Election Flower Power

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Mayor Moron has been keeping the Public Works Department extremely busy in October. Are they fixing roads? Repairing plumbing? Maintaining schools? No. Of course not, this is election season.

So what are they doing while averaging 15 hours/week in overtime? They are doing exactly what Miron told McCarthy to have them do; plant flowers. The Town of Stratford has spent $40,000 in October alone on flowers and gardening supplies. Lord knows what the overtime will come to.


3 years and 10 months of almost nothing and we get flowers? We suppose at least that’s something. We wonder if he’ll call us in the morning?


19 Responses to “Election Flower Power”

  1. 1 phineast

    He still has 12 days of raping to do…you only get a call when you are willing ho….
    I’m betting on $10k a day in prostitution like fees so he can pretend things have been peachy keene…you can’t erase the lawsuits and grievances, the nepotism, cronyism, bad hires inappropriate promotions, immature behavior, foul mouthed public speaking(I’m the mayor I can do what ever the f#@k I want), intimidation,bad judgement, 3 years of raising taxes but not budgeting for pension funding in YOUR budget,inappropriate firings and demotions and LACK of LEADERSHIP. YES, JIM YOU SUCK AT BEING MAYOR and you really DID yell if you are developing memory issues you are welcome to check in for a dementia evaluation but not welcome to run this town any more. By the way Jim, there are huge differences in being a leader and being a dictator—leaders work WITH people, dictators opress and brutilize them–yup–you are definately in the dictator category.

  2. 2 sudds

    Come on Phin… don’t supress your feelings like this big guy… how do you really feel???

  3. 3 phineast

    😉 Just calling it like I see it! Actually you read the kinder and gentler version-the original was written in language that the mayor understands…. 😉 😉

  4. 4 jezebel282

    It’s hard to believe. $40K…when you think of what could have been done with $40K instead.

  5. 5 pcsperling

    Wow Phineas, you get riled up just like I do. I’m sick of this blatant disregard for the people who pay his paycheck!

    DPW workers have been told that the BOE buildings (e.g., the schools) are on the bottom of the list. There are leaks in roofs – which could result in other things, like molds; our two high schools need new boilers desperately, and I’m sure there’s other things too.

    Nothing gets done by Jim Miron because it needs to get done. It’s done as a favor for someone doing a favor for him. Kind of like the tree around the corner from me, while I look at the many dead limbs just waiting for a good storm – that I’ve submitted a request about. I heard over the last two days DPW workers trimming trees, etc., all around my neighborhood – never came on my street which doesn’t surprise me in the least. There are many, many people who remember what hell has been cast upon us over the least four years and I’m confident that the voters will do the right thing.

    Dom Costello, while a successful Town business owner, couldn’t do it in 2005, neither could George Mulligan. Dom is successful, no doubt, but it’s a small business. George is a great asset and wealth of knowledge when he stays on point, but we don’t need a conspiracy theorist for a mayor. John Harkins has been our state rep for 13+ years. There is a reason he’s been re-elected – he’s doing a great job. He deals well with the people needed to get Stratford back on track. I have no doubt that the black cloud over Town Hall would be lifted and the sun would shine again should he be elected. Most town employees are probably silently praying throughout their workday for their hell to end too. They want to get back to what they are supposed to be doing – working for the people of the Town of Stratford, not a tyrant with an agenda of his own.

  6. 6 1george1

    PCS, I agree about the conspiracy theorist being problematic.

    However the majority of Americans believe the U S Government
    caused or allowed 9/11. look it up.

    What if I am correct about conspiracies?

    How much has D.C. and Hartford helped Stratford compared
    to New London sub base, equal # of jobs fopossible loss?

    I have police & fire telling me I tell the truth & know what is
    going on.

    I have members of both political parties and about 20 % of Town
    Committees as sources.

    The press actively seek information from me, despite Weizel
    messing up, he was more decent. The CT. POST Helium has
    given me tremendous prestige and helped name recogniztion.

    Oh, PCS, guess what I do for a living my last 21 YEARS.
    Economic Development.

