Thank You!



Thank you to all the readers and posters on this blog. Your continuing support through these trials have meant a lot.

But we can see no further reason to continue. We are confident that Mayor Harkins quiet competence will move Stratford in the right direction. We look forward to an era of openness and the freedom to express opinions without retribution.

We wish him well in his search for competent and honest staff. We only ask that the RTC and DTC allow Mayor Harkins’ and the newly elected council to do their jobs for the residents, businesses and children of Stratford.

My Jezebel outfit is going to be hung in the closet. Let us all hope there is no need to take it out again. I will keep the blog up and running for those wishing to continue to post.

Thank you all.

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  1. 1 sudds


    THANK YOU!!!

  2. 2 anyonebutharkins

    Ok, this is the most hypocritcal thing I have ever seen. First, poster here (like sylvia) are crying out for a “house cleaning” of all Miron appointees. Not only does she have no clue exactly what each of those individuals really think or how well they have done their jobs but the whole concept is hypocritical after this blog site has done nothing but whine about those “poor innocent victims” that lost their jobs four years ago. Now you are all calling for the same? Makes you no different than the very person you have wasted four years complaining about.

    Then, to close this blog down now (or even walk away) is also tremendously hypocritical. There never was a sense of open forum here, anyone who ever expressed any opinion different from Jez, PCS, etc was attacked and ridiculed. So now that differing opinions finally have a chance to hold you all accountable in your statements that Harkins is the second coming, you pick up your toys and run? pfft.

    I know I never should have expected anything less, but I have to admit I am shocked at how quickly you bail, jez. Makes me wonder if you just dont want to have to be around for the fall out when Harkins proves that his local governing will be just as ineffective as it was on the state level.

    Bottom line though, is that at the end of the day, four years later, Pat Blumstien is still fired from her job at town hall. Nothing was really avenged here. She is still out.

  3. 3 sudds

    “There never was a sense of open forum here, anyone who ever expressed any opinion different from Jez, PCS, etc was attacked and ridiculed.”

    You OBVIOUSLY have NOT been paying attention for very long… on numerous occasions I have disagreed with Jez, and was NEVER attacked or ridiculed!

    I have been the biggest trouble maker on this site (bowing for my ovation)… and Jez has been nothing but fair to me!

    So, now Mr. EX-Mayor (who whoever you are)… quit your whining! Why don’t you start your own blog so that people can “police the police” (if you will) for the new administration?!?!?

  4. 4 1george1

    Jeze you deserve thanks.

    However there is a resaon to continue. Suppose, hypothetically
    that Harkins becomes (or is) captive to Norm/Berchem?
    Would that be any substantive difference than Miron – Burturla,
    who got to play “BAD COP?”

    Who will the Harkins Town Attorney – subcontractors be?

    Name and odds? Surveys
    Who do they want?
    Who do they think will get it?
    List top & bottom 10?

    J Florek
    K Kelly
    B Knott
    R Burturla
    J Kubec
    K Williams
    B Proto
    Berchem Moses
    Willinger Bucci
    T Cotter
    T Bishop
    F Blando – lou’s uncle
    K Ahlberg – matt’s uncle
    Jack Golden
    C Foremen
    P Kurmay
    Rodie Connolly
    J Hillgen
    J Miron
    K Miller
    J Bohannon
    P Karl
    A Laske
    Nevas Nevas
    Ganim Ganim
    Koskoff, Koskoff
    Capozzelo, Capozello
    Tremont Sheldon
    J Williams & Pattis
    Pullman Comley
    Sousa Stone D’Agostino
    Gump Strauss Hauer
    Murphy & Karpie
    Wilton Elser Moscowitz
    Zeeldes, Needle, Cooper
    M DeJoseph
    Joe (ex Stfd police – State Prosecutor)
    S Twardy
    C Droney
    K Dooley
    K O’Conner
    N Daugherty
    R Blumenthal
    Any others.
    Any odds?

    If gambling was legal, I would bet Berchem gets 6 figures from Harkins all 4 years.

    The music stopped. Miron is out. We still have the same monkeys playing with their bananas and stealing our money, don’t we?

  5. 5 sylvia67

    “anyonebutharkins” (too bad you’re ashamed to use your real name or even one that is more truthful like lastpersonformoron?),

    Four years ago Miron got rid of the very best because just being around they showed him to be incompetent and arrogant. Now we know he was completely unfit for the job. People like Patty U., Elaine O’keefe, Mike Imbro, Ben Braynan, Dr. Danzer, Pat Blumstein, and many others who were assets to our town were gotten rid of by Miron. He replaced them with people who were either unqualified or underqualified, but who all sold their souls to do Miron’s bidding. That meant, among other things, contributing to his campaign and politicizing their offices to further his reelection. Just go on the town’s website and see how the recent news is all about Miron and attacking anyone who questioned him. These hacks must go for the good of the town. There is no comparison to the wonderful people who were vindictively targeted four years ago and replaced with the likes of the Hadads, Burtulas, and Cavanaughs of this horrific administration. If there is any doubt about where these people stand, why were they all at Miron’s headquarters along with his indicted father? Their loyalty lies with Jim Miron not the best interests of the town, so don’t keep making these ridiculous comparisons as the situation is completely different. It is too bad that even a good man like John Norko could be in with Miron. My husband taught at Harding High for 34 years and always spoke highly of him. But now he not only contributed to Miron’s reelction he even rushed news on the reevaluation in an effort to try to make his boss look good before the election. That was uncalled for and hurt Mr. Norko. I completely agree with Alvin O’Neal that the Democratic party needs new leadership. Many Democrats supported Harkins, doesn’t that say a lot? We need to disinfect this entire town office by office and the DTC would be smart to do the same. Not one of them rebuked Miron for wanting to “exterminate” John Fahan? How could they go along with something as horrible as that?

  6. 6 1george1


    I was attacked and ridiculed.
    Some of my posts were deemed irrelevant and erased and censored.
    Jeze decided to move my post rather than erase them. (I am OK with that)

    I was surprized to read you considered yourself the biggest trouble maker.
    Just on weight – I would likely be the biggest / heaviest trouble maker.
    Who else was erased and/or censored?
    CONVERSELY – Jeze gave me my own space to do as I please, which occasionally
    I used, to throw Jeze a bone. 🙂

    The post by anyonebutharkins was pretty well written.
    Did Jim write it? 8)
    It does not look like Jason Santi? (I think Jason means well)
    I think we can rule out Gavin or Fahan as the author = content. 😉

    Pat Blumstein and Pat Naylor, unlike many on the hit list actually wound
    up with a BETTER SITUATION working in Board of Ed, with Ben Branyan.
    > Didn’t they all get raises and better job ambiance?
    > Ben might be pulling down twice his Town Manager pay.
    > the Pats will be able to Pension from the Town & BoE, won’t they?

