How to Rip a Department Apart. Miron’s Way.



Step 1: Get rid of the existing Chief. Especially if he demonstrates a shred of integrity. It doesn’t matter how. Offer him a bag of cash or accuse him of something silly like following your instructions. As long as he’s gone. That’s all that matters. Don’t worry about the cost either. That’s what taxpayers are for, right?

Step 2: Replace him with someone you are sure will do anything you ask. If he’s a friend of someone you already know will do anything and comes from a Town with an even worse reputation (like the PW Director) you’ve done well. If he’s your Town Attorney’s brother; Bingo! But for God’s sake, don’t hire from within.

Step 3: Find him an assistant. A retiree would be great. If he’s from another State and nobody knows about his foreclosures and credit problems that’s something you can use later. If he can get you a NAACP award just before election day, you’ve made a great choice.

Step 4: Help the Chief destroy any resistance. This should be easy for you. Have them arrested or maybe question their honor in a newspaper or press conference.

Step 5: Congratulations! You’ve done it. Morale has been destroyed. Resistance has been eliminated. No one in the department cares about anything any more. You’re the f*****g mayor! You can do whatever the f***k you want!


You missed one!

To the Editor:

I write this to shine a light through the political fog created concerning something I feel can be regarded as a fire and public safety message. That fog was created by the recent public comments by the incumbent Stratford mayoral candidate on why the Stratford Firefighters Union endorsed a different candidate for mayor.

The inspiration to express my opinion came by the way of another Stratford assistant fire chief who freely risked his own life to save a man from a certain death in a structure fire last Friday night.

This assistant fire chief was the first to arrive on scene, heard a man screaming then entered the burning building without the aid of his protective firefighting gear, because the situation was so dire he simply did not have the time to put it on. Less than a minute after he entered that superheated structure and pulled the victim outside to safety the room flashed over destroying everything inside.

How much money is risking your life worth? Ask yourself, would you really risk loosing everything you own, risk never seeing you family again, risk the rest of your life for a million dollars? For the men and women who enter and stay in this profession it is something they do many times in their career. They do it because it is a calling more than a job. Do we need money to take care of our family and ourselves, yes we do. But the most important thing to us about our “calling” has never been money. The most important thing to the Firefighters in this nation is public safety; a testament to this is when we put it all on the line for fellow man.

That being said, I believe the mayoral endorsement of the Stratford Firefighters (which stated that the endorsement was based entirely on reasons of public safety) speaks for itself.

I can not speak for the incumbent mayoral candidate, and he is certainly not qualified to speak for us. He has shown us through his past actions, lack of equipment support, deeds and campaign rhetoric that he knows very little about the firefighters in Stratford. I have no doubt that this endorsement may be an inconvenient truth for the incumbent, but the rare political endorsement of the Stratford Firefighters Union is never for sale. It is rarely used, but when it is, only for the direst and most honorable of reasons. That’s who Stratford firefighters are. In a year when Stratford leads Connecticut in fire deaths with a heartbreaking total of six, our primary concern is the safety of the citizens of Stratford, period.

Thomas S. Murray

Employed as assistant fire chief (for now)

Stratford Fire Department


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    If only teachers had guts too…..

  2. 2 1george1

    Please make sure Tom Murray get my blog from Tuesday
    about the Pension Board Meeting.

    Miron could not fire Mr. Murray before the election.

    If Miron wins, I suspect things could degenerate into a shoot out,
    unless everyone is acting …
    “Hey … this IS Stratford!”

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “If Miron wins, I suspect things could degenerate into a shoot out,”

    Miron NEVER talks about the future. He only defends his past.

    However, I expect that after Tuesday whether he wins or not, the Miron Wrath Machine will be turned up to MAX. Look for many terminations.

    There is only one thing Miron does exceedingly well: Vengeance.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Let’s keep those anonymous emails coming!

    There will be one last forum / debate broadcast on WICC at 5pm on Friday! There will be an opportunity to call in and ask questions. This is a last ditch attempt by the mayor who pleaded with the Jim Buchanon show to hold this event so he can make up for his failing campaign. WE NEED YOUR HELP to call in and ask the hard questions to the mayor or hit some of Johns strong points. (ie integrity, honesty, tax record, Raymark). We are down the final stretch, lets help John out…

    Editors note: Since this radio show has been Miron friendly for the last four years, Harkins or Mulligan supporters should be aware that there will probably be an attempt to screen callers opposed to Miron.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    from another Town employee
    to jez ,
    richard weizel
    date Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 9:55 AM
    subject Miron

    I first want to say that I request to stay anonymous for fear of being arrested or fired. That seems to be the Miron way. I have never been a coward in my life, but when you have a family to provide for and a Mayor, who has fired, suspended, forced out, made resign and arrested fine town employees you tend to do things under the radar.

