Lies and Campaign Lies


Norko's promise

Recently, many local journalists (mostly The Star) have decried the tone of the debates. They claim (mostly the Star) that the three candidates that are not named “Miron” are constantly attacking the mayor. Coincidentally, that is the same thing James R. Miron whines about. OK, so maybe it’s not that big of a coincidence since the Star prints anything Miron tells them to.

In reality, fully half of any comment that Miron makes is an attack on John Harkins. For some reason, he doesn’t even respond to Costello or Mulligan. How many times did you hear, if you were there, Miron come to a screeching halt during his comment to say, “But let me go back to Harkins….”?

In this year’s campaign no lie has been small enough to exclude for James R. Miron. The most often repeated lies are dispelled here:
Lesser lies, like those about Loschiavo, are posted throughout the site.

The question about the tone of the campaign is this: What did you expect?

There has been almost no limit to Miron’s pandering either. From $40,000 worth of flowers (in October alone), to road work in the second district, to trips to the Big E, to “finding funding” for senior transportation, to the last minute purchase of firefighting equipment and vehicles, to the claims of lowering taxes, to the use of appointed staff to receive “awards”. And that’s on the positive side.

On the Dark Side (Miron’s favorite) there are extermination (his word, not mine) threats to his own party’s Council candidate (which only hurts both candidates in the 3rd district), the use of town employees and resources for campaign purposes, dishonoring the police and firefighters unions (how dare they not support Miron for all he hasn’t done for them), and of course the never-ending negative fliers about Harkins.

No matter which candidate you support, your candidate cannot allow half truths, lies and…well…whoppers to stand unchallenged. In fact, there have been several jaw-dropping moments where the challengers seemed dazed by the blatancy of the lies.

The latest lie is posted below. But there are three days left until election. We assume there is plenty of time left for more.

(What to look for: we predict the CT Post will not endorse Miron. They will endorse Harkins (like everyone else). They will have good reasons too. The point to remember is that 4 years ago, they supported Miron. They changed their minds. Why?)

Tax reduction forecast after revaluation

Written by John Kovach
Friday, 30 October 2009 14:23

Finance Director John Norko and Mayor James R. Miron announced Friday that the residential tax burden would be relived once the current revaluation is completed.

Preliminary indications show that the average homeowner would see a reduction of 3.25%, or $185, in their property taxes.

Data released during a press conference in Miron’s office showed that slightly less than 4% of real property taxes would shift to industrial and commercial properties.

The breakdown for fiscal 2010 is 83.26% residential, 16.74% commercial. For fiscal 2011, the forecast is 80.57% residential, 19.43% commercial.

Motor vehicle and personal property taxes were not included in the calculations.

Norko stated at Monday’s (four whole days ago) Special Town Council Meeting that no data was received by the Town and that he did not anticipate any data until Middle of November. Was he lying to us then or now? The 2011 tax rates will be determined by the Mayor/Town Council next May so it’s impossible to determine what the tax burden will be. Did he account for the deferred raises Miron gave?

What could possibly be John Norko’s (Miron Campaign Donor) motivation for making this outlandish statement 3 days before the election?

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Honest to goodness, is it Tuesday yet?

  2. 2 1george1

    The WICC program tonight was 28 minutes out fof 1 hour.
    They have traffic, news, and commercials.
    Questions were asked by Jim Buchannon, Erin Holroyd (?)
    and Nick (??)
    Jim was WICC host.
    Erin & Nick are with Fairfield County Weekly.

    Jim, John, Dom, and I split the time after the questions.
    There really was insufficient time.

    I feel we ganged up on Jimmy.

    I felt obigated to point out he inherited many problems
    cause by Dicks Miron & Burturla and their supporters
    and their counterparts in the Republican party.

    I had a (Mark Twain) line prepped, but was not able to fit it in:

    “There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and Dick and Jim Miron
    political talking points and counter points.”

    Or something to that effect.

    Catherine Zuraw of the CT. POST asked me who I would back,
    if I wasn’t backing myself?
    I refused to back another.

    Tonight Jim Buchanon asked the same question.
    I told him I wished we could vote none of the above.

    He pressed the issue, I told him I was voting for myself
    and could not endorse anyone else.