    Yes there was heartache and pain, which I do not denigrate, yet post
    facts that for some people, the curse became a blessing….

    I believe Stratford is better off with Branyan and Cornish, in the BoE,
    but they are going to take heat over pay and building supervisor empire,
    like O’Connell did, under the same R + D political patrons.

    Jeze, now is not the time to quit, but to be observant as a former
    liberal Democrat, to make sure things stay above board. That is,
    unless you really do not believe in Harkins and his patrons ……

    – different

    Will Dempsey, as the only returning councilman, become the chairman?

    It could be good for Stoney Brook and the “real people of stratford,”
    if John is the man I believe he is capable of being.

  7. 7 1george1


    I agree and disagree with some of those you named.

    I belief O’Keefe and Norko are very qualified and decent, just to name 2.

    Very few people on the blog use their real names.
    Some legitimate fear of reprisal
    Some cowardice.
    Some hypocracy.

    I thought both you and anyonebutharkins both raised legitimate debating points.

    While I demonize, I try to keep it on issues and politics, with being
    personal to the degree possible, when using actual names.
    My demonization is often in using sarcastic tag names to describe
    roles that are being played in the cast of characters.


  8. 8 stfdprofessor1

    “Bottom line though, is that at the end of the day, four years later, Pat Blumstien is still fired from her job at town hall. Nothing was really avenged here. She is still out.”

    “Pat Blumstein and Pat Naylor, unlike many on the hit list actually wound
    up with a BETTER SITUATION working in Board of Ed, with Ben Branyan”

    HEY KENT (yes I know who you are, I’m in the party) AND GEORGE (a man who does not hide behind a fake name)- I like so many others have been a mere bystander on this site. That was until today.

    While taking it all in from the sidelines I have been quite amused by the frequent postings concerning political figures (who have volunteered by their mere running for elected office) to be in the crosshairs of this and other blog sites. I have enjoyed these blogs, which as exaggerated as some of them may be (not to mention the extreme accuracy of others) usually have a foundation in truth (yes George, even yours- unfortunately when your building moves off the foundation to the first floor you put on your tinfoil helmet and wait for the black helicopters to swoop in).

    Political figures know the dangers when they enter the ring, municipal and board of ed. employees do not. That being the case I offer the following example- it is acceptable to poke fun or disclose the fact that a local major political figure who was run out of office on Tuesday (my fellow Demcrat) is AWOL and has not been seen or heard of since election night. I do not however think it is fair game to disclose that his “little helper” spent a majority of his adult life living in “the folks” basement or the more embarrassing fact that he seems to have an affection for Russian massage palors (nuff said “anyonebutharkins”- I could go on for pages but I would mire myself in hypocracy, so go find your buddy and screw, your team has done enough damage).

    Now for your spanking George (and no need to respond because after this post I will not reply). George inside your insanity I think you are a brilliant, kind, insightful, caring and couragous man, however you never have all of your facts straight. As an example, how can you say that “the Pats” are any better or worse off? Do you know how much they did or did not like their former jobs, their surroundings, their co-workers, or their dignity??? Unless you do, it is not your place or anyone elses place to judge or comment on the subject. You have been warning everyone for months and months about the grand conspiracy (hitting the nail on the head at sometimes and questioning others undeservedly at others). The people you name as possible conspirators will always be judged differently just because of the seeds you have planted and that is not right. George, you’re better than that.

    George study the Freedom of Information laws and just put out the facts. The new regime says they will be transparent and you could ensure that by just keeping the FACTS out there. Your credibility breakdown comes in your interpretation of/and your opinion on those facts. Sorry, but your just not good at it. If you carried the mantle of being a self proclaimed “Transparency Czar” for a while you just might be electable and could actually accomplish positive change instead of dreaming about it (the recent election showed us that the public is not stupid- put it out there and they’ll figure it out).

    I’m not trying to come off lofty or preachy here, but I have been teaching along time (you are excused from detention George and Kent you are expelled). I’ve seen enough hurt done to the innocent bystanders. If you want to nail the person who stole our faith, I can’t say I blame you. But as for me these are my two cents worth and my life will move on.

    Thanks for the ride Jezebel, you made the right choice in retiring “the voters have made their choice” now it’s time to move on.

  9. 9 anyonebutharkins

    Ok prof, lol. Easy now…

    You can spank George and fantasize about Kent in those massage rooms
    you seem to know so well, but I ain’t Kent. Not sure if I should
    be flattered or offended, actually. Lol

    this late in the game, I’m not gonna get too much into who I am or
    what my agenda might be. Election’s over. I’m not affiliated with either
    party 100%, meaning I’m registered as a democrat, but I signed nothing
    in blood and make my own choices. Am a wild card now and always have been.
    Hope I always will be too!

    I avoided this site forbthe most part because I found it way too one sided
    and not worth my time to try to engage in a real debate and exchange of thoughts.
    I am saddened that jez wants to pack up, because I think come December
    we would have a real, clean slate to have good, strong, untainted debates
    about. We would be rid of the elephant in the room and would be able
    to truly hash out what we will see happening from this new slate of
    council and mayor.

    I’m sorry jez wants to back out now, I would rather he put his money where
    his mouth has been and see it through.

  10. 10 1george1

    Thank you professr for the schooling.

    I believe I did point out the Pats did have heart ache and did not
    disparage their pain, however they will DOUBLE DIP from TOWN
    and BoE PENSIONS.

    And if you are a PROFESSOR, you unboubtedly have virtually FREE
    $ 14,000 + for 3,200 Town + Ed Employees and Workers, compared to
    $ 7,200 for 65 Employee company.

    I love the pretentious blog names of the olympus gods / demagogue
    of the inner party, who cold not survive in the real world, without
    trading on political and familial quid pro quo, for their overpay, under
    work, and undeserved positions and titles.

