More Pay To Play

Submitting Your Resume

Submitting Your Resume

Total Raised to Date 64,220.91
Expenses to Date 44,263.94
Balance on Hand 19,956.97

Expenses Incurred by Committee this Period but Not Paid 21,710.6

Notable High End Contributors: $1,000
Ann Miron
John Norko – Finance Director
Theresa Norko – (wife of Finance Director)
Rich Buturla- Town Attorney. Partner Berchem Moses
Maria Buturla
Ann Buturla
Robert Berchem – Partner Berchem Moses
Michael Devlin – Partner Berchem Moses
Floyd Dugas – Partner Berchem Moses
Heather Habelka – listed as Assistant to the Mayor!
Kent Miller- Consultant, RR Station “supervisor”.
Maurice McCarthy – Director of Public Works
James Cavanaugh – NEW Fire Chief
Iris McCarthy (wife of Fire Chief)
Suzanne McCauley – CAO
Tom McCauley (husband of CAO)
Edmund Winterbottom – Director Human Resources
Jo Ann Winterbottom – (wife of Director Human Resources)
David Ball – BL Companies (Shakespeare consultant)
John Bohannon – Attorney
Catherine Pesale –
Chris Fitzpatrick – Contractor (Big Y)
Marsha Fitzpatrick – Secretary BOE (wife of Contractor (Big Y)

$500 Contributors
Angela Capri – Attorney (self employed)
Paul Karl – Attorney (Miron ex-partner. Performs all Title searches for the Town)
Constantinos Vlamis – Food Services
David Dunn – Labor Management Consultant (recently lost case against Jasinski)
Barry Knott – Attorney for Hanney, Knott & Knott
Richard Orr – BL Companies


32 Responses to “More Pay To Play”

  1. 1 sudds

    Any chance we can get Harkins contributor list? This one will be pretty much usless in a couple of weeks… and I’d like to know who will be pulling Harkins strings?!?!?!

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Oh….I forgot to mention! The above are Miron contributors.

    I’ve already asked for Harkins’ list. Waiting…….

  3. 3 jezebel282


    Just a note: I don’t think Harkins’ campaign is, shall we say, as leaky as Miron’s. People just don’t hate Harkins like they do Miron.

  4. 4 sudds

    They didn’t hate Miron four years ago either!!!

  5. 5 1george1

    It looks like about $ 26,000 came from 29 Miron contributors.
    With $ 64,000 raised?

    I had heard Harkins raised $ 80,000 as of 2 months ago.

    Dominick’s 1,200 signs had to cost about $ 3,000.

    I am recycling 2007 Town Council signs with only a couple out
    before the last week.
    I used less than one box of paper and just started my second
    laser jet ink. I buy generic. combined just under $ 100
    I have 2 websites from when I declared about May-June. I think each
    is about $ 10 a month

    Maybe I spent $ 300 for both Mayoral and Council?

    However, everyone knows about the Miron / Burturla roll in the
    Pensions, where I blame the leaders and lawyers of both parties.

    Everyone knows how much their taxes went up.

    I helped force all day kindergarten a few years ago.

    We now have a printed final BoE Budget.

    Attention has been drawn to the Town Attorneys & Town Charters.

    People were made aware in the last year about Burturla / Berchem
    involvment in the Airport and Bridgeport.

    Unfunded Mandates have become one of Miron’s talking points, to put
    (deserved) blame on Hartford (& Harkins)

    I made public transportation a issue 4 years ago. Miron improved that.

    I made GRANTS an issue for years. Miron’s Grant writer has $ 6 million in
    the 2009 – 2010 pipeline and at least $ 4 million in 2010 – 2011 with tens of
    millions in potential competative opportunities.

    Because I asked about “Toxic Fog” just before and after Erin Brocovich
    came out, the EPA had no choice but to make VOC Volitile Organic
    Compounds into a issue and spent over $ 1 million on VENT – ALARMS for
    over 100 homes in my area.

    Even the unions are having to come to terms with reality on Pensions
    and how they were manipulated by others…..

    There are also bad things Dicks & Norms got from my ideas where they
    can stuff pockets.