    He pressed the issue further quaifying the question.
    I can not back Jim or John, because who back them.
    I honestly believe the same people back Dom.

    THE ONLY REGRET I HAVE on any statement in the ENTIRE
    PROCESS, is being a nice guy and answering the question
    the way it was asked, instead of being the politician.

    I gave a qualified endorsement of Dom.
    It does not make any difference.
    It will be twisted.
    I regret not sticking to my position.

    I do not dislike Dom, Jim. or John.
    But I HATE POLITICS and what it has done to the USA!

  3. 3 1george1

    I did score some damning points in that Jim Miron & Rich Burturla
    only were against the HANNEY contract, and NEVER presented their
    version. (I do not believe it exists.)

    Mr. Mayor – Where is YOUR VISION, YOUR PLAN for SHAKESPEARE?

    & PLAN for SHAKESPEARE, instead of rattling off talking point negatives?

    I pointed out the Hanney terms were very similar to the M. O. U.
    (Memorandum Of Understanding) between Norm’s TEAM STRATFORD # 1
    and th ARMY aboug SEPT 2000.

    It was prepared by Dick Burturla and signed by Barnhart

    About 2003, Gavin exposed the HANNEY and Fish & Wild Life TRUST
    like TERMS in the M. O. U. for AVCO
    – $ 11 Million total cost for AVCO
    – $ 4 Million initial cost
    – $ 7 Million to be paid over $ 15 years, at NO INTEREST

    Hey somebody wake up GAVIN and ask him to concur or deny, and at
    least comment, since this season he is back to being a Republican &
    pretending to be against Jimmy Miron…. 😉

    Allegedly Same M.O.
    Strike 1 – AVCO – TEAM STRATFORD M. O. U.
    Strike 3 – L B W – > TRUST – > FISH & WILD LIFE

    Allegedly Same M. O.
    Strike 1 – AVCO TEAM STRATFORD # 1 – Aaron Hochman – Willinger – Norm
    Strike 2 – AVCO TEAM STRATFORD # 1 – Montyposilico – Willinger – Norm
    Strike 3 – AVCO TEAM STRATFORD # 3 – Area 51 – Willinger – Norm

    Allegedly Same M. O.
    Strike 1 – SHAKESPEARE – S. F. T. CONTRACT – Lou Burke
    Strike 2 – SHAKESPEARE – K. K. P. CONTRACT

    Have Stratford Tax Payers been whiffing, without a “HIT?”

  4. 4 phineast

    I loathe the people that warp the politics-you see George, it’s the people that give both the bad and the good life- the people that follow jimmy aren’t really people, they are sheeple–like sheep being lead to the slaughter their only concern is the feeding trough. sheeple aren’t a very smart lot that is very very clear. The current sheeple leader, Jimmy is a very desperate man and is absolutely panicing as is Dom-too bad for Dom, as I though that he might be above Jimbo syle politics.
    I’ll be sticking with the white hatters for the time being-we definately need them to save the day. You are one of the white hatters, just not the lead one-both you and John are the good guys, Jimmy is not, and Dom has absolutely nothing to show us, which in and of itself is suspect.
    You hate what politics has done to the USA, I hate what Miron has done to Stratford and the people that live here.

  5. 5 1george1


    I suspect you know where we agree (mostly)
    and disagree (on who some white hats are).

    I am down from the debate and knowing the
    people will get what they deserve.

    Thank you for the props.

    I will hit the sack, watching Numb3rs.

    Have a nice night.

  6. 6 cstratct


    The Arts Commission provided an opinion in April of 2008 prior to the selection of the current developer. Much like the requirements of the RFP, the commission’s opinion was disregarded.

    Here’s the document we presented to the council in April, 2008:

    The “version” of the contract that you’re referring to can be found in the margins of the previous versions. The deleted portions (i.e. the performance bond issue, ticket surcharges, etc.)

    I’ve been nothing but respectful toward you this entire time, but your criticisms with respect to myself, the Arts Commission and the Shakespeare Theatre are off-base.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Do you only search the keyword “theater” on this site?

  8. 8 gforrester

    Ask not what Stratford can do for you but what you can do for Stratford.

