Editor’s Picks

Disinfecting Machine

Disinfecting Machine

With less than a month to go until Election Day, we are publishing our picks. A few things should be noted at the outset. In this particular election, the labels of “Democrat” or “Republican” are meaningless. Especially for the “Democratic” candidates. The Democratic Town Committee has been manipulated into a group who’s only goal appears to be the wishes of Jim Miron and Rich Buturla. As a Town, we simply cannot tolerate bullying, intimidation and personal gain by a political committee. Every single DTC candidate has promised to support James R. Miron in order to receive the nomination. It should also be noted that the editor is a registered Democrat and has been so for 38 years and for the first time will not be voting for a Democrat.

We urge you to ignore the labels and vote for the people instead.

Mayor: John A. Harkins


District 1: Chris Barnaby
District 2: Stephanie Philips
District 3: Matt Catalano
District 4: David LoConte, Jr.
District 5: John Dempsey
District 6: Ed Ward
District 7: William “JR” Stroomer
District 8: Jim Connor
District 9: Tom Malloy
District 10: Paul Hoydick

Board of Education:

Joe Crudo
Gavin Forrester
Chuck Lindberg


Bill DiFederico
Paul Mathewson
Ed Scinto

Planning Commission
Districts 3 & 4: Ron Moreau (a blog favorite)
Districts 5 & 6: John Zbell
Districts 7 & 8: Linda Pepin
Districts 9 & 10: Christopher Walker

Zoning Commission
Districts 5 & 6: Casimir Mizera
Districts 7 & 8: Christopher Silhavey
Districts 9 & 10: Mike Henrick

Zoning Board of Appeals
Districts 1 & 2: Patrick Massey
Districts 3 & 4: Joseph Dimenno
Districts 5 & 6: Brian Dempsey

As always, anyone, anyone at all (even candidates), is welcome to post their opinions about these selections.

54 Responses to “Editor’s Picks”

  1. 1 1george1

    Was there even 1 Democrat picked.

    From a lifetime Democrat.

    I did not get an endorsement? Shucks.
    I thought I was the blog favorite?

    (whipping boy)

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Was there even 1 Democrat picked.”

    Yes. Stephanie Philips.

    “I did not get an endorsement?”

    How many times have you said you don’t expect to win? You just wanted the chance to debate.

    “From a lifetime Democrat.”

    I know. I know. Hopefully there is enough vicodan and scotch on election day. I’m not sure what my reaction in the voting booth will be. But…sigh…the alternative is MUCH worse.

  3. 3 1george1

    Stephanie is running unopposed.
    Still think she will win, considering the Registrar?

    I am being blocked from Debate @ OSNA – it appears.
    I wonder why?

    Do I get an endorsement?
    Where is the Play Write when I need him?

  4. 4 jezebel282

    There is a new game in Town that Miron (and his Mironistas) play. It’s called “Slap the Thinker”.

    Here’s how it’s played:

    1. Find a candidate that has an independent thought.
    2. Compare it to any thoughts that Miron has.
    3. If it doesn’t match slap the candidate!

    From: Jason Santi (email address deleted)
    To: john fahan (email address deleted)
    Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009 9:36:47 AM
    Subject: I Am Disappointed


    For weeks now, I have heard from credible sources that you privately support our opponent Mr. Harkins and are talking badly about our Mayor. I understand this is a free country and you can support whomever you want. But, this seemingly behind the scene actions of privately supporting another candidate while publicly saying you support Mayor Miron is not acceptable. It seems like you are being an opportunist and a potential liar?

    I have a philosophy of working in bi-partisan manner. I respect John Harkins and have worked with him in the past serving on boards and commissions. However, it is a well known fact that I would not support him as Mayor. The point is you have publicly stated in front of the DTC that you support Mayor Miron and would work with us. But now, this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are varying degrees of Democrats, some liberal, some moderate, some conservative.

