Harkins Elected!

There is no doubt. This is a GOOD day for Stratford.


Mayor John A. Harkins Republican 7,334
Mayor James R. Miron Democrat 3,912
Mayor Domenic R. Costello Petition Candidate 2,402
Mayor George E. Mulligan Petition Candidate 86

1st District – Town Council Christian M. Barnaby Republican 1,052
1st District – Town Council Richard J. Kennedy Democrat 586

2nd District – Town Council Stephanie D. Philips Democrat 566

3rd District – Town Council Matthew P. Catalano Republican 771
3rd District – Town Council John F. Fahan Democrat 442
3rd District – Town Council George E. Mulligan Petition Candidate 83

4th District – Town Council David A. LoConte, Jr Republican 196
4th District – Town Council Jason W. Santi Democrat 451
4th District – Town Council Russell S. Foley Petition Candidate 31
4th District – Town Council Michael H. Singh Petition Candidate 46

5th District – Town Council John M. Dempsey Republican 423
5th District – Town Council Olivia N. Gombar Democrat 352
5th District – Town Council Linda Palermo Petition Candidate 156

6th District – Town Council Edward Ward Republican 566
6th District – Town Council Scott R. Potter Democrat 640

7th District – Town Council William “JR” Stroomer Republican 702
7th District – Town Council Kimberly Meuse Democrat 766

8th District – Town Council James J. Connor, Jr Republican 898
8th District – Town Council Bonnie L. Reynolds Democrat 802

9th District – Town Council Thomas J. Malloy Republican 1,175
9th District – Town Council Anthony F. Ross Democrat 666

10th District – Town Council Paul Hoydick Republican 854
10th District – Town Council Vincent J. Faggella Democrat 585

Board of Education Joseph G. Crudo, Jr Republican 7,454
Board of Education Charles A. Lindberg Republican 7,264
Board of Education Gavin B. Forrester III Republican 7,006
Board of Education Jancee Pust-Marcone Democrat 5,662
Board of Education James E. Lazarro Democrat 5,615
Board of Education Janice O. Daponte Democrat 6,417

Constable Edward J. Scinto Republican 6,503
Constable William B. DiFederico Republican 6,088
Constable Paul R. Mathewson Republican 5,604
Constable Robert J. Connolly Republican 6,839
Constable Ronald R. Langdon Democrat 4,579
Constable Edward A. Monroe Democrat 4,736
Constable Anna Marie Buehler Democrat 5,733
Constable Richard P. Brown Democrat 4,649

Planning Commission – II Ronald L. Moreau Republican 797
Planning Commission – II Ann-Alice Baker Democrat 1,039

Planning Commission – III John G. Zbell Republican 898
Planning Commission – III Scott R. Potter Democrat 1,058

Planning Commission – IV Linda M. Pepin Republican 1,760
Planning Commission – IV Laura A. Dobosz Democrat 1,249

Planning Commission – V Christopher W. Walker Republican 1,886
Planning Commission – V Tara A. Wexler Democrat 1,182

Zoning Board Appeals – I Patrick T. Massey Republican 1,211
Zoning Board Appeals – I Mary K. Young Democrat 1,064

Zoning Board Appeals – II Joseph Dimenno Republican 918
Zoning Board Appeals – II Richard F. Fredette Democrat 955

Zoning Board Appeals – III Brian W. Dempsey Republican 1,079
Zoning Board Appeals – III Mary L. Ray Democrat 866

Zoning Commission III Casimir A. Mizera Republican 886
Zoning Commission III James M. Sheridan Democrat 1,043

Zoning Commission IV Christopher E. Silhavey Republican 1,862
Zoning Commission IV Robert P. Bradley Democrat 1,115

Zoning Commission V Michael F. Henrick Republican 1,904
Zoning Commission V Ronald J. Hojdich Democrat 1,249


116 Responses to “STRATFORD WINS!”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Based on those numbers:

    Harkins 53.7%
    Miron 28%
    Costello 18%
    Mulligan 0%

    Folks…that’s a beat down…a landslide…a mandate.

  2. 2 greghousemd

    And Jezebel got her wish of > 50% of the vote!

    This is a great day for all of Stratford!

  3. 3 pcsperling

    Looks like Miron just got bitchslapped!

  4. 4 nomoreyears

    Congratulations Stratford! Jezebel282, you’ve done Stratford a great service.

    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again

  5. 5 pcsperling

    Mr. Miron ~ don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!

    I knew honesty and integrity would win out over the strong-arming and bullying tactics of the Miron crew!

  6. 6 mikereynolds

    Now we have to see how the council races went.

  7. 7 greghousemd

    Paul Hoydick won the 10th District, i have not heard about the others yet.

  8. 8 mikereynolds

    Good, that’s 1 down, 9 to go.

    I’m disappointed in the voter turnout…only 12,901? That’s terrible.

  9. 9 pcsperling

    Mike ~ awesome news – Paul is a great guy and will be another great team player for Stratford!

  10. 10 ronmoreau


    A HUGE WIN for Stratford.

    A 6-4 Republican council.

    Land use and BOE not tallied yet.

    Incumbent Dempsey won, Strumer lost. No final #’s yet.

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    Please tell me Santi didn’t win.

  12. 12 pcsperling

    And please tell me the GOP took the 8th!

  13. 13 pcsperling

    And the 1st (where I live)! I hope Chris Barnaby took it!

  14. 14 mikereynolds

    Official results from CT Post

    13,573 total votes

    Harkins 7,312 53.9%
    Miron 3,904 28.8%
    Costello 2,286 16/8%
    Mulligan 71 .01%

  15. 15 sudds

    Free at last… free at least… good god almighty… free at last!!!

    PS… congrats to Paul Hoydick too… another quality win for the town of Stratford!!!

  16. 16 sudds

    PS… 28.8%… LOL… that’s just humiliating!!!

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    I’ve already sent ex-mayor Miron a departing email. It was short but colorful.

  18. 18 greghousemd

    You and at least another 6900 people 😛

  19. 19 sudds

    I sent one to Miron too… when I was one of the 7,312 voting his @ss out of office!!! 😀

  20. 20 pcsperling

    My husband asked if he should start saving boxes to send over for his move! Hope someone is watching the shredder!

  21. 21 greghousemd

    Watch for black smoke coming from the office tomorrow!

  22. 22 sudds

    PCS… why must you ruin my euphoria by mentioning your husband???

  23. 23 pcsperling

    Sudds….. we really must drink together….really soon!

  24. 24 sylvia67

    I guess my Jason has been correct since day one. He kept saying that John Harkins would win by a landslide. I am so happy for the town employees, police, and firemen. They were not comfortable working under such a mayor who has a lack of character. Goodbye Miron, find another job, maybe Berchem, Moses, and Devlin can use you in their firm? Thank God they will not make anymore money on this town. With John Harkins as Mayor this town will shine. He is already bringing back the pride!

  25. 25 sudds

    “maybe Berchem, Moses, and Devlin can use you in their firm?”

    Why would they want him NOW???

  26. 26 sudds

    “Sudds….. we really must drink together….really soon!”



    ok… my heart has started again!!!

  27. 27 ronmoreau

    I LOST.


  28. 28 sudds

    LOL!!! (on the thank god part)

    But how did voters not piggyback you onto Harkins win???

    Regardless… just an FYI… I DID end up voting for you!!!

  29. 29 ronmoreau

    Thanks Sudds,

    I needed a break anyway. I can now use my vacation to go on vacation instead of using it to attend zoning meetings.

    Did you get any offers for a high paying no show job?

  30. 30 mikereynolds

    Do we have any results of who won the council seats?

  31. 31 mikereynolds

    From the CT Post:

    “At Miron’s campaign headquarters in the Big Y Shopping Center on Hawley Lane, Miron had few words to offer and was surrounded only by his top administrative staff — Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley, Town Attorney Richard Buturla and Finance Director John Norko — and his father, former Democratic Town Committee Chairman and Registrar Richard Miron.”

    His top administrative staff also known as the enablers.

