A Town Employee Speaks out



This letter was received anonymously. (Ok, fine. Not that anonymously. I know who wrote it). I have been asked to withhold the writer’s name because Miron will be in office until Dec 13th and the writer does not wish to lose his job, like so many others, for expressing his opinion. Although this writer has already retained legal counsel, I will respect the writer’s wishes. The First Amendment need not be tested by losing a job in the middle of a recession. We’ve had enough of that already.

Dear Jezebel,

Forgive me for withholding my name from this letter, but I have seen Mayor James R. Miron and his Administration attack Town of Stratford Employees who dare to speak out publicly against this Administration and simply tell the truth. Since the Firefighters endorsed John Harkins for Mayor due to his issues on Public Safety the Mayor has publicly accused the firefighters of instead, endorsing Mr. Harkins for making phantom promises to us on labor issues. This is simply not the case. I can not and would not speak for the fire union, but my experience has been that the rare endorsement of the Stratford Firefighters Union is something that is not and has never been for sale. That being said, I would like to enlighten you with some history the firefighters have had with the Miron Administration. I invite you or your readers to seek out any “rank and file” member of the Stratford Fire Department that you wish, to verify that the following information is true. In the words of mayoral candidate George Mulligan, “please, don’t believe me, check it out for yourself”.

We Firefighters have witnessed Mayor Miron be the first one to block the S.F.D. from receiving A SORELY NEEDED NEW FIRE ENGINE by using the first bidding process for that Engine as a political tool and maneuver to try to wrongfully fire our former Fire Chief John J. Cybart. During this maneuver he also wrongly- publicly embarrassed and held into question the character and ability of three other of the Town’s most dedicated Fire Officers (Asst. Chief Ross, LT Holdsworth and LT Spiegal) to assist in this political sham. We have witnessed over 50 of our dedicated fellow Town employees- conveniently laid-off, retire through coercion or outright fired, all for the apparent political agenda of the Miron Administration during his past four years.

We have witnessed Mayor Miron on two separate occasions unsuccessfully try to coerce some of the Assistant Fire Chiefs into convincing their fellow firefighters do things that would not be in those firefighters personal self interest. In return for this they were told they’d receive the three years of back pay and raises these members are already entitled to (the Assistant Chief’s declined the Mayors less than kind offer and took the issue up with the labor board). Ironically, at the same time we have witnessed members of the Mayor Miron’s “pay to play” Cabinet members who are also the highest donors to his campaign receive questionably high raises in the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

We have witnessed Mayor Miron lay-off two (2) key positions in our Fire Department, our Training/Safety Officer and a Deputy Fire Marshal. In doing so there is no longer a Training Division in the Stratford Fire Department. This lay-off also caused a 33% cut in staffing and services provided by our Fire Prevention Bureau which performs fire safety inspections, building plan reviews and fire cause and origin investigations. This is the value Mayor Miron places on public safety in a year that Stratford unfortunately leads the State of Connecticut in fire deaths; with a total of six. Common sense would dictate the opposite approach, but the firefighters stood up against the Mayor “so they had to be punished”, the real people punished here are the citizens of Stratford.

Under the Miron Administration we have witnessed our aging fleet of Fire Trucks fall into disrepair without adequate replacement or even a replacement program in place. We have witnessed our Firefighters having to respond to emergency calls with damaged and outdated firefighting suits, which are ripped and have burn holes, they should have been discarded. We have witnessed our Firefighters not issued adequate eye protection. We have witnessed our Firefighters use outdated radios that do not provide reliable communications in emergency situations.

We have witnessed the new Fire Headquarters building become a nest for wild birds that have defecated not only on our aging fire trucks, but on our own personal protective equipment and little to nothing has been done about it. We have witnessed Mayor Miron call our Fire Chiefs and Deputy Fire Chiefs away from their duties here at the Fire Department time after time to attend politically slanted meetings and events, instead of taking care of things that deserve their attention here in our Department. (as just one recent example; I’m sure the ribbon cutting ceremony at the sewage treatment plant, which has been treating town sewage for decades, would have managed just fine without both of our Chief Officers in attendance). We have witnessed Mayor Miron politicize a fatal structure fire, then drop ice water off, not to the brave firefighters who fought the blaze, but only to spectators in the area that had water in their nearby homes.

