Miron Campaign Going Down In Flames!

Miron's Strategy

Mrion's Strategy

You read it in the Post:

As you may or may not know, we have been facing very hard times equipment-wise at the Stratford Fire Department. Our engines are older and unreliable, many times on loan from neighboring towns. Many of my firefighters are responding to fires with outdated fire coats and pants, many with holes and burn damage. Our radios constantly go dead due to old batteries and when they do work they are unreliable at best. As one of the assistant fire chiefs, I have been battling for three years just to get my firefighters suitable eye protection. These problems have not seemed to have been a priority for the current administration.

Obviously all of this had a direct effect on the morale and effectiveness of my firefighters. We have tried to quietly and professionally handle these problems and have been met with hollow promise after hollow promise. Then they had state Rep. John Harkins take the time out of his busy election season schedule to attend Fire Ops 101. During Rep. Harkins attendance, they had someone for the first time in a long time who was not a member of our department seem to understand and care about their equipment needs. Obviously his official campaign position on public safety appealed to us all. Our last resort was to hope his endorsement by us and possible election would change the way we were being prioritized and equipped to serve the citizens of Stratford.

Thomas Murray

Assistant Fire Chief


This week Miron is taking one more opportunity to pander to Senior Citizens.

I invite you to attend one of the Fire Prevention Workshops and Demonstrations that I will be conducting with Fire Marshal Brian Lampart to discuss the importance of fire prevention safety, smoke alarms, kitchen safety, and proper use of fire extinguishers.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, October 28, 9am, Elm Terrace Apartments (Community Room) – Leeward Drive

Wednesday, October 28, 11am, Ray Baldwin Apartments (Community Room) – Griffen Street

Wednesday, October 28, 1pm, Shiloh Gardens (Community Room) – 175 Henry Avenue

Wednesday, October 28, 3pm, Hearthstone and Meadowview Manor Apartments (Community Room) – 98 Gregory Cir.

Thursday, October 29, 2pm, Oronoque Village (North Community Building)

The safety and well-being of Stratford residents is one of my primary concerns as Mayor, which is why Fire Marshall Lampert and I have developed these workshops to provide you with information that can potentially save lives.

This one is almost too silly. As if Miron cared about the Fire Department. I wonder if he will mention that the rank & file of Stratford’s Bravest supports John Harkins? I suppose Miron doesn’t care if kids burn. It’s not like they vote. There is not a single mention of children or a school in these “presentations”.

How’s that new firetruck coming along, Jimmy? Do you really think one week out of four years will save your job?


38 Responses to “Miron Campaign Going Down In Flames!”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Senior citizens should be outraged at this insulting display of “attention”. This is not the first time Mayor Moron has lied to Seniors:


    If re-elected (shudder) it won’t be the last time either. Road trips to the Big E, campaign speeches, and “discovering” funding for programs are all blatant election year pandering and an insult to the intelligence of our seniors. None of these things will do anything in a serious way to help make any Senior’s life better.

    Here are some things that will:

    Increasing Senior’s property values
    Reducing wasteful spending
    Opposing airport expansion
    Generating grants for improved health services
    Improved intra-town transportation
    Computer services/assistance for Seniors
    Better senior outreach (we are all going to be seniors someday)

  2. 2 allanwscott

    If Miron gets relected, he is in for some major resistance from the PD & FD. He has really ailenated himself from both of these departments, and it is a damn shame. It is hard enough for both of these fine departments to function and run efficiently without all of the disharmony that has been brought upon them. Is Miron totally to blame for this? He stood up to them after they pushed him, but he pushed too far with the arrests of 3 fine officers. It became and has become VERY PERSONAL on both sides. It is too bad that a sit down could not have taken place, and these issues resolved without all the controversy and embarrassment to Miron, the PD, FD, and the Town of Stratford. When will we learn?

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “He stood up to them after they pushed him,”

    “Pushed him”? You mean by watching him hire Justin Loschiavo, appoint Joe Loschiavo as Deputy Chief or maybe when they welcomed John Buturla with open arms?

    How exactly did the PD “push” Miron?

  4. 4 1george1

    No way I can attend these morning and afternoon events.
    I wonder if Dom & John know about them?

  5. 5 allanwscott

    Jezebel, Someone leaked the stuff about his brother.

