Can Mayor James R. Miron Overcome Obstacles?

Miron's Campaign Platform

Miron's Campaign Platform

Considering no one but James. R. Miron created these obstacles, our answer is “No”.

Four years of lying, nepotism, discrimination, squandering tax dollars, lack of responsibility, persecution, paranoia, incompetence, laziness, and egomania are simply too great to dispel with one month of planting flowers.

We honestly cannot think of a single person in the 350 years of Stratford history that has single-handedly done more to damage Stratford, it’s taxpayers and its reputation than James R. Miron.

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Can Mayor James R. Miron overcome obstacles — and three hard-hitting challengers — to gain re-election?
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 10/25/2009 12:04:08 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — Before Democratic Mayor James R. Miron was in favor of changing from the nearly century-old town manager form of government, he was against it. So against it that he warned Stratford residents their small-town seaside community would never quite be the same again if voters approved the change.

    Some of the mayor’s most ardent detractors say that was one thing Miron turned out to be right about.

    His supporters say the mayor, while often impulsive and overly aggressive, has provided the kind of strong leadership the town has never had before.

    Miron led the opposition in 2004 against switching to a mayoral system while a member of the Charter Revision Commission that recommended it, but then decided to run for mayor the following year after the proposal was approved by voters.

    Before running, Miron said the strong mayoral system being proposed would foster nepotism, cronyism and intensify the already legendary political clashes and bickering on the Town Council, which would result in even more government stagnation.

    Now, as Election Day and the town’s second mayoral contest approaches, all three of Miron’s opponents, while still backing the mayoral system, are claiming the mayor’s warnings have turned out to be well-founded.

    But the challengers, Republican State Rep. John Harkins and independent candidates Domenic Costello and George E. Mulligan have said throughout the campaign and during a series of debates and forums, it’s not the mayoral system that is the problem, but the man who was elected mayor.

    Miron and his supporters say that is nothing more than “political rhetoric,” and that in an effort to capture the town’s top elected post, the Republican-controlled Town Council has spent the past two years — particularly recent months — being obstructionists and attacking the mayor unfairly every time he has made a proposal, or has tried to move the town forward, for example in delaying proposals for senior and veteran’s tax relief earlier this year.

    “They [his opponents] can all sit there and take shots at me,” Miron said. “But I’m the guy who has had to make the tough decisions and provide leadership in a town where that was lacking before. Yes there have been glitches, but that’s to be expected in a new system that we’re still adjusting too. I’m not perfect, but I believe I have done my job.”

    Miron, however, has been a controversial figure since being sworn in as the town’s first mayor in December 2005, after being elected in a crowded five-candidate race.

    Early in his term he made national headlines for purportedly wearing a concealed gun during Town Council meetings and replacing a popular town manager, Ben Branyan, with an administrator, Mark Haddad, who quit amid allegations of past sexual harassment in two other towns. He has fought with town union leaders and council opponents, including Councilman Gavin Forrester, R-3, who called him “a nut” during a council meeting when the two engaged in a heated exchange.

    Last year, Miron also engaged in a very heated public argument during a meeting with Town Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, who accused Miron of lying about the details of a then proposed $10 million sale of Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    More recently, Miron has come under attack for the June 2006 hiring of Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo, despite warnings from doctors that the 31-year-old suffered from a long-standing seizure disorder that could endanger the public, other officers and even himself.

    Miron hired him anyway, and in June LoSchiavo crashed his patrol car into four other cars while having a seizure.

    “We’ve become a laughing stock around the state, even up in Hartford,” Harkins said during one of the debates. “That’s what I’m looking to change. I’m here to fire this mayor. He hires political allies and friends and then backs away. Morale is low in Town Hall and in our police and fire departments. If I’m elected mayor, the buck stops here, with me. I will work every day to restore the public trust in government,” said Harkins, a state representative for the past 13 years, who has accused Miron during the campaign of nepotism and cronyism.

    Harkins has repeatedly blasted Miron for being a “polarizing presence in town,” and said that’s one of the reasons why he [Harkins] gained the endorsements of the local police and fire unions. He said that’s also one of the main reasons he’s running for mayor. “I want to bring civility, integrity and transparency to the mayor’s office,” he said.