    But the ones that are seemingly potential to be turncoat like you is not acceptable. This is why for the sake of your perspective constituents in my opinion, you should either change to an R or resign. And, in doing so, would you kindly explain your actions?

    You cannot have people vote for you under the guise of you being a “Democrat”, while you could really be a Republican. That is not fair to your constituents. There are probably reasons you do what you do. But, you are violating the spirit of teamwork in your own party by seemingly supporting the Republicans. To be a Democrat and not agree with everything is one thing. But, to go out of your way to say one thing and support the opposite is not good either.

    Thank you.


    Jason Santi

    Jason Santi is the DTC candidate for Council in the 4th District. Aren’t you lucky, 4th District? Kool-Aid anyone?

  5. 5 mikereynolds

    If Mr. Santi was any further up Jim Miron’s rear, Jim Miron would have a second head.

  6. 6 nomoreyears

    Jason Santi did not write this. Someone else penned this and Jason just signed it. Jason cannot write. If you look at the last few editorials he wrote in the Post his grammar and syntax is absolutely horrifying. He was caught numerous times blogging on the old blog a few years ago and his Topix posts were filled with misspellings, grammatical errors, and general improper use of the English language. Not Santi, but a Miron campaign worker.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    It was indeed sent by Santi and it is still disgusting….

  8. 8 mikereynolds

    He may not have written it…but he sure sent it and put his name to it.

  9. 9 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    I am 100% with you on those picks. I only wish there was someone running against Stephanie Phillips. I’ve met Chris Barnaby – who is running in my district. I like him a lot. He’s a family man – young with two children, one of whom is in the same school as my daughter – kindergarten, the other almost a toddler. He’s utilizing the Stratford Public School System, so it’s someting that will no doubt be important to him and his famiy.

    I’ve also got something to say about District 8. Absolutely Jim Connor. If I were in District 8, there wouldn’t be a snowball’s chance in he-double hockey sticks of Bonnie Reynolds being elected! In my opinion, she and her husband, Dave Mooney, are two others who are so far up Miron’s cavity that neither can think for themselves – as she said to me – she makes nt to PUKE!

    This Jason Santi thing is just disgusting! It was probably sent to him for him to cut n’ paste into an e-mail sent directly by him. It’s extremely known around Town that he’s another Miron cavity-dweller.

    Do any of these people have independent thoughts?

  10. 10 pcsperling

    Oops…..she makes me want to PUKE!

  11. 11 phineast

    PCS- you are 110% correct both about the 4th and 8th dem candidates. Neither one, in my opinion, can think for themself. Both regurgitate rhetoric daily as they receive their “orders”.
    Mr. Santi contradicts himself in “his” letter. He claims that he has a philosphy of working in a “bipartisn” manner, which is laughable. You have to be democrat or democrat. He also comes across as being the only person ENTITLED to an opinion. John Fahan may have to support the mayor if the unthinkable happens and Miron is re-elected. Whenever I have heard him speak he has said that he would support him if he is re-elected. BUT, I have also heard him say that who ever the next mayor is he intends to work with to move Stratford forward. Nothing wrong with that-nothing at all. Actually it is very smart. No one has to say anything about Miron behind his back. His record is what is going to screw him in the voting booths. How many times can you be caught out right and blatantly lying to the public and expect that they are going to say “we love a liar”? Jason really needs to start thinking outside of what the failing democratic party tells him to think. He would shock himself if he really examined all sides of the issues. As it currently stands if he wins the district, district 4 will be in not much better shape than they were with Ms. Brooks, though Jason will show up to the meetings with his superman cape on. They will have the same old same old coming from the dem. party-pull the string and watch the head bobble. The democratic party should be ashamed of whoever penned the letter for Santi as well as Santi himself for being stupid enough to sign it. If push comes to shove-Mr. Fahan can use that letter to demonstrate how members of the democratic party are trying to restrict his right to run by trying to force him to resign from the party based on hearsay. Just goes to show you haw paranoid indeed the current regime is……now think about WHAT causes people to be paranoid……BINGO.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Well, this is what happens when the DTC has been corrupted by Miron/Buturla. Part of the fun of being a Democrat is disagreeing with other Democrats.