  6. 6 allanwscott

    Jezebel, Don’t get me wrong. I do not support JM’s hiring practices. That will most likely be his demise. I think that Jim really has the best interests of Stratford in mind most of the time. But, he has made some VERY POOR choices. He fired good people and replaced them with cronies and supporters, and that in itself has left a bad taste in many people’s mouth’s, including mine. I think out of all the candidates, all who have their flaws, Harkins is the lesser of 4 evils. I think that Miron having to coin a phrase “Play Whack-a Mole” with the Town Council didn’t help Stratford one bit. Him and Hendrick should have put on the gloves, charged admission, and fought it out on the stage in Paradise Green. I would have paid $100.00 to see that!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “I think that Jim really has the best interests of Stratford in mind most of the time.”

    I have to disagree. Miron has Miron’s best interest in mind most of the time. If he can benefit by doing something for citizens he will. Otherwise it’s usually the furthest thing from his mind. Golf, Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods…they are usually what’s on his mind.

  8. 8 phineast

    AWS-charging $100 a head and let each member of council take their shot as well as all the people he has rear-ended in the last 4 years.. and putting it toward the pension debt might just bring it up to full funding. It is almost as good of an idea as George’s powerball ticket.
    When you make a list of good choices vs. VERY POOR CHOICES the good choice list in 4 years is less than 5 lines. The VERY POOR CHOICE list is soo long that Staples ran out of paper to put it on.
    The phrase “whack a mole” around town is being referred to as “whack-o’ hole” with a vulgar word in front of hole. Not only did it give me a great laugh but it is accurate about how people feel about this guy. Personally-I think we should call in “SuperNanny” or a dog trainer or someone to put a white coat that has back tying sleeves on this guy. Seriously.
    The fact that you believe that Jim has Stratford’s best interest at heart, makes me want to offer you a white coat too, you have to realize that he has no heart and his only interest is what is best for Jim and then his family and friends. When you are in a position such as his you have to have a full comprehension of people beyond your little inner circle. He doesn’t have that, he doesn’t have great success with relationships it appears professional or personal, he has no children and he uses the elderly. He is out of touch with the people of this community, not to mention with reality, if he believes the bs that comes out of his own mouth.
    There are people in the community that are afraid of what this pistol packing soon to be ex-mayor will do when he doesn’t get re-elected. They are genuinely afraid for the people on council and those that he has paranoidly perceived as going against the party. Citizens shouldn’t have to think about that kind of stuff, there is more than enough to be concerned about.

  9. 9 nomoreyears

    I honestly believe Miron became mayor to screw Stratford. I’ve known the soon to be former mayor a very long time. He’s honestly spoken of how he’s wanted revenge on this town for what its done to him and what it hasn’t done for him.

    No matter the benefit to the town, Miron won’t do a thing about it if it doesn’t benefit him.

    When he loses this November it will be surprising where he surfaces next. My only worry is if Costello splits the Republican and Independent voters and Miron slimes his way up the middle again.

    Miron could have been great. He could have made history. But, typical of Jim, he made a big f#$ing mess. He is his own worst enemy.

  10. 10 nomoreyears

    “When you are in a position such as his you have to have a full comprehension of people beyond your little inner circle. He doesn’t have that, he doesn’t have great success with relationships it appears professional or personal, he has no children and he uses the elderly. He is out of touch with the people of this community, not to mention with reality, if he believes the bs that comes out of his own mouth.”


    Sad, and so true. You have really puts things into perspective.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “people beyond your little inner circle”

    I think we can take it a step farther. Jimmy absolutely cannot stand criticism of himself at any level at any time. He began almost immediately building his fortress by hiring Heather Habelka (Siano) and Kent Miller. Then he brought on Ashley Haydu. Apparently their only task was to sit with Jimmy and watch reruns of his speeches and tell him how smart he was. That worked well for him, so he brought on more and more people like Haddad, Buturla, Buturla, Flores, Winterbottom, McCarthy, Loschiavo, Collier, Norko, McCauley.

    Pretty soon it was almost impossible for Jimmy to find anyone who wouldn’t tell him how smart he was, what a great mayor he was, how good looking he was and how anyone that criticized or argued with him was either crazy or out to “get” him.

    We now have a full blown paranoid schizophrenic in the mayor’s office. Lying is just a part of it.

    Clearly, Ted Bundy looked like a normal intelligent guy. He spoke well and sounded perfectly reasonable.

    But would you want him as mayor?

  12. 12 phineast

    Nope…….crazy is as crazy does-he’s crazy alright……at least from where I am looking he is. Anyone check the royal freezer recently for “exterminated” free thinking democrats? (just joking….not)

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Miron just can’t stand criticism of any sort. You will note not a single town employee is mentioned by name. Miron is obviously the only Town employee that does anything at all.