    Harkins, a state representative the past 13 years, accused Miron of nepotism and cronyism.

    During the final debate last week at Oronoque Village, Harkins angrily pointed out Miron has engaged in “highly questionable” hiring practices, saying the Justin LoSchiavo hiring had put the public and police officers at “great risk,” and that it was fortunate there were no serious injuries.

    “Thank God nobody was killed,” Harkins said.

    Costello, a former Bridgeport police officer who ran as the Republican candidate for mayor four years ago, said he decided to run this time as an independent because of all political battles between the Democrats and the GOP, involving both the mayor and Town Council.

    “I have been running for mayor for five years, walking to every home in Stratford, and I am more convinced than ever my decision to run as an independent was the right one,” he said after a particularly heated exchange between Harkins and Miron during a debate last week at Stratford High School. “This is the kind of bickering and political partisanship that people have told me they are sick and tired of hearing. But this will continue under the Democrats and Republicans. I am the people’s candidate, and you won’t have to worry about partisan politics when I’m elected mayor.”

    Costello stressed improving public safety and economic development during his campaign, saying he has had considerable experience in both areas.

    “I was a police officer and I know about public safety, and I’ve also been a successful businessman and know how to run the town so that we maximize services and minimize taxes,” he said.

    “I can’t sit here yet again tonight [during Thursday’s debate at Oronoque Village] and listen to Mayor Miron say he has lowered your taxes when it isn’t true.

    “The truth is he has raised your taxes 13 percent over the past four years, and even that percentage would have been much higher had it not been for the Town Council reducing his proposed budgets.”

    Mulligan agreed with that.

    “It’s a lie when the mayor says he reduced your taxes; he raised them significantly during his first year and then created the illusion of lower taxes over the next three years,” Mulligan said.

    “The bottom line is you are paying a lot more in taxes today than when the mayor took office.” Mulligan said while at one time the tax base was more than 70 percent paid for by business, now it is taxpayers who foot more than 70 percent of the bill.

    Miron said repeatedly during the debates that candidates say many things while campaigning, but that “not all of them are true.”

    What is true, he said, is that the town has seen steady improvement since he took office four years ago.

    “Stratford is better today than it was four years ago,” he said repeatedly during the campaign.

    “I love Stratford, and this is a town where people love living. I think I deserve another opportunity. I don’t think the town can afford to [fire me]. We’ve got to stay the course with the strong leadership and proven results that I’ve provided.”

    Members of the Republican-majority Town Council “have played Whack-a-mole with me as the mayor every time they got a chance,” he said. “I think the new Town Council … will be starting with the right people for moving this town forward.”

    Miron is hoping that if he gains re-election, the Democrats can capture the current 7-3 GOP majority to help move he agenda forward.

    Mulligan, a former postal worker and better known around Stratford as its most colorful gadfly, who has spoken out during council meetings for the past decade, urged voters during the campaign to reject the “usual political choices that have kept this town from really moving forward.

    “They say the definition of being crazy is to keep doing the same thing over and over, even though you are getting the same results.

    “Well, a vote for the Democrats and Republicans would fall into that category,” Mulligan said. “They have lied to you and will keep lying to you,” said Mulligan, whose major theme during the campaign has been to control rising taxes and control the swelling pensions of police and firefighters.

    The mayoral debates are now over, as more than 1,000 people attended the numerous forums and debates over the past few weeks.

    But the debate over whether Miron should be re-elected is reaching a climax, with the election just nine days away, and is likely to be just about the only topic of conversation across this community of 50,000, right up until the last ballots are counted on election night.

  2. 2 phineast

    Miron can’t get out of his own way let alone get anything done in a fair and forthright manner.
    This definately one of Weizel’s finest peices of writing. On page 2 of the Ct Post at the top is also probably the most accurate assessment of Miron ever written.
    Great job to the CT post staff for ACCURATELY portraying the direness of our situation with an immature self serving fool at the helm.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    A word about the other opponents:

    Mulligan: In our view, no one cares more passionately about Stratford residents than George Mulligan. But as George himself said, he wants to be a “wingman” for some Nader-like candidate. We don’t need a wingman for the next for years. We need a leader.