    My Fellow Citizens;

    On November 3rd we as a community can unite together to remove the darkness that has shrouded our community. We have lived for the last four years under the tyrannical rule of our current Mayor who, by his actions, seems to care more about his public image than the image of Stratford. His way or the highway rule of governing brings back dark memories of times gone by where Lords ruled the land and citizens existed to provide labor and goods to the Kingdom. Like our forefathers before us we need to make a stand against such a feudal system and band together in the common cause of electing someone who will rid the darkness, bath us in sunshine, and lead us into a gentler time. John Harkins alone cannot be our savior, but we as a people can and must save ourselves, for if we fail, our beloved community fails. We must ask ourselves have we done all that we could to rid ourselves of the tyranny that exists today? Have we, like the Minutemen in Concord and Lexington, taken a stand to change the course of history or are we to become like sheep, led astray by a cloaked man with dogs barking at our heals? Most of the readers of this blog are not public people; just concerned citizens that care about the community for which they live, tired of seeing the good name of Stratford blasted in the headlines of the news for misstep after misstep. From the memories of the tobacco chewing, gun toting leader of our community, to the Mark Haddad hiring and subsequent resignation, to four human resource directors in four years, three fire chiefs, three public works directors (one acting), two town clerks, two police chiefs et et et, all that is missing is a partridge in a pear tree and you have the nightmare before Christmas. Add the hiring of political associates to municipal positions, outside investigations, and setting an example for our public school students by calling the Superintendent of schools “sleazy”. I ask you how many more injustices do we need to suffer before we as a people say enough is enough?

    So good people of Stratford I ask you have you done all that you could. Have you placed that lawn sign, volunteered to make calls, spoken to your relatives, friends, neighbors, and spread the word that change is on the horizon. Together we can raise our voices on November 3rd and say that “we’re mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore” Rise up, speak up, vote – vote – vote, and let your voices be heard and let us lead ourselves to salvation.

    Thank you and God bless you all.

  9. 9 nomoreyears

    A long time ago a man was elected as governor to the state of Arkansas. That man had a tumultuous time serving in his first term as governor. He was hot headed, arrogant, and didn’t listen to the needs of his constituents. He was not elected for a second term. Having realized his mistakes, this man changed his ways, he listened to his constituents, and matured.

    I originally thought the current mayor would eventually learn that his way of managing the office was ineffective like Bill Clinton did. I thought that this mayor sooner or later would learn how to share, be compassionate, and treat his co-workers with dignity and respect. Eventually, I kept hoping Jim Miron would learn the simple human emotion of humility. I thought wrong. Jim Miron is a child stuck in a man’s body. He is incapable of change and is only capable of lying to hold on to his office. His mud slinging tactics only show his true colors.

    Two years ago, IF Jim Miron showed some humility, apologized to the voters, and dumped Burtula, and his father he may have had a shot this Tuesday.

  10. 10 phineast

    Gavin- what an excellent and truthful letter. It is up to the people now, Miron has spewed more lies in the last week than I thought was humanly possible. Right behind Miron and his lies, is Dominic with his lying and manipulative letter that went out, which was absurd. I know of more independents and dems that are voting for Harkins and have been supporting Harkins from the get go whose numbers at the very least are equal to the total republican roster. The INDEPENDENTS believe that Dom is the spoiler and is a hypocrit because he is doing what he lambasted Best and O’Brien for in the last election. People don’t trust hypocrits. People don’t trust liars.
    People do trust John Harkins.

  11. 11 phineast

    nomore-You are right about Miron being a child stuck in a man’s body…I haven’t met an adult that is as impulsive, immature and lacking in responsible behavior and actions that is allowed to walk the streets, let alone run a town, as likes of Jimmy. He was and is an embarrassment to the residents of Stratford and if people want 4 more years of lies, nepotism, cronyism and abuses we will have Miron. In all honestly the only people that I have seen that are supporting Jimmy are the ones collecting a check-and many of them don’t live in town. I can tell you this, if he gets in, I know of more than 1,000, yes that is correct, I said 1,000 homes that will be going on the market for the spring season. people will move out of town before having to deal with 4 more years of corruption.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “Miron has spewed more lies in the last week than I thought was humanly possible.”