While our Fire Department has periodically had “loaner fire trucks” from Shelton and Milford due to our own unreliable fleet; as well as all the equipment problems we have just touched on above; we have witnessed Mayor Miron spend countless thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to seemingly buff his own political appearance during an election year, on signs with his name on them, custom hard hats with Town logos on them given away at “ground breaking ceremonies”, thousands of dollars worth of seasonal flowers for around town, flag holders and flags for light poles, new park benches, new trees in the Green and most recently a fountain of all things in Longbrook pond. Not to mention all of the overtime pay required to have workers finish this work after hours seemingly because it’s an election year. The list could go on and on, but I believe the point has been made.

To quote a recent “live letter” authored by someone much braver than I- “we tried to quietly and professionally handle these problems (with the Miron Administration) and have been met with hollow promise after hollow promise”. I believe our collective conscience is now clear for this information to go the public.

For myself and many others here on the Fire Department the last straw came when Mayor Miron question our honor and outright lied to the public when he stated that we endorsed John Harkins for Mayor “because Jim Miron will be tough on contract and labor issues”. Jim Miron’s statements on our Mayoral endorsement are flat out untrue, he knows why we made this rare endorsement and now you know why too. Mr. Miron, after four years of empty promises and taking credit for things that he has never done has brought this letter upon himself.

I believe the Stratford Firefighters endorsement speaks for itself:


When Mayor Miron questions this endorsement after all his failures in supporting Public Safety he has to be kidding. All of the political fliers he mails out and press conferences he holds with his recent appointees will not change the facts.


Please “cut and paste these words” and email them out to everyone you know. It is the only way the word will get out on this abuse of power. The truth needs to be heard before election day!!!

Sincerely yours,

A dedicated but anonymous public servant

As you read this, Miron is conducting “Fire Prevention” presentations with the Fire Marshall at several senior residence locations today. Of course.


24 Responses to “A Town Employee Speaks out”

  1. 1 sudds

    “Under the Miron Administration we have witnessed our aging fleet of Fire Trucks fall into disrepair without adequate replacement or even a replacement program in place.”

    Let this be a lesson to all… daily trips to Vazzy’s (do you guys EVER eat anything else for dinner?) WILL eventually lead to a truck falling into disrepair!!!

  2. 2 1george1

    I am against volunteer Fire Dept. which I believe is the end game for
    some people.

    I am for all legitimate equipment for safety of our professionals,
    volunteers, and subcontracts, because it protects their lives &
    health, while protecting OUR lives and health.

    As a former 16 1/2 year USPS employee with first 14 years no issues,
    I worked with 13 people in 1984, with several veterans of WW II,
    Korea, Vietnam, and non-combat. These men & women found FEAR
    going to work, not dissimilar to that express by Stratford workers.

    I know government employees are at the higher levels of patriotism
    and civic service, from first hand experience.

    That knowledge made my “life experience” of government servants
    at odds with political appointees, causing me to be in denial for years
    and causing me to recognize similar people COULD NOT BELIEVE ME.
    – UNFORTUNATELY for them, but fortunate for me, MIRONUTS have
    caused them similar LIFE experiences, where we have a shared history.

    I have been well treated by most of the Town Workers & Board of Ed.
    I have tried to honestly convey both sides of positions, where the
    scale has been badly tilted, and tried to DECONSTRUCT and EXPOSE
    unique political science fiction, and secret agendas.

    Police, Fire, & others can endorse who they please and for own reasons.

    Public Safety is lower on my priority change of issues, while recognizing
    it is a LIFE and DEATH issue and causal to my getting involved in politics.

    There is ZERO EXCUSE for NEEDED SAFETY EQUIPMENT to be delayed or
    denied! period!

    There are other issues, where financial considerations are legitimate debate!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “Let this be a lesson to all… daily trips to Vazzy’s (do you guys EVER eat anything else for dinner?) WILL eventually lead to a truck falling into disrepair!!!”

    Geeze! How DOES she put up with you?

    Would you like it better if they drove over to Milford or Bridgeport for dinner?

    I hope Mrs. Sudds has hidden all of your matches and candles. Wouldn’t want any fires in your house…..from now on.

  4. 4 1george1

    If I were elected Mayor, I would want to talk to you about a
    Public Relations gig.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Work for the government? Me?

  6. 6 jezebel282

    But wait!

    There’s more!



