Town Website or Campaign Brochure?


Not for Sale

We were wrong. There is always a new low Miron tries to reach. These are two of them:

rape of landscape 002rape of landscape 003

Keep those anonymous emails coming:

Mayor James R. Miron was sighted again yesterday and today abusing taxpayer funds and property…….he was seen in many places around town putting out his own campaign signs and pestering residents as he begged for votes door to door using his taxpayer financed vehicle that burns taxpayer financed fuel.

Also, in a last great act of desperation his “pay to play” cronies were seen putting all of the extra (and there are many) “Miron for Mayor” signs that residents did not want littering their front yards; and instead vandalizing Town and State owned property with them in direct violation of the law!

This poses two questions-

#1 is he just trying to get rid of ALL his extra signs at his campaign headquarters to avoid the cost of a 20 yard dumpster on November 4th or is he so far behind that no law or shred of desency is worth consideration?
#2 is he in a panic and has to do the work himself because of dwindling volunteer support or does he just have nothing better to do than waste OUR gas and litter our property in retribution?

As readers drive around Stratford please remember your tax dollars will again pay to clean up another mess Jim made!

In yet another new low, Candidate Miron is using OUR Town Website to shamelessly promote his political agenda.

Let’s not be mistaken. Mayor Moron has his own website (look it up) and can promote himself to his heart’s delight. But the Town website is ours, we pay for everything on it and it should not be hijacked by a political campaign. It thoroughly insults residents and employees of the Town and diminishes the credibility of everything on it.

While you are mayor, Jimmy, you are mayor of all the people, not just your supporters. Take your garbage off our site!

List of political agenda items on the Town’s homepage:
Improvements made to the Police and Fire Departments during Mayor Miron’s Administration

Fire Chief’s Letter to the Editor in Response to Letter from Assistant Fire Chief Tom Murray

Mayor Jim Miron Response Opinion Editorial to Raymark Opinion Editorial by Tom Smith of “Save Stratford”

Mayor Jim Miron Response Opinion Editorial to Coucilman Mike Julian Regarding the Sikorsky Memorial Airport and Stratford Army Engine Plant


12 Responses to “Town Website or Campaign Brochure?”

  1. 1 1george1

    I had only 1 sign up, prior to Halloween, besides the 2 on my lawn.

    The one sign got stolen.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Quick! Hide it! You can use it again in 4 years.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Acts of desperation:

    There is not a vacant lot, foreclosed home or piece of Town property without a Miron sign on it. Miron must be confused, his father is no longer Democratic Registrar so deceased voters can’t vote anymore.

    John Buturla, Miron’s Chief of Police, has order the Stratford PD to arrest anyone taking these illegal signs down. We all know he should be ordering the PD to take the signs down and issue the DTC campaign a citation for littering. Odds of that happening?


  4. 4 sudds




  5. 5 ronmoreau


    I received a letter from the Zoning Department several weeks ago.

    The letter was a reminder of the zoning regulations concerning the placement of campaign signs.

    The zoning dept. was prompted so send the letter by Mirons CAO . Now the mayor is flaunting zoning regulations?

    I guess it goes to show you and I quote him,

    ” I’m the Mayor and I can do what the F#%@ I want.”

    Talk about an egomaniac.

  6. 6 phineast

    Interesting, I wonder what exactly is allowed by law and what is disallowed, anyone have the statutes or ordinances?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Ron knows. It’s kinda his job.

    I know! You can call Rich Buturla and have him advise Miron to tell his brother, John, to take them down.

    Or…you can just vote for Harkins tomorrow.

  8. 8 ronmoreau


    Here you go. But I like Jezs’ suggestion the best.


    16.8.4 of the zoning regulations.

    Sign or signs for a political organization may be erected as follows:

    (a) the maximum total square footage of any sign shall not exceed 8 sq. ft. and shall be located on PRIVATELY OWNED land. Such signs are exempt from the permit requirements.

    There are also regulations regarding when signs can be placed and when they should be removed.

    Mr Lorentson says in his letter addressed to me,

    ” The portion of the regulation that has been most problematic is the requirement that all signs be on PRIVATE PROPERTY. This means that they should not be located between the sidewalk and the road, in the center esplanades or if there is not a sidewalk,they must be well back off the road to avoid the public area”

    he goes on to say,

    ” While I realize that supporters put up many signs, it is ultimately up to to make sure all your signs are on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Failure to do so will require that our office either move or remove the signs from public property.”

    Phin, I wonder if he sent one of these letters to the Mayor?

  9. 9 ronmoreau

    By the way Phin, both sign locations, in the photos above, are in violation of Stratfords zoning regulations.

  10. 10 phineast

    No worries about my vote…I was a smart voter last time and look what I (we) got stuck with…I will be smart again, I have faith all the fools from thelast election have smartened up as well, only time will tell.
    Ron-Thank you very much for the ordinance posting, at least we know for sure that there are violations going on, and maybe a ticket will be slapped on all the offenders campaign groups. The rules are the rules. The whole reason Miron is going to lose is he doesn’t follow rules, laws or contracts. Why would any one think that he would follow a simple thing such as a zoning rule. As for Harkins-I expect better of him-so he better make his people play by the rules. We need someone to finally be capable of leading by example, John has done a fine job so far at the state level, I know he will do even better on the local level-after all, his kids will be really watching him in addition to everyone else.
    Packed yet, Jim?

  11. 11 1george1


    I had about 40 signs. I painted MAYOR on my Town Council signs.
    I put them up Monday afternoon before the elections.
    I went to move them to the schools the afternoon of the elections.
    I am sure I goofed on placing signs.
    I lost 9 signs in less than 22 hours, moved most remaining signed.
    By 11 pm I picked up the remaining signs, losing at least 8 more.

    The Sunday CT. Post had a picture of me and my sign on dead center
    of page one.

    I got 86 votes
    Tony Ross had 666 votes

    Knowing “86” + “666” have connotations, I suspect the counts were
    not completely accurate. (Not that I or Tony would have won.)

  12. 12 1george1

    I wonder what kind of tree Stratford has as the symbol?
    I thought I saw an apple and a snake?

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