    Don’t give him that much credit. He has Kent Miller and Heather Habelka working full time on it.

  13. 13 1george1

    CT or Chris.

    The ARTS COMMISSION is appointed by JIM.
    The ARTS COMMISSION have some fine and well intentioned people on it,
    including your self.


    Burturla did a very similar MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
    with the AVCO – TEAM STRATFORD conveyance in 2000, created by
    Dick Burturla and signed by Mark Barnhart. (GAVIN help!)

    The L. B. W. = TRUST, eventual payment is a canard.
    There are soooo many options to get this done and gain more for

    In my opinion Burturla has used Shakespeare, AVCO, Airport, Raymark,
    and more as a Billing vehicle. Chris, you are fixated on the contract’s
    inanities, and do not have the life experience to understand or believe
    BOTH certain Republicans and Democrats have motive to lie to people like

  14. 14 1george1



    I have to prep for Holloween and will go back and read it and answer.

    EDITOR on using OBSCURE and/or HISTORIC REFERENCES to confuse
    your READERS? 8)

    Now I know how the others feel, when trying to figure our my posts! 😉


    Oh Gavin, I would LOVE to SPEND an afternoon picking your thoughts
    on who is who in the ZOO.

    It does seem your dislike of Jim and Jon is real, unlike many of the acts
    on the Council stage? 🙂

  15. 15 mikereynolds

    I listened to WICC yesterday to hear the candidates. It wasn’t what I expected. I was hoping for callers to ask the candidates questions and I was hoping for more than an hour. WICC has such popular syndicated programs that they can’t devote 2 hours to a local election?

    I will give credit where credit is due. George you came across very well. You don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning but you comported yourself very well.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Dom Costello didn’t do himself any favorites. He came across as one of Tony Soprano’s crew. The way he spoke, the tone of his voice, the picture in mind’s eye of that terrible hair piece, and his utter lack of any substantive solutions to Stratford’s many problems makes him a poor debater and a poor candidate. He claims he’s “going to get the Raymark waste out of Stratford.” Great, exactly how? You’re just going to bully the EPA and DEP to move it? Just like that?

    Miron and Harkins battled each other as expected. Harkins coming across as sincere and Miron lying as always.

  16. 16 mikereynolds

    **posters note:

    **On the other end of the spectrum, Dom Costello didn’t do himself any FAVORS.

  17. 17 cstratct

    George, you better quit while you’re behind.

    Please don’t presume to know what my life experiences are or what I’m aware or not aware of with regard to politics or life in general.

    I’m aware of a lot more then you think.

    And I’m not sure how you’re using the word canard, but the contract is much more than a fabrication. It was approved and supported by a majority of the current town council. There is still talk among some that the current council can get the contract signed before the current council vacates, so until this council is done and the contract is definitely dead, I take nothing for granted.

  18. 18 cstratct


    This is the issue I’ve invested a significant amount of time reviewing and researching. As for the election and issues surrounding it, I have my opinions and beliefs just like everyone else here. The perspective here is obvious. I’m not going to engage in the tit-for-tat that occurred on topix. No one is going to change anyone else’s mind at this point. Honestly it’s not worth it.

  19. 19 ddbess

    I agree 100% EXCEPT for finding the money for the fire department vehicles. He says that he found the money, BUT the finance director (Miron appointee) will NOT ALLOW the FD to purchase 2 NEW demo pumpers for the amount alotted (**SAVING THE TAXPAYERS WELL OVER $100,000**). So Mr. Mayor, is this another one of your 1/2 truths, telling the citizens of Stratford what you think they want to hear about what a great (?) job your doing OR just an all out LIE?
    Prove that you speak the truth! Monday morning, personally deliver the signed purchase order to the Deputy Chief at the FD so that the 2 pumpers can be purchased! Its time to PROVE yourself!!

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “I’m not going to engage in the tit-for-tat ”

    That’s sad. When the topic is “Not Miron” we tend to agree.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “personally deliver the signed purchase order to the Deputy Chief at the FD so that the 2 pumpers can be purchased! Its time to PROVE yourself”

    Really, what is the difference? He’s had four years to prove himself. The day before the election only proves that he’ll do anything to get re-elected.