    I listened to the radio broadcast on Wicc in which Jim B was interviewing Erin Holroyd. A point was brought up about the Mayor’s brother being hired. The facts were somewhat wrong.

    The mayor’s brother was hired. He called the uniform store and had his academy uniforms ready for training. He was first slated for the Stamford Academy. However, he complained to his brother that he didn’t want to commute to Stamford. He was then slated for Post Academy in Meriden. However, he complained to his brother that he didn’t want to sleep over night. He was then slated for Bridgeport Academy. However, he complained that he didn’t want to train in Bridgeport. And lastly he was slated for Milford Academy. By this time the news had just come out about his background and his lack of qualifications to be a police officer and he withdrew his name. He was hired. If he had gone to Stamford he would have been a police officer today.

    Secondly, Mayor Miron came on and stated that the reason why the Fire & police unions were endorsing Senator John Harkins is because he is going after our pensions and overtime.


    The reason why we don’t support Mayor Miron is that he only takes care of his inner circle. He doesn’t follow town policies and union contracts.

    Example: retired Captain Vedock & retired Captain Delieto were doing things to pad their pensions. When the Police Union complained to Deputy Chief Loschiavo about this wrong doing the police union was threatened and shut down. When the police union complained to the new police chief Buturla he ignored the police union. When the police union complained to Mayor Miron he failed to even acknowledge the police union’s complaint.

    THE RESULT: The police union filed a grievance against their own police officers with the Labor Board.

    If you go to and look under the grievances file tab. Then click on the pension tab you will see the grievances.

    The Mayor has insulated himself so the rank and file can not complain to anyone because nothing will get done about Miron?s inner circle abuses.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Phone Number to call in on WICC 333-9422

  7. 7 sudds

    This might actually be worth listening to!!!

  8. 8 sylvia67

    Tom Murray, whom I have always referred to as Scott, is a wonderful person. He has a very high I.Q. and Mayor Miron should not only be half of the wonderful human being that Tom Murray is, but he should have 1/3 of his I.Q. Tom spent a lot of time in our home when he was going to Nichols School. This was during the time when future President Bill Clinton was a regular in my home, and he was extremely impressed with Tom. I have always been Pro-Firemen since my middle child at 12 days old was saved from chocking on mucus by a team from the Bpt. Fire Dept. We have a great fire dept. in Stratford and we need to protect our wonderful people from a person like Miron. He can’t relate because he was brought up to use people, which has been a big disadvantage to him. So I am encouraging everyone to vote John Harkins for Mayor on Nov. 3rd. He is the best and will make our community shine. A Vote For Harkins is a Win for Stratford. That is why our police and fire dept. unions have endorsed Harkins, because they know better to believe Miron’s last minute lies and desperate actions.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    There is no doubt that Tom Murray is an honorable and dedicated Firefighter. He is iconic as Stratford’s Bravest.

    Chief Cavanaugh is..well..there is no other way to say it…a Miron appointee.

    (Umm…whether Tom had lunch with Clinton or not)

  10. 10 1george1

    As a former Union rep, the one person from the Town who stands
    out among the people on the Pension Board is Tom Murray.

    Tom has done very strong things for the Town retirees.

    As noted, I strongly disargee with the Pension Computations and
    Tom Murray and I have room for agreement and disagreement,
    especially related to the Pension Bond.

    However, Tom Murray got Burturla to specifically spell out who
    was and who was not responsible for Pension Computations and
    Richard Burturla let the Unions off the hook with plausible deny
    ability and put the target on the Town Attorneys, Finance Dir.,
    Human Resources. Mayor / Town Managers, & indirectly the
    Town Council, which directly leads to Town Committees.

    However, this is partially a real wall and partially a chinese wall.

  11. 11 1george1

    What do these 5 people have in common?

    DeLieto, Mark CAPT – – – – – – $ 134,525.28
    Vedock, Gene CAPT – – – – – – $ 106,999.20
    Loschiavo,JosephDepChief – $ 91,593.24 < new higher $ # ?
    Gonzalez, Robert E. – – – – – – $ 86,358.48
    Yeomans, Richard – – – – – – –$ 76,646.88

    Hint: the 512 goes to my conspiracy theory,
    as do

    Ed Biebel
    Hugh Catalano
    Rob Mossman
    Amy Knott McDonald
    Alex Kozak
    Ed Fennel

    Who is next?