  32. 32 ronmoreau

    The Democrats won 2,4,6, and 7.

  33. 33 mikereynolds

    Santi got in…damn. He’s going to be a huge thorn in everyone’s side.

  34. 34 ronmoreau


    He will be lost without Miron telling him what to do.

  35. 35 mikereynolds

    His job will be easy…vote against everything the Republicans want to do.

  36. 36 ronmoreau


    If he wants to accomplish anything he will have to work with the Republicans.

  37. 37 ronmoreau

    I can sleep well knowing Stratford is now in good hands. It’s been a long day…. goodnight all.

  38. 38 ronmoreau

    I almost forgot, Congradulations to Ms. Baker.

  39. 39 phineast

    CONGRATULATIONS STRATFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless John Harkins for having the courage to run for office! We are here for you John, just tell us how we can help. Get some well earned sleep first!
    To all the candidates that won, best of luck-it is time for you to put Stratford first and the party second to get the real work done.
    To all the candidates that didn’t win-it is ok-the is a lot to be done in town to clean up Former mayor Miron’s disasters that are only just starting to be revealed.
    Volunteers I’m sure will be welcomed.

    Sounds good doesn’t it ???? FORMER mayor miron. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    And to George-congratulations for being the only mayoral candidate with enough class to personally come in and congratulate Mayor Harkins. Kudos go to you for keeping it classy.

  40. 40 1george1

    I hope Mr. Harkins is a man of the people and not the party.

    I gave Mr. Harkins a secret bit of advice / observation.

    It will be very, very interesting the choice of Town Attorney
    and the subcontract work. By tradition te last 20 years, the
    various attorneys kept those cases they had worked on.
    The excuse was no wasted time / money getting up to speed.

    Virtually every major project could be started by the spring

    It will be interesting to watch the niebelung power struggles
    and the spoils.

    i wonder how much of an impact (if any) I had on the percent
    of people voting for Harkins, as I pretty much picked apart
    Miron, during the debates.

    People seemed to dislike Jimmy so much, they ignored the fact
    the Republicans controlled most of the past Town Councils &
    Boards of Educations, which controlled Town Manager / Board
    of Education Superintendent = Patronage & Budgets.

    Now Mr. Harkins in in the unenviable position of having to pay
    his political debts.

    I guess Matt did pretty well. I told him that if I didn’t win, I
    hoped he would win. And frankly despite being best qualified
    for District # 3, I feel much like Ron.
    It would have been me against the rest of the Council, and the
    Mayor, and the Town Attorney.
    As much fun as I could have had, the 3rd District needs help to
    solve a bunch of problems, that my representing them would not
    be in their best interest.

    SaveStratford backed Harkins fo limited help, while Miron was
    worthless caring about Raymark, until it became political.
    However Harkins supports I – 95 RAMPS on Exit 33 and he had
    a past position of moving Raymark waste, to build the AVCO
    SITE to be higher that present sealevel height.

    Harkins and the EPA underestimated the effect on water/ground
    water, whereas an Elaine O’Keefe type Health Dept head is needed.

    Anyone want to bet the lame duck town council settles chris miron,
    under seal and dick miron debts magically get paid off?

  41. 41 justanotherreader

    Congratulations to John Harkins – what a great victory. Thank you Jez and Playwright for keeping the pressure on and getting the message out that Miron is nothing more than a spoiled, selfish, self-serving tyrant and deserved to be booted from office.

  42. 42 jezebel282

    My perspective:

    I don’t wish to take a single cheer for John Harkins away. His staff and volunteers, particularly the PD and FD unions (the PD actually did most of the heavy lifting) did yeoman’s work getting the message and the voters out. It is a real pleasure to see such cooperation and trust. Stratford voters really owe a debt of gratitude to Stratford’s Finest and Bravest.

    As for the actual vote…almost anyone could have seen it coming. Except James. R. Miron.

    Not once during his four year “reign of terror” did he acknowledge that 66% of Stratford voters voted against him the first time. Instead, he proceeded to rule as if his real intent was to dismantle the Town. He lost no time firing the very people who donated to his campaign and supported him. His set up his own rules for his cronies and another set for his “enemies”. Nothing, not one single decision, order, policy or event was ever his fault. Yet he took credit for work that had been done for years before his election.

    At some point, you have to be accountable for your actions. Yesterday, James R. Miron was held accountable. He was fired.

    Mayor Harkins now has the unenviable task of getting Stratford moving again, repairing its reputation and healing the wounds. He is certainly going to need all the help he can get. Stratford voters have said very clearly that we think he can do it.

  43. 43 mikereynolds

    So last night after the results were announced I sent a goodbye email to our mayor. It was short but colorful….his response:

    “Hmmm – why don’t you come say that to my face pu**y?
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry'”

    Our ex-mayor ladies and gentlemen.

  44. 44 sudds

    “Our ex-mayor”

    Ahhh… such sweet words have never* been spoken!!!

    * this OBVIOUSLY excludes

  45. 45 jezebel282


    Does he STILL have that Blackberry?

    Someone should take it away.

  46. 46 sudds

    When is Miron’s official last day?

    I propose a town-wide happy hour!!!

  47. 47 sudds

    “Someone should take it away.”

    Good luck… you must be forgetting that he’s “packing heat”!!!

  48. 48 jezebel282


    “When is Miron’s official last day?”

    Do you even look at these screens?

    Dec 12th 2009.

    “Good luck… you must be forgetting that he’s “packing heat”!!!”

    I know about 100 guys with badges and guns who are better shots and would love to take it away from him.

  49. 49 sudds

    I DID see that… but I figured that you @#$%ed up… Harkins is getting sworn in on a Saturday???

    “I know about 100 guys with badges and guns who are better shots and would love to take it away from him.”

    LOL… but isn’t that 99… I doubt LaSchiavo Junior would take it from him!!! 😛

  50. 50 mikereynolds


    Can we get a comment on the election results from a non-Harkins person?

  51. 51 mikereynolds

    From the CT Post:

    Biggest Loser….

    Runner-up: Jim Miron, Stratford’s soon-to-be former mayor. Totaling up all the votes cast for victorious Republican John Harkins and indy contenders Dom Costello and George Mulligan, the town’s first mayor was the loser by the largest margin of any incumbent in the region — spurned by well over a 2-to-1 margin in one of the best voter turnouts among area communities. Now that’s rejection.

    BIGGEST WINNER: John Harkins, in part, for the whopping margin of victory he amassed, but also because we’re betting that even his most ardent supporters never dreamed the victory would be so large in Stratford’s crazy four-way mayoral race.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “but I figured that you @#$%ed up”

    I’ve had that date circled for YEARS.

    “Harkins is getting sworn in on a Saturday???”

    Beats me. It would be a good idea though. More people could attend.

  53. 53 sudds

    “even his most ardent supporters never dreamed the victory would be so large”

    Who wrote this… a 5th grader? I mean did anyone SERIOUSLY think that (sorry George) Costello or Mulligan were going to amass a large quantity of votes??? The only reason Costello did so well last time was because he was the Repub nominee!!!

  54. 54 1george1

    To get your heads bigger, if Dom was not in the race, I strongly
    suspect most of his votes would have gone to Harkins.

    I was never in the race to win.
    I was in the race to educate voters and people in the parties.

    While my Letters to the Editor and my remarks in Debates mentioned
    BOTH PARTIES were causal to problems. they really undermined most
    of Miron’s talking points.

    For a couple years, my Letters to the Editor have hit and hit hard at
    REAL ISSUES facing everyone. Yet I was particularly making it known
    that most of the stuff going on were lies and the Miron crew were ….. 😦

    Just as Jim mostly neglected to attack Dom and I, he really zeroed
    in on Harkins, and I thought very effectively.
    Conversely, I let Harkins and Dom off with minimal harm.
    I suspect people who saw / heard debates, viewed things differently
    than I did.


    The police and fire endorsements probably hurt Harkins as much as
    they helped him.
    The most important ENDORSEMENT was SaveStratford as a group of
    The heavy handed way MIRON denounced Tom Smith and people who
    are simply families had to hurt MIRON.