    Please feel free to dispel any of the drivel below. I am getting tired….

    Columnist’s characterization questioned
    Updated: 10/29/2009 05:48:13 PM EDT

    Characterization is questioned

    Recently Connecticut Post opinion columnist MariAn Gail Brown opined that I did not deserve a second term due to a “litany” of decisions that demonstrate bad policymaking. Ms. Brown also characterizes my personality and management style in a less than flattering way despite never having met me, having hardly covered Stratford as a reporter these last four years and without speaking to current members of my administration about me.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, especially an opinion columnist. However, fundamental fairness and credibility call for opinions to be fact based.

    I have continually advocated for what is in the best interest of all of our citizens.

    Since I took office in December 2005 I have made thousands of executive decisions that have been sound and beneficial to the town. Additionally, at my direction, my administration has revised or created over 50 administrative policies to ensure efficient management, sound use of town resources and compliance with all state and federal laws. Every executive decision and administrative policy has been made in an objective and fair manner and in consultation with the town’s department heads.

    As mayor I have prepared and implemented a five-year Capital Improvement Plan, created new Health Department initiatives, revitalized park development in town, promoted early childhood education and created, fought for and implemented enhanced tax relief programs for seniors and veterans. I understand that town government must serve its customers — the people of Stratford — and as such I have held weekly Open Door meetings with constituents so that there voices may be heard.

    I have created a culture of accountability in our management team, which is what the voters elected me to do. I make no apologies for being tough when needed. I am also fair. My management style is results driven and I hold my management team accountable, even department heads.

    For Ms. Brown to state that I have no mayoral record of accomplishment shows her ignorance regarding all that has been accomplished these past for years such as:

    l passing a law to protect the Town’s rainy Day Fund;

    l improving the town’s bond rating;

    l three consecutive budget surpluses;

    l gaining concessions with four of six labor unions to lower taxes during the worst ecominc times since the great depression;

    l cutting Police Department overtime 40 percent;

    l saving Long Beach West from development;

    l adopting a host of environmentally friendly policies; and

    l creating a local veterans property tax exemption and expanding Senior Tax Relief

    These are just a few of the accomplishments, and they are not my opinions but rather facts. Stratford is better today than it was four years ago. I am running for re-election to stay the course and continue the progress.

    Mayor James R. Miron


  14. 14 ronmoreau


    I thought George was bad with the I,I,I’s.

    Interesting to note in todays Stratford Star, page 3 is all Miron. Nothing about the people he brings with him,on the ballot,in this election. It’s quite obvious that he is not a team player but an egomaniac.

    However on page 5 is the HARKINS TEAM. John brings with him a dedicated team of Stratford Republicans willing to sacrifice their spare time to move Stratford forward during these difficult times.

    I am honored to be on John Harkins team and look forward to working with everyone,making Stratford an affordable and safe place to live.

    Vote for our Republican Team.

  15. 15 phineast

    I have some direct questions for Mr. Miron–
    1. How can you justify saying there have been 3 budget surpluses when you have NOT funded the pension debt??? That is part of the towns budgetary obligation that you are supposed to include in your budget submission to council. Seems you failed to do so. Couldn’t hire all your friends if you had to include that ehhhh?
    2. How can you justify demanding concessions from unions all the while you were giving out raises(or what ever it is you choose to call them) to your hand selected campaign contributing staff???
    3. Show me the proof that you have cut the overtime by 40%. All we have is your word, and to most of the town that has no value. Delito and Loschiavo are gone-they were the overtime in the department–though now the son is creating a whole different type of expense. You still have not taken responsibility for hiring a medically unfit officer-we have seen the proof that you knew and did it anyway. So putting every resident in town at risk every single time Justin Loschiavo took a set of pd car keys and his gun is ok with you????????????????????????????
    4. You didn’t save LBW from development…the laws did, you remeber the DEP right? All you did was cost the town in legal fees and make us wait 5 years before we know for sure that we still have the liability of that area. Cottages aren’t down yet…. and even if they are there is still a huge liability.
    5. Do you honestly think that you invented the idea of senior and veteran tax relief?????? Pleassssssssssssssse. If you had properly publicized and administrated the original program it would have been more widely used….will the extra 50 bucks a year help the seniors and vets?, yes but you still haven’t adequately explained which pot you are yanking that extra expense that will be incurred from. Or will you just allow that to run as a deficit program?
    Facts are funny things Jimmy-when you present a half truth or a lie in your eyes as long as you can get a sucker to buy it it becomes a fact. Facts are funny things they always come back to bite you in the a$$-but you just don’t get it.
    So why don’t you pony up the paper work that council has asked for, and while you are at it throw in the proof of overtime reduction in the pd and the fire dept. Then you can add to it a copy of every check that has ever been written to Heather and her company since you took office, for starters…justify all that cash while you were demanding give backs, and then we want to see copies of what your expenditures were on the town dime-including your cc and expense account…..once you have shared ALL that documentation in an immediate manner the people will then be able to definatively say you lie….
    Mar An Gail Brown nailed you-she got it exactly right-you completely lack impulse control and maturity and integrity which is the biggest reason you don’t deserve to be mayor–that is why Stratford is in FAR WORSE shape than it was 4 years ago. You just can’t stand the fact that she is 120% correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are all packed-the locksmith is ready for Tuesday night. Good grief, where ever will you shower????/

