Sock Puppets for Miron


Miron Supporter

Almost every day now there are two, three or sometimes more Letters to the Editor of the CT Post endorsing one candidate or another. If you look carefully, however, almost every “concerned” author that supports James R. Miron is a member of the Democratic Town Committee masquerading as a citizen.

From Janice Anderson to Robert Wanamaker almost every member must have a turn at the keyboard. Somehow, not a single one thinks three years of tax increases, arresting innocent officers, firing qualified personnel, squandering tax money, hiring cronies and relatives or just plain old not showing up for work is an issue.

Some of our repeat offenders:

Jason Santi (the most persistent Miron sock puppet)
Denise Nelson
John Sibley Law
Bonnie Reynolds
Tara Wexler

We assume there will more as Miron approves each letter.


9 Responses to “Sock Puppets for Miron”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Dontcha just love it?

    This one almost got by me. It’s a letter from the Puppet Master to the CT Post.

    Let’s start with my personal favorite:

    “The proper cleanup of Raymark waste has been a priority for my administration from day one. One of my first briefings as mayor was from the health director on Raymark.”

    Which is why one of Miron’s first actions as mayor was to fire Elaine O’Keefe, our award winning Health Director. If you had to select the one person that dealt most effectively with the EPA and DEP on Raymark waste, it would be Elaine O’Keefe. If you don’t remember Ms. O’Keefe go to Walmart/Shaw’s/Home Depot. None of them would be there but for the work and dedication of Ms. O’Keefe. (By the way, Yale University snapped her up after Miron fired her).

    But wait! There’s more!

    “Frankly, since Mr. Smith and his organization are vocal supporters of another candidate for mayor, their motivation and bias destroys their credibility.”

    Destroys their credibility? And how many hundreds of hours has Tom Smith dedicated to the citizens of Stratford? How many politicians and bureaucrats has he had to deal with? And his decision to support the one politician that has done the most destroys his credibility?

    “The town administration has hosted and attended scores of meetings at every level to ensure the town has an active and meaningful role in how the cleanup and disposal of Raymark waste takes place.”

    Isn’t that like your job? Aren’t you paid to do that? Unlike Tom Smith who does it for free? Can you tell us, Jimmy, what it is you have actually done? Or did your administration just sit and watch?

    “It is unfortunate that Tom Smith and SaveStratford have chosen to mislead people about where I stand on Raymark waste and related issues because they support one of my opponents.”

    It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? They are always out to get you, aren’t they? If any misleads people about your record, it is not Tom Smith.

  2. 2 1george1

    Tom Smith’s wife is the NE Sales Rep for Wiley Press.

    The publish things like “Window’s for Dummies.”
    I asked about a book … “Stratford for Dummies.”
    They are not sure of the sales potential.

    Save Stratford picked up where RAC left off.
    There were other groups before.
    There will be other groups in the future.

    Harkins has Save Stratford endorsement over Raymark.
    Harkins positions on Exit 33 and Shakespeare are not winning votes
    in the South End

    Harkins was better on tape at OSNA + PYE.
    He did mention PENSION is 40 $ fully funded to Bridgeport’s 80 %
    He did mention the (D) control the legislature.

    But Miron put on the best performances.
    I though News 12 was Miron’s worst.

    Dom and I are not as polished speakers as Jim or John
    Dom came across as sincere and caring
    Too many “I” & “I believe”

    Can not get Stratford HS Debate to start on Soundview.
    Other 3 on soundview & # 12 had no material edits.

    Drat, FCC complaint catching edit of political debate to public
    access was key on my SECRET PLAN.

    However, I prompted Harkins, Dom, & Press to watch / listen for
    the juicy potential.
    Another part of the secret paln was to get he Press to watch and
    ask the public to watch.
    While Jimmy won the debate, people don’t like him or Dick and do
    not like all of the bad press and will see and hear him state things
    different than what Kovach, Weizel and letter writer had published.

    Many know workers in town & boe, who know inside stuff.
    I am surprized and pleased with the props from police, fire, ed, pw, town
    hall, etc, I got for truth telling and accuracy. They may be blowing smoke.

    Please make sure Tom Murray gets a copy of my post tuesday about
    what he got Rich Burturla to say about Fiduciary Responsiblity and
    who decides Pensions.

  3. 3 1george1

    Weizel misquoted me about Fire Union endorsement.

    I stated endorsements can be an asset or a liability.

    Tom Smith + save stratford endorsement is an asset.
    Tom Smith absolutely destroyed Miron, helping Harkins.
    Miron was stupid to attack Tom Smith

    Harkins uses Police & Fire endorsements as an asset for him and liability
    to mostly Miron
    Miron uses Police & Fire NON endorsements as an asset for him and
    liability to Harkins, claiming to be for the 50,000 people against 220

    GO to the video tape and listen to Jimmy’s words.

    Contrast my positions concentrating on the politically connected
    and that I want them to have GOOD PAY – GOOD BENEFIT – GOOD
    PENSION and that there are politically connected who abuse.

  4. 4 1george1


    Did you choose the sock puppet as a “P” symbol?

    It seems lawyers and politicians like to cover themselves
    when the BLANK the tax payers, don’t they?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “Did you choose the sock puppet as a “P” symbol?”

    Not really. I didn’t think of sock puppet as a prophylactic device.

    On the net and in blogs it means someone who is mouthing…oh never mind. Why give Sudds an easy one?

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Tsk, tsk, Professor Simon. You should know better.