    We already knew that.

  22. 22 cstratct


    That’s true. You know where I stand and vice versa. I certainly don’t agree with everything the Mayor has done over the last four years. I attended the debate at Christ’s Church. While Harkins may be a very nice man, I didn’t hear solutions from him. I heard plenty of attacks but very little substance with respect to his positions. He seems to be running his campaign similar to Ned Lamont’s. It’s fine for a candidate to tell everyone what he/she is not or what he/she is against, but at some point the candidate also has to say what he/she is for.

    I’m at the point where all the back and forth with respect to the election will get us nowhere. The election is this coming week and we’ll know there things are headed after that. I just hope that regardless of the outcome the rhetoric is toned down considerably. Our elections (federal, state and local) seem to be growing increasingly devisive and antagonistic. They’re more about attacks then agendas.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    We agree that it is very late in the game to change anyone’s mind.

    The important thing now is for everyone to actually vote.

    I personally believe that the attacks, accusations, vengeance and retributions will come to an abrupt halt after Harkins is elected.

    As for Harkins positive messages which I have posted , I agree that they have been drowned out by attacks from Miron and Costello (Dom, I am really surprised at some of your nasty tactics lately). It seems they both know who the front runner is.

    George has tried his best to expose some of the corrupt practices of the past. Thanks, George.

  24. 24 mikereynolds

    The CT Post Editorial Board has given Dom Costello their endorsement for Mayor. It is clear that they are insane. All I can think of is “consider the source”. They endorsed Miron in 2005, look where that got us.

  25. 25 pcsperling

    Mike ~

    I couldn’t agree more. That was my exact thought when I saw that they endorsed Costello. I only hope that other Stratford voters think like us – they’re not all that good at picking the good guys!

    OMG, we’re really down to the wire here and I’m hoping and praying that it’s definitely not Miron again, and hoping and praying that the people see through all the BS and realize that Harkins is the man for the job.

    The CT Post is right about one thing – we need a mayor who will work with all – not just their respective parties. I believe John Harkins proved that when he was on the Town Council (I have read and heard that he wasn’t a party-puppet then either).

  26. 26 ddbess

    Hey Jez,
    That was said because THE FD REALLY NEEDS THE 2 PUMPERS!

    Due to his hand picked cronies, the FD still hasn’t received at least 1 new pumper from a bid process that started well over a year ago!

    How much of the taxpayer’s money has been wasted with numerous investigations conducted by friends & associates of Miron, his not too intelligent Human Resources director, a consultant from New York that knows more about the fire apparatus needed in the Town of Stratford than the fire fighters themselves (had 2 tries at it, first result had only 2 bidders respond, both over budget & second try produced a few more responces that were way over the budget) AND this isn’t even considering the cost of running the former fire chief out of his job.

    Now, the FD has a chance to buy 2 (TWO) pumpers that will fit the needs of the FD and allow them to have spares available 24 hrs. a day to replace front line equipment that goes out of service for repairs or maintenance and the town will not have to BORROW A TRUCK FROM MILFORD AGAIN.

    ALSO, buying these 2 now would SAVE the taxpayers between $100,000 to close to $175,000.

  27. 27 cstratct


    The post you referred to gives the what but not the how.

    It’s great to want to make all these things happen. The important question is how he’s going to make all this happen. I don’t hear or see any of that.

    He’s going to negotiate a fair deal for the Theatre, great. What does that entail? What portions of the contract does he see as unfair to the town? Does he even support Hanney as the developer? What about the contract would he re-negotiate?

    As for the other issues. How does he plan to work with the BOE? What does that mean exactly? Since neither the Mayor or Town Council have any say over what the BOE does, how is he going to affect positive change?

    As I said I’m interested in the how. How will the candidate (any candidate) make change happen? We don’t get much of that from any candidate, federal, state or local anymore.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    You asked for a positive message.

    As for tactics, I believe it’s called “consensus”. We have seen what happens with a mayor who completely lacks any sort of consensus. The mayor is only a part of government, not all of it.

    For whatever reason, Miron cannot seem to share credit with his own department heads and certainly not with the Council.

    Maybe we just need less drama. I believe John Harkins is the best suited to achieve consensus. Among Council members and taxpayers.