    Costello: Mr. Costello’s entire campaign this time and the last time seems to be about Dom Costello. We are supposed to trust him to “run the Town like a business”. Whatever that means. Beyond that, we can find no serious examples of Mr. Costello’s participation in the Town. Other than the occasional scheduled inspections of his doughnut shop by the health department and paying Stratford taxes (like the rest of the 50,000 residents) we cannot find any involvement Mr. Costello has had over the last 5 or 6 years with Town government. Mr. Costello has had ample opportunity to speak out on Charter Revision (he refused to sign the petition), Airport Expansion, the Shakespeare Theater, Long Beach West, Raymark waste, the RR Station, Miron’s squandering of tax dollars, the BOE…


    Once again, the real choice in this election is between John Harkins and James R. Miron. The differences could not be greater or more stark.

    We urge thoughtful Stratford voters to consider the issues carefully and chose wisely.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Wow, Gail….

    No one’s perfect, especially when it comes to Stratford’s mayor
    Updated: 10/24/2009 11:48:19 PM EDT

    Stratford’s first mayor wants a shot at re-election. Three challengers — a Republican state lawmaker and two petition candidates — are gunning for his job.

    On the one hand, all this interest in Stratford Mayor James Miron’s office shows democracy thrives in the Town for All Seasons. It also points out that Stratford’s pistol-packing mayor, an attorney, known for his abrasive manner, authoritarian rule and my-way-or-the-highway negotiating style, is vulnerable. From his standpoint, it’s got to feel uncomfortable.

    Four years ago, Miron had no mayoral track record. Not a lot for his challengers to pick at. Now they have a smorgasbord. Miron doesn’t deserve a second term.

    That’s not because of a single shortcoming or bad decision. It’s due to a litany that casts doubt on Miron’s ability to set policy and make executive decisions in a direct, fair and non-emotional way that considers long-range impacts.

    The hiring of Justin LoSchiavo as a cop over the objection of police brass and the town’s own medical doctors, illustrates this — as does the delay releasing the report of the accident LoSchiavo caused with his police cruiser. By stalling the release of the report to the accident victim, Miron allowed a fender bender to morph into something bigger.

    What mayor is perfect? But rather than defuse problems, Miron takes a blow torch to them. He doesn’t need any political adversaries. Miron is own worst enemy. His temper is legendary. When he doesn’t
    get his way, he shouts. He’s yelled at at least one developer, called the school superintendent ‘sleazy,’ points fingers in the face of political adversaries. The Connecticut Post’s Editorial Page Editor Mike Daly calls him “ham-handed.”

    To me, he’s an enfant terrible, lacking self control and in need of a Supernanny. Nothing is ever gray to him. He has no patience for dissent even among his staff. When the Connecticut Post received public information that he didn’t want released he browbeat staff, trying to find the source who divulged it.

    Miron’s challengers are state Rep. John Harkins, a Republican who promises transparency in government, and two petitioning candidates unaffiliated with the two major parties, Domenic Costello, a retired cop who owns a couple of doughnut shops, and George Mulligan, a former postal worker.

    Harkins has experience working collaboratively with others, something Miron lacks. The Republican state representative also owns an appraisal business, so he has a ground-up understanding of how the economy impacts homebuyers and homeowners.

    Miron and Costello faced off in Stratford’s five-way 2005 mayoral election. Costello was the Republican candidate, with Jonathan Best, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination, running as one of three petitioning candidates.

    The other two were William O’Brien and Thomas Carroll. Mulligan received two votes as a write-in candidate. Miron won a plurality of the votes, analysts say, because of a split within the Republican Party.

    Despite his emotional outbursts, allegations of nepotism and cronyism, it is clear Miron cares about Stratford. His challengers have criticized his claim that he has improved the town in the four years he’s been in office.

    A review of the Grand List of Taxable Properties shows the mill rate in Stratford actually declined from this fiscal year, from 30.51 to 30.36.

