Just in Time For Election Day!


Campaign Gift

You may have noticed in one of the articles today this little tidbit:

“Miron said Deputy Fire Chief Curtis Maffet was unable to attend.”


Because after 4 years of bickering and delay, Miron ordered Maffet to get his butt over to Jim Feehan’s office (New England Fire Equipment) and sign off on the deal to buy two shiny new firetrucks.

Let’s remember that this is the same former Council Chairman that Miron accused of bid rigging with Jay Cybart the former fire chief.

So aside from all the other questions this brings up (you know, like is Jim Feehan the only one in the United States that sells firetrucks?) the real question is “How desperate is James R. Miron?”


31 Responses to “Just in Time For Election Day!”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    While we are at it:

    100 eye shields
    new radios and microphones
    12 sets of turnout gear
    62 air tanks
    100 noise reduction earplugs
    100 pairs of safety glasses
    15 pairs of boots

    ALL of them ordered the day after the Firefighters union endorsed Harkins.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    I certainly hope that people don’t buy into these desperate, last minute, obviously vote getting moves.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “people don’t buy into these desperate, last minute, obviously vote getting moves.”

    The problem is that we have already bought them if Maffett signed the contract. Knowing Miron as we all do by now, there probably wasn’t much bargaining. “Just GET them here. I’m the f*****G mayor, I can do whatever the f**k I want”.

    Sound familiar?

    Money for flowers, money for firetrucks, money for anything to get elected. Where is it coming from? Us, who else?

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Oh…I forgot!

    The 33 new helmets Miron bragged about?

    The 33 helmets were the settlement of a grievance in lieu of a cash payment to the union members (so much for the greedy firefighters theory, this was the Fire Unions offer to the Town- not their idea).

    So many lies, so little time….

  5. 5 phineast

    Thanks for dispelling the greedy firefighter lie…..there are no truths it seems, that come from Jimmy, maybe a warped fragment once in a while but no real truths.

  6. 6 ronmoreau

    I hope everyone remembers the ‘mini-budget year’. (1989) The year the our town fell inline with the state budget year.

    The Mayors father ‘ Mr.Richard Miron’ tried to ‘squeak’ by a 53% raise for the council clerk, not to mention large raises for other political plum jobs.

    Business as usual ? 20 years later.

    You have to ask yourself.

    Do you think our Mayor has OUR best interest at heart?

    Do you think our Mayor is an HONEST man?

  7. 7 1george1

    Too bad these tidbits had not been sent as Letters to the Editor
    so the Public could be able to be informed.

    Some people advise me not to trust information on this blog.

    Some or much I believe.
    But I believe some people are willing to lie, for political benefit

  8. 8 ronmoreau


    You said,

    ” Too bad these tidbits had not been sent as Letters to the Editor
    so the Public could be able to be informed.”

    Of all people you should know you can’t believe everything you read in the paper. Just like you can’t believe everthing you read here.,

    We’ve lived through it.

    Lt. Soto has been a policeman in this town for 23 years. One of the most honorable people I know.

    It appears to me that our Mayor has thrown many people ‘under the bus’ for what ever reason.

    Shame on him.

    If we allow it to continue for 4 more years….SHAME ON US.

  9. 9 greghousemd


    Miron alleges GOP deal for cop, firefighter backing

    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 10/29/2009 12:02:30 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — Less than a week before the municipal election, Democratic Mayor James R. Miron lashed out at his opponents Wednesday for what he called their “relentless campaign attacks” on his public safety record, targeting in particular the Republican candidate, state Rep. John Harkins.
    During a news conference in his Town Hall office, Miron, who seeks a second term, accused Harkins of “making a deal” with the town’s police and fire unions to gain their endorsements.
    “It is obvious Rep. Harkins will give the unions whatever they ask for,” he said. “We are in the midst of ongoing negotiations with all six of our municipal unions, and it is clear the police and fire unions are upset I have cut their overtime 40 percent and am trying to bring their pensions under control.”
    Miron, in response to questions from reporters, said he had no proof that a deal had been made, adding, “It is my theory.”
    The mayor — surrounded by his staff and cabinet, including the chief operating officer, police and fire chiefs, human resources director, deputy police chief and town attorney — provided handouts that stated he has added police officers and equipment.
    Both Harkins and the presidents of the police and fire unions responded swiftly, saying Miron’s use of his Town Hall office to make “unfounded lies and accusations” demonstrates his desperation in what they claim is a failing campaign.
    “The mayor’s use of taxpayer resources for campaign activity