    This is not to deny there is real value in work done in government
    service, where good pay, benefits, and pensioned are deserved by
    everyone and not simply by supercilious blatherskites like FOS or the
    Professor, who dares not to legitimate debate.

    As for my Tin foil hat – didn’t you do what you accused me of doing to
    the PATS.
    PEOPLE are DEAD.

    GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL make life and death decisions daily, including
    who to WAR on in FOREIGN VENUES.
    IF you have PAID ATTENTION to
    FACTORIES / BUSINESSES shut down / down sized = My job is economy
    development I talk daily to Unit decision makers and owners
    FDA quality controlled substances on street corners @ affordable $$
    CASCADING FUNDING of ELECTIONS that would make Nixon’s C.R.E.E.P.

    Professor you are just another pretentious prick with his head up his
    ass to question sacrifices I made to try to protect lives and livelihoods,
    and to try to show cause for people to want to effect change.
    . (sorry Mike Reynoldsm Jeze, others but I’ve been wanting to break out)
    Every time I used a 1st Amendment Appeal Right, people died.
    Well stop using the 1st Amendment Appeals?
    – If they kill for that excuse, what keeps them killing just for fun?
    – In my tin foil mind, the gelded, neutered creature heading the political
    justice system are worse than the Mafia or Drug Cartels, or NAZIs or Al
    Qaeda, precisely because they BETRAY the CONSTITUTIONAL OATH and
    let the USA become COKE WHORES! (male and female)
    Families are broken – lives destroyed – lives wasted – FOR WHAT?
    So ranking police and lawyers can skim public money and claim
    “We have a CONTRACT!”

    Expletive deleted

    Your contract is rife with FRAUD & CONSPIRACY!
    When did a CAPTAIN and REPUBLICAN slut, become a UNION MEMBER?

    Do the calculations of a DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PLAN!

    That is what everyone DESERVES.

    Murray knows it
    McNeil knows it
    everyone on the police, fire, PW department know they are stealing
    and in bed with the lawyers they loathe, deservedly.

    The lawyers know it.
    Barnhart, Feeney, Branyan, Harkins, and Miron know it
    Department heads and rank personnel know it.

    Many people who read this blog know they have been screwing this
    town and the real people who TRUSTED them.

    And many of the people who read this blog are pillars of the Community,
    churches, and charities. For the most part good & decent people.

    However, I am a NUT, BECAUSE I dealt with scum like FBI + CIA + DOD +
    USPS + NALC + EEOC + NLRB + U.S. Attorneys + Federal _ State Judges
    and State / Local police + State Attorneys + other Attorneys + D. C.
    Committees & subCommittees of Senate and Congress – NONE of whom
    are FREE or BRAVE or believe in EQUAL PROTECTION of the LAW or the
    CONSTITUTION or LIBERTY & JUSTICE for ALL, oe Liberty Fraternity, Equality.

    The Judges, Lawyers and rank personnel hide behind WORDS with MEANING

    Do I make erronous projections? – of course!

    Everyone makes mistakes!

    Are some of my projections meant to stir the pot? – you bet!

    Do I play head games, to try to get people to do the right thing or
    things I believe are in their best long term interest? Guilty.

    I do not expect to live past Christmas – never have!

    I have kids in my extended family suckered into drugs and other
    members of family suckered into bad things, because ghouls live
    to suck pain outta people and make people in JOB of Book of Job.

    The KKK called their members Ghouls and became part of Masonry
    about the time of the depression – LOOK it UP.

    If people want to worship the devil – fine
    Just do not bother anyone else

    If govenment people want $ 100,000 pensions – fine
    E A R N I T !
    Don’t suck money from Tax Payers, CLAIMING “I HAVE A CONTRACT!”

    FRAUD + CONSPIRACY are a couple basis for voiding contracts.
    Chapter 11 is another.
    Instead of ripping off poor people, the greatest generations, and others
    why NOT live UP to those values your teach your CHILDREN.

    In this USA government, we have people who are ALL EGO

    Why should anyone go into a foxhole to protect people evicting
    his family from their tiny home of a few generations and have his
    family members die because they can not afford heat or medicine?

    Why obey laws when a police chief and brother lawyer and mayor
    and their predecessors act like crimnals or traitors.

    My tin foil hat, was jolted by the professor’s pontificating!
    Expletive deleted

  11. 11 1george1

    George inside your insanity I think you are a brilliant, kind, insightful,
    caring and couragous man,
    however you never have all of your facts straight.

    Prosfessor – Is stratford politics sane?
    Is the Transfer of USA wealth sane?

    Thank you for the compliments.

    Who has all the facts straight?
    Professor – do you claim to have ALL the FACTS?
    Many people had problems when we were younger and more
    susceptible to substances which affect judgement & conduct
    – right professor?
    Have you known anyone who never got anything wrong?


    George study the Freedom of Information laws and just put
    out the facts. The new regime says they will be transparent
    and you could ensure that by just keeping the FACTS out there.

    Your credibility breakdown comes in your interpretation of/and
    your opinion on those facts. Sorry, but your just not good at it.


    George study the Freedom of Information laws

    “Professor – if you study the FOI and look at all of the exceptions,
    I suspect you would agree the FOI hides more than it exposes.”

    and just put out the facts.

    “Facts change. There are lies, darn lies, statistics and stratford cover
    stories to divert the truth. Deconstructing political science fiction of
    both parties is a major portion of putting facts into context, so the
    Public and Political Parties activists can understand”

    The new regime says they will be transparent and you could ensure that
    by just keeping the FACTS out there.

    “Do you want to buy a bridge or land around the airport?”

    Your credibility breakdown comes in your interpretation of/and your
    opinion on those facts.

    “Maybe you know things I do not know. Maybe I know things you do
    not know and I am not in a position of wanting to or being capable
    of explaining everything, influencing my interpretation.
    You admit to being a Democrat, so how smart does that make you,
    acording to Will Rodgers, who also admitted to being a Democrat?”

    Sorry, but your just not good at it.

    “FOS felt the same way. I was proven correct. He ceased posting.”

    “Others criticized one position of mine or another. They ceased
    arguing their points, once it became preponderantly clear, plain,
    and evident that they were wrong ad I turned out correct.”