    I guess it is the ultimate irony that my 21 YEARS learning on
    how to grow buinesses paralallel how long Dickie Burturla
    has been mucking up Stratford, since his days as Chairman
    of Town Council.

    PCS – you are among my favorite bloggers.
    Star is the nicest blogger.
    Ron and I recognize certain mutuality, although he feels I am
    not well served related to issues beyond Stratford.
    However, I try not to LIE – it hurts perception of me.

    PCS – Irecognize that like several other bloggers, we have a
    difference in priorities, which I am fine with.
    I also give you props and cred for due diligence in the integrity
    of your efforts and work on the RR STATION.
    – I appreciate your perceptions, but my perceptions is Miron and
    friends were going to muck thing up until they were ready to make
    some improvements and take the credit.

    I also found out Harkins does not quite know as much as I thought
    he knew – IRONICALLY that raises him in my eyes, becuase he is
    less involved with some of the BAD PEOPLE.
    Yet, John is not out of the loop!
    There is also room for legitimate disagreements.
    SaveStratford appreciates what he did for them, however they are
    VERY UNTHRILLED (from what I can see-not writing for them) with
    the PROSPECT of a couple YEARS of I – 95 work and stirring up the
    110 of my neighbors and I got $ 1 million in BASEMENT VENT – ALARMS

    PCS this will put it in perspective- which is more important to YOU?

    1 – Commuter parking and protection from elements?

    2 – Toxic gases in your basement and Asbestos or PCBs in your
    backyard, where your daughter plays?
    Increased AIR + NOISE POLLUTION from more i-95 + ambient traffic?
    Increased traffic speeding along your street needing to DETOUR?
    Increased CRIME from Walmart Sop lifters trying to escape?

    OK – I loaded the question…. but I think I made the point. 😉

  7. 7 1george1

    When Jimmy came in to Channel 12 waiting room Friday, he went right
    to the mirror. (Harkins had not yet arrived.)

    Jimmy straightened his tie.
    Jimmy place his right pointing finger under his nose, straight across.
    I asked what Jimmy was doing, as Jimmy leaned his head back, checking
    up his nostrils….
    Jimmy said he wanted to make sure his make up was alright.


    As a conspiracy theorist, whose imagination is known to wander, I was
    suspecious that a reasonable person might think there was another
    reason Jimmy spent over 1 minute in the mirror?

    However, some people think Jimmy loves mirrors anyway?

    Who knows?

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “there was another reason Jimmy spent over 1 minute in the mirror?”

    Did you notice if he had a reflection?

    (Our guess is that the white powder on his dashboard MUST have been umm..err..baby powder?)

  9. 9 jezebel282

    Stratford leaf program begin Nov. 9
    Staff reports
    Updated: 10/29/2009 07:22:53 AM EDT

    STRATFORD – Officials have made the long-awaited announcement on the start of the 2009 leaf pick-up program.

    The Public Works Dept. says that it will begin collecting leaves on Nov. 9, beginning in council District 1, and continuing through District 10 in consecutive order over the following weeks.

    Officials said that the leaves must be either in paper leaf bags or in 32-gallon trash cans.

    We are assuming Public Works will be done planting flowers on Nov. 4th so they will have the manpower to do actual work. Let’s see if there is any money left in the budget for snow removal.

  10. 10 1george1

    Since there has not been frost, most leaves are still on the trees,
    so leaf pick up is starting to be due. The north end is colder than
    the coast, causing earlier leaf dropping and this is another Miron
    political droppings. 🙂

    I am surprized no one found PW planting POT or COCAINE FIELDS … 😉

    NOT suggesting PW or TOWN employees would do anything illegal,
    However there are people like (ex) mayors of Bridgeport and Milford
    who have have chemical dependancy issues. 😦

    The reflection of Jimmy in the mirror was how I saw he was looking
    UP his NOSE.