  16. 16 phineast

    Ron- You should be proud to be part of the Harkins team, Good luck on Tuesday.

  17. 17 phineast

    One last thing–Mr. Miron- No one has to meet you to know what a fool you are, all they need to do is read. Every single paper and news station is wrong, if they were you would have slapped them with a lawsuit. Try as you might, you can’t GAG the press like you did the town employees…amazing, an attorney that doesn’t understand the Constitution’s 1st ammendment….

  18. 18 1george1

    Thanks for the reminder.
    It could come in handy?

    Excellent points, including a couple that were under consideration
    for the last contrast snd contest.

    The various attorneys all understand the Constitution.
    They prefer juris imprudenc and intellectual Prostitution.

    These are not stupid people …. ignorance
    of the fruits of the poisoned treat of absolute power, causes arrogance.

  19. 19 ronmoreau

    Thanks Phin.

  20. 20 ronmoreau

    Sorry George.

  21. 21 jezebel282

    The lies are coming fast and furious now. Miron is pulling out all the stops and no longer cares whether or not it’s in print or out of his mouth. It looks to be a very busy three more days.

    Mayor: Republican council works against town

    Written by James R. Miron
    Friday, 30 October 2009 10:20

    Councilman Michael Julian and his fellow Republicans voted to intervene in a federal lawsuit involving the City of Bridgeport, the United States Army, Hollywood East and Atlantic Aviation, a hangar operator, for the express purpose of delaying the closing on the Army Engine plant. The Republican council’s action sought nothing less than to derail the single largest economic development project in our town’s history. No, Jimmy. That is not true. That effort was to prevent Bridgeport from taking more Stratford land, water and sewers for nothing.

    Fortunately, the United States District Court denied their request. A loss for Stratford citizens, Jimmy. A win for Bridgeport.

    The transfer of the Stratford Army Engine Plant to Hollywood East would immediately place those 78 waterfront acres and more than 1 million square feet of space on the Grand List, instantly becoming our second largest taxpayer. Jobs would be created and a new digital media industry would be headquartered in Stratford. ROTFLMAO! The Nateras have a good record of paying their taxes do they? Or is Rich Buturla drooling over the legal fees trying to get them to pay? And the little matter of 50 years of toxic waste build up?

    The Republican Town Council’s dangerous and unprecedented action was an unwarranted attack on the Stratford taxpayers. The town’s future should not be subject to mayoral election politics. Gag! As John Harkins said, “Are you kidding me??!!” Everything you’ve done for the past 6 months is about mayoral election politics! Did you forget about your press conference dishonoring the PD & FD as well?

    Unfortunately, we have seen this before. During the last four years, the Republicans have fought against senior citizen tax relief, veteran tax relief and even the Pirhala Fields Community Gardens. They have tried to give the Shakespeare Theatre away and more than 3 million taxpayer dollars to an out-of-state developer with no plan and a contract that violates state law. Now, in their most bizarre act of all, they have tried to kill the sale of the Army Engine Plant. Jimmy? Don’t you remember? The Council fixed the bracket problem so that more Seniors would be eligible. And Pirhala? You think they had a problem with a no-bid award to your former campaign manager?

    For Mr. Julian to try to tie their action in as fighting airport expansion or to claim that I support airport expansion is without merit. I am clearly on record as supporting a better airport but not a bigger airport. I have consistently been opposed to runway expansion. Jimmy, despite your campaign promises last time it is under your watch that Bridgeport will expand the runway into Stratford.