    “I am not perfect – no one is. Sometimes limits of access and / or
    misinformation can affect interpretation, adversely. However, in
    your own words, maybe you admit that I am FAR, FAR, better at
    interpretation than your subsequent sentence suggest, if I under
    stand the meanings of the words brilliant insightful”

    From Professor:
    inside your insanity I think you are a brilliant, kind, insightful

  12. 12 1george1

    Thank you for the recognition that my INTENT

    is CARING and KIND.

    as for courageous?
    I was murdered in 1984. My life ended.
    Can’t kill a dead man.
    I would do anything legal, moral, and ethical to protect innocents
    who were harmed to create a “Book of Job” ambiance around me.

    At a certain point, even the most vile people realize there needs
    to be honor, trust, and truth for their own benefit.

    Such is the court of st james, congress, and curia.

  13. 13 addivdgruy

    Next on Criminal Minds………….

  14. 14 1george1

    another brave anonymous blogger

  15. 15 ronmoreau


    After all this time, after all you have contributed, that is all you have to say to someone is F. U.?

    I thought you were way above that.

    My mission is accomplished.

    The Playwright went away, Jez thinks her job is done.

    Do you think your’s is?

    But I guess that is up to you.

  16. 16 1george1


    Actually I wrote more than F. U.
    Actually the blogger was more complimentary than most other bloggers.

    I knew I never had a chance at winning and hoped to bring in a legit
    candidate who I would endorse.
    I am not the only person who feels many people behind Harkins are:
    1 – The same people that are behind Miron / Burturla
    2 – Worse than Miron / Burturla

    I rarely swear.
    I do tell dirty jokes.
    My humor has wide range from puns to wordgames to slapstick.

    Sometimes it is necessary to BREAK “decorum” for EFFECT.

    I have been pounded for the most part on this blog and pounded
    back, without resorting to 4 letter or other epithits.

    To quote Shakespeare:
    “If I am cut … do I not bleed?”

    Some people on this blog are little more than insensitive egocentric
    creatures capable of sadistic and shadenfruede conduct and sins
    or worse of omission and commission.

    Most are relatively decent people.

    Only reason I got involved in Stratford politics in 1998, was because
    people died and I had used all other appeal options.

    – After dealing with certain Stratford politics I now understand why
    and how the USA has become a “Cocaine Republic.”

    Our POLITICAL JUSTICE SYSTEM is predatory / beyond DARWINISM
    We do not have Masonic: “order out of chaos,”
    There are wilful Anarchist Acts, not by Anarchists, but sadists.

    Bentham / John Stuart Mill / Adam Smith / DE TOCqueEVILle:
    > The LIGHTS are short circuited on Enlightened Self Interest.

    We do not have:
    Royal-ties or Noble leaders with: Noblesse oblige
    or Marxists: “capitalism sows seeds of own distruction,”
    or Mafia: “family honor,”
    or West Point: “duty, honor, country.”
    or Judeo / Christian / Catholic: “10 Commandments”
    or Protestant: “work ethic” or “acts of faith”
    or Catholic: “Universiality”
    or U. S. Constitutional: “Uniformity” or “just consent of governer” or
    “equal protection of the law.”

    While DAN BROWN writes of CODES and HONOR and UTOPIA,
    ending his last book with (SPES) HOPE.

    The reality is DANTE MILTON best describes Stratford and the USA in

    From Dante’s Divine Comedy. The translation into English by H.F.Cary is the origin for this English phrase, although he gave it as the less commonly used ‘All hope abandon ye who enter here’.

    Through me you pass into the city of woe:
    Through me you pass into eternal pain:
    Through me among the people lost for aye.

    Justice the founder of my fabric mov’d:
    To rear me was the task of power divine,
    Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

    Before me things create were none, save things
    Eternal, and eternal I endure.
    All hope abandon ye who enter here.

    Such characters in colour dim I mark’d
    Over a portal’s lofty arch inscrib’d:
    Whereat I thus: Master, these words import

    > Paradise Lost:

    Of Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit
    Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste
    Brought death into the world, and all our woe.
    Paradise Lost. Book i. Line 1.

    Evil: And out of good still to find means of evil.

    Wealth: Mammon, the least erected spirit that fell From heaven;
    for even in heaven his looks and thoughts Were always downward bent,
    admiring more The riches of heaven’s pavement, trodden gold,
    Than ought divine or holy else enjoyed In vision beatific.

    Promises: Ease would recant, vows made in pain, as violent and void.

    Slavery: This is servitude, to serve the unwise.


    Yet from those flames
    No light, but rather darkness visible.
    Paradise Lost. Book i. Line 62.

    What though the field be lost?
    All is not lost; th’ unconquerable will,
    And study of revenge, immortal hate,
    And courage never to submit or yield.
    Paradise Lost. Book i. Line 105.


    Utopia is a name for an ideal community or society, that is taken
    from Of the Best State of a Republic, and of the New Island Utopia,
    a book written in 1516 by Sir Thomas More describing a fictional
    island in the Atlantic Ocean, possessing a seemingly perfect
    socio-politico-legal system………….

    More’s Utopia is largely based on Plato’s Republic.[1] It is a perfect
    version of Republic wherein the beauties of society reign
    (eg: equality and a general pacifist attitude),
    although its citizens are all ready to fight if need to be.

    The evils of society, eg: poverty and misery, are all removed.

    It has few laws, no lawyers

    and rarely sends its citizens to war, but hires mercenaries
    from among its war-prone neighbors

    (these mercenaries were deliberately sent into dangerous situations
    in the hope that the more warlike populations of all surrounding
    countries will be weeded out, leaving peaceful peoples).

    The society encourages tolerance of all religions.

  17. 17 1george1


    EVERY TOWN COUNCIL – the great Ed “Beefy” Hargus would shuffle
    to the Town Council Public Forum Podium and B E L L O W :
    T h i s . . . i s . . . t h e . . . w o r s t . . . C o u n c i l . e v e r !

    Henrick shut down my Public Forum, (I believe) because he did not
    like where I was going on Fire Truck delays + Fire + Pension Abuse
    = bad priorities


    Hank Ciechuk was furious that my CT Constitutional right to
    “remonstrance” was shut down, by Henrick.

    Hank did not realize my first amendment right to petition government
    for redress of grievances supporting the people who complained
    about fire truck / no fire hydrant – was ABRIDGED.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
    or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
    or abridging the freedom of speech,
    or of the press;
    or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
    and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Not a single Town Councilor or police officer present or fireman
    present or lawyer present or member of the press present objected
    besides HANK.
    > NOT A SINGLE MAN or WOMAN, besides HANK spoke up!
    > They almost look as bad a Mr Henricj made himself look.
    > Mike can smile and claim I can not yell fire, and then admit
    I did not yell fire, but then claim Chair perogative – All I can do
    is laugh at the poor fools.