    Cabral? – DeCilio?
    Kelly? Florek? Williams? Kubic? Jim Miron? Proto?
    Patty U

    I know I missed people in each of the past lists

  12. 12 omeara128


    Sgt.Gonzalez worked his butt off to earn that amount in his pension, he was an honest Sgt and a good person………unlike alot of other pensions….

  13. 13 omeara128

    How is Miron saying that the PD is not supporting him due to his tough stance on pensions, this is so far from the truth..

    When the union went to the top adminstrators of the town about Delieto’s pension and how he earned that amount, Miron didnt do SH$$………HE TURNED A “BLIND EYE” to the unions complaint. So please, stop with the lies MIRON…….

  14. 14 1george1


    I do not question Gonzalez as a good cop or hard working.

    I point out that each of the 5 people “happened to be hired 5 – 12 – 1980.


    Social Security pays $ 12,000 a year
    Sikorsky 30 year worker earned $ 23,000 pension after 30 years.


    NO ONE IS STRATFORD would be able to justify PENSIONS over $ 30 k

    Do police and fire DESERVE great PENSIONS? YES.

    However, if Delieto put in about $ 30,000 his last 2 years, I doubt he
    put in $ 100,000 in all the other years combined.

    Then the town matches the total, including compound interest.

    Every year past his second year is THEFT given by the political parties.

    Because the POLICE guard the politicians, the politicians need to

    Do the numbers.

    Convince me the police and others can cost justify the PENSIONS.

    If the stock market went straight up and NO MONEY was coming out
    of TAXES the way the PENSION BOND was SOLD to the PUBLIC when
    there was a $ 3 milllion annual pension obligation, then I have NO

    BOTTOM LINE – ask Murray and McNeil – they know Defined Contribution
    and Defined Benefit ifferences.

    If you can get away with GRAND THEFT, CONSPIRACY, and FRAUD, would
    you be willing to do it, while people you were supposed to protect and
    serve have to sell their homes, or dies to lack of HEAT – MEDICINE?

    Attorneys are not the only one with FIDUCIARY OBLIGATIONS.

    Doug you got screwed, twice.

    Once by the people who jerked you along the last year- 2.
    The other time by people who SOLD YOU a PENSION much higher than
    the numbers can cost justify.
    I guarantee that unless the stock market goes crazy high, your pension
    will fold and be repudiated.

    Do not blame me, as I helped protect unions deniability.
    But responsibility is shared.

    Doug –

    I do not question Gonzalez as a good cop or hard working.
    The PENSIONS are not justifiable based on contributions.
    They shall be repudiated by public – see Pension Tsunami.

    I point out that each of the 5 people “happened to be hired
    5 – 12 – 1980.
    They were in the top 20 of all pensions and top 7 of Police.

    I had raise issues about people hired during Joe Burturla’s
    turn as Police Capt, until retired 1985.
    TOP 3 PENSIONS were all involved in MOSSMAN false arrest of me
    DEC 1998, who also refused, to investigate series of deaths (murders?)

    If you refuse to investigate if deaths were murder, why should anyone
    pay you salary, never mind pensions.

    Many good cops.
    Deserve good pay + benefits.

    If there are bad cops, corrupting the over all, and STEALING …..

    Where do you stand?

    Which comes first…
    Determination there was NO CRIME – NO MURDERS?

    Maybe because their political patrons partners in the Mafia and
    Military Intelligence did the MURDERING?

  15. 15 omeara128


    I agree with you, believe me……….I get less than 26k for being injured……..

    I was just pointing out that Gonzalez actually WORKED to get that pension, thats Plan A……..Oh well………….

  16. 16 ronmoreau

    Mr. O’meara,

    Say it isn’t so.

    Are you telling us that some of these guys ‘padded’ or put in for overtime that they actually didn’t work? Just to beef up their pensions?

    If so, it is a slap in the face to all the honest and dedicated police offices who ever worked and are working for the Town of Stratford.

    Robbing Stratford taxpayers for years to come.

  17. 17 ronmoreau

    Mr. O’meara,

    It now makes sense why Capt. McNeil and Lt. Soto were thrown under the bus so to speak.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    McNeil and Soto were thrown under the bus (and remain there) for one reason; Miron’s revenge for embarrassing him about his brother.

  19. 19 omeara128


    Well, the union brought up these issues to top administrators, Miron, but nothing was done..So for Miron to say the union isnt supporting him based on his hard stance on pensions is a bunch of bullsh$$……..WHAT A DISGRACE

  20. 20 sudds


    …this nightmare we’ve been living for the past four years will (hopefully… please dear GOD in heaven above let it) be over in about 27 hours!!!

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Only if people get out of the house and vote.