    The closing of the sale of the engine plant leaves intact the disputed 1.07 acres that will not be transferred at this time. The closing will allow Stratford to bring much needed economic development and still have its say, and fight if needed, in any plans the FAA or Bridgeport are attempted to be implemented without meaningful Stratford input. You have sold out every homeowner in the First and Second Districts, Jimmy.

    As Mayor of Stratford, I have worked hard for economic development, growing our grand list by $150 million, improving our bond rating, holding the line on taxes, providing three record surpluses and lowering taxes during the worst economic time since the Great Depression. Holding the line? Are you still at it? You RAISED taxes by 25.74% in three years. Lucky for you, revaluation did most of your work for you. Can’t wait to see how much it has come down since the last one.

    There will be time in the future to address all issues related to Main Street and the airport. However, that time is not the present. Correct! After Tuesday would be a great time. At least Harkins doesn’t lie.

    Now is the time to push the Army Engine Plant forward without undue delay. Push? And how will you do that? Give more Stratford land and resources away?

    Once again, the Stratford Republican Town Council has not acted in the best interest of the Town of Stratford. Now, now Jimmy. No need to be like that. Just because they won’t play with your ball.

  22. 22 ronmoreau


    The Mayor chose to deal with Bridgeport concerning the AVCO property.

    He chose to excuded our other Stratford elected representatives …..

    … The Planning Commission-Responsible to our citizens for all Municipal improvements including subdivisions.

    …The Water Pollution Control Authority-Responsible to our citizens for our sewer systems.

    ….The Stratford Town Council-Responsible to our citizens to protect our pocket books and quality of life.

    Not a Team Player with Stratford Elected officials but apparently a team player with Bridgeport officials.

  23. 23 jezebel282

    Thanks, Ron.

    It is incredibly tedious to deal with all these lies and half-truths.

    I appreciate the help.

  24. 24 ronmoreau


    If Mayor Miron wishes to deal with Bridgeport concerning regional issues he should run for a State position, Not for Mayor of Stratford.

    As OUR Mayor he should be looking out for OUR welfare and interests not the City of Bridgeports. That is what we elected him for.

    By ignoring the concerns of all OUR other elected officials sends up a ‘Red Flag’ my book.

    Does he truely represent OUR best interest or his own?

  25. 25 jezebel282

    I LOVE those anonymous ones:

    to jezebel.anonymous@gmail.com
    date Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 4:13 PM
    subject for your consideration

    Well life in the Mayor’s Office is never laid back
    Ain’t much an old Stratford boy like me can’t crack
    I ‘m never in early to the office cause I’m still in the sack
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    Well a simple kinda thinking shows I have no charm
    Stories bout me and family cause the town alarm
    My days are all filled causing lots of harm
    Thank God I’m a Stratord boy

    Well I got me a huge staff and they dance to my fiddle
    The ones that don’t obey I throw on the griddle
    My campaign THEORY ain’t nothin’ but a funy funny riddle
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    Well the town work’s never done and the sun’s settlin’ low
    I pull out my Laptop and a blogging I do go
    The DTC are asleep so I keep it kinda low
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    I’d blog and photo op all day if I could
    But the seniors and veterans wouldn’t take it very good
    So I call press conference when I could, never work when I should
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    Well I got me a huge staff and they dance to my fiddle
    The ones that don’t obey I throw on the griddle
    My campaign THEORY ain’t nothin’ but a funy funny riddle
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    Well I really need to keep this job
    I never had a real one
    Ambulance chasing really isn’t fun
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

    With the election comin’ up I got to appeal to the middle
    My campaign THEORY ain’t nothin’ but a funy funny riddle
    Thank God I’m a Stratford boy

  26. 26 1george1

    Well considering Mr. Fahan’s quote in the Advocate, when he
    moved from Stamford and wanted to come back as Stamford
    Mayor … (he coulda changed his mind)
    – Mr. Fahan was no Stratford boy.

    My mom, gram, sis, & I lived in the Wood End Homes (projects)
    for a few years before I was 9, when my mom died in 1961.
    I moved back to Stratford in 1978.
    – Because I did not go to most of my schooling in stratford,
    I am not considered a stratford boy…

    I like the song.

    Maybe we could use in as a theme song for the movie …
    Stratford for Dummies …

  27. 27 1george1

    Never apologize for telling the truth …
    Unless you accidently hurt the feelings of an innocent or a child.

