Vote? Who Me?


Do you really have to ask?

If you are reading this, you are already interested in the election and will probably vote. So no offense, but this isn’t directed to you. It is directed to your family, neighbors and friends.

Four years ago, through a split vote, James R. Miron became the first mayor of Stratford in 350 years. He won by the slimmest of pluralities with 66% of the voters voting for someone else.

And here we are again. You are probably thinking “See? My vote doesn’t matter.” Guess what? Four years ago, you were right. The choices were very poor. And most of us who voted for Miron (yes, I voted for Miron) believed the incredible lies he told. Not one lie, not two lies…but dozens of them

This time we have a choice and it’s a good one. We have the choice of steady, thoughtful, honest and responsible Town government or four more YEARS of…well…James R. Miron.

It will only take 15 minutes of your time to stop by your polling place and make that choice. So, to my readers (and there are hundreds of you) I am asking that you talk to your neighbors, friends and family and ask them to do something for themselves and go vote on Tuesday.

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