  22. 22 sylvia67

    Voters of Stratford, when you go to the polls tomorrow vote for the person who actually has a chance of doing a great job: Wote for John Harkins. Don’t vote for Miron or Costello. You are going to waste your vote and destroy the town’s future in either case. John Harkins will make Stratford a place we can all be proud of again. Right now, Stratford is the laughing stock of the whole state. My friends in Hartford can’t believe that this Miron worked against the mayor form of government and then proceed to run for mayor and bring such nepotism and cronyism to town. As a two for a nickel attorney, he never made this kind of money. I wouldn’t go to him to fix a parking ticket. You should of seen him behave in court when he out of spite subpoenaed 68 Seniors to court because they voted their given right by absentee ballot. Being blind in one eye you would think Miron would have some feeling and understanding. People take it from me, vote for John Harkins, a man of integrity, which is sorely needed in Stratford after these terrible last four years of Miron.

  23. 23 1george1

    Ya gotta love Syl.

    I was hopin Jason would run for office.

    Syl is preaching to the choir in this website as most posters
    and reader (certainly NOT all are in Harkins camp.

    My USPS misadventures are very comparable to yours with the Miron
    Curtain, as far as being unjustly harmed financially and career wise.
    Now imagine that every time you had a key appeal, someone died,
    who was family or family of coworkers and support?

    Maternal uncle died on birthdate of paternal uncle.
    Grandmother died hours after I spoke to Joan Dupont, whose bro-
    in-law Pierre was the host of the Republican National Convention in
    Louisiana in 1984.
    Her husband Henry died when he walked into (or was thrown into)
    an airplane propeller.

    I think those were the hey dey of Frank Picollo, Hi Ho, and big Paul
    Unknown to me, a very close friend of mine who worked for a Fortune
    top 10, his uncle was a NYC Button man.
    My friend was in the military, but his father kept him from being involved
    and at a young age, moved his young family from NYC to CT.
    I met the uncle’s son the week goodfellows came out. The guy was like
    a caged animal and had the laugh Joe Pesci made famous. He knew Henry
    Hill and many of those Damon Runyon like characters

  24. 24 sylvia67

    Fire Chief Cavanaugh needs to go. He had no right to come down on Asst. Chief Tom Murray in the press like he did. I have known Tom Murray since he was a little boy. Miron is finished and never should have been elected in the first place. For four years Stratford was the talk of the whole state. Chief Cavanaugh, how qualified are you for that job.? That is something we tax-payers need to check out. We have firemen that I believe are far more qualified then this chief, and we need to investigate this important issue. Jay Cybart was a great Chief and a wonderful human being. I am going to make sure we have the best. All Miron’s appointees need to go because nepotism and cronyism have no room in our community. We need the best and brightest to work with our wonderful Mayor John Harkins, replacing Miron’s friends and cronies. Maybe we can even hire back some of the wonderful employees that Miron let go. They should have never been targeted in the first place. One thing is for sure, our town employees are already much happier thanks to John’s victory.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Think about the Miron appointees for a moment. Maurice McCarthy, Cavanaugh and Riddenhour. All former employees of Waterbury’s municipal system. A city with even worse political corruption than Bridgeport.

    These gentlemen not only worked the system there…they thrived.

    I’m guessing that if you can take orders from and support a pedophile mayor, a psychopathic one is not that big of a difference.

  26. 26 1george1


    Everyone has a right to think what they want and write what they want
    within the confines of the law, especially people we disagree with.

    Not everyone I have known many years is someone I would recommend
    for a position of trust or profit.

    Sometime people I like / liked have done inappropriate things. Never met
    a perfect person. Especially the one in the mirror.

    However, the people I have met in / through politics are in a class and a
    world of their own, in too many cases.
    I have met many fine people.
    And there are many who ……………….. >

    I guess Jeze and I classify some people somewhere within certain ranges,
    while we agree on some and we …………… >

  27. 27 1george1

    Why I do not like Democrats / Republicans in DC / CT / Stfd
    How to RIP apart a country.
    ALL of the below had a minimum of 50 employees.
    Some are downsized. Most are closed.
    One may be just a Holiday shutdown?
    However, this is what I hear on a daily basis.

    Reliance Automotive – East Berlin
    91 Clark Drive
    East Berlin, CT 06023
    Guy Balsome, Plant Manager – 200 Emp

    NOV 12 @ 4:00 REC Mary > GUY They moved everything to
    mexico. down to 8 people from 200


    Arkwright Inc – Guilford
    Converting Solutions
    385 Long Hill Road
    Guilford, CT 06437
    (203) 453-5294
    Bill Skura Plant Manager x 3201

    MAY 11 @ 2:33 REC Greg said they have only 25 people >
    3 years ago they had 350


    Vishay Vitramon Inc
    10 Main Street
    Monroe, CT., 06468
    Bill McDonald, Purchasing x 5630
    203 452-5630

    OCT 26 @ 1:14 x 5630 Bill McDonald, Purchasing – SHUTTING PLANT.
    They manufacture electronnic components Had 500 people.
    Down to 100, now. Everything going off shore in 2010.