    BOTTOM LINE: People who pay attention and try to act civicly can have
    an affect on actions of others.

  6. 6 phineast

    One would thing that George is the only one is town with any ideas!
    Seriously-there are lots of people in town with great ideas. The only good ideas that the mayor has had, have come form other people-none are his own. For a minute there I thought George was campaigning for Miron.
    There has been continous attention on the town attorney’s office(thanks to Jez and others)-somewhere out there is a solution to the atty billing issue-maybe having a society that isn’t corruptly sue happy? Or maybe a mayor that isn’t constantly causing lawsuits? A good starting point to be sure.
    George is right- that people who pay attention can have an effect on the actions of others-both good and bad-the trick is to have more good than bad-as long as miron is in office it will continue to not be good in my opinion.

  7. 7 sudds

    “The only good ideas that the mayor has had, have come form other people-none are his own.”

    Oh contraire… he got the tree planted in front of my house! Granted he probably threatened to fire someone if it wasn’t done… but he DID get it done!!!

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “They didn’t hate Miron four years ago either!!!”

    Four years ago Miron’s biggest contributor was Lakeview Monument.

    Whether people still love Harkins four years from now is up to Harkins.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Maybe I spent $ 300 for both Mayoral and Council?”

    If you get the same 32 votes as last time, it’ll work out to just under $10/vote. (We can’t count your vote).


    First, we have to work on your typing skills.

    “there is a solution to the atty billing issue-maybe having a society that isn’t corruptly sue happy?”

    There is a simple solution to the attorney billing problem. Most corporations have it. A full time salaried Town Attorney.

    If you check the courts, there are only two civil suits against the Town:

    Christian Miron’s suit against his brother Jim for “defamation”.

    Patricia Blumstein’s suit against the Town for discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

    There are hardly any suits of the “slip & fall” variety and the overwhelming bulk of the cases are tax issues.

    It certainly makes you wonder even more about $667,000 in legal fees paid to Berchem Moses & Devlin in 2008 alone.

  10. 10 phineast

    Did you forget about the Gugliotti suit against the mayor? and the other suits that are going to be filed if they haven’t been yet-like Mc Neil and Soto, or the guys fired from pw or all the grievances that have been filed due to the mayor’s idiocy? Many of the town departments have been hit by acts of retaliation to accomplish the nepotistic practices of this administration.

    Typing is better tonight–I broke down and turned on the heat in the house so I can feel my fingers again.

  11. 11 1george1

    I was not typing that I was the only one with ideas.
    However, by the end of your post, you wrote the point I was
    making about people getting involved, stirring the pot, putting
    out ideas, and seeing if other people can improve on things.

    Mike Reynolds and I do not often agree.
    However, his blogging improved where he has set forward some
    good information and ideas. I give him & others credit when due.

    It was never about the number of votes I get.
    It was about getting information out to the public and hoping we
    could get a few legitimate candidates.
    As far as mayoral, I wanted to be wingman to diane buda or a nader
    Instead we have 4 BAD CHOICES, for Mayor.
    The least BAD or 4 BAD CHOICES, is still a BAD CHOICE.

    Virtually anything anyone wants to write about Mr. Harkins can be
    topped when describing Bernie Madoff.
    Sharp Dresser
    Polished speaker
    Great Resume
    OK – nice looking

    Same thing is true with Mr. Miron, where his supporters think he
    is so wonderful.

    Harkins Republicans are just as responsible for the scams, as the
    Miron Democrats. It is not like I and both parties are the only ones
    who know what is really happening.

    I guess same thing is true with Dom, but he has not been actively
    involved or taken any real positions of substance.

    If Dom had his facts lined up on Raymark, he could have scored big
    points. Instead he went out on a limb and Miron destroyed him at
    the PYE, regardless of what today’s Star Letter to the Editor stated.

  12. 12 anyonebutharkins

    And we care about where campaign funding comes from why? I think Harkins is the worst choice for Stratford, but I also don’t care who donates to his campaign or why. It’s typical politics. It happens. Why are you Grandstanding it here? I am confused.