    You read it in the Star:

    Professor analyzes mayoral race

    Written by James Simon
    Thursday, 29 October 2009 13:05

    Stratford Mayor James Miron is his own worst enemy, committing a series of highly publicized gaffes that have detracted from his very good fiscal record as Stratford mayor. He deserves a second term and will get it, not due to his considerable accomplishments but because of the three challengers who will split the anti-Miron vote next Tuesday and let him squeak back in for a second term. In your humble opinion.

    Based on his fiscal record alone, Miron derives a second term. In these tough financial times, he has improved the town’s bond rating and saved on interest paid when the town borrows. He raised taxes 25.74% in three years! If you got a 25.74 raise I’ll bet your credit rating would go up too. It may have been an election year stunt to ask for a zero percent increase in the town budget this year, but most voters are all too happy to see the mill rate actually go down and property taxes dip a bit. He may have failed to get the two biggest public employee unions to forego a pay raise this year, but he did succeed in getting the four other unions to do so. Really? And you teach Journalism? Are you aware that no union (not a single one) took a zero. They simply deferred scheduled raises until next year when they will get them retroactively. That is not “tough” negotiating. That’s a problem.

    Beyond that, when Stratford residents look back at their first mayor, I believe they will see his biggest accomplishment was the protection of Long Beach West and the deal to sell the fragile area to the federal government. It took a lot of political skill to push this through, and Miron deserves the thanks of both this generation and generations come. Honest to goodness! Is your primary source Miron brochures? Long Beach West was not sold. We won’t know if it will be sold for another 5 years. Miron merely gave the Trust for Public Land an exclusive option to buy.

    Three factors have prevented Miron from getting the praise he deserves. You mean aside from egomania, pathological lying and paranoia?

    One is the automatic, knee-jerk partisan bickering that comes from the Town Council, which is controlled by the opposition Republicans. I believe that Stratford residents approved the proposal for a mayor as a way of curbing the Keystone Kops-like antics of the council members. But the councilors aren’t happy about sharing power, especially with a Democrat in the mayor’s office, and they missed no opportunity to bicker about matters as trivial as renovations to Town Hall to create an office for the first mayor. Miron brochures were your primary materials weren’t they? Trivial? $500,000 is trivial? Do you have any idea how many teachers, police, firemen, librarians could be hired for $500,000? Perhaps new boilers for a school or a firetruck? Trivial? Oh, by the way, the “opposition Republicans” approved Miron’s request for the renovations unanimously. Do some research.

    The second factor hurting Miron is his proclivity for shooting himself in the foot, committing gaffe after gaffe. His decision to apparently pack a gun while attending Town Council meetings made even his most ardent supporters doubt his judgment. He never steps away from a fight, seems to bully his way through arguments instead of winning through logic, and seems to change the leadership at town agencies due to whim rather than due to poor employee performance. You got that right. Congratulations!

    Miron’s other problem stems from one-dimensional coverage of Stratford in The Connecticut Post. It seems every story in the Post about Stratford is framed in terms of conflict, even when none exists. Voters haven’t been able to get an accurate picture of what Miron was like when he was forced to perform as Stratford’s first mayor without a playbook, often making it up as he went along. Have you even been to Stratford? The Post only prints half of the stuff Miron does. How many times has Miron called the Post trying to get reporters fired. The Post prints every piece of drivel Miron sends them.

    Miron’s major challenger, Republican State Rep. John Harkins, has not offered much of a platform to Stratford voters, except to say that he is not Miron. He did not have a lot of name recognition in town before this election, and his campaign seems much more geared to the attack mode than in laying out an alternative vision for the town. Really? How much is the DTC paying you, anyway? Harkins has been responding to attacks by Miron. Did you miss Miron’s press conference accusing the PD and FD of making a deal with Harkins?

    Every night, Miron should say a prayer that two independent challengers on the ballot, Dom Costello and George Mulligan, remain in good health and continue their vigorous campaigns for the mayor’s office. Costello, the unsuccessful Republican candidate four years ago, and Mulligan, a political gadfly, have small followings, but neither seems to be in a position to mount a serious challenge. You got another one right.

    Without them in the race, the election would be referendum on the job Miron has done, and the bad press he has received would probably doom his candidacy. With them splitting the anti-Miron vote, the town’s pistol-packing first mayor should enjoy four more years in office. And the citizens will suffer.

    I’m sorry, Dr Simon, but you have absolutely no idea what the citizens of Stratford have had to put up with for four long years or any clue about how voters actually feel.

    C- (only two points correct)

    Please see me in my office for make up credits. Your mid term grade is in serious question.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    According to the bottom of this article in The Star, Professor Simon is a Stratford resident from Putney section. So it would seem that either the Professor did indeed base his research on Miron’s mail pieces, and/or he is a Democrat, and/or he was paid for this little piece of misinformation.

  8. 8 phineast

    Here is my question(s) to Dr. Simon-Which miron or mooney are you related to? and……do you really live in Stratford??? or are you just visiting like Miron.

  9. 9 1george1

    I did not know I had ANY following.

    I may get 4 votes instead of 2?

    I would be the best choice for Mayor.

    Class action civil R. I. C. O. suit vs. certain Law firms in Milford.
    Bridgeport, Hartford, and even locally ….
    We could
    1 – pay off the $ 204 Million Town Debt
    2 – give some to Defined Benefit Plan – to partially offset concessions
    and give them total control & defined contribution for the future
    with ALL PENSIONS linked to INDEXING percentages of negotiate wages.
    3 – help Low / fixed Income, Vets, Seniors, Families & Business
    4 – get grants for electrical cost avoidance for oronoque, stony brook,
    various condos / apartments / public housing / business condos / etc
    analygous to what Branyan did for Board of Ed.
    5 – Raise the Malpractice Rates of certain….
    6 – create a start f balance of power for WE THE PEOPLE and put the
    lawyers back where the belong …

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