    Obviously the only thing a member of the DTC has to do is disagree with Miron and out they go.

    Right, Mr. Forrester?

  13. 13 1george1

    I understand that Mayor Miron is backing Matt Catalano, who was the
    Republican Town Committee selection for Town Council # 3, which the
    Republican Town Committee accepted?

    I understand Mr. Fahan was at a Harkins Republican event?

    I have been told that a Republican put up a Fahan sign, because Fahan
    claimed a week or more ago that Miron backed Catalano?

    I understand some of the Catalano people believe Fahan is backed by the
    rest of the Republican Town Committee, except District # 3.

    Gavin was a Republican, who ran as a Democrat and was the only (D)
    on the Pension Board, giving Burturla / Miron plausible deniability on
    the award votes and giving Harkins plausible deniability for being in
    Hartford from 1996, Burturla’s first year as Town Attorney.

    Stratford has some many chinese walls of evasions of responsiblity that
    they can be seen from SPACE, just like the Great Wall of China, and I
    am negotiating for marketing a new form of Stratford’s chinese checkers,
    where all of the politicians lost their marbles …. 🙂

    Stratford for Dummies?

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “I understand some of the Catalano people believe Fahan is backed by the
    rest of the Republican Town Committee, except District # 3.”

    Obviously, the medication (the election) for Mironitis has not taken effect yet. Neither Mr. Catalano nor Mr Fahan have been elected yet and already their “loyalties” and motives are in question.

    In typical Stratford fashion, the entire “controversy” is based upon hearsay, innuendo and body language. Even Santi’s letter is based upon nothing approaching evidence, although the the gist of the letter reeks of Miron. I have serious doubts whether either gentleman even know what the Hell is going on.

    (And can we please stop the Ferry Blvd Sign War?)

  15. 15 1george1

    I have 1 sign on corner of Ferry Blvd + Elm Street.

    I have a couple of others elsewhere.

    My information came directly from Matt Catalano, who asked me for
    my endorsement.

    I laughed. I told Matt I endorsed me.
    However if I lose, I prefer he beats Fahan.
    I can not blame Matt for asking, since I made it known from the beginning,
    I got in this thing to be awingman tor Diane Buda or Ralph Nader type
    surrogate because there is not substantive difference between Norm –
    Burturla’s – Florek/Kelly’s Harkins or Burturla – Florek/Helly Norm’s Miron.

    I think Dom actually thought he was getting Police / Fire endrsement.
    Dom will take out much of Harkins support in North Stratford.

    I hope to cut into Miron Support anywhere.
    I also hope to cut into some of the bunk about Harkins.
    Dom is a non issue and the three of us ignore him, the way the three
    of them ignore me.
    People tell me Brill and Pedoto attacks back fired.
    I have yet to see PYE Sept 29 and I WONDER if there was EDITTING?

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Rumor Central:

    We have heard that Kim Meuse, the DTC Candidate in the 7th District has been declared “dead to the party” by Mayor Moron as well. It seems she was spotted at the same Harkins fundraiser with Governor Rell as Fahan. That will teach her for stopping in to say hi to her good friend Jody Harkins.

    Two down, 8 to go, Jimmy? The funny thing is that Muese and Fahan may get elected and you won’t.

    Can you say “psychopath”?

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    What? Another Jason Santi “support Miron or leave the party” email?

  18. 18 jezebel282

    “Another Jason Santi “support Miron or leave the party” email?”

    OMG! No! Not that! Anything but a Santi email!


  19. 19 nomoreyears

    Miron is a notorious bridge burner. A great leader builds relationships and teams. A great leader builds community. Miron is not a great leader. When he loses this November he’ll be “dead to Stratford”.