    As for the BOE, I was referring to the physical plant which is the Town’s responsibility. I have even less doubt that with Forrester, Crudo and Lindberg on the BOE our children will benefit greatly. I only wish there were BOE debates as well.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “The CT Post Editorial Board has given Dom Costello their endorsement for Mayor.”

    It was one of the weakest endorsements I had ever read. It is befuddling why they would choose Costello over Mulligan. Nothing has changed since the last time Dom ran. He lost then too. Dom is as divisive as any candidate that has ever run.

    But then again, the Post has always been a Bridgeport paper, not a Stratford paper. Maybe they figure Bridgeport would do better with Dom? Who knows? It’s just weird.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “That was said because THE FD REALLY NEEDS THE 2 PUMPERS!”

    I understand your point. You guys needed the pumpers two YEARS ago, not now. But yes, if I were you I would take them anyway I could get them. Everyone not named “Miron” understands that lives are more important than votes.

  31. 31 1george1

    Mike and Jeze – Thank you for the props.

    I enter the race to be an attack dog / guard dog / watch dog in the
    tradition of the great ED “BEEFY” HARGUS, the patron saint of seniors.

    ED (Deceeased Feb 22, 2007) gave me an UNBEATABLE COMPLIMENT.
    ED called me his son.

    I wanted to get Diane Buda or Ralph Nader or surrogate to run for
    Mayor, because I am against the people who control the D + R
    Town Committees. (I do not see John Harkins standing up to them
    and if he wins, it will be Kelly or Florek as Town Attorney with our
    Milford friends still skimming come of the creme.)

    PCS – $ 5 to your favorite charity if I am wrong, if Harkins wins.
    $ 5 to my favorite charity if I am correct if Harkins wins.

    I believe $ 5 is well below Ethics Complaint and neither of intends
    to profit. It is just to accentuate a point!
    If it is illegal or unethical, then I rescind my offer & I defer to PCS

    I consider anyone who has been on a town council, town commission,
    town attorney office or state / federal attorney as same / same.

    I understand
    frank blando is lou decilio’s uncle
    kurt ahlberg is matt catalano’s uncle – gerrimander 3rd District ?
    kevin williams is kevin kelly’s bro-law
    jim miron + joe kubec were on CRC # 1
    jen hillgen was District # 1
    kent miller was District # 10, ex-town attorney, & paid by miron
    TA office.
    Tim Bishop was ex-town attorney, & firm paid by miron TA office.
    barry knott is ex-town attorney & paid by miron TA office
    tom cotter worked for Berchem, is ex-town attorney, & paid by,
    miron TA office
    ben proto + jon august were on CRC # 2
    kurmay does business with burturla & paid by Miron
    t-berry was burturla’s town attorney

    also paid by miron – burturla town attorney office

    robinson cole
    sousa & stone
    murphy karpie
    bump, strausse, hauer &


    zeedles, needle, cooper
    pullman comley
    day pitney
    levi droney


  32. 32 1george1

    ct – I do not presume to know anything about your ability or past.

    I do know miron burturla NEVER presented their version of their
    negotiations of the Shakespeare contract. NEVER – NEVER

    Al they presented was talking points against what the council
    voted to ratify.

    I do not believe it is viable.
    However CT is correct in that until Hanney contract dies ……

  33. 33 1george1

    The delay in pumpers ad Public Safety issues “happens” to work to
    Dominec’s favor.

    A couple people in both parties told me a year ago, they believed
    things were set up to have Dom win.

    If the Town Council wanted the pumpers as a safety issues, the ONE
    person who should have had that as a PRIORITY would be FEEHAN,
    wouldn’t it?

    Who else gave specific plans, instead of platitudes, about any solutions
    besides George Mulligan?

    Who else identified specific problems, instead of generalities, about any
    situations, besides George Mulligan?

    Mike and others, maybe you do not like my solutions or have the same
    priorities I do as describing something as a problem … however who of
    the others gave specifics about anything, which was not common
    knowledge ???

  34. 34 genericscreename

    Et Al:

    All I can say after reading this string is God help all of us. If in fact it is correct that the CTPost has endorsed Costello, then it was done (in my humble opinion) to do nothing further then take votes away from Harkins.