    I asked Jimmy what he was doing?
    He said checking for make up.
    I thought his answer was a “made up” reply. 8)

    Jimmy does have passion for the town and certain things he believes in.
    He has some good in him. I believe he & Burturla have a soul and know
    they do wrong and I believe it bothers them.
    Burturla still shields his eyes from me in meetings.
    However I am into his head and he is beyond ticked at me.
    Hey – if he and his brother looked into a series of deaths, I would cease
    being involved in Stratford politics, if I know people are SAFE!
    Mossman could not look me in the eyes, either, after my police complaints.
    Kelly has to concentrate to keep looking me in the eyes, which is another
    show of lying – trying too hard to look people in the eyes
    However, like Pinnochio, when STRINGS are PULLED, they move in sinc.

    When I showed up late for the Pension Board Meeting, Burturla, Winter-
    bottom moved their legs and Kubic moved his chair to let me pass.
    I noticed several other people, especially police, fire, other union and
    a couple councilors broke into GRINS, with me showing up the after my
    Letters to the Editor torched Town Attorneys. 8) 🙂
    I can’t understand why those people GRINNED? 😉

    Did anyone make sure Tom Murray got a copy of my Tuesday blog post
    about what he accidently got Dick Burturla to state in front of 15
    witnesses about PENSION BOARD does NOT but the TOWN FINANCE
    define how much a PENSION is to be computed?
    The PENSION BOARD merely ratifies or denies PENSIONS.
    DICK BURTURLA gave the UNIONS plausible deniability and reinforced
    my positions published for years.

    DICK BURTURLA looked at me when he stated he was a LAWYER for
    30 YEARS.
    After being a LAWYER for 30 YEARS and making the OPINION that could
    be used against you in a R.I.C.O. ACT by McNeil and others, suggests
    that it is a good thing BERCHEM (or friends) can rig court & contracts 😉
    IF MY SUSPICIONS are correct.
    Someone e-mail this to NORM.
    (Is it true certain B UTTER NUTS do not have to live in town and
    retain positions on Town political Committees? Is that jailable or
    ethical, if true? Who has jurisdiction?)

    I completely understand Jeze feeling about Jim Miron and for the most
    part I agree with you about certain people, because the EXACT same thing happened to my USPS office 12/1988 to 4/1984.
    Top 9 senion of 13 craft workers were forced from careers,
    It was a “going postal” environment.
    It was a national political POLICY, against local unions to create the
    management counterparts in National and Regional Unions.

    Land of the FREE
    Home of the BRAVE

    Equal opportunity

    Liberty and Justice for ALL?

  11. 11 sudds

    “Officials have made the long-awaited announcement on the start of the 2009 leaf pick-up program. The Public Works Dept. says that it will begin collecting leaves on Nov. 9”


    They’ve been picking up my “yard waste” bags every other week since sometime back in the spring???

  12. 12 sudds

    What’s the next big pre-election announcement going to be… street lights will be going on at night???

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Just wait…I have no doubt that some “emergency” will be declared before Tuesday and we’ll all be getting robo-calls from Miron reminding us who the mayor is. Like we could ever forget.

  14. 14 pcsperling

    I heard that Miron has been spotted walking the streets of the south end of Stratford, especially the ones where road work, etc. has been going on and advising the residents of those areas that if he’s not elected, they can kiss of the work goodbye, that it’ll stop and not be started up again!

    His tactics are just plain dirty and I hope that people aren’t believing his BS! Four years of his antics is four years too long!

    I know that there are people who don’t support Miron, but also don’t support Harkins. Take a good look at what happened last time. The best candidate – the one that will do the best for the Town IS Harkins. If the anti-Miron votes are split again – as they were last time – which is probably what Miron is praying for at this point, get the “for sale” sign ready! At this point – I’d say to those who are unsure – pick the candidate that has the best chance of beating Miron in this election, and in my honest opinion, that candidate is John Harkins.

    It’s more than obvious Miron is running very scared and he’s using scare tactics on the residents of the south end and the seniors……. very, very distasteful!