  20. 20 1george1

    Kim Meuse?

    Anyone seen Debbie Rose & Joe Rainone?

    Was Dom at the Harkin’s event?

    How about Burturla or Berchem?
    Wait Tom Cotter was one of their firm and on the Pension
    Review Board. Was he there scratching peoples’ backs?

    Follow the money.

    Were Kevin Kelly & John Florek present?
    Have they donated to Harkins?
    If not
    Why not?

    Wait, if they did, why wouldn’t Miron tell Burturla to shut
    off the $ 154 k, to Jackson, Kelley & Bishop from 08-09
    or $ 44 k to Florek & O’Neil from 08-09?
    Oh, I forgot Florek was the Town Council appointed Chair
    of the Charter Revision Commission the bloggers tried to
    get to open the Charter to have an inhouse Town Atty?

    What was the excuse again?

  21. 21 mikereynolds

    Below is an email sent to the candidates.

    October 19, 2009

    Dear Stratford Mayoral and Council Candidates,

    Good morning. In continuation to our October 14th email to you regarding the town?s current agreement with Cinema Design Group LLC (CDG) for the Shakespeare Theater, we are following up with you to remind you that your response is needed. For those candidates that have already responded, we gratefully thank you for your answers.

    Due to the amount of debates candidates are preparing for this week, we have extended the deadline to this Friday, October 23rd, at 5 p.m. in respect of your time. A gentle reminder to all that there is a 140 character limit on the two answers so we will be able to adequately publish all of your responses. In addition, please include in your answer to question #1 whether you accept, negotiate, or reject the CDG contract.

    Thank you so much for your timely response. We greatly appreciate how you are preparing to invest your time, energy and minds in our Stratford as mayoral or council candidates. We look forward to hearing your opinions. Please keep in mind that your response, or lack thereof, will be submitted to local newspapers such as the Stratford Star and the Connecticut Post.



    ~ Gregory Baxter, Andy Byrne, Wendy Canfield, Edward Goodrich, Ariana Rawls, Orna Rawls, Christine Rudney, Marcia Stewart and Tom Yemm ~

    1. Who the hell are these people?
    2. Combining this with the Arts Council’s attempt at having a candidate forum it creates, to me, an image that the SFT people are trying to make the theater THE issue of the election.
    3. I love the wording, “Please keep in mind that your response, or lack thereof, will be submitted to local newspapers such as the Stratford Star and the Connecticut Post.” Nice subtle threat in that if you don’t take us seriously and don’t respond to us we’re going to tattle on you.
    4. “A gentle reminder to all that there is a 140 character limit on the two answers”
    You’re kidding me, right? 140 characters? Are the candidates texting in their answers?

    Folks, while the theater may be near and dear to your hearts, its not the most important issue and your attempt at making it so borders on offensive.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    1. Who the hell are these people?

    You remember Ed Goodrich, don’t you? He’s the one in the toga.

    “Folks, while the theater may be near and dear to your hearts, its not the most important issue and your attempt at making it so borders on offensive.”

    I must agree. Whenever I see the word “artistic” I know that the word “tax” is going to follow. No matter what, spending $3.5 MILLION of borrowed money without any return on investment or even a business plan is an AWFUL deal for Stratford taxpayers.

  23. 23 mikereynolds


    Not unsurprisingly the Stratford Fire Union is endorsing John Harkins.

  24. 24 jezebel282

    “the Stratford Fire Union is endorsing John Harkins.”

    And we know this how?

  25. 25 mikereynolds

    You will….very shortly. Official notice coming soon.

  26. 26 pcsperling

    I heard about that e-mail sent to the mayoral and council candidates. Another Miron-style e-mail? Answer or else? This is pretty screwed up.

  27. 27 jezebel282

    Now how did Mike know this?

