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We were wrong. There is always a new low Miron tries to reach. These are two of them: Keep those anonymous emails coming: Mayor James R. Miron was sighted again yesterday and today abusing taxpayer funds and property…….he was seen in many places around town putting out his own campaign signs and pestering residents as […]

Recently, many local journalists (mostly The Star) have decried the tone of the debates. They claim (mostly the Star) that the three candidates that are not named “Miron” are constantly attacking the mayor. Coincidentally, that is the same thing James R. Miron whines about. OK, so maybe it’s not that big of a coincidence since […]

Harkins vows to make Stratford proud Written by Rep. John Harkins Friday, 30 October 2009 10:22 Government. Politics. Elected official. Too often, these are words or titles that are met with a great deal of disdain and mistrust by the public. Instead of being viewed as the building blocks of our democracy, the very institution […]

Step 1: Get rid of the existing Chief. Especially if he demonstrates a shred of integrity. It doesn’t matter how. Offer him a bag of cash or accuse him of something silly like following your instructions. As long as he’s gone. That’s all that matters. Don’t worry about the cost either. That’s what taxpayers are […]

You may have noticed in one of the articles today this little tidbit: “Miron said Deputy Fire Chief Curtis Maffet was unable to attend.” Why? Because after 4 years of bickering and delay, Miron ordered Maffet to get his butt over to Jim Feehan’s office (New England Fire Equipment) and sign off on the deal […]

This letter was received anonymously. (Ok, fine. Not that anonymously. I know who wrote it). I have been asked to withhold the writer’s name because Miron will be in office until Dec 13th and the writer does not wish to lose his job, like so many others, for expressing his opinion. Although this writer has […]

Almost every day now there are two, three or sometimes more Letters to the Editor of the CT Post endorsing one candidate or another. If you look carefully, however, almost every “concerned” author that supports James R. Miron is a member of the Democratic Town Committee masquerading as a citizen. From Janice Anderson to Robert […]

You read it in the Post: As you may or may not know, we have been facing very hard times equipment-wise at the Stratford Fire Department. Our engines are older and unreliable, many times on loan from neighboring towns. Many of my firefighters are responding to fires with outdated fire coats and pants, many with […]

We honestly cannot think of a single person in the 350 years of Sratford history that has single-handedly done more to damage Stratford, it’s taxpayers and its reputation than James R. Miron.

Every once in a while we wonder why anyone would want to be mayor of Stratford. The mess that will be left by Mayor Moron will be an enormous challenge. In order to achieve his election year budget, Mayor Moron simply deferred contractual raises to unions until next year. For example, the Public Works employees […]