Bias? What Bias?


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Seriously, John Harkins is clearly the best candidate.

    He is the most likely to build a consensus within Stratford, stop the bleeding and heal the wounds.

  2. 2 1george1

    Please vote for GEORGE E. MULLIGAN

    I took NO donations = I owe NO special interest.

    My second most difficult initial task?
    Finding HONEST LAWYERS to serve at a SET PAY for Town Attorney
    and Asistants!

    My most difficult initial task?
    Finding HONEST LAWYERS to serve at a SET PAY for Town Attorney
    and Asistants, willing to fight the system, for the PUBLIC INTEREST!

    I am the only candidate to list the problems and suggested solutions.
    Here are a few:

    PROTECT your 1st Amendment process of Grandfather Rights of the
    Stratford Town Charter

    All Town and Education Meetings available to the PUBLIC would be
    available on the Web and prepared for # 12 – # 79 – # 8 – others.

    All Departments monthly expenses would be posted + justified,
    especially Town Attorneys.

    All Pension infomation, including Portfoli $$ #s, Pensions / Base Pay
    Excel info (minus birth dates), Fully Funding, contacts + signers info
    would be on the Web

    Increase access to Grants, Stimulus Money, Low Interest Loans for
    the Town, Education, Large Businesses & Condos / Apartment /
    Public Housing towards cost avoidance on Electricity and everrything

    List all Unfunded Mandates for past 20 years. Bill the State and Feds
    under the 9th Amendment + WRIT of MANDAMUS.
    – List Town Attorney & Committee Activity and Bill for abuses.

    Seek more SUPERFUND MONEY to clean up RAYMARK and comingle
    towards economic development issues.

    Seek economic development seed money and reform redevlopment
    to include GREEN ENERGY EFFICIENT 4 story Industrial and Commercial
    Condos. Have owners of single story machine shops and the like trade
    up to CLEAN and easier to maintain NEW CONDOS with reduced over
    head to run the business.

    4 story commercial condos and limit number of rsidential condos that
    include low income stock, with maximum occupancy restrictions.

    Subdivide Sikorsky to add jobs and property taxes

    Get minimum 12,000 jobs in AVCO with Industrial, Commercial, and Retail
    development with increased tidal elevation and 60 foot 4 story Business
    with ample parking. Fill in part of the Housatonic River to increase the

    The idea is to increase businesses, jobs, property tax base, and lower
    taxes, without discriminating unfairly.

    A set tax credet of a few hundred to seniors, low/fixed income, and vets
    helps the lowest income tax payer and/or smaller home people more then
    the McMansion, wealthier people.

    Whatever savings can be accrued by lowering bells and whistles of Health
    Insurance, Benefits, Premiums, and Pensions can be instant and phased
    in, whereas the political parties families are bankrupting the town with
    Pay, Benefits, Pensions, and more.

    There needs to be work done by the Unions to help with the real cause
    of the mess – federal & state & local political parties give away to BIG
    OIL and the FINANCIALS who have ALL small Business and workers hurting

    Without good paying jobs with benefits, like those enjoyed by the
    government employees, the average American will be in debtor prison
    of unpayable debt and lose homes and lose lives.

    A priority needs to be able to help people LEARN to EARN and put all
    willing workers in position to PROSPER, not survive.

    The Unions need to take a couple steps back to help the affordability
    in town, and protect THEIR LONG TERM BEST INTEREST.

    I believe the vast majority of Stratford Town and Education people are
    willing to make sacrifices, but NOT be played for SUCKERS.

    There is much more I can post

  3. 3 sudds

    George… why are you not working the poles!!!

  4. 4 sudds

    Oh dear… I’m going to vomit… I meant POLLS!!!

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Gee thanks for that image…

  6. 6 mikereynolds

    As of 9am there were 275 votes cast at Stratford High School.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    ****The CT Post is reporting that John Harkins is leading in absentee ballots.****

  8. 8 jezebel282


  9. 9 pcsperling

    Yeah! Let’s Go Harkins!

  10. 10 1george1

    Que Sera, Sera.

    You will all get what you deserve.

    A favorite line from Star Trek, from the “Spock” character
    and probably from Jewish philosophy:

    Getting what you want, and then finding afterwards things did
    not turn out the way you expected often happens.

    It is not logical.

    But it is true.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    This relates to the go Harkins

    The above was not nearly an exact quote.

    The original star trek related to spock having to go to his home
    world to take a bride, who was promised to him from youth.

    Spock roamed the universe.

    She wanted another Vulcan.

    She choose Captain Kirk to challenge Spock to life & death duel
    in order to marry her.

    If Kirk killed Spock, Kirk would not want her.
    Kirk would fly the Universe.
    She would get “stan.”

    If Spock killed Kirk, Spock would not want her.
    Spock would fly the Universe.
    She would still get “stan.”

    If Spock killed Kirk, and if Spock would want to marry her.
    Spock would fly the Universe, and she would have Spock’s title & land.
    She would still get “stan.”

    Spock credited her with flawless logic.
    Then spock gave “Stan” his blessing with the warning about the
    black widow mentality.

    Be careful what you wish for…..

  11. 11 1george1

    Kobayashi Maru

    Eureka Maru

    Ehime Maru

    USS Sea Devil

  12. 12 ronmoreau

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. We will know by 20:30.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Now, now George.

    You never expected to win, did you?

    We all respect you for the noble effort. There is a windmill out there with your name on it, George. Believe me.

  14. 14 addivdgruy

    There is a windmill out there with your name on it, George. Believe me.

    Windmill? Is that code for a nice quiet room with soft walls? I didn’t see anything in that post other than paranoia, misunderstanding of the constitution, private information violations, hand outs, and oh yeah, windmills.
    And I don’t care if it’s the internet. If you can’t take the time to spell correctly and put together a paragraph that wouldn’t embarrass a third grader then don’t expect someone to take you seriously for a job at McDonald’s, never mind the mayor of a town.

  15. 15 mikereynolds

    Initial reports show its Harkins by a large margin….News12 and CT Post are the sources.

  16. 16 greghousemd

    John Harkins was just declared winner on News 12.

  17. 17 1george1

    Even T-Boone gave up windmills.

    Sometimes a windmill IS a windmill….
    Sometimes a cigar is a cigar

    And yet if the windmills have been tilted,
    or built on faulty foundations,
    or rigged to misdirect power
    or lack infrastructure or supplies to properly deliver.

    The good news is many people who have known Harkins
    a long time tell me Harkins is a decent guy who means well.
    > Then there are some … who claim he is a sell out?
    We will be finding out … soon.

    It appears as though we have the same supporting cast?


    Then there is something spelling itself “addivdgruy”

    “If you can’t take the time to spell correctly”

    A D D I V D G R U Y



    “deaths near appeal deates”
    “series of peoples auto accidents”
    “slashed tire”
    “going postal environment, decade before going mIRON CURTAIN?”

    misunderstanding of the constitution

    “interpretation pro-9th Amendment and not FASCISM?”

    “I guess there is ONLY ONE understanding of the Constitution,”
    “where I have NO RIGHTS and unaffiliated and unconnected are prey?”

    private information violations,

    “If I lack access to private information, how can I violate?”

    hand outs

    “BOY OH BOY am I EVER GUILTY of “(informational) HANDOUTS”

    “as opposed to what ? ($ 100,000 political BRIBES (donations) per party)”


    Thanksgiving ended

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