    I wondered if anyone in Stratford politics or at Town council
    Meetings understood and obeyed the Constitution?

    It seems ONLY Hank Cieuchuk is the only one tonight understands

    The ones who looked worse were HENRICH and KUBEC, who appeared
    to have coordinated a couple of people to come to speak to the
    Town Council to speak the same night the Town Council was to spend
    $ 905,000 for 2 firetrucks
    (directly from the factory – I wonder who gets the Commission $$. ? ) 😉

    I read Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol Saturday. Some of the codes and word
    games there, and in other books like Angels & Demons, DaVinci Code,
    and Deception point are analygous or subsequent to my writings
    > How ever he does it so, so so much better with cutting edge science
    and obscure but interesting trivia about land marks

    George Mulligan
    Stratford, CT. 06615
    (203) 378-1888

  18. 18 jezebel282

    Once again, we honestly thought the fat lady had sung and the stake was driven through the beast’s heart.

    The answer is…not yet.

  19. 19 1george1

    And I thought it was when the FAT GUY sang?


    drat! drat! drat!

    FYI Jeze,
    There are some creatures in nature, which do not have a heart.

  20. 20 soonerorlater09

    My only question is will the official bullet proof vest go to the new mayor or is that one a gift from the town to his highness himself?

  21. 21 jezebel282


    My guess is “no”. Unlike Miron, I have a feeling Mayor Harkins will be in his office most of the time with his door wide open. You won’t hear the screaming in the hallways anymore. Unlike Miron.

    I also doubt Mayor Harkins will carry weapons to Council meetings.

    And then, no one will hate Mayor Harkins guts like so many hated Miron.

    Mayor Harkins may not even need the flashing lights and siren on his Town Vehicle.

  22. 22 1george1

    My guess is that when Harkins goes to implement Property Assessment Tax,
    some of the luster will come off.

    When the costs of PENSIONS becomes so high, it can no longer be hidden,
    and the real plan to address the BRIBERY becomes known ….

    When his Town Attorney loses the PEOPLE’S RIGHT to REFERENDUM, which
    is a FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUE the true fascist colors of the ATTORNEYS and
    TOWN COMMITTEE PEOPLE and their apologists on this blog will be seen.
    > Some of you fit right in with NAZIs.

  23. 23 1george1

    My 2 posts last night, in this blog stream were removed.

    Maybe Jeze doesn’t like it when substantive truth hits this blog?
    Hey it is her ball.
    Dissent will be crushed, censored, revised, … kinda like ?? 😉

  24. 24 1george1

    I choose looney tunes for a reason. 8)

  25. 25 1george1

    Suppose there was a place to destroy the USA from within?

    Suppose the people doing so were using icons that different
    religions and cultures use as hidden / secret signals to each
    other, but were well known by the people who control the

    1 – Is that much different than pre Nazi Germany?
    – Sylvia please advise the others that I am trying to warn Jewish
    not to believe people who lie to the different factions!

    2 – With all of the Mason + Christian + Catholic + Jewish + Ancient
    is there anyone who believes that a FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY
    would not or could not subvert the USA, BY STEALTH?

    3 – Based on the history of U S Government TOWARDS
    Is there any reader who absolutely TRUSTS the GOVERNMENT
    not to EVENTUALLY betray them, once they have betrayed others?

    4 – Don’t blame the MESSENGER, if the messinger is warning you about
    a probalbe trap!
    You believe what you want to believe.

    5 – Many people got into government, because they are Marxists –
    Socialists and are deluded their leaders want affirmative change for
    the betterment of humanity ….

    Is a Country’s Intelligence Community EVIL or GOOD who –
    > turns a majority of the people into alcoholics and drug addicts
    > fills the JAILS and REHAB + HOSPITALS with underclass FODDER
    > breaks up the FAMILY UNITS
    > Destroys the Economic foundations of the USA by offshoring
    industries, eliminating carreers and savings, destroy all pensions,
    makes health benefits too expensive, causes home forclosures?

    What kind of intelligence do union people have, to think they will
    NOT be betrayed, after they betrayed their respective communities.

    It may be too late?
    It may not be?

    Jeze erased a similar post, because Jeze lacks the willingness to
    face the truth that I am trying to PORTECT HER + FAMILY + ALLIES
    by telling the TRUTH, she does not want to face!

  26. 26 mayor2013

    Jezebel, thank you for keeping this up for so many years. The new mayor should be thanking you for keeping the old mayor on the hot burner for so long. I read the column from time to time and so posters come and go – but you always stayed focus and thanks to you – the old mayor is gone.

    I suggest that you post the number of days until the next mayoral election as a reminder to Mayor Harkins that he too will be held accountable for all of his actions. You are the people. You represent all of us.

    I cannot imagine staying at this for so long with all that goes on in one’s life. Thank you my fellow citizen for doing this for all of us.

  27. 27 1george1

    Mayor 2013

    This blog allows me venting and practice, as well as occasional information.

    With this post I wondered if you were another one of Jeze Koolaid drinkers?
    However in your other posts, I agree with you on:
    – The Attorneys’ modus operendi
    – The BoE’s very plausible scenario
    – The EMS – (IF TRUE = per your qualifier?)

    There were a couple people like you in Topix and under the Playwrite.

    I am not used to reading people with a Public Interest bias.

  28. 28 mayor2013


    As I have already stated, I read the blog sometimes regularly, sometimes occasionally. I do not know anyone who focused on the abuse of Miron as did Jezebel – and Jezebel had a lot to do with eradicating him from his power. I am not a koolaid drinker. I hate koolaid. I am well informed and will follow along as the new mayor proceeds. So far, I am not real excited about him. But, I will wait and see – he has only just begun his journey.

    I have decided to post now that the terror-person is gone and I do not have to concern myself with being marked, investigated, and or subject to criminal arrest as others have. I know what is going on and I will respond as I deem necessary.