    is unethical and outrageous. Not only is he willing to make sleazy attacks on me that are factually inaccurate and for which he offers absolutely no proof, Miron is now using his taxpayer-funded office and staff to do it,” Harkins said. “This is precisely why I am running for mayor of Stratford, to end the politics of personal destruction that has taken place under the Miron administration and stop the abuse of taxpayer resources for political purposes.”
    Harkins said Miron’s news conference was a “very desperate last-minute attempt to win the election.”
    Police Union President Joseph McNeil agreed, saying, “This just proves Miron will say anything to win, it’s an outrageous lie.” McNeil, a sergeant demoted from captain earlier this year and is now on unpaid suspension after his arrest this summer for his alleged involvement in the release of the personnel file of former police applicant Christian Miron, the mayor’s brother — allegations he strongly denies. “This is exactly the response I expect from Mayor Miron. In his world, anything can be bought. What he fails to comprehend is that honor, integrity and pride have no price.”
    William Hansen, president of the local firefighters’ union, also denied Miron’s accusations.
    “Absolutely untrue. At no time have we made any deal with John Harkins,” Hansen said. “We simply held a meet the candidates forum, and our membership decided that John Harkins would be the best candidate for the town, and to ensure public safety, which is our number one priority.”
    Independent mayoral candidate George Mulligan said, “I believe Mayor Miron has inappropriately and possibly unethically commingled public assets and campaign assets consistently throughout the mayoral campaign, as his divine right perk. Faulty safety equipment and training is inexcusable for police, fire, EMS and the public, if as bad as claimed, which I believe is mostly true.”
    Another independent candidate, Domenic Costello, declined comment.

  10. 10 ronmoreau


    ….. nothing from Mr. Costello?

    6 days before the election?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “nothing from Mr. Costello?”

    That’s because it’s not about Dom. He just doesn’t get it. Actually it’s not even about Harkins, police or firemen. It’s about how crazy Miron is and how he will do or say ANYTHING to get elected or deflect blame.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Just for laughs:

    Mayor challenger backed by fire, police

    Updated: Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009, 6:11 PM EDT
    Published : Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009, 5:10 PM EDT

    * By: Sara Welch

    Stratford (WTNH) – Citing concerns about public safety, Stratford’s police and fire union are backing a challenger to Mayor John Miron.

    The two unions are throwing their support behind John Harkins.

    John Harkins told News Channel 8 that Stratford has the highest number of fire related fatalities in the state and the mayor has failed to properly equip, train and lead the town to protect the citizens and the people hired to protect it.

    “It is the most irresponsible elected official or candidate for mayor, it is shameful and disgusting that he would say such a thing to scare people to try and steal their votes,” Mayor Miron said. “And that’s the kind of irresponsibility we don’t need in a mayor. Scaring people to vote for him. Stratford is a safe place because of our police and fire.”

    My mailbox is FULL of Miron fliers telling me how dangerous it would be to vote for Harkins. How would Miron know about “shameful” anyway. He has no shame.

  13. 13 phineast

    George, Are you filing a complaint with the Ethics Commission and the State Election office? You are in a great position to do exactly that and see if out ethics commission is a real commision(which I would like to believe) or more bought off “mironuts”. I am betting that they will take no action if you file but it would be a great test.

    Jez- you are correct that miron has no shame-and not a lot of intelligence either…what an idiot, pandering to the press in town hall? What a fool, what a fool, what a fool!
    How can miron dispute the 6 fatalities? Is he hiding the living dead in his closet in town hall? The fire personnel do everything they can with what they have-if a pumper fails because it hasn’t been replaced that responsibility squarely rests on the shoulders of the mayor and the fire chief not pushing hard enough to get the equipment. Six fatalities since January…..definately looks like a leadership issue.
    The only funny(in a twisted way) part in all of this is miron sending Moffat to Feehan’s company to buy the trucks—it blows miron’s case about bid steering by Cybart right out the window. If the town doesn’t correct his pension discrepancies immediately and retroactively, when this hits the courts miron’s post mayoral legacy will continue to blacken Stratford’s eyes, while miron finally lives openly in Shelton with wifey(?) and family.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “it blows miron’s case about bid steering by Cybart right out the window.”