    Dianon Systems-Stratford MOVING to Shelton by end of NOV 2009
    200 Watson Boulevard
    Stratford, CT 06615
    (203) 381-4000

    SHELTON, CT – by EARLY 201 for MID 2010

    Employees: 350


    Pilot Pen – Trumbull,
    60 Commerce Drive
    Trumbull, CT 06611

    SEPT 15 @ 3:13 x 6 Cindy, Purchasing x 4754
    @ 2:56 – 0 REC > moving to Jacksonville FL


    Mobil Chemical
    495 Lordship Boulevard
    Stratford, CT. 06615

    Had over 350 employees, between office and factory.
    Made plastic liners, like in potato chip bags.
    HR Director told me Stratford had highest property taxes
    in the world for this size location, for Mobil


    Bargain News – Trumbull
    30 Nutmeg Drive
    Trumbull, CT 06611
    Carol Leach, Human Resource Manager 9 – 5 M & T ONLY

    OCT 26 @ 1:43 I got a CB from Carol Leach, Human Resource Manager
    They are down to 77 employ – many pt recession really downsized them
    In Stratford they had minimum 350 and as many as 1000.


    American Frozen Foods,
    155 Hill Street,
    Milford, CT. 06460 –
    (203) 882-6200 or 800 666 1829 >
    BILL COREY, H R x 3405 – LVM
    BILL called back. They downsized a lot to 20 people in MILFORD.
    they had over 120 employees in Stratford years ago.


    Ameripride Linen & Apparel Services
    490 Wethersfield Avenue
    Hartford, CT. 06114
    Martha Flores, Office Manager

    EMPLOY: 140 said they only have 6 employees


    Smurfit Stone – Milford closed
    75 Cascade Boulevard
    Milford, CT. 06460
    Terry Victoria Gallace
    Milford closed


    Derby Cellular Products Co CLOSED
    150 Roosevelt Drive
    PO Box 277 – 150 Roosevelt Drive
    Derby, CT 06418
    Allen Cribbins, President
    Peter Tolmei, Purchasing / Sales
    150 Employ


    Edwards Systems – Cheshire – CLOSED
    90 Fieldstone Court
    Cheshire, CT. 06410
    203-699-3334 N. I. S.
    Kathy Legere, Facilities Manager


    Chromalloy Connecticut
    601 Marshall Phelps Road
    Windsor, CT.
    860-687-4500 x 2
    Chrystal, Director of Human Resources
    DEC 24 > CLOSED?


    K X Industries, L. P.
    269 South Lambert Road
    Orange, CT 06477
    Jim Squezello, Manager
    > CLOSED?


    Mosey’s Beef Inc.
    4 Mosey Drive
    Bloomfield, CT 06002
    John Maynard, Purchasing Manager


    IVES, H. B. – Ingersol Rand – CLOSING
    50 Ives Place
    New Haven, CT. 06511
    860 584-9158 in Bristol
    Patty Hribko, Human Resource Director (8:00-4:00) x 225

    DEC 19 @ 11:03 REC > PATTY – NEW HAVEN plant closing 100 jobs.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    There is plenty of blame to go around. You really don’t have to list every company that lays off people or ships jobs overseas. We get it.

    As long as shareholders reward management for these decisions it will continue. And as long as companies are free to donate BILLIONS of dollars to politicians to vote their way it will continue legally. How many insurance companies have made huge donations to Lieberman? A shonda fur die goyim.

  29. 29 ronmoreau



  30. 30 jezebel282


    I think George is fine. He has the unique talent of posting very long opinions and killing whatever discussion is going on at the time.

  31. 31 1george1

    post election depression is not as bad as getting married while you
    know it will be a disaster. not as bad as post partum either.

    however, every day I hear companies shutting down and downsizing
    and sometimes I cry.
    people I do not know, have no idea on how to make end meet.
    I feel it,
    I project it in town, too,

    I just spoke to a loved one worried about the economy & future.
    There are other issues.
    There are exceptionally intelligent and capable people who are lost
    and losing it right now.
    And then there are people who I see and know, and have no idea how
    they are able to function, never mind survive or prosper.

    Some people see things and ask why?
    I ask why not?

    There is no excuse for most of the carp going on.

  32. 32 jezebel282

    It is just amazing how some people never get it.

