.”

    Yeah, huh?

    I suppose they mixed up the voter registration database with the Notification system database?

    Common mistake. I’m sure it happens all the time on the night before a primary. Those darn IT people…it’s always their fault.

  12. 12 1george1

    QUESTIONS Mr. Forester and everyone else:

    When was the system installed?
    (I believe it was 2001)

    How many prior tests were there?

    Anyone EVER remember getting called, EVER?

    I am counting on Jeze to at least wise crack.

  13. 13 1george1

    I saw Gavin at Stratford HS for the voters and offered cold pepsi or
    coca cola to each person.

    I told Gavin he frustrates me, because if he ever went public with the
    stuff he ABSOLUTELY KNOWS, that I KNOW he KNOWS, we could have
    a vibrant town, like it should be.
    Gavin is superior to any Mayoral Candidate in knowledge and ability
    and volunteer public service.
    He is the 3rd to 5th most qualified person in Stratford to be
    C. O. O. – C. F. O.

    Unfortunately we have Sith Lords and self declared emperors whose
    minions work to turn the town – state – usa “Republic” into the dark side

    I believe Berchem castle has turned Town Hall into Nottingham castle.
    And puppet strings are increasingly evident.

    One of these days, Gavin and others are likely to have deep, deep regrets.

    Rumor is that FBI met with Miron + Burturlas about July 31 and/or August 3,

    Probability of meeting occuring can be verified Sept 22 ….. 😉

    My parting words to Gavin and few people at SHS –
    and might KEEP their PENSIONS,

    Does anyone think the politicians are going to accept blae for what they
    did to the USA?

    Or do over PENSIONED people and those who GRANTED them, believe they
    were NOT SET UP to be the SCAPEGOATS?

    Sept 22 – I will articulate defensive positions.
    I expect to be ignored.

    However, look to your experience about DOUBLE CROSSERS and CHANGING
    or the GUARDS.

  14. 14 mikereynolds

    Hey Suddsy…

    Did you get a call from Stratford’s alert system yesterday? Our Mayor was letting his constituents know that Hawley Lane is going to be paved and that the road would be closed. How convenient for him to let potential voters know that a road is being paved in Stratford. I’m surprised your hackles aren’t up complaining that he’s abusing the alert system. 🙂

  15. 15 jezebel282


    I got one yesterday too saying the toilets at Birdseye weren’t working.

    BIG emergency!

  16. 16 1george1

    Which side of Hawley lane was being paved?

    Who was paying for it? 😉

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    I believe its being done in conjuction with Trumbull.

  18. 18 1george1

    Hey Mike,

    Does that mean Mayor Miron is not telling the whole truth
    and giving the impression that he deserves all the credit, for
    half of the program?

    I wonder if Stratford “happens” to pay more per sq foot?


    No one in their right mind would do that?
    Would they?
    Just curious?

  19. 19 sudds

    Actually Mikey-Boy… NO!!!

    I can see how a busy road like Hawley Lane being closed could lead to potential issues.

    PS… I saw your boy Harkins at a golf outing on Monday… otherwise I would ask if he is still alive.

  20. 20 mikereynolds

    Well Suddsy there there 1405 Republicans who knew he was alive last Tuesday.

    That’s seemed to work out pretty well.

    Since Harkins is “my boy” who’s your boy champ?

  21. 21 jezebel282

    Golf outing?

    How come I never get invited?

  22. 22 1george1

    Rhettorical questions:

    Golf outing?
    How come I never get invited?

    Who’s your boy champ?

    How is Eric Booth?
    Nice guy, for a republican.. 🙂

  23. 23 sudds

    1) As of right now Mulligan is my man

    2) Jez… it was for the Sterling House… $180 and anyone could have played

    3) George… he’s about as good as someone who’s getting hitched in a couple of weeks could be!!! 😯 (wanna come to his Bachelor Party this Saturday night?)

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Because of the R&A rules, you can’t take Mulligans.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “he’s about as good as someone who’s getting hitched in a couple of weeks could be!!!”

    It is obvious that Booth knows you and this woman (it IS a woman, right?) is going to marry him anyway?

  26. 26 mikereynolds

    Come on Sudds…

    Nobody is dumb enough to throw their vote away on George.

    Your reluctance to tell us who you’re supporting suggests you’re not too proud of who you’re supporting.

  27. 27 sudds

    “It is obvious that Booth knows you and this woman (it IS a woman, right?) is going to marry him anyway?”

    LOL… yes, it’s a woman… and yes, she is OBVIOUSLY insane!!!

  28. 28 sudds

    Let’s see Mikey…

    Miron: self-serving tyrant who apperantly thinks the town owes him a LOT

    Harkins: ummm… *** insert platform here… I would have done it, but I have NO idea what it is ***

    Mulligan: obviously cares about the town (if we could just get him on ADD meds)

    In other words… my vote is still available for your boy to EARN… and while he seems like a good guy… so far I have NO idea what I would be voting for in him! (Other than that he governs instead of managing… which actually sounds BAD to me!!!)