    The case isn’t quite over yet. Remember a couple of weeks ago the Council had voted to reimburse Chief Cybart’s legal expenses?

    True to form, Cybart has NOT received the compensation that the Council had authorized. He did get a note from Rich Buturla, Miron’s Town Attorney, though.

    What did the note say?

    Wait for it….

    The note informed Chief Cybart that before the Town issues a check, Cybart would have to sign a waiver releasing the Town of all past, present and future liability.

    Can you believe it? Didn’t we JUST go through that with Ms. Cicerale?! (The woman that Justin Loschiavo crashed into). When I say “no shame” I mean none at all.

  15. 15 1george1


    During a debate, I think OSNA, I was asked about the Ethics Commission.
    My reply was GIGO Garbage In …. Garbage Out.
    Generally I was referring to what Jameson Scott and Jen Hillgen led
    Town Council changes in the qualification to be on the Town Council’s
    Ethics Commission, advised by Burturla, Florek, and Kelly.
    Wolves (not foxes) guarding the (taxes) henhouse.

    Miron defended the Ethic Commission which he appointed.

    Many people have very high regard for people like Roger Salls and
    Sue Birge. I am very impressed with Jack Golden.
    I am not impressed with the GE people, past and present for my own ..

    One can NOT go Public about an Ethics complaint, until the complaint
    is dismissed. To Date, I have not filed a complaint since Father (Bishop)
    Kopka led the Commission, denying my 7 complaints vs. Burturla, D Miron,
    Mossman and others on the Monday after the Friday afternoon I made
    the complaint.

    There was zero time for the F.O.I. Laws, on Publicly Posting for my
    complaints. The Monday Meeting was posted about other issues.

    about 2003 – My 7 Complaints, were Denied by
    * Father Kopka;
    * Asst State Prosecutor Mike Dejoseph;
    * FAIRFIEILD GE HQ Exec / Owner of DAYCARE
    (Burturla-daughter worked for) Rob Chaloux;
    * Sterling House/Chamber Deb Gilbert Taylor;
    * ex-FAIRFIELD Chamber Commerce Milt McDonald;
    * ex FAIRFIELD RTM Mrs. DeRose (lifetime friend Dick Miron)

    * FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY Sue Birge was absent.

    In summer of 2007, I ran for Town Council.
    I had a letter to the Editor which I stated Commissions are appointed
    by political groups, to protect the people who appointed them.
    = Words to that affect.

    I know people in Father Kopka’s parish – I dropped information that
    I believed he had parishioner with famly behind the IRON CURTAIN
    and living within the mIRON CURTAIN, possibly illegally.

    Father Kopka is from Pittsburgh areas and a STEELER FAN, like many
    people I know. He sought me out where my friends and I watch

    He VOLUNTEERED that I wrote a good column and he agreed with it.
    He did not make a specific confession.
    Not once, nor twice, but THRICE I asked him if he knew what he was
    saying and HE AGREED, but would not go past a BOUNDRY.

    Just as I try to portect lives and livelihoods
    So does Father / Bishop Kopka.

    I forgave him his tresspass against me and mine,
    because I have to respect his obligation to him and his.
    In 12/1984 – I placed a curse on the souls of all who harmed me
    and mine while pledging to my father and my GOD to do
    (I knew where ALL the USPS Managers & Ranking Unions managers
    and Lawyers lived, and Going RAMBO or Going Postal was justifiable,
    however I believe in Judeo-Catholic-Christian-Masonic values.)

    Father Kopka is the only truely repenetent.
    He was given absolution from my curse.

    Who knows if there is a GOD or if a curse would work?
    Yet what if?

    ex-State Department / (I believe C.I.A.) James O’Sullivan

  16. 16 1george1


    I agree about tidbits published.

    A police officer with over 20 years told me Soto was the finest
    officer he ever worked with.

    I have talked to McNiel several times and friends vouch for him
    and his character and honesty. I looked into his eyes and there
    was no evasion or pretense, unless he is a great actor.

    I had limited knowledge of Farmer.