    I would suspect that those who would vote for George or Costello, who are aligned with a political party would then be casting a protest vote, and those who are not aligned with a party who vote for George or Costello, are doing the same.

    It is all about credentials, experience and integrity. As far as I can tell, all of the above only apply to Harkins,( as I believe he is the only one with integrity and is not on medication) as the rest have a long way to go in my opinion to walk in John Harkins shoes.

    I look forward to calling John, “Mr. Mayor”

  35. 35 cstratct


    There were numerous versions of the contract that coincided with ongoing negotiations. The parties involved wouldn’t present two different contracts, that would serve no logical purpose.

    As I said earlier, you can review earlier versions of the contract and see the deleted portions from those versions. I pointed out the performance bond issue. It is clear who included the language and who deleted the language.

    It seems to me that one of the roles the Town Attorney would play in this particular situation is to provide recommendations to the Town Council regarding the contract.

    At this point I would like to see the contract resolution die at the end of this current council term as some have described. Wipe the slate clean and start over.

  36. 36 1george1

    I am a protest vote.
    People will vote for me, who would not vote for anyone else.
    Watch, where most of my votes come from and who it is likely
    to take votes from?

    Dom and his people walked door to door to many places.
    Dom is a former Bridgeport Police and I always said he is
    part of the same crew. Just a little difficult to tie him in.

  37. 37 1george1


    You are not dumb.

    However you are completely overlooking that the MAYOR and TOWN
    ATTORNEY NEVER came out with their version of the contract NOR
    dod they have to defend it.

    Instead they worked with their partners in the Republican Party.

    Let me repeat that for EFFECT:

    Instead they worked with their partners in the Republican Party.
    to create a contract NO ONE COULD DEFEND!

    They did the same thing in the PAST in the 2000 AVCO M.O.U.

    You are so wrapped up in the minutia of the bad contract, you
    completely miss the point, NO ONE EVER INTENDED to create a
    GOOD CONTRACT and try to sell it to the PUBLIC.

    To me, that suggests the Democrats and Republicans will be

    It will NOT be thrown to me.

    I have always blogged

  38. 38 1george1

    The are lies, damn lies, statistics, and stratford politican posturing,
    especially by the Mirons/B UTTER NUTS.

    NO AFFIRMATIVE PLAN for SHAKESPEARE on economic developement,
    from the State or Feds or Town
    NO BLUEPRINT for AVCO on economic developement, from the State
    or Feds or Town
    AIRPORT purchase, went from Stratford owning to joint venture,
    with NO SPECIFICS on economic benefits
    developement, from the State or Feds or Town.

    Miron lied about the past.
    We all had to counter the B.S.
    I tried to put forward some alternatives with some specifics and
    some overview, with REASON or/and CAUSE for doing these.

    A prior post was not “about me” but about what was not talked
    about, like ptorvying the Town Charter grandfather rights,
    specific ways to be more transparent,
    specific ways to increase revenue ASAP
    specific ways to cust costs ASAP
    specific ways to help Businesses, low/finxed income, minorities,
    vets, seniors, familiies and individuals.

    How much did Miron, Harkins, or Dom give on specifics?

    What specifics did they give?

    We need to do something with
    Raymark waste
    INCREASE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – sure add a director to study
    the stuff to death.

    While Miron wildly exaggerated his accomplishments and ommitted
    his father & Burturla’s role in delaying solutions, he had a plan and
    a list.

    What was Dom’s plan?
    I am in this because I love you?
    I spent $ 50,000 of my money last time and this time?
    You the people… blah blah
    I can lead. Who?
    The Town Council and the Board of Ed picked by Miron-Burturla
    and Kelly-Florek-Norm-Lou- Cabrol

    What was Harkins plan?
    The Democrats control the legislature.
    We passed a recent law that did not clean up Raymark in 2001
    We are doing x, y, z, on the RR Station, andMiron is lying and
    stealing my thinder, because a Mayor is part of an Executive
    and the Legislature can only pass laws and raise / spend money.
    John is a nice guy, but what did he acoomplish?

    Take away the platitutes and rhettoric, and what are the plans of
    My plans are NOT NEAT.
    They may or may not work.