    The Stratford Police Union endorsed John Harkins. Did we ask for anything? YES we did. We asked for the restoration of ethical government and restoration in the pride of our Town. Surely anyone who lives in town can see that the Miron administration has ended in a train wreck and as a result of his actions our Town is considerably worse off today than it was prior to Miron taking office. Miron is complaining that the only reason that the Police Union endorsed Mr. Harkins is because there is some sort of back room deal in place. Nothing can be further from the truth and this sort of remark by Miron is of no surprise because that is exactly how he does business. Our endorsement of Harkins has nothing to do with back room deals or money and has everything to do with Harkins being the right candidate to clean up the mess created by Jim Miron. The Union only asks one thing from John Harkins and that is be a wise and moral leader.

    One of the primary reasons that the Union refuses to back Jim Miron is that Miron has hired and empowered administrators who refuse to follow town policies and union collective bargaining agreements. The failures to follow these policies and contracts allowed some individuals, including some union members, to exploit the town and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime. Even when the Union in attempt to regulate one of its own filed grievances, the Mayor simply refused to address the concerns. This is just one example where the union attempted to make sure the correct action occurred only to be stifled by Miron and his cronies.

    Public safety does not mean new cars. It is being responsive to your citizens and placing our lives ahead of yours. The simple question all residents should ask themselves, Are they safer now than they were four years ago? The answer is a resounding “NO”!

    Executive Board

    Stratford Police Union

    Local 407.

  7. 7 sudds

    “Would you like it better if they drove over to Milford or Bridgeport for dinner? ”

    I’ve just often wondered why they take a XX ton firetruck to Vazzy’s versus one of Miron’s smart cars? The drive from Vazzy’s to the firestation with siren’s wailing is like what? 20 seconds??? Will that REALLY make a difference if there is a fire???

  8. 8 jezebel282

    And now a word from the Miron campaign:

    Miron accuses Harkins of cutting deal with unions

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 28 October 2009 14:45

    Mayor James R. Miron Wednesday accused state Rep. John Harkins of having deals in place with the police and fire unions, both of which endorsed the Republican mayoral candidate.

    Miron made the allegations during a press conference in his Town Hall office where he defended his administration’s record in terms of funding public safety training and equipment.

    Negotiations with all six municipal labor unions will begin shortly after the election, Miron said, with police and firefighters setting the tone for the talks with the rest of the bargaining units.

    Harkins and both the firefighters and police union presidents denied Miron’s charges of deal making.

    “That’s not true,” Harkins said. “It’s utter nonsense.”

    “That’s absolutely not true,” Bill Hansen, president of International Association of Firefighters Local 998 said. “There are absolutely no deals between the fire union and John Harkins.”

    “I wish I knew what the hell it was,” Police Union President Joseph McNeil said of the alleged deal.

    Also in attendance at Wednesday’s press conference were Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne Ryan McCauley (Miron Campaign Donor), Human Resources Director Edmund E. Winterbottom (Miron Campaign Donor), Fire Chief James Cavanaugh (Miron Campaign Donor), Police Chief John Buturla and Deputy Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour. Miron said Deputy Fire Chief Curtis Maffet was unable to attend. Miron never goes anywhere without backup.

    Miron classified the unions’ endorsement of Harkins as a reaction to his efforts to reduce overtime and pensions. OMG! Really? How much have we paid Justin Loschiavo since June! How many hundreds of OT hours has Pinto logged? All for 1 search warrant in 19 months.

    Asked if he had evidence of to back up his allegations, Miron said, “I’m a Stratford boy. I grew up here,” and that he knew people who had heard that Harkins would return the departments to the way they were. He “knew people that heard”? And he calls blogs “inaccurate”?

    Miron credited his appointed chiefs and their deputies with bringing order to their staffs and protecting the taxpayers by taking steps to control abuses of overtime and sick leave. One more time Jim, can you say “Loschiavo”? 127 days….

    Miron said a deal was his “theory,” and that the AFL-CIO’s poor ranking of Harkins on labor issues pointed to it. You call a press conference to bash Police Officers and Firefighters because of your “theory”? Are you nuts?

    “The mayor is embarrassed because the police and fire unions are not supporting him,” Harkins said. “It’s his lack of leadership not only in hiring practices but in providing equipment.” You’re wrong, John. You can’t embarrass Miron. He has no conscience.

    McNeil said Harkins spoke at a police union meeting and had an “excellent command” of the issues.