    Firefighters endorse Harkins

    Written by John Kovach
    Tuesday, 20 October 2009 11:11

    Stratford firefighters and the Connecticut Council of Police have joined the Stratford Police Union in endorsing Rep. John Harkins for mayor.

    “In endorsing John Harkins we are putting our trust in him to lead our town down a renewed path of commitment to public safety and to ensure that the Stratford Fire Department will be equipped to offer you, the residents of our town, the type of fire and rescue services that you have come to expect and deserve,” Stratford Firefighters Union Local 998 President Bill Hansen wrote in a letter addressed to “Citizens of Stratford.”

    Harkins Saturday participated in Fire Ops 101, a program that allows politicians and the media to perform tasks that a part of a firefighter’s duty.

    “The safety of the people of Stratford demands we have a mayor who stands shoulder to shoulder with Stratford’s Finest and Bravest,” Harkins said in a press release. “The men of our fire and police departments are extraordinary professionals, putting their lives on the line each and every day to serve and protect our community. It is truly an honor that the good men and women of Stratford’s Fire Department and the Connecticut Council of Police have endorsed my candidacy for mayor. I am humbled by the trust they have placed in me.”

  28. 28 anyonebutharkins

    Just so I am clear, jez. You on one hand are asking for people to be bipartisan in their choices, but then your picks are all republicans, minus one whom you know will win?

    In addition, you are accusing democratic candidates as being “Kool aid” drinkers. Have you personally spoken with each DTC candidate? Do you have some unknown insight to their day to day thought process and beliefs? You claim to be a registered Dem, but you make no effort to actually call, email or speak to candidates from you said party.

    It does not matter what party a voter is registered under, everyone has free choice when it comes to the booth. From what I have seen however, you are more about vendettas than political parties or frankly, the betterment of Stratford. I have seen the anger that you have and post about. Fine. Fair enough. But you don’t give anyone else a chance because your views are so clouded with anger toward one individual. When you make phone calls or emails to candidates and not just blog assumtions that are not justified or factual, maybe readers beyond your small circle here would listen.


  29. 29 jezebel282


    When you are “dead to the party” does that really encourage free thought?

    As far as I know, no RTC candidate has been forced to swear an oath of allegiance to Miron as Fahan had. Do I really need to talk to Jason Santi, Tony Ross, Scott Potter Bonnie Reynolds, et al to find out how rabid they are in support of Mayor Moron?

    Why all Republicans? Simply because the DTC has become corrupt. It is no longer a party but a cult. After November 3rd, there may not even be a DTC. There will be no one left to worship.

    But…while we are at it, my friend…this “small circle” averages 500+ independent views per day. Lately, much more. But keep those Miron/Santi letters coming.

  30. 30 anyonebutharkins

    Thank you for proving my point.

    Oh but while you are at it, can you please let me in on the IP address trick that you apparently have that tells you how many “independant thinkers” you have visiting your blog? Just because you get a certain amount of “hits” per day does not mean each hit is a seperate person nor does it tell you how independant or thoughtful they might be. From what I read here, there isn’t an independant or thoughtful one amoungst the regular posters. You are just as much of a “cult” here as you accuse the DTC of being. It is uncanny how what you accuse, you actually do yourself! Lol

  31. 31 jezebel282


    “can you please let me in on the IP address trick that you apparently have that tells you how many”

    Absolutely! I get $150/hour for IT consulting. 30% payment in advance.

    “From what I read here, there isn’t an independant or thoughtful one amoungst the regular posters.”

    Obviously, you don’t read much. Your spelling might improve if you did.

    What most people find here is a place to express their opinions without fear of retribution. I try very hard to substantiate and document anything posted here as fact. You are more than welcome to post your opinion regarding anything you’d like. Bashing this site or it’s readers/posters won’t do much to enhance your argument.

    For example, would you like to dispute Miron’s Contributor List? Perhaps Santi’s email to Fahan? Maybe you would prefer to dispute the rise in taxes since Mayor Moron took office? I know, you’d really like to defend the persecution of McNeil, Soto and Farmer?