    The cummulative effect of the Press coverage sealed Miron’s fate.

    However, while Harkins may be the people other people claim he is,
    the proof will be in the Town Attorney and other offices.
    Could Lou’s uncle Frank Blando and Matt’s uncle Kurt Ahlberg be
    dark horse candidates for Town Attorney?
    Will it be Proto, involved with CRC # 3, REGISTRAR, ex RTC Chair?
    Will it be Kubec + Williams, from 1991 Town Council + CRC # 1?
    Will it be Florek & Kelly, with subcontract work to Berchem & Willinger?
    Will it be Norm’s buddy Willinger?

    As Stratford turns?
    As the worm turns, does the apple get more rotten?

    I pray Harkins is a man of the people and not of the party?
    I pray the timetable finally will get things done, with some benefit to the
    Town people and not steered to the same ole / same ole ….

    It is rare that you write anything worth taking seriously.
    You do have intelligence and talent.
    Mike Reynolds has really improved his content recently.
    Phin – thanks for the classy props. My only objective is to get people
    to want to do the right thing. However, absolute power ….

    Jeze, Syl, PCS, & others be careful what you wish for …
    you got what you wanted ….
    wanting … then getting … then seeing what you got that you wanted …

    May the future be everything in the best interest of most of the people.

    good luck John,

  55. 55 sudds

    “I was never in the race to win.
    I was in the race to educate voters and people in the parties.”

    Mission accomplished… you did a GREAT job George!!!

    It is rare that you write anything worth taking seriously.
    You do have intelligence and talent.”

    Life is too short to make everything so serious Georgie-Boy (and thank you)!!!

  56. 56 cstratct


    Harkins won. Congratulations go out to Mr. Harkins and his supporters.

    I’m not going to get into the petty back and forth that some may engage in over the next several weeks.

    I believe 28% of all eligible voters turned out. As you said, the turnout was disgraceful. Stratford residents as a whole should be ashamed of themselves for that alone.

    Now comes the hard part. For all those promoting Harkins as a savior the only thing I can say is I hope your confidence is rewarded. It’s much easier to attack then it is to govern. I hope he sticks to his campaign promises.

    As for the DTC, I believe a purge is the order of the day. The voters (albeit less than a third) made their wishes clear. It is time for the Democrats in Stratford to chart a different course. Anger will get them nowhere.

    Until we stop this divisive, vicious cycle of political character assassination, I suspect we’ll have another four years of accusations, attacks and recriminations.

    One last thought. I would hope that we all remember that everyone involved (politicians, bloggers, residents, etc.) has their view of the issues in this town, but they are still a human being. It’s fine to support the candidate of your choice, have opposing views and vigorously defend those views, but I think there needs to be a lot of soul-searching not just among the politicians but among everyone involved. The level of discourse should be a wake-up to us all (and I’m NOT excluding myself).

  57. 57 cstratct

    By the way Mike, you take the Mayor to task for his response to your “colorful” email, but you don’t provide us with the text of your email. Why shouldn’t we be disappointed by both your e-mail and his response?

    He got beat, he conceded the election. You decide it would be fun to pour salt in the wound then you condemn him for his response.

    Please see my last paragraph in my previous post.

  58. 58 mikereynolds


    I’m not condemning him. I’m poking fun at him. I really expected him to either not reply or rise above my childish email. Instead he lowered himself to my level.

    And my email was as follows:

    Bye Bye a$$hole!

    At no time since I became of voting age have I ever disliked a candidate as much as our soon to be ex-Mayor.

  59. 59 cstratct

    But Mike, what was the point? What did your email prove?

    You got what you wanted. Why resort to what you refer to as “childish” behavior?

    I don’t understand. Were you fired by Miron? What is your relationship to him either personally or as Mayor?

    I’m not being sarcastic. I’m simply trying to understand why you would resort to this type of behavior. It proves absolutely nothing.

  60. 60 mikereynolds


    I’m not trying to prove anything. I fired off a parting shot to the mayor and was amused by his response. And wanted to share it with the readers here. That’s it. No ulterior motives.

    I never liked Jim Miron. But when he came out and went after Tom Smith that really crossed the line. So if you wondering where all this is coming from, I can point to that.

  61. 61 cstratct

    It’s shows no courage to insult or attack someone via email or on a blog. It’s an easy way to take a cheap shot with absolutely no responsibility for your comments or actions.

    This is precisely what I’m talking about in my earlier post. If this is what the future of Stratford politics looks like, this town is in much worse shape then I thought.

  62. 62 jezebel282

    Now, now, Gentlemen.

    Mike’s message was certainly no more evil than Miron’s memo to the DTC about Fahan.

    But Mike should know by now that you just can’t insult Miron. He has no conscience.

  63. 63 cstratct

    Mike, your final statement in that post “Our ex-Mayor ladies and gentlemen,” was dripping with sarcasm. It spoke volumes about your condemnation, but your email was sent merely to antagonize, demean and insult him. Your ulterior motive was to add insult to injury.

    Again I ask, why?

    So you never liked him. All that says is that no matter what he would have done it wouldn’t have been good enough for you and it suggests that this is just your personality.

    As I said, I hope everyone takes a long, hard look at their behavior moving forward. I’m certainly making an attempt to change my behavior, along with my responses.

  64. 64 mikereynolds

    What? We’re ok Jez. This isn’t bickering. There’s no animosity here. I understand Chris’ point.

    Regardless its done. Looking forward to John’s swearing in and the long, arduous process of undoing what Miron has done.

  65. 65 cstratct

    Please Jezebel, is the metaphor in that email exchange completely lost on you?

    You can’t seriously believe he was actually talking about “exterminating” someone.

    And you just can’t seem to help yourself. Miron lost. You got your wish.

    But he is still a human being. You post anonymously on a blog making all these statements and accept none of the responsibility that comes with making those statements. “He has no conscience”? No one is perfect, but these types of comments are beyond the pale.

    What does it say about the person who continually condemns everyone else for their faults while taking no responsibility for their own actions?

    I may have made such statements in the past as well, but I never concealed my identity. I at least took ownership of my statements.

    What continues even after the election is disappointing on so many levels. So much for a change in tone.

  66. 66 jezebel282


    “So much for a change in tone.”

    You haven’t changed your tone at all.

    You have always chosen to defend anything and everything Miron does. It apparently hasn’t stopped for you. If your tone of condescension and scorn continues I do not hold out much hope for you in gaining support for your Theater goals.

    Mike just did what every Town employee wanted to do for four years. Miron has surrounded himself with people that depend solely upon him for their paycheck. Now that the emperor’s clothes have been taken off, it is natural for citizens to laugh at him.

    Very soon now….he will just be a horrible memory to residents. (Except for the Court cases the Town will lose).

  67. 67 cstratct

    You’re wrong Jezebel.

    I congratulated Mr. Harkins and his supporters for their win. No cheap shots, no insults. They worked hard and they won.

    My tone has changed considerably since the summer. Just because I continue to refute the unsubstantiated claims regarding the Theatre contract doesn’t mean I attack the individual. I have never accused you or council members of not having a conscience. I strongly disagree with their assessment of the contract and I explain that disagreement and defend it by citing specific sections of the contract.

    You talk of condescension and scorn, yet I say again you make all these statements and accusations under the cloak of anonymity. And what have I “defended” today regarding the Mayor? I have a different opinion of him then you as an individual, so be it. But anonymously accusing someone of lacking a conscience and insulting others while your baises and background are not up for scrutiny can hardly be seen as fair or objective.

    And as for your statement that “Now that the emperor’s clothes have been taken off, it is natural for citizens to laugh at him,” that behavior is no better then the behavior you condemn in others.

    You won. You got your wish. So your response is to pour salt in the wound and dance on the grave? That doesn’t seem like the Jezebel who argues for better education and healthcare.