  29. 29 mikereynolds

    I find this whole, “I don’t know what Harkins is for” a load of crap and an excuse not to vote for him. All you have to do is ask him. He’s not hard to find. His number is published. So is his family’s business. All you have to do is call and ask. Or you can send him an email via his website. Or you can attend the debates that will be popping up shortly.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    Sudds has a pretty strong point. I would have no idea what Harkins positions are if I didn’t happen to run into him at the Police Benefit. He is the candidate, the voters should have to hunt him down for a clear statement.

    I think Sudds would be pleased with his positions (even though Harkins did not mention Blondes, Beer or No-Show jobs).

    Nonetheless, whoever is in charge of getting Harkins message out is doing an awful job.

  31. 31 sudds

    I think Harkins is just copying the Obama “I’m not Bush” strategy.

    The best part about it is that every time Miron opens his mouth… the “I’m not Miron” strategy gets better and better!

  32. 32 1george1

    Republican DeCilio is Harkins campaign manager.

    Harkins no show at Tide Harbor condo Sept 23
    & not contact Arts Commission for Oct 1.

    I already acknowledged I would not attend Police Benefit,
    per Jeze suggestion, So Harkins showed up.

    I showed up at Save Stratford for Harkins.
    He avoided me.
    I relaxed with a couple friends for couple hours.
    I went to Harkins who was near Tom Smith and asked about
    his positions, VERY POLITELY.
    I got some dribble I found useful.
    Harkins asked my positions.
    I rattled off a couple.
    Then Mr. Harkin’s wife called (cue signal)

    At Tide Harbor last night, which Harkins was a no show,
    Miron rattled off his talking points, acomplishments, and
    explanations to the various nonsense.

    I would then explain how something works based on the
    Charter and other factors and what was really happening
    or the rest of his partial truths.

    Dom and Jim exchanged some shots.

    Dom and I exchanged some shots.

    Jim only tried to partially correct one or 2 of my positions.

    Chris Barnaby from District 1 was there and is a novice.

    None of us went after Harkins hard, because he was not there.
    However, he did not get a FREE PASS.
    Especially with Monday’s CT POST LAURETTI HEADLINES about Shelton
    Developers and Harkin’s business, very possibly deals with those people
    and those issues
    Blog critics of Miron may get there wish about a Stratford Mayor being
    put in JAIL. Except it may be HARKINS and NOT Miron, who is rumored
    to be talking to the FBI, like his Buddies MARIO TESTA and FABRINI (?)
    for Mayor cokehead’s name) and like Aaron Hockman & Natera.
    Mike R
    We have had polite and issue oriented exchanges.
    However, I believe you are backing the wrong horse.
    This was longer than most recent posts, yet isn’t it focused and to
    the point?
    Have I or have I not stay within the immediate topics?
    As I said last night.
    “I wish there was a Constitutional Amendment for Ballot Vote of

  33. 33 1george1

    I called to thank last night’s hostess.

    The Condo President was on the RAC for 7 years and knows Paul,
    Charlie, Ron, and others well. She knows the issues.

    We discussed a few local items. I had never met her prior to Sept 23.
    She may have been at RAC Meetings I went too.

    I asked her how I did?

    She replied VERY WELL.

    I believe I got the loudest and longest applause.

    I baited Jim + Dom and political backers connections.

    I got to Dom who challenged my rambling and fantacies,
    suggesting I needed a psychatrict evaluation.
    I beamed!

    Toward end of evening I stated:




    Law enforcement people love using tired crutches of MEDS,
    their critics.

    Only problem.

    Law enforcement and politicians have lost credibility.

    FOCUSED ARGUMENT about lost creds … Just look around at the


    OIL – GAS COSTS of the spOILs system

    ex-MAFIA CASH COWS, propping up BUDGETS, and dwindling


  34. 34 mikereynolds

    “Especially with Monday’s CT POST LAURETTI HEADLINES about Shelton
    Developers and Harkin’s business, very possibly deals with those people
    and those issues”

    George can you cite for me the exact sentence in the CT Post tying Harkins Appraisal to the situation in Shelton? I read Monday’s post and don’t recall seeing Harkins Appraisal mentioned. I have also searched the CT Post archives and could not find any mention of Harkins Appraisal in the last 7 days.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    Honest to goodness. At some point, I’m going to have to insist on a little bit of proof. You can’t just going throwing things at the wall and waiting to see if anything actually sticks.

    Like this:

    “I already acknowledged I would not attend Police Benefit, per Jeze suggestion, So Harkins showed up.”

    How large IS your opinion of yourself? You are saying Harkins showed up because he knew in advance you wouldn’t be there? Is that why Forrester, Catalano, Dempsey, Costello, and Moreau showed up too? Or is that why every single Democrat (except me, of course) stayed away? Because they were upset YOU weren’t there?

    And now Harkins is somehow by some convoluted association or stream of consciousness related in some magical way to the shenanigans in Shelton?

    And you wonder why everyone scrolls past your posts?

  36. 36 jezebel282

    Dialing for votes.

    Last night was very busy at Miron headquarters with Mironistas manning the phones calling seniors and independents at home. At least it wasn’t an “emergency” robo-call.

    Remember, the Federal Do Not Call law does NOT apply to politicians. If you’ve never signed up for it, click here (it’s free) and then come back:

    So when you get the call from a Mironista asking if you will support Jim Miron, it is OK to:

    1. Hang up
    2. Just say “no”.
    3. Go off on them about your Taxes rising 25.7% since Miron took office.

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