    But I gave specifics.

  39. 39 ronmoreau

    Genetic wrote,

    ” I would suspect that those who would vote for George or Costello, who are aligned with a political party would then be casting a protest vote, and those who are not aligned with a party who vote for George or Costello, are doing the same.”


    I agree. The Connecticut post Endorsed Richard Miron for town council in 1989. Endorsed Jim Miron 4 years ago and is now endorsing Costello? I suspect the has Bridgeports best interest at heart and not Stratfords.

    John Harkins has a track record of tirelessly SERVING Stratford in many,many ways over the years. I can not say the same for ANY of the other Mayoral Candidates.

    A protest vote will only split the vote AGAIN. Leaving us with 4 more years of Jim Miron. Shame on all of us if this happens again.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “I look forward to calling John, “Mr. Mayor””

    I look forward to calling John, “John”. He’s just not the type to smear his name all over everything. I have always thought that if you can’t remember who the mayor is, you’ve got much bigger problems.

  41. 41 1george1

    I believe the CT POST has Bridgeport’s best interest at Heart
    and like everyone else outside of Stratford people, including
    most of both parties Town Commissttees ***** Stratford.

    I want the PROTEST VOTE.
    As many as I can get.
    It would send a message.
    It would be phenominal to get 1,000 votes
    To Win MAYOR would be unbelieveable – I am not holding my breath.
    I know how & who counts votes.

    Even if I get 2 votes again, The $ 500 bucks I spent, along with prep for
    7 Debates / Meet Candidates = 6 Mayoral + SaveStratford Council 1 + 3 + 4
    was worth the time and effort to make people aware of ISSUES and the

    No GAVIN, I am not referring to LONGBOOK PARK.

    Not calling GAVIN names I refer to others, but he did not STAND UP to
    what I believe are the best interests of Stratford.
    We all are entitled to our own beliefs,
    I hope in 20 years or even 5 years, GAVIN does not have nightmares about
    what was done to Stratford the past 25 years & the next 5 years.

    I honestly see no difference between te 3 candidates, due to people
    I KNOW are behind JIM + JOHN and antedotal evidence indicates are
    behind DOM.

    What do they STAND FOR?
    What were THEIR VISIONS for Stratford’s future?
    What are their REVENUE SOLUTIONS?
    What are their specific ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POSITIONS compared
    to my building up to 4 stories and moving brownfield companies to the
    GREEN Industrial / Commercial Condos and limiting AVCO / AIRPORT to
    60 feet high.
    What are their visions like about a need to replace Stratford HS?
    What specifically will they do for seniors, vets, low income, families,
    business & families – Even thou Miron lied – he did s o m e “stuff” and
    had specific accomplishments and to – do
    What is their PENSION position and solutions.

    So much more.

    I never claimed to speak for anyone but myself. & took no money, with
    very little help to minimize reprisal while will come.?

  42. 42 jezebel282


    While your heart is true, your tactics are false.

    A “protest” vote, whether for Costello or yourself, will cause more harm than any positive achievement.

    Remember Florida and Nader? The result was George W. Bush. How many thousands died as a result of that “protest” vote?

    No. If you really wish to protest the last four years of corruption, incompetence, nepotism and ego the most effective way is to vote for John Harkins tomorrow.

  43. 43 sudds

    Sorry George… I can’t risk another 4 years of Moron by tossing you my “protest vote”!!!

    BUT… I WILL vote for you for Council! And it will have NOTHING to do with protesting!!!

  44. 44 sudds

    PS… the shirt and tie (instead of sweatpants) MAY be enough to seal my case in swinging Mrs. Sudds’ vote for Council to the Mulligan column too!!!

  45. 45 1george1

    I appreciate the compliments I received in this string from
    Phineast – Jeze – Mike Reynolds (major surprize to both of us?) 🙂
    Sudds & others

    Chris & I had miscommunications. It’s good.

    Gavin had interesting post.
    It appears Gavin is being given foundations to replace Harkins, who
    I believe has been & likely will be using his Mayoral experience for
    his Appraisal Business, as part of the reason for going to Hartford &
    back to continue to ruin Stratford, for profit.

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