  68. 68 sudds

    I don’t have a conscience (it’s automatically removed when they hand you the MBA)… so I’ll say it…

    “I congratulated Mr. Harkins and his supporters for their win. No cheap shots, no insults. They worked hard and they won.” … & … “My tone has changed considerably since the summer.”

    That’s not called changing your tone… it’s called changing which @ss you kiss!!!

  69. 69 jezebel282


    “yet I say again you make all these statements and accusations under the cloak of anonymity.”

    The anonymity was a necessity. For obvious reasons, supporters of Miron like yourself did not need it. In any event, anonymity has other benefits as well. For example, my family is not and will not be involved, I have no personal gain. I seek no advantage for myself. Opinions are opinions. It does not matter who has them as long as they can be expressed freely. Which is why I protect everyone’s anonymity here.

    “Now that the emperor’s clothes have been taken off, it is natural for citizens to laugh at him,” that behavior is no better then the behavior you condemn in others.”

    Actually, it is. It is much better than Miron has dealt to others. Ask the 50+ people who’s careers he ruined or the two officers who were arrested. Ask Ms. Cicerale if Miron hadn’t caused her grief and aggravation. Ask Officer O’Meara who was covering for Justin Loschiavo when he was injured. Finally, ask the homeowner who is struggling to make a mortgage payment now.

    Oh no, my friend…a couple of insults thrown to Miron is literally NOTHING compared to what he has done to others.

    “You won. You got your wish.”

    I didn’t win anything. Not a single thing. I will sit down tonight and hope that the Yankees win (Yes, it’s true. Boston Sux!)

    The Town of Stratford won a great deal. The residents are the winners.

  70. 70 1george1

    Chris, Jeze, and Mike 3 some exchanges are very telling and self evident
    about their personalities, perceptions, and perspectives.

    That is a lot of P. 😉

    Chris is NOW arguing with people who do not care about his points.
    My perception is Chris was arguing on behalf of people who do not
    care about his points. (Miron-Burturla)

    Mike is honest about his position on Miron in his e-mail & posts.
    Jeze has never hid feelings about Mirons, which are almost as strong as Syl.

    I strongly suspect Harkins will play in the same sewer, with the same rats.
    However, I hope PCS, JEZE, McNeil, Murray,and others are correct about
    Harkins character and are not loving him just to feather nests?

    Neither Chris nor I have financial interests in outcome, other than taxes
    and our desires about various town issues.

    Police & Fire & others have a wide ange of motives from selfish to the
    BEST INTERESTS of the Town.

    Because blogger do not id themselves ………….

  71. 71 sudds

    “I will sit down tonight and hope that the Yankees win (Yes, it’s true. Boston Sux!) ”

    HOLY CRAP… Jez… we FINALLY agree on something!!! Could it be powers of Harkins election that has brought us together????

  72. 72 1george1

    Sudds, Hmmmmmmm?

    Getting the MBA has the same Ethical lobotomy as passing the Bar?

    Sudds, have you ever passed the Bar (or a Bar?)

    How’s Rocki?
    Is she bummed I got more votes than her?
    I got more votes for mayor than 32,117 Registered Stratford voters
    and I am up to 86 votes in the Post?

    Maybe I should demand a recount, considering what 86 means.
    The genesis of “86” comes from the destruction of the O. T. temple.
    The genesis of “writing on the wall” is the wailing wall.
    17 or G or upside down G is for the anglicized hebrew word “pe” or
    17. The Grand Lodge was started 1717. Motto “SPES EST MEA DEUS.”
    “PE” is in middle of words: “SPES” & “OPEC.”

    However if the devil can quote (& write) scripture …. and
    DO NOT WORSHIP the GRAVEN IMAGE can be projected …..

    Any chance those playing others for fools, are also being played?

    What is the term?
    “Useful idiots?”
    what happens when idiots are no longer useful?

  73. 73 omeara128

    AHHHH……….Feels good to see that what comes around goes around……..

  74. 74 cstratct

    Not even close Sudds. I’ve never kissed anyone’s behind in my life and I’m not about to start now.

    I may have only moved to Stratford in 2005 but I’ve been around politics my entire life. We all (myself included) have been guilty of demonizing the “other” party or actors in that party. I accept responsibility for my actions and believe that if things are truly going to change, it’s going to come from those who choose to follow a different path.

    I didn’t come here to insult anyone or be insulted. If you don’t want me here just say so.

    Mike asked for my opinion. I provided it and offered sincere congratulatory remarks. No grandstanding, no back-handed compliments. If a clean slate and a fresh start is what everyone wants, why not start here?

    We can still discuss and debate and have differences of opinion. That won’t go away. But how we engage can change. I’m making an effort.

    But if you don’t want me to post here just say so.

  75. 75 cstratct


    I was commenting and continue to comment on my OWN behalf. The opinions expressed were my opinions and no one else’s. I take complete ownership of my comments and opinions. Because my opinion on an issue may coincide with someone else’s doesn’t mean I’m doing their bidding or “arguing on behalf of” others. I’m beholden to no one, idolize no one, and give respect when respect is earned.

  76. 76 citizenkane1

    Last night when they announced Harkins as the winner it was just like the scene in the Wizard of Oz when the house landed on the Witch. I was skipping like a little school boy around the house. That being said, now we really need to keep our eye on this guy until is out of town hall. He can still do quite alot of damage on the way out.

    Now if we can only get Dick thrown in Jail, then I will truely belive in Justice again.

    I hope Harkins has a place for George in town hall, he would make a good public servant (as long as he stays on his Med’s).

    Peace out beeeoch!

  77. 77 1george1

    I welcome you in the debate, in part due to legitimate and civic posts.

    And it gives them someone else to pick at. 😉

    I understand your post and others. My USPS experiences had similarities
    to your last couple years.

  78. 78 cstratct

    Being born and raised in PA, and growing up watching the 1980 Phillies win the World Series, I obviously have a different rooting interest tonight.

  79. 79 jezebel282


    “HOLY CRAP… Jez… we FINALLY agree on something!!! Could it be powers of Harkins election that has brought us together?”

    It could be. But I think it will take something much bigger for me to be a Broncos fan.

  80. 80 greghousemd

    Has anyone heard, if there was any retaliation at Town Hall today?

  81. 81 jezebel282


    I heard that, unless you were a department head, Town Hall was a pretty happy place today.

  82. 82 greghousemd


    Thats Fantastic News! What a great victory for this town, its residents and employees. (minus department heads) Let the sun keep shining! Brighter days are on their way!

  83. 83 jezebel282


    I heard there was dancing on the desks at the BOE.

    My guess would be that Miron doesn’t show up during daylight hours at Town Hall.

  84. 84 greghousemd


    If I was at the board of ed I would be dancing too! The BOE got had a good victory with their elections too. Plus their biggest enemy got defeated by the largest margin of any incumbent! Woohoo.

    I am truly thrilled at how blatant the voters were yesterday, They wanted Miron out and they did it. Police and Fire Unions deserve a round of applause.

    Partciularly: The Executive Board of the Local 407. &
    Bill Hansen and Executive Board of the Local 998 as well as Assitant Chief Tom Murray
    For standing up for what was right! & Jez your work here is a thankless and busy job. Thank you for staying the course and getting the word out on a daily basis!

    I have never seen so many happy town employees faces during the last four years until last night at Harkins HQ. Everyone had faces of hope and kept commenting on how sunny and bright it truly was even at night.

    Good job guys. Good job.

  85. 85 phineast

    There are only some department heads that are extremely concerned…..those that were with Jimmy last night and of course the police and deputy chief-they even stopped in campaign HQ for a few minutes of kiss up time. I had to laugh because when they walked in the room got really quiet, until one guy standing near me said-“well finally, a bit of transparency form the chief!” It garnered a really good laugh and the chief and deputy just faded away and went home.