  29. 29 genuinephyllis

    @Mayor Uhhh I am inclined to agree Jez was valuable but NOT the only ~ quite franky there were few of us that also posted under our own names many truths, uncovered many lies…I believe some acknowldgement should go out to Sylvia Guberman, Joe DeCaro,Officer Doug O’Meara, George Mulligan and of course Myself Phyllis Esposito aka(TheGenuinePhyllis)…..We did also have a hand in getting things changed and will continue for as long as it takes despite the ridicule,harrassment, retaliation for our ongoing efforts!

  30. 30 phineast

    Phyllis-acknowledgment should also go out to every single voter who affected the change. Without those votes we would still have the village idiot in office, along with his loyal mercenaries.

  31. 31 sylvia67

    phineast on December 31, 2009 said:
    Phyllis-acknowledgment should also go out to every single voter who affected the change. Without those votes we would still have the village idiot in office, along with his loyal mercenaries.

    Phineast, you are absolutely correct that Phyllis is a wonderful human being. She cares about people and goes out of her way to make sure everyone gets what they need to survive.

    I am so happy that Miron is out of office. Don’t forget 67% of the voters did not vote for him when he ran for mayor the first time. Miron listened to his father and had 68 Democratic Senior Citizens, who were terminally ill, very sick, and handicapped subpoenaed to court for voting via absentee ballot which was their given right. His father had put up Mike Danko, the former head of public works, to run against the late Raymond Voccola in a primary. Mike Danko lost to Ray Voccola and moved out of this town quickly. The judge made Miron look so bad and dismissed the case because he said “Councilor, I gave you three chances to prove your case and you haven’t.” I have always made sure that people who were not well would be able to vote by using an absentee ballot. I have worked on this for over 40 years in this town. Being that Miron himself has a vision problem you would think he would ever involve himself in doing harm to other disabled people. The voters did not forget what he did in the 5th District so they all worked against him. I have zero respect for the Mirons. I am so happy that John Harkins became our mayor and the town will shine with him.

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “Jezebel, thank you for keeping this up for so many years.”

    You’re welcome. It is what any citizen would do. Miron was corrupt from the beginning. We know that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  33. 33 1george1

    Now that Miron is out of office, wouldn’t be nice if the playright
    or playwrite, raised the curtain again?

    So far I am impressed with the few postings of Mayor2013.

    As far as Jim Miron and others of the last 4 years, I believe they
    all played their assigned rolls.
    The D + R need to create illusions and plausble deniability, don’t they?

  34. 34 mayor2013

    Mayor Harkins should not think his 2-1 election victory was due to his personality and that everyone is just wildly in love with him. His lopsided election was due to the fact that everyone wanted to be certain that Miron was thrown out of office. Mayor Harkins received votes from many Democrats who would have voted otherwise if Miron was not the candidate. I know several folks who wanted to vote for Mr. Costello, but could not, out of fear the same thing would happen as it did in 2005 when Miron was elected. The unions worked long and hard for Mayor Harkins and despite what he says publicly, he owes them – and if he does not deliver on his promises, the tide will turn quickly against him. I hope he looks at all of the evil and unfair decisions made by Miron against several selected employees in the police and fire departments and he makes them whole again. This task will be difficult; but he must tackle it. I hope he looks at the remainder of Miron’s cabinet still on the payroll and replaces them with competent individuals. So far, he has not made any moves. We are all waiting. We will give him some time, but not forever.

  35. 35 1george1

    Mr. Harkins comes across as an easy going gentleman and knows how to
    NOT SAY and NOT DO the wrong thing MOST of the time.

    Many of MIRON’S appointments are BIPARTISAN with some very major exceptions.

    If the unions get everything they think they want, it will probably blow up in them.

    I was the only true independent.

  36. 36 jezebel282


    “Mayor Harkins should not think his 2-1 election victory was due to his personality and that everyone is just wildly in love with him.”

    You are absolutely correct. Mr. Harkins campaign was…well…less than impressive. For the longest time no one could unequivocally describe his positions nor could they state with a high degree of certainty that he even wanted to run. He might still be in the State Legislature (Oh wait…he is.) had he run against a credible candidate.

    The voters had already rejected Best and Costello once. Now they have done it twice. Perhaps they will get the hint now.

    As for defeating Miron…if the opposition candidate wasn’t already in a prison cell cell or psychiatric ward it would have still been a landslide. Miron might have even lost if the other candidate was confined.

  37. 37 1george1

    Everything is on a time table.

    Some people play good cops.
    Some people play bad cops.

  38. 38 phineast

    ok George, enough of the time table. In five words or less exactly who is in charge of the creation of this supposed time table? Remember-5 words or less.

  39. 39 jezebel282


    George’s timetable is somewhat off:

    “I do not expect to live past Christmas – never have!”

  40. 40 1george1

    George’s timetable is somewhat off:
    “I do not expect to live past Christmas – never have!”

    I do not control, but can affect the time table.

    ok George, enough of the time table. In five words
    or less exactly who is in charge of the creation of
    this supposed time table? Remember-5 words or less.

    Handling Agents’ controllers’ superiors.

  41. 41 1george1

    I will answer specific questions,
    if your reveal yourselves,
    now that Miron is a non factor.

    However, how can I answer in 5 words
    or less or 1 word or less, if the answer
    “happens” to be longer?

    And if there are people getting other
    people to get other people to get
    other people, to react …..

    And if the time table is multigenerational …

  42. 42 phineast

    You can go back 5 generations with 5 words.

  43. 43 phineast

    George, I am Phineast-that is all you are going to get until all of mirons minions are gone. My name should not matter if you actually know the answer to the question. I am beginning to believe that you don’t. I will no play any games with you, I never have. If you can’t answer the question or won’t- don’t go around saying that you ALWAYS do. That is lying, just like what you accuse so many others of doing. I gave you the 5 word limit because I don’t want to have to wade through a long and convoluted conspiracy theory, just the name or names will do just fine. You can’t expect anyone to expedite the time table if we don’t know who to light the fire under. Just names-not theories-we have had enough theories from miron. Thanks.

  44. 44 1george1

    I can not identify the specific causers of problems.
    I have never stated that I have the names of the highest ones,
    who I believe are acting within multigenerational positions,
    who are experts in secrecy.

    Yet have made specific references to Mirons/Burturlas/Kellys/
    Floreks/B utter Nuts/ and others on Town Committees as people
    I believe cause local problems, so how can I be lying, when you
    and others on this blog identify the same people?

    I KNOW from LIVE EXPERIENCE, Stratford stiffs can cause problems
    but are not the originators.