    Yet again we have John Buturla leading witch hunts. After two Public Works employees were dismissed for removing garbage from the Town Transfer station ( didn’t someone already say they didn’t want it by putting it there?) an official Police Investigation was launched.

    Honest to goodness. Can you imagine? Committing police resources into investigating the theft of garbage?
    In 20 months, one single narcotics search warrant has been issued. One. Make no mistake, plenty of overtime has been granted to the commander of the drug unit. Does anyone think there are no drugs to be found in Stratford?

    But back to the point….Not only have the police not found anything related to GTG (Grand Theft Garbage), but Buturla is now shopping yet another case with no credible evidence to the State Attorney’s Office in Rocky Hill. The same office he was able to obtain arrest warrants for Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto.

    Apparently, if John Buturla shows up in Rocky Hill with anyone’s mailing address, they’ll issue warrants for him.

    How long does this martinet get to remain in office?

  33. 33 1george1

    The intelligence community learned from the mafia
    that one person’s garbage is another person’s gold.

    I do not bother shreading.
    However I also do not put certain garbage in my own barrel.

    Did that have anything to do with Town Hall?

    LOB ALERT! 😉

  34. 34 jezebel282


    On November 9th, 2009 Justin Loschiavo submitted a report that he “re-injured” his back while ….wait for it…moving blankets at work.

    Does anyone want to guess what’s coming next?

  35. 35 phineast

    Seems to me that it is time to say that back injury was pre existing from this accident prior to being hired on the pd…..time to get the monkey off our backs for good.

  36. 36 1george1

    Back Injury moving blankets at work?

    Reads like the perfect cover story.

    Will the Republican Town Council Pension Board approve Disabiltiy?

    With the Republican dominated Town Council approve Chris Miron
    6 figure settlement “under seal?”

    If Harkins turns out they way I fear and opposite of the positions of Jeze
    and the bloggers, will you petition for RECALL?

    What if the Town Attorney defers to special Town Attorney Burturla
    who opines
    1 – The right of RECALL is lost?
    2 – The right to PETITION is lost?

    PCS – how would you feel about you town PROCESS to PETITION
    Government for REDRESS of Grievances to be (fraudulently stolen) lost?

  37. 37 jezebel282


    “Will the Republican Town Council Pension Board approve Disabiltiy?”

    I have a feeling it will take the Pension Board quite a while before they can stop laughing.

    “If Harkins turns out they way I fear and opposite of the positions of Jeze
    and the bloggers, will you petition for RECALL?”

    You know very well that recalls of the chief executive of a municipality are illegal in CT. Otherwise…..

  38. 38 1george1

    # 1 Got $ 100 to donate?

    # 2 Your group helped destroy the right to PETITION, costing Stratford’s
    people their 1st Amendment process > Initiative + PETITION + Referendum.

    Florek + Kubec + Williams + Miron + Burturla + Proto + August = fascist

    60 % of your post are PRO POLICE STATE.

  39. 39 1george1

    I wonder what GAVIN’S motive has been, betraying …..

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “Your group helped destroy the right to PETITION”

    My “group”? You have got to be kidding. It’s not like anyone talked to each other. It was just people who were so fed up they grabbed blank petitions and got them signed. Umm..even you, George.

    “60 % of your post are PRO POLICE STATE.”

    ROTFLMAO! I doubt it. Although I would agree if you had said “PRO UNION”. But the way Miron has treated all the unions in the last 4 years, who wouldn’t be?

    “# 1 Got $ 100 to donate?”

    Nope. Sorry. Already donated as much as I possibly could to McNeil/Soto.

  41. 41 1george1

    Yeah your group and circle of friends along with Proto’s would fit right
    in with the Nazi Party, along with your friends’ Miron wing, which was an
    ACT, except for against a few chosen victims.

    Follow the money to the same groups of attorneys, political people, and scabs, that caused problems for McNeil, because of his grievance vs. DeLieto.

    Only way I would believe otherwise if Harkins files against Kelly / Burturla /
    Florek for stolen Attorney pay and lost town Revenue & waste = fiduciary!

    You are all in in together, to steal as much as you can from the Public and do

  42. 42 jezebel282


    “Yeah your group and circle of friends along with Proto’s would fit right
    in with the Nazi Party,”

    Gai tren zich, putz.

  43. 43 mikereynolds

    Well, in case anyone had doubts about George’s sanity and competence, this pretty much removes any doubts.

  44. 44 1george1

    Gai tren zich, putz, to those who steal Stratford’s 1st Amendment Rights
    and those who help them.

    You and you blooger bloggers happily go along with the POLICE STATE,
    who can do NO wrong, don’t you?