    I have dealt with the Mirons / Burturlas, over the years and I have
    observed many things.
    I like Chris and the girl, more than Jim and Dick.
    Like Pinnochio, I think Jim is a puppet, who wants to be a real boy.
    Dick and Burturla could work for Madoff, in my opinion, and have
    zero compunctions.

    There are Republican who make them look like boy scouts.

    There are people, mostly outside Stratford, who are more dangerous
    than any inside Stratford.

    Weizel got most of my quote right.
    2 quotes were 25 words. He got in most of 1 quote.
    One quote was 51 words and I was OK with abbreviation, which he did.
    Miron got his theory from my belief the 1995 Town Council which Mr.
    Harkins was on, was the one that created the Defined Benefit Plan.

    The worse damage was the 1999 Town council which ratified the new
    computations, giving 70 % of Base Pay Pension, with NO CAP, from
    60 % of Base Pay Pension, with HARD CAP.

    KEVIN KELLY was Town Attorney, engineered by Schirillo / Dick Miron
    and either Proto or Torre, with DICK BURTURLA & FLOREK as assistants.

    Follow the money to Kelly & Burturla from Town and BoE.
    Florek is not greedy for public money. I wonder if his firm get business
    from certain business, referred by certain people & businesses?

  17. 17 jezebel282


    A small New England town (unnamed) decides to finally buy a new state of the art firetruck. It has been approved by the town council, the fire chief, the mayor, the DEP, the EPA, OSHA and the unions. However, one councilman decides to take it a step further just to be sure and have it approved by the Highest authority. He invites a priest, preacher and rabbi to bless the new firetruck.

    The first Sunday after the request, the priest arrives with members of his congregation. He says a blessing for the safety of the Town and sprinkles the truck with Holy Water. On the second Sunday after the request the preacher arrives with members of his congregation. He lays his hands upon the firetruck and says a prayer for the safety of the Town. On the following Thursday, the rabbi arrives alone. He stares at the shiny new firetruck and thinks for a moment. Finally he shrugs. He climbs up on the new firetruck and cuts 1/2″ off the end of the water cannon.

  18. 18 ronmoreau


  19. 19 ronmoreau


    Since you opened the door………

    Nothing to do with town politics or firetrucks……..

    Human interest.


  20. 20 jezebel282


    I couldn’t help it.

    But I am closing the door tightly before George notices it was open.

  21. 21 ronmoreau

    I don’t blame you.

  22. 22 ronmoreau


    You said…

    While we are at it:

    100 eye shields
    new radios and microphones
    12 sets of turnout gear
    62 air tanks
    100 noise reduction earplugs
    100 pairs of safety glasses
    15 pairs of boots

    ALL of them ordered the day after the Firefighters union endorsed Harkins.

    I wonder if our fireman got this equiptment yet.

    Or was this another promise/deal broken by the current administration.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    I assume yes. I suppose I could ask Chief Cavanaugh, but I think you want an honest answer instead.

    I will check with more truthful sources.

  24. 24 1george1

    I loved the fable and the give and take with ron.

    Is it true the 1/2″ cut off were planted and grew up to be lawyers?
    It is more than one group, which chooses to practice the Health issue?

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “Is it true the 1/2″ cut off were planted and grew up to be lawyers?”

    It’s possible. One thing is sure though, the pay isn’t much….wait for it…but you get a lot of tips.

  26. 26 1george1


    Link is to 5 nice & inspiring stories.

    A couple are very appropriate to Stratford.

    I read that those things a person list, shows his/her priorities,
    which tell much about the person’s character. (It is a compliment)

  27. 27 jezebel282


    100 eye shields
    new radios and microphones
    12 sets of turnout gear
    62 air tanks
    100 noise reduction earplugs
    100 pairs of safety glasses
    15 pairs of boots

    Apparently the only things that have come in are the cheap earplugs and safety glasses.

    There seems to be some delay in ordering the balance of the equipment.

  28. 28 ronmoreau


    Perhaps they are doing them in onezees and twozees to get by that go out to bid thingy.

    It seems to me that our fire fighters not having the proper equiptment to do their job constitutes an emergency.

    But Hey, this is Stratford.

  29. 29 jezebel282



    It’s not as if Miron or Cavanaugh cared about citizens.

  30. 30 ronmoreau

    Dec. 12th can not come fast enough.

  31. 31 1george1

    Only if there ae substantive and material changes to benefit
    “liberty and justice for …. alll.!

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