    I do have a question for CTSTRAT-How exactly are the people that Jim screwed in the last 4 years going to get a fresh start? Like us, the taxpayers, that are going to have to pay for all the litigation that is coming down with regard to the Loschiavo kid, or Miron’s brother, or the Mc Neil/Sotos case ? Not to mention all the other people whose reputation or lifelong careers of impecable service to the town was destroyed? Where is their fresh start? These are the things that the people of this community are grappling with-but Jim didn’t even give a thought to, or if he did it was a gleeful thought about how good he felt to inflict his actions on the very people that put him in office. He bit the hand that fed him and he got slapped big time for it. So as far as pouring salt in the wound…I think the people of this town will be send 5 pound boxes to him so it can be poured on the wound regularly, and sadly it is because of his actions I feel not an ounce of pity for him.
    We have an opportunity with John Harkins to begin to restore the pride and integrity to our town and to the people that live and work here. It is going to take time and patience(we have to uncover all the destruction Jim has caused and still has a month to cause) and then we will finally be able to take steps to move forward.
    I look forward to the opportunity of continuing my volunteer service to OUR new MAYOR and to all the people in this community.

  86. 86 cstratct

    What exactly would you like me to answer phineast? When administrations change, so do many of the people. Is John Harkins going to let go of people and install his choices upon taking office? Won’t people on the opposite side of the spectrum have the same opinion of his actions as the actions you’re condemning here?

    As for Christian Miron, I’ll say the same thing I’ve been saying since last winter: he had a right to apply for a job just like any other invdividual. Releasing private personnel records is not an appropriate way of responding to the situation. And the release form that Jezebel posted here many months ago does not excuse those responsible (whoever they may be) for disseminating that information. Neither does the Putnam case referenced on the Police Union website. If you read the release form Jezebel posted that is for release of records to the department, not a release of records to general public. The Putnam case dealt with a suicide where medical information was part of an investigation into the incident.

    Was it wise of Christian Miron to apply here in Stratford? Probably not given the level of animosity in the town. Did he have a right to do so? Yes. Should his information have been released to the press and others? No.

    And how are you so certain of the “gleeful thoughts” of others?

    I never said you or others should have pity on anyone. I’m talking about how coarsely we treat one another in an increasingly antagonistic environment. It serves no purpose.

    If you believe Jim treated people in a disrepectful manner, why emulate the behavior?

  87. 87 omeara128


    Hey Chris,

    I’ve read a lot of your posts on the CT POST, all I have to say to you is that you kissed your boy Miron’s A$$ so much on any and all controversies involving his name….THATS THE TRUTH….

  88. 88 phineast

    CTSTRAT I guess I really struck a nerve!!!!!!!!!!! No reason to attack me. I just wanted to know how the people Jim has destroyed are going to get a fresh start-not exactly a convoluted question. Let’s have YOU for once, just once put on another pair of shoes. You are so very concerned about CM’s medical information you can’t see the forest through the trees. The reputations of 2 officers have been destroyed due to Miron’s “theory” and need for revenge for all we know it could have been released by the DC-he knew where the papers were kept. I never said the information should have been released, but sadly I understand why it was. In your concern for Christian(let’s not even talk about the Loschiavo hiring and recent and continued incident), you forget about the people that are being accused(you know the American way-innocent until proven guilty?); during the chief’s very own “illegal” investigation it was found that they did nothing wrong. But still not only do these men(and their families) have to be punished by miron but the taxpayers are being punished for having to foot the bill for the entire debacle.
    Do I expect Mayor Harkins to remove some people-yes, but not the mass exodus that we experienced over the last 4 years and not because of their political affiliation. Maybe due to their culpability and “contributions” to some of the worst things to happen to this community in 400 years, OR the fact that they are lousy at their job. John has said from the get go that he will be fair. I happen to believe that he will. I have never seen him to be anything but fair and thoughtful before acting. I also believe that he will be looking for people to demonstrate that very same quality along with job excellence and efficiency. That is what a great leader and administrator will give as well as demand. It is called walking the walk-and John is very familiar with that already.
    As far as the “gleeful” reference, I have been in the room on MORE than one occassion when the Former mayor has expressed happiness and pride for hurting someone deliberately. In my humble opinion he is a sick individual.
    It was an assumption on my part with regard to your “salt in the wound” reference that we should feel sorry for him-I am not as mean spirited(but I do call it as I see it) as some of the people, but Sudds, has taken a LOT of crap from miron. Miron has abused so many for so long someone was bound to finally speak up!
    I am not being disrespectful, just asked you a question, stated my opinion-you have to remember Jim set the tone for his 4 years in office-he alone is responsible for that.

  89. 89 jezebel282


    If Harkins make changes in personnel, as he should given how many of them have acted, it can rightly be called “cleaning” house. If you recall, or maybe you weren’t a resident yet, Miron ran on a platform of making no changes in personnel. In fact, he stated several times in public and on the record that his chief staff challenge was keeping Ben Branyan. That lasted 6 months. For another employee he promised that employment would continue. That lasted 6 weeks. Other staff he bought off (Pat Ulatowski and Mike Imbro). Most he just fired. Some illegally, but all with malice.

    Do not make the argument that this was just the natural course of “Politics as usual”.

    “And the release form that Jezebel posted here many months ago does not excuse those responsible (whoever they may be) for disseminating that information.”

    I must have missed the JD on your resume. But I will say the same thing as I did last winter. Miron has no credible evidence which of over 100 cops might have released that report. Any one of them could have printed and distributed that report. That is how porous the PD’s IT security was. Certainly not enough to have demoted and suspended Captain McNeil the first time and even less to arrest and suspend without pay (again) Captain McNeil as well as Lt Soto and Shawn Farmer. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that Captain McNeil was the Local 407 president as was Shawn Farmer.

    No deflections, Christopher. Not this time.

    “Was it wise of Christian Miron to apply here in Stratford?”

    Just as wise as it was to lie during a polygraph. And just to stop the stories…Christian Miron WAS hired. He just thought as the mayor’s brother he should be able to choose his training location. Why not? It worked for Justin Loschiavo. Had he just accepted his assignment he would be an officer today. He had his brother, the chief and the deputy chief on his side.

    I have found on this blog, no one has treated anyone coarsely. Well there was that time with Pat Sperling and Laura Dobosz (but Sudds offered me $10 to let it go on). Generally it’s pretty civil.

    There is no doubt that Miron was a dividing force in this Town and some people are more than entitled to vent.

    The thought of Miron crying his eye out doesn’t upset me much.

  90. 90 jezebel282


    “Bill Hansen and Executive Board of the Local 998 as well as Assitant Chief Tom Murray”

    I agree with you about Tom Murray. Brian Hansen needs to learn from Tom and someday will make a fine grown up.

    As for Chief Cavanaugh…he ought to thank his lucky stars he has men like those working for him. If I were him, I’d walk up to Tom Murray and beg forgiveness for the nasty letter he wrote to the Post dishonoring Tom.

  91. 91 pcsperling

    “I have found on this blog, no one has treated anyone coarsely. Well there was that time with Pat Sperling and Laura Dobosz (but Sudds offered me $10 to let it go on). Generally it’s pretty civil.”

    Oh my, he should’ve offered more! Didn’t know that you were being offered greenbacks to let the “war” continue! It’s one person here that I won’t and haven’t missed…..

  92. 92 mikereynolds

    If I were part of the Harkins administration I’d be sure to tell John Harkins that he and his staff should keep a very close eye on any Miron people who remain behind. He probably can’t get rid of all of them. I’m sure those Miron supporters left behind will do anything to subvert the Harkins administration. Afterall, anyone who supported Miron must clearly have integrity issues.

  93. 93 addivdgruy

    I don’t know Chris and my last name isn’t Freud. That said, the balance of work, personal opinion, and ethics is not such an easy thing to do when thought of as a body as opposed to the individual parts. If your leg hurts your heart and brain still need to find a way to walk.

    In an environment such as government, you have a specific job. You were asked to do that job and took the job because at some point there was a common ground between employer and employee. If at some point there is a disconnect then then if the employee is not part of the solution then they become part of the problem. To that end I feel Chris has been honest and open. Over the past year he has been consistent with that but because it causes him to agree with someone that has been vilified on unrelated issues he takes anonymous shots to the aforementioned leg.