    Follow the money to the same groups of attorneys, political people, and scabs, that caused problems for McNeil, because of his grievance vs. DeLieto.

    Only way I would believe otherwise if Harkins files against Kelly / Burturla /
    Florek for stolen Attorney pay and lost town Revenue & waste = fiduciary!

    You are all in in together, to steal as much as you can from the Public and do

  45. 45 jezebel282


    You call me a “Nazi” and yet you feel free (and entitled) to exercise your first amendment rights on this blog?

    This site has never once wavered in support of Joe McNeil, Orlando Soto or Shawn Farmer yet you accuse me of supporting the people who “caused problems for McNeil, because of his grievance vs. DeLieto.”

    “Only way I would believe otherwise if Harkins files against…”

    At this point Mr. Mulligan, what you believe matters nothing to me.

    “You are all in in together, to steal as much as you can”

    And you are the only sane and honest man in Stratford? Or is it the nation? Perhaps the planet?

    You fling conspiracies, epithets and accusations around as if they were confetti and every day was New Year’s Eve.

    I was wrong. You care nothing about Stratford or it’s residents. What you care about is drawing attention to yourself and nothing else.

  46. 46 mikereynolds

    FINALLY!!! Jeze has seen the light!

  47. 47 1george1


    You have see the list of people who died over extended time.

    The Mossman – Imbro – Burturla crew do nothing to investigate
    The Burturla – Kelly – Florek crew do nothing to investigate real issues
    except feather their own nests.
    The Town Committees feather their own nests.

    The Pension numbers are real.
    > Portfolio
    > Fully Funded
    > Pensions vs. Base Pay
    The Bond Debt increase are real.
    The loss of Business is real.
    The unfunded mandates are real.
    The ECS is real.
    Lack of Transparency for Broadcast unedited, yet to exist.
    Lack of Transparency on Expenses, yet to exist.
    Charter Revision # 1 happened
    Charter Revsion # 2 happened
    Term Limit opinion given to Gavin by Burturla –
    Recall opionion given to CRC # 2 BY Burturla – notes
    > Recall/Initiative/Referendum
    -> Not mention PETITION
    Because it is the 1st Amendment and could cause PENSION
    and BONDING REFERDUMS where certain people could be
    stopped from GRAND THEFT of TOWN by your BUDDIES.

    Like you – I support McNeil.
    Farmer + Soto are reputed by many in the same ilk.

    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as good as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

  48. 48 jezebel282

    Symptoms of paranoia and paranoid disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of rage, hatred, and betrayal. Some people suffering from paranoid personality may have a high capacity to annoy or enrage others because of rigid and maladaptive behavior. Some identifiable beliefs and actions of paranoid-related disorders include mistrust, taking offense easily, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, argumentative, abrupt, stubborn, self-righteous, and perfectionistic.

  49. 49 phineast

    Jez, it seems that George and Jimmy drink the same water….the symptoms are the same, that is for sure.
    George, you calling Jez a nazi, is absolutely repulsive. You should be ashamed. Cripes, I’m ashamed for you. Jez has done nothing but support your 1st amendment rights on this blog, where many of us would have preferred to have seen then squelched at times. We aren’t nazi’s but we ARE sane. Jez is correct about one thing for sure with regard to you; it is all about the attention. You don’t care how you get it as long as you get it. Jim is very similar to you in that regard, it’s always all about him. Think on that for a while with out ANY conspiracy theories.

  50. 50 1george1

    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as good as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

    Minimal blogging has been about helping average people.

    Maximum blogging is about an (agreed) abuser hurting politically
    connected people (which there is ZERO EXCUSE)

    Who would be willing to give an OBJECTIVE REVIEW of this BLOG
    and other bloggers, like ….. ?

  51. 51 1george1


  52. 52 ronmoreau

    One of the definitions of nazi…

    …..derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc.


    Perhaps it was just a poor choice of words on your part?

  53. 53 phineast

    Still ashamed of you George. It’s gonna take a lot of work from you, yes you other than talking and spinning conspiracies to change my mind.

  54. 54 ronmoreau


    You fit the definition more than anyone on this blog.

  55. 55 ronmoreau


    It’s insuliting, no matter how you meant it.

  56. 56 1george1

    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as good as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

    Minimal blogging has been about helping average people.

    Maximum blogging is about an (agreed) abuser hurting politically
    connected people (which there is ZERO EXCUSE)

    Who would be willing to give an OBJECTIVE REVIEW of this BLOG
    and other bloggers, like ….. ?

    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as good as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

    Intentional choice of words.
    I welcome your first amendment criticism of me.

    Intentional choice of words.
    I welcome your first amendment criticism of me.