    You have an unbelieveable EGO in that you believe people should
    answer your questions, strictly on your terms.

    However, if you want to taught me as I liar, then you are an admited
    coward and liar, from what I can read from my interpretation of you
    post. C O W A R D !!

    You are correct about being unable to expedite timetables without
    knowing specific targets.

    However, I am not about to play your game on your terms, because
    I find COWARDS and BULLIES often try to manipulate situations to
    where they try to get what they want for their own reasons.

    Since you and the other anonymous BLOGGERS are ALL COWARDS,
    sinc eyou do not POST under your OWN NAMES, when you ALL
    CLAIM Harkins is your LORD and SAVIOR and PROTECTOR ….. 😉

    If you honestly believed in HARKINS, why do you FEAR using your
    own verifiable NAME, unless you are a COWARD with an AGENDA?

  45. 45 1george1

    Some complicated things can not be explained in simple terms,
    ESPECIALLY when it goes AGAINST everything people believe and
    have been taught.

    INTERNET: J K Galbraith: Economics and Public Policy
    Emancipation of Belief
    Planning System

    That was 40 years ago, writen by a highest level intellectual
    and almost as vague as Eisenhower’s
    Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex, with unwarranted influence
    into every
    > HOME
    Scientific Techological Elite, which controls PUBLIC OPINION.


    Could you limit them to 5 words?

    Would you call either a:

    That is lying, just like what you accuse so many others of doing.
    I gave you the 5 word limit because I don’t want to have to wade
    through a long and convoluted conspiracy theory, just the name
    or names will do just fine. You can’t expect anyone to expedite
    the time table if we don’t know who to light the fire under.
    Just names-not theories-

    DO YOUR OWN RESARCH to explain BIG OIL – T.A.R.P. transfer

    Anyone see the Sunday CT. POST about the Milford elderly woman
    who was an award winner for her beautiful home, which she was
    losing to foreclosure, and committed suicide?

    On a daily basis I speak to Business Owners and Managers of
    places with 50 + employees, including Public Sector.
    > 500 employer companies closed
    > 350 employer companies moved or downsided to 100 or 35.
    > Managers jobs eliminated
    > Outsourcing
    > Unemployment 10 %
    > Underemployment over another 12 %
    > Foreclosures at record levels
    > Usuary Credit Card Rates over 24 %
    > Record Credit Debt
    > Gas Prices TWICE 1982 RECORD LEVEL but 1/2 level of 2008

    I predict that within the next 4 years at least 3 Senators, several
    Congress, and many police – other officials wil violently die due to
    the treason and betrayal of the selfish……

  46. 46 1george1


    You are intelligent.

    I do not believe you capable or understading
    or believing …


  47. 47 jezebel282


    Every once in a while it is well to question one’s efforts.

    This blog was started by someone (STILL unidentified) called the “Playwrite” and then offered to me to continue. It was started because of the secrecy, intimidation and vengeance of Mayor Moron.

    It was hoped that with the defeat of Miron and the election of Harkins a new era of open, transparent and honest municipal government was finally going to take hold in Stratford.

    Unfortunately that has not happened. Instead we find the continued practices of the past and the extension of the Miron administration. Budgets are fiction, administrators continue to pose a danger to our lives and property, innocent people are persecuted and information must be obtained through the FOI process.

    It is down right frustrating.

    Recently we’ve had postings from Councilmen, BOE Chairmen, a couple from a Chief of Staff (kinda quietly lately) and some new citizens. However, during my travels as a real person, the blog has come up and regular taxpaying citizens have expressed an appreciation for a venue where facts (that are documented) and ordinary opinions can be expressed.

    I have concluded that this blog can continue to serve Stratford Citizens and taxpayers. I also hope it can continue to be a pain in the ass to politicians and administrators that seek to take advantage of us.

  48. 48 mayor2013


    Thank you for that conclusion – and by the way, you are Stratford’s true “hero.”

    The town owes you. You are the one who truly represents us. When Playwrite jumped ship, supposedly out of fear for his/her job – you stepped up to the plate and never waivered. I have very little faith that we will prosper under this administration; and again we made a serious mistake in electing this man.

    I regret my vote. I only keep going because of your hope.

    Thank you Jezebel.

  49. 49 jezebel282


    You’re welcome.

    Now, about that pay scale for bloggers……

  50. 50 1george1


    Despite the fact that you and I constantly debate point / countpoint
    and have had, and likely to continue to have disagreements about what
    constitutes relevance …..

    I agree 100 % with your assessment about your self, your blog, playwrite,
    the ongoing Stratford political situation and citizenry.

    In the mayoral debates, I was far from perfect.

    However battling various posters who are mainly local insiders of very
    diverse prespectives, prepared me for “meet the candidates” and for
    “the debates” involving the mayoral candidacy.

    Because I fed information to one of Dominick’s backers, I was able to
    partially manipulate the system to help focus some of the issues in a
    way I could not have done as a lone ranger.

    I also learned things on this blog site that I was able to use in the debate
    and inadvertently spoke for a few of the concerns of yourself and of the
    other posters.

    However, many of my positions ARE CONTRARY to some of the INSIDER
    POSITIONS, on the SHORT TERM perspective.
    – Long term, I pray that I am wrong, yet too many issues came to pass
    and are becoming increasingly obvious that I was not completely wrong.

    Writing about my local adventures, I have to give props to playwrite, Jeze,
    Democrats, Republicans, Workers, managers, and other good people who
    care about stratford and about other people including their own and I have
    had people
    – I never met stop and thank me for talking for Stratford.
    – Who told me they disagreed with past positions and now agree with many.
    – Who are uniformed people who told me I am often 100 % correct on issues
    – Who are business people / average citizens who praise/thanked me.
    – Who tell me they agree with many jewels of information, but can not
    inderstand many of the other things I write or say (sound familiar?) 😉
    – Ask me to dumb down my Letters to Editor (I am not a pro-nor an ez read!)
    – Who identified themselves as bloggers or readers or Star/Post readers and
    enjoy that I am notan easy read and make them re-read and think!

  51. 51 ronmoreau


    When I first accesses this blog this AM and saw you had commented on this thread, I thought you were going to bail out.

    I was relieved to read you are willing to continue the fight .

    I’ve been told, by political zellots of both parties,”To the victors go the spoils”. Not a whole lot of difference between the Town Manager or Mayoral form of government.