    “That means that means that the average taxpayer was paying $5,660 annually on a house valued at $265,000, and assessed at $185,500, in the last fiscal year and in fiscal 2010 (which ends on June 30, 2010) will pay $5,631 in residential property taxes,” Stratford Finance Director John Norko says.

    Overall, under Miron’s watch, residential property taxes have jumped 12.5 percent, but even that needs qualifying. In the first two years of his administration, Miron faced threats from Moody’s and Standard & Poors to lower the town’s bond rating because its reserved fund balance was too low. Miron raised taxes those two years 11.4 percent to bulk up the town’s rainy-day fund. In the succeeding years, the tax increase has been less than a percentage point, eight-tenths of one percent and half of one percent, respectively.

    By building up the town’s reserved fund, Miron saved taxpayers $1.3 million, which the town achieved by borrowing at a lower interest rate due to the town’s improved credit picture. He’s also outsourced the town’s electric bill, which has saved taxpayers another $500,000, by switching from United Illuminating to Direct Energy. To put that half a million dollar savings in perspective, Stratford’s electric bill for street lights is $900,000 — so the savings the town achieved pay for electricity for about half its streetlights and traffic control devices. Miron also negotiated a one-year zero-percentage raise with four of the town’s six unions.

    The two unions that did not agree are the Stratford Police and Fire Unions, which have endorsed Harkins.

    When he defeated his four opponents in his first mayoral bid, Miron vowed to work hard. “I’m going to be a leader for all of Stratford,” he proclaimed, “no matter where you live or what party you are affiliated with.” Was anybody checking to see if he crossed his fingers behind his back? With Election Day so close at hand, now’s a good time for Miron to update his LinkedIn profile and his resume.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    There are only two “factual accuracies” (Miron’s favorite phrase) that Ms. Brown got wrong.

    1. “Overall, under Miron’s watch, residential property taxes have jumped 12.5 percent,”. Ms. Brown is only taking into account the mil rate. What she and the Harkins campaign fails to take into account was the re-valuation that was completed in early 2006. Nearly every residential property value was raised during this time of soaring home values and easy mortgage lending. While it may seem technical to some, the average tax bills for the first three years of Miron’s went up 12%, 9% and 3% for a total of 25.74%.

    2. “Miron also negotiated a one-year zero-percentage raise with four of the town’s six unions.” This is simply not true. Miron deferred the raises until next year. No one took a “zero”. They will be paid retroactively in the next budget. The only two unions that would not take the “deal”? You guessed it.

  6. 6 1george1

    Since 1988 I developed business to companies with 50 or more employees. Marketing manager, sales support, customer relations responsibilities, in units of 9 figure companies. Mostly, I worked directly with owners or Sales Directors, in 7 figure companies, since 1988!.

    I was USPS worker from 1971 – 1988. Top 9 of 13 co-workers 1984-1988 forced from careers “going postal” environment. (4 years, management assault & national/ regional union non-mis-malfeasance-13 years: no problems!)

    Last 21 years, I helped businesses grow sales, by 6 – 8 annual digits. For 21 years, I expanded sales to new and/or existing customers; built customer-marketing data bases; helped reduce-avoid cost; retain customers; improved productivity-efficiency; by promoting green, healthy, and/or problem solving products and services.

    I can impact and reprioritize Stratford’s BUDGETS, because I attended hundreds of Stratford Town Meetings since 1998. I will work for all people, towards lower taxes-improved services!

    Grants, stimulus money, low interest loans, EPA Funds, Tax cuts, and SEED MONEY for Business Development is GOOD DEBT or low impact debt.

    Negotiations, real Bidding, Buying, change orders, reducing Insurance and Benefits real cost, will impact Mil Rates affecting Taxes on Business and Residents’ (Values).

    Clean Raymark contamination; buy-develop Airport within footprint: redevelop Brownfields; grow AVCO and subdivide Sikorsky=jobs; and have tax-license paying Shakespeare, adding Revenue, spreading Tax Benefit.