    At times it has appeared he has retaliated as a cheerleader but that is to the those that have imposed the same self worth on themselves as those that they disparage. It’s human nature that at times he’s gone out of his environment to defend much like it is for someone (read candidate) to run on a platform that suggests there really are black helicopters hovering over their house.

    Miron did good things, he did bad things. Unfortunately for him the bad outweighed the good and I hope he learns from that. It appears Chris has been level headed and as an adult I fully agree with him that sending anonymous emails to a beaten man is at best, cowardice. If I can’t see minutes of a meeting where someone stepped up to the podium and made those statements for the record then you have no place in any part of society to offer your opinion as worthy of my time. I hope that when, or more likely if you go to your particular house of worship this weekend you ask for forgiveness.

    Chris, pick the time and place, I would love to sit down and have a beer with you and get your thoughts on your area of expertise as to where we as citizens should work together for a beneficial result.

    It’s over, it’s done. The idea that this site extended itself to the swearing in date says a lot about people’s inability to accept victory as the end game. Even as we saw the two major candidates congratulate each other yesterday there are some that won’t let go. It is just folly that tomorrow morning when I take my morning walk that as I pass George’s house the newspapers covering his windows that declare “Victory in Japan” are replaced with today’s CT Post that declares Harkins the winner.

    Peace out people. It’s a new day tomorrow. You got what you wanted so can I assume you will now work to be a part of the solution? Are you ready to now be under the microscope?

    P.S. – George, since your platform was big on “Seed money’ (Read earmarks) have you ever informed the citizens of Stratford how much of the West Broad granite project that was the subject of so many jokes actually came from Stratford funding or where you too busy trying to raise the sea level of planet earth?

    Authors Biography:
    Ten year resident of Stratford.
    Shakespeare Theater is a disaster. Blow it up and rebuild a center that can host multi media events. It’s at the intersection of two state highways, and right off of a US highway. No brainer.
    Expand the runway and do whatever it takes to take it away from Bridgeport. I haven’t been here long enough to figure out how it was given away but I can’t imagine the Indians that gave away Manhattan feel bad after that.
    Get the army plant up and running as a movie production venture. If Mall Cop can bring in bazillions what’s the down side here?
    If Devon can get money for sidewalks that look like the Yellow Brick Road in an area that looks like a slum then maybe we can get “Seed Money” for improved facades that would actually make Barnum Avenue look like a viable place for a business to locate to.
    As the son of teacher parents, if we could have a school budget that gives our public schools what they need rather than what they want we would be better off. Two plus two equals four, not a cop at the front door or new computers. I can figure profit margin without a calculator and balance my bank account without a 22″ screen. I can also use a dictionary to spell without Google asking me “Did you mean” Google doesn’t even put a “?” there. How ironic.

  94. 94 cstratct

    Phineast, I didn’t “attack” you. Where in anything I have written here is there an attack? I was responding to your question. By the way I didn’t think you were being disrespectful to me. I understand your position and since I don’t work in town hall and don’t see the day-to-day I obviously can’t speak to every incident or situation that occurred.

    The only point I was trying to make was that now that the election is over it is time to move on. I didn’t come to this site to be antagonistic and I have tried to maintain a civil discourse while expressing my opinion.

    And I certainly didn’t mention any names with respect to the release of information. I specifically stated “whoever they may be” in order to not accuse specific individuals. I don’t know who released the information, but I do believe it was wrong. And I’ll clarify my statement regarding Christian Miron: He should not have applied in Stratford given the fact that his brother was the Mayor. Had he applied and been hired in any other municipality, the release of information would likely never have occurred. But releasing personal information didn’t help the situation either.

    omeara128, apparently you’re confusing an individual having an opinion with kissing someone’s behind. I was stating my opinion, nothing more. I have no need or desire to curry favor with anyone.

  95. 95 mikereynolds

    Wow Chris, two tough nights. First your guy loses big and then your Phillies get run over tonight.

  96. 96 greghousemd

    Stratford Town Hall Employees Smiling
    November 4, 2009 at 6:40 pm by Richard Weizel
    They tried not to make it too obvious. But the landslide defeat of Democratic Mayor James R. Miron election night to Republican challenger John Harkins put more than a few smiles on the faces of Town Hall employees Wednesday.

    “It’s been a nightmare around here for four years because of Miron and all his threats. I thought he would somehow find a way to get re-elected,” said one employee, smiling broadly, but asking not to be identified for fear of retribution during the mayor’s final five weeks in office. Harkins will be sworn-in Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. in Town Hall.

    Not everyone, however, was happy with Miron’s defeat. Some Democrats in Town Hall said they expect the same kind of massive changes that Miron carried out when he took office as the town’s first mayor in 2005. “We know it’s going to happen,” said one Democrat. “The only question is, who will go first … and how extensive will it be?”

    So far Harkins isn’t saying. But it’s no secret that some top administrators are already updating their resumes.

  97. 97 cstratct


    You made the statement that Christian “lied” on his polygraph. You do know that polygraphs are inherently unreliable correct?

    I’ll say it again: Christian shouldn’t have applied in Stratford, if for no other reason then to avoid a situation like the one that came to pass.

    I’ll ask you this question: Would a situation like this (releasing personal information) have occurred had he applied and been hired by any other department in the state of CT? I would argue no, but you might believe otherwise.

    As far as the release of information, you’re arguing the actions taken against the individuals. I understand your point. I’m saying the release of information shouldn’t have occurred, regardless of who did it.

  98. 98 omeara128


    Chris, call it what you want to call it, but Ive read your posts and all your opinions where in Mirons favor even when the facts were there, enough said………

  99. 99 cstratct


    Yeah, that was a tough loss tonight. Howard finally shows up, too little too late. The Phillies put up a good fight though.

    Hey the sun still rises every morning. As I’ve said before, regardless of what happens, life goes on. I sincerely hope Mr. Harkins is true to his word. I have no reason to doubt him at this point, but as Reagan said, trust but verify.

    One quick question for you: Were you implying I have integrity issues in your earlier post?

    I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I certainly take issue with that statement if you’re painting me with the same broad brush.

  100. 100 1george1

    There were above references to Chris Miron – police application

    and Chris C = Arts Commission.

    I have zero doubt on the integrity of Chris C.


    Yanks win with 30 crewpeople from USS NY, in the stands.
    They just docked today.
    USS NY was made with Steel made from WTC.

    it would not be the 1st time sporting events were rigged, would it?

    Those teams have some great players.
    Yanks had best overall record.

    Sporting News had named Matsui as best DH., on ALL STAR team
    Boy did they look precient!

    The victory of the pinstripes is highly sybolic.
    Good sign?
    Foundation for another T. A. R. P. /\ T. R. A. P.?

  101. 101 jezebel282

    addivdgruy and Chris,

    After four years of Miron’s vile, vulgar, incompetent rule you still can’t find fault with anything he’s done.

    Instead, you lament the cheering of his victims after his defeat.

    Sad. Just sad.

  102. 102 1george1


    Much of the reason I am anti-Mirons, is because they fronted for
    people who caused excessive harm to
    > My family, friends, and support
    > me
    > people on this blog,who had good people harmed.

    There are some people who have been on this blog on both sides
    I do not like or respect.
    However, there are others who were relatively innocent & wronged.

    Omeara was covering for Justin LoSchiavo’s shift & Omeara got the shaft.

    Several decent, capable, and hardworking people got stiffed, like
    Elaine O’Keefe and Diane Toolan, who was NEVER allowed to do her job.

    Pat Naylor appears highly competent.

    Ben Branyan is brilliant and Ethical. (I have issues with BoE & Town pay)

    Friends know and vouch for Joe McNeil.

    If I had a union – management problem, I would want Tom Murray.
    (Tom and I different on whose money the Pension Bond is and we
    agree / disgree on Pension computations.)

    I have no use for the B UTTER NUTS or BERCHEM / WILLINGER crowd,
    which I believe includes Mario Testa & Dick Miron.

    Long brook park is not the only place to find pond scum!!!