    You see, my friend, in typical DTC/Mironista fashion you cannot justify the past 4 years. Your only strategy is marginalization and personal attacks. But keep them coming. Voters/Readers aren’t as dumb as you think.

  32. 32 pcsperling

    WOW, stop reading for a day and the crap hits the fan!

    Anyone ~ get real. There are many independent thinkers here on this blog. We don’t drink the DTC kool-aid, and, apparently, neither do a few DTC members. John Harkins is not just a Republilcan-party candidate – he’s the people’s candidate. He was nudged by people from each party – Democrat, Independent and Republilcan – to run for mayor. Why? People are sick of the BS brought about by Miron’s administration. Namely, Miron himself. Jim Miron is a great public speaker – that’s about it. He could probably get some people to believe that Stratford owns the Brooklyn Bridge.

    But, four years of great speaking at the podium just doesn’t cut it any more. The people of Stratford want results – the kind of results Miron has proven he can’t provide. He’s more worried about who is being loyal or disloyal and less about the people. I read the kind of person he was when he decided to run – at the time, I was a democrat. I didn’t vote for him then, and I certainly won’t be voting for him now.

    I had the pleasure of walking around this morning with Chris Barnaby. He’s the Republican candidate for the 1st district. I really, really like him too. Has nothing to do with him being a Republican. It all has to do with honesty and integrity. Chris, like John Harkins, has that too. He understand what’s on the people’s mind. He’s watched from the sidelines for the last 10 years for someting to get done. He’s frustrated enough now that he chose to get in the ring. During our walk, I introduced him to my neighbors – whether they vote for him or not – they had a chance to voice their concerns.

    Another thing I learned – one of my neighbors went on that Big E bus trip that Miron was on. He went up and down the aisle of the bus promoting himself. This neighbor had a problem with a tree that, despite numerous complaints, had not been dealt with – this, again, during his administration. He got on the phone and it was done that day. Of course, their bread was buttered, so they’ll no doubt be voting for Miron. Doing favors and playing the favoritism, nepotisim, and back-scratching games isn’t getting Stratford anywhere. It’s just going to be the same old, same old until new blood gets in – blood with more honesty and integrity. Blood that will bring much needed change to Stratford, not the tainted blood we’ve got running through the veins of our Town now!

  33. 33 pcsperling

    P.S……… I’M BACK!

  34. 34 jezebel282

    Welcome back, PCS.

  35. 35 pcsperling

    The most important thing – listen to the people of Stratford. It’s not about completing a political agenda, it’s about hearing what your constituents have to say.

    What we have right now is a “my way or the highway” mentality. Is that really what we want in our Town. Has it done anything positive in the last four years? I think not. I’ve gotten the mailings recently with Jim Miron’s disgusting attempts to taint John Harkins. Why? Because he knows that John is the candidate to beat. It’s not George or Dom, it’s John. That’s where the attacks are being focused. No doubt Miron’s running scared. As well he should.

    I met a few this morning that are die-hard democrats. No doubt they will vote the party. It’s time to think before acting – it’s shouldn’t be a party vote, it should be a people vote. Get it right for the taxpayers and residents of Stratford, get it right for our kids who are growing up here.

    We can’t be a laughing stock any more. If Miron is re-elected, that’s exactly what Stratford will be – a laughing stock!

  36. 36 sudds

    Is anyone else here getting… errrr… “excited”???

    I… ummm… ahhh… I… I… hmmm… I… mean about the election of course!!!

  37. 37 sudds


    “From what I read here, there isn’t an independant or thoughtful one amoungst the regular posters.”

    FYI… I have my MBA… don’t MAKE me have to sic Wanamaker on you!!! 😛

  38. 38 1george1

    The lesser of 3 BAD CHOICES
    or 4 BAD CHOICES, is still a BAD CHOICE.