    Please send messages to political parties! Vote George Mulligan for Stratford Mayor and Town Council District # 3. (Vote Mike Singh T.C.D.#4, Independent wingmen)

    I’m your best choice. (least bad choice).

  7. 7 pcsperling

    Yesterday’s mailing for Miron’s re-election claims that Miron has

    * Stabilized and lowered taxes during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression

    Let’s get it straight – and be seriously honest about some of this stuff…. No f’ing way has he stabilized and lowered taxes. Taxes increased for the first three years and in the fourth year, taxes did decrease. During this economic crisis, he fought with the unions of the Town and BOE for a 0% increase on one hand and then attempted to give his personal hires raises! WTF!

    * Increased economic development

    Does he really think he’s increased economic development? What has been developed in the four years that he’s been in office? There has been squat going on with economic development. The government took SAEP away from Stratford and auctioned it. Long Beach West – a sale? I think there’s a big difference between a sale (which Miron and his supporters tried to make the residents believe it was) and an option to purchase (which is actually was). The Town may never seen money for LBW, and we owe that all to Jim Miron! When the option is up and no money has been exchanged, we need to remember who pushed for this!

    * Improved and expanded Town services

    Huh? Is he talking about the flowers? Maybe the bulk item pick-up program by appointment only. Sure, that was implemented during his term, but it wasn’t his brainstorm – I believe that idea started before him.

    * Properly funded education system

    This is a joke, right? He’s fought tooth and nail against the needs of our children! He hasn’t worked with the BOE and, as a matter of fact, called the Superintendent “sleazy.” This is the type of person we want in office for another four years?????? I think not! John Harkins is a family man, and understands the importance of a good education. Our public school system should provide that for all of our children! There is a serious problem when he’s trying to give his cronies raises, and sucking money away from everything else!

    * Implemented numerous environmental initiatives

    OK, perhaps the electricity issue is an environmental initiative that he can claim, but give me a break on the Smart Cars. I don’t believe there are employees who truly need a town-provided vehicle and no way should be provided on a 24/7 basis. Taxpayers should not be paying the gas, insurance, etc. for take-home vehicles. Cut some of that out and we’ll probably have a significant savings!

    * Improved Town buildings, roads, parks, beaches & forest

    What? Oh, he’s talking about the major renovations to his soundproofed bunker, complete with master bath….. The roads, parks, beaches and forest????? Are you serious. Sure, lots started happening this summer and continues to happen, but, it’s an election year and he needs something to put on these spam mailings!

    * Created veteran tax relief program
    * Expanded senior tax relief program

    These two are important. Our seniors and veterans should be taken care of. They’ve taken care of this Town for years before us. I’ll give him points for the sernior tax relief program, but those points come no where near what I would say qualifies him for re-election and another four years.

    No way in the world should Miron be re-elected! The lies outweigh the truth over the last four years. The only truth he spoke was when he said that “the strong mayoral system being proposed would foster nepotism, cronyism and intensify the already legendary political clashes and bickering on the Town Council, which would result in even more government stagnation.”

    He used those words as the outline for his four-year agenda. He fired employees who worked for the Town and replaced them with loyalists who work for him. He forded the continued political clashes and bickering. And he stagnated our Town so we are no better off then we were four years ago! Sure, maybe our bond rating improved and that saved the Town money, but again, he is always ready and willing to spend whatever savings on his own, rather than anything that would benefit the Town.

    I say we submit his name to Supernanny and perhaps she can come whip him into shape for whatever career he chooses next! In any event, he should give up on any politican aspirations – it didn’t prove to be a benefit for the taxpayers of Stratford in the last four years and it certainly won’t benefit anyone in the future – including himself.

  8. 8 phineast

    The answer to the question “Can Miron overcome obstacles?” simply put is an emphatic NO!
    Everyone get out there and vote on election day so the Nov. 4th headlines will read “MIRON FIRED BY THE RESIDENTS OF STRATFORD!!!!”

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Please send messages to political parties! Vote George Mulligan for Stratford Mayor and Town Council District # 3. (Vote Mike Singh T.C.D.#4, Independent wingmen)”

    The message will be sent to the Democratic Town Committee on November 4th when not a single candidate (oh fine…maybe Stephanie Phillips) wins election.