  13. 13 anyonebutharkins

    While we are at it, let’s get the Harkins funding list, as you said you would. Will you then list wives, assistants, attorneys, and anything over a poodle like you did with Mayor Miron? I would hope you would at least stand up and do that. Let us all see the true story from both sides of the campaigns, please.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “I think Harkins is the worst choice for Stratford”

    Let’s be clear….the WORST choice is James R. Miron. There is only so much lying, corruption, squandering and lack of responsibility the Town can take.

    “let’s get the Harkins funding list, as you said you would. ”

    I said I would try (I do have a fairly good success rate). But you are welcome to try for yourself as well.

    “don’t care who donates to his campaign or why. It’s typical politics.”

    Should we be satisfied with “typical politics”? When a politician receives millions of dollars from a particular lobby like say, Max Baucus did from Health Insurance companies, shouldn’t we question his motives. Or maybe Dan Debicella who earns his living from the health insurance industry, shouldn’t his motives about eliminating mandates be questioned as well.

    When the largest contributors to Miron’s campaign come from people who depend on his decisions for their income shouldn’t we question that? I think we should. Buying your position just doesn’t sound like, you know….democracy.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    “Did you forget about the Gugliotti suit against the mayor?”

    Unless he filed that suit in Federal Court, there is no Gugliotti v. Miron (or The Town Of Stratford). He IS suing Alvin O’Neal and Marcia Mitchell Davis.

    Cases before the DOL or Union Grievances are not public record. Although if anyone would like to post their details here they are more than welcome to.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “It looks like about $ 26,000 came from 29 Miron contributors.
    With $ 64,000 raised?”

    Your math is just a tad off. The category is a MINIMUM of $1,000. The maximum allowable is $2,500 each.

  17. 17 1george1

    Thank you for clarifying your post, which affected my math. 😉

    As long as you have the details, when you have time, would you
    be so kind as to post the actual $$

    Let’s see?

    $ 2,500 x 22 = $ 55,000
    $ 500 x 6 = $ 3,000

    Oooop The $ 500 category may go to $ 999, or as much as I could spend If…. 🙂

    I like the anyonebutharkins poster who included poodles.
    They are the one dog, I never really liked.
    Maybe beause of the “french” (Poodle) connection? 😦

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “As long as you have the details, when you have time, would you be so kind as to post the actual $$”

    As a candidate, you know as well as anyone you have to file your contributions with the Town Clerk. You seem to be found in Town Hall more than Miron. Just walk into Susan Pawluk’s office and ask Jessica or Sandra for a copy of Harkins and Miron’s lists. Tell them “Jezebel” sent you.

    Caution: Miron’s list was compiled by Kent Miller, the only Stratford attorney disciplined by the CT Bar Association for poor accounting practices.

  19. 19 1george1

    I work during the day, except to blog for amusement.

    I go to Town Hall, mostly evenings. I am never without holy water,
    garlic, steak or stake, a sharp stick, and a hammer for the vampires
    & zombies.
    The steak is to distract the were wolves, ghouls, & goblins.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    Harkins campaign contributions:

    (Boy, are DTC members going to be disappointed!)

    Link to Report

    Although everyone is welcome to scroll through the list, there are only 6 contributors that have given $500 or more. It is a stark contrast with Miron’s list.

    Not even Miron’s recent negative mailing can justify what is obvious to anyone: The only ones who support Miron are those that depend on him for their paycheck.

  21. 21 starlooker

    Received notification from Bank on Friday. My mortgage payments went down $5.00 because my taxes went down…. Did this happen to anyone else? WOW he is really trying to get votes.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    “WOW he is really trying to get votes.”

    Did you miss the trip to the Big E with him and Susan McCauley?

  23. 23 starlooker

    Alas I was not invited because of my Vote Anyone but Miron Bumper Sticker LOL

  24. 24 pcsperling

    Star ~

    Yes, my payment dropped by a couple dollars too….. enough for a monthly venti cap at Starbucks!

  25. 25 1george1

    How many donators on Harkins list do not live in Stratford.

    I wonder why my taxes went up?

    I had several Republican tell me they had vehicle property taxes go way up.
    However, despite Republican being honorable people ….
    I am not going by hear say …. 😉

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “How many donators on Harkins list do not live in Stratford.”