    Shakespearean Theater will see the end of the mIRON CURTAIN.

    Oh the delicious mIRONY!

    Chris, I wish NO HARM to any of them.
    I do not even wish them JAILED or DISBARRED.
    I just wish them out of the Wallets of innocent people overtaxed
    for 2 decades whereas they bought Town Attorney and other
    positions of profit and trust…..

  103. 103 cstratct


    It’s ALL sad. That’s my point.

    Jim made mistakes, no doubt about that. Just as town council members made mistakes. Just as ALL OF US make mistakes.

    And I’m not “lamenting” anything. The page has been turned. We will see what Mr. Harkins can do over the next four years. I for one wish him luck. I do hope he is treated with more respect then what has been displayed over the last four years from ALL sides.

    Let’s move forward instead of looking back.

    I would be curious to hear your thoughts on what the DTC should do next. You have indicated repeatedly that you’re a lifelong Democrat. You chose your path in this election. So it begs the question, are you still a Democrat now that those you wanted out of office are gone? If you are still a Democrat, are you going to work to affect change in the DTC? What changes would you like to see?

  104. 104 1george1


    I think the DTC should be filled with real democrats and not rubber stamps.

    Kick out the Mirons / Burturlas / Schirillos / and others from
    power and get real people of ideas, effort, compassion, empathy,
    and civic pride to take back the name and purview and direction
    of the Democratic Party from the gangsters of Lawyers, Security,
    and Business people who dominate politics for SELF INTEREST.

    I like Fredette, Syl, and others.

    However they are the past. Stratford needs a future.

    Maybe Syl’s Jason would get involved?
    I would like to see him show his capabilities and grow.
    I do not know if he is the person Syl thinks he is? He could be?

    I like Marcone & Mooney, among others.
    But they need to get rid of the SHADOW killing what is good about
    Stratford and the Democratic party.

    I strongly suspect Harkins patrons will prove Jeze & friends wrong.
    They are passionate people.

    If they have integrity and the best interest of all of Stratford at
    heart, instead of just the police, fire, and teachers jobs – is a
    lingering doubt in my minds.

    JEZE THAT IS A CHALLENGE from myself and Chris and anyonebut …! 😉

  105. 105 phineast

    ctstrat- Remember that you need to give respect in order to receive it-your actions need to prove that you are worthy of it. That is where Jim went wrong right from the get go. Did he make some mistakes? Some is and understatement-he made a continuous 4 years worth of them!!!!!! Did council make some mistakes???? You bet they did, but they weren’t getting over $90K plus complete perk package to do it. So while their mistakes were inconvenient-they weren’t as catostrophic to the entire town as Jim’s were and still are.
    The biggest changes that I see coming are in the moral in town-both the citizens and the workers. I have NEVER seen people so excited and so hopeful! Do I believe that there will be personnel changes-yes I do-I expect the ones that mixed their personal politics with their jobs are the ones that will be history. I also think that there will be a more open vetting process with Mayor Harkins-no google searches……
    Let the sun shine…let the sun shine in……………….

  106. 106 pcsperling

    Anyone ~

    “There never was a sense of open forum here, anyone who ever expressed any opinion different from Jez, PCS, etc was attacked and ridiculed. ”

    FYI, I spoke my mind and I didn’t “attack” anyone who’s opinion was different. As I said many times – I’ll hear all sides – if you want to try and change my mind! However, there were several times here that I was attacked by people like Laura Dobosz, and a couple others. I never said I hated Miron – I always contended that I never thought he was the man for the mayoral seat and that was proven overwhelmingly by this election.

    In any event, it’s fairly obvious that not only the Republicans of Stratford thought Harkins was the man for the job!

  107. 107 1george1


    The unpaid Town Councils the last 20 – 30 years cost stratford
    billions, without exaggeration, because they allowed themselves
    to be fronts for selfish creatures.
    The Mirons / Burturlas are simply part of the problem and in many
    ways (expressed by Dom and others) certain R are far worse.


    I hope Mr. Harkins exceeds your expectations.
    I hope the commuters get better shelter and parking ASAP.

    I would like to see you as a paralegal in Town Hall doing work
    on site for decent pay and benefits, which could / would still
    cause a dramatic reduction in Town Attorney costs.

    PCS, we disagree on some means and some ends, However you
    were among the most factual bloggers and stay mostly to the
    political content, most of the time – more than I did.
    I like Laura D. I like you. You have political and personal issues.
    I had some similar situations.

    Earlier tonight I had a frustrating melt down.

    I was unaware that Pat Blumstein was not double dipping and took
    a pay cut. I had writen that I knew there was pain on her part and
    on the part of Pat Naylor. I like and respect both ladies.

    I can related to the problems and emotional distress caused by the
    Miron / Burturla factions on these 2 ladies and other people.

    It played a major role in my siding with the ANTI-MIRON forces and
    my withering attacks in Letters to the Editor and in Debates helped
    to expose them, while trying to bring out CERTAIN (R) are every bit’
    as BAD or WORSE.

    I absolutely apologize to Pat Blumstein on my ignorance and the fact
    I mischaracterized her situation.
    Conversely, I did write that I knew there was pain and problems.

    Not that anyone on this blog would care, but I easily lost more than
    10 times what Mrs. Blumstein lost in career and pain, where neither
    of deserved the treatment received.

    Not that anyone on this blog cares, but the same type of murderous
    insensitive mentality where that traitor at FORT HOOD mercilessly
    gunned down our heroic troops, the same type of creature populates
    the U. S. Military Intelligence and Political Intelligence Community who
    used cryptography, numerology, codes, and terrorism to manipulate &
    harrass me since 1984, when I became aware, and virtually before I was
    even born – G-2, used my father, to set up a multi-generation operation.

    Murder for political and philosophical reasons is well beyond the life
    experience of most readers. Sadly, it is also done for religios reasons,
    and that is easier rcognized as existing and abhorent.

    The thievery going on in Stratford is merely part of systemic problems
    and cover for the bigger issue which, for better or worse, is the total
    distruction of the American way.

    Unfortunately, it is mostly the ignorant, trusting, and defenseless,
    who are suffering the most. And others … just do not care.

    My unfortunate off hand references to Pats B & N, are exactly the type
    of problems we experience when taking aim at the problem causers &
    unintionally get victims stuck in the mud.

    My intented focus has been and always will be the problem causers at
    local level and those at the state, national, and international levels who
    picked them and use them for their own benefit.

    Even my critics not credit me for bringing the national and state lack
    of support as partially causal to MAJOR PROBLEMS in Stratford:
    > AVCO = ARMY
    > I – 95 = DOT
    > UNFUNDED MANDATES = Congress + State Legislature
    > ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT = Trilateral Commission + CFA + State + DOD all afffecting Senate / Congress / Executive / Governor / State House / local

    My citics have legitimate positions when they contend I am not always
    correct. WHO IS?

    All I can do is TRY to be accurate and TRY to use typing to get people
    to think and to act. People act in what they perceive as their OWN
    best interest.

    The Mirons and others have perversly used some of my ideas.
    Other ideas were used to benefit the town because they benefitted
    themselves. I would prefer all my ideas and ideas of others that are
    given without thought of compensation, would be properly used.

    I have spoken to other people who lament they tried to benefit the
    town, government, and people and wound up creating a monster.





    I caused unjust pain to David Blumstein, who corrected me on facts.

    There was NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ANY INTENT on my part on disparaging
    or diminishing harm done to Pat Blumstein or Pat Naylor or others who
    I believe were innocently harmed, even though certain positions were
    political in nature – not all were.

    As previously writen – I identified with having extremely analygous treat
    ment at the hands of the USPS that other suffered under Miron / Burturla,
    so I mostly sided with the ANTI – MIRON, in no small part due to the fact
    I related to Blumstein + Naylor + O’Keefe + Toolan + others (but not all) +
    Omeara + McNeil + Soto + Farmer + others

  108. 108 phineast

    I was only referring to THIS specific council since the change of government, I aplolgize for not being clear enough. The voters have made it loud and clear that they will not tolerate the Miron mentality ever again. I do believe that John Harkins is acutely aware of that and will be taking steps to disinfect the town of that particular mentality. I personally am looking forward to it.

