Miron All Wet Despite Canopy


State to vote on train station canopies

Written by John Kovach
Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:09

Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced Wednesday that $2 million for the construction of long-awaited canopies at the Metro-North New Haven Line rail commuter stations in Stratford and Stamford (Springdale) is expected to be approved by the State Bond Commission at its meeting Oct. 30 in Hartford.

Each station will have 400 feet of canopy on the westbound (New York City-bound) platforms.

“The hundreds of commuters who use these stations on a daily basis to get to and from work have been exceedingly patient, and these canopies will enhance the quality of the New Haven Line service,” Rell said in a press release. “Whatever the weather, these canopies will provide some degree of shelter for our train travelers.”

Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joseph F. Marie said that the canopies were designed to blend with local architecture.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010. The DOT will advertise for bids for a single contract for both canopies in December, and work will begin in the spring, Marie said.

The Bond Commission is chaired by Rell.

In July 2008, Rell visited the station for a press conference, attended by state Sen. Dan Debicella and state Rep. John Harkins, to announce that $400,000 had been earmarked for the design of the canopies.

“I’ve been fighting for this for four years and I’m glad that we’re finally able to do this,” Mayor James R. Miron said Wednesday. This is long overdue. Stratford is the only train station in Fairfield County that does not have canopies, and it’s the only train station in Fairfield County that does not have appropriate-length platforms. I don’t know what John Harkins has been doing for his 14 years in Hartford.” Read the article, Jimmy. You’ve done nothing while John Harkins has been quietly pounding away. Unless you want to count siphoning off RR station parking fees.

“The Stratford station is one of the busiest in the region,” Harkins said in a press release. “The hundreds of commuters traveling, whether for business or pleasure, deserve to have some protection from the elements. This canopy is long overdue but it represents the progress we are making toward encouraging people to use public transportation.”

In 2008 Harkins worked to create a Train Station Advisory Committee in Stratford to initiate dialogue between commuters and government, and provide a forum where the community can voice its concerns directly on the issue of Stratford Train Station expansion, Harkins said in a press release and at Wednesday’s Candidates Night.

“The construction of this canopy is a great example of the Train Station Advisory Committee at work,” Harkins said in his release. “Hopefully we can continue to foster the relationship between community and government and continue to improve the Stratford station so the public transportation experience is as enjoyable as possible.”

A special note of thanks also goes to blog favorite Pat Sperling for working tirelessly on this.

11 Responses to “Miron All Wet Despite Canopy”

  1. 1 allanwscott

    Jezebel is correct. John Harkins has tried desparately to involve Straford residents by bringing in D.O.T. people in for meetings at the library. And it looks like it is finally paying off. Any credit for the canopy finally getting put in should be given to John harkins and Dan Debicella. Patty Sperling and Lisa Donnelly have really put in a lot of time on this as well. AWS

  2. 2 phineast

    I can’t wait for PCS to get ahold of this….she’ll throw miron through the proverbial chipper…chew him up and spit ….

  3. 3 pcsperling

    Phin ~ I’m spitting nails right now! Miron is one of the most f’d up individuals I’ve ever come across. He should put down the bong, cuz he’s got to be smoking something! Things didn’t start happening with the railroad station until Dan DeBicella and John Harkins got involved. C-DOT, the Town and the kept passing the buck on who was responsible for what.

    Miron came in – balls blazing – with Kent Miller at a meeting where the garage plans were supposed to be chosen with a list of demands. Sure, one of those demands was the canopies, but that had already been dealt with and we all – the commuter advisory committee and no doubt the Town, knew they were coming. Because of his game playing, he could’ve cost Stratford the funding to do the garage and other improvements!

    Allan ~ Lisa and I both thank you for the kind words. She called me and alerted me to this posting. She has worked very hard on this and with John and Dan. For Miron to take the credit for this is nauseating!

    I started this fight long before Miron was elected – back before the lights were installed on Main Street – Mark Barnnhart was still Town Manager. The fight of the commuters has been on for a long time and I’m happy things are happening! But Miron has no right to take all the credit for this – or use this as part of his re-election platform. It’s entire BS, as is most of what is printed on his recent smear-campaign against John Harkins.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    I didn’t think Pat Sperling would let this go lightly….

  5. 5 pcsperling

    Oh, honey, I ain’t done yet!

  6. 6 1george1

    This is another one where PCS is not alone.

    One of Save Stratford people asked me to go after Miron
    on the Raymark property, when Miron basically told them
    to xxxx – off.

    Then had the chatzputz (spelling?) to claim he and Fahan
    were leading the way to help http://www.SaveStratford.org

    Tom Smith buried Miron in a LONG and LARGE letter to the
    Editor, while endorsing HARKINS

    I got all over HARKINS and DOM tonight about MIRONS’ LIES
    and them NOT CALLING HIM on THE LIES

    Never yelled at Hanney?
    Miron was to the left o me
    Hanney was to the right o me
    Slowly Miron turned
    Step by step ….

    The old abbott & costello routine,
    but this time miron was the insane guy.

    (wrong costello – not dom)

    Miron’s spittle almost got on me. YUCK!
    At least one other LETTER to EDITOR


    MIRON’S people fed false information to LWV.
    No way Stratford’s fully funded % is 65 %.
    That was a 2007 percent.