  15. 15 1george1


    Go to soundview communications website and see/hear who was
    the most effective catch specific lies of Mayor Miron and debunking

    Archive on lower left
    click Stratford
    to right of screen are the 4 mayor debates. – click
    wait for the Stratfford Seal on the screen
    If it does not come up in 30 seconds or comes up
    and does not start in 30 – 60 seconds – start over

    The new 12 tape is rebraodcast on # 612 on demand.

    Dom & John will split votes.

    If I get votes they will be mostly southend, who would not vote
    dom or John.

    Both were better on tape than I remember in person.
    I am hard of hearing.

    Miron had the best talking points and most effective rebuttals.
    Miron won the debates.

    I believe I was the most effective in catching Jim in specific lies
    with specific proof to counter those lies.
    That had to help John & Dom.

    i believe I was the most effective in countering Jim’s limited counter
    attacked in the few times he tried against me.

    I believe I am the best choices of 4 bad choices.
    Miron & Harkins will spend $ 60,000 – $ 100,000
    Dom claims he will spend $ 50,000
    Each has over 1,000 signs.

    I will spend under $ 500.
    I took no financial donations.
    I have about 50 signs and yet to modify and place almost all of them.
    Even children asked parents if Mr. Mulligan will put out signs?

    Amazing the comments I got about the very few placed signs.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    I’m pretty sure we can all agree that among the candidates you have the largest presence.

    The format of the debates left a little to be desired. Obviously, Miron had the best coaching. With almost every response he would abruptly stop about halfway and attack John Harkins. He totally ignored Dom and yourself.

    Dom seemed lost most of the time. You would think by the third or fourth time he would have figured it out.

    The essential fact of the debate is that Miron is trying to run on his record. Four years of playing golf, trips to Mohegan Sun and flashing his strobes are not much to run on. And that is the positive side.

    Sadly, almost every word out of Miron’s mouth was a lie. Some were so blatant, even you were shocked that he could say them. My own choice for a liar’s award was his remarks about how concerned he was about Raymark waste. After firing Health Department Director Elaine O’Keefe, the Town has done next to nothing about Raymark waste. Honestly, Miron thinks the entire Town has a really bad case of amnesia.

    Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that you did very, very well, George. You were focused, earnest and even smiled occasionally. I am proud of the job you did. You acquitted yourself well. And George? Don’t lose the shirt and tie. You looked great!

  17. 17 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    Miron speaks very well. It’s one of the classes one must master to be a lawyer. Lawyer’s like to hear themselves talk – boosts the ego, I think, and we all know the size of Miron’s……EGO! ;>D George, Dom and John are not lawyers. They are business people – regular “joes” like the rest of us! That’s what makes them all that more appealing.

    In talking to people lately – and I’ve been chatting with quite a few – I told them that while my support and vote is going to John Harkins (because I do believe he’s the man to bring our Town back), the one person who whole-heartedly cares about Stratford is George. If there’s something you want to know about this Town – go to George. George, you’ve worked very, very hard on your information compilation and there’s not too many who can argue that your “vault” of information is impressive.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    I am really struggling not to post lawyer jokes right now……

  19. 19 1george1

    Thank you Jeze and PCS, for the props.

    Want to know my best sources?
    People in either party with knowledge about the other party and
    factions within their own parties, where people recognize right and
    wrong. They are more tolerant of their friend being imperfect.
    However, there are some things NO ONE can stomach!

    Writing of which, noting Jeze teasing me about my largest presence,
    “a waist is a terrible thing to mind.”
    And about Miron’s lack of commitment on RAYMARK while BUSH’S EPA
    and RELL’S DEP did nothing for this Town, despite token legislation by
    Harkins (to be fair – it is about all he could do)
    “(toxic) waste sites are a terrible thing to mind.”

    I would rather wear a neck tire, but I will have to bring the dress
    shirt and borrowed ties, out of the Van. Why?
    I got myself invited to another FUNct-ion
    I was hoping to get beauty sleep.

    Unfortunately having a Vault of knowledge, includes knowing’
    where skeleton are buried or if not buried, being able to ID.

    I need to prep a couple of PUNCHLINES prior to ELECTION DAY.

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