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                    Even after December 12th the residents and taxpayers of Stratford will be burdened by the symptoms of James R. Miron’s disastrous administration. These particular examples have violated the public trust on multiple occasions by lying to the public, lying to their own staff, participating in […]

All of which leads us to ask why “Chief” Cavanaugh finds it so necessary to lie to his own firefighters and to the public he is supposed to protect? Or is it because that’s the way he was trained in Waterbury?

We were struck by this article appearing in the Post: Term limits don’t stop Stratford political game of musical chairs By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 11/15/2009 10:52:59 PM EST STRATFORD — Like Major League baseball players who these days shuffle from team to team every year or so, after a municipal election in Stratford […]

High Notes


Asst Chief Murray was the first professional female firefighter in the State of Connecticut. We need not go into how difficult it was to break into that particular boy’s club. Not only did she succeed, she has done so on a continuing basis for 27 years. Soon to receive her Master’s degree, we can think of no better outcome for Stratford than the word “Assistant” being removed from her title. Note to male readers: Similarly, it is not allowed to call the FD and request assistance specifically from Asst Chief Murray.

Thank You!


Thank you to all the readers and posters on this blog. Your continuing support through these trials have meant a lot. But we can see no further reason to continue. We are confident that Mayor Harkins quiet competence will move Stratford in the right direction. We look forward to an era of openness and the […]



There is no doubt. This is a GOOD day for Stratford. OFFICIAL Results: Mayor John A. Harkins Republican 7,334 Mayor James R. Miron Democrat 3,912 Mayor Domenic R. Costello Petition Candidate 2,402 Mayor George E. Mulligan Petition Candidate 86 1st District – Town Council Christian M. Barnaby Republican 1,052 1st District – Town Council Richard […]


For months now, James R. Miron has been blaming the “Republican opposition” on the Council for every failure of his administration. This is hardly likely. The Charter that took effect on Dec 12th 2005 gave the mayor almost unlimited power. The Council is nearly powerless to stop any antic of the mayor. Witness the hiring […]

Vote? Who Me?


If you are reading this, you are already interested in the election and will probably vote. So no offense, but this isn’t directed to you. It is directed to your family, neighbors and friends. Four years ago, through a split vote, James R. Miron became the first mayor of Stratford in 350 years. He won […]