    If the Democratic Party has an interest in Stratford they will reorganize the Committee (maybe ban Miron/Buturla/Miller for life?) and attempt to restore credibility for real Democrats in Stratford. If not, there will essentially be no viable Democratic Party in this Town for years. Miron will have burned it to the ground. You just don’t make people take loyalty oaths and call yourself a Democrat, Jimmy.

  10. 10 phineast

    I hope Weizel and Brown are wearing body armour. I heard that there was a very upset individual that didn’t appreciate that he was portrayed accurately. Certainly made my day though, especially to hear OLD school dems agree with what was written and relate that they can’t even vote for him(and one of these people is running for something…) so Jez, you are correct when you say that there ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to be a restructuring of the DTC or they are through, which would be really too bad. I am hopeful that the voters send a message so clear that even the village idiot would understand it. I encourage everyone to get out and vote on election day.

  11. 11 1george1

    Has anyone seen and heard the Channel 12 and 612 tape from
    Friday Oct 23?

    Which is bigger, Jim Miron as pinnochio and his nose?


    My stomach?

    Dominec and Harkins almost fell off their chairs.

    While I hit Dom & John, they both credit me as debunking most of
    Jimmy’s talking points.

    I told John, if the people behind him, were not there, I would
    not have a problem backing him.

    I have been pleasantly surprized by Dom.

    I told them both they made a mistake shaking hands and praising
    each other on the TV.
    – It made for an easier target for Jim and for myself to run against
    both political parties.

    This will make the day of a couple people, but I raised the stakes
    friday by naming DICK MIRON & DICK BURTURLA about being involved
    in Stratford politics since 1980s.
    I was not as harsh on (R).
    I did not let them get away, SCOT FREE.

  12. 12 phineast

    What times will it be on?
    You weren’t harsh? Come on, George, we were counting on you …….

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Just a couple of comments:

    “OK, perhaps the electricity issue is an environmental initiative that he can claim,”

    The initiative is on the part of Direct Energy. They have an aggressive marketing/sales team. I’m actually a little surprised Mike Bonnar (purchasing manager) was able to get Miron’s attention.

    However, the “$500,000” in savings Miron claims was more than eaten up by Legal Fees from Berchem Moses & Devlin. ($667,000 in 2008 alone).

    “Our seniors and veterans should be taken care of. ”

    The Senior Tax Relief fund was actually underutilized. That means for all of Miron’s pandering to seniors over the last month (in more ways than one), he basically ignored them all of 2008. Add that to the technical flaws in the ordinance, many seniors would have been eliminated had not the council corrected the ordinance.

  14. 14 allanwscott

    Miron has “DUPED” the seniors and Vets by providing them with a small tax relief that equates to pennies on the dollar. But in their eyes, it was like winning the lottery. Jim is no dummy. Old people and Veterans VOTE!!!!! This election is going to be REAL CLOSE!!!

  15. 15 pcsperling

    Allan ~ not sure it’s going to be all THAT close. I think enough taxpayers and residents are fed up with the games of the last four years! I’m certainly not sure how Miron thinks he can pull of a win on this one!

  16. 16 nomoreyears

    allanwscott wrote:

    “Old people and Veterans VOTE!!!!!”

    If it rains. Miron’s in deep shit! The elderly don’t vote on rainy days. Wouldn’t it be ironic. Raining on election day to wash Miron’s shit and decay away.

  17. 17 phineast

    hyahhhhoyaaahyahhhhhoyaaa ……That is me doing the election day rain dance!
    Needs to rain from 9-4…us old folks don’t go out when the sun starts going down, never fear-I have a trusty old rain coat and waders…I WILL get there.

  18. 18 1george1

    Answer to # 12 Phin east.

    Go to # 612 on demand for news 12 Friday’s debate.

    Google: Soundview Communications, Bridgeport CT.
    3 DEBATES are airing one after other, right now.
    They will be archived tonight.