    McNeil was mentioned by Miron when a question was raised about hiring Justin LoSchiavo, whose father was a deputy police chief and mother worked in human resources. LoSchiavo had a seizure and crashed a patrol car on June 6. He had a history of seizures, it since has been learned, when he was hired.

    Miron said decisions were made without hindsight, and asked whether officers such as “Joe McNeil or Orlando Soto” would have been hired had it been known that they would be accused of “multiple felonies.” Or perhaps Richard Miron who continued to collect his Town paycheck for 7 months after his arrest on dozens of counts of First Degree Larceny?

    McNeil and Soto are among those facing charges in the leak of personal information about Christian Miron, the mayor’s brother, who applied for a job as a police officer. And we are still waiting for the State’s Attorney to drop these charges due to the lack of any credible evidence.

    The police object to efforts to change a process that includes overtime in pension calculations and has led to six-figure pensions, Miron said. Jimmy, read their website. They have filed multiple grievances opposing the OT and pensions you’ve given out.

    McNeil said Miron “has hired and empowered administrators who refuse to follow town policies and union collective bargaining agreements. The failures to follow these policies and contracts allowed some individuals, including some union members, to exploit the town and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime.

    “Even when the union, in an attempt to regulate one of its own, filed grievances, the mayor simply refused to address the concerns. This is just one example where the union attempted to make sure the correct action occurred only to be stifled by Miron and his cronies,” McNeil said.

    “The overtime occurred under this administration,” Harkins said. “The mayor allowed that $134,000 pension to be paid.” Not to mention the $100K to Joe Loschiavo.

    Harkins said Miron created the overtime problem and has no plan to deal with it.

    During an Oct. 21 forum at Stratford High School, unaffiliated mayoral candidate George Mulligan said the pension calculation now used was approved by the Town Council Harkins served on in 1995.

    Harkins said that his plan, if elected mayor, would be to retain financial advisors, who would then advise the council.

    Much of Miron’s press conference was an effort to show that the administration has spent lots of money on equipment and training. Not to mention the accidents Justin has been in.

    Police have received 20 patrol cars since 2007, with five to be purchased this coming year. They also have gotten 10 in-car computers; lights and sirens for the new cars; new radios for the cars; continuous upgrades of radios; in-car camera systems; Tasers, with a commitment to purchase Tasers for all uniformed officers;

    Also, a study of firearms; new computer servers; an armored vehicle; upgraded special response team gear; radio earpieces; simulated training weapons and ammunition; rifles being purchased for patrol cars; a 31-foot boat purchased with a grant; night vision equipment; side-scan sonar for the boat; and new forensic equipment.

    Miron said repairs were made to police headquarters, and that other renovations were denied by the Town Council. OSHA said the place was a hazard to work in, Jimmy. OSHA still isn’t happy.

    The police officer roster is 112, “at its highest level since 1997,” Miron said.

    The Fire Department received a used truck and equipment in October 2008 and partial funding for a $450,000 rescue pumper in fiscal 2009. The department continues to seek money for apparatus, 33 new helmets, 100 eye shields, new radios and microphones, 12 sets of turnout gear, 62 air tanks, 100 noise reduction earplugs, 100 pairs of safety glasses, and 15 pairs of boots.

    There currently are 98 firefighters, with two open positions. Building improvements were made to all four firehouses, Miron said.

    Attempts to reach the Stratford Police Union by e-mail were unsuccessful. Mr. Kovach, if you really need to talk to a union member the phone number is (203) 385-4100. If that’s busy, try 911.

    In a handout, Miron wrote that lack of wage concessions by Local 998 for fiscal year 2010 led to the demotion of two union members. The training captain will be reduced in rank to lieutenant, and one lieutenant will bump into a vacant firefighter position.

    The third fire marshal position will remain unfilled, Miron said, per an agreement with the union not to file a grievance.

    Those reductions are in lieu of callback reductions.

    Leaving two firefighters positions open, Miron said, saves money for fiscal 2010.

    Miron called it “irresponsible” and “scare tactics” for firefighters and Harkins to cite the six fire fatalities this year. He said houses were fully involved when units arrived.

    Harkins continued to hammer that number Wednesday, saying there’s no plan for the north end of town, where two people recently died in a fire, and that there’s not enough equipment on trucks.

