Safety First

Harkins Campaign Buttons

Harkins Campaign Buttons

John Harkins has always been a leader the Stratford Police Department can count on. From mandatory lifetime sentences for repeat violent offenders, to increased penalties for child predators, to obtaining state funding to improve our town’s first responders, Stratford police officers and the families they protect have always been able to count on John Harkins as a State Representative in Hartford.

As Mayor, John Harkins will improve morale and restore responsible leadership to the Department. He’ll enhance public safety by making funding for our public safety and emergency response agencies a priority in the town budget. John will make certain that Stratford can recruit and retain the best and brightest to our police force by working to fully fund the town’s pension system, which is less than 35% funded. And he’ll use the relationships he’s built over 13 years in Hartford to ensure that Stratford gets its fair share of state aid for public safety.

But most importantly, John Harkins will restore pride and morale in the police force. Over the last four years, Stratford police officers have been forced to endure an administration that has injected politics and nepotism into the operation of the police department. It has hurt morale among the officers, and worse, has endangered public safety. John Harkins will never allow nepotism and backroom politics to again threaten the lives of Stratford citizens.

We have all wondered why the good people do not run for public office. John Harkins is one of those good people who have come off the sidelines to make a difference. Voters have the rare opportunity to elect a person who can make a difference and bring back pride to a once proud town. John Harkins is a man of integrity and honesty and a devoted family man. He knows of the daily struggles working families must endure. He has devoted his life to improve the lives of all our citizens. We believe it’s time to take politics out of the equation and ensure all of our citizens are treated fairly.

Voters have a choice to make on November 3rd that will determine the future of Stratford. To ensure the future is safe and secure, we must elect a mayor who will be a strong ally of Stratford police officers and working families. That is why the members of the Stratford Police Union Local 407 encourage you to cast your vote for John Harkins for Mayor.

Executive Board
President, Stratford Police Union Local 407

Now we wait for the other unions in Town to develop some…courage…and support Harkins as well.



Contact: Bill Hansen, President Local 998


Phone: 203-375-4414

Citizens of Stratford,

John Harkins is a candidate we feel very confident in to lead this Town through the next four years. John is a trustworthy man, a family man, and has dedicated a great part of his life serving the residents of his hometown of Stratford as well as supporting a vast array of public safety issues as our Representative in the Connecticut State Legislature. We are in wholehearted agreement with his mayoral position on public safety. We feel that position below, speaks for itself:

“The biggest responsibility of local government is to ensure the protection and safety of its citizens. The public must be ensured that its police and fire personnel are properly trained, physically able, and given all the tools and resources necessary to protect the taxpayers of Stratford. Politics has no place in public safety, and as Mayor I will ensure that our police and fire professionals are allowed to do their jobs without inappropriate pressure or political considerations imposed by Town Hall.”- John Harkins

In endorsing John Harkins we are putting our trust in him to lead our Town down a renewed path of commitment to Public Safety and to ensure that the Stratford Fire Department will be equipped to offer you, the residents of our Town, the type of Fire and Rescue Services that you have come to expect and deserve.

You have a choice on November 3rd, and we ask you to use that choice to make the residents of our Town more safe and secure. The Stratford Firefighters Union Local 998 strongly urges you to cast your ballot for

John Harkins for Mayor.

Sincerely yours,

The Stratford Firefighters Union – Local 998

5 Responses to “Safety First”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Once again, we see the results of Mayor Moron’s anti-union tactics. Raises and golf for his friends and termination, wage freezes and persecution for anyone else.

    We wonder what is taking the teachers, public works employees and clericals so long.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    On a positive note, if you had attended the debate at Stratford High last night you would have seen the entrance lined with off duty cops and fire fighters. There they were standing together supporting Harkins.

    So what?

    Harkins has not even been elected yet and he has brought the Towns unions together in a common goal. Restoring faith in the Town’s leadership. The officers and men of the FD and PD obviously trust Mr. Harkins to lead the Town in a fair and equitable manner.

    Now the question remains where are the teachers? Or do teachers only picket when Miron proposes wage freezes? Is it only about your pay? The police picketed with you, where are you now?