    Electing any of the others simply delays the inevitable.
    I am not sure what if anything, I could realistically acomplish
    with my sand box shovel, against the tide of corruption.

    But what happens if
    1. AVCO & SHAKESPEARE never open?
    2. SIKORSKY moves to VA & WV?
    3. T

  39. 39 pcsperling

    George ~ we no doubt have serious problems here in Stratford. We were a Town when, in it’s hayday, was supported by Avco, Dresser, Sikorsky and other industries. Now, we are a Town almost fully supported by the residents. There is a serious problem.

    Currently, anything that gets done here is a favor-for-favor thing. Right down to cutting down trees! It disgusts me!

    You are an asset to this Town because of the information you obtain and are able to provide. There is no doubt about that. I wish the Feds would come in and look at what happened to the pension system and how it was abused by a few, and I mean a few. We all know who the few were, so don’t need to start up that again.

    Fortunately, I don’t believe as you do, that all of the candidates except you are corrupt. I do believe that there will always be a bad guy or two, supporting a good guy – but that’s a fact of life. There has also been lots of good guys supporting a bad guy – look what we have now.

  40. 40 1george1

    3. The DJIA pulls back and lingers around 7,000 pulling the
    Pension Portfolio to under $ 50,000,000.

    It dipped below $ 68 m with a million less obligation.

    Last seen around $ 86 m
    The monthly obligation is a little more than 1/12th $ 17.41 m.

    I and most of the market professional expect the DJIA to TEST \
    the most recent low.
    Most think we are in a BEAR RALLY.

    We have elections soon.
    Last year January rally. Nothing is predictable.

    The next big drop could be winter, spring, summer or fall?

    which could SOLVE PROBLEMS in the ECONOMY and keep people
    alive this Winter.

    I doubt many blog viewers care about seniors, minorities, low, and
    fixed income, that Jeze has finally started writing about.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    “that Jeze has finally started writing about.”

    One problem at a time.

  42. 42 pcsperling

    Sudds ~ “Is anyone else here getting… errrr… “excited”???”

    I’ve missed you! LOL

  43. 43 sudds

    And I you… 😉

  44. 44 jezebel282

    Oh, get a room, willya?

  45. 45 pcsperling

    ROFLMAO….. sorry Jeze….. I’m a married woman and I’ve already got a room!

  46. 46 sudds

    Just for clarification… would those two things happen to be mutually exclusive??? 😀

  47. 47 pcsperling

    Sudds ~ YUP! I’m a very lucky gal…..

  48. 48 pcsperling

    In my mail yesterday was another re-elect Miron mailing. Let’s talk about what he has listed as one point in his “proven environmental record”:

    “Championed the sale of Long Beach West to US Fish and Wildlife”…. Last I checked, this wasn’t sold yet – it is an option to purchase which, in my opinion, is not a sale. I’m sure most of my fellow taxpayers would agree that it’s not sold until the money is exchanged and that may or may not happen. Pursuant to the agreement, the option to purchase has a time limit which may or may not be extended. If USFW doesn’t come up with the money, chances are, it won’t be extended and Stratford is back to square one. But, by then, Miron will be out of the picture – having already taken credit for a sale which didn’t occur – leaving the taxpayers wondering WTF happened!

    “Adopted cost effective municipal fleet leasing program that allows for the acquisition of alternative fuel, hybrid and ultra low emission vehicles.” Are we talking about the SUV that the mayor drives that is a hybrid, the Smart Cars…. I read an article recently that smart cars aren’t all they are cracked up to be. In any event – why are we giving town employees town cars?????? Maybe for two or three, but that’s about it.

  49. 49 jezebel282


    You know Miron’s campaign slogan: “A lie is as good as the truth if people believe it.”

  50. 50 sudds

    I’m just amazed by his radio commercials (yes, I’m stuck listening to WEBE108 at work)!

    I wonder how many takes it took to record those… because you know he was cracking up while recording them and thinking about how how the lemmings in this town are going to believe him!!!