    In Miron’s own little mind both unions must have made a deal. Miron simply cannot understand why anyone would just do the right thing. In his world there is always a deal.

  9. 9 phineast


    Thank God someone had the courage to come forward. Both pieces are well written and exceptionally clear-it is impossible for miron to be professional, because of his paranoid thinking everything is made personal, especially his acts of retribution and the methods in which he exacts it.

    Stratford residents hopefully have woken up from their apethetic slumber and kick Jim good and hard where it hurts him the most-his wallet. Personally I look forward to seeing how he pays off his campaign deficit. Seems to me this would fit his criteria for “shovel ready”.

  10. 10 sudds

    Can we please… please… please just let Harkins take over starting tomorrow???

    Is anyone else greatly worried about what sort of sh*t-storm Mayor Moron and his minions are going to whip up while he’s a lame duck???

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “Personally I look forward to seeing how he pays off his campaign deficit.”

    A much better question would be why Richard Miron has had 13 docket appearances and has yet to face a jury.

    I hope none of his victims (nor the prosecutor) believe any stories about how he would try to make restitution.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “Is anyone else greatly worried about what sort of sh*t-storm Mayor Moron and his minions are going to whip up while he’s a lame duck???”

    Absolutely. and a good point, Sudds (much better than Vazzy’s).

    I had already expressed my concern to several Councilmen. The most active piece of equipment in the mayor’s office will be the shredder.

    I wouldn’t be surprised by any November/December terminations either.

    By law we are stuck with him until Dec 13th.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Then there is this word from another Miron Campaign Donor.

    This is what happens when people who are trusted by the public donates to political campaigns.

    Chief rebuts Fire Department allegations
    Updated: 10/28/2009 04:14:38 PM EDT

    In response to the letter written by Stratford Assistant Fire Chief Tom Murray, I would like to set the record straight with the truth.

    Mayor James Miron and his administration understand and appreciate the importance of securing and maintaining quality fire equipment for the protection of our community and our firefighters.

    As fire chief for the Stratford Fire Department, I want to assure town residents that they are safe and protected. We have the finest and best-trained firefighters in the state operating with a system that puts them at the scene of an incident within minutes of every call. Our current apparatus is older, I would agree, but it is functional, safe and effective.

    New fire equipment has been funded at the request of Mayor Miron. Protective eye gear, replacement turn out gear and 36 new portable radios have been ordered for the department. A replacement pumper was purchased and equipped for $197,000 in 2008 as well as funding secured for a rescue pumper. Unfortunately, after repeated requests by the mayor, the Town Council did not provide adequate funding to purchase the badly needed pumper.

    The responsibility for department morale and performance lies with the former leadership of the Fire Department, not with Mayor Miron. They had a responsibility to advocate for the fire service, to set priorities and see that they were funded. However, lack of funding in the past for equipment such as turn out gear and protective eye gear was not an administrative failure but one of Town Council neglect.

    Mayor Miron has restored pride to the fire service by choosing to serve the people of Stratford and the needs of our first responders, not the demands of the public safety unions.

    The negative statements in Assistant Chief Tom Murray’s letter about the Stratford Fire Department are untrue and have cast the department in an awfully bad light. I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight. It is a pleasure to serve the residents of Stratford and lead this department of dedicated fire professionals.

    James J. Cavanaugh

    Fire Chief


    Let’s get this straight, Chief Cavanaugh. You serve James R. Miron. You proved that with your checkbook. Tom Murray is a man of honor and bravery.

  14. 14 jezebel282

    News Release

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: John Harkins, 203.258.7647

    October 28, 2009

    Miron Uses Town Office For Campaign Event; Lies and Disrespects Police and Firefighters In The Process

    Stratford— In response to Mayor James Miron’s campaign press conference, held in the Mayor’s Office with town employees in attendance, State Representative John Harkins issued the following statement:

    “The Mayor’s use of taxpayer resources for campaign activity is unethical and outrageous. Not only is he willing to make sleazy attacks on me that are factually inaccurate and for which he offers absolutely no proof, Miron is now using his taxpayer funded office and staff to do it. This is precisely why I am running for Mayor of Stratford- to end the politics of personal destruction that has taken place under the Miron Administration and stop the abuse of taxpayer resources for political purposes. Every resident of Stratford of any political affiliation should be offended by the Mayor’s actions today.”