    Picky, picky, picky. Look at Miron’s list. In the 350+ years of Stratford history there have never been so many Department Heads (you know, the people who spend our money?) that do not live in Stratford. Not even Miron. He spends so little time in Stratford he needs a GPS to find Town Hall.

    But to answer your question; 23 out of 77 do not list Stratford as their residence. However, I don’t think it fair to count Harkins relatives (at least he didn’t get money from Richard Miron, Brooke Miron or Lakeview Monument) or people like Joe McNeil (a $40 contributor).

  27. 27 1george1

    Why would Joe McNeil give Miron $ 40?
    Will Joe be suing the Mayor and Town Attorney for nice settlement?

    How many of contributors did each of 3 Mayor candidates have?
    How many out of Town?
    How many in Town?
    What percentage of the swag were $ 100 + over?
    It would make a very interesting Letter to the Editor.
    NOON MONDAY is the cutoff for the STAR CHEAP SHOT ATTACK RULE,
    to give time to rebut.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “Why would Joe McNeil give Miron $ 40?
    Will Joe be suing the Mayor and Town Attorney for nice settlement?”

    Maybe you should ask Joe McNeil? Do you really think $40 would get him something favorable? He’s been demoted, suspended (twice) and arrested. He probably would have donated more if he had a paycheck.

    “How many of contributors did each of 3 Mayor candidates have?”

    Sigh…George! Why don’t you and Dom post your reports for us?

  29. 29 1george1


    I am exempt from filing since I spent less than $ 1000 in either campaign.

    I believe my total was about $ 350, using 2 year old remaining signs, with
    most of my cost for both websites since May – June.

    2 Lazer Jet ink cartridges and less than a box of paper cost under $ 100.

    I had to spend $ 49 for a dress shirt this weekend and borrow a couple ties.

    I woul drather wear a NECK TIRE than a NECK TIE, which I regard as a SLAVE’S YOKE!

    As for Dom, how can a candidate for mayor be considered serious when he is a no
    show for Town Council Meetings, Charter Revision, Budget Workshops, Pension Meetings, and virtually everything else.

    I know people on the blog love Harkins, but where has he been on all these issues? Oh I forgot, he spoke once to the Fire & Police Unions, getting their endorsements? I wonder why? Could it have been the 1995 Town Council creation of the ballon payment Pensions, which I believe will blow up sometime in 2010, whereas I have tried to warn the unions they were set up to be the fall guys?

    As for Joe McNeil and donating $ 40 to Miron and probable lawsuit written about by various bloggers … “Hey, this IS Stratford!”

    Often things that appear to be not logical and at odds, have often been created to give the “appearance of deniability,” which Miron himself described as “smoke and mirrors.”

    The easiest people to con are conmen.

    I expect to be attacked around Christmas and may not be alive in 2010.
    However, with the financial situation and intentional disparity caused by
    Congress, Military, Bureaucracy, and Corporate world, the USA is heading
    into a world of hurt in the future, I believe.
    I believe there will be serious violence and disruptions / repudiations of
    I believe it was all unnecessary and avoidable.


    It is, what it is.
    I have done what I can.
    If or when it comes to be,
    virtually the only one looking out for your true interest and everyone
    else’s interest, you will come to understand …. was me.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “As for Joe McNeil and donating $ 40 to Miron and probable lawsuit written about by various bloggers … “Hey, this IS Stratford!””

    Slow down….

    I doubt McNeil would donate extra spit to Miron.

    In fact, to quote James Carville, Democratic Strategist, I doubt if McNeil would “piss down his throat if his heart was on fire”.

  31. 31 1george1

    Then why did YOU write Joe McNeil gave $ 40 to Miron campaign?

    No need to get nasty about FIRE HEART and retardant.

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “Then why did YOU write Joe McNeil gave $ 40 to Miron campaign?”

    That’s easy. I didn’t.

    “However, I don’t think it fair to count Harkins relatives (at least he didn’t get money from Richard Miron, Brooke Miron or Lakeview Monument) or people like Joe McNeil (a $40 contributor).”

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