    At this time I have to disagree with Mayor2013.

    I believe that we will prosper under this administration. 6 months is just enough time to turn things around.The alternative was Mr. Miron and the disfunctional Stratford Democratic Party. Until Statford Democrats wake up and clean house…..

    However, a third party would be no different. It would be made up of cast off members of both political parties and their slogan would be “To the victors go the spoils.”

    The huge difference between now and years past is This Venue.

    Where citizens can express their frustrations and point out the abuses taking place.

    The system is what it is. Good honest leaders in government is crucial so that we may all prosper.

    This site will grow and continue to serve by educating and encouraging Stratford citizens and taxpayers to get involved in the process. You once said,”All politics is local, the town council and Mayor have the most impact on your Mtg payment'”

    Keep up the good work.

  52. 52 ronmoreau

    ‘ Looney Tunes’ is very appropriate.

  53. 53 1george1


    The same animals run the farm.

    They just have a new front man.

  54. 54 ronmoreau


    “The same animals run the farm.
    They just have a new front man”

    In the past there were 11 front men. ( One Council man at Large and 10 councilman.)

    Now there is just ONE.

    The last ONE……….

    Time will tell with the NEW ONE.

  55. 55 ronmoreau


    ” I have concluded that this blog can continue to serve Stratford Citizens and taxpayers. I also hope it can continue to be a pain in the ass to politicians and administrators that seek to take advantage of us.”

    You go Girl, Give them Hell.

  56. 56 jezebel282


    “You go Girl, Give them Hell.”

    There seem to be quite a few people that suggest where I should go. One of the locations is referenced in your comment.

    I’m still looking at the brochures and trying to decide.

  57. 57 1george1

    Ron and others,

    Why not write letters to the editor including this blog site address
    as a no holds barred muck raking forum, where posters assume their
    own risk related to liable and slander?

    Disclaimer: postings must be political and/or public, not personal

  58. 58 1george1


    You ain’t close to being the bad girl you claim.

    Although some people told me (of all people)
    you has serious psychological issues. 🙂

    You have calmed down, much since Miron lost
    the mayoral gig.

    With the fog of fury lifted from your view, YOU
    are starting to become truly dangerous to the
    Bad guys.

    You and Sylvia share a few traits.
    One trait, is believing in “some” I repeat “some”
    people who do not deserve your unqualifed or
    qualified support/belief in them.

    It is not that they are nearly as bad as those
    which we agree ….

    I think we can agree

    Time will tell.

  59. 59 jezebel282


    “You have calmed down, much since Miron lost
    the mayoral gig.”

    You could not use logic & reason with Miron.

    I am not yet convinced you can use it with Harkins either.

  60. 60 sudds

    “I am not yet convinced you can use it with Harkins either.”

    I WOULD agree… BUT…. I’m not convinced that Harkins is making the decisions!!!

    ~~ Sudds for D-3 Council ~~

    “because only I (and Mrs. Sudds) speak for me”

  61. 61 1george1


    You have posted such great ideas and position since you posted
    deciding to run for the Town Council.

    Many of them seem familiar to many of things on my websites and
    in mayoral debates.

    First the Mirons wuld steal and pervert my ideas.

    Then Dom backer would spy on me and use info I worked on to fortify
    his positions. Then then worked to place signs everywhere, but it was
    especially surprizing for them to go after people who allowed me to put
    up signs and they full court pressed Diane + Eleanor, mimiicking what they
    did. Dom stated he went to 24,000 stratford homes

    There are 18,000 homes and 4,000 businesses I believe.

    Now Sudds …..

    I should feel complimented.

    Malloy added $ 700,000 to Harkins request for continguency?

    From mIRON to mALLOY – Are we to expect a BRONZE?
    Can we get a SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM?

  62. 62 sudds



    Obviously, I do NOT think that your ideas are awful!! Heck, I bet that if you had stopped the conspiracy theories… at least long enough for people to stop laughing at you… you would have done a LOT better as a Council candidate!!!

    ~~ SUDDS for D-3 Council ~~

    “kinda like Mulligan… only without the tin-foil hat”

  63. 63 1george1


    Thank you for the votes.

    Thank you for the backward endorsement of my ideas.

    I appreciate that you “kinda like Mulligan ….”

    I suspect you would give me enough credit for having enough intelligence
    to know in advance that my Conspiracy theories are hard to believe and
    probably laughable to conventional wisdom?

    If that is true, that I am willing to state and write things I believe and know
    people are not likely to accept ….

    Would you conceed I was at least being H O N E S T ?

    Most people can relate to Clinton blowing smoke rings, while Monica ..

    Most people can relate to, and really be ticked about John Edwards and …

    Most people can relate to free home improvements by Rowland, Ganim,
    Perez, etc than understand BID PROCESS / CHANGE ORDERS.

    FEW PEOPLE even know the importance of TOWN CHARTER or CONSTITUTION.

    They might know a few phrases from those or 10 Commandments, yet who
    really makes the effort to understand and comply?

    The BUDGET is not rocket science.
    In fact it is analogous as filling in the blanks, like MAD LIBS.
    In Stratford Budget Work Shops it became obvious much of the Budget
    is exactly MAD LIBS, with slush funds and kited numbers diverted to more
    places than the Iran Contra imbroglio. Fuzzy Math!

    Oh Sudds, what is your position on the Paulson – Bush T.A.R.P.? 8)
    BUSH – CHENEY – RUMSFEDLT – POWELL = NO Aircover over DC/NYC – 9/11? 😦
    BUSH – CHENEY – ROCKEFELLER Oilmen $ 11 barrel 12/98 to $ 147 barrel 6/08? 😦

    Sudds, I agree 100 % with you on BO OBama’s financial people, who were
    also Bush and/or Clinton people and Trilateral Commission alumni!! 😦

    However, there are no CONSPIRACIES anywhere in the world! 😉

  64. 64 sudds

    sigh… if only you could learn when to stop!!!

    If you could learn to stop at “…H O N E S T ?” then you might actually win an election one day!!!

    ~~ SUDDS for D-3 Council ~~

    “because he knows when to say when”

  65. 65 sudds

    “Oh Sudds, what is your position on…”

    My stance is that I am running for COUNCIL… NOT for President!!!

    ~~ SUDDS for D-3 Council ~~

    “proving that books smarts and common sense do not HAVE to inversely proportionate”

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