  109. 109 1george1

    I pray the bloggers are correct about John.

    However, the same people in both Town Committees
    are very likely to continue to hold Stratford hostage.

    Phin no need to apologize about not being clear.

    As noted in Stratford Star comments, I believe the
    timetable for 25 years has been pointing to after
    this election. (page A20?)

    They always want somebody respectable appearing
    to be their front.
    I can not disclose certain things I know, nor believe.

    Follow the money in the future and last 25 years!
    True in D. C. for 40 years, since Eisenhower farewell.

  110. 110 pcsperling

    George ~

    I am usually spot on with my first impressions of people and I didn’t vote for Jim Miron the first time around – I felt it was a political game for him right from the start. With respect to John Harkins, I did vote for him and I believe he will work in the best interests of the PEOPLE, rather than the PARTY.

    I’d certainly not mind a job in Town Hall or the BOE. I just relocated my employment closer to home, so it’ll probably be some time before I consider another job change. While I’m no longer a commuter, I still feel very strongly about the need for a parking garage and better accommodations for the commuters. John Harkins worked with the commuters to identify the proper parties reponsible for the various issues – not Miron. Kent Miller too, should not have had his hand in the commuter cookie jar – he was of no benefit at all!

    My point of comment was because of AnyonebutHarkins’ comment that I “beat up” on posters when they had a different point of view – I beg to differ. I don’t feel that I ever ‘beat up” on anyone for their difference of opinion and, as I’m sure you will agree, I always said that if someone has something to offer that could change my view or enlighten me differently, I’d listen. I was invited to coffee or lunch at one point because of the commuter issues by Jim Miron; however, I chose not to take him up on that because I felt very uncomfortable with the way he dealt with many people and basically didn’t trust his sincerity. He is certainly not a person I’d meet alone!

    I believe that AnyonebutHarkins is a poster who previously posted under her own name – she was the person who enjoyed bashing me the most. I could be wrong, but I believe it to be Laura Dobosz. If it’s not, my apololgies! She would be the only one who would accuse me of being one-sided. And, for her benefit, I was speaking to many, many people over the last several months about the election. I had a great conversation with my daughter’s basketball instructor – he had a different view of Miron based on his dealings with him. I shared with him why I believed in John Harkins. There were definitely some out there who did benefit in their deailings with Jim Miron. There were some who came out of open-door meetings satisfied that they were heard. Good for them, I just don’t believe that occurred with everyone.

    I’m happy John Harkins will be sworn in as our next Mayor. I’m sure he will be fair and listen to all, not just the Republicans. I see good things in Stratford’s future!

    Jeze did a great service picking up where Playwright left off….. Thank’s so much for all of your work and for allowing us a place to vent our frustrations with the soon-to-be past administration. Hopefully the Miron name will no longer be stuck to our Town like glue!

  111. 111 phineast

    Once Public Works finishes scraping the name off every sign in town the only place that name will be stuck is in the past, or in the courts…

  112. 112 omeara128

    I wonder how HR Director Winterbottom is feeling these days…….

  113. 113 omeara128

    I wonder how HR Director Winterbottom is feeling these days…….

  114. 114 1george1

    I understand and can relate to how you feel.
    Many have similar feelings about Mark Haddad.

    My experience is that they are hand picked puppets.
    They will land on their feet, unless we had honest government.

    Will the departing Henrick Town Council give Chris Miron a 6 figure
    sealed settlement?

    Who will Harkins Town Attorneys be?


    I pray John is a man of the people and not of the parties.

    Many people voted for him as the best chance to get rid of Miron.
    If I am correct about the same people being behind both, then we
    had a Hobbson choice.

    Dom should have created a slate of Town Council, Education, and
    other Candidates, like I wrote people asking them to run.

    Logically it makes NO SENSE to vote for Dom, when the rest of the
    political elected are all Democrats and Republicans, if you are the
    Voice of Change. IT CAN NOT WORK.

    I hope Catalano is the man he appears to be an Harkins is the man
    supporter claim his is.
    Electing me for MAYOR or TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT # 3 serves NO
    ONES BEST INTEREST, especially my own best interest.

    I would have been “VIRTUALLY AT WAR” with the

    > NO WAY can I support I – 95 RAMPS on # 33 or consolidation in town.

    > SHAKESPEARE would be a pitched battle for honest operator paying
    property taxes and licensing fees, not the GRAND THEFT.

    > I would be against sharing the AIRPORT with Bridgeport

    > I would work so AVCO would be developed to 4 stories – NO MORE!

    > I would work to get and use SEED MONEY for Economic Growth.

    > LBW would go to F & W, with a reverter clause to Stratford and NEVER
    go to Bridgeport, as I believe is the REPUBLICAN – DEMOCRAT PLAN

    > I would work so TRANSPARENCY would be a reality.

    > I would work so STEERING would cease, which I believes doubles our

    > I would work so bonding and costs were more responsible and that
    work was done on a timely basis.

    I have had close to 100 people, mostly strangers come up to me and say
    I was the only one who made sense, told the truth, knew what was going
    on, and/or seemed to care about Stratford. But they had to vote either
    Miron or more likely Harkins because each side distrusted the other and
    felt the other was bad for the Town.

    You did beat up on Laura and on me (on the parking garage).
    We both are adults.
    You are still my favorite blogger, because you dealt with researched facts
    and honest passion, which I wish every voter had.

    There are interim things John can do on the garage, if it ever gets built.

    It was good of you to post Miron does have legitimate supporters.
    Some are very against the Mill River CC gang I call B UTTER NUTS.
    Some appreciate Miron’s people spent more on Stratford HS, Johnson
    Academy – Birdseye, then Harkins will or (firetruck) Feehan ever did.

    I was against Mirons. But I tried giving him credit where & when due to
    him and his people? He worked VERY HARD. He did some good things.
    However his father & Burturla/Berchem are bad for Stratford.
    although certain Republicans appear to have done nothing to me,
    they are worse for Stratford, in my opinion and I doubt John will not
    allow them to get what they want.

    I was the least bad of 4 bad choices.

    NONE of the USUAL SUSPECTS would have been Town Attorney or would
    have likely held KEY politically appointed positions, which directs policy.

    My 2nd biggest problem?

    My 1st biggest problem?
    be willing to challenge the system, the way it needs to be challenged and
    bing willing to sork for SET ANNUAL FEES, including expenses and using the
    Town Hall Town Attorney Office!
    – Town Attorney $ 104,000 + 40 % Benefits + Health Benefits + 3 weeks Vacation
    Holidays + Sick Leave + fully expensed office – same for the below
    – 2 Assistant Town Attorneys $ 78,000 each
    – 2 -3 part time Assistant Town Attoneys (specialist) ($ 26 – $ 52,000)
    – 1 FT Paralegal + 2 pt + pt Court Stenography + Secretary (+ pool)

    The Town Hall works 37 1/2 hours during the week with night meetings
    only Monday – Thursday.

    IF I WAS MAYOR, the above would me more than I prefer to spend, but l
    ess than Berchem averaged the lst 4 years, because I would actively use
    the Courts for political benefit for the people of Stratford, in a way that
    would FORCE AGENDAS to favor PEOPLE.

  115. 115 rex525

    STRATFORD WINS! (am I the only one not as optimistic as I was?)

    Jez, “There is no doubt. This is a GOOD day for Stratford.” (is there any doubt now?)

    George, “My experience is that they are hand picked puppets. They will land on their feet, unless we had honest government.” (George, you were right again!)

  116. 116 1george1

    Rex you are obviously a highly intelligent person … 😉

    I think it was from “Pirates of the Caribbean:
    “You can always predict the actions of the dishonest.”
    “It is difficult to predict the actions of the honest ones.”

    Rex – Too bad we can not enlist the Green Lantern?

    Google his statement which powers his ring!

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