    The PYE debate is archived under Statford & is on the top of the list.
    That one is UNEDITTED.
    I have not seen the others, yet.

    It is 11 am – I have to get to work.
    Spent time checking why Soundview did not archive the 3 new ones.
    I did not realize last night I could have seen debates ‘ON AIR.”

    Contacted PRESS, Harkins, & Dom to see if they see Debates as

    I was hoping for the latter, which would be a violation of FCC LAW

    It was / is ONE PART of my SECRET PLAN to become elected MAYOR.

    Another part of my SECRET PLAN to become elected MAYOR has been
    to use this blog to get JIM off his talking points and counter points in
    the DEBATE, where his counters dominated Harkins and Dom.

    I also used this blog to get into Dom & Harkins to be ready for those
    Mironantics, because as big as I am, I can not carry them vs. Jimbo.
    They were underinformed on Pensions and other issues to counter
    They had good talking points and came across well on their issues.
    However, Jimmy ate them up when they attacked him, with his counter
    points, and they lacked depth of knowledge to DEBUNK JIM.

    JIM only messed with me twice in 5 debates.
    On one, related to PENSIONS & fully funding, JIM countered.
    I counter back with:
    1 – BEING on the F.A.C.
    2 – Having Tire around my neck due to slashed tire for exposing
    the PENSION issue, and the PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT
    3 -Being the ONLY ONE bringing the issue to the PUBLIC via LETTERS
    to the EDITOR
    4- Having available the PREPARED PRINTOUT of TOP PENSIONERS.
    I rattled off the top PENSION, his BASE, his high year, his 2 years of
    accrued O. T. all 100 % UNDER JIM’s Police Chief.

    If this was the UFC – JIM would have had to TAP OUT.

    JIM avoided challenging me.
    JIM, JOHN, & DOM, each wound up making me look like the expert.

    I had a huge disadvantage that NO ONE thought of in the NEWS 12

    They never realized just how huge that was, especially at OSNA & PYE,
    where many people took the HANDOUTS.

    PYE having mostly “MIRONUTS” was like planting a computer virus to the
    TRUE BELIEVERS. I was able to put them on seats before the event.

    OSNA hit so many issue, with zero time for substantive answers, I was able
    to continually ask people to check the handouts I had at the front table.
    > I was late due to SaveStratford Debate of Town Councilors
    > I was funnier at OSNA & HS, with prepared one liners and got off only
    one line, but the line of the season about JIMMY’S (puppet) PINNOCHIO
    NOSE being BIGGER than my (self depreciating) STOMACH.

    At Oronoque Village, I did not get out a lot of handouts.
    I was in ATTACK MODE.
    I did NOT use humor.
    I was sensitie to the fact that Weizel only:
    > Publicized TIRE & PICTURE
    > Prefers GADFLY to concerned citizen or activist
    > limited coverage to “POWERBALL” quote.
    Weizel, limited for years the SERIOUS CONCERNS, PROBLEMS, and
    SOLUTIONS I work hard to articulate for STRATFORD’S benefits,
    including the political parties who could “++++ up a wet dream.”

    Phin – like the term MIRONUTS ? 🙂

  19. 19 jezebel282

    New toxic sites have been discovered in Stratford:


    Every day there seems to be another mailer from Miron. It is almost like someone else has been mayor for the past four years. The latest one touts his record of supporting the Police Department, Fire Department and EMS.

    We are going to let the PD speak for themselves:
    (Just skip the Cowboy music. What were they thinking?)

    Tom Murray has already spoken in today’s CT Post but is more than welcome to post here as well:

    And EMS?

    John Jasinski would have a different opinion. Although we are quite sure that Gavin Forrester might have an issue with the mailer as well.

    Who prosecutes mail fraud around here?

  20. 20 mikereynolds

    The other question to ask is where is the Miron campaign getting all the money for these mailers and radio spots?

    Based on his latest filing he was running a deficit. When he loses he’s going to have to chase a lot of ambulances to pay for all of this.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “Based on his latest filing he was running a deficit.”

    Didn’t Lakeview Monument co-sign for all the debt?

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