    Intentional choice of words.
    I welcome your first amendment criticism of me.

    Mike R
    Intentional choice of words.
    I welcome your first amendment criticism of me.

    Intentional choice of words.
    I welcome your first amendment criticism of me.

    Allow me to rephrase:
    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as BAD as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

    Who amongst you is
    against the 1ST AMENDMENT?
    against the U. S. CONSTITUTION?

    I challenge everyone on the loss of grandfather rights PETITION
    PROCESS > Initiative > PETITION > Referendum

    If you favor fraudulently stealing “special act charter” grandfathered
    rights to PETITION (town) Government for REDRESS of Grievances,then

    Anyone who is against the 1ST AMENDMENT is as BAD as a NAZI,
    because they are against the U. S. CONSTITUTION.

    I woke all of you up.

    Now think, if you choose to do so.

    Now prove me wrong, if your dare debate me on the ISSUE of the
    TERM LIMIT and RECALL Town Attorney opinion to be used by YOUR
    FRIEND Esq. Burturla who employed YOUR FRIENDS Esq. Kelly + Florek.
    and appointed Esq. Kubec, Esq. Miron, Esq, Williams, Esq. Florek, Esq.
    Proto, & Esq. August on the C.R.C., enabling stealth change to being

    I do not believe ANY of you are capable of honest debate (except Ron),
    just name calling and pouting like 5th graders. 8) 🙂

    Your intellect and beliefs are being stimulated and challenged.
    Yet none of you will debate ISSUES that benefit YOUR WALLETS
    at the COST of poor people, seniors, veterans, families, and (yes
    Roger) small buinesses.

    I say you care nothing about the CONSTITUTION and protecting
    RIGHTS about ANYONE but YOURSELVES and sucking the TOWN dry!

  57. 57 cstratct


    I’ve been sitting back and watching this exchange for a while now and I have to say your increasingly irrational behavior is appalling. No one is questioning your right to say anything, and it doesn’t appear your words have been censored here or elsewhere.

    But when you use inflammatory rhetoric such as this you’re going to be called out on it, plain and simple. Your argument is that because people object to your use of this derogatory term they are against the first amendment?

    The first amendment is not carte blanche to say anything at all WITHOUT repercussions. It gives you the right to speak your mind, but it also gives others that same right, including the right to object to language they find offensive, inflammatory or derogatory.

  58. 58 1george1

    Some things are seen better in retrospection.

    Especially when one is mixing it up in politics.

    Some things changed
    Some things S.O.P.

  59. 59 1george1

    What did NAZI’s do that people in U S government didn’t do
    to american indians and black slaves?

    Burning down homes and teepees killing women & children
    wantonly …… Yes human creamatoriums to the living is worse
    yet comparable.

    The Atomic bombs actually killed less people than some of the
    British and American Fire Bombing of German & Japanese cities,
    and yes Germans & Japanese also bombed civilians.

    The FBI could tell all about MLK jr marriage infedelity, yet they
    were invisible when he was murdered on the anniversary of DR.
    MLK Jr coming out against the War in Vietnam.

    Congress / Senate / Judicial / Executive are not the same as local
    Democrats and Rebublicans who believe in a Democratic Republic,
    yet have allowed NAZI like characters to PLUNDER AMERICA.

    GRADERS …..

    Remarkable coincidence of a cultivated elector?

    Saddam HUSSEIN
    Barack HUSSEIN Obama

    Osama Bin Ladan,
    Obama, Barack H.

    Eisenhower predicted Military Industrial Complex
    His VP Nixon – created TAPES proving existance

    Nixon opened CHINA
    Nixon appointed G H W Bush to Ambassador CHINA + UN + CIA head

    A Bush or Clinton has had access to every Cabinet Meeting since 1981
    GHWB – 8 year VP under Reagan
    GHWB – 4 year Pres
    Clinton – 8 year Pres
    GWB – Cheney – 8 year disgrace
    H Clinton Sec State

    It hat time the standard of living for working american has gone
    backwards with lost Benefits, lower pay, worse jobs, no jobs,
    and the inflated housing placed many under water.

    I predict attack on Iran Feb 23, 2012 or March 22, 2012
    I made that known at Town Council Meeting Feb 13

    Frank Esposito died Feb 23, 2011
    Sylvia died Feb 23, 2010
    Hugh Catalano died Feb 26, 2009
    Ed Hargus died Feb 22-23, 2006

    My dad died Dec 22, 1976
    My paternal uncle died Sept 23, 1997
    My paternal uncle born “Oct 12,” 1916
    My maternal uncle died “Oct 12,” 1986

    Anyone believe if I care and/or prove to be wrong about
    an new World War?

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