    FAC C.P.A. Tom Angelo sent # as $ 216 Million for full fund
    Aug 2009 portfolio had $ 86 million
    Up from low of about $ 68 million.
    That is 39 %
    NOT 65 %

    HARKINS was all set with comparing Stratford Problem
    to Bridgeport’s 80 % Fully funding.

    But Miron’s people made the percent appear much closer.

    I had to nail miron on the top 2 police pensions, when he
    was claiming money for senior citizens & vets
    Harkins and Dom were like dear.

    Miron rattled off talking point after talking point of mole hill
    and non accomplishments.

    Miron ate Harkins lunch on the ECS, $ 83, MILLION.
    I had to tell Harkins to palce the blame on the Democratic
    Controlled Legislature, in such a way it was not a BITCH
    SLAP nor a personal attack.

    Miron ate Harkins lunch on the Parking Garage!
    I had to tell Harkins to palce the blame on the Democratic
    Controlled Legislature, in such a way it was not a BITCH
    SLAP nor a personal attack.

    I had to prop up Dom by givin him props at not being funded
    by Democrat or Republican money

    I had to give Dom some info before the debate to offset Jimmy’s
    Steam roller of littany of talking points.

    I created the crack about the “Bernie Madoff” bein smooth n
    polished liar to offset Harkins nicely dressed, great resume,
    smooth talker, genteel, etc.
    But Jimmy has taken being the Madoff imitation.

    Harkins comes across as genteel.
    Dom comes across as being real.
    Unless they step up, the election is Jimmy’s to steal.

    It was up to me to point out wednesday night that Jimmy was
    running the (timer) stop sign, and I made him pay for it with
    laughs that I hope he does not run traffic stop signs like that.

    As I pointed out in my partial quote by Weizel about the police
    union endorsement ….
    Endorsements can be an asset or a liability ….

    Police and Fire back Harkins.

    Jimmy is absolutely killing Harkins “PLAYING” to the PUBLIC,
    against the Unions ENDORSEMENT, by
    claiming to CUT O. T.
    changing the PENSIONS (once Miron-Burturla cronies retired)
    CLAIMING to want to affect HEALTH BENEFITS.
    I know they are taking aim at ANNUITIES

    For the past couple years the bloggers nailed me and I fought
    back and for the most part have been proven correct.

    I find that the posts regarding HARKINS FUND RAISING are LIES
    same as MIRON antics, because the HARKINS camp had over
    $ 40,000 in cash, before a big fund raiser and the info posted
    on this blog is only partial information where someone could
    have given $ 2200 in the past, but the blog only note’s this
    month’s $ 200 donation..

    It is a shame when people call other people liars, get caught
    pulling the same things they accuse other people of doing.

    Lastly, who, from this blog is feeding carp to Norm?

    Thank you, it made my night at Oronoque Village tonight… 🙂

    I wonder how some people like living outta town, while
    keepin a house in town for political reasons?

  7. 7 jezebel282



    Candidate must choose one post
    Updated: 10/22/2009 03:23:25 PM EDT

    Candidate must choose one post

    We were disappointed to hear that 6th District Council Member Amy Wanamaker has withdrawn from the election due to health concerns. We wish her good health and want to extend our thanks for her service to the town of Stratford and our district.

    However, we are disheartened that Ms. Wanamaker’s replacement, Scott Potter, is running for two offices. According to town charter, a councilman cannot hold any other elected office; perhaps Mr. Potter is not familiar with the charter.

    If Mr. Potter were to win election to both the Town Council and Planning Commission he would be required to choose a position. If he chose to serve on the Planning Commission, a special election would need to be held for the open Council seat.

    This election would not only encumber voters of the Sixth District, but cost Stratford taxpayers thousands of dollars. Should he choose to serve on the Town Council and resign from the Planning Commission; the members of the four other Planning Districts would be tasked with choosing his replacement, not the voters.

    For these reasons and on behalf of Stratford’s taxpayers and voters, we respectfully request that Mr. Potter relinquish one of his candidacies. If he cannot decide which office to pursue, one must ask, how will he be able to make the tough decisions facing our town? Will he simply “vote present” and hope that his constituency will make these decisions for him?

    Mr. Potter, the taxpayers and voters of Stratford await your decision.

    Edward Ward
    Republican candidate for 6th District Councilman

  8. 8 1george1

    I guess the opinion of Ed Ward, the Ward bosses and Jeze’s followers
    supercede the State of CT. Elections Division, which accepted my
    petitions for 2 candidacies and has me on the ballot for both spots.

    They also allowed me to initially get petitions for 5 positions.

    I wonder who wrote this, Louie? Norm? Kelly? Florek?

    Let the voters decide on the least of the many bad choices!

    But then NONE of the BLOGGER or READERS believes the PUBLIC
    has ANY RIGHTS, especially related to REFERENDUMS, which could
    protect peoples wallets, and the Health of this town.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    Take it easy, big fella….

    I’m just sayin’…..

  10. 10 1george1

    No Jeze,
    You were just writin.

    And do you think this co-incidence, has nothing to do with
    a fear that I could win the 3rd District Town Council?

    I hear Burturla has asked for a TUMS allowance ….

    I told one of Kelly’s young lawyers (& fiance) that if I was elected mayor,
    his law firm would lose a client.

    I still have a SECRET PLAN to be elected Mayor…

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “And do you think this co-incidence, has nothing to do with
    a fear that I could win the 3rd District Town Council?”


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