    Good points on the Mayor – AVOC – Airport

    I spent most of the 6 debates, trying to understand where Jimmy
    was coming from and telling lies and exaggerations, when he did
    actually do some good.
    Most of my air time was countering Jimmy’s illusions and delusions
    in trying to cause voter confusion.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    Remember this campaign? I’m sure you do.

    Well, other people do too. Particularly the printer that Miron never paid. Well not to fear. Rich Buturla to the rescue (again).

    After beating out Alvin Oneal and Robyn Greenspan for the chairmanship of the Democratic Town Committee, Rich Buturla’s very first order of business was to get the DTC to agree to pay off Miron’s campaign debt “to get the CT Post to stop writing about it.”

    I wonder if the DTC got to vote on incurring the debt?

    Never mind. It looks like someone wants to resurrect Miron. We were hoping that the sunshine would shrivel him up.

  29. 29 mikereynolds

    Just a matter of time before he announces he is running.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “Just a matter of time before he announces he is running.”

    I am sure the Republican Town Committee will be just thrilled to hear that. It’s not like they could run on their own record.

  31. 31 1cyclops

    Oh my God! This is difficult to believe. Is the DTC that dumb? Oh my God!

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “Is the DTC that dumb? Oh my God!”

    You seem surprised.

  33. 33 1george1

    Hypothetically, if Burturla and Berchem Firm were working
    with Willinger’s firm and the RTC, what would be the best
    ways to manipulate upcoming Stratford elections?

    Both parties have many, many, many very capable people
    who are intelligent, accomplished, and with great community
    histories, which they hold in reserve …..

    Many of the past included schmucks who could win due to lack
    of competition and would be willing to degenerate Stratford,
    to create the scenarios which the politicians desire.

    I feel they overplayed their hands.
    However, the voting and local History indicates things have been
    going their way …. Those who cause the problems, get to solve
    the problems and credit credit and success and money, instead
    of jail time.

    See today’s Stratford Star Letter to the Editor.

  34. 34 1cyclops

    Yes, Jezebel I am surprised. Paying off his past due campaign printing expense and nominating him to be their candidate is just plain dumb. What the heck was wrong with Robyn for town chair? Alvin, i can understand, and Buturla has way too much on his plate to do that position justice. Yes, I am very surprised and you are correct the Republicans will not have to spend a nickle on their campaign. What a shame.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “What the heck was wrong with Robyn for town chair?”
    From what I could tell…nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe that’s the answer.

    “Buturla has way too much on his plate to do that position justice.”
    Not to mention what’s in his closet.

    “nominating him to be their candidate is just plain dumb.”
    Kinda like hoping everyone forgets the disaster Miron was? If Miron is able to get in do you care to guess who would be Town Attorney with the included $2.3 million budget?

  36. 36 1george1

    Burturla and fiends can make far more money from their cuts from
    economic development of their client Towns / BoE / Housing /
    Parking … see website ..

  37. 37 jezebel282


    “Burturla and fiends can make far more money”

    As we are all accustomed to by now, some things that happen in Stratford are simply stupefying. We are confronted by this reality at almost every turn. Honest to goodness, with the exception of perhaps Heather Habelka, no one is more closely tied to Miron(s) than Rich Buturla. For the Democratic Town Committee to elect him as chairman is, to put it as mildly as I possibly can, a political blunder. It’s as if the DTC members want to keep losing election after election after election. Can you imagine the laughing and backslapping that went on when the Republican Town Committee members heard of this?
    I’ll bet Lou DeCilio (RTC Chairman) is STILL laughing about it.

    But the worst news, as usual, is saved for us. We are supposed to have at a minimum a two party system. That’s what sort of represents debate and choice. But as I have said here so many times, we do not have that. We have two gangs that that continually fight over a $190 million pie. One of them (the DTC) insists on being handcuffed and hobbled before they engage the other gang. And they still can’t figure out why they lose.

    So….why is this important to anyone? I mean, really. Who cares? It is a fact that our taxes, schools, public works and emergency services are controlled by a mayor and a council. The ONLY way they get to do that is by election. The only way to get on the ballot (in this Town) is to be nominated by the RTC or DTC. That’s where the candidates come from. If you control the RTC or DTC, you control the process. That is why it is important.

    So….here’s some Kool-Aid. Drink up, Democrats! Rich Buturla is your Chairman.

  38. 38 1george1

    I wonder how many DTC owe their JOBS
    or family members JOBS to a couple of DICKS,
    so close, they seemed joined at the HIP?

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