    After all, what can Miron do? Demand a wage freeze? Fire ten more of you?

  3. 3 phineast

    Excellent question, Jez! Where are they???????? We are very well aware that they(for the most part-there are still a couple of fools out there that pay to play with miron) support Harkins. Cudos to Hendrick last night for calling the mayor a liar regarding his yelling exploit with Hanney. The mayor has admitted in other public venues that he raised his voice at Hanney-it seems he has a very severe problem with knowing truth and saying it-so which is it? Did he lie before or after? For those that weren’t there, his lie was at the debate regarding the Hanney issue. He lied about multiple things and twisted things so that he contradicted himself several times-he has his standard 15 people in the audience that were what I refer to as his cheerleaders-you know the type- the people that tell you- you are great no matter how bad you suck, and do the yeah rah rah thing….other than those few, people weren’t buying it.
    George, you actually made the night with your spontaneous honestly about the pension debt and powerball.
    Overall, the consensus afterwards in the lobby and outside was that Harkins took it , miron is panic-ing and paranoid because of his poor record nepostistic practices and inability to play by the rules(put the blackberry away Jim) and people feel that the Burturla’s, Loschiavo’s and the Dick Miron in addition to his own actions are what is gonna cost him the election-people just don’t feel safe or trust him in office, George actually came in 2nd and Dominic is still the donut guy-who actually should have a place on a committee in the next administration to share an idea or 2 but doesn’t have the conceptual experience or vision to be the mayor because the only thing they know he can do is knock on doors-he has done nothing else for the town to demonstrate why he should be mayor(he’s been running for 5 years so you think he would have done something).

    I wish the 3 candidates good luck at the channel 12 taping on Friday-keep it classy guys-Jim, we know you aren’t capable of classy so it sould be a waste of words.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    While we’re at it, I saw only one EMS volunteer there last night.

    Gavin Forrester.

  5. 5 1george1

    Thanks for the compliment.

    My issues are more with the people behind the candidates.
    Everybody can make claims.
    History our problems cause by the same D + R crews.

    I got feed back that Dom is panicing.
    Dom now understands I know the system.
    We have differences.
    But he may be close to what he claims to be.

    My impression of Harkins is that he is a “g e n t l e person.”
    I have been giglling when Jim & John ger into “bITCH Slappin.”
    I like John as a person and OK as a HARTFORD rep.
    I understand the realities of political limitations.
    My impression of National / state / local – area (R)
    with exceptions many are N. F. G.
    N = NO – G = GOOD
    I have information about Business and Political connections where
    the (R) would be as bad or worse (yes it is possible) then Miron,
    who I have really hammered Berchem’s surogates.

    My impression of National / state / local – area (D)
    with exceptions many are N. F. G.
    N = NO – G = GOOD
    I gave Jimmy PROPS for PLAGARIZING and implementing my ideas,
    to cut into his increasing list of accomplishments / recent
    ceremonies, who has become a POSTER BOY for 2 YEAR TERMS,
    (to get things done)
    > GRANTS
    > ECS underfunding which he is pounding Harkins
    > PENSION which I know & understand better than any – and I force
    the ISSUE

    I nailed Jim on Economic Development and the 65 % fukky funded
    PENSION NUMBER, specifically quoting losing DIANON, MOBIL, &
    – This helped Harkins, who parroted me (making me the EXPERT) &’

    – I am going to HURT JIM’S vote in Southern Stratford.
    – Dom is going to hurt HARKINS vote in NORTHERN Straford.
    Or visa versa?

    A lot of people just do not like the MIRONS & BURTURLAS, but will
    NEVER vote for HARKINS.
    Some may VOTE for DOM.

    I will get votes from people who either do not like any of the 3 Mayoral
    choicees (many people) or who love my positions (very few)

    Based on turn out of the events. NO ONE may show up Nov 3?

    The least BAD CHOICE of 3 or 4 BAD CHOICES is still a BAD CHOICE!
    Honestly, I would vote for me for TC # 3 & NONE of the ABOVE for

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