  51. 51 1george1

    Dave Letterman elements of my secret plan to become Mayor

    1 – All the other candidates would be indicted prior to election.

    2 – Mironuts would illegally edit Debate Tapes, aired on Public Access.

    3 – WEB CASTS of people seeing and hearing the debates.

    4 – Some people will have a surprize on WICC Friday at 5:00 pm

    5 – Letter to Editor support from ex-USPS coworker.

    6 – Huge surprize related to SIGNS and my blog postings would play
    to certain peoples’ paranoia, wondering, wondering, worrying.

    7 – Unprecedented last minute publicity stunt, involving …..
    name recognized …

    8 – Last minute Web changes

    9 – Town wide memetic

    10 – Secret Ballot unpredictability

  52. 52 1george1

    This summer Miron commissioned a Quinnipiac poll.
    Miron # 1
    Dom # 2

    Word is recent polls by (D) + (R) has same count with Harkins # 3

    People went to debates or watched the debates, wanting to find
    reasons to vote for Harkins. word is they were underwhelmed.
    Worse, they were turned off by what I called “bitch slapping”
    Kovach identified more appropriately, in his editorial.
    Harkins had the “nice guy” image.
    I do not know how, but Miron is coming across very well and John
    simply has not inspired.
    Feedback is that Dom came across as nice guy and caring @ SHS.
    That went along with my impressions.

    However watching and listening to the Tapes, Harkins covered some
    ot the issues / counter points I missed. However Miron drummed it
    home with repetition.

    USPS delivered Miron / Fahan literature and none from Harkins /
    Catalano, Miron’s “accomplishments” appear impressive.
    However I know:
    1 – many of the “accomplishments” are lies and exaggerations,
    2 – many openings were delayed for years
    3 –

  53. 53 jezebel282


    Letters to the Editor Section
    Connecticut Post
    410 State Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    Dear Editor:

    As a life-long Democrat who has held numerous elected positions it is no light and idle thing for me to endorse a Republican who is seeking an elected office. Yet, there comes a time when one must cast aside pointless partisan politics. The best man to be Mayor in Stratford is John Harkins, no if ands or buts. The fact that John is running as a Republican should, in no way discourage any loyal Democrats from giving him your vote.

    I first met John Harkins in 1995 when were freshman Councilman. He immediately impressed me with the bi-partisan way he dealt with town problems. He gained everyone’s respect as a hardworking intelligent representative willing to work with anyone regardless of party affiliation.

    The people of Stratford will be well served having John Harkins as Mayor. His intelligence, professionalism and ethical character are unrivaled among all the candidates. We must all look beyond party affiliations and elect the best man.

    Very truly yours,

    Richard F. Fredette

    Another Democrat that has just had ENOUGH.

  54. 54 jezebel282


    The problem with the debates were the format.

    1 minute per response doesn’t allow anyone to provide a thoughtful, reasoned answer.

    I understand the time constraints with four (count ’em, 4) candidates all vying for face time. (After all, who can possibly sit and listen to politicians speak about themselves for hours?)

    The point, however, is that the format only permits rapid fire bullet points with no detail or explanation. If you have no depth or thought (you know..like Miron?) you are going to do well. Especially if you can shock the others by blatantly lying.

    Miron is like one of those 3 card Monte dealers in Manhattan. The rapid-fire patter sounds convincing, but everyone knows the game is rigged.

    John Harkins, on the other hand, is like the soft spoken, hard working George Bailey. If you watched the debates, he (like yourself) was truly shocked by the outrageous lies Miron told. My own favorite line from Harkins was “Are you kidding me??!!”

    For some reason, I kept waiting for Dom to say “fuggedaboudit” or “Bada bing”.

    Oh..and George? As long as I am doing characterizations, you were like the 60’s radical with a can of spray paint writing protests on a big wall.

    But hey, during 2-3 hour debates one’s mind tends to wander.

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