    Harkins pointed out that, according to the Connecticut Post, Miron’s “cabinet” appointees received 6-10% pay raises that were approved at the same time the Mayor was negotiating a wage freeze with other town employees. Those employees and their spouses then contributed the maximum legal amount to Miron’s campaign.

    Harkins said that today’s press conference is just one more example of pay-to-play and deception in Town Hall. “Surrounded by the staff on whom he bestowed large raises while negotiating wage freezes with the rest of the town’s workforce, Miron further abused taxpayer resources by using his official office to lie about me and the entirety of Stratford’s police and fire department,” continued Harkins. “I received the endorsement of Stratford’s police and firefighters because they know that, unlike the Mayor, I would never put Stratford families at risk by hiring someone who is unqualified to serve. Stratford’s police and firefighters have asked me for NOTHING in return for their endorsement except for the responsible and respectful leadership they have never received under Jim Miron. To suggest otherwise is not only a baseless attack on me, it is a shameful attack on the police and fire professionals who put their lives on the line to protect this community.”

  15. 15 phineast

    Well said Mr. Harkins.

    Hey Jimmy, that gun that you strap to your ankle go off???? You sure shot yourself in the foot. Were you close enough to the high school yet? Next time make sure it is pointed up so it finishes the job you started.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Footnote to Harkins Press Release:

    Mayor’s Secretary $36,033 (+12%) $45,000

    CAO $90,000 (+8%) $97,824

    HR Director $85,750 (+5%) $90,884

    Town Clerk $68,500 (+10%) $75,542*

    Finance Director $95,000 (+8%) $102,723

    Asst Finance Director $77,500 (+10%) $85,560

    Assessor $79,167 (+8%) $85,760

    Public Works Director $97,000 (+6%) $102,273

    Police Chief $97,000 (+6%) $102, 723

    Most of these raises were rescinded by the Council after they were published here (and eventually the Post).

  17. 17 capece

    Looks like paranoia and desperation continue to be a large part of Miron’s campaign. Not to worry Jimmy, it will be over soon and you can get back to chasing ambulances. I doubt if Berchem & Moses will be interested in you or your fourth tier law degree.

    On a lighter note, this conversation was overheard at a local eatery today.

    Gent # 1: “The way Miron is going he’ll be lucky if he comes in 4th place!” Gent # 2: “4th place?, I’ll bet his old man gets more votes than he does. But they’re gonna be guilty votes.”

    We can only hope….

  18. 18 phineast

    Capece- I hope you bought those gentlemen lunch! Hope they are right in both “cases”.

  19. 19 1george1

    Mark Twain:

    There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    If Mr. Clements were alive today, he would have to add a new
    category: and stratford’s bipartisan political science fiction.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “Chief rebuts Fire Department allegations
    Updated: 10/28/2009 04:14:38 PM EDT

    The negative statements in Assistant Chief Tom Murray’s letter about the Stratford Fire Department are untrue and have cast the department in an awfully bad light.”

    We still can find no written apology by Fire Chief Cavanaugh to Assistant Chief Murray for calling him a liar.

    Let us remember that Assistant Chief Murray stood out there on a public limb to let the citizens know about the neglect of our safety that both Miron and Cavanaugh maintained. Chief Cavanaugh reversed himself on the record at the next Council meeting (After Miron had gone down in flames. Kind of appropriate, don’t you think?) essentially confirming every word that Assistant Chief Murray had written.

    We are waiting, Mr. Cavanaugh…..

  21. 21 1george1

    Holding your breath?

    Too bad Mr. Murray lives in Shelton.
    He might make a very interesting Mayor.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    “Too bad Mr. Murray lives in Shelton.”

    I’d be glad to rent him a room if he chose to run. Besides, I hear firefighters like things neat and shiny.

  23. 23 1george1


    Mr. Murray is a married man.

    You have given the impression bout bein married, yourself,
    or at least having child in college.

    I know you love uniforms.

    However I am fearful for him, bout “rent him room” + neat & shiney
    = NEXT, will you want to try the hose or hook and ladder? 😉

    None of this talk, NEITHER, bout slidin down the pole …. 🙂

  24. 24 jezebel282


    “You have given the impression bout bein married, yourself,
    or at least having child in college.”

    You are correct. But, have you ever seen a college kid’s room? I am sure firefighters are familiar with walking into rooms that look like disasters.

    And then there are all these mysterious ping pong balls. We don’t even have a ping pong table……

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